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incl. Paa Grundlag af C. G. F. Pfaff's
Samlinger. 8° Copenhagen, 1890

Vitus J. Bering og de Russiske

Opdagelsesrejser fra 1725-43. Maps. 8°
Copenhagen, 1885

Meddelelser om Gronland. Trettende

hefte. 8° Copenhagen, 1890

Laurie, R. H., and J. Whittle. New
Piloting Directory for the Different
Channels of the River Thames, with the
Navigation thence to Yarmouth and to
Dover, to which are annexed the New
Rates of Pilotage. 8° 1 8 16

Laurie, Colonel W. F. B. Ash^Pyee, the
Superior Country, or the Great Attrac-
tions of Burma to British Enterprise and
Commerce. Small 8° 1882

Lauser, Dr W. Ein Herbstausflug nach
Siebenbiirgen. Illustrations. 8*

Vienna, 1886

Lauterburgf, Robert. Versuch zur Auf-
stellung einer allgemeinen Uebersicht
der aus der Grbsse und Beschaffenheit
der Flussgebiete abgeleiteten Schweizer-
ischen Stromabflussmengen, &c. 2nd
edition. 8* Berne, 1876

Lauture, Count d'Escayrac de. Le

D&ert et le Soudan. Maps and plates.
8° Paris, 1853

De rinfluence que le Canal des deux

Mers exercera sur le Commerce en
g^n^ral et sur celui de la Mer Rouge en
particulier. 8* Paris, 1855

Lauture, Count d'Escayrac de. M^moire
sur le Soudan : Geographic Naturelle
et Politique, Histoire et Ethnographie,
Moeurs et Institutions de I'Empire des
Fellatas, du Bornou, du Baguermi, du
Waday, du Darfour. Map. 8°

Paris, 1853-56

Memoire sur le Ragle, ou Hallucina-
tion du Desert. 8* Paris, 1855

La Turquie et les Etats Musulmans

en general. 8° Paris, 1858

Notice sur le Darfour, et sur le

Voyage de M. le Dr Cuny dans cette
contr^e. 8* Paris, 1859

Analytic Universal Telegraphy : an

International Telegraphic Language. 8*


Notice sur les Deplacements des

deux Principaux Fleuves de la Chine.
Maps. 8* Paris, 1862

On the Telegraphic Transmission of the

Chinese Characters. Plates. 4* Paris, 1862

Sketch of Tables for the Analytic

Universal Telegraphy. 12* 1863

Ditto. A Short Explanation of the

same. I2* 1863

Memoires sur la Chine : Histoire,

Religion, Gouvernement, Coutumes.

[Title wanting.] Maps and woodcuts. 4°

Paris, 1864

See Malte-Brun.

Laval, Frangois Pyrard de. See Pyrard.

Laval, P., Comp. de Jesus. Voyage de la
Louisiane [en Amerique], 1720; dans
lequel sont Trait^es diverses Mati^res
de Physique, Astronomic, G^ographie, et
Marine. L'on y a joint les Observations
sur la Refraction ... la Correction de
la Carte de la Cote de Provence ....
Maps, plans, and tables. 4° Paris, 1728

Lavalle, J. A. de. Juan de la Torre
(uno de los trece de la isla del Galle).
12* Lima, 1885

Lavall^e, T. Physical, Historical, and
Military Geography. From the French of
Th. Lavall^e ; edited, with Additions and
Corrections, by Captain Lendy. 8° 1868

Lavalley, A. Extrait du Compte rendu
des Travaux de la Socidt^ des Ing^nieurs
Civils, S&nces des 7 et 21 Septembre
1866. Communication faite par M. A.
Lavalley sur les Travaux d'Exdcution du
Canal Maritime de I'Isthme de Suez.
Map and plates. 8* Paris, 1,866

Laveau, G. ,L. de. See Mouraviev.

Laveleye, Emile de. La P^ninsule des
Balkans : Vienne, Croatie, Bosnie,
Serbie, Bulgarie, Roum^lie, Turquie, Rou-
manie. 2 vols. Small 8° Brussels, 1886

The Balkan Peninsula. Translated by

Mrs Thorpe ; edited and revised for the
English Public by the Author, with an
Introductory Chapter upon the most
recent events, &c. Map. 8° 1887

Lavellfe, Joseph. See Phillips [i], Vol.
I : Appendix i.



Laverdant, D^sir^. Colonisation de
Madagascar. Map. 8° Paris, 1844

Lavigerie, Cardinal, and the African
Slave Trade. Edited by Richard F.
Clarke. 8° 1889

Documents sur la fondation de I'oeuvre

Antiesclavagiste. 8° St Cloud, 1889

■ Lettre faisant hommage a Sa Majeste

le Roi Leopold IL des documents sur la
fondation de Toeuvre antiesclavagiste,
publics a I'occasion de la Conference de
Bruxelles. 8* Algiers, 1889

Lettre k M. le President de la Con-
ference Internationale de Bruxelles pour
Tesclavage relativement aux evenements
recents de I'Ouganda. 8* Alters, 1890

Lav7, William John. Some Remarks on
the Alpine Passes of Strabo. 8* 1846

Criticism of Mr Ellis's New Theory

concerning the Route of Hannibal. Map.
8* 1855

Reply to Mr Ellis's Defence of his

Theory in the Journal of Classical and
Sacred Philology. 8* 1856

The Alps of Hannibal. 2 vols.

Map. 8° _ 1866

Lawrence, Edwin. The Progress of a
Century, or the Age of Iron and Steam.
8* 1886

La'wrence, Sir John. An Account of
the Formal Commencement of the Pun-
jaub Railway at Lahore. Map. 8* 1859

Lawrence, J. W. Footprints, or Incidents
in early history of New Brunswick, 1783-
1883. Portraits and illustrations. 8°
St John, 1883

Lawrence, R. F. See Sinclair, A. C.

Laws, Dr Robert. Table of Concords
and Paradigm of Verb of the Chinyanja
Language as spoken at Lake Nyasa.
Oblong 12* Edinburgh, 1885

-. and Mrs Laws. The Tshigunda

Language of the Lower Zambesi Region,
East Africa : Vocabularies. 12°

Edinburgh, 1886

Lawson, C. Allen. British and Native
Cochin. 8° i86i

Lavrson, Capt. J. A. Wanderings in
the Interior of New Guinea. Map and
plate. 8° 187 s

Lawson, Thomas, M.D. See United
States, H, c : Appendix 2.

Lawson, W. Manual of Modern Geo-
graphy, Physical, Political, and Com-
mercial. Maps and illustrations. 12° 1879

Lawson, W. R. Spain of To-day : a
Descriptive, Industrial, and Financial
Survey of the Peninsula ; with a full
Account of the Rio Tinto Mines. Crown
8° 1890

Lay, G. Tradescant. Chinese as they
are, their Moral, Social, and Literary
Character ; a new Analysis of the Lan-
guage, with Succinct Views of their
principal Arts and Sciences. Woodcttts.
8° 1841

Lay, G. Tradescant. See Japan : Ap-
pendix 2.

Layard, Sir Austen Henry. Nineveh
and its Remains ; with an Account of
a Visit to the Chaldean Christians of
Kurdistan, and the Yezidis or Devil-
worshippers ; and an Inquiry into the
Manners and Arts of the Ancient
Assyrians. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8° 1849

Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh

and Babylon ; with Travels in Armenia,
Kurdistan, and the Desert ; being the
Result of a Second Expedition. Maps
and plates. 8° 1853

La Premiere Campagne de la Crimee,

ou les Batailles Memorables de I'Alma, de
BalaUlava, et d'Inkermann. Traduction
par A. E. S. Jervis. Small 8°

Brussels, 1855

Early Adventures in Persia, Susiana,

and Babylonia, including a Residence
among the Bakhtiyari and other Wild
Tribes before the Discovery of Nineveh.
2 vols. Maps and illustrations. 8° 1887

See Rawlinson, H. C.

Layard, Edgar Leopold. The Birds of

South Africa : a Descriptive Catalogue

of all the known Species occurring south

of the 28th Parallel of South Latitude.

8° 1867

Layard, Mrs Granville. Through the

West Indies. 12° 1887

Layfield, Dr Eglambie. See Purchas,

Vol. 4, Book 6 ; Appendix i.
Lazari, V. See Marco Polo.
Lazzaroni, M. A. Cristoforo Colombo :

Osservazioni critiche sui punti piCi rite-

vanti e controversi della sua vita. 2 vols.

4° Milan, 1892

Lea, J. See Carey, H. C.
Lea, Rev. T. S. The Island of Fernando

Noronha in 1887. See Ridley, H. N.
Leach, Boynton. See United States,

E, a : Appendix 2.
Leahy, Edmund. Report of the Danube

Canal. Folio 1855

Leake, Lieut. -Col. William Martin.

The Topography of Athens ; with some

Remarks on its Antiquities. Maps and

plates. 8° 1 82 1

— ; — Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor ; with

Remarks on the Ancient and Modern

Geography of that Country. Map. 8°

• ■ Historical Outline of the Greek

Revolution ; with a few Remarks on the

Present State of Affairs in that Country.

Map. 8° 1826
Travels in the Morea. 3 vols. Map

and plans. 8° 1830
Travels in Northern Greece. 4 vols.

Maps, plans, and plates. 8° 1835
Peloponnesiaca : a Supplement to

Travels in the Morea. Maps. 8° 1846



Leake, Lieut-Col. William Martin.
On the Claim to the Islands of Cervi
and Sapienza. 8* 1850

Numismata Hellenica : a Catalogue of

Greek Coins ; with Notes, a Map and
Index, an Appendix, and Supplement.
2 vols. 4° 1854-59

On some Disputed Questions of

Ancient Geography. Map. 8° 1857

Plates of Coins to accompany Notes

on Syracuse. 8° N. D.

5«e Walpole, Travels: Appendix 1.

Leal, Dr Oscar. Vi^em as Terras
Goyanas (Brazil Central). 8°

Lisbon, 1892

L6al, F. A. La R^publique Dominicaine,
Territoire, Climat, Agriculture, Industrie,
Commerce, Immigration, et Annuaire
Statistique. 8* Paris, 1888

Lear, Edvrard. Journal of a Landscape
Painter in Albania, lUyria, &c. Map
attd plates. Royal 8° 1852

Journals of a Landscape Painter in

Southern Calabria, &c. Map and plates.
Royal 8° 1852

Leardo, Giovanni. See Berchet.

Leared, Arthur. Morocco and the Moors :
being an Account of Travels, with a
general Description of the Country and
its People. Plates. 8° 1876

A Visit to the Court of Morocco.

Map and illustrations. 8° 1879

Morocco and the Moors. 2nd edition.

Revised and edited by Sir Richard
Burton. Map, plans, and ilhistraiions.
8° 1891

Le Beau, C. See Beau.

Le Blanc, Vincent. See Blanc.

Lebon, Andre, and Paul Pelet. France
as it is. Specially written for English
Readers, and translated from the French
by Mrs William Arnold. Maps. 8°

1 888

Le Bon, Dr Gustave. See Bon.

Lebour, G. A. The Geology of the

Redesdale Ironstone District. Maps. 8*

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1873

On the Limits of the Yoredale Series

in the North of England. 8* 1875

On the Geological Relations of the

Secondary Iron Ores of France. Map
and plate. 8*

Newcastle-tipon-Tyne, 1876

The Carrara Marbles : a Chapter in

the History of Continental Geology. 8*


Outlines of the Geology of Northum-
berland and Durham. [2nd edition, as
regards Northumberland.] Maps and
plates. 12° Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1886

Le Brun or Le Bruyn. See Brun.

Lechevalier, J. B. Voyage de la Pro-
pontide et du Pont-Euxin. 2 vols.
Maps. 8° Paris, 1800

Lecky, Capt. S. T. S. The Danger
Angle and Off-Shore Distance Tables.
12° 1882

"Wrinkles" in Practical Navigation.

Revised edition. Charts and illustra-
tions. Large 8° 1884

Leclerc, C. Bibliotheca Americana :
Histoire, Geographie, Voyages, Archeo-
logie, et Linguistique des deux Ameriques
et des lies Philippines. 8° Paris, 1878

Leclerc, F. Le Texas et sa Revolution.
Map. 8° Paris, 1840

Leclerc, Max. Les Peuplades de Mada-
gascar. Map and illttstratiotis. 8*

Paris, 1887

Leclerc, — . See Arrian.

Leclercq, Jules. I^a Terre de Glace :
Feroe, Island, les Geysers, le Mont
Il^kla. Map, plan, and plates. 12°

Paris, 1883

— — Les Geysers de la Terre des Mer-
veilles. 8* Brussels, 1885

Voy^e au Mexique, de New- York \

Vera-Cruz en suivant les Routes de
Terre. Map, &'c. 12° Paris, 1885

Une Visite au Volcan de JoruUo

(Mexique). 8* Paris, 1886

La Terre des Merveilles, Promenade

au Pare National de I'Amerique du Nord.
Maps and illustrations. 12° Paris, 1886

Du Caucase aux Monts Alai, Trans-

caspie, Boukhari, Ferganah. Map. 12°

Paris, 1890

Les Monuments de Samarcande. 8*

Brussels, 1890

Histoire des ascensions de 1' Ararat.

8* [1891]

Voys^e au Mont Ararat. Map and

frontispiece. 12° Paris, 1892

Excursion on Mt. Ararat. 8* 1893

Lecomte, Capt. — . Corps expeditionnaire
du Tonkin. Marche de Lang-pon \
Tuyenquan. Maps and diagrams. 8°

Paris, 1 888

Le Compte, Louis. See Compte.

Lecoq, H. El^mens de Geographie
Physique et de M^t^orologie, ou Resum^
des notions acquises sur les grands Ph^no-
mines et les grandes Lois de la Nature.
Plates. 8° Paris, 1836

Elemens de G^ologie et d'Hydro-

graphie, ou R&um^ des notions acquises
sur les grandes Lois de Nature. Plates.
8° Brussels, 1839

Lecousturier, A. F. Dictionnaire des
Postes aux Lettres du Royaume de
France, suivie de la Division Territoriale.
8° Paris, 1819

and F. Chaudouet. Dictionnaire

G^ographique des Postes aux Lettres de
tous les Departemens de la R^publique
Fran9aise. 3 vols. 8° Paris, 1802

Ledebour, C. F. von. Reise durch das
Altai-Gebirge und die Soongorische
Kirgisen Steppe. 2 vols. Tables. 8°
Berlin, 1829



Ledyard, John. Memoirs of the Life and
Travels of, from his Journals and Corres-
pondence, by Jared Sparks. 8° 1828

Travels and Adventures, comprising

his Voyage with Capt. Cook's Third and
Last Expedition, his Journey on foot
1300 miles round the Gulf of Bothnia to
St Petersburgh, his Adventures and
Residence in Siberia, and his Explora-
tory Mission to Africa. 8° 1834

Lee, — . Catalogue of Oriental Manu-
scripts, purchased in Turkey. 4°

[1830 and 1840]

Lee, H. Memoirs of the War in the
Southern Department of the United
States. New Editions, with Revisions,
and a Biography of the Author, by
Robert E. Lee. Maps, plates, attd plans.
Large 8° 1869

Lee, J. E. See Keller, F. ; Merk.

Lee, Lionel. See Ceylon : Appendix 2.

Lee, Robert. Last Days of Alexander,
and the First Days of Nicholas, Emperor
of Russia. 8° 1854

Lee, Robert E. See Lee, H.

Lee, Rev. Dr S. See Belzoni in Walpole's
Travels : Appendix i.

Lee, Sidney. See Biography, General :
Appendix 2.

Lee, Lieut. S. P. Report and Charts
of the Cruise of the U.S. Brig "Dol-
phin," made under direction of the Navy
Department. 8° Washington, 1854

Leech, Lieut. Vocabularies of Seven
Languages spoken in the Countries West
of the Indus ; with Remarks on the
Origin of the Afghans. 8* Bombay, \%t,%

Leech, R. Memoiron the Trade, &c. , ofthe
Port of Mandvee in Kutch. [From India
Records, No. 15.] 8° Bombay, 1855

Leeds, H. Progress Report of Forest Ad-
ministration in British Burmah, 1862-63,
accompanied by a Memorandum thereon
by Dr D. Brandis. [From India Records,
No. 40.] Plate. 8° Calcutta, 1864

Leem, — . See Pinkerton, Vol. i :
Appendix i.

Leemans, C. B6r6-Boedoer op het Eiland
Java, afgebeeld door en onder toezigt van
F. C. Wilsen, met toelichtenden en ven-
klarenden tekst naar de geschreveri en
gedrukteverhandelingenvan F. C. Wilsen,
J. F. G. Brumund en andere Bescheiden
bewerkt, en uitgegeven op last van Zijne
Excellentie den Minister van Kolonien.
3 vols. 8°, and Atlas folio Leyden, 1837

Boro-Boudour dans I'lle de Java,

dessiniS par ou sous la direction de Mr
F. C. Wilsen, avec texte descriptif et
explicatif; r^dig^ d'apr^s les m6noires
manuscrits et imprimes de MM. F. C.
Wilsen, J. F. G. Brumund, et autres
Documents, et public d'aprfe les ordres de
son Excellence le Ministre des Colonies.
Plates. 8° Leyden, 1874

Lees, F. R. Sailing Directions for South
Australia. 12° Sydney, 1839

Lees, G. Robinson. Jerusalem Illustrated ;
with a Preface by the Right Rev. Bishop
Blyth of Jerusalem ; and an Appendix
illustrating the models of Herr Baurath
von Schickritter, with descriptive letter-
press, translated by the Rev. J. E.
Hanauer. Illustrations. 8° 1893

Lees, James. The Six Months' Seasons of
the Tropics. 12* i860

Lees, J. A., and W. J. Clutterbuck.
"B.C. 1887."— A Ramble in British
Columbia. Maps and illustrations. 8°


Lees, W. Nassau. Another Word on
Tea Cultivation in Eastern Bengal. 8*
Calcutta, 1867

Leete, C. H. See Chisholm.

Le Favre, J. See Favre.

Lefebvre, A. Memoire sur les Our^^ans
de la Mer des Indes au Sud de I'Equateur,
Tallies. 8° Paris, 1852

Lefebvre, Paul. Souvenirs de I'lndo-
Chine ; Faces Jaunes, Moeurs, et Costumes
de I'Extreme-Orient. 12° Paris, 1886

Lefebvre, Theophile. See Abyssinia,
Voyage en Abyssinie, &c. ; Appendix 2.

Lefils, Florentin. La Topographic du
Ponthieu d'apr^s les anciennes cartes.
8* N.P., N.D.

Lefroy, Henry Maxwell. Memoir and
Journal of an Expedition organised by
the Colonial Government of Western
Australia for Exploring the Interior of
the Colony Eastward. Map and table.
Folio* IPerth, W.A.'\ 1863

Lefroy, Sir J. H. Memorials of the Dis-
covery and Early Settlement of the
Bermudas or Somers Islands, 1515-1685.
Compiled from the Colonial Records and
and other Original Sources. Vol i,
1515-1652. Map. Large 8° 1877

Ditto, 1511-1687. Vol. 2, :650-i687.

Map and plates. Large 8° 1879

Diary of a Magnetic Survey of a

Portion of the Dominion of Canada,
chiefly in the North- Western Territories,
executed in the years 1842-44. Charts
and diagrams. 8° 1883

Le Gentil. See Gentil.

Leger, Eug^ene. Trois mois de s^jour en
Moldavie. 8° Paris, 1861

Leger, Louis. See Nestor.

Legge, Alfred O. Sunny Manitoba, its
Peoples and its Industries. Map and
plates. 8° 1893

Legge, J. The Chinese Classics ; with a
Translation, criticaland exegetical. Notes,
Prolegomena, and Copious Indexes. (In
7 volumes.) Vols. I, 2, and 3. Large
8° Hongkong, 1861-65



Legge, James. A Record of Bhuddhistic
Kingdoms : being an Account by the
Chinese Monk Fa-hien of his Travels in
India and Ceylon (a. p. 399-414) in
Search of the Bhuddist Books of Disci-
pline. Translated and Annotated, with
a Corean Recension of the Chinese Text.
Map and plates. Small 4° Oxford, \?&(>

Leggett, Eugene. Notes on the Mint-
Towns and Coins of the Mohamedans,
from the Earliest Period to the Present
Time. Map and table. 8° 1885

Legh, Thomas. Narrative of a Journey
in Egypt and the Country beyond the
Cataracts. Map and facsimile. 4° 1816

Le Grand, Abbe. See Ribeyro.

Legrand, Dr. La Nouvelle Societe Indo-
Chinoise fondee par M. le Marquis de
Croizier et son ouvrage I'Art Khmer.
Illustrations. 8° Paris, 1878

Legrand, Emile. Recueil de Poemes
Historiques en Grec vulgaire relatifs a la
Turquie et aux Principautes Danubiennes.
Large 8° [Publ. de I'Ecole des Langues
Orient Viv., Vol. 5] Paris, 1877

See Dapontfes.

Legrand, Marcellin. Sp&imen de Carac-
teres Chinois, graves sur acier et fondus
en types mobiles. Royal 8* /"a^-w, 1859

Legrand, — . See Lobo.

Le Gras, A. See Gras.

Leguat, Frangois. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vols. 82, 83: Appendix I.

Lehmann, A. See Baer and Helmersen,

Lehmann, Johann George. Die Lehre
der Situation-Zeichnung, oder Anweisung
zum richtigen Erkennen und genauen
Abbilden der Erd-Oberflache, in topo-
graphischen Charten und Situation-
Planen. Hera,usgegeben und mit Erlau-
terungen versehen von G. A. Fischer. 2
vols in I. Small folio Dresden, 1820

Lehmann, Dr Richard. Zur Erweiterung
der wissenschaftlichen Stationsbeobach-
tung in fremden Landern. 8*

Munich, 1884

Vorlesungen iiber Hiilfsmittel und

Methode des geographischen Unter-
richts. Vol. i (8 parts). Maps. Royal
8° Halle, 1885-91

Anleitung zum Gebrauche der Debes'

schen Zeichenatlanten. 8* Leipzig, 1888

See Hage and Tegner ; also Germany,

C : Appendix 2.

Lehnert, Josef Ritter von. See Dorn, A.

Lehninger, J. A. Description de la Ville
de Dresde et de ses Environs. Map.
12° Dresden, 1782

Leichhardt, Ludwig. Journal of an
Overland Expedition in Australia, from
Moreton Bay to Port Essington, a dis-
tance of upwards of 3000 miles, during
1844-45. Plates. 8° 1847

Leichhardt, Ludwig. Dr Ludwig Leich-
hardt's Briefe an seine Angehorigen.
Herausgegeben im Auftrage der Geogra-
phischen Gesellschaft in Hamburg von
Dr G. Neumayer und Otto Leichhardt ;
mit einem Anhange ; Dr Ludwig Leich-
hardt als Naturforscher uncj Entdeckungs-
reisender, von Dr G. Neumayer. Map
and portrait. 8° Haniburg, 1881

See Mueller, F. von ; Zuchold, E. A.

Leidy, Joseph. See United States,
G, a : Appendix 2.

Leigh, Capt. Charles. See Gottfried ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 3 ; Purchas, Vol. 4, Book
6 : Appendix i.

Leigh, J. S. See Hamel.

Leigh, W. H. Reconnoitering Voyages
and Travels ; with Adventures in the New
Colonies of South Australia, a particular
description of the Town of Adelaide and
Kangaroo Island, and an Account of the
Present State of Sydney and parts
adjacent ; including Visits to Nicobar,
and other Islands in the Indian Seas,
Calcutta, the Cape of Good Hope, and
St Helena, during 1836-38. Plates. 8°


Leigh's New Pocket Road -Book of Ireland,
on the Plan of Reichard's Itineraries,
containing an Account of all the Direct
and Cross Roads, &c. Maps. 12° 1827

Leipoldt, Dr Gustav. Ueber die mittlere
Hohe Europa's. 8° Plauen, 1874

Die Leiden des Europaers im Afri-

kanischen Tropenklima und die Mittel zu
deren Abwehr. Ein Beitr^ zur Forde-
rung der deutschen Kolonisationsbestre-
bungen. 8° Leipzig, 1887

See Peschel.

Leitner, Dr G. W. The Languages and
Races of Dardistan. Maps in cover,
plates, atid photographs. 4° Lahore, 1877

Section I. of Linguistic Fragments

discovered in 1870, 1872, and 1879, by
G. W. Leitner, relating to the Dialect
of the Magadds and other wander-
ing Tribes ; the Argots of Thieves ; the
Secret Trade-Dialects and Systems of
Native Cryptography in Kabul, Kash-
mir, and the Punjab ; followed by an
Account of Shawl Weaving, .&c., &c.
Plates. 4* Lahore, 1882

The same. Appendix to " Changars "

and Linguistic Fragments ; Words and
Phrases illustrating the Dialects of the
Same and Me, as also of Dancers,
Mirasis, and Dorns. 4* Lahore, 1882

Rough Accounts of Itineraries through

the Hindukush and to Central Asia.
Map and plate. 8* N.D.

On the Sciences of Language and of

Ethnography, with General Reference to
the Language and Customs of Hunza.



Leitner, Dr G. W. A Collection of Speci-
mens of Commercial and other Alphabets
and Handwritings, as also of Multiplica-
tion Tables, current in Various Parts of
the Panjab, Sind, and the North-West
Provinces. Folio* Lahore, N.D.

La Langue, la Religion, et les Moeurs

des Habitants du Hounza. 8*

{Paris, 1890]

Hunza, Nagyr, and the Pamir

Regions. Map and illustrations. Large
8* [1891]

• Dardistan in 1866, 1886, and 1893 :

being an Account of the Plistory, Re-
ligions, Customs, Legends, Fables, and
Songs of Gilgit; Chilas, Kandia (Gab-
rial), Yasin, Chitral, Hunza, Nagyr, and
other parts of the Hindu Kush. . . . Map
and illustrations. 4° iVokin^, 1893

The Hunza and Nagyr Handbook :

being an Introduction to a Knowledge of
the Language, Race, and Countries of
Hunza, Nagyr, and a part of Yasin. 2nd
edition. 4° Woking, 1893

Lejean, Guillaume. La Gaule de
I'Anonyme de Ravenne. (Extract from
Bulletin de la Societe de Geographic,
Vol. 12.) 8* Paris, 1856

Ethnographic de la Turquie d'Europe.

(Erganzungsheft, 4 — Petermann's Mit-
theilungen.) Maps. 4° Gotha, 1861

Theodore II., le Nouvel Empire

I'Abyssinie, et les inter^ts Fran5ais dans
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12° /"«?■« [1865]

Voyage aux Deux Nils (Nubie, Kor-

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Maps atul illustrations. 8° 1889

A Trip to Bokhara. (From Journal

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en Nouvelle-Cal^donie et D^pendances.
Maps, plates, and photographs. Square
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L'Indo-Chine : Cochinchine Fran-

9aise ; Royaume de Cambodge, Roy-
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Proper Names mentioned in Ancient
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Weights, and Measures used among the
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