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of Investigation into Oriental Literature
and Science. 8* Bombay, 1845

Birdwood, Sir George. See Stevens,

and William Foster. The Register
of Letters, &c., of the Governour and
Company of Merchants of London trading
into the East Indies, 1600-19. Large 8

Birkbeck, M. Tour in France in 1814.

8 1815

Birkmyre,W. See Victoria, C : Appendix 2.
Birlinger, Dr A. Schwabisch-Augs-

burgisches Worterbuch. 8 Munich, 1864

See Germany, C (Forschungen, &c.,
Vol. 4) : Appendix 2.

Birt, W. R. Tabulae Anemologicae ; or,
Tables of the Wind, exhibiting a New
Method of Registering the Direction of
the Wind, by which the Variations of
the Upper and Lower Currents of the
Atmosphere, at several stations, are
shown at one view. Nos. I and 2. 4*


Biscari, Ignazio Paterno [Principe di].
Viaggio per tutte le Anticheita della
Sicilia. Map and plates. 12

Palermo, 1817

Bischof, Gustav. Die Gestalt der Erde
und der Meeresflache, und die Erosion
des Meeresbodens. 8* Bonn, 1867

Bischoff, James. Sketch of the History
of Van Diemen's Land, and an Account
of the Van Diemen's Land Company.
Maps and plates. 8 1 832

Biscoe, John. Journal of a Voyage
towards the South Pole, on board the
brig "Tula," under the command of
John Biscoe, with cutter "Lively" in
company, 1830-32. MS. Folio.

Bishop, Mrs. See Bird, Isabella L.

Bishop, N. H. Voyage of the Paper
Canoe : a Geographical Journey of
2,500 miles, from Quebec to the Gulf of
Mexico, during the years 1874-75. ^ a P
and plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1878

Bishop, William Henry. Old Mexico
and her Lost Provinces : a Journey in
Mexico, Southern California, and Arizona,
by way of Cuba. Maps and illustrations.
8 , 1883

Bissachere. M. de la. Etat actual du
Tunkin, de la Cochinchine, et des
Royaumes de Gamboge, Laos, et Lac-tho.
. . . Traduit d'apres les Relations
Originales, &c. 2 vols. 8 Paris, 1812

Bissel, J. Joannis Bisselii, e Societate
Jesu, Argonauticon Americanorum, sive
Historise, Periculorum Petri de Victoria,
ac Sociorum eius, Libri xv. 16

Munich, 1647

Joannis Biselii e Societate Jesu, Palre-

stinse, sen Terrse - Sanctse Topothesia,
secundum Regiones ac Tribus expressa.
Maps. 12 Amberg, 1659

Bissell, Capt. Austin. See Dalrymple, A.

Bissuel, Capt. H. Les Touareg de
T Quest. Map. Large 8* Algiers, 1888

Bissy, R. de Lannoy de. Voyage du R.
P. Mercui des Missionnaires d'Alger de
Quilemane au Lac Nyassa et retour,
1889-90. Map. 8* Spinal, 1892

Bizemont, Vicomte Henri de. La France
en Afrique ; Algerie et Tunisie ; Senegal
et Dependances ; Gabon et Congo. 8*
Paris, 1883

Blaauw, W. H. The Barons' War, in-
cluding the Battles of Lewes and Eves-
ham. 8 1871

Black, James A. Memoir on the Roman
Garrison at Mancunium, and its probable
Influence on the Population and Lan-
guage of South Lancashire. 8*

Edinburgh, 1856

Black, C. B. Itinerary through Corsica
by its Rail, Carriage, and Forest Roads.
Illustrated by Jive maps and one plan.
12* Edinburgh, 1888

Black, C. E. D. A Memoir on the Indian
Surveys, 1875-90. Map and frontispiece.
Folio 1891

See Popowski.

Black, J. G. See Hutton and Ulrich.

Black, J. M. An Account of the Eruption
of Mount Vesuvius of April 1 872. Chart
and plate. 8* 1874

Black, William George. Heligoland and
the Islands of the North Sea. 12 1888


Black's Picturesque Tourist of England
and Wales. Maps and plates. 12

Edinburgh, 1854

Picturesque Tourist of Scotland.

Maps. 12 Edinburgh, 1859

Blackbourne, H. S. A and B Tables for
Correcting the Longitude and facilitating
Simmer's Method on the Chart. 8 1883

Blackie, Miss C. Geographical Etymo-
logy : a Dictionary of Place-Names,
giving their Derivations ; with an Intro-
duction by John Stuart Blackie. 3rd
edition. 12 1887

Blackie, Dr W. G. A Supplement to the
Imperial Gazetteer, &c. 8 1868

The Imperial Gazetteer : a General
Dictionary of Geography, Physical, Poli-
tical, Statistical, and Descriptive, with a
Supplement bringing the Geographical
Information down to the latest dates.
Half volumes, I and 2. Plates 1872

On Geography and Etymology:

What these Embrace. Sketch of the
Present State of our Knowledge of
the Island of New Guinea. Map. 8*

Glasgow, 1884
Commercial Education : an Address

to the Educational Institute of Scotland,
on Saturday, I7th March 1888. 8*

Glasgow, 1888

Blackwell. J. H. Report of the Examina-
tion of the Mineral Districts of the Ner-
budda Valley. [From the India, Bombay,
Records, No. 44.] Map. Royal 8

Bombay, 1857

Blackwell. Thomas Evans. Results of
a Series of Experiments on the Discharge
of Water of Waterfalls or Weirs. Plates.
8 1851

Blackwood, Capt. F. P. Sailing
Directions for the Outer Passage from
Sydney to Torres Strait. 8 '847

Blackwood's Educational Series, edited
by Professor Meiklejohn. Geographical
Readers, Standards I. -VI., 6 vols.
Illustrations. 12 1883

Bladen, F. M. Historical Records of
New South Wales, Vol. 2, 1793-95.
Plans. 8 Sydney, 1893

Blaikie, Prof. W. G. The Personal Life
of David Livingstone, chiefly from his
unpublished Journals and Correspondence
in the possession of his Family. By
William Garden Blaikie. Portrait and
map. 8 1880

Bla'r, Lieut. A. Survey of the Andamans.
[From the India Records, No. 24.]
Royal 8 Calcutta, 1858

Blake, C. C. On certain "Simious"
Skulls, with especial reference to a Skull
from Louth, in Ireland. 8* N.D.

Blake, E. Vale. Arctic Experiences, con-
taining Capt. George E. Tyson's won-
derful Drift on the Ice-floe, a History of
the "Polaris" Expedition, the Cruise
of the "Tigress," and Rescue of the
" Polaris " Survivor? ; to which is added
a general Arctic Chronology. Map
and plates. 8 New York, 1874

Blake, Prof. J. F. A Visit to the Vol-
canoes of Italy. (From Proc. Geologists'
Assoc., August 1889.) 8* 1889

Blake, William P. Description of the
Fossils and Shells collected in Cali-
fornia. 8* Washington, 1855

Notice of Remarkable Strata con-
taining the Remains of Infusoria and
Polythalamia in the Tertiary Formation
of Monterey, California. 8*

Washington, 1855

Observations on the Physical Geo-
graphy and Geology of the Coast of
California, from Bodega Bay to San
Diego. Maps. 4* Washington, 1855

On the Rate of Evaporation on the

Tulare Lakes of California. 8*

Washington, 1856

On the Grooving and Polishing of

Hard Rocks and Minerals by Dry Sand,
and Remarks on the Geology of Cali-
fornia, &c. 8* Washington, N.D.

Blakesley, Joseph Williams. Four
Months in Algeria, with a Visit to
Carthage. Maps and plates. 8

Cambridge, 1859

Blakiston, J. R. The Geographical
Reader, in Seven Books. 7 vols. 12 N.D.

How to Teach Geography : an Intro-
duction to J. R. Blakiston's Glimpses of
the Globe. 12* N.D.

Blakiston, Capt. Thomas W. Report
on the Exploration of two Passes through
the Rocky Mountains in 1858. Map.
8 Woolwich, 1859

Five Months on the Yang-Tsze, with

a Narrative of the Exploration of its
Upper Waters ; illustrated by A. Barton.
Maps and plates. 8 1862

Blanc, Henry. A Narrative of Captivity
in Abyssinia ; with some Account of the
late Emperor Theodore, his Country and
People. Plates. 8* 1868

Blanc, L. G. Handbuch des Wissenswur-
digsten aus der Natur und Geschichte
derErdeund ihrer Bewohner . . ; achte
Auflage, durchgesehen, berichtigt, fort-
gesetzt, und vermehrt von Dr Henry
Lange. Vol. I. Maps. 8

Brunswick, 1868

Blanc, Vincent le. Les Voyages Fameux
qu'il a fails depuis 1'age de douze ans
jusques a soixante, aux quatre parties du
Monde ; a scavoir, aux Indes Orientales
et Occidentals, en Perse et Pegu ; aux
Royaumes de Fez, de Maroc, et de
Guinee, et dans toute 1'Afrique interieure,


Blanc, Vincent le continued.
depuis le Cap cle Bonne Esperance jusques
en Alexandrie, par les terres de Mono-
motapa, du Preste Jean et de 1'Egypte ;
aux iles de la Mediterranee, et aux
principales Provinces de 1'Europe, &c. ;
le tout recueilly de ses Memoires par le
Sieur Coulon. Small 4 Paris, 1648

The World Surveyed ; or, The Famous
Voyages and Travailes of V. Le Blanc. . .
Originally written in French, and faith-
fully rendered into English by Francis
Brooke, Gent. Folio 1660

Blanchard, Emile. Les preuves de la
dislocation de 1'extremite sud-est du
Continent Asiatique pendant 1'age mod-
erne de la Terre. 4* Paris, 1890

Blanchet, A. P. Projet d'un Canal inter-
oceanique maritime a grande Section a
travers le grand Isthme Americain par
le Nicaragua ... 4* Bourges, 1875

See Pouchet.

Blanckenhorn, Dr Max. Die geognos-
tischen Verhaltnisse von Afrika. ( Ergan -
zungsheft, 90 Petermann's Mittheil-
lungen). Map. 4 Gotha, 1888

Blane, D. A. Miscellaneous Information
connected with the Districts of Jhalawar,
Kattywar, Muchoo Kanta, Hallar, Soruth,
Burda, Gohelwar, Oond Surweya, and
Babriawar. [From the India, Bombay,
Records, No. 37.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

Blanford, H. F. Report of the Meteor-
ological Reporter to the Government of
Bengal : Meteorological Abstract for
the year 1873. 8* Calcutta, 1874

The Rudiments of Physical Geography

for the use of Indian Schools, and a
Glossary of the Technical Terms em-
ployed. Plates. 12 1874
Report on the Meteorology of India

in 1879, '80, '81', '82, '83, '84, '85. Maps
and charts. 4 Cakiitta, 1881-87

A Practical Guide to the Climates
and Weather of India, Ceylon, and
Burmah, and the Storms of Indian Seas,
based chiefly on the Publications of
the Indian Meteorological Department.
Diagrams. 8 1889

An Elementary Geography of India,
Burma, and Ceylon. 12 1890

See Gastrell, J. E. ; also India, C

(Palaeontologica Indica) : Appendix 2.
Blanford, Dr W. T. Account of a Visit

to Puppadoung, an extinct Volcano in

Upper Burma. Map. 8* Calcutta, 1862
Notes on a Journey in Northern

Abyssinia. 8* [Calcutta, 1868]
Observations on the Geology and

Zoology of Abyssinia. Map and plates.

8 1870
On the Mineral Resources of India.

8* 1873

Blandford, Dr W. T. The First Part
(Mammalia) of a General Work on the
Fauna of British India, including Ceylon
and Burmah. 8 1888-91

Address delivered at the Anniversary

Meeting of the Geological Society of
London, on the 2ist of February 1890.
8* 1890

See Medlicott; also India, C; Persia:

Appendix 2.

Blanqui, M. , Algerie : Rapport sur la
Situation Economique de nos Posses-
sions dans le Nord de 1'Afrique. 8

Paris, 1840

Blaramberg, de. De la position des
trois forteresses Tauro-Scythes dont parle
Strabon. Maps, plans. 8 Odessa, 1831

Blaremberg, Lieut- Gen. Catalogue of
Trigonometrical and Astronomical Posi-
tions determined in the Russian Empire
and along its Frontiers up to 1860. Maps.
[In Russian.] 4 St Petersburg, 1863

Blasius, J. H. Reise im Europaischen
Russland in den Jahren 1840 und 1851.
2 vols. in I. Plates. 8 Brunswick, 1844

Blatna and Rotzmital. See Horky.

Blazek, Gabriel. Entwurf einer Theorie
der Meeresstromungen. Map. 8*

Prague, 1876

Bleek, W. H. J. De Nominum Generibus

Linguarum Africa Australis, Coptics;,

Semiticarum aliarumque Sexualium. 8

Bonne, 1851

The Languages of Mosambique :

Vocabulary of the Dialects of Lourenzo
Marques, Inhambane, Sofala, Tette, Sena,
Quellimane, Mosambique, Cape Delgado,
Anjoane, the Maravi, Mudsau,&c., drawn
up from the MSS. of Dr W. Peters,
&c. Oblong 12 1856

A Brief Account of Bushman Folk-
lore and other texts. Folio 1875

See Cape Colony : Appendix 2.

Blefkens, Dithmar. See Gottfried ; Pur-
chas, Vol. 3, Book 3 : Appendix i.

Bleicher, G. Les Vosges, le sol et les

habitants. Maps and illustrations. 12

Paris, 1890

Blennerhassett, Rose, and Lucy Slee-
man. Adventures in Mashonaland. By
two Hospital Nurses. 8 1893

Blerzy, H. Les Colonies Anglaises de la
Malaisie : Penang, Malacca, Singapore,
et Sarawak. 8 Paris, 1865

La Telegraphic Oceanique. 8*

Paris, 1866

Bligh, G. See Eyries, Vol. 3: Ap-
pendix I.

Bligh, Lieut. William. Narrative of the
Mutiny on Board II. M.S. "Bounty,"
and the subsequent Voyage of part of the
Crew in the ship's boat from Tofoa, one
of the Friendly Islands, to Timor, a
Dutch Settlement in the East Indies.
Maps. 4 1790


Bligh, Lieut. William. A Voyage to the
South Sea, undertaken by command of
Mis Majesty, for the purpose of conveying
the Bread-fruit Tree to the West Indies, in
His Majesty's ship " The Bounty," com-
manded by Lieut. William Bligh ; includ-
ing an Account of the Mutiny on board
said Ship, c. Plates. 8 Dublin, 1792

Blink, Dr H. Het Kongo- Land en zijne
Bewoners in bettrekking tot de Europe-
esche Staatkunde en den Handel. Map.
8 Haarlem, 1891

Nederland en zijne Bewoners: Hand-
boek der Aardrijkskunde en Volken-
kunde van Nederland, met Kaarten en
Afbeeldingen. 3 vols. 8

Amsterdam , N.D.
See Germany, C (Forschungen, &c.,

Vol. 4) : Appendix 2.

Bliss, Richard. Classified Index to the
Maps in the Royal Geographical Society's
Publications, 1830-83. Large 8*

Cambridge, Mass., 1886

Block, Eugen. Hilfstafeln zur Berech-
nung der Polaris-Azimute zunachst mil
Rticksicht auf die Zeitbestimmung im
Verticale des Polarsterns. 4*

St Petersburg, 1875

Block, Maurice. Bevolkerung des
Franzosischen Kaiserreichs, in ihren
wichtigsten statistischen Verhaltnissen.
Maps. 12 Got ha, 1861

L'Europe, Politique et Sociale. 2nd
edition. Maps. 8 Paris, 1892

Blodget, Lorin. Climatology of Penn-
sylvania. Map ami diagram. 8

Harrisburg, 1889

Blois, John T. Gazetteer of the State of
Michigan, in three parts ; containing a
General View of the State, with a succinct
History from the Earliest Period to the
Present Time ; and an Appendix, con-
taining the usual Statistical Tables, and
a Directory for Emigrants, &c. 12

Detroit, Mich., 1838

Blomberg, Albert. See Sweden, A, Geo-
logiska Undersokning : Appendix 2.

Blome, R. A Description of the Island
of Jamaica, with the other Isles and
Territories of America to which the
English are related, viz., Barbadoes, St
Christophers, Nievis or Nevis, Antego,
St Vincent, Dominica, Montserrat, An-
guilla, Barbada, Bermudes, Carolina,
Virginia, Maryland, New York, New
England, Newfoundland. Taken from
the Notes of Sir Thomas Linch, Knight,
Governour of Jamaica, and other
experienced Persons in the said places.
12 1672

"Blonde," H.M.S. See Pacific Islands:
Appendix 2.

Blore, W. L. Statistics of the Cape
Colony. 8 Cape Town, 1871

Blosseyille, Ernest de. Histoire des
Colonies Penales de 1'Angleterre dans
1'Australie. 8 Paris, 1831

Blount, H. A Voyage into the Levant :
a Breife Relation of a Journey lately
performed by Master II. B. , Gentleman,
from England by the way of Venice, into
Dalmatia, Sclavonia, Bosnah, Hungary,
Macedonia, Thessaly, Thrace, Rhodes,
and Egypt, unto Gran Cairo ; with
particular Observations concerning the
Moderne Condition of the Turkes and
other People under that Empire. 12


See Churchill, Vol. 7; Gottfried; Pin-
kerton, Vol. 10: Appendix I.

Bloxam, George W. See Transactions,
Anthropological Institute, Index to Publi-
cations: Appendix 3.

Blumcke, Kurt. Der Aufstand in Deutsch
Ostafrika und seine Niederwerkung im
nordlichen Theil mit einem Nachwort
iiber die Deutsche und die Englische
Emin Pascha Expedition. Map and
illustrations. Large 8 Berlin, N.I>.

Blume, C. L. Toelichtingen aangaande
de Nasporingen op Borneo van O. Miiller.
8* Lcyden, 1842

Blumentritt, Ferdinand. Organisation
Communale des Indigenes des Philip-
pines places sous la domination Espag-
nole. Traduit de I'AIlemand . . . par
A. Hugot. 8* Paris, 1881

Versuch einer Ethnographic der Philip-

pinen. (Erganzungsheft, 67 Peter-
mann's Mittheilungen.) Map. 4

Gotha, 1882

Vocabular einzelner Ausdriicke und

Redensarten, welche clem Spanischen
der Philippinischen Inseln eigenthiimlich
sind ; mit einem Anhange : Bibliotheca
Philippina ; Alphalietisch geordnete
Sammlung einer Anzahl von Druck-
schriften und Manuscripten linguistischen,
geographischen, ethnographischen, his-
torischen und naturwissenschaftlichen
Inhalts die auf die Philippinen Bezug
haben. 8* [Leit merits, 1882]

The same. II. Theil. 8*

[Leitmeritz, 1885]

Die Sprachgebiete Europas am Aus-

gange des Mittelalters, verglichen mit
den Zustanden der Gegenwart. 8*

{Prague, 1883]

Breve Diccionarrio Etnografico de

Filipinas. 12* Manila, 1889

Alphabetisches Verzeichnis der einge-

borenen Stamme der Philippinen und
der von ihnen gesprochenen Sprachen.
8* Berlin, 1890



Blumhardt, C. H. [No. i, Vol. 9, of the
Church Missionary Record, consisting of
Extracts from the Journal of C. H.
Blumhardt, during his Voyage to Abys-
sinia.] 8* 1838

Blundell, B. The Contributions ofj. L.
Peyton to the History of Virginia, and
of the Civil War in America, 1861-65,
Reviewed. 8* 1868

Blundevile, M. His Exercises, contain-
ing Eight Treatises. [On Navigation.]
4th edition. Small 8 1613

Blunt, Lady Anne. Bedouin Tribes of
the Euphrates. 2 vols. Maps and
plates. 8 1879

A Pilgrimage to Nejd, the Cradle of

the Arab Race. A Visit to the Court of
the Arab Emir, and " Our Persian Cam-
paign." 2nd edition. 2 vols. Map,
portraits, ami illustrations. Small 8


Blunt, G. W. Memoirs of the Dangers
and Ice in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Maps. 8 New York, 1856

Blyden, Dr E. W. Appendix to Benj.

Anderson's Journey to Musadu. Small 8*

New York, 1870

Report on the Falaba Expedition,

1872. Map. Folio* Freetown, 1872

Christianity, Islam, and the Negro

Race ; with an Introduction by the
Hon. Samuel Lewis. 8 1887

Blyth, Bishop. See Lees, G. R.

Blyth, Edward. See Speke.

Blytt, A. On Variations of Climate in
the Course of Time. 8*

Christiania, 1 886

The Probable Cause of the Displace-
ment of Beach-lines : an Attempt to
compute Geological Epochs. Plate. 8*
Christiania, 1889

Additional Note to the probable
Cause of the Displacement of Beach-
lines. 8* [1889]

The Displacement of Beach-lines :

Second Additional Note (read 1 5th
February 1889). 8* 1889

Boas, Dr Franz. Baffin Land. (Ergan-
zungsheft, 80 Petermann's Mittheilun-
gen). Maps and sketches. 4 Gotha, 1885

Boblaye, E. P. de. See Greece (Morea) :
Appendix 2.

Bocage. See Barbie du Bocage.

Boccaccio, Giovanni. Opera, tradotta
di Latt. in volgare da M. Niccolo Liburnio,
doue per ordine d'Alfabeto si tratta
diffusamente de' Monti, Selva, Boschi,
Fonti, Laghi, Stagni, Paludi, Golfii, e
Mari, dell' Universe Mondo, d'Asia,
Africa, ed Europa. 12 Florence, 1598

Boccardo, Gerolamo. Fisicadel Globo.
Spazi, climi e meteore, corso completo
di Geografia Fisica e di Meteorologia.
Maps. 8 Genoa, 1862

Boccaro, Antonio. See Portuguese Con-
quests, p. 612 : Appendix i.

Bock, Carl. The Head Huntersof Borneo :
a Narrative of Travel up the Mahakkam
and down the Barito, also Journeyings
in Sumatra. Map and coloured plates.
Large 8 1881

Templesand Elephants: theNarrative

of a Journey of Exploration through
Upper Siam and Lao. Map, coloured
plates, and illustrations. 8 1884 [1883]
Reis in Oost- en Zuid-Borneo van

Koetei naar Banjermassin, ondernomen
op last der Indische Regeering in 1879
en 1880; met Aanteekeningen en Bij-
lagen van P. J. B. C. Robide van der
Aa, eene historische Inleiding over
Koetei en de Betrekkingen van dit
Leenrijk tot de Regeering van Neder-
landsch-Indie, door S. W. Tromp, en
een Atlas van 30 ethnografische platen
in Kleurendruk en Schetskaart. 4

The Hague, 1887

Bocthor, Ellious. Dictionnaire Franais-
Arabe ; revu et augmente par A. Caussin
de Perceval. 2 vols. 4 Paris, 1828-29

Boddam-Whetham, J. W. Pearls of
the Pacific. Plates. 8 1876

Across Central America. 8 1877

Roraima and British Guiana, with a

Glance at Bermuda, the West Indies,
and the Spanish Main. Map and plate.
8 1879

Bodde, D. An Essay to show that Pe-
troleum may be used with advantage in
Manufacturing Operations for the pur-
pose of heating Steam - boilers and
generating Steam. 8* N.P., N.D.

Boddy, Rev. Alexander A. To Kairwan
the Holy : Scenes in Mohammedan
Africa. Map and plates. Crown 8 1885

With Russian Pilgrims : being an

Account of a Sojourn in the White Sea
Monastery, and a Journey by the old
Trade Route from the Arctic Sea to
Moscow ; Appendix, giving a full His-
tory of the Solovetsk Obitel, by the
Archimandrite Meletii. Maps and ilhis-
trations. Small 8 [1892]

Bode, A. Notizen gesammelt auf einer
Forstreise durch einen Theil des Euro-
paischen Russlands. Plates. 8

St Petersburg, 1854

See Baer and Helmersen, 18, 19.

Bode, Baron C. A. de. Travels in Luri-
stan and Arabistan. Maps and plates.
2 vols. 8 1845

See Khanikoff, N. de.

Bode, J. E. Anleitung zur physischen,
mathematischen, und astronomischen
Kenntniss der Erdkugel. Map. Small
8 Berlin, 1820

Bodenham, Roger. See Hakluyt, Vols.
2, 3: Appendix I.



Bodin, J. F. Recherches Historiques
sur la Ville de Saumur. Plates. Vol. I.
8 Saumur ; 1812

[Bodley, J. E. C.] The Portuguese in
East Africa. (From Black-Mood's Maga-
zine.) 8* 1888

Bodmer, Albert. Terrassen und Thalstufen
der Schweiz, ein Beitrag zur Erklarung
der Thalbildung. Profiles. 4*

Zurich, 1880

Boeck, C. Bemserkninger angaaende
Graptolitherne. Plates. 4*

Christiania, 1851
See Gaimard.

Boeck, E. van den. See International
Congresses (Geological) : Appendix 2.

Boedo, E. C. Estuclios sobre la Nave-
gacion del Bermejo y Colonizacion del
Chaco. Map. 8 Buenos Ayres, 1873

Boegner, J. Die Entstehung der Quellen,

und die Bildung der Mineralquellen. 12*

Frankfo rt-a-M. , 1843

Das Erdbeben und seine Erschein-

ungen. Map. 12

Frankfort- a- M., 1847

Boehmer, George H. Observations on
Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes in
Iceland within Historic Times. Trans-
lated and condensed from a History by
Th. Thoroddsen. 8* Washington, 1886

Boelhouwer, J. C. Herinneringen van
mijn verblijf op Sumatra's Westkust
gedurende de Jaren 1831-34. 8*

The Hague, 1841

Boetticher. J. G. Geographical, His-
torical, and Political Description of the
Empire of Germany, Holland, the
Netherlands, Switzerland, Prussia, Italy,
Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia, to which
are added Statistical Tables of all the
States of Europe, translated from the
German of J. G. Boetticher . . . Map
(in 3 sheets, by Capt. Chauchard, &c. )
and plans. 4 1800

Bogle, G., and T. Manning. See
Markham, C. R. ; also Eyries, Vol. 14:
Appendix I.

Bogue, Adam. Steam to Australia, its
General Advantages considered ; the
different Proposed Routes for connecting
London and Sydney compared ; and the
expediency of forming a Settlement at
Cape York, in Torres Strait, pointed out,
in a Letter to Earl Grey. Map. 8*

Sydney, 1848

Boguslawski, Dr Georg von. Hand-
buch der Ozeanographie. Band I.
Raumliche, physikalische und chemische
Beschaffenheit der Ozeane. Illustrations.
8 Stuttgart, 1884

and Dr Otto Kriimmel. The same.
Band 2. Die Bewegungsformen des
Meeres, von Dr Otto Kriimmel ; mil
einem Beitrage von Prof. Dr K. Zoppritz.
Map and figures. 8 Stuttgart, 1887

Bbhm, Dr August. Die alien Gletscher
der Enns und Steyr. Map and plate.
Large 8 Vienna, 1885

See Penck ; Penck's Abhandlungen, I.

Bbhm, Dr Richard. Von Sansibar zum
Tanganjika : Briefe aus Ostafrika, nach
dem Tode des Reisenden, mit einer
biographischen Skizze herausgegeben von
Herman Schalow. Map and portrait. 8
Leipzig, 1888

Bbhmert, Dr Victor. Die Ergebnisse
der sachsischen Gewerbezahlung vom
5 Juni 1862. Zeits. des K. Sachsischen
Statistischen Bureaus 2, Supplement heft,
Jahrg. 1886. 4* Dresden, 1886

Bohn, H. G. See Humboldt, Alex. von.

Bohun, Henry. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2:
Appendix i.

Boicoof, Saedor Jacowits. See Gott-
fried: Appendix I.

Boid, Capt. A Description of the Azores,
or Western Islands, from Personal Obser-
vation ; comprising Remarks on their
Peculiarities, Topographical, Geological,
Statistical, &c., and on their hitherto
neglected condition. Map and plates.
8 1835

Boie, F. Tagebuch gehalten auf einer
Reise durch Norwegen im Jahre 1817;
herausgegeben mit Anmerkungen von
H. Boie. Map. Small 8

Schles-wig, 1822

Boileau, A. H. E. Tour through the
Western States of Rajwara in 1835,
comprising Beekaner, Jesulmer, and
Jodhpoor ; with the passage of the Great
Desert, and visit to the Indus and
Buhawulpoor. Map and plates. 4

Calcutta, 1837

Letter on the -Elliptical Tunnel Bridge

at Sconce. Plate. 8* 1849

Extract of a Letter from, on the Con-
struction of Metalled Roads and Bridges.
[From the India Records, Vol. 2, N.-W.
Provinces.] Allahabad, 1849

Boileau, J. T. A New and Complete
Set of Traverse Tables, showing the
Differences of Latitude and the De
partures to every minute of the Quadrant,

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