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Account of the Customs and

Manners of the Turks, &c. ; also an
Account of the Christians and Jews
inhabiting Countries that are Subject
to the Grand Signior.

Account of several of the most

remarkable Cities in Asia, of various
Islands in the Archipelago, intermixed
with Accounts from Wheeler and
Lebrun, 1656.

Maundrell, Henry. Journey from Aleppo
to Jerusalem, 1696.

Chardin, Sir John. Travels by way of
the Black Sea, through the Countries
of Circassia, Mingrelia, the Country of
the Abcas, Georgia, Armenia, and
Media, into Persia Proper, 1672.

Description of the Great Empire of
Persia ; its Situation, Extent, Distri-
bution into Provinces, &c. , collected
from the Writings of Herbert, Chardin,
Tavernier, Thevenot, Le Brun, and

View of the Persian History, from the
earliest Accounts down to the Present
Time, collected from Oriental Writers,
and from Greek and Latin Historians.

Ysbrants Ides, E. Travels from Mus-
covy through Great Ustiga, Siriana,
Permia, Siberia, Daour, &c., to the
Frontiers of China ; through the
Countries of the Mongul Tartars, lying
between the Russian and Chinese
Empires, the Passage through the
Famous Wall, and from thence to the
City of Peking, the Capital of China ;
with an Account of Peking, and Return
from China by Land, 1692-95.

Description of Siberia.

Kao, Dionysius. A Geographical De-
scription of the Extensive Empire of
China, and of the Sixteen Provinces
into which it is divided.

An Authentick Account of what-
ever is most remarkable in regard to
persons or things throughout the
whole Empire of China, with a De-
scription of Japan, Corea, Formosa,
Tunkin, and Laos, &c.



Harris, Vol. 2 [/>] continued.

Description of the Country, History of
the Inhabitants, and Account of the
present state of the Kingdom of Corea.

Account of Part of the North-east
Frontier of the Russian Empire, com-
monly called the Country' of Kams-
chatka or Kamschatska.

Behring, Capt. Voyages for Discovery
towards the East, 1725-26.

Retrospective View of this whole Collec-
tion, in which its particular Advantages
are explained, and an Account given
of the Uses to which the Contents may
be applied.

Hawkesworth, John. An Account of
the Voyages undertaken by the Order
of His Present Majesty for making Dis-
coveries in the Southern Hemisphere,
and successively performed by Comm.
Byron, Capt. Wallis, Capt. Carteret,
and Capt. Cook, in the " Dolphin," the
"Swallow," and the "Endeavour."
Drawn up from the Journals which were
kept by the several Commanders, and
from the Papers of Joseph Banks, Esq.
3 vols. Maps and plates. 4 r 773


Byron, Comm. Voyage from the Downs
to Rio de Janeiro, Port Desire,
Patagonia, up the Streight of Magellan
to Port Famine and back to Falkland's
Islands, Cape Monday, Islands of
Disappointment, King George's Is-
lands, Islands of Saypan, Tinian,
Aguigan, and Timoan, Batavia, Cape
of Good Hope to England ; with De-
scriptions of the various Islands,

Wallis, Capt. Voyage to the Coast of
Patagonia, Otaheite, Tinian, Batavia,
and the Cape of Good Hope, with
Tables of Latitudes and Longitudes
West of London, 1766-68.

Carteret, Capt. Voyage from Plymouth
to Madeira, from thence through the
Streight of Magellan to Masafuero,
Queen Charlotte's Islands, Egmont
Island, Nova Britannia, Mindanao,
Celebes, to Batavia, round the Cape
of Good Hope to England, with a
Table of the Variation of the Compass,

Cook, Capt. Voyage round the World,

Kerr, Robert. A General History and
Collection of Voyages and Travels,
arranged in Systematic Order ; forming
a complete History of the Origin and
Progress of Navigation, Discovery, f and

Kerr continued.

Commerce, by Sea and Land, from the
earliest ages to the present time. 18 vols.
Maps and charts. 8

Edinburgh, 1811-24


Voyages and Travels of Discovery,
from the Era of King Alfred, in the
Ninth Century, to the Era of Don
Henry, Prince of Portugal, at the
commencement of the Fifteenth Cen-
tury :

Discoveries in the Time of Alfred.
Discovery of Iceland by the Norwegians,

in the ninth century.
Ohthere, Voyages of, to the White Sea

and the Baltic, in the ninth century.
Forster, J. R. Remarks on the Situation

of Sciringes-heal and Hsethum.
Wulfstein. Voyage in the Baltic, as

related to King Alfred.
Sighelm. Voyage to India, in the reign

of Alfred.
Erigena, John. Travels to Athens, in

the ninth century.
Alfred, King. Geography of the Known

Leucander, And. Travels to Jerusalem,

in the eleventh century.
Swanus. Voyage to Jerusalem, 1052.
Voyage of three Ambassadors from Eng-
land to Constantinople, about 1056.
Alured. Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, 1058.
Ingulphus. Pilgrimage to Jerusalem,

Original Discovery of Greenland by the

Icelanders, in the ninth century.
Early Discovery of Winland, or America,

by the Icelanders, 1001.
Travels of two Mahometans into India

and China, in the ninth century.
Benjamin, Rabbi. Travels from Spain

to China, in the twelfth century.
Travels of an Englishman in Tartary,


Sketch of the Revolutions in Tartary.
Carpini, John de Piano. Travels in

Tartary, 1246.
Rubruquis, W. de. Travels in Tartary,

about 1253.
Haitho, Prince of Armenia. Travels in

Tartary, 1254.
Marco Polo. Travels into China and the

East, from 1260 to 1295.
Oderic of Portenau. Travels into China

and the East, 1318.
Mandeville, Sir John. Travels into the

East, 1322.
Pegoletti. Itinerary between Azof and

China, 1355.
Zeno, Nicolo and Antonio. Voyages,




Kerr, Vol. i continued.

Schildtberger, John. Travels into Tar-

tary, 1394.
Travels of the Ambassadors of Mirza

Shah Rokh, King of Persia, from

Herat to Khanlralek, in Kathay, 1419.
Quirini, Pietro. Voyage and Travels

into Norway, 1431.
Barbaro, Josaphat. Travels from Venice

to Tanna, now called Asof, 1436.

Account of various early Pilgrimages

from England to the Holy Land,

between 1097 and 1107.
Discovery of Madeira.
Account of the Discovery and Conquest

of the Canary Islands.

General Voyages and Travels, chiefly
of Discovery, from 1412/0 1760 :

Galvano, Ant. Summary of the Dis-
coveries of the World, from their first
original to 1555.

Contarini, Ambrose. Journey from the
Republic of Venice to Uzun-Hassan,
King of Persia, 1473-76.

Voyages of Discovery by the Portuguese
along the Western Coast of Africa,
during the Life, and under the direction
of Don Henry.

Cada Mosto and Pedro de Cintra.
Original Journals of the Voyages of,
to the Coast of Africa, 1455-56.

Portuguese Discoveries along the Coast
of Africa, from the Death of Don Henry
in 1463, to the Discovery of the Cape
of Good Hope, 1486.

Castaneda, Hernan Lopez de. History
of the Discovery and Conquest of
India by the Portuguese, 1497-1505.

Letters from Lisbon in the l>eginning of
the Sixteenth Century, respecting the
recent Discovery of the Route by Sea
to India, and the Indian Trade.


History of the Discovery of America,
and of some of the early Conquests
in the New World:

Columbus, Christopher. History of the
Discovery of America, by Ferdinand

Account of the Discovery of America,

by Antonio de Herrera.

Vespucius Americus. Voyages to the
New World.

Summary of the Discoveries and Settle-
ments of the Sjwiiards in the West
Indies, from the Death of Columbus to
the Expedition of Hernando Cortes
against Mexico.

Diaz del Castillo, Capt. Bernal. History
of the Discovery and Conquest of
Mexico, written in 1568.

Kerr continued.


Diaz del Castello. History of the Dis-
covery and Conquest of Mexico, con-

Zarate, Augustino. History of the Dis-
covery and Conquest of Peru, by
Francisco Pizarro.

Early History of Peru, after the

Death of F. Pizarro, to the Defeat of
Gonzalo Pizarro, and the re-estab-
lishment of tranquility in the Country.


Zarate, A. Early History of Peru, con-

De la Vega, Garcilasso. Early History
of Peru, from the restoration of
tranquility by Gasca in 1549, to the
Death of the Inca Tupac Amaru.

History of the Discovery and Conquest
of Chili.

Discovery of Florida, and Account of the
several ineffectual Attempts to Conquer
and Settle that Country by the
Spaniards, under Juan Ponce de Leon,
Panfilo de Narvaez, Cabeza de Vaca,
and Ferdinand de Soto, from Herrera's
History of America.


Early English Voyages of Discovery to
America :

Cabot, Sebastian. Discovery of New-
foundland, 1479.
Butrigarius, G. Discourse respecting

the Discoveries in America by S.

Thome, Robert. Brief Notice of the

Discovery of Newfoundland.
Pert, Sir Thomas, and S. Cabot.

Voyage to Brazil, St Domingo, and

Porto Rico, about 1516.
Tison, T. Brief Note of a Voyage to

the West Indies, before 1 526.
Cartier, Jacques. Voyages from St
Maloes to Newfoundland, Canada,
Hochelaga, Saguenay, and New France,

Continuation of the Discoveries and
Conquests of the Portuguese in the
East ; together with some Account
of the Voyages of other European
Nations to India :

Discoveries, &c., of the Portuguese,
1505-1539: F. de Almeyda, Albu-
querque, and others. With observa-
tions on early Indian trade, &c.

Particular Relation of the Expedition of
Solyman Pacha from Suez to India,
against the Portuguese at Diu, by a
Venetian Officer.



Kerr, Vol. 6 continued.

Castro,. Don Juan de. Voyage of Don
Stefano de Gama from Goa to Suez, in
1540, with the intention of Burning
the Turkish Gallies at that Port.
Continuation of the Account of the
Portuguese Transactions in India, from
1541 to 1617 ; from De Faria's


Account of an Expedition of the

Portuguese from India to Madagascar,

Continuation of the Transactions of the

Portuguese in India, from 1617-40.
A Short Account of the Portuguese

Possessions between the Cape of Good

Hope and China.
Verthema, Ludovico. Voyages and

Travels in Egypt, Syria, Arabia,

Persia, and India, in 1503-8.
Frederic, Caesar. Voyages and Travels

in India, &c., 1563-81.
Windham, Capt. T. Second Voyage to

Barbary, 1552.
Windham, Capt., and A. A. Pinteado.

Voyage to Guinea and Benin, in 1553.
Lok, Capt. John. Voyage to Guinea,

Towerson, W. Voyages to Guinea,

Notices of an intended Voyage to Guinea,

Rutter, W. Voyage to Guinea, 1562,

with a Supplementary Account.
Baker, R. Voyage to Guinea, 1563.
Carlet, Capt. D. Voyage to Guinea,

Fenner, G. Voyage to Guinea, and

the Cape de Verd Islands, 1566.
Hogan, Edm. Account of the Embassy

to Morocco, 1577.
Roberts, H. Account of the Emljassy

from Queen Elizabeth to Morocco,

Welsh, J. Voyages to Benin beyond

Guinea, 1588-90.
Ingram, Ant. Supplement to Welsh's

Voyage to Benin, 1588.
Rainolds, R, and T. Dassel. Voyage to

the Senegal and Gambia, 1591-

Some miscellaneous Early Voyages of
the English :

Gallant Escape of the " Primrose" from

Bilboa in Spain, 1585.
Drake, Sir Francis. Voyage to the

West Indies, 1585.
Evesham, J. Cruising Voyage to the

Azores, by Capt. Whiddon, 1586.
Drake, Sir F. Brief Relation of Notable

Service performed in 1587.
Account of the Expedition of the Spanish

Armada, 1588.

Kerr, Vol. 7 continued.

Account of the Relief of a part of the

Spanish Armada, at Anstruther in

Scotland, 1588.
Cumberland, Earl of. Cruising Voyage

to the Azores, 1589.
Valiant Sea Fight by ten Merchant

Ships of London against twelve Spanish

Gallies, in the Straits of Gibraltar,

24th April 1590.
A Valiant Sea Fight in the Straits of

Gibraltar in April 1591, by the

"Centurion" of London, against five

Spanish Gallies.
Raleigh, Sir Walter. Sea Fight near

the Azores, between the "Revenge,"

Man-of-War, commanded by Sir R.

Granville, and fifteen Spanish Men-of-

War, 3 1st August 1591.
Note of the Fleet of the Indies, expected

in Spain, 1591, with the number that

Flicke, Capt. R. Report of a Cruising

Voyage to the Azores in 1591, by a

Fleet of London Ships.
Exploits of the English in several

Expeditions and Cruising Voyages from

1 58910 1592, extracted from Linschoten.
Burrough, Sir John. Cruising Voyage

to the Azores, 1 592.
White, Captain T. The Taking of Two

Spanish Ships laden with Quicksilver

and the Pope's Bulls, 1592.
Downton, Captain Nicholas. Narrative

of the Destruction of a Great East

India Carak, 1594.
List of the Royal Navy of England at

the demise of Queen Elizabeth.

Early Voyages of the English to the
East Indies :

Stevens, Thomas. Voyage to Goa, 1579.

Fitch, Ralph. Journey to India over-
land, 1583, with Supplement.

Newbery, John. Letters.

Eldred, John. Voyage by Sea to Tripoli

in Syria, and thence by Land and

River to Bagdat and Basora, 1583.
Barret, W. Of the Monsoons, or

periodical Winds, in India.
First Voyage of the English to India, in

1591, begun by Captain G. Raymond,

and completed by Capt. J. Lancaster.
May, John. Supplementary Account of

the Former Voyage.
Wood, Benjamin. Unfortunate Voyage

towards the East Indies, 1596.
Davis, Captain John. Voyage to East

Indies, 1598.
Adams, W. Voyage to Japan, in 1598,

and long Residence in that Island.
Michelburne, Sir Edw. Voyage to India,




Kerr, Vol. %- -continued.

First Voyage of the English East India
Company, 1601, under the Command
of Captain J. Lancaster.

Scot, Edm. Account of Java, and of the
first Factory of the English at Bantam,

Second Voyage, in 1604, under the
Command of Sir H. Middleton, to
Bantam and the Moluccas.

Voyage of Captain Colthurst to Banda.

Third Voyage, in 1607, by Captain W.

Hawkins, W. Narrative of Occurrences
during his Residence in the Dominions
of the Great Mogul, 1608.

Finch, W. Observations of, who ac-
companied Captain Hawkins to Surat,
and returned overland to England.

Middleton, Captain D. Voyage to Ban-
tam and the Moluccas, 1607.

Fourth Voyage, in 1608, by Captain A.

Coverte, R. Relation of this Voyage.

Jones, F. , and W. Nichols. Supple-
ments to the foregoing Narrative of
the same Unfortunate Voyage.

Voyage of Capt. R. Rowles to Acheen
and Priaman.

Fifth Voyage, in 1609, under the Com-
mand of Capt. I). Middleton. Occur-
rences at Bantam, Booton, and Banda;
Contests with Hollanders, &c.

Sixth Voyage, in 1610, under the Com-
mand of Sir H. Middleton. Incidents
of the Voyage till the arrival at Mokha.
Transactions at Mokha, and the
Treachery of the Turks there, and at

Middleton, Sir Henry. Journey to
Zenan, in the Interior of Yemen, or
Arabia Felix ; Voyage from the Red
Sea to Surat ; Voyage from Surat to

Downton, Capt. N. Journal of the pre-
ceding Voyage, between Saldanha
Bay and Socotora, Abdal Kuria,
Arabia Felix, Aden, and Mokha, and
the treacherous proceedings at both
places, &c.

Seventh Voyage, in 1611, commanded
by Capt. Ant. Hippon.

Floris, Peter W. Notices of the preced-
ing Voyage.

Voyage to Pullicatt, Patapilly, Bantam,
Patane, and Siam ; Narrative of
Strange Occurrences in Pegu, Siam,
Johor, and the adjacent Kingdoms.
Voyage to Masulipatam.

Eighth Voyage, in 1611, by Capt. John
Saris. Incidents of the Voyage to
Socotora ; Occurrences at Socotora
and in the Red Sea ; Adventures with
Sir II. Middleton in the Red Sea.

Kerr, Vol. 8 continued.

Voyage of Capt. Saris to Japan, with
Observations respecting the Dutch and
Spaniards at the Molucca Islands,
arrival at Firando, and an Account of
the Habits, Manners, and Customs of
the Japanese.


Intelligence concerning Jedso, or Jesso,
received from a Japanese.

Ninth Voyage, in 1612, by Capt. Edw.

Tenth Voyage, in 1612, by Comm. T.
Best. Observations during the Voyage
to Surat ; Transactions with the subjects
of Mogul ; Occurrences at Acheen,
Trade at Tecoo and Passaman ; with
the Voyage to Bantam.

Whittington, Nicholas. Travels and
Adventures in the Mogul Country.

Eleventh Voyage, in 1612, in the "Salo-

Twelfth Voyage, in 1613, by Capt. Chr.
Newport. Observations at St Augus-
tine, Mohelia, and divers parts of
Arabia ; Proceedings on the Coast of
Persia, and Treachery of the Baloches ;
Arrival at Diul-ginde, &c.

Downton, Capt. Nicholas. Voyage to
India, in 1614; Incidents at Saldanha,
Socotora, and Swally.

Elkington, Capt.'T. Voyage to Surat;
with Dodsworth's Observations.

Steele, R., and J. Crowther. Journey
from Agimere to Ispahan, 1615-16.

Peyton, Capt. W. Voyage to India, in
1615 ; Occurrences during the Voyage
to Surat, at Calicut and Sumatra ; with
the Ports, Cities, and Towns between
the Cape of Good Hope and Japan,

Hawes, Roger. Proceedings of the
Factory at Cranganore.

Roe, Sir Thomas, Ambassador from
James I. to Shah Jehanguire, Emperor
of Hindostan. Journal of.

Terry, Edw. Voyage to India, 1616,
with Observations respecting the
Dominions of the Great Mogul ; with
a Description of the Empire, the
People of Hindoostan, their Manners,
Customs, Sects, Opinions, Rites,
Priests, &c.

Coryat, T. Journey from Jerusalem to
the Court of the Great Mogul, 1615-16.

Account of the Wrongs dohe to the
English at Banda by the Dutch, in

Fifth Voyage of the Joint-Stock by the
English East India Company, in 1617,
under the Command of Capt. Martin
Pring. Occurrences on the Voyage
out, and at Surat, Bantam, and Jacatra,



Kerr, Vol. 9 continued.

Pring, Capt. Voyage from Bantam to
Patania and Japan.

Voyage "of the "Ann-Royal" from Surat to
Mokha, 1618.

Swan, R. Journal of a Voyage to Surat
and Jasques, 1660.

Relation of the War of Ormus, and the
Capture of that place by the English
and Persians, 1622.

Account of the Massacre of Amboina,

Cunningham, James. Observations dur-
ing a Residence in the Island of Chusan,
in 1701, with some early notices
respecting China.


Historical Account of Early Circum-
navigations or Voyages round the
Magellan, F. Voyage round the World,

Drake,. Sir Francis. Voyage round the

World, 1577-80.
Silva, Nuno da. Voyage from Cape

Verd Islands to Guatalco, on the

Western Coast of New Spain.
Winter, John. Voyage, after parting

from Sir F. Drake.
Candish, Sir Thomas. Voyage round

the World, 1586-88.
Second Voyage, intended for the

South Sea, 1591.
Davis, .Capt. Voyage of the "Desire,"

after parting with Sir T. Candish.
Van Noort, Oliver. Voyage round the

Worjd, from Holland, 1598-1601.
Weert, Sebald de. Voyage to the South

Sea and Straits of Magellan, 1598.
Spilbergen, G. Voyage round the

World, 1614-17.
Schouten, W. C. , and Jacques Le Maire.

Voyage round the World, going round

Cape Horn, 1615-17.
Voyage of the Nassau Fleet round the

World, in 1523-26, from Holland,

under the Command of Jaques Le

Cooke, Capt. J., Capt. Cowley, and Capt.

W.Dampier. Voyage round the World,

Cowley, Capt. Narrative of the Voyage

till he quitted the "Revenge" on the

Western Coast of America, with

Dampier, Capt. W. Sequel of the

Voyage, after the separation of the

" ReVenge."
Funnel), W. Voyage round the World,

Rogers, Capt. Woods, and S. Courtney.

Voyage round the World, from England

to the Island of Juan Fernandez, on the

Kerr, Vol. 10 continued.

Western Coast of America, California,
and the East Indies, 1708-11.

Clipperton, Capt. J. Voyage round the
World, from England to Juan Fer-
nandez, South Seas, Coast of Mexico
to China, Macao, &c. , 1719-22.

Shelvocke, Capt. G. Voyage round the
World, 1719-22.

Betagh, Capt. Observations on the
Country and Inhabitants of Peru.

Roggewein, Commodore. Voyage round

the World, 1721-23.
Anson, Capt. G. Voyage round the

World, 1740-44.


Byron, Commodore. Voyage round the
World, from the Downs to Rio de
Janeiro, Port Desire, Patagonia, Strait
of Magellan, Falkland Islands, &c.,
into the South Seas, 1764-66.

Wallis, Capt. S. Voyage round the
World, to Patagonia, Strait of Magellan,
Otaheite, Island of Tinian, Cape of
Good Hope, &c. , in 1766-68; with a
Table of Latitudes and Longitudes
West of London.

Carteret, Capt. P. Voyage round the
World, from Plymouth to Madeira,
through the Strait of Magellan, Masa-
fuero, Queen Charlotte's Islands, Nova
Britannia, Island of Mindanao, &c. ,
1766-69 ; with a Table of the Variation
of the Compass.

Cook, Capt. First Voyage towards the
South Pole and round the World,


Cook, Capt. First Voyage towards the
South Pole, concluded.

Bougainville, Col. Louis de. Abstract
of a Voyage round the World, 1766-69.


Cook, Capt. T- Second Voyage towards
the South Pole, and round the World,


Cook, Capt. J. Third Voyage round the
World, 1776-80.


Cook, Capt. J. Third Voyage, con-


Cook, Capt. J. Third Voyage, con-

Byron, Hon. J. Narrative of the Ship-
wreck of the "Wager" in the South
Seas, and the subsequent Adventures of
her Crew.

Bulkeley, J., and J. Cummins. Voyage
to the South Seas in 1740-41, contain-



Kerr, Vol. \T-continued.

ing a faithful Narrative of the Loss of
H.M.S. the "Wager."


Stevenson, W. Historical Sketch of the
Progress of Discovery, Navigation, and
Commerce, from the earliest Records
to the beginning of the Nineteenth

Catalogue of Voyages and Travels.

Knox, J. New Collection. See p. 607.

Lafond de Lurcy, Capt. Gabriel. Voy-
ages autour du Monde, et Naufrages
celebres. 8 vols. Portraits and plates.
Royal 8 Paris, 1844


Vols. i , 2. Voyages clans 1'Amerique
Espagiiole pendant les Guerres de
Vol. 3. Voyages dans les isles Marquises

et dans celles de la Societe.
Vol. 4. Voyages dans les isles Sandwich,
dans celles des Philippines, et en Chine.
Vol. 5. Voyages en Chine, dans la

Malaisie et les iles Moluques.
Vol. 6. Naufrage de Drury a Mada-
gascar ; Naufrage de ' ' 1' Arabe " et
Aventures d'un Jeune Parisien.
Vol. 7. Description de 1'Afrique Meri-
dionale ; Naufrage des Navires ' ' 1' Aber-
crombie- Robinson " et le "Waterloo"
dans la rade du Cap de Bonne-Esper-
ance : George Barlow, Sarah Mac-
farlane, et John Murray ; Histoire de
Naufrage du Brick " la Nossa-Senhora-
da-Conceicao," sur les Cotes du Sahara;
Residence et Excursions dans 1'Empire
du Maroc.

Vol. 8. Naufrage sur les Cotes du
Sahara, continue ; Voyage et Naufrage
du u Candida " dans la Polynesie.

Laharpe, J. F. Abrege de 1'Histoire Gene-
rale des Voyages [Prevost's], contenant ce
qu'il y a de plus remarquable, de plus utile
et de mieux avere dans les pays ou les
Voyageurs ont penetre ; les Mceurs des
Habitans, la Religion, les Usages, Arts
et Sciences, Commerce et Manufactures.
24 vols. 8 Paris, 1816


Afrique. Decouvertes et Conquetes des
Portuguais. Gama, Cabral, Albu-

Voyages des Anglais sur les Cotes
d'Afrique, dans les Indes, et dans la
Mer Rouge ; de les Iles Canaries.

Voyages att Senegal et sur les Cotes
d'Afrique jusqu'a Sierra- Leone. Cada-
mosto, Andre Brue.

Laharpe continued.

Afrique. Voyages au Senegal jusqu'a

Sierra Leone.

Voyages sur la Cote de Guinee. Con-
quetes de Dahomey. Villault, Atkins,
Smith, Snelgrave.


Afrique. Congo. Cap de Bonne-Esper-
ance ou Hottentots. Monomotapa.

Asie. Iles de la Mer des Indes. Voyage
et Infortunes de F. Pyrard. lies
Maldives, Ceylan, Sumatra, Java,
Batavia, Borneo, Moluques, Timor,
Celebes, Philippines, Marianes.


Asie. Voyages et Aventures de Mendez-

Naufrage de G. Bontekoe.

Continent de 1'Inde. Cote de Malabar,
Surate, Goa, Golconde, Coromandel,
Guzarate, Camlraye, et Visapour. Voy-
age de T. Rhoe dans 1'Indostan.

Continent de 1'Inde. Voyage de Taver-

nier dans 1'Indostan. Voyage de

Bernier a Cachemire.
Partie Orientale des Indes. Arrakan,

Pegu, Boutan, Azem, Cochinchine,


Voyage du Pere Tachard a Siam.
Observations sur la royaume de Siam,

tirees des Memoires de Forbin.
Voyage d'Occum Chamnam.


Partie Orientale des Indes, Siam.

Histoire naturelle des Indes.

Precis de differens Voyages a la Chine,
depuis le treizieme siecle jusqu'a nos

Voyages, Negociations et Enterprises des
Hollandais a la Chine.

Online LibraryRoyal Geographical Society (Great Britain). LibrarCatalogue of the library of the Royal geographical society. Containing the titles of all works up to December 1893 → online text (page 100 of 141)