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the French.


Pertusier, Charles. Picturesque Promen-
ades in and near Constantinople, and
on the Waters of the Bosphorus, 1820.

Miiller, Christian. Journey through
Greece and the Ionian Islands, 1821.



Phillips [3], Vol. 8 continued.

Lelorrain, M. Journey in Egypt, 1821,
and Observations on the Circular
Zodiac of Denderah, by M. Saulnier.

Saussure, L. A. Necker de. Voyage to
the Hebrides, or Western Isles of
Scotland ; with Observations on the
Manners and Customs of the High-
landers, 1822.

A Sketch of Old England, by a New
England Man, 1822.

Scholz, J. M. A. Travels in the
Countries between Alexandria and
Parsetonium, the Lybian Desert, Siwa,
Egypt, Palestine, and Syria, 1821.


Roquefeuil, Camille de. Voyage round
the World, 1816-19.

Montule, E. Voyage to North America
and the West Indies, 1817.

Cochelet, Charles. Narrative of the
Shipwreck of the "Sophia," 1819, on
the Western Coast of Africa, and of
the Captivity of a part of the Crew in
the Desert of Sahara.

Montemont, Albert. Tour over the
Alps, and in Italy, 1820.

Misrah, Mahomed. Narrative of a
Journey from Egypt to the Western
Coast of Africa, 1821.

Scott, Alex. Account of the Captivity
of, among the Wandering Arabs of the
Great African Desert, for a Period of
nearly Six Years, 1810-16.

Rennell, Major J. Observations on the
Geography of Mr Scott's Routes in
North Africa.

Cramp, W. B. Narrative of a Voyage
to India ; of a Shipwreck on Board the
" Lady Castlereagh " ; and a Descrip-
tion of New South Wales, 1815-21.

Forbin, Count de. Recollections of
Sicily, 1820.

Pinkerton, John. A General Collection
of the best and most interesting Voyages
and Travels in all Parts of the World,
many of which are now first translated
into English. I7vols. Maps and plates.
4 1808-14


Willoughby, Sir Hugh, and others.

Voyages to the Northern Parts of

Russia and Siberia.
Three Voyages of the Dutch to the North

of Europe.
Pontanus, J. I. Dissertation concerning

the North- East Passage.
Regnard's Journey to I^apland, &c.
Maupertius's Journey to the Polar Circle.
Outhier's Journal of a Voyage to the


Pinkerton, Vol. \-continued.

Ehrenmalm, M. Arwid. Travels into

Western Nordland, &c.
Leems's Account of Danish Lapland.
Allison's Voyage from Archangel.
Samoiedia, A New Account of, and the

Spitsbergen, Journal of Seven Seaman

left at.
Phipps's Journal of a Voyage to the

North Pole.
Le Roy's Narrative of four Russian

Sailors cast upon the Island of East


Backstrom's Voyage to Spitsbergen.
Von Troil's Letters on Iceland.
Kerguelen's Voyage to the North.
Cumberland, Earl of. Voyage to the

Raleigh's Report of an Engagement near

the Azores.
De Chaste's Voyage to Tercera.

Gonzales. Voyage to England and


Shaw's Tour to the West of England.
Bray, W. Sketch of a Tour into Derby-

Ferter's Oryctography of Derbyshire.
Moritz, C. P. Travels through several

parts of England.
Skrine's Tour through Wales.
Malkin's Tour through Wales.
Hassell's Tour to the Isle of Wight.
Heath's Account of the Islands of Scilly.
Robertson's Tour through the Isle of


Pennant, T. Two Tours in Scotland.
Garnet's Account of the Drosacks.
Martin's Description of the Western


Martin's Voyage to St Kilda.
Mackenzie, Sir Geo. Account of Hirta

and Rona.
Brand's Description of the Orkneys and


Young's Tour in Ireland, An Abstract of.
Hamilton's Letters on the Northern

Coast of Ireland.


Lister's Journey to Paris, 1698.

Young's Travels in France.

Saussure's Attempts to reach the Sum-
mit of Mont Blanc.

Ramond's Journey to the Summit of
Mount Perdu.

Spallanzani's Travels in Italy.
Dolomieu's Account of the Earthquakes

of Calabria in 1783.
Bourgoanne's Travels in Spain.
Coxe's Travels in Switzerland.



Pinkerton continued.

Riesbeck's Travels through Germany.
Coxe's Travels in Denmark.

Travels in Norway.
Travels in Russia.

Portia's Travels in Sweden.

Benjamin, Rabbi, Travels of.
Rubruquis, Travels of.
Marco Polo, Travels of.
Travels of Two Mahometans.
NieuhofT's Travels in China.
Bell's Travels in Asia.
Hamel's Travels in Korea.
Tibet, A Description of.
Goez, Travels from Lahor to China.
Tibet, Travels through, by several Mis-

Caron's Account of Japan.
Japan, Diary on the Coast of, 1673.
Kempfer's History of Japan.


Roe, Sir Thomas, Ambassador to the
Great Mogul, Journal of.

Bernier's Voyage to the East Indies.

Tavernier's Voyages, Extract from, con-
cerning the Diamond Mines.

Hamilton's Account of the East Indies.

Low's Discovery of the Banians.

Buchanan's Journey through Mysore,
Canara, and Malabar.


Delle Valle, Pietro. Travels in Persia,
Extracts from.

Chardin's Travels in Persia, Abstracts

Persia, Description, from Harris's Col-

Francklin's Tour in the South of Persia.

Forster's Travels, Extracts from, con-
cerning the Northern Parts of Persia.

Tartary, Accounts of Independent.

Jenkinson's Travels to Bucharia.

Balbi's Voyage to Pegu.

Fitch's Voyage to Pegu, &c.

Symes's Embassy to Ava.

Turpin's History of Siam.

Baron's Description of Tonqueen.

Richard's History of Tonquin.

Bovis's History of Cochin China.

Niebuhr's Travels in Arabia.

Blount's Voyage to the Levant.

Dandini's Voyage to Mount Libanus.

Maundrell's Journey from Aleppo to

Cairo, Journey from, to Mount Sinai.

Pococke, Dr. Travels in the East.

Dampier's Account of the Philippines.

Guignes, M. de. Observations on the
Philippine Islands, and the Isle of

Pinkerton, Vol. n continued.

Beeckman's Voyage to Borneo.

Stavorinus. Account of Java and Batavia,
from the Voyages of Stavorinus.

Account of Celebes, Amboyna, &c. ,

from the Voyages of Stavorinus.

Pigafetta's Voyage round the World.

Pigafetta, Antonio. Treatise on Navi-
gation, Extracts from.

Brosses, President de. Australasia, Intro-
ductory Observations from the Work of.

Pelsart's Voyage to Australasia.

Tasman's Voyage for the Discovery of
Southern Countries.

Dampier's Account of New Holland.

Cook's, Capt., Voyages, Abstract of.

Peron, M. Voyage for the Discovery
of Southern Lands.


Colon's Discovery of the West Indies.

America, Discoveries made by the En-
glish in, from the Reign of Henry VII.
to the Close of that of Queen Elizabeth.

Frobisher's Three Voyages for the Dis-
covery of the North-West Passage, in
1576-78, with a Description of the
Country and People.

Virginia, Discovery of, and Voyages to.

Cartier's Discovery of the Island of New

Smith's History of Virginia, New

England, and the Summer Isles.
Lahontan's Travels in Canada.
America, Memoirs of North.
Kalm's Travels in North America.
Burnaby's Travels through the Middle

Settlements in North America in 1759-


Betagh's Account of Peru.
Ovalle's Historical Relation of Chili.
Condamine's Travels in South America.
Bouguer's Voyage to Peru.
Ulloa's Voyage to South America.
Nieuhoft's Voyages and Travels into


Lolio, Father Jerome. Voyage to Abys-

Poncet's Journey to Abyssinia.
Browne's Journey to Dar-Fur.
Pococke's Travels in Egypt.
Addison's Account of West Barbary.
Windhuss's Journey to Mequinez.
Shaw's Travels in Barbary.
Lempriere's Tour to Morocco.
Allatif, Abd. Relation respecting Egypt.

Thunberg's Account of the Cape of Good


Angelo and Carli's Voyage to Congo.
Merolla's Voyage to Congo.



Pinkerton, Vol. 16 continued.

Battel, Andrew, Strange Adventure of,

sent by the Portuguese Prisoner to

Bonnan's Description of the Coast of

Proyart's History of Loango, Kakonga,

and other Kingdoms in Africa.
Adanson's Voyage to Senegal, the Island

of Goree, and the River Gambia.
Santos' History of Eastern Ethiopia.
Rochon's Voyage to Madagascar.
Glas's History of the Canary Islands.
Park's Travels in Africa.


Retrospect of the Origin and Progress of
Discovery, by Sea and Land, in Ancient,
Modern, and most Recent Times.

Critical Catalogue of Books of Voyages
and Travels.

General Index.

Prevost, Abbe. Histoire generate des
Voyages, ou Nouvelle Collection de
toutes les relations de Voyages par Mer
et par Terre, qui ont ete publiees jusqu'&
present dans les differentes Langues de
toutes les Nations connues, &c. 20 vols.
[No. 17 is a Supplement, printed in
Amsterdam in 1761 ; and Nos. 18, 19,
and 20 are in continuation of the work. ]
Maps and plates. 4 Paris, 1746-89
[ The first ^ vols. are practically a trans-
lation of A st ley's Voyages. For con-
tents of the whole see those of the
" Allgemeine Historic" (p. 598), which
is a German translation of the above,
with a few additions.}

Purchas, Samuel. Purchas his Pilgrim-
age, or Relations of the World and the
Religions observed in al Ages and Places
discovered, from the Creation unto this
Present. Folio 1617


Of the first beginning of the World and
Religion ; and of the Regions and Re-
ligions of Babylonia, Assyria, Syria,
Phoenicia, Palestina.

Of the Hebrew Nation and Religion.

Of the Arabians, Saracens, Turkes, and
of the Ancient Inhabitants of Asia
Minor, and of their Religions.

Of the Armenians, Medes, Persians,
Parthians, Scythians, Tartarians,
Chinois, and of their Religions.

Of the East Indies, and of the Seas and
Hands about Asia, with their Religions.

Of /Egypt, Barbary, Numidia, Libya,

&c., and of their Religions.
Of Ethiopia, and the African Hands,

and of their Religions.

Purchas, Pilgrimage continued.


Of New France, Virginia, Florida, New
Spaine, with other Regions of America
Mexicana, and of their Religions.
Of Cumana, Guiana, Brasil, Chica, Chili,
Peru, and other Regions of America
Peruviana, and of their Religions.

Purchas, Samuel. Purchas his Pilgrimes.
[Each vol.] in 5 Bookes. 4 vols. (parts).
Map and illustrations. Folio 1625

[ Vols. I and 2 comprise the 10 Books of
Part I, Vols. 3 and 4 the 10 Books of
Part 2, the general contents of the books
being given on the respective title-



Salomons, King. Navie sent from Ezion-
geber to Ophir, the Voyage largely
discussed out of Divine, Ecclesiasticall,
and Humane Testimony.

The Commendations of Navigation, as
an Art worthy of the care of the most
Worthie ; the Necessitie, Commoditie,
Dignitie thereof.

Of Ezion Geber, Eloth, and the Red
Sea ; that of Edom it received that
name, and communicated it to the
Indian Ocean, by the Phoenician Navi-
gations frequent in those times to India.

Of Ophir, divers opinions weighed and
censured ; whether the Compas was
knowne to the Old World ; that the
remote parts were lately inhabited, the
New World but newly, and a great
part thereof not yet.

Joctans posteritie seated in the East
parts of Asia, amongst them, Ophir in
India ultra Gangem, where Chryse was
of old, and now is the Kingdome of
Pegu, and the Regions adjoining.

Of the Gold, Silver, Gemmes, Ivorie,
Almug Trees, Apes and Peacockes,
which Salomon's Fleet brought from

Probable conjectures of the course taken
in the Ophirian Voyage, and account
given of the three yeeres "time spent
there ; also of the course taken in like
Voyages by the Romans, and the divers
Ports whereto the Spices and Riches
of India have in divers Ages been
brought, and thence dispersed to the
several parts of Europe.

Of Tharsis, or Tharshish, whether it be
the same with Ophir, and both, some
indefinite remoter Countrie, whether
it be the Sea, or Tartessus, or any
place in Spaine. Of the Ancient
Navigations about Africa, and of the
Phoenician Antiquities.



Purchas, Vol. i, Book i continued.
Man's Life a Pilgrimage. The Peregri-
nations of Christ, and the first encom-
passing the habitable or then inhabited
World by the Holy Apostles and first
Planters of the Gospell.
The Peregrination of St Peter, St
Andrew, John, the two Jacobi, Philip,
Simon Zelotes, Thomas, Bartholomew,
Matthew, Jude, Matthias, and of
counterfeit Writings in the Apostles'

Of S. Paul ; of Apostolicall Assistants.
Of America, whether it were then


The glorie of Apostolicall Conquests ;
the hopes of enlarging the Church in
this last Age, by knowledge of Arts
and Languages, through the benefit of
Printing and Navigation.
Of divers other principall Voyages and
Peregrinations mentioned in Holy
Scripture. Of the travels and dis-
persions of the Jewes, and of National

Fabulous Antiquities of the Peregrinations
and Navigations of Bacchus, Osiris,
Hercules, the Argonauts, Cadmus, the
Grecian Navie to Troy, Menelaus,
Ulysses, /Eneas, and others.
A Briefe Recital of the Famous Expedi-
tions mentioned in Ancient Histories,
of the Assyrians, Egyptians, Scythians,
Ethiopians, Persians, and others.
Travels of the Antient Philosophers and

learned men briefly mentioned.
Phoenician Voyages, and especially that

of Hanno, a Carthaginian Captaine.
lambulus, his Navigation to Arabia and
Ethiopia, and thence to a strange
Hand, from whence he sailed to
Palimbothra in India.
Alexander the Great ; Life, Acts, Pere-
grinations, and Conquests briefly

Travels of Musoeus, Thebceus, and others
mentioned by S. Ambrose ; of others
also mentioned in the Ecclesiastical
Histories of Eusebius, Kuffinus, Soc-
rates, and Sozomen.

A Briefe and General Consideration of
Europe compared with the other parts
of the World ; the Names, Quantitie,
Bounds, Qualitie, Excellencies, and
Languages of Europe.
Brerewood, Edw. Enquiries of Lan-

Enquiries of the Religions professed

in the World, with other Philosophical
Speculations, and divers Annotations

Relations of divers Travellers, touching
the Diversities of Christian Rites
and Tenents in divers parts of the
2 o

Purchas, Vol. I, Book I continued.
Tecla Maria, an Abassine. Answeres to
questions touching the Religion of the
Abassines and Cophti.
Leonard, Bp. of Sidon. Relations of the

Jacobites and Armenians.
Of Simon Sulaka, a Papal Easterne
Patriarke, amongst the Chaldaeans ;
and of divers others thither sent. Of
Abdesu, Aatalla, Donha, his suc-

Of the Cophti, their Synode at Cairo,
the Jesuites being the Pope's Agents,
and of Stephen Colinzas Message to
the Georgians, and two Jesuites sent
to the Maronites.

Errores ex libris Maronitarum excerpti.
Angelos, Chr. Of the Condition of Life
in which the Greeks now live, and of
their Rites of Fasts, Feasts, and other

Stroza, Peter. Treatise of the Opinions
of the Chaldeans, touching the Patri-
arke of Babylon, and the Nestorians in

A Briefe Survey of the Ecclesiasticall
Politic, Ancient and Moderne, or of
the severall Patriarchs, Archbishops,
and Bishops' Sees thorow the Christian
World ; also of the Jesuites' Colledges
and Numbers, and of other Monastical

A Discourse of the Diversitie of Letters
used in divers Nations of the World ;
the Antiquitie, manifold use and
varietie thereof, with exemplarie de-
scriptions of very many strange

Of the Improvement of Navigation in

later Times.

Of Magnetical and Astronomical Instru-
ments, first applied to Navigation.
Henrie, Prince ; son of John, King of
Portugal. Discoveries, and of the
helps both against the Moores, and in
their Discoveries which the Portugals
have received of our Nation.
John, King. Second Discoveries, and
Advancement of the Art of Navigation,

Columbus, Chr. Conjectures touching a
New World.

First Voyage, and Improvements

therein of the Mariner's Art, 1492.
Alexander VI., Pope. Bull made to
Castile touching the New World, 1493,
with Animadversions.
The Portugals Discontent and Com-
promise with the Spaniard, and the
First Discoveries of the East Indies,


Gama's Acts at Calicut, and his Return,



Purchas, Vol. i, Book 2 continued.

The Second Fleet sent to the East
Indies ; their Discoverie of Brazil, and
other acts, 1500.

Albuquerque's Exploits, and the first
knowledge of the Moluccas.

Magalianes, F. The occasion of his
Voyage, and the particulars of the
same, with the Compassing of the
World; gathered out of Ant. Pigafetta,
who was in the said Circumnavigation, as
also from divers other authors, 1519-22.

Drake, Sir Francis. Circumnavigation
of the Earth, 1577-80.

Pretty, Francis. Voyage of Thomas
Candish into the South Sea, and from
thence round about the Circumference
of the whole Earth, 1586-88.

Candish, Thomas. Letter to Lord
Hunsdon, touching the successe of his
Voyage about the World, 1588.

Noort, Oliver. Voyage round about the
Globe, 1598-1601.

Sebald de Wert. Voyage to the South
Sea, and Miserie in the Streights nine
months, 1598-99.

Spilbergen, George. Voyage of, which
passed by the Magellane Streights, and
South Sea, unto the East Indies, and
thence (having encompassed the whole
circumference of the Earth) home,

Schot, Apol. Discourse of the Present
State of the Moluccas.

Spilbergen, G. Brief Description of the
Forts, Souldiers, and Militarie Pro-
vision, as also of their Trade and
Shipping in the East Indies, under the
States of the United Provinces, 1616.

Schouten, W. C. , Circumnavigation by;
who, Southwards from the Streights of
Magellan in Terra del Fuego, found
and discovered a new passage through
the great South Sea, and that way
sayled round about the World, 1615-17.


Of the First English Voyages to the East
Indies, before the establishment of the
East Indian Companie :
Sighelmus, Mandevile, Stevens, Fitch,

and divers other Englishmen, their

Indian Voyages.
Wood, Benj. Voyage into the East

Indies, 1596-1601.
Mildenhall, John. Travailes into the

Indies, and in the Countries of

Persia.and of the Great Mogul, 1599.
Second Letter to Master R.

Staper, from Casbin in Persia, 1606.
Davis, Capt. John. Voyage to the

Easterne India, 1598-1600.
Adams, W. Voyage by the Magellan

Streights to Japon, 1598-161 1.

Purchas, Vol. I, Book 3 continued.

Davis, Capt. J. Third Voyage, with
Sir E. Michelborne to the East
Indies, 1604-6.

A Priviledge for fifteene yeeres granted
by Her Majestic to certaine Adven-
turers, for the Discoverie of the Trade
for the East Indies, Dec. 30, 1600.

First Voyage made to East India by Sir
John Lancaster, 1600, with four ships.
The preparation to this Voyage, and
what befell them in the Way till they
departed from Saldania to Achen in
Sumatra, with their trading at Saint
Maries, Antongill, Nicubar ; the strange
plant of Sombrero, and other occur-
rents. Their entertainment and Trade
at Achen, and Q. Elizabeth's Letter to
that King ; their presents to and from
the King, his letters to Q. Elizabeth,
their departure from Priaman and
Bantam, and settling a Trade there,
with their departure for England.
Portugall Wiles discovered, with a
Prize taken neere Malacca.

Scot, Edmund. Discourse of Java, and
of the First English Factorie there,
with divers Indian, English, and Dutch
occurrents, 1602-5.

Clayborne, Thomas. Discourse of a
Second Voyage to the East Indies
under Sir H. Middleton, 1604-6, with
4 ships.

Keeling, W. Journal of third Voyage
to the East Indies, 1607-10, with 3
ships. Their disasters and putting
back for Sierra Leona ; what happened
till they departed from Saldania. In-
structions learned at Delisa of the
Moores and Gusarates touching the
Monsons ; coming to Priaman and
Bantam, with their Voyage to Banda.

Hawkins, Capt. W. Relation of the
OQcurrents which happened in the
time of his residence in India, in the
Countie of the Great Mogoll ; and of
his departure from thence, 1608-13.
A briefe discourse of the strength,
wealth, and government, with some
Customs of the Great Mogoll.

Middleton, David. Voyage from Til-
burie Hope, 1606-8.

A briefe narration of the Fourth Voyage
to the East Indies under Alex. Sharpey,
and R. Rowles, with the Discoverie of
the Red Sea.

Report of W. Nicols, which travelled by
land from Bramport to Masulipatan,
written at Bantam by H. Moris, 1612.

The unhappie Voyage of the ' ' Union," till
she arrived at Priaman, 1609, reported
by a Letter sent by S. Bradshaw ;
written by H. Moris, 1610.



Purchas, Vol. I, Book 3 continued.

Salbanke, Joseph. Voyage through
India, Persia, part of Turkic, the
Persian Gulfe, and Arabia, 1609.

Middleton, David. Voyage to Java and
Banda, 1609.

Middleton, Sir Henrie. Sixth Voyage,
set forth by the East Indian Companie
in 3 ships, 1610-12. The Proceeding
of his Voyage till he came to Moha in
the Red Sea. Turkish treacherie at
Moha and Aden with the English.
Sir H. Middleton and 34 others sent to
the Basha at Zenan ; Description of
the Countrie, and occurrents till their
returne. Indian shipping at Moha ;
Sir II. Middleton's escape from the
Turkes. Departure from Surat, and
what happened there with the
Cambayans and Portugals, going to
Dabul, and thence to the Red Sea,
and enforced trade with the Guzerates.

Dounton, Capt. Nich. Journal, or cer-
tain extracts thereof, 1611-12. Their
coming to Sal dan ia, and thence to
Socatora. Of Abba del Curia, Arabia
Felix, Aden and Moha, and the
treacherous dealing of both places.
Their departure from Moha to Assab,
and after that, higher into the Red
Sea, thence to Socatora, and after that

Marten, Nath. Seventh Voyage into
East India, under Capt. Anth. Hippon,

Floris, P. Williamson. Extracts of his
Journal, for the Seventh Voyage, 1610-
15. Voyage to Paleacatte, Petapoli,
Masulipatan, Bantam, Patania, and
Siam. Relations of strange occurrents
in Pegu, Siam, Joor, Patane, and the
Kingdoms adjacent.

Tatton, John. Journal of a Voyage made
by Capt. S. Castleton to the East
Indies, 1612-13.


Saris, John. Eighth Voyage set forth by
the East Indian Societie, wherein were
employed three ships, under the com-
mand of Capt. John Saris. His course
and acts to and in the Red Sea, Java,
Moluccas, and Japan (by the inhabi-
tants called Neffoon, where also he first
began and settled an English Trade
and Factorie), with other remarkable
rarities, 1611-14.

Observations of occurrents which

happened in the East Indies during
his abode at Bantam, 1605-9.

Cockes, R. Relation of what passed in
the General's absence going to the
Emperour's Court. Whereunto are
added divers Letters of his and others,
for the better knowledge of Japonian

Purchas, Vol. i, Book 4 continued.

Finch, W. Observations taken out of
his large Journall, touching Sierra
Leona, in 1607 ; S. Augustine and
Socotora ; Occurrents in India ; Jour-
ney to Agra ; Description of Fetipore,
Byana, Lahore, &c.

Davy, John. Journal of the Ninth
Voyage to the East Indies, under
Capt. E. Marlowe, 1611-15.

Davis, John. A Ruter, or briefe direction
for readie sayling into the East India,
digested into a plaine methode, upon
experience of the five voyages thither,
and home again.

Best, Thomas. Journal of the tenth
Voyage to the East India, 1611-14,
with 2 ships. Observations in their
way to Surat, their Acts with the
Mogol's subjects, and Fights against
the Portugals, selling a Factorie, and
departure to Achen, Trade to Tecoo
and Passaman, their going to Bantam,
and thence home.

Copland, Rev. P. Remembrances taken
out of a Tractate written by, on the
former Voyage [Best], King of Achen's
Letter to His Majestic ; and Notes of
N. Salmon's Journal.

Boner, Robert. Notes taken out of the
Journal of; who was then Master in
the "Dragon" [Capt. Best].

Extracts of a Tractate, written by Nich.
Withington, which was left in the
Mogul's Countrey by Capt. Best, a
Factor ; his Adventures, and Travels

Wilson, Ralph. Journal of the eleventh
Voyage to the East Indies, 1611-13.

Payton, Walter. Journal of all the
principal matters passed in the Voyage
to the East India, 1612-14.

Downton, Captain Nic. Extracts of the
Journal of a Voyage to the East
Indies ; wherein is related their happy
successe against the Vice-Roy, and all

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