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the Indian Sea Forces of the Portugals,

Elkington, Captain T. Collections taken
out of the Journal of a Voyage to the
East Indies, 1613-15.

Dodsworth, Edw. Briefe Memorialls
observed by, during a Voyage to the
East Indies, 1613-15.

Francisco, Domingo. Examination of,
taken in Swally Roade, East India,
aboord the "Gift," Feb. 20, 1614.

Steel, R., and J. Crowther. Journal of
a Journey from Azmere, in India, to
Spahan, in Persia, 1615-16.

Millward, John. Memorials of a Voyage
to the East Indies, 1614-15.

Peyton, Captain Walter. Second Voy-
age to the East Indies, 1614-16. A
Briefe Declaration of the Ports, Cities,



Purchas, Vol. i, Book 4 continued.

and Towns, inhabitated and traded
unto by the Portugalls, betwixt the
Cape of Good Hope and Japan.
Roe, Sir Thomas. Observations Col-
lected out of his Journal, of matters
occurring worthy memorie in the way,
and in the Mogol's Court, his customs,
cities, countries, subjects, and other
Indian Affaires, 1614-17.
Coryat, Thomas. Letter from Jerusalem
to the Court of the Great Mogol,
1615-16, with Observations.


Hawes, Roger. Memorialls taken out of
the Journal of, touching the Pro-
ceedings of the Factorie of Cranganor
under the Great Samorine, 1615.

Childe, Alex. Journal from England to
Surat, and thence to Jasques, in Persia,

Spurway, Thomas. Letter touching the
Wrongs done at Banda to the English
by the Hollanders, 1617.

Hatch, John. Relations and Remem-
brances of a Voyage, set forth by the
East Indian Societie, 1616-21.

Heynes, Edw. Voyage from Surat to
Moha, in the Red Sea, for settling an
English Trade in those parts, 1618.

Pring, Captain Martin. Brief Notes of
two Voyages into the East Indies,
1614-16. and 1 6 1 6-2 1 : Occurrents in
the way, at Surat, Bantam, Jacatra,
Coromandel, and Teco. Voyage from
Bantam to Patania, and thence to
Japan and Jacatra, set by itself for the
use of Mariners.

Hores, W. Discourse of his Voyage
from Surat to Achen, Teco, and
Bantam, 1618-19.

Courthop, Nath. Journal of his Voyage
from Bantam to the Hands of Banda,
with his Residence in Banda and
Occurrents there, 1616-20, with the
Surrender of Poolaroone by the Dutch.

Hayes, Rt. Continuation of the former
Journal, containing the Death of Capt.
Courthop, Surrender of Lantore, News
of the Peace, and after the Peace
Lantore and Poolaroone seized by the
Dutch, 1620-21.

Letter written to the East India Com-
panie in England, from their Factors,

The Hollanders Declaration of the Affaires
of the East Indies ; written in an
Answere to the former Reports, touch-
ing Wrongs done to the English in the
Islands of Banda, 1622.

An Answer to the Hollanders Declaration
concerning the Occurrents of the East

Purchas, Vol. i, Book 5 continued.

Relations and Depositions touching the
Hollanders brutish and cruel usage
of the English, 1621.

Fitz- Herbert, Captain Humphrey. Pithy
Description of the chiefe Ilands of
Banda and Moluccas, 1621.

Middleton, Sir II. Voyage to the Mo-
luccas ; with three severall surrenders
of certaine of the Banda Islands to
the King of England, 1620.

Dutch Navigations to the East Indies,
out of their own Journals and other

Swan, R. Extract of a Journal of a
Voyage to Surat and to Jasques, in the
Persian Gulfe, with four Ships.

Relation of the Fight of four English
Ships with foure Portugall Ships, two
Galliots, and ten Frigates in the Gulfe
of Persia, 1620.

Smith, Rt. Letter to his Brother,
relating of a Rare Attempt and
Exploit of a small English Pinnasse,
in taking a Portugall Ship.

Hobbs, Giles. Travaile from Musco to
Spahan, 1620.

Mun, T. Discourse of Trade from
England unto the East Indies, answer-
ing to divers objections which are
usually made against the same.


Leo, John. Observations of Africa, and
a Description of the Kingdomes of
Bugia and Tunis, the Land of Negroes,
and of the Confines of Egypt ; with
an Account of the People, Tribes,
Languages, Seasons, Vertues, Vices,
and other more general considerations
of Africa.

Collections of things most remarkable in
the Historic of Barbaric, by Ro. C.

The Trading of the Moores into Guinee
and Gago for Gold Ore, or Sandie

African Possessions of the King of Spain,
and the Turke.

Nicholay, Nich. Description of the
City of Alger, and how it came into
the Possession of Barbarossa, and also
of Malta and Tripolie.

Journal of all Occurrenls hapning in the
Fleet of Ships sent out by the King,
as well against the Pirats of Algiers as
others, 1620, under Sir Robert Mansel.

Relation of the "Jacob," a Ship of
Bristol! , which was in 1621 taken by
the Turkish Pirats of Argier, and
within five days after, four English
youths overcame thirteen oftheTurkes,
and brought the ship to St Lucas, in
Spaine, where they sold nine for
Gallic-slaves, 1621.


Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 6 continued.

Rawlins, John. Wonclerfull Recovery of
the " Exchange," of Bristow, from the
Turkish Pirats of Algier.

Sandys, George. Relations of Africa,
his Voyage from Rhodes to Alexandria,
Observations of Egypt and of Nilus,
Journey to Cairo and Gaza, 1610.

Jobson, R. True Relation of a Voyage
for the Discovery of Gambra, in
which they passed 960 miles up the
River into the Continent.

Guinea. A Description and Historicall
Declaration of the Kingdom of Guinea,
otherwise called the Golden Coast of
Myna, in Africa, showing their beliefe,
opinions, traffiquing, bartering, and
manner of speech, together with the
situation of the Country, Townes,
Havens, and Rivers, as they are now
found out and discovered. Translated
out of Dutch.

The Passage from the Golden Coast to
the Kingdome of Benni, or Rio de
Benni, and Rio Floreado, the Citie,
Court, Gentry, Apparell, and other
places described.

Battell, And. Voyage to the River of
Plate ; who being taken on the Coast
of Brasil, was sent a prisoner to
Angola ; Discovery of the Gagas, and
escape to Loango.

Pigafetta, P. Report of the Kingdom
of Congo, gathered out of the Dis-
courses of Ed. Lopes, translated by
A. Hartwell.

Alvarez, Sir Francis. Voyage unto the
Court of Prete Janni, the Great Chris-
tian Emperour of Ethiopia, 1520-33.

Castro, Don John. Voyage which the Por-
tugals made from India to Zoez, 1 540-4 1 .

Brief Relation of the Embassage which
the Patriarch Don John Bermudez
brought from the Emperour of Ethiopia
to Don John, King of Portugal ; in the
which he reciteth the death of Don
Christopher of Gama, and the Suc-
cesses of the Portugals that went in
his Companie.

Nunnez (or Nonius) Baretus, John, and
Andrea Ovieda. Relations of the
State and Religion in Ethiopia, 1555-
77. Description of the Countries, and
the severall Regions, Religions, and
Abassine Opinions.

An Armenian his Report of Sussinus,
the Emperor of the Abaxins, by us
vulgarly called Prester John.

The Historic of the first Expedition to
Jerusalem, by Godfrey of Bullen,
Robert of Normandie, and other Chris-
tian Princes, written by Robert, a
Monk of S. Remigius, 1095.

Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 8 continued.

Fulcherius Carnotensis. Acts of the
Pilgrimes in their Expedition to Jeru-
salem, before and after the taking
thereof, 1095-1124.

Supplement of the Holy Land Storie,
gleaned out of the large Historic of
William, Archbishop of Tyrus, 1 126-78.

Continuation of the Jerusalem Expedi-
tion and other additions, gathered out
of Matthew Paris, chiefly relating the
Acts of English Pilgrimes in that
employment, 1118-1292.

Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, written in very
old English Rime.

The Churches Peregrination by the Holy
Land way, and warre into Mystical
Babylon, or a Mysterie of Papal
Iniquitie revealed, how the Papal
Monarchic in and over Christendome
was advanced in that age and the
following, and principally by this
Expedition into the Holy Land.

The History of the Normans and their
Proceedings. Of Urban and Boa-
mund's Policie, &c.

Monuments of Antiquitie, taken out of
Ancient Records, to testifie the quon-
dam Commerce betwixt our Kings and
their Subjects, and those Easterne

Sandys, George. Relation of a Journey
to the Holy Land, begun 1610. Con-
stantinople described.

Biddulph, W. Part of a Letter from

Part of a Letter from Jerusalem.

Glover, Sir Thomas. Account of the
Journey of Ed. Barton, Esq., Am-
bassador with the Grand Signior in
Constantinople, 1596.

Barton, Ed. Two Letters to G. Sander-
son and G. Sandy from Agria, 1596.

Smith, Captain John. Travels and Ad-
ventures in divers Parts of the World,
thorow ranee, Italic, and on the Sea
Coasts of Europe, Africa, and Asia,
with his Transylvanian Acts ; begun
about 1596.

Osman, Sultan. The Death of, and the
setting up of Mustafa, his uncle.

Mount Sinai, Oreb, and the adioining
parts of Arabia, described out of the
four Journals of Breidcnbach, Baum-
garten, Bellonius, and Chr. Furer.


Sherley, Sir Anthonie. Travels into
Persia, and employed thence Am-
bassadour to the Christian Princes,


- Voyage over the Caspian Sea, and
thorow Russia, from W. Parry's Dis-
course of the whole Voyage of Sir A,
Sherley, 1601.

5 82


Purchas, Vol. 2, Book -9 continued,

Newberie, John. Two Voyages. One
into the Holy Land, 1578-79; the other
to Balsara, Ormus, Persia, and back
thorow Turkic, 1580-82.

Cartwright, John. Observations in his
Voyage from Aleppo to Hispaan, and
backe again, about 1603.

Benjamin, the Son of Jonas, a Jew.
Peregrination of, discovering both the
State of the Jews and of the World,
alxmt 460 yeeres since.

Terry, Edward. Relation of a Voyage
to the Easterne India, 1615. A
Description of the Mogols Empire,
the People of Indostan, and the
Gentile Sects.

Sultan Achmet Chan, Letter to King
James I.

Barthema, or Vertoman, Lewis. Travels
into Egypt, Syria, Arabia, Persia, and
India, 1503. His travel thorow the
Desart of Medina and Mecha, passage
by the Red Sea to Aden, imprisonment
and escape, visiting other parts of
Arabia, Zeila, Gambia.

Collections of Asia, especially of Arabia,
gathered out of an Arabike liooke of
Geographic, written by a Nubian, 470
yeeres ago, translated into Latin by
Gabriel Sionita, and J. Hesronita.

Collections of divers Mahumetan authors
in their Arabicke Bookes, by G.
Sionita and J. Hesronita, touching the
most remarkable things in the East,
especially of the Mosleman supersti-
tions and rites, and the places of chiefe

Duart de Meneses, Don. Tractate of
the Portugall Indies [Goa], containing
the Laws, Customes, Revenues, Ex-
penses, and other matters, remarkable

Silva Figueroa, Don Garcia, amliassador
from the King of Spain to the Persian.
Letter written at Hispahan, to the
Marquesse of Bedmar, touching matters
of Persia, 1619.

Joao dos Sanctos, Friar. Collections out
of the Voyage and Historic of his
/Ethiopia Orientalis, et Varia Historia,
and out of other Portugals, for the
better knowledge of Africa and the
Christianitie therein.

Gramaye, J. B. Relations of the
Christianitie of Africa, and especially
of Barbaric and Algier, 1619.

Jobson, Richard. Observations touching
the River Gambra, with the people,
merchandise, and creatures of those

Letter containing the admirable escape
and glorious victorie of N. Rolierts,
T. Stevens, and R. Sucksbich, taken
by Algier Pyrates.

Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 9 continued.

Withers, Robert. Description of the
Grand Signior's Seraglio.

Letter sent by Sultan Osman, to His
Majestic, by Husein Chiaus.

Letter written by Halil Bashaw, Chief
Vizier and Generall in the Persian
Expedition, to Sir Paul Pindar, April

Sanderson, John. Voyages to Constan-
tinople, Cairo, and Tripoli, with an
Historical Description of Constantin-
ople, 1584-1602.

Pilgrimage from Constantinople to

the Holy Land, and so to Tripolie in
Syria, 1601.

Timberley, H. Report of the Voyage
from Cairo in Egypt, to Jerusalem,

Newbery, John. Letters relating to his
third and last Voyage into the Easterne
parts of the World, Aleppo, Balsara,
and Ormus, 1583.

Eldred, J., and W. Shales. Letters
from Bagdet and Balsara, 1583.

Pyrard de Laval, Francois. Voyage to
the East Indies, and especially his
observations of the Maldive?, where,
lieing ship-wracked, hee lived five
yeeres, 1601-11.

BOOK 10.

Briefe collections of Voyages, chiefly of
Spaniards and Portugals, taken out of
Antonie Galvano's Book of the Dis-
coveries of the World.

Trigautius, Nic. , a Jesuite. Letter
touching his Voyage to India, and of
the state of Christianitie in China and
Japan, 1618.

Cocke, R. Letter concerning later
occurrents in Japon, 1622.

Hatch, Arthur. Letter touching Japon,
with the Government affaires and later
occurrents, 1623.

Frederike, Caesar. Extracts of his
eighteen yeeres Indian observations,

Balbi, Gasparo. Voyage to Pegu, and
observations there, 1579-83.

Fitch, Ralph. Voyage to Ormus, and so
to Goa, in the East Indies, to Cambaia,
Ganges, Bengala ; to Bacola, and
Chonderi to Pegu, to Jamahay in the
Kingdom of Siam, and backe to Pegu,
and from thence to Malacca, Zeilan,
Cochin, and all the Coast of the East
Indias, 1583-91.

Pimenta, Nicholas. Indian Observations,
written from divers Indian Regions,
principally relating the Countries and
accidents of the Coast of Coromandel
and Pegu, 1597-99-

Linschoten, John Huighen van. Voyage
to Goa, and observations of the East
Indies, 1483.



Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 10 continued.

Relation of Ormuz, and of the late taking
thereof by the English and Persians.

Relation of the Kings of Ormuz, and of
the Foundation of the Citie of Ormuz,
taken out of a Chronicle, composed by
a King, called Pacaturunxa.

Finder, W. Relation of Ormuz busi-
nesse, 1620-21.

Wilson, T. Letter written to Sir John
Wostenholme, containing many par-
ticulars of the Ormus Warre, and
cause thereof.

Monoxe, Edw. Journal of the late
Ormuz business.

Sherley, Sir Robert. A briefe memorial
of the Travels of, in Persia.

Algazeli, Mahomet. Epitaphs on the
Tombe of Jacob Almansor, the
Saracenicall Emperour, under whose
reigne Spaine was subdued to the
M cores.

Coryate, Thomas. Travels to, and
Observations in Constantinople, and
other places, and his Journey to Aleppo,
Damasco, and Jerusalem, 1612-14.

Scot, W. Lithgow. Travels in Candie,
Greece, the Holy Land, Egypt, and
other parts of the East, 1612.

Brown, Arnold. Extracts of a Journal
of his Indian Voyage, sayling divers
times and courses in five yeeres to
Bantam, Patanie, Japan, the Manillas,
Macua, and the Coast of China, and
other Indian Parts, 1617-22.

The Dutch late Proceedings at Amboyna
in cruell torturing and executing of
divers Englishmen, with other like
Acts to the Natives in Banda, 1613-22.

Wilkins, Jacob. A true Description of
the Bay Todos los Santos in Brazil,
and taking the Town Salvador, 1624.


Rubriquis, Friar William de. Journall
of his Travels unto the East Parts of
the World, 1253.

Bacon, Roger. Tartarian and Northerne
Relations, written in Latin.

Vicentius Beluacensis. Relations : the
most part of which he received from
Friar Simon de Sancto Quintino, one
of the foure Friars sent by Pope
Innocent IV. to the Tartars.

Relations touching the Tartars, taken
out of the Historic of Roger Wend-
over and Matthew Paris.

Marcus Paul us Venetus, or Marco Polo.
The First Book of his Travels, 1250.

Historic of Ayton, or Anthonie the
Armenian, of Asia, and especially
touching the Tartars.

Mandevile, Sir John. Travels, 1332-65.

Purchas, Vol. 3, Book I continued.
Nicolo di Conti. Voyage to Indies,

Mangi, Cambalu, and Quinsai, with

some observations of those places.
Alhacen. Extracts of his Arabic Historic

of Tamerlan, touching his Life and

Martial Travels.
Chaggi Memet, a Persian of Tabas, in

the Province of Chilan. Travels and

observations in the Country of the

Great Can.
Cruz, Caspar da. Treatise of China, and

the adjoining regions, about 1556.
Perera, Galeotta. Relations of China.


The beginning of the English Discoveries
towards the North and North- East.
The first Voyage of Discoverie with 3
ships under Sir H. Willoughby, in
which he dyed ; and Muscovia was
discovered by Capt. Chancellor, 1553-

Adams, Clement. Some additions tor
better knowledge of this Voyage,


Jenkinson, Anthonie. First Voyage from
the Citie of London, toward the Land
of Russia, 1557-

Voyage from the Citie of Mosco in

Russia to the Citie of Boghar in
Bactria, 1558.

Borough, Chr. Report of sixt Voyage
into the parts of Persia and Media,
more especially over the Caspian Sea,
and their shipwracke and miseries
there endured by the Ice, 1579-81.

Lane, Henrie. Letter to the worshipful
W. Sanderson, contayning a briefe
discourse of that which passed in the
North-east discoverie, 1553-83.

Mendez Pinto, Fernan. Observations of
China, Tartaria, and other Easterne
parts of the World, 1521-45.

Gonzales de Mendoza, Friar Juan. First
Discoverie of the Philippinas.

Lopez de Legaspi, Michael. First
Plantation of the Philippinas.

Herrada, Friar Martin de, and other
Spaniards entertainment in China, and
their returne to the Philippinas, about

Report of a Mahometan Merchant which
had been in Cambalu, 1598.

Goes, Benedictus. Travels from Lahor
to China by Land, thorow the Tartars
Countrie, 1603.

The Jesuites entrance into Japon and
China, 1542-99. Of Francis Xavier,
Mclchior Nunnes, Valignanus, Rug-
gerius, and Pasius. Letters from
Father Longobard and Taiso, 1598.

Pontoia, Father Diego. Letter written
in Paquin, to Father Luys de Guz-
man, 1602. Description of China ;
Catay and Musk.


Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 2 contimied.

Riccius and Trigautius. Discourse of
China, contayning the Country, people,
government, religion, rites, sects,
characters, studies, arts, acts, and a
Map, taken out of a China Map,
illustrated with notes.

Monfart. Continuation of the Jesuites
Acts and observations in China, till
the death of Riccius and some yeeres
after. Of Hanceu or Quinsay. Cir.


Fletcher, Giles. Treatise of Russia and
the adjoining Regions, 1 588.

Edge, Thomas. Northerne Discoveries
of Seas, Coasts, and Countries, in
order as they were hopefully tegun and
happily continued by the Societie of
Muscovia Merchants of London ; with
a Description of Greenland, 1553-1622.

Veer, Gerart de. Voyages of W. Barents,
alias Bernards, into the North Seas ;
l>ehind Norway, Muscovia, and Tar-
taria, and to the Kingdoms of Cathaia
and China, 1594-96.

Iver Boty, a Gronlander. Treatise of
the Course from Island to Groneland,

Description of the Countries of Siberia,
Samoieda, and Tingoesia ; together
with the Journeyes leading unto the
same Countries toward the East and
North-east, as they are daily frequented
by the Moscovites, 1612.

Gourdon, William. Voyage made to
Pechora, 1611.

Finch, Richard. Letter to Sir Thomas
Smith touching the former Voyage,
and other observations.

Names of the Places that the Russes
sayle by, from Pechorskoie Zauorot to
Mongozey, with the manner of their

Logan, Josias. Voyage to Pechora and
his wintering there, 1611.

Pursglove, W. Voyage to Pechora and
his wintering there, 1611.

Travell from Pechora to Permia,

Ougoria, and to the River Ob, and the
Townes situated thereupon, over
Land. Commodities for Pechora,
Siberia, Permia, Ougoria, and among
the Tingussies.

Gourdon, W. Later Observations, in
his wintering at Pustozera, 1614-15,
with a description of the Samoyeds.

Poole, Jonas. Voyages to Cherie Hand,

Hudson, Henrie. Discoverie toward the
North Pole, 1607 ; written by J. Playse
and H. Hudson.

Second Voyage for finding a passage

to the East Indies by the North-West,
written by H. Hudson, 1608.

Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 3 continued.

Hudson, Henry. Third Voyage toward
Nova Zembla, and at his returne, his
passing from Farre Hands to New-
found-Land, and along to 44 deg. 10
min., and thence to Cape Cod, and so
to 33 deg. and along the Coast to the
Northward, and up the River neere
to 43 deg., 1609, written by R. Juet.

Abstract of his Journall for the Dis-
coverie of the North-west passage, 1610.

Pricket, Abacuk. Larger Discourse of
the same Voyage, and the successe
thereof, 1610.

Nicolo, M. M., and A. Zeni. Discoveries
in Iseland and Friesland, gathered out
of their Letters, 1380.

Quirino, Piero. Shipwracke of, on the
Coast of Norway, 1431.

Ancient Commerce lietwixt England and
Norway, and other Northerne Regions.

Barkley, George. Travels by Sea and
Land, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and
America, and their Hands, 1605.

Broniouis de Biezerfedea, Martin. De-
scription of Tartaria, or Chersonesus
Taurica, and the Regions subject to
the Perecop or Crim Tartars, with
their customs, private and publicke, in
peace and warre.

Blefkens, Dithmar. Voyages and History
of Island and Greenland, 1 563.

Jonas, Arngrim, an Islander. Chrymo-
goea or History of Island, 1609.


Poole, Jonas. Voyages set forth by Sir
Thomas Smith and the Muscovie
Company, to Cherry Island, Green-
land, for a further discoverie to be
made towards the North Pole, and
also the West, for the likelihood of a
Trade or a passage that way, 1610-12.

Baffin, W. Journall of the Voyage made
to Greeneland, 1613.

Fotherbye, R. Voyage of Discovery to
Greeneland, 1614.

True Report of a Voyage for Dis-
coverie of Seas, Lands, and Hands to
the Northwards, 1615.

Heley, W. Divers Voyages lo Green-
land, with Letters of those which were
there employed, 1617-23.

Russia. The late changes and manifold
alterations in Russia since Ivan Vasilo-
wich to this present, gathered out of
many letters and observations of Eng-
lish Embassadours and other Travellers
in those parts, 1570-1615.
A briefe Copie of the points of the
Contracts between the Emperour and
the King of Sweden, 1616.

Relation of two Russe Cossacks Travailes
out of Siberia to Catay, and other
Countries adjoining, 1619.



Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 4 continued.

Description of the Empires of Catay and
Labin, and of the great River Ob.

Marsh, Ant. Notes concerning the Dis-
covery of the River of Ob, 1584, with
other Notes of the North-East.

Cherry, F. , and T. Lyndes. Report
touching a warme Sea to the South-
East of the River Ob.

Discoveries made by English-men to

the North- West :
Cabot, Sir Sebastian, Master Thome,

and other ancients. Voyages to the

North-West, 1497-1583.
Weymouth, Capt. G. Voyage intended

for the Discovery of the North-West

Passage toward China, 1602.
Hall, John. Voyages forth of Denmark

for the Discovery of Greenland, 1605-6.
Knight, John. Voyage for the Discovery

of the North-West Passage, 1606.
Baffin, W. Fourth Voyage of J. Hall

to Groaneland, 1612, wherein he was

slain by a Greenelander.
True Relation of such things as

happened in the Fourth Voyage for

the Discoverie of the North-West

Passage, 1615.

A briefe and true relation of such

accidents as happened in the Fift
Voyage, for the Discovery of a Passage
in the North-West, 1616.
Brigges, Master. Discourse of the Pro-
bability of a Passage to the Westerne
or South Sea.


Herrera, Antonio de. Description of the
West Indies, 1601.

Acosta, Joseph. Observations gathered
out of the Four Books of, touching the
Natural History of the Heavens, Ay re,
Water, and Earth, at the West Indies.

Oviedo, Gonzalo F. de. Extracts of his
Summarie and the General Historic of
the Indies.

Acosta, J. Mexican Antiquities. Of
the ancient inhabitants of New Spain,
and of the sixe Linages of the Nauat-
lacas ; the foundation of Mexico.

Of the Ancient Superstitions of the

Mexicans, and Indians of America.
Civill Customes and Arts of the


Historic of the Mexican Nation, de-
scribed in pictures by the Mexican
Author, explained in the Mexican
language, translated into English,

Cortes, Hernando. Conquest of Mexico
and New Spaine, 1518-30.

Gomara, Francis Lopez de. Relations
of things most remarkable, observed
by the Spaniards at their first comming ;
Cholallas holies, Popocatapecs ashes,

Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 5 continued.

Mutezumas magnificence, Mexican
Citie and Temple, with other


Cumberland, Earl of, A Briefe Rela-
tion of the Voyages of the, 1586-97.
- Voyage to S. John de Porto Rico.

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