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Layfield, Eglambie, l>. n. Large Rela-
tion of the Porto Rico Voyage, the
Ships employed, accidents on the
Coasts of Spain ; in the Canaries, the
Navigation to Dominica, and their
landing at Porto Rico ; with a Descrip-
tion of Dominica and the Virgines,

The first Voyages to divers parts of Ame-
rica by Englishmen, Sir Sebastian
Cabot, Sir Thomas Pert, Sir John
Hawkins, and Sir Francis Drake,


Carder, Peter. Relation of a Voyage
about the World, in the South Sea,
returning by the Straites of Magellan
toward Brasill, 1577-86.

Candish, Thomas. Discourse of his
fatall and disastrous Voyage towards
the South Sea, with his many dis-
adventures in the Magellan Straits,
and other places, 1591-93.

Knivet, Anthonie. Admirable Adven-
tures and Strange Fortunes of ; which
went with T. Candish to the South
Sea, 1591-1601.

Turner, Thomas. Relations of, who
lived the best part of two yeeres in
Brasill, &c. , about 1601.

Parker, William. The Taking of St
Vincent and Puerto Bello, in Feb.

Middleton, David. Notes of Voyage
into the West Indies with Capt. M.
Geare, 1601.

Sparrey, Francis. Description of the He
of Trinidad, the rich Countrey of
Guiana, and the mightie River of
Orenoco, 1602.

Leigh, Capt. Charles. Voyage to
Guiana, and Plantation there, 1604.

Nicol, John. True Relation of the
traiterous Massacre of the most part of
67 men in Santa Lucia, an Hand of
the West Indie, 1605.

Wilson, John. Relation of his rcturne
into England from Wiapoco in Guiana,

Turner, William. Treatise touching the
former Voyage to Guiana, 1605.

Harcourt, Robert. Relation of a Voyage
to Guiana, 1608-11 ; with the names
of the Rivers falling into the Sea from
Amazones to Dessequebe, and of the
Nations inhabiting those Rivers.



Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 6 continued.
Relation of the Habitations and other

Observations of the River of Marwin,

and the adjoining Regions.
Rivers from Brabisse to the Amazones.
Davies, William. Description and Dis-

coverie of the River of Amazons.


A Treatise of Brasill, written by a
Portugall which had long lived there.

Lerius, John. Extracts out of the His-
toric of Brasill, 1558.

Schnirdel, Hulderike. Travels, from
1 534-54- His Voyage up the River
Plate, Foundation of Townes, their
Expedition up the River of Parana and
Parabol ; the people of these parts ;
and a Long March from Assumption
into Peru.

Hawkins, Sir Richard. Observations in
his Voyage into the South Sea, 1593.

Ellis, John, A Brief Note written by,
in his Voyage through the Strait of
Magelan, concerning the said Strait,
and certain places on the Coast and
Inland of Peru, 1593.

A Briefe Relation of an Englishman
which had been 13 yeeres Captive to
the Spaniards in Peru, &c., 1603.

Ursino, Alex. Relation concerning the
Coast of Terra Firma, and the secrets
of Peru and Chili, 1581.

Giros, or de Quir, P. F. Relation of the
New Discoverie in the South Sea,

Petition presented to the King of

Spaine, touching the Discoverie of the
fourth part of the World, called Terra
Australis Incognita, and of the great
riches and fertilitie of the same, 1610.

Vaz, Lopez. Historic of (taken by Capt.
Withrington at the River of Plate,
1586, with this Discourse about him),
touching American places, discoveries
and occurents.

Benzo, Jerom. Briefe extracts trans-
lated out of his three books of the New
World, touching the Spaniards cruell
handling of the Indians, and the
effects thereof, 1641.

De la Vega, Inca Garcilasso. Observa-
tions of things most remarkable,
collected out of the first part of the
Commentaries of ; of the originall
Lives, Conquests, Lawes, and Idolatries
of the Incas, or Ancient Kings of Peru.
Suppliment of the Historic of the
Incas, collected out of the second
part, or Generall Historic of Peru.

Pizarro, Francis. Brief Notes of his
Conquest of Peru, 1531-34.

Xeres, Francisco de. Conquest of Peru
and Cusco, called New Castile,

Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 7 continued.

Sancho, Pedro. Relations of Occurrents
in the Conquest of Peru after F.
Pizarro's departure, 1534.

Nunez, Alvaro, called Capo di Vacca.
A true Relation concerning that which
happened to the Fleet in India, from
1527 to 1536.

Soto, F. de. Voyage to Florida, and
Discoverie of the Regions in that
Continent, with the Travels of the
Spaniards four yeeres together therein,
and the accidents which befell them,


Gusman, Nunno di. Relation of New
Spaine, 1530.

Voyages of Frier Marco de Ni9a, Don F.
Vasquez de Coronado, Don Ant. de
Espeio, &c. , into New Mexico and
the adjoining Coasts and Lands,

Perez, Martin. Extracts out of certain
Letters of, from the New Mission of
the Province of Cinoloa, to the Fathers
of Mexico, 1591. With a Letter
added, of later Discoveries, 1605.

Toletus, L. T. Letter written from
Valladolid to R. Hakluyt, touching
Juau de Onate his Discoveries in New
Mexico, 500 leagues from the old
Mexico, 1605.

Las Casas, Bartholomew de. Briefe
Narration of the Destruction of the
Indies by the Spaniards, I54 2 - Of
the lies of Hispaniola, S. John,
Jamaica, Cuba, Terra Firma, Nicara-
gua, New Spaine, Guatimala, Panuco,
Xalisco, Yucatan, S. Martha, Cartha-
gene, the Coast of Pearles, the River
Yuia pari ; of Venesuela, Florida, the
River La Plata, Peru, and Granada.

Notes of Voyages and Plantations of the
French in the Northerne America,
both in Florida and Canada, 1524-82.

Champlaine, S. Voyage made unto
Canada, 1603.

Lescarbot, Marke. Voyage of M. de
Monts into New France, Canada, &c. ,

Collections out of a French Booke, called
additions to Nova Francia ; containing
the accidents there, from 1607-11.

The First Plantation of English Colonies
in Virginia, briefly mentioned, 1514-90.

Gosnol, Capt. Voyage to the North
part of Virginia, 1602.

Notes of -same Voyage, and of Mace's
Voyage to Virginia, 1602.

Fringe, Martin. Voyage for the Dis-
covery of the North part of Virginia,

Canner, Thomas. Relation of the Voy-
age made to Virginia by Capt. B.
Gilbert, 1603.



Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 8 continued.

Rosier, James. Extracts of a Virginian
Voyage made by Capt. G. Weymouth,

Linschoten. Description of the Hands
of Azores or the Flemish Hands, with
certain occurrents and English acts.

Of certaine notable and memorable acci-
dents that happened in Tercera, in
which are related many English Fleets,
Sea-fights, and Prizes, 1589-92.

Part of the first Patent granted by His
Majestic for the Plantation of Virginia,
April 1606.

Percy, George. Observations gathered
out of a Discourse of the Plantation of
the Southerne Colonie in Virginia by
the English, 1606.

Smith, Capt. John. Description of
Virginia, about 1606.

Proceedings of the English Colonie in
Virginia, taken out of the writings of
T. Studley, Anas Todkill, Dr Russell,
&c. , and enlarged out of the writings
of Capt. John Smith, 1606-10.

Proceedings and Accidents, with the
second supply, 1609-11.

Archer, Gabriel. Letter touching the
Voyage of the Fleet of Ships, which
arrived at Virginia, without Sir T.
Gates and Sir G. Summers, 1609.

Strachy, W. True reportorie of the
Wracke and Redemption of Sir Thomas
Gates, upon and from the Hands of
the Bermudas, his coming to Virginia,

Argal, Capt. Samuel. Voyage from
James Towne in Virginia to seek the
He of Bermuda, and missing the same,
his putting over towards Sagadahoc
and Cape Cod, and back to James
Towne, 1610.

De la Warre, Lord. Short Relation
made to the Lords and others of the
Counsell of Virginia, touching his un-
expected returne home, 1611.

Argoll, Sir Samuel. Letter touching his
Voyage to Virginia, and Actions there,

Hamor, Ralph. Notes of Virginian
Affaires in the Government of Sir
Thomas Dale and Sir Thomas Gates,

Letters of Sir T. Daleand Alex. Whitaker,
from James Towne in Virginia, 1614 ;
and a part of a Tractate written at
Henrico by A. Whitaker, 1613.

Dermer, Tho. Letter from Virginia,
touching his Voyage for the South Sea,

Virginian Affaires, 1620-24.

May, Henry. Shipwracke on the
Summer Hands, 1593. The first
Colony sent, 1612.

Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 9 continued.

Norwood, R. Relations of Summer
Hands, with Capt. Smith's Historic of
the Creatures living therein, 1622.

Smith, Capt. John. Historic of Bermudas,
or Summer Hands ; touching the
English acts and occurrents there from
the beginning of the Plantation,

Argal, Sir Samuel. Briefe Intelligence
from Virginia by Letters, a supplement
of French-Virginian occurrents and
their supplantation, in right of the
English plantation, about 1624.

Virginias Verger ; or a Discourse show-
ing the Benefits which may grow to
this Kingdom from American-English
Plantations, and specially those of
Virginia and Summer Hands.
BOOK 10.

A briefe Relation of the Discoverie and
Plantation of New England, and of
sundrie accidents therein occurring
from 1607-22.

Stoneman, John. Voyage of H. Challons,
intended for the North Plantation of
Virginia, 1606, taken by the way, and
ill-used by the Spaniards.

Smith, Capt. John. Extracts of a
Booke called "New England's Trialls,"
printed 1622.

Journal of a Plantation settled at Pli-
moth, in New England, and proceed-
ings thereof, 1622.

Winslow, E. Good Newes from New
England ; or a relation of things
remarkable in that Plantation, 1621-23.

Nova Scotia. The King's Patent to Sir
William Alexander, for the Plantation
of New Scotland in America, and his
proceedings therein ; with a Descrip-
tion of Mawooshen, discovered by the
English, 1602-9.

New-found-land. The Patent for, and
the Plantation there made by the
English, 1610, delivered in a Letter
from M. Guy to M. Slany ; also of the
weather the three first winters, and of
Capt. Weston, with other remarkable

Whitbourne, Capt. R. Voyages to New-
found-land, and observations there and
thereof, 1611-18.

Divers warlike Fleets set forth to Sea
against the Spaniards, by our English
Debora, Q. Elizabeth ; her manifold
deliveries and victories.

The Popes Bull, the King of Spaines
preparations, the Duke of Medinas
Expedition, the Duke of Parmas
Forces, for the Invasion of England,
divers Sea-fights twixt the English and
Spanish Fleets, the Sea-flight of the
Spanish, and miserable disasters in
their returne, 1588.



Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 10 continued.

Wingfield, Col. A. Discourse of the
Portugall Voyage, 1589, under Sir
John Norris and Sir Francis Drake.

A briefe and true report of the honour-
able Voyage unto Cadiz, 1596, of the
overthrow of the King's Fleet, and of
the winning of the Citie, with other
accidents, gathered ovit of Meteranus.
Hakluyt, and others.

Essex, Earle of. Relation of the Voyage
to the lies of Azores, 1597.

Gorges, Sir Arthur. Larger relation of
the said Hand Voyage [Azores], 1597.

Conclusion of the Worke, with some
later Advertisements touching his
Majesties care for Virginia.

Ramusio, Gio. Battista. Delle Navi-

gationi et Viaggi. 3 vols. Maps. Folio

Venice, v. I. 1613 ; v. II. 1583 ;

v. III. 1606


Leone Africano, Giovan. Delia De-

scrittione dell' Africa, 1526.
Ramusio. Discorso sopra il Libro del

Signor A. da ca da Mosto.
Ca da Mosto, Aluise da. Navigatione.

Navigatione del Capit. Pietro di

Sintra, 1413.
Hannone, Capitano de' Cartaginesi.

Navigatione nelle parti dell' Africa ;

tradotta dal Ramusio.
Ramusio. Discorso sopra la delta Navi-
gatione di Hannone.
Navigatione da Lisbona all' Isola di San

Thome, posta sotto la linea dell'

Equinottiale, scritta per un Pilotto

Ramusio. Discorso sopra alcune Lettere

e Navigationi fatte per li Capitani dell'

armate delli S. Re di Portogallo, verso

1'Indie Orientali.
Gama, Vasco di. Navigatione dal Capo

Buona Speranza, fino in Calicut, 1497.
Alvarez, Pedro. Navigatione da Lisbona

in Calicut.
Vespucci, Amerigo. Lettere due drizzate

al Mag. Pietro Soderini Confal. dell'

eccelsa Repub. di Firenze di due sue

Navigationi, 1502-4.

Sommario delle dette sue Naviga-
tioni, 1501.
Lopez, Thome. Navigatione verso 1'Indie

Orientali, 1502.
Empoli, Giovanni da. Viaggio fatto

nell' India, 1503.
Ramusio. Discorso sopra 1'Itinerario di

L. Barthema.
Barthema, Ludovico. Itinerario dell'

Egitto, Soria, Arabia Deserta e Felice,

Persia, India, &c.

Ramusio, Vol. i continued.

Diodoro Siculo. Navigatione di lambolo

mercante, tradotta per il Ramusio.
Ramusio. Discorso sopra la delta Navi-
gatione di lambolo.
Discorso sopra la prima e seconda

Lellera de A. Corsali.
Corsali, Andrea. Lettere scritta in Cochin

Citta dell' India, 1515 ; della Naviga-
tione del Mar Rosso, e sino Persico,

sino a Cochin Citta d' India, 1517.
Ramusio. Discorso sopra il Viaggio dell'

Alvarez, Francesco. Viaggio fatto nell'

Ethiopia, 1520.
Obedienza data a Papa Clemente VII.

in nome del Prete Janni, per il prefato

Don F. Alvarez.
Ramusio. Discorso sopra il crescer del

Fiume Nilo.
Fracastoro, Hieronimo. Risposta sopra

il detto crescimento del Nilo.
Ramusio. Discorso sopra la Navigatione

di Nearcho.
Nearcho, Navigatione di, la quale scrisse

Arriano Greco ; tradolta dal Ramusio.
Viaggio scritto per un Comito Venetiano,

dal Mar Rosso fino al Diu,- nella India,

col suo ritorno poi al Cairo, 1537-38.
Ramusio. Discorso sopra la Navigatione

dal Mar Rosso, fino all' Indie Orientali;

scritta per Arriano.
Arriano. Navigatione del Mar Rosso,

fino all' Indie Orientali, tradotta per il

Barbosa, Odoardo. Libro di, dell' Indie

Orientali, 1516.
Sommario di tutti li Regni, Citta, e

Popoli dell' Indie Orientali.
Conti, Nicolo di. Viaggio nelle Indie

Orientali, 1449.
Stefano, Hieronimo da San. Viaggio

nell Indie, 1499.
Ramusio. Discorso sopra la Navigatione

fatta da gli Spagnuoli attorno il Mondo,

Massimiliano Transilvano. Epistola della

detta Navigatione fatta per li Spagnuoli

lo 1519-22, attorno il Mondo.
Pigafetta, Antonio. Viaggia atorno il

Mondo, 1519-22.
Navigatione d'un Portoghese Compagno

d'Odoardo Barbosa, che fu sopra la

Nave Vittoria, attorno il Mondo,


Ramusio. Discorso sopra varii Viaggi,
per i quali sono state condotte fino a
tempi nostri le spetiarie, da 1500 anni
in qua, e altri luoghi, che si potriano
usar per condurle

Gaetan, Juan. Relatione del discopri-
mento dell' Isole Molucche per la via
dell' Indie Occidentali, 1542-45.

Ramusio. Informatione dell' Isola Giap-
pan nuovamente scoperta.



Ramusio, Vol. I continued.

Barros, Giovan di. Delia Historia, con

alcuni Capitoli estratti appartenenti

alia Cosmografia.

Marco Polo. Delle cose de' Tartarie e

dell' Indie Orientali, 1250, con Prefa-

tiqne di Ramusio, ed Espositione sopra

le prime Parole del libro di M. Marco.
Hayton Armeno. Dell' origine e succes-

sione de'GranCanilmperadori Tartari,

Angiolello, G. M. Delia vita e fatti d'

Ussuncassan Re di Persia, che altri-

menti era chiamato Assambei ; e delle

guerre da lui fatte con Mahometo Gran

Turco, 1462-1524.
Viaggio d'un Mercante, che fu nella

Persia, 1507-20.
Barbaro, Josafa. Viaggio della Tana, e

nella Persia, 1436-87.
Contarino, Ambrosio. Viaggio nella

Persia, 1473-77-
Campense, Alberto. Lettera intorno le

Cose di Moscovia.

Jovio, Paolo. Delle cose della Moscovia.
Sigismondo, Barone in Herberstain.

Commentari della Moscovia et della

Russia, 1559.
Arriano. Lettera, della sua Navigatione

d'intorno al Mar Maggiore.
Giorgio interiano Genovese della Vita de

Zychi, altrimenti Circassi.
Hippocrate. Parte del Trattato, dell'

acre e dell' acqua nella quale si Ragiona

de gli Scithi.
Quirino, Pietro. Viaggio e Naufragio,

Fiorauante, C., e G. di Michele. De-

scritto Naufragio del sopra detto P.

Cabota, Sebastiano. Navigatione nelle

Parte Settentrionali, 1556-57.
Zeno, Caterino. Viaggio in Persia, e

delleGuerre fatte nell'ImperioPersiano

dal tempo di Ussuncassano, 1450.
Nicolo e Antonio. Dello scopri-

mento dell' Isola Frislanda, Eslanda,

fatto sotto il Polo Artico.
Due Viaggi in Tartaria par alcuni frate,

Odorico da Udine, Beato. Due Viaggi,

Guagnino, Alessandro. Descrittione della

Sarmatia Europea.
Valesio, II. Compendio delle Chroniche

di Polonia.
Mattheo di Micheovo. Descrittione delle

due Sarmatie.

Martire, Pietro. Sommario cavato della

sua Historia del Nuovo Mondo, sco-

perta da C. Colombo, poi detto Indie

Occidentali, 1492-1515.
Oviedo, G. F. d'. Sommario da lui stesso

Ramusio, Vol. 3 continued.

levato della sua Historia Naturale e
Generale, dell' Indie Occidentali,
scoperte da C. Colombo.

Historia Generale et Naturale dell'

Indie Occidentali, in Lib. xx.

Cortese, Fernando. Relation! Seconda,
Terza, e Quarta, delle sue grandi im-
prese, con 1' acquisto della gran Citta
del Temistitan Messico, dove hora e
detto la Nuova Spagna, 1519-24.

Alvarado, Pietro d'. Lettere due a F.
Cortese, del discoprimento nella Nuova

Godoi, Diego. Lettera a F. Cortese,
del discoprimento nella Nuova Spagna.

D' un gentiP huomo del F. Cortese, Re-
latione della gran Citta del Temistitan
Messico, e d' altre Cose della Nuova

Nunez, Alvaro, detto Capo di Vacca.
Relatione delle Indie, e della Nuova
Galitia, 1527-36.

Gusman, Nunno di. Relatione dell' im-
prese fatte in acquistare molte Provincie
e Citta nella Maggior Spagna, 1530.

Ulloa, Capit. Francesco d'. Navigatione
per discoprire 1' Isole delle Specierie
fino al mare detto Vermeio, 1532-39.

Vasquez di Coronado, F. Sommario di
due sue Lettere, del Viaggio fatto da
Fra Marco da Nizza alle sette Citta di
Cevola, 1539.

Mendozza, Antonio di. Lettera del dis-
coprimento della Terra Ferma della
Nuova Spagna verso Tramontana, 1539.

Nizza, Marco da. Relatione del Viaggio
fatto per terra a Cevola Regno delle
sette Citta, 1539.

Vasquez di Coronado, Francesco. Rela-
tione del Viaggio alle dette sette Citta,

Alarchon, Fernando. Navigatione con
1'armata di A. di Mendozza, quale
ando per mare a scoprire il Regno
delle sette Citta, 1540.

Relatione d'un Capitano Spagnuolo del
discoprimento e conquista del Peru
fatta da F. ed H. Pizarro, 1531.

Xerez, Francesco. Relatione della Con-
quista fatta da F. Pizarro del Peru e
Provincia del Cuscho, chiamata la
Nuova Castiglia, 1532-33.

Relatione d' un Secretario di F. Pizarro,
della Conquisla fatta della Provincia
del Peru, con la Descrittione della gran
Citta del Cuscho, 1534.

Oviedo, Gonzalo F. d'. Relatione della
Navigatione per il grandissimo Fiume
Maragnon, post sopra la Terra Ferma
dell' Indie Occidentali, 1543.

Ramusio. Discorso sopra la Terra Ferma
dell' Indie Occidentali, delta del Lav-
orador de los Baccalaos, et della Nuova



Ramusio, Vol. 3 continued.

Verrazzano, Giov. Relatione della terra

per lui scoperta al Re Christianissimo,

Discorso d' un gran Capitano cli Mare

Francese, sopra le Navigation! fatte

alia Nuova Francia, e sopra la terra del

Brasil, Guinea, Isola di San Lorenzo,

e quella di Summatra.
Carthicr, Jacques. Prima Relatione della

Terra Nuoua delta la Nuova Francia,


Seconda Relatione, della Naviga-
tions per lui fatta all' Isole di Canada,
Ilochelaga, Saguenai, etc., al presente
dette la Nuova Francia, 1535.

Cesare de' Federici. Viaggio nell' India
Orientale, ed oltra 1' India, per via di
Soria, 1563-69.

Navigation! fatte da gli Olandesi e
Zelandesi al Settentrione, nella Nor-
uegia, Moscovia, e Tartaria verso il
Catai, e Regno de' Sini, dove scoper-
sero il Mare di Veygatz, e la Nuova
Zembla. Et un paese nell' ottantesimo
grado creduto la Groenlandia, 1594-97.

Ray, John. Travels. 2 vols. 8 1738

Vol. I. Travels through the Low-
Countries, Germany, Italy, and France,
with curious observations ; also, a Cata-
logue of Plants, and an account of the
travels of Francis Willughby through
great part of Spain.

Vol. 2. A Collection of curious Travels
and Voyages.


Ran wolf, Leonhart. Journey into the
Eastern Countries, viz., Syria, Pales-
tine, Armenia, Mesopotamia, Assyria,
Chaldea, &c.

Belon, Mr. Remarks in the Island of
Creta or Candy ; Description of Mount
Athos, commonly called Monte Santo ;
Journey from Mount Athos to Con-
stantinople, wherein the Gold and
Silver Mines of Macedonia, &c., are

Vernon, Francis. Travels from Venice
through Istria, Dalmatia, Greece, and
the Archipelago to Smyrna.

Wheeler, Sir George. Plants observed
in his Voyage to Greece and Asia

Smith, Thomas. Historical Observations
relating to Constantinople ; and an
Account of the City of Prusa in

Greaves, John. Account of the Latitude
of Constantinople and Rhodes.

Belon, Mr. Observations made in a
Voyage to Egypt.

Greaves, John. Description of the Pyra-
mids in Egypt, 1638-39.

Ray, Vol. 2 continued.

Vansleb, Father. Of the Pyramids,

Sphynx, Mummies, &c., of Egypt.
Huntingdon, K. Letter concerning the

Porphyry Pillars in Egypt.
Journey from Grand Cairo to Mecca.
Middleton, Sir Henry. Observations in

Arabia Felix.

Michael of Tripoli. Of Ethiopia.
Lobo, Father. Observations of Ethiopia.

Renneville, R. A. Constantin de. Re-
cueil cles Voyages qui ont servi a 1'Estab-
lissement etaux Progrezde la Compagnie
des Indes Orientales, formee dans les
Provinces-Uniesdes Pais-Bas. Nouvelle
edition. 10 vols. Plates. 12

A'ouen, 1725

Vol. I. Trois Voyages des Hollandois
et des Zelandois par le Nord. De-
scription de la Siberie, de la Samoyede,
et de la Tingeese. Jean Isaac Pon-
tanus : Dissertation, pour aller a la
Chine par le Nord. Premier Voyage
des Hollandois aux Indes Orientales.
Vol. 2. Premier Voyage, &c. (Suite).
Second Voyage. Voyage de cinq
Vaisseaux de Rotterdam au Detroit de

Vol. 3. Voyage d' Olivier de Noort
autour du Monde. Voyages de Paul
van Caerden et J. van Neck aux Indes
Orientales. Memoires touchant les
Indes Orientales. Voyage d' Etienne
van der Hagert. Voyage de deux
Vaisseaux Hollandois au Roiaume d'
Achin, 1600- 1 ; de Wolphart Harman-
sen, 1601-8; deCorneillede Veen, 1602.
Vol. 4. Premier Voiage de G. Spilberg,
1601-4. Description de Java, tiree de
J. I. Pontanus. Voyage de Wybrandt
van Waarwyk, 1602-7.
Vol. 5. Second Voyage d' Etienne van
der Hagen, 1603-8. Voyage de Cor-
neille Matelief le Jeune, 1605-8.
Vol. 6. Voyage de Matelief (Suite).
Second Voiage de Paul van Caerden,

Vol. 7. Voyage de Pierre Willemsz
Verhoeven, aux Indes Orientales, au
Japon, &c., 1607 et seq. Memoires
touchant les Isles de Banda, Borneo,
Moluques, Solor et Timor, Amboine,
&c., et des Forts que la Compagnie
possedoit dans les Indes Orientales,
1616. Voyage de Pierre van der
Broeck au Cap Vert, Angola, et aux
Indes Orientales.

Vol. 8. Voyage de George Spilberg aux
Isles Moluques, 1614. Navigation
Australe de Jacques le Maire et Willem
Cornelisz Schouten , 1615-17. Voyage
de Guillaume Isbrandtsz Bontekou,


Renneville continued,

Vol. 9. Voyage de la Flote cle Nassau
sous Jacques 1'Hermite. Description
du Perou. Voyage de Sayger van
Rechteren, 1628-33 > de Henry Hage-
naar, 1631-38.

Vol. 10. Voyage de Hagenaar (Suite).

Histoire d'un Perse'cution, faite aux

Chreliens du Japon. Visit _du Da'iro

a 1'Empereur du Japon. Lettre d' un

Magistral du Japon. Lettre et Me-

moire touchant le Commerce du Japon.

Prise de Formosa par les Chinois.

Tavernier, John Baptista. The Six

Voyages of John Baptista Tavernier

. . . through Turky into Persia and

the East-Indies, finished in the year

1670 . . . Made English by J. P. ; to

which is added a description of all the

Kingdoms which encompass the Euxine

and Caspian Seas, by an English

Traveller. Plates. Small folio 1678

- Recueil de plusieurs Relations et

Traitez singuliers et curieux de J. B.

Tavernier, Escuyer, Baron d'Aubonne,

qui n'ont point este mis dans ses six

premiers voyages. Maps and plates. 4

Paris, 1679


1. Une relation du Japon, et de la cause
de la persecution des Chrestiens dans
ses Isles ; avec la carte du pais.

2. Relation de ce qui c'est passe dans la
Negociation des Deputez qui ont este
en Perse et aux Indes, tant de la
part du Roy, que de la Compagnie
Franfoise, pour 1'etablissement du

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