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gineer to the Colony. Map and plates.
Folio Cape Town, 1877

Report and Proceedings of the Com-
mission appointed by His Excellency the
Governor, to Collect, Examine, Classify,
and Index the Archives of the Colony of
the Cape of Good Hope. Folio

Cape Town, 1877


Blue-Books for the Colony of the Cape
of Good Hope, for the years 1878, 1879,
1880, 1885, 1888. Folio

Cape Toiun, 1879-89

Report on the Blue-Book for 1879, 1880,
and 1 88 1. Folio Cape Town, 1880-82

Despatches. Correspondence and Papers,
&c., relative to Proposed Constitution
of the Trigonometrical Survey of the
Cape Colony in connection with the
Adjacent Territories. Maps. Folio

Cape Town, 1880

Acts of the Cape Parliament, 1880, 1881,
and 1887. Folio Cape Town, 1880-87

Ministerial Department of Native Af-
fairs. Blue-Book on Native Affairs,
1880-82 and 1884-88. Vol. I. (Part
I and 2.) Appendix to the same, 1883.
Maps. Folio Cape Town, 1880-88

Correspondence between the Govern-
ment of the Colony and Commandant
General of Colonial Forces on the subject
of the Position of Affairs in Bashutoland
and other Native Territories and the
Reorganisation of the Colonial Forces.
Maps. Folio 1883

Cape Colony. Further Correspondence
respecting the Claims of British Subjects
in the German Protectorate. Folio 1887

Cape of Good Hope Civil Service List for
1887 and 1888. 8 Cape Town, 1887-88

Sources of Revenue of the Colony, with
Tariffs, &c. 8 Cape Town, 1887

Statistical Register of the Colony of the
Cape of Good Hope for the years 1890,
1891, and 1892. Cape Town, 1891-93

Census. Results of a Census of the Colony

of the Cape of Good Hope, as on the

night of Sunday, 5th April 1891. Folio

Cape Town, 1892

Imperial Federation Series of Colonial
State- Paper Catalogues. Edited by F.
Campbell. No. I. Cape of Good Hope,
1892 (Preliminary Issue). 8 1893

Agricultural and Live-Stock Returns for
1893-94. Folio Cape Town, 1894

[See also United Kingdom, Emigrants'
Handbooks; War Office.]

South African Directory Advertiser for
1831. Map and plates. 8

Cape Town, 1830

Kaffir War, Summary of the, 1834-35 ;
with Notes by the Editor of the Zuid
Afrikaan. 8 Cape Town, 1836

Cape of Good Hope. Universal Exhibi-
tion, 1855 : Vade-Mecum. 8

Cape Town, 1855

The Hot Springs at the Cape of Good
Hope : a Sanatorium for Persons suffer-
ing from Consumption, Chronic Rheu-
matism, Gout, Sciatica, &c. Illus-
tration. 12 1884




Spedizione. Geografica Italiana nell' Africa
Equatoriale. 8 Rome, 1876

West Central. The Mission of the
American Board to West Central Africa.
Pioneer Work, 1881. Map. 12

Boston, 1882

The Critical Position of Europeans in
Central Africa. (From Blackwood's
Magazine.} 8 1889


Congo. No. 92. Chambre des Repre-
sentants. Seance du 10 Mars 1885.
Declarations du 23 Fevrier 1885, rela-
tives a la Reconnaissance de 1'Associa-
tion Internationale du Congo par la
Belgique. Folio 1885

Compagnie du Congo pour le Commerce
et 1'Industrie (Societe Anonyme). The
Congo Railway from Matadi to the
Stanley Pool. Results of Survey. First
Draft ; Conclusions, with 24 schedules.
Several Notes. Maps, plans, and esti-
mates. 8 Brussels, 1889
Exposition de Photographies repre-
sentant des Vues et Types du Congo
ouverte au Cercle Artistique et Litte-
raire. Catalogue. Map. 8

Bruxelles, 1890

L'Etat Independant du Congo et la Com-
pagnie de Rotterdam. Replique de
" Un Ami de la Verite." 8

Antwerp, 1890

Congo Question. M eeting tenu a Londres
4 Nov. 1890. 8 Brussels, 1890

[See also Africa : General.]

A. Government Publications.

Ministere de 1'Interieur. Statistique de
1'Egypte, Ann. 1873. (1290 de 1'Hegire.)
8 Cairo, 1873

Direction du Rcensement. Recense-

ment General de 1'Egypte. 15 Gamad
Akher 12993 Mai 1882. Tome i er .
4 Cairo, 1884

Correspondence relative to the question
of the Suez Canal clues, together with the
Proces-verbaux of the Meetings held by
the International Commission at Con-
stantinople. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1874

Egyptian General Staff Publications-
Rapport fait a S. E. General Stone
Pacha . . . sur les Specimens Botaniques
. . . colliges pendant les Expeditions
Egyptiennes au Kordofan et au Darfour
en 1875 ct '876 par le D'. Pfund. Par
J. II. Zarb. Small 4 1875


Egyptian General Staff Publications

Journal of the March of an Expedition
in Nubia between Assouan and Abou-
hamid, executed by Eugene Fechet. 8


Report on the Seizure by the Abys-
sinians of the Geological and Minera-
logical Reconnaissance Expedition at-
tached to the General Staff of the
Egyptian Army. By L. H. Mitchell. 8


Provinces of the Equator. Summary
of Letters and Reports of His Excellency
the Governor-General. Part I. Year
1874. 8 1877

See also Prout ; Purdy, E. S.
Egypt. No. 5. 1887. Reports by Sir H.

Drummond \Volff, on the Administration
of Egypt. Folio 1887
No. i. 1888. Correspondence re-
specting the Proposed International Con-
ven'ion for Securing the Free Navigation
of the Suez Canal. Folio 1888

No. 6. 1888. Copy of a Despatch
from Sir E. Baring, inclosing a Report
on the Condition of the Agricultural
Population in Egypt. Folio 1888

No. i. 1889. Further Correspond-

ence respecting Affairs at Suakin. Plans.
Folio 1889

Convention between Great Britain, Ger-
many, Austria-Hungary, Spain, France,
Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, and
Turkey, respecting the Free Navigation
of the Suez Maritime Canal. Folio 1889

Returns of Shipping and Tonnage, 1886,
1887, and 1888. Folio 1889

Ville d'Alexandrie. Municipalite Rapport

sur 1'Assainissement de la Ville. Presente

a la Commission Municipale (par L.

Dietrich Bey). Parties i, 2, 3. Roy 8

Alexandria, 1892-93

[See also United Kingdom : War Office.]

B. Miscellaneous and Anonymous.

A Short Relation of the River Nile, of
its Source and Current, of its Over-
flowing the Campagnia of ./Egypt till
it runs into the Mediterranean, and of
other Curiosities. [Translated by Sir
P. Wyche.] 12 1673

Ditto. Another edition. 8 1791

Relation de 1'Expedition Scientifique des
Fran9ais en Egypte en 1798. [Extr. de
1'Encyclop. des Gens du Monde.] 8.

Dongola and Sennaar. Nanative of the
Expedition to Dongola nnd Sennaar,
under the Command of his Excellency
Ismael Pasha. By an American in the
Service of the Viceroy. 8 1822

Rosetta Stone. Nouvelles Recherches sur
1'Inscription en Lettres Sacrees du Monu-
ment de Rosette. Plate. 8 Florence, 1830




The Antiquities of Egypt, with a parti-
cular Notice of those that illustrate the
Sacred Scriptures. Plates. 8 1841

Notes from a Private Jourml of a Visit
to Egypt and Palestine by way of
Italy and the Mediterranean. [Not pub-
lished.] 1.2 1844

Societe d'Etudes de 1'Isthme de Suez.
Travaux de la Brigade Francaise. Rap-
port del'Ingenieur. Map. 8 Paris, 1847

Outline of the Plan for the proposed
Navigation through the Isthmus. Map.
8 1850

The Present Crisis in Egypt, in Rela-
tion to our Overland Communication
with India. No. I. 8 1851

Suez Canal. Compagnie Universelle du
Canal Maritime de Suez. Firman de
Concession et Cahier des Charges Statuts.
8 Paris, 1*56

Assemblee generate des Action-

naires (8 e Reunion, i cr Aoiit 1866).
Rapport de M. F. de Lesseps. Rapport
de la Commission de Verification des
Comptes. Resolutions de 1' Assemblee
Generate. 8 Paris, 1866

Caravan Routes. Die Karawanen-
Strasse von Aegypten nach Syrien.
Plates. Scjuare 8 Prague, 1879

Hebrew Migration from Egypt, The.
Maps. 8 1879


Gabon-Congo a 1'Exposition, 1889. Illus-
tration!:. 1 2 Paris


Assab et les Limites de la Souverainete
Turco-Egyptienne dans la Mer Rouge.
Memoire du Gouvernement Italien.
Mars 1882. Maps. 4 Rome, 1882
Provvedimenti per la Costituzione e
1'Ordinamento di una Colonia Italiana
in Assab. Relazione Ministeriale e
Disegno di Legge presentati al Parla-
mento Italiano dal Ministro degli Affari
Esteri (Mancini) nella tornata del 12
Giugno 1882. Maps. 4 Rome, 1882

Possess! e Protettorati in Africa. (Estr.
dell' Annuario Statistico, Anno 1890 :
Ministero di Agricultura, &c.) 4

Rome, 1891
[See also Italy.]


Loango Expedition. Die Loango-Ex-
pedition ausgesandt von der Deutschen
Gesellschaft zur Erforschung Aequatorial-
Africas, 1873-76. Ein Reisewerk in drei
Abtheilungen, von Paul Giissfeldt, Julius
Falkenstein, Eduard Pechuel-Loesche.
Erste und zweite Abtheilungen ; Dritte
Abtheilungun, Erste Ilalfte. Maps and
plates. 4 Leipzig, 1879-82


Correspondence respecting the Limits of
British Jurisdiction in the River Gambia.
[Parly. Rep.] Folio 1877

Correspondence relating to the Recent
Expedition to the Upper Gambia under
Administrator V. S. Gouldsbury. Maps.
Folio 1 88 1

Report on Blue-Book for 1885. 8

Bathurst, 1886


Bekleidungs - Bestimmungen fiir die
Schutztruppe fiir Deutsch - Ostafrika.
Uniform - Bestimmungen fiir die Civil
Beamten in Deutsch-Ostafrika. (Beilage
Deutsch-Kolonialblatt.) 12 1891

Gogo Version of the " Peep of Day." 12


Angra Pequena. Correspondence n spect-
ing the Settlement at Angra Pequena, on
the S.W. Coast of Africa. \Wap. Fol. 1884
Further Correspondence respecting
the Settlement at Angr.i Pequena, on the
S.W. Coast of Africa. Map. Folio 1884
Copy of a Despatch from the Right
Hon. the Earl of Derby, K.G., to Her
Majesty's High Commissioner in South
Africa, relative to the Establishment of
a German Protectorate at Angra Pequena
and along the neighbouring Coast. Folio


Claims of British Subjects. See Cape


[See also West Africa.]

Affairs of the Gold Coast, and threatened

Ashanti Invasion. Maps. Folio 1881

Further Correspondence regarding Affairs

of the Gold Coast. Maps. Folio 1882

- The same. Maps. Folio 1883

Further Correspondence respecting the

Affairs of the Gold Coast. Maps. Folio


The same. Maps. Folio 1888

The same. Maps. Folio 1888

Cape Coast Castle. Letters of Advice
and Instructions to the Governors,
Council, &c., of Cape Coast Castle, by
the Committee of the Company of Mer-
chants trading to Africa, from 2ist
August 1751 to loth November 1768.
MS. Folio.




[See also West Africa.]

Correspondence respecting the War
between Native Tribes in the Interior
and the Negotiations for Peace con-
ducted by the Government of Lagos,
February 1887. Maps. Folio 1887
The same. Maps. Folio 1887

Repatriation of Natives. Folio 1890

Circular - letter, dated 24th September
1890, on the Advisability of Securing for
Examination and Report suitable Sam pies
of the Valuable Timbers of Yoruba.
Folio 1890

Circular Correspondence on the subject

of the Ficus Flastica of Asia. Folio

Lagos, 1890

Yoruba. A Vocabulary of the Yoruba
Language. 8 N.I).


Madagascar. No i (1885). Correspond-
ence respecting Madagascar relating to
the Mission of Ilova Envoys to Europe
in 1882-83. Folio 1883

[See also United Kingdom : War Office. ]


Grammatica Linguiv-Mauro- Arabics juxta
vernaculi idiomates usum. Small 4 1800

Observations on the Western Coast of
the Morocco State during my Journey
from Mogador to Tangier, in July and
August 1830. Memorandum respecting
the Foundation of Mogador, its Trade,
Description of the Bay, &c. ; with a
Description of Santa Cruz, Ceuta,
Tetuan, and other Ports of the State of
Morocco ; with an Account of the Death
of Major Laing, &c. Folio MS.

Mogador. Our Ports, v. Mogador.
(From the Times of Morocco, nth Aug.
1888.) 8.


Emigration to Natal, and Conditions of
Government Land Grants. 8 1868

Emigration to Natal, and Conditions of
Government Land Grants ; with Full
Description of the Colony and its In-
dustries. Map. 8

Pietcnnaritzbttri*, \ 870

Correspondence relative to Military
Affairs in Natal and the Transvaal.
[Parly. Rep.] Maps. Folio 1879

Department of Mines. Report upon the
Coal-Fields of Klip River, Wccnan,
Unuoti, and Victoria Counties ; together
with Tabulated Statement of Results
obtained from a Series of Trials of


Department of Mines continued.

Colonial Coal upon the Natal Government
Railways, by Frederic W. North. Maps,
sections, <SrY. Folio 1881

Correspondence relating to the Proposal
to establish Responsible Government in
Natal 1891

[See also United Kingdom, H, Emi-
grants' Handbooks.]

Natal Land and Colonization Company,
Limited : Correspondence in reference
to the Prospects of New Settlers in
Natal ; the Amount of Capital required ;
with Hints as to the Mode of Procedure
in selecting Land, &c. 8 1869

Colony of Natal. [A collection of letters. ]
8 1869

The Natal Almanac, Directory, and
Yearly Register. 12 1871


Papers relative to the Expedition to the
River Niger. [Parly. Rep.] Map.
Folio 1843

Journals and Notices of the Native Mis-
sionaries on' the River Niger, 1862.
12 1863

Copy of Correspondence on the Subject
of an Application from the Company
of African Merchants (Limited) for a
Subsidy towards establishing Steamers
on the River Niger. Folio 1864



See British Central


Portugal. No. i (1875). Delagoa Bay.
Correspondence respecting the Claims of
Her Majesty's Government. Maps.
Folio 1875

No. I (1890). Correspondence re-
specting the Action of Portugal in regard
to the Delagoa Bay Railway. Folio 1890

Delagoa Bay. Remarks on Delagoa
Bay, a large Harbour situated on the
South- Fast Coast of Africa, and on the
Country and Nations adjoining it. 8 U


Umzila's Kingdom. Explorations for the
Mission to Umzilla's Kingdom, South-
Eastern Africa. Map. 8

Boston, Mass., 1882

Matope to Newala. A Journey from

Matope on the Upper Shire to Newala

on the Rovuma, by the Right Rev. the

Bishop, in 1885. Corrected edition. 12

Zanzibar, 1858




A Journey to Lake Nyassa, and Visit to
the Magwangwara and the Source of the
Rovuma, in the year 1886, by the
Bishop of the Universities' Mission to
Central Africa. 8 Zanzibar [1887]

Africa Oriental. Caminho de Ferro da
Beira a Manica. Excursoes e estudos
efifectuados em 1891. Maps and plates.
4 Lisbon, 1892


Renseignements sur la partie de la C6te
entre le Cap Negro et le Cap Lopez.
Chart. 8 Paris, 1850

Angola. Observatorio do Infmte D.
Luiz. Provincia de Angolo. Resumo
das Observncoes MeU orologicas fei'as no
anno de 1880. Resulta io das obser-
vacoes do Magnetismo Terre-tre feitas
nosannos de 1877 a 1881. Plate. Folio
Lisbon, 1881

St Thomas. See African Islands.

Loanda. Observatorio Meteorologico
de Loanda. Volume Primeiro. Obser-
va9oes Meteorologicas e Magneticas,
1879-81. Folio Lisbon, 1882

Benguella. Summary of an Article,
written in the Gazeta de Portugal, 4th
March 1888, prompted in view of the
probability of a Submarine Cable being
laid to the Southward of Loanda. MS.


Annuaire du Senegal et Dependances pour
1'annee 1865. Suivi d'une notice sur les
Serreres par Pinet-Laprade, et d'une
etude sur leur langue par Faidherbe.
12 Saint-Louis, 1865

Ministere de la Marine et cles Colonies.
Senegal et Niger. La France dans
1'Afrique Occidentale 1879-83. Text
and Atlas. 8 Paris, 1884

Annales Senegalaises de 1854 a 1885,
suivies des Traites passes avec les
Indigenes. 12 Paris, 1885


Report from the Select Committee on
the Settlements of Sierra Leone and
Fernando Po. [Parly. Rep.] Maps.
Folio 1830

Papers relating to the Colony of Sierra
Leone. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1830

Addresses, Petitions, &c., from the Chiefs
of Sudan and the Inhabitants of Sierra
Leone to Mis Majesty William IV.
and Lieut. -Governor H. D. Campbell.
8 Privately printed, 1838


Papers relating to Her Majesty's Pos-
sessions in West Africa, Sierra Leone,
and Gold Coast Colony, including Lagos.
Folio 1876

The same. (In continuation of c.

1343 of 1875). Maps. Folio 1876

Correspondence respecting the Proceed-
ings at the Jong River in May 1882.
Map. Folio 1882

Further Correspondence respecting the
Disturbances in the neighbourhood of
British Sherbro in April and May 1883.
Folio 1884

Despatch from the Administrator - in -
Chief enclosing Information regarding
the different Districts and Tribes of
Sierra Leone and its Vicinity. Map.
Folio 1887

Correspondence respecting the Recent
Expedition against the Vonnie Tribe
adjacent to Sierra Leone. Maps. Folio


Gazetteer of Places in and adjacent to
the Colony of Sierra Leone. 12 1889


European Captives among the Somali
Tribes of Eastern Africa. Map. 8 1869

SOUTH AFRICA. See Brit. S. Africa.


Transvaal - boundary. [Parliamentary
Papers]. Maps. Folio 1876

Transvaal Royal Commission. Report of
the Commis^oners appointed to Inquire
into the Report upon all Matters relating
to the Settlement of the Transvaal
Territory. Part I. Maps. Folio 1882

A Convention between Her Majesty the
Queen of the United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland and the South
African Republic. Folio 1884

Correspondence respecting the Conven-
tion concluded with the South African
Republic on the 27th February 1884.
Map. Folio 1884

Further Correspondence respecting the
Affairs of the Transvaal and adjacent
Territories. Maps. Folio 1884

Further Correspondence respecting the
Affairs of the Transvaal and adjacent
Territories. Map. Folio 1885




[See also Senegal ; Gambia ; Gold Coast ;
Sierra Leone ; Lagos ; Niger.]

Papers respecting the Danish Possessions
on the West Coast of Africa. [Parl.
Rep.] Map. Folio 1850

Papers relating to H.M. Possessions in
West Africa, Sierra Leone, and Gold
Coast Colony, including Lagos. Folio


Continuation of the same 1876

Africa. No. 2(1883). Correspondence re-
specting the Territory on the West Coast
of Africa lying between 5 12' and 8
of South Latitude, 1845-77. Folio 1882

Gulf of Guinea. Supplementary Arrange-
ment between England and Germany
relative to their respective spheres of
action in the Gulf of Guinea. Folio 1886
No. 2 (1888). Papers relative to
King Ja Ja of Opobo, and to the Open-
ing of West African Markets to British
Trade. Folio 1888

M and in go Language. Vocabulary of
the Mandingo Language. MS. Folio


Outline of a Vocabulary of a few of the
Principal Languages of Western and
Central Africa, compiled for the Use of
the Niger Expedition. Oblong 12 1841
Narrative in the Vai Character of Western
Africa. A Negro's Life. 12 1851

ZANZIBAR. See British East Africa.


Cape Verde Islands. Posto Meteoro-
logico da Cidade da Praia da Ilha de S.
Thiago de Cabo Verde. Resumes das
Observa96es feitas nos annos de 1875 a
1879. Folio Lisbon, 1 88 1

Mauritius. Report of the Commissioners
appointed to take a Census of the Island
of Mauritius and its Dependencies, April
1 86 1. Folio Port Louis, 1862

Journal of Five Months' Residence in the
Mauritius. 8 Calcutta, 1838

Proces-verbaux de la Societe d'histoire
naturelle de 1'ile Maurice, du 6 Octobre
1842 au 28 Aoiit 1845. Large 8

Mauri tins, 1846

A Transport Voyage to the Mauritius
and back, touching at the Cape of Good
Hope and St Helena. 8 1851

Geography of Mauritius ; with an Abstract
of its History. 12 Mauritius, 1874

Mauritius as it was before the Cyclone.
From Blackwoocfs Magazine. 8 1892

St Thomas. Observatorio do Infante D.
Luiz. Ilha de S. Thome. Resume das
Principaes Observa56es Meteorologicas
executadas durante o Periodo de 9 Annos
de corridos desde 1872 a 1880. Elementos
magneticos obscrvados em 1881. Folio
Lisbon, 1881





An Account of the European Settlements
in America. 2 vols. Map. 8 1757

Anecdotes Americaines, ou Histoire
abregee des principaux evenements
arrives dans le Nouveau Monde, depuis
sa decouverte. 12 Paris, 1776

Descriptive Catalogue of Indian Gallery ;
containing Portraits, Landscapes, Cos-
tumes, &c., and Representations of the
Manners and Customs of the North
American Indians. Small 4 1840

Pacific Railway. Imperial Atlantic and
Pacific Railroad. 8 [1851]

Discovery of America. (Estratto dal
Bollettino della Societa Geografica
Italiana, July 1886.) 8 1 886

Quatrieme Centenaire de la Decouverte
de 1 'Amerique. Catalogue des Docu-
ments Geographiques exposes a la Section
des Cartes et Plans de le Bibliotheque
Nationale Paris, 1892

Time Standards. Standard Time for the
United States of America, Canada, and
Mexico. Diagrams. 8.
[See also General Catalogues.]


A. Geological and Natural History

Reports of Progress, for 1853-58. Maps.
Toronto, 1857-59

Plans of various Lakes and Rivers
between Lake Huron and the River
Ottawa, to accompany the Geological
Reports for 1853-54-55-56. 4

Toronto, 1857

The same, from Commencement of

the Survey to 1863. Atlas of Maps
and Sections, with an Introduction and
Appendix. 8 Montreal, 1865

The same, from 1863 to 1866. 8

Ottawa, 1866

The same, from 1866 to 1869. 8

Montreal, 1870

The same, for 1870-71. 8

Ottawa, 1872

The same, for 1871-72, 1872-73,

1873-74, 1875-76, 1876-77, 1878-79,
1879-80, 1880-81-82, 1882-83-84. Plates
and maps (some separate). 8

Montreal, 1872-85

Annual Report. New Series. Vol. i,
1885. Maps and plates. 8.

Vol. 2, 1886. Maps, plates, and

sections. 8.

Vol. 3, 1887-88. In 2 parts. Illus-
trations and maps (separate).

Vol. 4, 1888-89. Map*.

Vol. 5 (2 parts, and maps separate),

1890-91 Ottawa, 1893

Report on the Fossil Plants of the

Lower Carboniferous and Millstone Grit

Forma 1 ions of Canada. By J. W.

Dawson. 8 Montreal. 1873

Palaeozoic Fossils. Vol. 2. Part i.

By E. Billings. 8 Montreal, 1874

Mesozoic Fossils. Vol. i. Parts i

and 2. By J. F. Whiteaves. Plates.

8 Montreal, 1876-79

Catalogue of Canadian Plants. Paris

i, 2, 4, 5. By John Macoun. 8

Montreal, 1883-90
Part I. Polypetalre.
Part 2. Gamopetalae.
Part 4. Endogens.
Part 5. Acrogens

Part 6. Musci. By J. Macoun and

Prof. N. C. Kindberg 1892

Comparative Vocabularies of ihe Indian

Tribes of British Columbia, with a Map

illustrating Distribution. By W. Eraser

Tolmie and G. M. Dawson. Map. 8

Montreal, 1884

Contributions to Canadian Palaeon-
tology. By J. F. Whiteaves. Vol. I,
Parts i and 2. Plates. 8

Montreal, 1885-89

Summary Report of the Operations of
the Geological and Natural History
Survey to 315' December 1885, being
Part 3 Annual Report of the Dtpart-
ment of the Interior, 1885. 8

Ottawa, 1886

The same, to 3 1st December 1887,
'^eing Part 3 Annual Report of the
Department of the Interior, 1887. 8

Ottawa, 1888

- The same, to 3ist December 1890.

8 Ottawa, 1891

List of Canadian Hepaticoe. By \V. H.

Pearson. Plates. 8 Montreal, 1890

Report on N.W. Manitoba, with parts of

Assiniboia and Saskatchewan. By J. R.

Tyrrell. Maps and plates Large 8

Ottawa, 1892




Catalogue of a Stratigraphical Collection
of Canadian Rocks, prepared for the
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago,
1893. By W. F. Ferrier. Large 8

Ottawa, 1893

Catalogue of Section i of the Museum of
the Geological Survey, embracing the
Systematic Collection of Minerals and
the Collections of Economic Minerals,
and Rocks and Specimens illustrative of
Structural Geology. By G. C. Hoffmann.
Plan. Large 8 Ottawa, 1893

List of Publications of the Geological
and Natural History Survey of Canada.
8 Ottawa, 1884

B. Various Government Publications.

'Water Communications in Canada. Esti-
mates of the Expense of the Construc-
tion of Water Communications in ihe
Canadas. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1827

Estimates of the Expense of the Con-
struction of Water Communications rh
the Canadas, between Montreal and the
Ottawa, from the Ottawa to Kingston,
and from Like Erie to Lake Ontario.
[Parly. Rep.] Map. Folio 1828

Copies of Two Despatches upon the
subject of the Welland Canal. [Parly.
Rep.] Folio 1828

Report of the Court of Directors of
the Canada Company to the Proprietors.
Map. 8" 1831

Reports of the Committee of Roads
and Public Improvements. Folio

Quebec, 1831

To take into consideration the Accounts
and Papers relating to the Rideau Canal.

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