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[Parly. Rep.] Folio 1831

Report from the Select Committee ap-
pointed to lake into consideration ihe
Accounts and Papers relating to the
Canal Communications in Canada, 1832.
[Parly. Rep.] Map. Fo\'n> 1832

Extracts of Correspondence between the
Board of Ordnance and Officers under
their Orders in Canada, respecting the
Progress of the Canal Communications.
[Parly. Rep.] Folio 1832

Copy of Letter from the Secretary of
the Ordnance respecting the Expenditure
upon the Works of the Rideau Canal in
Canada ; with a Copy of the Tn-asury
Minute thereon. [Parly. Rep.] Folio


An Estimate of the Expense of Rideau
Canal for 1833. [Parly. Rep.] Folio


Copy of the Report of Mr Richards to the
Colonial Secretary, respecting the Waste
Lands in the Canadas, and Emigration.
[Parly. Rep.] Folio 1832


Appendix to Report of the Commis-
sioner of Crown Lands. Part 2. Maps
of Canada. 4 Toronto, 1857

Remarks on Upper Canada Surveys.
Huron and Ottawa Territory. (Ap-
pendix No. 36 to the Report of the
Commissioner of Crown Lands for 1860.)
8 Quebec, 1861

General Report of the Commissioner of
Public Works, for the year ending
3Oth June 1867. Maps. 8

Ottawa, 1868

Second Report of the Standing Com-
mittee on Immigration and Colonisation.
Map. 8 Ottawa, 1869

Reports of Surveyor-General of Dominion
Lands. 8 Ottawa, 1874-80

Paris Universal Exhibition, 1878. Hand-
book and Official Catalogue of the
Canadian Section. Publishid under the
direction of T. C. Keefer. Maps in
cover. 8 1878

Report of the Select Standing Committee
on Immigration and Colonisation. Map.
8 Ottawa, 1878

Telegraphy with the Coasts and Islands
of the Gulf and Lower River St
Lawrence, and the Coasts of the Maritime
Provinces. Maps. 8 Quebec, 1879

Transit of Venus. Report of the Cana-
dian Observations of the Transit of
Venus, 6th December 1882. Plan. 8.

Annual Report of the Department of
the Interior for the year ended 3Oth
June 1881. 8 Ottawa, 1882

The same, for the years 1882-91-92.
8 Ottawa, 1883-93

Census of Canada, 1 880-81. Recense-
ment du Canada. 4 vols. 8

Ottawa, 1882-85

Mineral Resources of Canada. 8

Ottawa, 1882

Eastern Townships. Information for
intending Settlers. Map. 8

Ottawa, ^1883

Dominion Land Surveys. Manual show-
ing the System of Survey of the Dominion
Lands, with Instructions to Surveyors.
8 Ottawa, 1883

A Guide Book containing information
for intending Settlers. 5th, 6th, and 7th
editions. Maps and illustrations. 8

Ottawa, 1884-86

Reports on the Forests of Canada. With
Precis by Dr Lyons, M.P., of certain
Papers submitted therewith. Map. Folio


Canada, its History, Products, and Na-
tural Resources. 2 maps. 8

Ottawa, 1886

Geodetic Levelling. Diagrams. Large
8 Ottawa, 1886




A Memorial Volume. A Statistical
and Descriptive Handbook of the Do-
minion. Prepared under the authority of
the Government of the Dominion and
the various Provincial Administrations.
Edited and published by E. B. Biggar,
Montreal. Maps and illustrations. 8


Time Standard. Documents relating to

the Fixing of a Standard of Time, and

the Legalisation thereof. Map. Large 8

Ottawa, 1891

[See also United Kingdom, H, Emi-
grants' Handbooks.]

Canada and United States.

North American Boundary. Part 2.
Correspondence relating to the Boundary
between the British Possessions in North
America and the United States of America
under the Treaty of 1783, (with) Report
of the British' Commissioners appointed
to Survey the Territory in dispute be-
"tween Great Britain and the United
States of America, on the North-Eastern
Boundary of the United States, with
an Appendix. [Parly. Rep.] Maps.
Folio 1 840

North -West American Water Bound-
ary. Parliamentary Reports A-G, with
reference to the Case submitted to the
arbitration of H. M. the Emperor of
Germany. Maps. Folio 1873

Correspondence respecting the deter-
mination of the North-Western Boundary
between Canada and the United States.
[Parly. Rep.] Folio 1875

Bering Sea. Correspondence relative
to the Seizure of British American Ves-
sels, in Behring Sea, by the United States
Authorities. Map. 8 Ottawa, 1887

Behring Sea Arbitration. Case pre-
sented on the part of the Government of
H.B.M. (U.S. No. i, 1893.) Folio.
Report of the Behring Sea Commis-

sion, and of the British Commissioners,
June 1892. Maps and diagrams. (U.S.
No. 2, 1893.) Folio.
Further Correspondence respecting North
American Fisheries, 1887-88 ; with De-
spatch enclosing Treaty signed at Wash-
ington, Feb. 15, 1888. Folio.

[See also United States, J, and K,

C. Miscellaneous and Anonymous.

British Colonies in America. Canada.
Published by the Society for Promoting
Christian Knowledge. Maps. 18 1847

Petition of the Hon. Augustin N. Morin
and others, praying for a Charter, by
the name of "The Northern Pacific
Railway Company," &c. &c. 8

Quebec, 1854

Canada West and the Hudson's Bay
Company : a Political and Humane Ques-
tion, of vital Importance to the Honour
of Great Britain, to the Prosperity of
Canada, and to the Existence of the
Native Tribes ; with an Appendix. 8


Directory for 1857-58 : containing Names
of Professional and Business Men and
of the Principal Inhabitants in the
Cities, Towns, and Villages throughout
the Province, Alphabetical Directories,
&c., and Railway and Steamboat Routes
throughout Canada. Map. Royal 8

Montreal, 1857

Relations des Jesuites : contenant ce qui
s'est passe de plus remarquable dans les
Missions des Peres de la Compagnie de
Jesus, dans la Nouvelle-France, 1611 a
1672. 3 vols. Maps. Royal 8

Quebec, 1858

The Grand Trunk Railway Company
of [Canada,] its Present Position and
Future Prospects. Large 8 1873

InstitutCanadien-Fran5ais d'Ottawa, 1852-
1877. Celebration du 25 e Anniversaire.
8 Ottawa, 1879

Canada under the National Policy. Arts
and Manufactures, 1883. Illustrations.
4 Montreal, 1883

By the West to the East. Memorandum
on some Imperial Aspects of the Com-
pletion of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
12 1885

Canadian Economics : being Papers pre-
pared for Reading before the Economical
Section (British Association for the Ad-
vancement of Science, Montreal Meeting,
1884.) With an Introductory Report.
8 Montreal and London, 1885

A Canadian Tour. A Reprint of Letters
from the Special Correspondent of the
Times. 4 1886

Great Mackenzie Basin. Minutes of
Proceedings of the Senate of Canada,
Wednesday, 2nd May 1888. Large 8

Report of the Select Committee of

the Senate appointed to Inquire into the
Resources of the Great Mackenzie Basin.
Session 1888. Maps. Ottawa, 1888

Rapport du Comite Senatorial Charge

de faire une Enquete sur les Ressources
au Grand Bassin du Mackenzie. Session
de 1888. Maps. 8 Ottawa, 1888

Star Almanac, The : a Canadian Cyclo-
pedia of Facts and Figures ; with a
Calendar for 1893, and 6 coloured maps.
8 Montreal

Pleasant Places by the Shore, and in
the Forests of Quebec, and the Maritime
Provinces via the Intercolonial Railway.
Map and illustrations. Large 8 N. D.



Traite sur la Culture du Tabac Canadian.

8 N.D.

D. British Columbia Province.

Papers relative to the Affairs of British
Columbin. Parts I., II., and III.
(Relative to the Government of the
Colony an I Revocation of Hudson Bay
Co.'s exclusive Trading Rights.) [Parly.
Rep.] Maps. Folio 1859 and 1860

Information for Emigrants. Map. 8

Information for Intending Settlers. Map.

8 Ottawa, 1884

The same. Maps. 8 Ottawa, 1886

British Columbia Illustrated. The West

Shore. Illustrated. 8

Portland, Oregon, 1887
Prize Essay and Poem on. 8

Victoria, B.C., 1868

Reply to Letter of " Old Settler,"
published in the Times newspaper, on
the Selection of a Terminus on the Pacific
Coast for the proposed Canadian Pacific
Railway. By a British North American.
8 1877

E. Manitoba Province.

A Year in Manitoba, 1880-81 : being the
experience of a retired officer in settling
his sons. Illustrations. 12 1882

Extracts from Surveyors' Reports of
Townships in Manitoba and the North-
West Territories. 8 1884

Report of the Select Committee of the
Legislative Assembly of the Province
of Manitoba, appointed to procure evi-
dence as to the practicability of the
establishment of a System of Communi-
cation with this Province via Hudson's
Bay. 8 Winnipeg, 1884

Manitoba and the North -West Territories.
A General Description of the Resources
and Capabilities of the Canadian North-
West, as well as some Experiences of
Men and Women Settlers. Map and
illustrations. 4 1 886

Albany Settlement, qu'Appelle Valley,
North-West Territory, Canada. Plates
and diagram \ 886

Census of Manitoba, 1885-86. Recense-
ment de Manitoba. 8 Ottawa, 1887

A Few Facts respecting the Regina
District in the great Grain-Growing and
Stock-Raising Province of Assimboia,
North-West Territories Canada. Map.
8 Regina, 1889

Winnipeg. Souvenir of the City of
Winnipeg, presented to the Members
of the British Association for the Ad-
vancement of Science, 1884. Illustra-
tions. 8" Winnipeg

F. New Brunswick Province.

Practical Information to Emigrants, in-
cluding Details collected from the most
Authentic Accounts relative to the Soil,
Climate, Natural Productions, Agricul-
ture, &c. , of the Province of New
Brunswick. Maps. 8 1832

Report of the Directors of the New
Brunswick and Nova Scotia Land Com-
pany. Maps. 8 1832

Eastern Provinces Guides. St John
and the Provinces of New Brunswick : a
Handbook for Travellers, Tourists, and
Business Men. 3rd edition. Maps and
illustrations. 12 [ 1 884]

New Brunswick as a Home for the Farmer
Emigrant. 8 Ottawa, 1884

[See also Nova Scotia.]

G. Nova Scotia Province.

Copies of Communications between the
Lords of the Treasury, the Lords of
the Admiralty, and the Secretary of
State for the Colonies, on the subject
of the Shubenaccadie in Nova Scotia.
[Parly. Rep.] Map. Folio 1830

Record of the Proceedings of the Halifax
Fisheries Commission. Maps. Folio 1877

Information for Intending Settlers. 8

Ottawa, 1884

Information for intending Emigrants.
Small 8 Halifax, 1886

Les Mines d'Or de la Nouvelle Ecosse :
Revue Statistique, 1862-66. 12

Halifax, N.S., 1867

The Maritime Provinces of Canada,
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince
Edward Island. A Handbook of General
Information, including the Report of
Mr Thomas Davey . . . ; an Extract
from Paper by Dr Fraser . . . ; Letters
from Residents in the Provinces, &c.
Map and illustrations 1892

H. Ontario Province.

Letters from Settlers in Upper Canada
to their Friends here, containing Im-
portant Practical Information relating to
that Country, for the Guidance of Emi-
grants. 8 1831

Report on the Indians of Upper Canada.
By a Sub-Committee of the Aborigines
Protection Society. 8 1839

Ottawa, the Future Capital of Canada : a
Description of the Country, its Resources,
Trade, Population, &c. ; Hints to Emi-
grants. Plate. 8 1858

Annual Report of the Normal, Model,
Grammar, and Common Schools in
Upper Canada, for 1858. By E. Ryerson.
Royal 8 Toronto, 1859

The Immigrant in Ontario, the Premier
Province of Canada. Map. 8

Branlford, On/., 1884




Ontario as a Home for the British Tenant
Farmer who desires to become his own
Landlord. Map. 8 Toronto, 1 886

Ontario Boundary Act, 1889. Large 8.

Welland. A Historical and Descriptive
Sketch of the County of Welland, in
the Province of Ontario, Canada. 8

Welland, 1886

Report of the Royal Commission on
the Mineral Resources of Ontario, and
Measures for their Development. Map.
8 Toronto, 1890

I. Quebec Province.

St Lawrence. Report of the Chief En-
gineer of Public Works on the Navigation
of the River St Lawrence between Lake
Ontario and Montreal. Ottawa, 1875
Report on the Advantages and Neces-
sity of Establishing a Submarine Tele-
graphic System for the River and Gulf of
St Lawrence. Map. 8 Ottawa, 1876

Hints for Entering the River Saguenay.
8 1840

Anticosti. The Island of Anticosti, its
Geographical Position, Extent, Resources,
&c. Map. 8 1867

Temiskaming Lake. Au Lac Temis-
kaming. Maps. 8 Ottawa, 1885


Reports of Progress of the Geological
Survey for the years 1874, 1876, 1881.
Illustrations ami maps. 8

St John's, 1875-82

Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres. Docu-
ments Diplomatiques. Affaires de Terre-
Neuve. Map. Folio Paris, 1891

Labrador. Facsimile of a part of a MS.
found on the Coast of Labrador. 4.


Diario del Gobierno de la Republica
Mejicana. [Odd numbers] 1839 and 1840

Memoria presentada a S. M. el Em-
perador por el Ministro de Fomento
Luis Rubles Pezuela, de los Trabajos
ejecutados en su Ramo el aiio de 1865.
Maps ami plates. 8 1866

Memoria que el Secrelario de Estado y

del Despacho de Fomento, Colonizacion,

Industria, y Comercio de la Republica

Mexicana presenta al Congreso de la

Union. Correspondiente al ano trascur-

rido de 1 de Julio de 1868 al 30 de Junio

de 1869. Maps. 8 Mexico, 1870

The same. Conteniendo Documentos

hasta el 30 de Junio de 1873. Map. 8

Mexico, 1874


Anales del Ministerio de Fomento de
la Republica Mexicana, ano de 1877.
To mo i, 2. Maps. 8 Mexico, 1877

Estudio sobre las aguas Medicinales di la
Republica Mexicana. Mexico, 1884

Nombres Geographicos de Mexico : Cata-
logo Alfabetico de los Nombres de
Lugar Pertenecientes al idioma " Nah-
natl. " Estudio Jeroglifico de la Matricula
de los Tributes del Codice Mendocino,
por el Dr Antonio Penafiel. 4, with
Atlas Mexico, 1885

Informes y Documentas Relations a
Comercio Interior y Exterior Agricultura
e Industrias. (Estados Unidos Mexi-
canos, No. 13, Julio 1886.) 8

Mexico, 1886

Republica Mexicana : Casas de Moneda.
Noticias de Acuiiacion e Introduccion
de Metales en el aiio fiscal de 1884 a
1885. Folio Mexico, 1886

Codigo de Mineria de la Republica
Mexicana. 12 Paris and Mexico, 1889
[See also United States, I, Bureau of
the American Republics. ]

Journey from Acapulco to the Capital
of Mexico, by way of Tasco, Summer
1 849. (Hutch ings' California Magazine. )
Illustrations. 8 [San Francisco, 1858]

The Republic of Mexico Restored. 8

Mexico, 1867

La Ramirita. Mexico, 1885

Popocatepetl. Ascensione al Volcano
Popocatepetl. 8 Turin, 1856

Tehuantepec Railway, its Location,
Features, and Advantages under the
La Sere Grant of 1869. 8 1869

Geographical Positions in Mexico. In
MS. 4 N.D.

A. Census Reports.

Seventh Census. Report of the Super-
intendent of the Census for December
1852, to which is appended the Report
for December 185 1. 8 Washington, 1853

Statistical View of the United States

. . : being a Compendium of the
Seventh Census, &c. , by J. D. B. de
Bow. 8 Washington, 1854

Eighth Census. Preliminary Report on
the Eighth Census, 1860. By J. C. G.
Kennedy. 8 Washington, 1862

Eighth Census of the U.S., 1860.
Population. Compiled from the orginal
returns by J. C. G. Kennedy. 4

Washington, 1864

The same. Statistics of the U.S. 4

Wash inglon , 1866

Ninth Census. Compiled by F. A.
Walker. 3 vols. Maps. 4

Washington, 1872




Tenth Census of the United States;
Francis A. Walker, Superintendent.
The History and Present Condition of
the Fishery Industries, prepared under
the direction of Professor S. F. Baird, by
G. Brown Goode. See Elliott, H. W. ;
Ingersoll, E.

Department of the Interior. Com-
pendium of the Tenth Census (ist June
1880). 2 parts. 8 Washington, 1883
Tenth Census of the United States,

1880. Vols. i and 2, 4-13, IS- 22 - 4

Vol. I. Statistics of Population. Maps
and diagrams 1 883

Vol. 2. Report on the Manufactures of
the United States. Maps and plates


Vol. 4. Report on the Agencies of Trans-
portation in the United States. Map


Vol. 5. Report on Cotton Production in
the United States. Eugene W. Ilil-
gard, Ph.D., . . . Special Agent in
charge. Part I , Mississippi Valley and
South- Western States. Maps 1884

Vol. 6. Ditto. Part 2, Eastern Gulf,
Atlantic, and Pacific States. Maps


Vol. "j. Report on Valuation, Taxation,
and Public Indebtedness in the United
States. Compiled under the direction
of Robert P. Porter, Special Agent.
Plans and plates 1884

Vol. 8. The Newspaper and Periodical
Press, by S. N. D. North. Its Popu-
lation, Industries, and Resources, by
Ivan Petroff. The Seal Islands of
Alaska, by Henry W. Elliott. Ship
Building Industry in the United States,
by Henry Hall. Maps, coloured plates,
and illustrations 1 884

Vol. 9. Report on the Forests of North
America, exclusive of Mexico, by
Charles S. Sargent. Maps 1884

Vol. 10. Production, Technology, and
Uses of Petroleum and its Products,
by S. F. Peckham. The Manufacture
of Coke, by Joseph D. Weeks. Build-
ing Stones of the United States, and
Statistics of the Quarry Industry for
1880. Maps, charts, and plates 1884

Vol. II. Report on the Mortality and
Vital Statistics of the United States,
by John S. Billings. Part i. Plates
and diagrams 1885

Vol. 12. Ditto. Part 2. Maps, plates,
and diagrams (some separate) 1 886

Vol. 13. Statistics and Technology of
the Precious Metals. Prepared under
the Direction of Clarence King, by
S. F. Emmons and G. F. Becker.
Plates 1885

Tenth Census continued.

Vol. 15. Report on the Mining Industries
of the United States (exclusive of the
Precious Metals), with Special In-
vestigations into the Iron Resources of
the Republic, and into the Cretaceous
Coals of the North-West, by Raphael
Pumpelly. Maps, plates, and diagrams


Vols. 1 6 and 17. Statistics of Power and
Machinery employed in Manufactures,
by Prof. W. P. Trowbridge. Reports
on the Water- Power of the United
States. Parts I and 2. Illustrations,
maps, and plates 1885-87

Vols. 1 8 and 19. Report on the Social
Statistics ol Cities. Compiled by
George E. Waring, jun. Part i, The
New England and the Middle States;
Part 2, The Southern and the Western
States. Parts I and 2. Maps, plans,
&c. 1886-87

Vol. 20. Report on the Statistics of
Wages. In Manufacturing Industries ;
with Supplementary Reports on the
Average Retail Prices of Necessaries
of Life, and on Trades Societies and
Strikes and Lock-Outs. By Jos. D.
Weeks. 1886

Vol. 21. Report on the Defective, De-
pendent, and Delinquent Classes of
the Population of the United States,
by Frederick Howard Wines. 1888

Vol. 22. Report on Power and Machinery
employed in Manufactures, by Professor
W. V. Trowbridge. Also Report on
the Ice Industry of the United States,
by Henry Hall. Plates and figures

See Swank, J. M. ; King, C.

B. Consular Reports.

Reports from the Consuls of the United

States on the Commerce, Manufactures,

&c. , of their Consular Districts. Vols.

1-43; Nos. 1-159 Was/iittgtfit, 1890-93

Vol. Nos.

Vol. Nos.

Vol. Nos

i... i- 3

16... 53 - 56

30. ..105-107^

2... 4- 8

I7-. 57 - 59

31. ..I08-III

3... 9-"

18... 60 - 62

32. ..II2-II5

4 .12-14

19... 63 - 68

33. ..II6-II9

5- -15-18

20... 68^- 72

34. ..120-123

6. ..19-22

2i. - 73 - 75

35 ..124-127


22... 76 - 8O

36. ..128-131


23... 81 - 84

37. ..132-135

9.. .27-30

24... 85 - 87

38. ..136-139

10.. .31-34

25... 88 - 91

39... 140- 143


26... 92 - 94

40... 144- 147


27-.. 95 - 97

41. ..148-151

13. ..42-44

28... 98 -loo

42. ..152-155

I4- .45-4

29.. .101 -104

43. ..156-159

15. ..49-52 | [[158 missing]

Indices to the above. Nos. 1-59) and

60 to in. 8 1887-90




Reports, Miscellaneous. 8 Washington

Declared Exports for the U.S., 1883.

(2 parts) 1883-84

Trade Guilds of Europe. Cholera in

Europe in 1884. The Liquorice Plant.

Pounding and Polishing Rice. 1885

Forestry in Europe. 1887

Special Reports. Vols. 1-9. 8 1890-93

Vol. I. Cotton Textiles. Piles in Spanish
America. Carpet Manufacture. Malt
and Beer in Spanish America. Fruit
Culture in Foreign Countries.

Vol. 2. Refrigerators and Food Preserva-
tion. European Emigration. Olive
Culture in the Alpes Maritimes. Beet
Sugar Industry and Flax Cultivation.

Vol. 3. Streets and Highways in Foreign

Vol. 4. Port Regulations in Foreign

Vol. 5. Canals and Irrigation in Foreign

Vol. 6. Coal in Spanish America. Gas
in Foreign Countries. India-rubber.

Vol. 7. The Slave Trade. Tariffs in
Foreign Countries.

Vol. 8. Fire and Building Regulations in
Foreign Countries.

Vol. 9. Australasian Sheep and Wool.
Vagrancy and Public Charities in
Foreign Countries.

C. Department of Agriculture.
a. Weather Bureau.

Reports for 1891, 1892, and 1893. By
Mark W. Harrington. Also Special
Report for 1891. 8

Washington, 1891-94

Monthly Weather Review, 1891-94 (M.
W. Harrington, Director). 4 vols. Maps
and plates. 4 Washington, 1892-94

Circular of Information. Protection from
Lightning. By A. M'Adie. 8

Washington, 1894

The Climatology and Physical Features
of Maryland. First Biennial Report of
the Maryland State Weather Service for
the years 1892 and 1893. Maps and
diagrams. Large 8 Baltimore, 1894

Bulletins. Maps and diagrams. 8


No. i. Climate and Meteorology of

Death Valley, California. By Mark

W. Harrington. 1892

No. 2. New Method for the Discussion

of Magnetic Observations. By F. H.

Bigelow. 1892

No. 3. Report on the Relations of Soil

to Climate. By E. W. Hilgard. 1892

No. 4. Some Physical Properties of Soils

in their Relation to Moisture and Crop

Distribution. By Milton Whitney.


Bulletins continued.
No. 5- Observations and Experiments
on the Fluctuations in the Level of
Ground-water. By Franklin H. King.


No. 6. The Diurnal Variation of Baro-
metric Pressure. By Frank N. Cole.


No. 8. Report on the Climatology of the
Cotton Plant. By P. II. Mell. 1893
[See also Maryland ; Finley, in Authors'
Catalogue ; and for other Meteoro-
logical Papers, see War Department, b.~\

b. Division of Statistics.
Report of the Statistician, Jan. -Feb. 1893.
8 Washington, 1893

Production and Distribution of the Princi-
pal Agricultural Products of the World.
[Misc. Series, No. 5.] 8

Washington, 1893

c. Miscellaneous.

Entomological Commission. Third Re-
port. Maps and plates. 8

Washington, 1883
See G, (7, Unclassed, infra.
Special Report. See Vasey.
Agricultural Report. Meteorology in its
connection with Agriculture. By Prof.
Joseph Henry. 8 N.D.

D. Naval Observatory Publications.

Astronomical and Meteorological Ob-
servations made during the year 1871 1873
Ditto, 1872 1874

Ditto, 1873 l8 75

Ditto, 1874 1877

Ditto, 1875 1878

Observations made during the year 1884
at the United States Naval Observatory.
4 1889

The same, during the years 1886-89.

4 1891-93

Washington Observations for 1868.
Appendix I. A Catalogue of 1963 Stars
reduced to the beginning of the year
1850 . . . from Observations made . . .
by the U.S. Naval Astronomical Ex-
pedition to the Southern Hemisphere.


Ditto for 1871. Appendix 3. Cata-
logue of Stars observed at the United
States Naval Observatory during the
years 1845 to I ^7i. By Prof. M. Yarnall.

Ditto for 1871. Appendix 4. Memoir

of the Founding and Progress of the U. S.

Naval Observatory. Prepared by Prof.

J. E. Nourse 1873.
Ditto for 1872. Appendix 2. See





Washington Observations for 1884.
Appendix i. Catalogue of Stars ob-
served at the United States Naval
Observatory during the years 1845 to
1877, and prepared for publication by
Prof. M. Yarnall, U.S.N. 3rd edition
. . . with Renumbering of the Stars by
Prof. Edgar Frisby, U.S.N. 4 1889

Ditto for 1886. Appendix I. Mag-
netic Observations at the United States
Naval Observatory, 1888 and 1889. By
Ensign J. A. Iloogewerff, U.S. Navy.
Plates. 4 Washington, 1890

Ditto for 1887. Appendix i. Report

upon some of the Magnetic Observatories
of Europe. By C. C. Marsh. 4 1891

Ditto for 1887. Appendix 2. Obser-
vations at the U.S. Naval Observatory,
1890. By J. A. Iloogewerff. 4 1891

Ditto for 1887. Appendix 3. Me-
teorological Observations* and Results,

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