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Ditto, for the year 1890. 4 parts.
Maps. 8 Washington, 1890

Ditto, for the year 1891. 6 parts.
Maps. 8 Washington, 1891

Ditto, for the year 1892. 4 parts. 8,
and Atlas 4 Washington, 1892

Ditto, for the year 1893. 6 parts.
Maps and plates. 8 Washington, 1893




Analytical and Topical Index to the

Reports of the Chief of Engineers and the
Officers efthe Corps of Engineers, United
States Army, upon Works and Surveys for
River and Harbor Improvement. Vol.
2, 1880-87. Compiled, under the direc-
tion of Lieut. -Col. Henry M. Robert,
Corps of Engineers, by Louis Y.
Schcrmerhorn, C.E., and Holden B.
Schermerhorn. 8 Washington, 1889

Appendices to Annual Reports.

Report of the Commission of Engineers
upon the Reclamation of the Alluvial
Basin of the Mississippi River. [Ap-
pendix O, 1875.] Diagram and charts.
8 Washington, 1875

Report on the Transportation Route along
the Wisconsin and Fox Rivers, in
the State of Wisconsin, between the
Mississippi River and Lake Michigan.
[Appendix T (Part 2), 1876.] Plates.
8 Washington, 1876

Report of the Surveys and Examinations
of the Connecticut River between Hart-
ford, Conn., and Holyoke, Mass., made
since 1867. [Appendix B 14, 1878.]
Maps, diagrams. 8 Washington, 1878

Annual Report upon the Improvement of
Rivers and Harbours on the Coast of
S. Carolina, Georgia, and the Atlantic
Coast of Florida, in charge of Q. A.
Gilmore. [Appendix J, 1880]

Washington, 1 880

Annual Report upon the Geographical
Explorations and Surveys West of the
looth Meridian, in California, Nevada,
Nebraska, Utah, Arizona, Colorado,
New Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana.
By George M. Wheeler. [Appendix LL,
1875.] Maps and plates. 8

Washington, 1875

Topographical Atlas accompanying.
- The like Report and Topographical
Atlas for 1876. [Appendix JJ, 1876.]
Maps. 8 Washington, 1876

Surveys W. of xooth Meridian.

Report upon United States Geographical
Surveys West of the lOOth Meridian, in
charge of First Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler.
4 Washington

Vol. I. Geographical Report. Maps
and plates ' 1889

Vol. 2. Astronomy and Barometric
Hypsomctry 1877

Vol. 3. Geology. Plates and photo-
graphs 1875
Vol. 3. Supplement Geology. Maps
and plates. 4" Washington, 1881
Vol. 4. Paleontology, riatcs 1877
Vol. 5. Zoology. 'Plates 1875
Vol. 6. Botany. Plates 1875
Vol. 7. Archaeology. Maps and plates.
4 Washington, 1879


Surveys W. of looth Meridian contd.

List of Reports and Maps of the United
States Geographical Surveys West of the
looth Meridian. George M. Wheeler.
2nd edition. Map. 8 Washington, 1881

Tables of Geographic Positions, Azimuths,
and Distances ; together with Lists of
Barometric Altitudes, Magnetic Declina-
tions, and Itineraries of Important
Routes. Prepared principally by First
Lieut. M. M. Macomb, 4th U.S.
Artillery, Assistant, from data gathered
by parties of the United States Geo-
graphical Surveys West of the looth
Meridian, operating in the States and
Territories of California, Colorado,
Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon. Arizona,
Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, and
Wyoming ; under the direction of Capt.
Geo. M. Wheeler, Corps of Engineers,
U.S. Army, in charge. 1883. Folio

Washington, 1885

Professional Papers of the Corps of

No. 1 8. Report of the Geological Explora-
tion of the Fortieth Parallel ... By
Clarence King, U.S. Geologist. 4


Vol. I. Systematic Geology. By
Clarence King. Plates 1878

Vol. 2. Descriptive Geology. By Arnold
Hague and S. F. Emmons. Plates 1877
Vol. 3. Mining Industry. By J. D.
Hague ; with Geological Contributions
by Clarence King. Plates. Atlas to
ditto 1870

Vol. 4. Part I. Palaeontology. By F.
B. Meek. Part 2. Palaeontology. By
James Hall and R. P. Whitfield. Part
3. Ornithology. By Robert Ridgway.
Plates 1877

Vol. 5. Botany. By Sereno Watson,
D. C. Eaton, and others. Map and
plates 1871

Vol. 6. Microscopical Petrography. By
Ferdinand Zinkel. Plates 1877

Vol. 7. Odontornithes : a Monograph
on the Extinct Toothed Birds of North
America. By Othnicl Charles Marsh.
Plates 1880

No. 24. Report upon the Primary Trian-
gulation of the United States Lake
Survey. By Lieut. -Col. C. B. Comstock,
Corps of Engineers, aided by the Assist-
ants on the Survey. Plates. 4"

Washington, 1882

b. Signal Service.

Annual Reports of the Chief Signal Officer
to the Secretary of War for the years
1871, 1872, 1879, 1880, and 1883-1890.
(1880, 1885, and 1887, in 2 parts.)
Maps, &>f. 8 Washington, 1872




Annual Reports continued.

Part 2 (1885) consists of: Recent
Advances in Meteorology, systematically
arranged in the form of a Text-Book,
designed for use in the Signal Service
School of Instruction of Fort Myer, Va. ,
and also for a Hand-Book in the Office
of the Chief Signal Officer. Prepared,
under the direction of Brigadier and
Brevet Major-Gen. W. B. Hazen, by
William Ferrel, M.A., Ph.D.

Professional Papers of the Signal

No. I. Report on the Solar Eclipse of
July 1878. By Cleveland Abbe. Maps,
diagrams, and plates. 4

Washington, 1881

No. 2. Isothermal Lines of the United
States, 1871-80. By First- Lieutenant
A. W. Greely. Maps. 4 1881

No. 3. Chronological List of Auroras
observed from 1870 to 1879. Com-
piled by First- Lieutenant A. W.
Greely. 4 1881

No. 4. Report of the Tornadoes of May
29 and 30, 1879, in Kansas, Nebraska,
Missouri, and Iowa. By Sergeant
J. P. Finley. Maps. 4

Washington, 1881

No. 5. Information relative to the Con-
struction and Maintenance of Time-
Balls. 4 1881

No. 6. The Reduction of Air- Pressure

to Sea-level, at Elevated Stations

West of the Mississippi River. By

Henry A. Hazen, A. M . Maps. 4

Washington, 1882

No. 7- Report on the Character of Six

Hundred Tornadoes. Prepared . . .

by Sergeant J. P. Finley. Maps. 4

Washington, 1882

No. 8. Recent Mathematical Papers
concerning the Motions of the Atmos-
phere. Part I. The Motions of Fluids
and Solids on the Earth's Surface. By
Professor William Ferrel. Reprinted,
with Notes, by Frank Waldo. 4

Washington, 1882

No. 9. Charts and Tables showing
Geographical Distribution of Rainfall
in the United States. Prepared . . .
by H. II. C. Dunvvoody. 4

Washington, 1883

No. 10. Signal Service Tables of Rain-
fall and Temperature compared with
Crop Production. Prepared ... by
II . H. C. Dun woody. 4

Washington, 1882

No. II. Meteorological and Physical
Observations on the East Coast of
British America. By Orray Taft
Sherman. Chart. 4

Washington, 1883

Professional Papers continued.

No. 12. Popular Essays on the Move-
ments of the Atmosphere. Compiled
... by Professor William Ferrel. 4
Washington, 1882

No. 13. Temperature of the Atmosphere
and Earth's Surface. Prepared . . .
by Professor William Ferrel. 4 1884
No. 14. Charts of Relative Storm
Frequency for a portion of the Northern
Hemisphere. Prepared ... by John
P. Finley. 4 Washington, 1884

No. 15. Researches on Solar Heat and
its Absorption by the Earth's Atmos-
phere : a Report of the Mount Whitney
Expedition. Prepared ... by S. P.
Langley. Maps and plates. 4

Washington, 1884

No. 16. Tornado Studies for 1884.
Prepared ... by John P. Finley.
Maps. 4 Washington, 1885

No. 17. See Ferrel.
No. 1 8. Thermometer Exposure. Pre-
pared ... by Henry A. Hazen. 4

Washington, 1885

Signal Service Notes. No. 5. Work of
the Signal Service in the Arctic Regions.
Chart. 8 Washington, 1883

No. 10. See Garlington.
Bulletin of International Meteorological
Observations taken simultaneously, Dec.
26, 1878. 4 Washington, 1878

Mean Temperatures and their Correc-
tions in the United States. By Alexander
M'Adie. 4 Washington, 1891

[For other Meteorological papers, see
Department of Agriculture, a.]

c. Miscellaneous.

Meteorological Register for the years
1826-42. From Observations made by
the Surgeons of the Army and others.
Prepared under the direction of Thomas
Lawson. 2 vols. in I. 8
Philadelphia, 1840; Washington, 1851

Army Meteorological Register, for

twelve years 1843-54. Compiled from
Observations made by the Officers of the
Medical Department. 4

Washington, 1855

Reports of Explorations and Surveys to
ascertain the most Practicable and
Economical Route for a Railroad from
the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean,
made under the direction of the Secretary
of War, the Hon. Jefferson Davis, Gen.
J. S. Jessup, Govr. J. J. Stevens, &c. &c.,
in 1853-54. According to Acts of
Congress. 12 vols. in 13. Maps and
plates. 4 Washington, 1855-60

War Department Circular. The Practical
Use of Meteorological Reports and
Weather-maps. P/ates. 8

Washington, i




I. Various Government Publications.

Message from the President of the
U.S. concerning the Boundary between
the U.S. and the Republic of Mexico.
8 Philadelphia, 1837

Report of the Commissioner of General

Land Office, accompanying the Annual

Report of the Secretary of the Interior,

for 1837, 1839, 1848, and 1860. Maps

Washington, 1837-60

Report of the Committee on Roads and
Canals (Mount Carmel and New Albany
Railroad). 8 Washington, 1839

Report of the Secretary of the Treasury,
of the Commerce and Navigation of the
United States for 1839, 1856, 1857, 1858,
1860. 4 vols. 8 Washington, 1839-60

Messages from the Presidents of the
United States to the Two Houses of
Congress, at the Commencement of the
Session, with Documents and Diplomatic
Correspondence, 1839, 1847, 1849-50 (3
parts), 1850-51 (2 parts), 1851-52 (2
parts), 1853 (Part i), 1854 (2 parts),
l8 55 (3 parts), 1856 (2 vols.), 1862 (2
vols.) 1 8 vols. 8

Washington, 1839-62

Commerce and Navigation. 8

Washington, 1840

Message of the President of the U.S. in
Relation to the Boundary between the
United States and the Republic of Texas.
Maps. 8 Washington, 1842

Annual Report of the Commissioner of
the General Land Office. 8

Washington, 1848

Ditto, for the year 1867 [in German,

French, and Swedish]. 8

Washington, 1868

Ditto, for the years 1868, 1869, and
1871. 8 Washington, 1868-71

Table of Post Offices in the U.S., ar-
ranged in alphabetical order, with an
Appendix. 8 Philaiielphia, 1851

Official Report to the American Congress
on the Communications between the
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 8

Washington, 1850

Report of the Lighthouse Board

Washington, 1852

The American Ephemeris and Nautical
Almanac for the years 1855 to date.
Large 8 Washington, 1852

Ship-Canal Question. State of the Great
Ship Canal Question : Convention be-
tween Great Britain and the United
States. 8 1 860

Results of Meteorological Observations
made under the Direction of the United
States Patent Office and the Smithsonian
Institution, from 1854 to 1859 inclusive.
Vol. i. 4" Washington, 1861

Sanitary Commission. Reports

Washington, 1867


Lists of Distances, compiled for the
Information and Guidance of Officers
doing duty in the Quartermaster's Depart-
ment in making Payments for Mileage.
8 Washington, 1 868

Handbook for Immigrants to the United
States. Maps. Small 8

Neiu York, 1871

Transit of Venus. Papers relating to the
Transit of Venus in 1874 : Parts I and
2. Charts. 4 Washington, 1872

Tables to Facilitate the Reduction of
Places of the Fixed Stars. Prepared
for the use of the American Ephemeris
and Nautical Almanac. 2nd edition.
Large 8 Washington, 1873

Report of the Superintendent of the Yellow-
stone National Park for the year 1872.
8 Washington, 1873

Report of the Superintendent of the
Yellowstone National Park to the Secre-
tary of the Interior, 1887. 8

Washington, 1887

Report of the Select Committee on Trans-
portation. Routes to the Seaboard, with
Appendix and Evidence. Parts I and 2.
8 Washington, 1874

Progress Report of the Mississippi River
Commission. Plates 1882

Emigration and Immigration. Reports
of the Consular Officers of the United
States. 8 Washington, 1887

Commercial Relations of the United
States with Foreign Countries during
the years 1885 and 1886. 2 vols. Chart,
plans, and illustrations. 8

Washington, 1887

Further Correspondence as to North
American Fisheries, 1887-88 ; with De-
spatch enclosing Treaty signed at Wash-
ington, 1 5th February 1888. Folio.

Fish Commission. Extract from the
Bulletin, giving Account of the Ex-
plorations of the Fishing Grounds of
Alaska, Washington Territory, and Ore-
gon, during 1888, by the U.S. Fish
Commission Steamer "Albatross." Illus-
trations. Large 8 Washington, 1889

Board on Geographic Names. Bulletins
Nos. 1-3. 8 Washington, 1890-91

Bureau of the Statistics of Labour. 22nd
Annual Report, March 1892. 8

Boston, 1892

Bureau of American Republics. Bul-
letin. No. 2. Handbook of the
American Republics. Enlarged and
revised edition. I vol. Maps and
plates. 8 Washington, Feb. 1891

Ditto. No. 7. Brazil. I vol. Map

and plates. 8

I Vash ington , June 1891

Ditto. No. 9. Mexico. Prepared by

Arthur W. Ferguson. I vol. Plates.
8 U Washington, July 1891




Bur. Amer. Republics continued.

Special Bulletin. Coffee in America :

Methods of Production and Facilities for
Successful Cultivation in Mexico, the
Central States, Brazil, and other South
American Countries, and the West
Indies. 8 Washington, Oct. 1893

Bureau of Ethnology. See Henshaw ;
Pilling ; Powell.

J. Miscellaneous and Anonymous.

General Outline of the U.S. of North

America, her Resources and Prospects ;

with a Statistical Comparison. Map. S

Philadelphia, 1824

Inquiries respecting the History, Present
Condition, and Future Prospects of the
Indian Tribes of the United States. 4"

A Connected View of the whole Internal
Navigation of the United States, Natural
and Artificial, Present and Prospective.
By a Citizen of the United States. Maps.
8 Philadelphia, 1830

Account of the Conduct of the Religious
Society of Friends towards the Indian
Trilxjs in the Settlement of East and
West Jersey and Pennsylvania, to 1843.
Published by the Aborigines Protection
Society. Maps. 8 1844

Economical Causes of Slavery in the
United States, and Obstacles to Aboli-
tion. By a South Carolinian. 8 1857

Rockford, Rock Island, and St Louis
Rail-Road Company. Circular. Map.
8 New York, 1868

Union Pacific Railroad Company, char-
tered by the United States : Progress of
their Road west from Omaha, Nebraska,
across the Continent. 8 New York, 1868

Letters on the Necessity of Cheapening
Transport between the West and the
Ocean, addressed to the Milwatikee
Sentinel and Chicago Tribune, by " A
Western Trader." 8 Milwaukee, 1868

Reports of Observations of the Total
Eclipse of the Sun, August 7, 1869, made
by Parties under the General Direction
of Prof. J. H. C. Coffin, U.S.N. Plates.
4 [ Washington]

Hiawatha : the Story of the Iroquois
Sage. 12 New York, 1873

The Englishman's Illustrated Guide-
Book to the United States and Canada,
especially adapted to the use of British
Tourists and Settlers, &c. 3rd edition,
with Appendix containing a Description
of the International Exhibition of 1876
at Philadelphia. Plates. 12 1876

Ditto, with an Appendix of the

Shooting and Fishing Resorts of North
America. Edition of 1884. 12"

London and New York

Ditto. Edition of 1881;. 12


The Total Eclipse of the Sun, Jan. i,
1889: Report of Washington University
Eclipse Party (Acad. Sci., St Louis)

Cambridge, 1891

K. States and Territories.


Cruise of the Revenue steamer " Cor win :
in Alaska and the N.W. Arctic Ocean
in 1881. Notes and Memoranda :
Medical and Anthropological ; Botanical ;
Ornithological. Plates. 4

Washington, 1883

See also Hooper.

Alaska. A Sketch of the Country and its
People. Map. 8 [1883]

Report of the International Polar Ex-
pedition to Point Barrow, Alaska.
[Lieut. P. H. Ray, Commanding.] Map
and plates. 4 Washington, 1885

St Elias. Up the Saint Elias Alps.
[Cuttings from the New York Tim
Map. Folio 1886

Report of the Governor of Alaska for the
fiscal year 1 888. Map. 8

Washington, 1889

Alaska and Passamaquoddy Bay.
Convention between Great Britain and
the United States of America respecting
the Boundary between the two countries,
signed at Washington, July 22, 1892.


California Claims. Report on Memorial
of John Charles Fremont. 8

Washington, 1848

Geological Survey. J. D. Whitney,
State Geologist. Plates. 4"
[Philadelphia and Cambridge, Mass. ,]


Geology. Vol. I. Report of Progress

and Synopsis of the Field-work, from

1860 to 1864, by J. D. Whitney 1865

Palaeontology. Vol. I. Carboniferous

and Jurassic Fossils, by F. B. Meek ;

Triassic and Cretaceous Fossils, by W.

M. Gabb, 1864. Vol. 2. Cretaceous and

Tertiary Fossils, by W. M. Gabb 1869

Ornithology. Vol. i. Land Birds;

edited by S. F. Baird, from the MS. and

Notes of J. G. Cooper 1870

Botany. Vol. i. Polypetalae, by W.

H. Brewer and Sereno \Vatson ; Gamo-

petalse, by Asa Gray, 1876. Vol. 2. By

Sereno Watson 1880

Contributions to Barometric Hypso-

melry ; with Tables for use in California


State Mining Bureau. Third Annual
Report of the State Mineralogist, for the
year ending ist June 1883. Map and
illustrations. 8 Sacramento, 1883




State Mining Bureau continued.

Fourth, and Seventh to Tenth Annual
Reports of the State Mineralogist, for the
years ending I5th May 1884, 1st October
1887 and 1888, ist December 1889 and
1890. Maps and plates. 8

Sacramento, 1884-90

Eleventh Report of the State Min-
eralogist (First Biennial). Two years
ending I5th September 1892. Maps and
plates. 8 Sacramento, 1893

California Academy of Sciences. Oc-
casional Papers. 4 vols. 8

San Francisco, 1890-93

1. A Revision of the South American

Nematognathi or Cat Fishes. By C.
H. and R. S. Eigenmann. 1890

2. Land Birds of the Pacific District.

By Lyman Belding. 1890

3. Evolution of the Colours of North

American Land Birds. By C. A.
Keeler. 1893

4. Bibliography of the Palaeozoic Crus-

tacea, 1698-1892, with Catalogue

of N. American Species. By A. W.

Vogdes. 1893

Eine BlumeausdemGoldencn Lande, oder

Los Angeles. Plates. 12 Fragile, 1878

Carolina, South.

A Sketch of the Resources and Industries
of South Carolina. Maps and illustra-
tions. 8 Charleston, S.C., 1888

Columbia, District of.
Statistical Information concerning. 4 N.D.


Resources of Dakota. Afaps and illus-
trations. 8 Sioux Falls, Dakota, 1887

An Act to provide for the Division of
Dakota into two States, &c. 8 1889

A Dictionary of Dakota, conveniently
arranging a multitude of facts about the
Resources and Capabilities of the Great
Territory soon to become two States.
8 Aberdeen, S.D., N.D.

The Year of Statehood, 1889. Dakota :
Official Guide, containing useful in-
formation in handy form for Settlers and
I lomeseekers concerning North and South
Dakota. Maps. 8 Aberdeen, S.D.,K.\).

Dakota, South.

Facts about South Dakota : an Official
Encyclopedia containing useful informa-
tion in handy form for Settlers, Home-
seekers, and Investors, in regard to
Soil, Climate, Productions, Advantages,
and Development Agricultural, Manu-
facturing, Commercial, and Mineral;
the Great Sioux Reservation recently
opened for Settlement ; the Government
LandLaws,&c. 8 Aberdeen, S.D., 1890



Description of the Windward Passage
and Gulf of Florida, with the Course
of the British Trading-Ships to and from
the Island of Jamaica ; also an Account
of the Trade Winds, &c. Map. 4 1739

Orange County, Zellwood. Maps and
illustrations. 1 2

Philadelphia and Zellwood, 1885


A State of the Province of Georgia,
attested upon Oath in the Court of
Savannah, loth Nov. 1740. 8 1742

De Praestantia Coloniae Georgico-An-
glicanae prae Coloniis aliis. Maps.
SquareS Aug. Vindel., 1747

North Georgia Gazette and Winter
Chronicle. 4 N.P., 1821


Chicago Exhibition. Royal Com-
mission for the Chicago Exhibition, 1893.
Handbook of Regulations and General
Information, ist edition. 12 1892


Kentucky Towns and Counties : being
Reports of their Growth, Natural Re-
sources, and Industrial Improvement,
made to the State Industrial and Com-
mercial Conference at Louisville, 4th,
5th, and 6th October 1887. 8

Frankfort, Ky., 1887


The Present State of the Country and
Inhabitants, Europeans and Indians, of
Louisiana, on the North Continent of
America. By an Officer at New Orleans.
8 N.P., 1744


Message from the President of the United
States upon the State of Affairs between
the State of Maine and the British
Province of New Brunswick. 8

Washington, 1839

Plan for Shortening the Time of Passage
between New York and London.
Printed by order of the Legislature of
Maine. 8 1850


Message from the Governor of Maryland,
transmitting the Reports of the Joint
Commissioners, and of Lieut. -Colonel
Graham, in Relation to the Inter-
section of the Boundary Lines of the
States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and
Delaware. Alap. 8 U Washington, 1850

State Weather Service. [In Co-opera-
tion with the U.S. Dep. Agr., Weather
Bureau.] Monthly Reports. Parts of
Vols. 2, 3, and 4 (incomplete). 4 1892-94
- See U.S. : Department of Agri-





The Illustrated Pilgrim Memorial. Pub-
lished in Aid of the Monument Fund.
4 Boston, 1863


The Sault Ste. Marie Canal and Hay
Lake Channel : Necessity of their Speedy
Improvement. Proceedings of the Water-
ways Convention held at Sault Ste.
Marie, Michigan, 2othjuly 1887. Map
and diagrams Duluth, 1887


The State of Minnesota, its Agricultural,
Lumbering, and Mining Resources,
Manufacturingand Commercial Facilities,
Railroads, Pleasure Resorts, Fish, Game,
&c. Illustrations. 8 St Paul, Minn., 1885

Geological and Natural History Survey
of: First, Seventh, and Tenth to
Twentieth Annual Reports, for the years
1872-91. Maps and plates. 8

Minneapolis and St Paul, 1884-90

Bulletins of the Survey (Nos. 1-5)'

Plates. Large 8 St Paid, 1887-89

The same. No. 6. The Iron Ores

of Minnesota. By N. H. and H. W.
Winchell St Paul, 1891

The same. No. 7. The Mammals of

Minnesota : a Scientific and Popular
Account of their Features and Habits.
By C. L. Herrick. Large 8 a

Minneapolis, 1892


Geological Survey. Reports on the Geo-
logical Survey of the State of Missouri,
1855-71. By G. C. Broadhead, F. B.
Meek, and B. F. Shumard. Maps and
plates. 8 Jefferson City, 1873

The same, including Field Work of

1 873-74. Plates. 8, and Atlas 4

Jefferson City, 1874
Preliminary Report on the Iron Ores

and Coalfields, from the Field Work of
1872. Maps and plates. Large 8, and
Atlas oblong folio New York, 1873

Bulletins (Nos. 1-5). Maps and plates.

Large 8 Jefferson City, 1890-91

Preliminary Report on the Coal De-
posits of Missouri, from Field Work
prosecuted during the years 1890 and
1891. By Arthur Winslow. Illustrations.
Large 8 Jefferson City, 1891
Biennial Report of the State Geologist
transmitted ... to the Thirty-sixth
General Assembly. Diagrams. 8

Jefferson City, 1891


Quadrennial Report of the Freedmen's
Aid and Southern Education Society to
the General Conference of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, held in Omaha, Ne-
braska, May 1892. 8 Omaha, 1892


New Jersey.

Annual Report of the State Geologist of
New Jersey for 1869. Plans. 8

Trenton, N.J., 1870

Statistical Information concerning New
Jersey. 4 N.P., N.D.

New York.

Communications from the Governor re-
lative to the Geological Survey of the
State of New York, 1838, 1839, and 1840.
8 New York, 1838-40

On the Longitudes of the Dudley Ob-
servatory, the Hamilton College Observa-
tory, the City of Buffalo, the City of
Syracuse. Plates. 8

Albany, N. Y., 1862

Reports of Dr Peters on the Longitude of
Elmira, and on the Longitude and Lati-
tude of Ogdensburgh. 8

Albany, N. Y., 1864-65

State Survey. Report of the Board of

Commissioners of the State Survey.

Map. 8 Albany, N. Y., 1877

Reports of, for the years 1877 and

1878. Maps. 8 Albany, N.Y., 1878-79
Special Report of, on the Preserva-
tion of the Scenery of Niagara Falls ; and
Fourth Annual Report on the Triangula-
tion of the State for the year 1879. Maps
and plates. 8 Albany, N. Y., 1880

Reports of, for the years 1 880 to

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