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1883. Maps ami sections. 8

Albany, N.Y., 1881-84
New York and Pennsylvania Boundary.
Report of the Regents' Boundary Com-
mission upon the New York and Pennsyl-
vania Boundary ; with the Final Report
of Major H. W. Clarke, Surveyor for the
Commission. Maps and sketches. 8

Albany, N.Y., 1886

Report on the Progress of the State of New

York. Maps and plates. 'K' Albany, 1891

Niagara. Engineers' Opinion of the Marine

Railway around the Falls of Niagara.

8 New York, 1865

Water-Power at Niagara Falls to be

successively Utilized. Plates. Large 8


Annual Reports, 6th, 7th gth, and

loth, of the Commissioners of the State
Reservation at Niagara, for the fiscal years
1888-89, 1889-90, 1891-92, and 1892-93.
Maps and illustrations. 8

Albany, N. Y., 1890-94
Erie Campaigns in 1868 ; or, How they
Manage things on the New York Ex-
change. 8.

"Farewell." An Oil-Painting : Account
of its presentation to Kane Lodge, No.
454, F. and A. M. Masonic Hall, New
York, Tuesday Evening, 4th June 1889.
Plates. 12.




Geological Survey. Report of Progress
in 1870. By J. S. Newberry. Sections.
8 Columbus, 1871


The Oregon Question, &c. [Pamphlets
by T. Falconer, A. Simpson, and G. F.
Ruxton ; together with Extracts from
Reviews and Newspaper Cuttings on the
subject.] 8 1845-46


Report of the Board of Canal Com-
missioners. 8 Harrisburg, 1838

Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company,
History of the. Maps. 8

Philadelphia, 1840

Diagram of the Progress of the Anthracite
Coal Trade of Pennsylvania to and
including the year 1879 ; with Statistical
Tables by Messrs Sheafer. 4

Pottsville, Pa., 1880

Handbook of Christchurch, Philadelphia.
Plates and portraits. 8 1892

Geological Survey. See Rogers, H. D.

A Visit to Texas : being the Journal of a
Traveller through those parts most
interesting to American Settlers. 18

New York, 1836

Western Texas. Reports of the Secretary
of War, with Reconnaissances of Routes
from San Antonio to El Paso, by J. E.
Johnston, W. F. Smith, F. T. Bryan,
N. II. Michler, and S. G. French ; also
the Report of Capt. R. B. Marcy's
Route from Fort Smith to Santa Fe ;
and the Report of Lieut. J. H. Simpson
of an Expedition into the Navajo Country ;
and the Report of Lieut. W. H. C.
Whiting's Reconnaissance of the Western
Frontier of Texas. Maps. 8

Washington, 1850

Utah Epitomized : a Brief Compendium
of the Resources, Attractions, Advan-
tages, Possibilities, Mineral, Industrial,
and Agricultural, of Utah and her
Capital. Illustrations. 8 N.D.


Salt Lake City. A Sketch of Utah's
Wonderful Resources. Illustrations.
Small 4 Salt Lake, 1888


A Geographical and Political Summary,
embracing a Description of the State, its
Geology, Soils, Minerals, and Climate ;
its Animal and Vegetable Productions,
Manufacturing and Commercial Facilities,
Religious and Educational Advantages,
Internal Improvements, and Form of
Government. Prepared and published
under the supervision of the Board of
Immigration. Maps. 8

Richmond, Va., 1876

Tobacco in Virginia and North Carolina.
Map. 8 Richmond, Va., 1877

A Synopsis of the Geology, Geography,
Climate, and Soil of the State ; together
with its Resources of Mines, Forests, and
Fields, its Flocks and its Herds. Map.
8 Richmond, Va., 1889


Geological Survey of Wisconsin, 1873-79.
Vol. i. Maps and illustrations. Large
8 [Madison] 1883

Vol. 2. Plates. Large 8

[Madison] 1877
Vol. 3. Maps and plates. Large 8

[Madison] 1880
Vol. 4. Maps and plates. Large 8

[Madison] 1882

Folio Atlas accompanying Vols. 2, 3,

and 4 1882

Madison. Charter of the City of Madison,

Wisconsin. 8 Madison, 1856

Watertown, Wisconsin, City of: its

Manufacturing and Railroad Advantages

and Business Statistics. Map. 12

Watertown, 1856

Annual Report of the Territorial Geologist
to the Governor of Wyoming, January
1888. Louis D. Ricketts, D.Sc., Terri-
torial Geologist. 8

Cheyenne, Wyo., 1888

Resources of Wyoming, 1889. Map. 8

Cheyenne, Wyo., 1889




A. General.

Brief Statement, supported by Original
Documents, of the Important Grants
conceded to the Eastern Coast of Central
America Commercial and Agricultural
Company by the State of Guatemala.
Maps. 8 1831

Tigre Island and Central America.

Message from the President of the

United States, transmitting Documents,

k &c. 8 {Washington} 1850

Description of the Facilities and Ad-
vantages which a Road across Central
America, from Admiral's Bay, or Chiriqui
Lagoon, on the Atlantic, to Chiriqui Bay,
on the Pacific, would afford to the Com-
merce of the World. Plate. 8

Philadelphia, 1852

Biologia Centrali-Americana ; or, Con-
tributions to the Knowledge of the
Fauna and Flora of Mexico and Central
America. Edited by F. Ducane Godman
and Osbert Salvin. Archreology by A.
P. Maudslay. Parts 1-4. Text (illus-
trations) 4; and atlas, Parts 1-4, oblong
4 1889-90

B. Costa Rica.

Documentos que dan a Conocer el Estado
actual de la Socicdad Itineraria del Norte.
Small 4 Costa Rica, 1882

Informe de Hacienda en 1853. 4

Sanjosi!, 1853

Account of the Costa Rica Railway.
Map. 8 Liverpool, 1855

Decretos y Constitucion Politica de la

Reptfblica de Costa- Rica eimtida en

1871 y adoptada el 26 de Abril de 1882.

1 6 Sanjosd, 1882

[See Nicaragua.]

C. Guatemala.

Censo General de la Republica de Guate-
mala, levantado el afio de 1880. 4

Guatemala [1881]

Movimiento de Poblacion habido en los
Pueblos de la Republica de Guatemala
durante el ano de 1881. 4

Guatemala, 1882
[Continued as]

Anales Estadisticos dc la Republica de

Guatemala, ano de 1882. Tomo I. 4

Guatemala [1883]

The same. Ano de 1883. Tomo 2.

4 Guatemala [1884]


Directorio de la Ciudad de Guatemala,
compilado por la Direccion General de
Estadistica, ano de 1886. 8

Guatemala, N.D.

Informe de la Direccion General de

Estadistica, 1886-88. 8 Guatemala, N. D.

Exposition Universelle Internationale,
Paris, 1889. Republique de Guatemala,
Amerique Centrale. Catalogue des
Exposants, avec une Introduction par
le Dr Gustave E. Guzman, suivi d'une
Notice sur certains produits speciaux
exposes par Adolphe Boucard. Portrait.
8 Tours, N.D.

Demarcaci6n politica de la Republica
de Guatemala, compilada por la Oficina
de Estadistica, 1892. Large 8

Guatemala, 1893

Memoria con que el Secretario de Estado
en el Despacho de Hacienda y Credito
de Publico da cuenta a la Asamblea
Nacional Legislativa de los trabajos
effectuados durante el ano de 1892.
Royal 8 Guatemala, 1893

Memoria presentada por la secretario de
relationes exteriores de la Republica
de Guatemala a la Asamblea National
Legislativa en 1893. Royal 8

Guatemala, 1893

D. Honduras.

Report of the Commissioners of Legal
Inquiry on the Case of the Indians at
Honduras. [Parl. Rep.] Folio 1828

Primer Anuario Estadistico correspon-
diente al aiio de 1889. Por Antonio R.
Vallejo. Large 4 Tegucigalpa, 1893

E. Nicaragua.

Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. 8 1850
Nicaragua Route for an Inter-Oceanic
Ship Canal. Report by Max. von
Sonnenstern to the Minister of Public
Works, Nicaragua. 4 Washington, 1874
Nicaragua, No. i (1881). Arbitration :
Mosquito Coast. Papers relating to the
Arbitration of His Imperial Majesty the
Emperor of Austria in the Differences
between the Government of Her Britannic
Majesty and the Government of the Re-
public of Nicaragua respecting the In-
terpretation of Certain Articles of the
Treaty of Managua signed on the 28th of
January 1860. Map. Folio 1881




The Case of the Republic of Nicaragua
submitted to His Excellency Hon. Grover
Cleveland, President of the United States,
Arbitrator, under the Treaty of Guatemala
of 24th December 1886. 8

Washington, 1888

The Interoceanic Canal of Nicaragua, its
History, Physical Condition, Plans, and
Prospects. Published by the Nicaragua
Canal Construction Company. Chart
and illustrations. 4 New York, 1891
[See also Colombia : Panama Canal. ]

Mosquitoland. Bericht liber die . . . ;
Untersuchung einiger Theile des Mos-
quitolandes erstattet von der dazu
ernannten Commission. Maps and plates.
8 Berlin, 1845

F. Salvador.

Apuntamientos Estadisticos sobre la Re-
publica del Salvador (Reyes)

San Salvador [i%8g]

Notice sur le Salvador. Exposition
Universelle de Paris en 1889. 8

Paris, 1889

A. General.

Journal of the Expedition to La Guira and
Porto Cavallos in the West Indies, under
the command of Commodore Knowles.
12 1744

An Account showing the Rates and
Amount of Duties, levied under British
Acts of Parliament, on British West
India Products, imported into the British
North American Colonies of Nova Scotia,
New Brunswick, Upper and Lower
Canada, Newfoundland and Prince
Edward's Islands, distinguishing such
Products under the heads of Sugar, Rum,
Molasses, Coffee, &c. , also of the above
Articles of Foreign Growth, for 1829.
[Parly. Rep.] Folio 1830

Accounts showing the Rates and Amount
of Duties levied in each of the British
West India Colonies on Goods, Wares,
and Merchandise ; of the Quantities of
Sugar, Rum, Coffee, and Molasses ex-
ported ; Comparative Statement of the
Quantities of the different Productions
of the United States of America im-
ported into the West India Colonies, &c.
[Parly. Rep.] Folio 1830

Observations relative to the Establish-
ment of the West India Agricultural
Company. 8 1836

The Lighthouses of the West India
Islands and the adjacent Coasts. Cor-
rected to 1848, 1853, 1858, 1859.
4 parts. 8 1848-59


The West India Labour Question :

being Replies to Inquiries instituted by
the Committee of the British and Foreign
Anti-Slavery Society. 8 1858

Report of the Committee, consisting of
Mr Thiselton Dyer (Secretary), Pro-
fessor Newton, Professor Flower, Mr
Carruthers, and Mr Sclater, appointed
for the purpose of reporting on the
present state of our knowledge of the
Zoology and Botany of the West India
Islands, and taking steps to investigate
ascertained deficiencies in the Fauna
and Flora. 8 [1888]

[See also Atlantic. ]

B. Bahamas.

Fisheries. Official Introduction to Bahamas
Fisheries, with a Description of the Islands.
By Rebus. 8 1883

C. Cuba.

Original Papers relating to the Expedition

to the Island of Cuba. Small 8 1744
Guia de Forasteros, en la siempre fiel

Isla de Cuba para el aiio de 1842. Plans.

1 8 Havana, 1842

Cuadro Estadistico de la siempre fiel

Isla de Cuba, correspondiente al aiio de

1846. 4 Havana, 1847

Cuba in Revolution : a Statement of Facts.

8 1871

Habana. Balanza Mercantil de la Habana,

correspondiente al aiio de 1837 e 1840.

2 parts. 4 Havana, 1838-41

D. Jamaica.

Public Gardens, &c. See Morris, D.
Blue-Book. Island of Jamaica, 1887-88.
Folio Kingston, 1889

E. San Domingo.

Report of the Commission of Inquiry to
Santo Domingo, with ihe Introductory
Message of the President, Special Re-
ports made to the Commission, State
Papers furnished by the Dominican
Government, and the Statements of over
Seventy Witnesses. Map. 8

Washington, 1871

Decree annulling the agreement of Dec. 28,
1872, by which the Peninsula and Bay
of Samana were leased to an American
Company. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1874

La Republique Dominicainc a I'Exposition
Universelle de Paris. 8 Havre, 1889

F. Windward Islands.

St Lucia and St Vincent. A Relation of
the late intended Settlement of the Islands
of St Lucia and St Vincent in America,
in right of the Duke of Montagu, . . .
1722. Maps. 12 1725





Outline of the Revolution in Spanish
America, or an Account of the Oiigin
&c., of the War carried on between
Spain and Spanish America. By a South-
Amer can. 8 1817

Rays of Sunlight in Darkest South
America, or God's Wondrous Working
on Southern Shores and Seas. 3rd
edition N.D.

A. Government Publications.

Registro Estadistico de la Provincia de
Buenos Aires. Nos 1-16. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1822-24

Reglamentos de Policia Maritima en
los puertos y rios de la Nacion Arjentina.
8 Buenos Ayres, 1863

Codigo Rural de la Provincia de. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1865

Rejistro estadfstico de la Republica Arjen-
tina. 1864-65. 2 vols. 4

Buenos Ayres, 1865-67

La Republica Argentina, sus Colonias
Agricolas, Ferro-Carriles, Navegacion,
Comercio, Riqueza Territorial, &c., &c.
Por la Comision de Immigracion de
Buenos Aires. Maps and plates. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1866

Terrenes cedidos por el Exmo. Gobierno
de la Provincia al Exmo. Gobierno
Nacional con destine a la venta o permuta
de los que han de expropiarse para ceder
a la Empresa del Ferro-Carril Central
Argentine, &c. 8 Btienos Ayres, 1866

Ultimas Leyes y Decretos sobre Tierras
publicas. 12 Buenos Ayres, 1867

Anuario de Correos de la Republica
Arjentina. Novena publicacion. 8

[Buenos Ayres} 1867

Datos Oficiales. La Republica Arjentina.
Poblacion Immigracion Colonias
Agricolas Concessiones de Terrenes
Ferro-Carriles, &c. 8 Paris, 1867

Memorias de los diversos Departamentos
de la Provincia de Buenos Aires y de
las Municipalidades de Campaiia. Part
I. 8 Buenos Ayres, 1867

Documentos Relatives a la Esposicion de
Productos Argentinos en Paris, 1867.
8 Buenos Ayres, 1867

Correspondence respecting Hostilities in
the River Plate. In continuation of
Papers presented to Parliament in 1867.
Map. Folio 1868


La Esposicion Nacional, ano 1871.
Publication autorizada por la Comission
directiva de la Exposicion. Folio

Cordova, 1871-72

Censo Escolar Nacional. Resunienes
Generates y Preliminares en Cifras
Absolutas y Relativas del Censo Escolar
Nacional Levantado a fines de 1883
y Principios de 1884. Plate. Large 8
Buenos Ayres, 1884

The same. Correspondiente a Fines

de 1883 y principios de 1884 (F. Latzina).
Vols. 1-3. Plates and plans. Royal
8 Buenos Ayres, 1885

Estadistica del Comercio y de la Nave-
gacion de la Republica Argentina corre-
spondienteal ano 1885. Diagram. Large
8 Buenos Ayres, 1886

The same. 1892. Buenos Ayres, 1893

Senado Argentino. Arrendamiento de
las Obras de Salubridad de la Capital.
Discurso Pronunciado, por el Dr Eduardo
Wilde, Ministro del Interior en Sessiones
6, 7, y 8 de Julio 1887. 12

Buenos Ayres, 1887

Consejo Escolar del 11 Distrito de la
Capital (Parroquia de Monserrat).
Organizacion y Disciplina. Large 8

Buenos Ayres, 1888

B. Miscellaneous and Anonymous.

La Plata States. Noticias Historicas,
Politicas, y Estadisticas, de las Provincias
Unidas del Rio de la Plata, con un Apen-
dice sobra la Usurpacion de Montevideo
por los Gobiernos Portugues y Brasilero.
Map. 8 N.P., 1825

An Account, Historical, Political, and
Statistical, of the United Provinces of
Rio de la Plata, with an Appendix con-
cerning the Usurpation of Monte Video
by the Portuguese and Brazilian Govern-
ments. Translated from the Spanish.
Map. 8 1825

Campagnie de Navigation & Vapcur du
Rio Salado, Republique Argentine.
(Prospectus.) Map. Small 8

Paris [? 1859]

Central Argentine Railway, from Rosario
to Cordova. Concession and Official
Documents relating to this under-
taking. 8 1863

Nuestra Industria Rural. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1866


66 1

The River Plate (South America) as a
Field for Emigration, its Geography,
Climate, &c. 2nd edition. Maps. 8


Sociedad Rural Argentina. Bases y
Reglamento de la Soc., &c. 16

Buenos Ayres, 1866

Report of the Proceedings at the Second
Ordinary General Meeting of the Central
Argentine Railway Company. 8 1866
Central Argentine Railroad. Report, &c.
8 1867

Letters Concerning the Country of the
Argentine Republic (South America),
being suitable for Emigrants and Capita-
lists to settle in, 1869. Second issue.
8 1869

Exposicion Nacional en Cordoba.
Boletin. Tom. I. -II I. Plates. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1869-72
La Exposicion Nacional, aiio 1871.
Publicacion autorizada por la Comision
directiva de la Exposicion. Folio

Cordova, 1871-72

Catalogos de los Productos Nacionales

y Estranjeros. Tom. IV. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1872
Boletin Oficial. Serie de Memorias

I-i8. Tom. V.-VII. Royal 8

Buenos Ayres, 1875

Argentine Exhibition. Katalog der
Argentinischen Ausstellung veranstaltet
von der Geographischen Gesellschaft in
Bremen im Tivoli-Saale. Mai-Juni 1884.
Map. 8 Bremen, 1884

Catalogue de 1'Exposition Argentine,
arrangee par la Societe de Geographic
de Breme dans la Salle du Tivoli. Mai-
Juin 1884. Map. 8 Bremen, 1884

C. Provinces.

Buenos Ayres.

Censo general de la Provincia de
Buenos Aires demografico, agricoia,
industrial, comercial, etc., verificado el
9 de Octubre de 1881, bajo la Admins-
tracion del Doctor Don Dardo Rocha.
Maps and plates. 4 Buenos Ayres, \ 883

Censo General de Poblacion, Editica-
cion, Comercio e Industrias de la Ciuclad
de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal de la
Republica Argenlina. Levantado en
los clias 17 de Agosto, 15X3 de Seti-
embre de 1887 bajo laadministracion del
Dr Don Antonio F. Crespoy compilado
por una Comision, compuesta de los
Senores Francisco Latzina, Presidente.
Manuel C. Chueco y Alberto B. Martinez,
Vocales. Dr Don Roberto Perez., Sec-
retario. 2 vols. Map, plans, and plates.
Large 8 Buenos Ayres, 1889


Annuaire Statistique de la Province de
Buenos Ayres, public' sous la direction
du Docteur Emile R. Coni, Quatrieme
Annee, 1884. Maps and plans. Small
folio Buenos Ayres, 1885

The same. Huitieme Annee, 1888.

Map. Large 8 La Plata, 1889

Anuario Estadistico de la Ciuclad de Buenos
Aires. Ano I., 1891. 4

Buenos Ayres, 1892

Mensaje del Gobernador de la Provincia
de Buenos Aires. (Julio A. Costa. ) Royal
8_ La Plata, 1892

Ministerio de Gobierno, Oficina de
Estadistica general. Resena Estadistica
y Descriptiva de la Plata, capital de la
Provincia de Buenos Aires. Publicada
bajo la direccion del Doctor tmilio R.
Coni. Plans and plates. Large 8

Buenos Ayres, 1885

Entre Rios.

Coleccion de Leyes, Decretos y Acuerdos
sobre las Tierras de Pastereo de la
Provincia de Entre Rios. 8

Biienos Ayres, 1864

Santa Ft?.

Registro Oficial de la Provincia de Santa

Fe, 1862 y 1863. 8 Santa- Fe, 1863

- The same. 2. Semestre. Ano de

1863. 8 Santa- Fe, 1864

Reglamento de Policia Urbana y Rural
para la Provincia de Santa-Fe. 8

Rosario, 1 866

Coleccion de las Leyes de Tierras
Sancionadas en la Provincia de Santa-Fe
bajo la Administracion del Ex mo Sefior
D. Nicasio Orono. Maps. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1866

Coinpilacion de Leyes, Decretos, y

demas Disposiciones que sobre Tierras

Publicas se han dictado en la Provincia

de Santa-Fe descle 1853 hasta 1866. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1867

Exposicion y Feria de la Provincia de
Santa-Fe, 1887. Plan. 8

Santa- Ft', 1887

Primer Censo General de la Provincia
de Santa F ! e (Republica Argentina,
America del Sud), Verificado bajo la
Administracion del Doctor Don Jose
Galvez el 6, 7, y 8 de Jiinio de 1887.
Gabriel Carrasco, Director y Comisario
General del Censo. Libro I. Censo de
la Poblacion. Plans and plates. Folio
Buenos Ayres, 1888

The same. Libros II. a VIII.

Agricultura, Ganaderia, Industria, Co-
mercio, Vias de Comunicacion y Tras-
porte, Rentas, Instituciones Adminis-
trativasy Sociales, Leyes, Procedimientos
y Formularies del Censo. Maps and
plates. Folio Buenos Ayres, 1 888




Primer Censo continued.

The same. Libros IX. a XI.

Sinopsis Fisica, Politica, Administrativa
e Historica. Maps and plates. Folio
. Buenos Ayres, 1888


Memoria Historica y Description de la
Provincia de Tucuman. Plates. Small
folio Buenos Ayres, 1882

D. Patagonia.

Informe Oficial de la Comision Cientifica
agregada al Estado Mayor General de la
Expedicion al Rio Negro (Patagonia),
realizada en los meses de Abril, Mayo, y
Junio de 1879, Vajo las ordenes del
General D. Julio A. Roca. 4

Buenos Ayres

Entrega I. Zoologia. Plates 1881

Entrega II. Botanica, por Pablo G.

Lorentz, Dr., y Gustavo Niederlein.

Plates 1 88 1

Entrega III. Geologia, por el Dr D.

Adolfo Doering. 1882

Cape Horn Mission. See France : Min-

istere de la Marine, &c.


Notizen fiber den Minenbetrieb in Bo-
livien un den brasilianischen Mittel-
Provinzen Matto Grosso uncl Goyaz im
Gegensatze zu dem im Westen der Union.
8 Berlin [i^-]

Biblioteca Boliviana. Catalogo del archivo
de Mojos y Chiquitos. 8

Santiago de Chile, 1 888
Colonizacion del Territorio de Otuquis en
el Departamento de Santa Cruz. 8

La Paz, 1890

Fronteras de Bolivia en el Departamento
del Beni por Pedro Suarez S. 8

Santa- Cruz, 1892


Observatory. Annales de 1'Obscrvatoire
Imperial de Rio de Janeiro. Tome
i er Description de 1'Observatoire. Illus-
trations. 4 Rio de Janeiro, 1882

The same. Publiees par L. Crules.
Tome 2 me Observations et Memoires,
1882. Plates. 4 Rio de Janeiro, 1883

National Library. Guia da Exposifao
Permanente da Bibliotheca Nacional.
12 Rio de Janeiro, 1885

Catalogo da Exposi?ao Permanente
dos Cimalios da Bibliotheca Nacional,
publicado sob a direc9ao do Bibliothe-
cario Joao de Saldanha da Gama. Plates.
8 Rio de Janeiro, 1885

[See also United States : Bureau of the
American Republics.]


Brasilianische Zustiinde und Aus-
sichten in 1861. Mil Belegen nebst
einem Vorschlag zur Aufhebung der
Sklaverei und Entfernung der Schwar-
zen aus Nord-Amerika. Folio

Berlin, 1862

La Politique du Bresil, ou la fermeture
des Fleuves sous pretexte de 1'ouverture
de 1'Amazone. Traduit de 1'Espagnol.
Map. 8 Paris, 1867

The Empire of Brazil at the Paris

International Exhibition of 1867. Map.

Rio de Janeiro, 1867

L'Empire du Bresil a ('Exposition Uni-
verselle de Vienne en 1873.

Rio de Janeiro, 1873

The Empire of Brazil at the Vienna
Universal Exhibition of 1873.

Rio de Janeiro, 1873

L'Empire du Bresil a 1'Exposition Uni-
verselle de 1876 a Philadelphie. Maps.
8 Rio de Janeiro, 1876

The Empire of Brazil at the Universal
Exhibition of 1876 at Philadelphia. 8"
Rio de Janeiro, 1876

Railway Reports. See Passes.

Impressoes de uma Viagem do Para
do Recife. Passando Por S. Miguel E.
Teneriffe, a Bordo da Corvetta "Tra-
gano." Por A. A. C. Large 8

Rio de Janeiro, 1879

Bibliotheca Brasilica. Catalogue of
an Extensive Collection of Ancient and
Modern Books, relating to the Brazilian
Empire, from its First Discovery in 1500
to the Present Time ; and to the neigh-
bouring South American States. 8


Lettres Sur le Bresil. Reponse au Times.
8 Paris, 1881

Katalog der Brasilianischen Ausstellung
des Centralvereins fiir Handelsgeo-
graphie und Forderung deutscher In-
teressen im Auslande. 8 Berlin, 1882

A. Government Publications.

Lei de Presupuestos de los Gastos
Jenerales de la Adminislracion Piiblica
para el ano de 1855. Small folio

Santiago, 1854

Lei sobre la Organizacion i Atribuciones
de las Municipalides. Small folio

Santiago, 1854

Memoria del Ministro de Estado en el

Departamento de Hacienda, 1854. Small

folio Santiago, 1854

Memoria del Interior. 1854. Small folio

Santiago, 1854

Memoria de Justicia, Culto e Instruc-
cion Publica, 1854. Small folio

Santiago, 1854




Memoria de Relaciones Exteriores, 1854.

Small folio Santiago, 1854

Cuenta de los Ingresos i Gastos que

tuvo la Republica de Chile, en el ano de

1853. Small folio Santiago, 1854

Sessiones del Congreso Nacional, 1854.

Nos. i, 2, 3. Small folio

Santiago, 1854
Estadfstica Comercial de la Republica

de Chile del aiio 1854, 1858. 2 parts.

Folio Valparaiso, 1854-59

The same, 1879.

Censo Jeneral de la Republica de Chile,
levantado en Abril de 1854. Large
oblong folio Santiago, 1858

Memoria que el Ministro de Estado en
el Departamento de Marina presenta
al Congreso Nacional de 1871. 8

Santiago, 1871

- The same, and Conclusion. 2 vols.
8 Santiago, 1872

The same, for 1873. Plans. 8

Santiago, 1873

Ministerio del Interior. Recopilacion de
Leyes y Decretos de interes general
vigentes en 21 de Mayo de 1888. 8

Santiago, 1888

Documentos para la Historia de la Nautica
en Chile. Map. 8 Santiago, 1889

Sesto Censo General de la Poblacion
de Chile levantado el 26 de Noviembre
de 1885. 2 vols. 4

Valparaiso, 1889-90

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