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1878-82. By R. C. Carrington. Chart.
Oblong 8 Calcutta, 1878-82

Returns of Wrecks and Casualties in
Indian Waters for the years 1878-93
(1883 missing). Prepared tinder the
superintendence of R. C. Carrington,
A. D. Taylor, J. M. Brebner, A. W.
Stifle, E. W. Petley, and B. P. Creagh.
Charts. Folio Calcutta, 1879-94

Tide Tables for Indian Ports for the years
1881-95 ; from 1889 onward two Parts
annually. Part I, Western Ports (Aden
to Paumbem Pass) ; Part 2, Eastern and
Burma Ports (Negapatam to Port Blair).
12 See Baird ; Hill, J. ; Rogers, M. W.

E. Meteorological.

Abstracts of the Results of the Hourly
Meteorological Observations taken at
the Surveyor General's Office, Calcutta,
1869 (incomplete), 1870-76, 1877 (incom-
plete). 8 Calcutta
Indian Meteorological Memoirs, re-
lating to India and the Neighbouring
Countries. Vol. i . Plates, plans, and
tables. 4 Calcutta, 1876-81
The same. Vol. 2. Maps, charts, and
plates. 4 Calcutta, 1882-85
The same. Vol. 3, Parts i and 2.
Maps, plates, and charts. 4

Calcutta, 1886-87

The same. Vol. 4, Parts I to 4.
Plates and diagrams. 4

Calcutta, 1886-87

Reports on the Administration of the
M eteorological Department of the Govern-
ment of India, in the years 1880-87. 4




Reports on the Meteorology of India for

the years 1879-85 (5th to nth years).

By H. F. Blanford. 7 vols. Maps. 4


F. Surveys.

[See also Archaeological and Geological

a. Revenue Surveys.
Reports. Folio Calcutta

Thuillier, H. L. General Report on
the Revenue Surveys of the Bengal
Presidency, for the seasons 1858-59,
1859-60, and 1 860-6 1 1863

Vanrenen, Col. D. C. Report on the
Revenue Survey Operations of Lower
Provinces, for seasons 1868-69 and
1869-70 1869-71

Gastrell, Col. J. E. General Report
on the Revenue Survey Operations of the
Bengal Presidency, Upper Circle, for
season 1868-69 l %7

Vanrenen, Col. D. C. General Re-
port on the Revenue Survey Operations
of the Bengal Presidency, Upper Circle,
for season 1869-70 1871

Gastrell, Col. J. E., and Major J. Mac-
donald. General Report on the Revenue
Survey Operations of the Upper and
Lower Provinces in Bengal (including
Boundary Commissioner's Report), for
season 1870-71 1872

and Col. D. C. Vanrenen.
General Report of the Revenue Survey
Operations of the Upper and Lower
Circles (including Boundary Commis-
sioner's Report), for season 187 1 -72. Map

- The same, 1872-73, 1873-74, and
1874-75 1874-76

b. Topographical Surveys.
Reports. Calcutta

Depree, G. C. Report, Geographical
and Statistical, on that Part of the Chota
Nagpore Division which has come under
the Operations of the Topographical
Survey. Plates. 4 1868

General Report of the Topographical
Surveys of the Bengal Presidency, and
of the Surveyor-General's Offices, for
seasons 1862-63 and 1867-68. Folio


Thuillier, Lieut. -Col. H. L. General
Report on the Topographical Surveys of
India, and of the Surveyor-General's De-
partment, Head -Quarter establishment,
for season 1868-69. Folio 1870

The same, 1869-70 (1871), 1870-71
(1872), 1871-72 (1873), 1872-73 (1874),
1873-74 (Maps, 1875), 1874-75 (1876),
1875-76 (Maps, 1877).








c . Trignometrical Surveys.

Report on the Survey of India for the
Three Years ending 1858-59. By Lieut. -
Col. Sir A. S. Waugh. Folio 1861

Report of the Operations of the Great
Trigonometrical Survey of India, during
1862-63. By Major J. T. Walker.
Folio Dehra Dun, 1863

Extracts from General Report on the
Operations of the Great Trigonometrical
Survey of India, during 1866-67. %
Col. J. T. Walker. Folio

Dehra Dun, 1867

General Report on the Operations of
the Great Trigonometrical Survey of
India, during 1867-68, 1868-69, ar >d
1869-70, by Col. J. T. Walker; and
during 1870-71 and 1871-72, by Major
T. G. Montgomerie; during 1872-73,
1873-74, and 1874-75, b X Col. J. T.
Walker ; during 1875-76, by J. B. N.
Hennessey; and during 1876-77, by Col.
J. T. Walker. Maps. Folio

Dehra Dun, Roorkee, and Calcuth

[For later years see below United
Surveys. ]

Trans-Himalayan Explorations.

Reports on the Trans-Himalayan Ex-
plorations in connection with the Gn
Trigonometrical Survey of India, during
1865-67, 1869, and 1871. By Major
T. G. Montgomerie. Map. Folio

Dehra Dun, 1867-72

The same, during 1873-74-75.

Drawn up from the Original Records by
Capt. H. Trotter. Folio Calcutta, 1876

Report on Explorations in Nepal and
Thibet, by Explorer M H (season
1885-86). Prepared in the Office of the
Trizon Branch, Survey of India ... by C.
Wood. Map. Folio Dehra Dun, 1887

Report on the Explorations of Lama
SerapGyatsho, 1856-68; Explorer K P.,
1880-84; Lama U. G., 1883; Explorer
R.N., 1885-86; Explorer P. A., 1885-86;
in Sikkim, Bhutan, and Tibet. Prepared
in the office of the Trigonometrical
Branch Survey of India. Maps. Folio
Dehra Dun, 1889

Spirit-Levelling Operations.

Tables of Heights, in Sind, the
Punjab, N.W. Provinces, and Central
India, determined by the Great Trigono-
metrical Survey of India ... in May
1862. Map. 8 Calctitta, 1863

Tables of Heights in N.W. Pro-
vinces and Bengal, determined by the
Great Trigonometrical Survey of India
by Spirit-levelling Operations to May
1865. 8 Roorkee, 1866

Spirit-levels taken in the Punjab
since 1863. 8 Dehra Dun, 1869



Spirit-Levelling continued.

Spirit-levels taken in the N.W.
Provinces and Oude ; seasons 1867-68-
69. 8 Dehra Dun, 1869

Spirit - levelled Heights. Section
7 ; seasons 1868-69-70. Lucknow to
Dildernugger. Map. 8 Dehra Dun, \%"j\

The same. Season 1869-70. Tutukudi
to Parmespuran. 8 Dehra Dun, 1872

The same. Section 8 ; season 1870-7 1.
Goruckpore to Parsurman. 8

Dehra Dun, 1872

The same. Section 9 ; season 1871-72.
Map. 8 Dehra Dun, 1873

The same. No. I , Madras Presidency,

1869-85; No. 2, 1885-86; No. 3,

1886-87; No. 4, 1887-88; No. 5, 1888-89;

No. 6, 1888-89 and 1889-90. Maps. 8

Dehra Dtm, 1886-90

The same. Bombay Presidency,
Nizam's Dominion, and Central India
Agency. Nos. 2 and 3, 1877-80.
Revised edition. No. 4, 1877-78, 1881-
84; No. 5, 1889-90; No. 7, 1890-92,
Maps. 8 Dehra Dun, 1886-93

The same. Spirit-levelled Heights
in Cuttack, Balasore, Midnapore,
Howrah, 24 Pergunnahs, the Sunclar-
bans, Hooghly, and Nuddea Districts
of Bengal. Bengal Presidency ; seasons
1881-82-83 and 1887-88. Map. 8

Dehra Dun, 1884 and 1889

Introductory Account of the Opera-
tions of the Great Arc Meridional Series.
4 N.D.

Account of the Operations of the
Great Trigonometrical Survey of India.

Vol. i. The Standards of Measure and
the Base- Lines. Also an Introductory
Account of the Early Operations of the
Survey during the period 1800-1830.
Map and plates. 4 Dehra Dun, 1870

Vol. 2. History and General Descrip-
tion of the Principal Triangulation, and
of its Reduction. Chart and plans. 4
Dehra Dun, 1879

Vol. 3. Do. The Base- Line Figures,
the Karachi Longitudinal, N.W. Hima-
laya, and Great Indus Series of the North-
West Quadrilateral. Chart and plates.
4 Dehra Dun, 1873 [Issued in 1879]

Vol. 4. Do. The Great Arc-section
24-3O, Rahun, Gurhagarh, and Jogi-Tila
Meridional Series, and the Sutlej Series of
the North- West Quadrilateral. Chart and
plates. 4 'Dehra Dun. \^,j6[fssticd 'in 1879]

Vol. 40. General Description of the
Principal Triangulation of the Jodhpore
and the Eastern Sind Meridional Series
of the North-West Quadrilateral, with
the Details of their Reduction and the
Final Results. Charts and plates. 4

Dehra Dun, 1886


Account of Operations continued.

Vol. 5. Detailsof the Pendulum Opera-
tions by J. P. Basevi, R.E., and W. J.
Heaviside, R.E., and of their Reduction.
Maps and plates. 4 Calcutta, 1879

Vol. 6. The Principal Triangulation
of the South-East Quadrilateral, including
the Great Arc-section 18 to 24, the
East Coast Series, the Calcutta and the
Bider Longitudinal Series, the Jabalpur
and the Bilaspur Meridional Series, and
the Details of their Simultaneous Reduc-
tion. Maps and plates. 4

Dehra Dun, 1880

Vol. 7. Do., of the North-East Quadri-
lateral, including the Simultaneous Re-
duction, and the Details of Five of the
Component Series : The North - East
Longitudinal, the Budhon Meridional,
the Rangir Meridional, the Amua
Meridional, the Karara Meridional.
Chart sand plates. 4 Dehra Dtin, 1882

Vol. 8. Do., of Eleven of the Com-
ponent Series of the North-East Quad-
rilateral, including the Gurwani Meri-
dional, the Gora Meridional, the
Hurilaong Meridional, the Chendwar
Meridional, the North Parasnath Meri-
dional, the North Maluncha Meridional,
the Calcutta Meridional, the East
Calcutta Longitudinal, the Brahmaputra
Meridional, the Eastern Frontier, Sec.
23 to 26, the Assam Longitudinal.
Charts and plates. 4 Dehra Dun, 1882

Vol. 9. Electro-Telegraphic Longitude
Operations, executed during 1875-77 and
1880-81, by Lieut. -Col. W. M. Camp-
bell and Major W. J. Heaviside. Charts
and plates. 4 Dehra Dun, 1883

Vol. 10. Electro - Telegraphic Longi-
tude Operations executed during the
years 1881-82, 1882-83, 1883-84, by
Major G. Strahan, R.E., and Major
W. J. Heaviside, R.E. Diagram and
charts. 4 Dehra Dun, 1887

Vol. II. Astronomical Observations for
Latitude made during the period 1805 to
1885, with a General Description of the
Operations and Final Results. Chart
and plates. 4 Dehra Dun, 1890

Vol. 12. General Description of the
Southern Trigon., including the Simul-
taneous Reduction, and the Details of
Two of the Component Series the
Great Arc Meridional, Sec. 8 to 18,
and the Bombay Longitudinal. Charts
and plates. 4 Dehra Dun, 1890

Vol. 13. Do. of Five of the Component
Series of the Southern Trigon., including
the following series: the South Konkan
Coast, the Mangalore Meridional, the
Madras Meridional and Coast, the South-
East Coast, the Madras Longitudinal.
Chart and plates. 4 Dehra D^^n, 1890




Account of Operations continued.

Vol. 14. Do. , of the South-West Quad-
rilateral, including the Simultaneous
Reduction, and the Details of its Com-
ponent Series. Chart and plates. 4

Dehra Dtm, 1890

Vol. 15. Electro -Telegraphic Longi-
tude Operations during 1 885-86, 1887-88, .
1889-90, and 1891-92, &c. 4

Dehra Dun, 1893

Synopsis of the Results of the Opera-
tions of the Great Trigonometrical
Survey of India. Diagrams and charts.
4 Dehra Dun

Vol. I. Descriptions and Co-ordinates
of the Principal and Second Stations
and other fixed Points of the Great Indus
Series 1874

Vol. 2. The great Arc-section 24 to
30 1874

Vol. 3. The Karachi Longitudinal
Series 1874

Vol. 4. The Gurhagarh Meridional
Series 1875

Vol. 5. The Rahun Meridional Series

. I8 7S

Vol. 6. The Joga-Tila Meridional
Series, and the Sutlej Series 1875

Vol. 7. The North-West Himalaya
Series, and the Triangulation of the
Kashmir Survey 1879

Vol. 7 a. The Jodhpore Meridional
Series and the Eastern Sind Meridional
Series 1887

Vol. 8. The Great Arc-section 18 to
24 1878

Vol. 9. The Jabalpur Meridional Series


Vol. 10. The Bider Longitudinal Series


Vol. II. The Bilaspur Meridional
Series 1880

Vol. 12. The Calcutta Longitudinal
Series 1880

Vol. 13. The East Coast Series 1880

Vol. 130. Account of the Final Reduc-
tions, with the Details of the South Paras-
mata and South Maluncha Meridional
Series of the South-East Quadrilateral


Vol. 14. Descriptions and Co-ordinates
of the Principal and Secondary Stations
and other Fixed Points of the Budhon
Meridional Series 1883

Vol. 15. The Rangir Meridional Series,
or Series K of the North- East Quad-
rilateral 1883

Vol. 16. The Amu Meridional Series
and the Karara Meridional Series 1883

Vol. 17. The Gurwani Meridional
Series and Gora Meridional Scries 1883

Vol. 1 8. The Hurliaong Meridional
Series and the Chendwar Meridional
Series 1883

Synopsis of Results continued.

Vol. 19. The North Parasnath Meri-
dional Series and the North Maluncha
Meridional Series 1883

Vol. 20. The Calcutta Meridional
Series and the Brahmaputra Series 1883

Vol. 21. The East Calcutta Longi-
tudinal Series and the Eastern Frontier
Series, Sec. 23 to 26 1883

Vol. 22. The Assam Valley Triangula-
tion 1891

Vol. 23. The South Konkan Coast
Series 1891

Vol. 24. The Mangalore Meridional
Series 1891

Vol. 25. The S.-E. Coast Series 1891

Vol. 26. The Bombay Longitudinal
Series , 1892

Vol. 27. The Madras Longitudinal
Series 1892

Vol. 28. The Madras Meridional and
Coast Series 1892

Vol. 30. The Abu Meridional Series,
and the Gujarat Longitudinal Series 1892

Vol. 31. The Khanpisuia Meridional
Series 1893

Vol. 32. The Singi Meridional Series


Vol. 34. The Cutch Coast Series 1893

Catalogue of Stars for the Epoch, Jan. I,

1892. From Observations by the Gt.

Trig. Surv. Compiled by Col. G.

Strahan. 4 Dehra Dun, 1893

d. United Surveys.

Extracts from the Reports of the
Trigonometrical, Topographical, and
Revenue Surveys of India, for 1871-72.
8 1873

Abstract of the Reports of the Surveys
and of other Geographical Operations in
India, for 1869-70, 1870-71, 1871-72,
1872-73, 1873-74, 1874-75, 1876-77,
1877-78. Small 4 1871-76,1878-79
General Report on the Operations of the
General Report on the Operations of the
Survey of India, comprising the Great
Trigonometrical, the Topographical, and
the Revenue Surveys under the Govern-
ment of India, during 1877-78. By
Major-Generals J. T. Walker and D. C.
Vanrenen. Maps. Folio 1879

The same, for each year from 1878-79
to 1892-93. Maps, charts, and plates.
Folio 1880-94

Catalogue of Manuscript and Printed
Reports, Field-books, Memoirs, Maps,
&c., of the Indian Surveys, in the Map-
room of the India Office. 8 1878

G. Various Government Publications.

Copies of Treaties, Agreements, &c. t
concluded by the lion. East India
Company with the Sawunt Waree State,
between 1730 and 1843.




Slavery in India. Abstracts of all
Correspondence between the Court of
Directors of the East India Company
and the Company's Governments in
India, touching the State of Slavery in
the Territories under the Company's
Rule, or respecting the Slave Trade
therein, to May 1827. Folio 1828

Report from the Select Committee on
Steam Navigation to India ; with the
Minutes of Evidence, Appendix, and
Index. [Parly. Rep.] Maps and plates,
Folio 1834

First Report from the Select Com-
mittee on Steam Communication with
India, China, Australia, and New Zea-
land. [Parly. Rep.] 8 1851

Selections from the Records of the
Goverment of India, Home, Foreign,
Public Works, and Military Departments.
Royal 8 Calcutta, 1853-75



I. Railways


5. Administrative


8. Mineral


10. The same (Coal)


14. Administrative


17. Mineral


23. Tea Cultivation


25. Andaman Islands


54. Educational


64. Coal Resources


67. Educational


70. Judicial


72. The same


74. Trigonometrical and

other Surveys


76. Educational


80. Trigonometrical and

other Surveys


83. The same


88. Taxation




2. Administrative 1853

3. The same 1853

4. Surveys, Pegu ^54

6. Administrative 1854

7. The same 1854
9. Forests, Pegu 1855

11. Punjab Census taken 1855 1856
Mysore Administration 1856

12. Administrative 1856
15. Industries 1856

Surveys, Pegu 1856

18. Administration, Punjab 1856

20. Topographical 1856

Administrative 1856

24. The same 1858

Andamans Survey 1858

27. Hill Tribes . 1859

28. Forests, Pegu 1860


Selections from Records continued.
29. Forests, Tenasserim and Martaban


30. Administrative

31. Forests, Pegu

32. The same, Attaran
34. Administrative

39. The same, and Commercial

46. Administrative

48. Sal ween Survey 1865

49. The same 1865

50. Administrative 1 866

51. The same 1867
53. Revenue 1867

55. The same 1867

56. The same 1867

58. Administrative 1867

59. The same 1867

60. The same 1868

61. Revenue 1868

62. The same 1868

63. Administrative 1868

65. Political History of Jeypore 1868

66. Administrative 1868
68. The same 1868
73. The same 1868
75. The same 1869

78. The same 1870

79. Trade Routes to China 1870
1 8 of 1870, Explorations between India

and Turkestan 1870

8 1. Administrative 1870

82. The same 1870
86. The same 1872

100. The same 1872

101. Arab Tribes. Aden 1872

102. Administrative 1873
104. Mission March to Seistan 1873

1 08. Administrative 1873

109. The same 1874
no. The same 1874

112. The same 1874

113. The same 1874

114. The same 1874
117, 118. The same 1875
120. The same 1875



13. Administrative 1856

1 6. The same 1856

19. Road Communications 1856

21. Revenue 1856
Irrigation in Egypt 1856

22. Administrative 1857

25. Navigation 1858

26. Iron Works, Kumaon 1859
33. Revenue 1861

35. Forests, Pegu 1862

36. Embankments 1862

37. Forests, Burmah 1863

38. Revenue 1863

40. Forests, Burmah 1864

41. Administrative 1864

42. The same 1864



Selections from Records continued.

43. Administrative 1864

44. The same 1864

45. The same 1864
47. Forests, Central 1864

Maps and Plans to accompany Govern-
ment Record No. 53, or Annual Progress
Reports of the Executive Engineers in
the Southern, Central, and Northern
Provinces for 1857-58, also in Sind for
1856-57 and 1857-58. Oblong folio

2. Sanitary 1861

Statistical Papers relating to India. Maps.
Folio 1853

Reports with Proceedings and Appendix of
the Committee appointed by Government
to Inquire into the State of the River
Hooghly. Maps. Folio Calcutta, 1854

Copies of Treaties, Engagements, &c. ,
entered into by the Hon. East India
Company with the Kutch State, between
1809 and 1851 1855

of Treaties, Agreements, &c.,

concluded between Great Britain and
Portugal, between 1661 and 1850. From
the India Records 1855

Maps and Statistics : Copy of Maps and
Statistical Information with reference to
India. Folio 1869

Progress and Condition. Statement
exhibiting the Moral and Material Pro-
gress and Condition of India during the
years 1867-68, 1869-70, 1871-72, 1873-74,
1874-75, l8 75-7. 1882-83 (Parts i and
2), 1887-88, 1888-89. [Parly. Rep.]
Maps. Folio 1869-90

Abstract of Letters received from India,
nth March 1871 (Cinchona Plantations,
&c.). Folio 1871

Copy of Further Correspondence on the
Subject of the Looshai Raids, and the
Consequent Hostilities (Cachar). [Parly.
Rep.] Folio 1872

Cotton Reports. Copy of the Reports
of Mr H. Rivett-Carnac, Commissioner
for the Central Provinces nnd the Berars,
for the year 1868-69. Maps. Folio 1871

Reports on the Tea and Tobacco Industries
in India. [Parly. Rep.] 4 1874

on Trade Routes and Fairs on the

Northern Frontiers of India. [Parly.
Rep.] Folio 1874

East India Railway Communication.
Report from the Select Committee on
East India Railway Communication ;
together with the Proceedings of the
Committee, Minutes of Evidence, and
Appendix. Folio 1884


Statement of the Trade of British India
with British Possessions and Foreign
Countries, for the five years 1884-85
to 1888-89. Folio 1890

List of the Principal Indian Government
Publications, on sale in this country and
at the various Government Presses in
India. Folio 1891

Botanical Survey of India. Records,
Vol. I. (Nos. 1-4). Map. 8

Calcutta, 1893-94

Gazetteer of India. See Hunter, W. W.

India Museum. See Catalogues.

Dictionary of Economic Products. See

H. Miscellaneous and Anonymous.
East India Company. The History and
Management of the East India Company,
from its Origin in 1600 to the Present
Time. Vol. i. Map. 8 1782

A General View of the Variations
which have been made in the Affairs of
the East India Company, from the con-
clusion of the War in India in 1784 to
the commencement of the present
hostilities. 8 1 792

A Demonstration of the Necessity and
Advantage of a Free Trade to the East
Indies, and of a Termination to the
Present Monopoly of the East India
Company. 8 1807

Voyage dans 1'Inde [1789-90]. Vol.
2. 8 N.n.

Fifteen Years in India, or Sketches of a
Soldier's Life. From the Journal of an
Officer in His Majesty's Service. 8 1823

East and West India Trade. Five
Accounts of the Real and Official Value
of Exports to the East Indies, and to
the British West Indies ; of Imports
from the East Indies, and from the
British West Indies ; and of Duties
Received, 1814-26. [Parly. Rep.] Folio


A Further Enquiry into the Expediency
of applying the Principles of Colonial
Policy to the Government of India, and
of effecting an essential Change in its
Landed Tenures and in the Character of
its Inhabitants. 8 1828

Anglo-Eastern Empire, The Political,
Commercial, and Financial Condition of.
in 1832. 8 1832

An Historical Sketch of the Princes of
India, Stipendiary, Subsidiary, Protected,
Tributary, and Feudatory ; with a Sketch
of the Origin and Progress of British
Power in India. 8 Edinburgh, 1833

Thugs of India. Ramasceana ; or, A
Vocabulary of the Peculiar Language
used by the Thugs ; with an Introduc-
tion and Appendix. [Imperfect copy.]
Plates. 8 Calcutta, 1836


68 1

Thugs of India. Review of the above.
8 Calcutta, 1836

- Illustrations of the History and
Practices of the Thugs, and Notices of
some of the Proceedings of the Govern-
ment of India for the Suppression of the
Crime of Thuggee. 8 1837

Afghan War. Report of the East India
Committee of the Colonial Society on
the Causes and Consequences of the
Afghan War 1842

The Results of Missionary Lalxmr in
India. 8 1852

Ganges Canal, Short Account of the.
[English. Sanscrit, and Hindustani.]
Map and plate. 4 1853

Indian Officers. Grievances and Present
Condition of our Indian Officers, con-
sidered with a View to Improvement and
Redress under Future Indian Administra-
tion. 8 Bombay, 1853

Sir Mordaunt Wells, and Public Opinion
in India. 8 Calcutta, 1863

Scinde Railway. The Indus Steam
Flotilla ; the Punjab Railway ; the Delhi
Railway ; Reports of the Directors,
September 1863. Folio 1863

Early Travels in India : being Re-
prints of Rare and Curious Narratives of
Old Travellers in India, in the i6th
and I7th Centuries. First Series, com-
prising " Purchas's Pilgrimage " and the
" Travels of Van Linschpten." 8

Calcutta, 1864

Indus Route. The Route of the Indus,
and the Advance of Russia towards
India : a Letter to W. P. Andrew on
the Importance and Necessity of placing
Delhi and Lahore in Railway Communi-
cation with Kurrachee on the Arabian
Sea. 8 1865

Report of the Ethnological Committee
on Papers laid before them, and upon
Examination of Specimens of Aboriginal
Tribes brought to the Jubbulpore Exhibi-
tion of 1866 67. 8 " Nagpore, 1868

The English Press on the Proposed
Construction of Railways in India by
Government Agency. 8 1869

Geography of India, comprising an
Account of British India, and the various
States enclosed or adjoining. 12 1870

The Indian Treaty. 12 Lisbon, 1879

A Few Hints to Travellers to India.
By an Anglo-Indian. 12 1889

Indian Words. Report of the Sub-Com-
mittee of the Madras Literary Society,
and Auxiliary of the Royal Asiatic
Society, on Writing Indian Words in
Roman Characters. 8

Opium. Anti-opium; or, Things to think
on ... on India, Opium, and China.
8 N.D.

Instructions for Navigating the Gulf of
Manaar and Palk's Bay. 8 N.D.

I. Assam

Selections of Papers regarding the Ilill
Tracts between Assam and Burmah,
and on the Upper Brahmaputra. Large
8 Calcutta, 1873


Vol. i. Memoir of a Survey of Assam
and the NeighbouringCountries, executed
in 1825-6-7-8. By Lieut. R. Wilcox.

Vol. 2. Abstract of the Journal of a
Route travelled by Capt. S. F. Hannay,
in 1835-36, from the Capital of Ava to
the Amber Mines of the Hookoong
Valley, on the South-East Frontier of
Assam. By Capt. R. B. Pemberton.

Vol. 3. Journal of a Trip to the
Mishmi Mountains, from the Debouching
of the Lohit to about Ten Miles East ot
the Ghalums. By W. Griffith.

Online LibraryRoyal Geographical Society (Great Britain). LibrarCatalogue of the library of the Royal geographical society. Containing the titles of all works up to December 1893 → online text (page 118 of 141)