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kind of Steam Vessel adapted to the
Navigation of Shallow and Shifting
Rivers. Map. 8* 1849

Bourne, H. R. Fox. The Story of our
Colonies. New edition. Maps. 8 1888

Bournon, Comte de. Traite complet
de la Chaux Carbonatee et de 1'Arra-
gonite, auquel on a joint une Introduc-
tion a la Mineralogie en general, une
Theorie de la Cristallisation et son appli-
cation. Plates. 3 vols. 4 1808

Bourrit, O. Journey to the Glaciers in
the Duchy of Savoy. Translated by
Davy. 12 Norwich, 1776

Description des Vallees de Glace et

des Hautes Montagnes que forment la
chaine des Alpes Pennines et Rhetiennes.
Map and plates. 2 vols. 8

Geneva, 1783

Description des Glacieres et Glaciers

de Savoye. Plates. 8 Geneva, 1785

Description des Cols, ou Passages des

Alpes. 2 vols. 8 Geneva, 1803

See Ziegler.

Boussingault, M., and Dr Roulin.
Viajes cientificos a los Andes Ecuato-
riales, 6 coleccion de Memorias sobre
fisica, quimica e historia natural de la
Nueva Granada, Ecuador, y Venezuela.
Traducidas, &c., por J. Acosta. 8

Paris, 1849

Boutroue, Alexandre. Rapport sur une
Mission Archeologique en Portugal et
dans le sud de 1'Espagne. Plates. Large
8* Paris, 1893

L'Algerie et la Tunisie a travers les

Ages. Maps. Large 8 Paris, 1893

See Martins, J. P.

Bouvet, Joachim. See Astley, Vol. 3:

Appendix I.
Bouvet, Lozier. See Burney, Vol. 5 ;

Callander, Vol. 3 : Appendix I.
Bouzet, E. du. Instructions a donner aux

Batiments venant en Nouvelle-Caledonie

par le Cap de Bonne- Esperance. 8

/ Paris, 1858
Bovallius, Carl. Antiquites ceramiques

trouvees dans le Nicaragua en 1882-83.

Illustrations. 8* N.l'., N.n.
Nicaraguan Antiquities. Maps and

plates. 4* Stockholm, 1886
Resa i Central-Amerika, 1881-83. 2

vols. Maps and illustrations. 8

Upsala, 1887



Bove, Giacomo. Expedition Austral
Argentina : Informes preliminares pre-
sentados a los Ministros del Interior y
de Guerra y Marina de la Republica
Argentina, y publicados bajo la direccion
del Institute Geografico Argentine.
Maps and plates. 8 Buenos Ayres, 1883

Patagonia, Terra del Fuoco, Mari

Australi ; Rapporto del Tenente Gia-
como Bove, Capo della Spedizione al
Comitato Centrale per le Esplorazioni
Antartiche. Parte I. Maps and illus-
trations. Large 8 Genoa, 1883

Bovis's History of Cochin China. See
Pinkerton, Vol. 9 : Appendix I.

Bowditch, Nath. Memoir. By his son
N. Ingersoll Bowditch. Portrait. 4
Boston, Mass., 1839

See Pickering, John.

Bowditch, T. Edward. Mission from
Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee ; with a
Statistical Account of that Kingdom, and
Geographical Notices of other parts of
the Interior of Africa. Map and plates.
4 1819

Essay on the Geography of North-

Western Africa. Maps. 12

Part's, 1821

Account of the Discoveries of the

Portuguese in the Interior of Angola and
Mozambique, with a Note on a Geo-
graphical Error of Mungo Park. Maps.


Excursions in Madeira and Porto

Santo, in 1823, while on his Third
Voyage to Africa; to which is added a
Narrative of the Voyage to its comple-
tion, with Occurrences from Mr Bow-
ditch's arrival in Africa to his death, a
Description of the English Settlements
on the River Gambia, with Zoological
and Botanical Descriptions, and Trans-
lations from the Arabic. Plates. 4


See Mollien ; Eyries, Vol. u ;

Phillips [3], Vol. I : Appendix I.

Bowdler, Col. C. W. See Bell.
Bowen, C. C. See Galton, Vacation

Tourists, 1860.
Bowen, Emanuel. A Complete System

of Geography. 2 vols. Maps. Folio

Bowen, Sir George Ferguson. Ithaca

in 1850. 8 1854

Bower, Capt. H. Diary of a Journey

across Tibet. Maps and illustrations.

Calcutta, 1893

Bowerbank, James Scott. A History

of the Fossil Fruits and Seeds of the

London Clay. Part I. Plates. 8 1840
Bowie, J. See British South Africa, A :

Appendix 2.

Bowker, Colonel J. H. Other Days in
South Africa. 8* [1884]

Bowles, S. Our New West : Records of
Travel between the Mississippi River
and the Pacific Ocean. . . . Map, por-
traits, and plates. 8 1869

Bowles, W. Inlroduccion a la Historia
Natural y a la Geografia Fisica de Es-
pana. Small 4 Madrid, 1775

Bowring, Sir John. A Visit to the
Philippine Islands. Plates. 8 1850

The Kingdom and People of Siam,

with a Narrative of the Mission to that
country in 1855. Map, facsimiles, and
plates. 2 vols. 8 1857

Bowring, J. Wybor z BasnictwiCeskeho :
Cheskian Anthology, being a History of
the Poetical Literature of Bohemia, with
translated specimens. 12 1832

Bowring, J. See Phillips [3], Vol. 3:
Appendix I.

Bowyear. See Dalrymple, Repertory,
Vol. I : Appendix I.

Boxhorn, M. Z. Marci Zuerii Boxhornii
Theatrum, sive Hollandise Comitatus et
Urbium nova descriptio, qua omnium
Civitatum, pnecipuorumq. locorum
Icones, Origines, Incrementa, Res domi
forisq. gestse, Jura, Privilegia, Immuni-
tates, ipsis Principum tabulis expressa,
et Viri illustres, exhibentur. Maps. Ob-
long 8 Amsterdam, 1632

Boyd, Major A. J. Reminiscences of
the Chincha Islands. 8* Brisbane, 1892

Boyd, Benjamin. On the Expediency of
Transferring the Unemployed Labour of
Van Diemen's Land to New South Wales.
8* Sydney, 1847

Steam to Australia and New Zealand.

8* 1850

Boyd, C. R. Resources of South- West
Virginia, showing the Mineral Deposits
of Iron, Coal, Zinc, Copper, and Lead,
also the staples of the various Counties,
Methods of Transportation, Access, &c.
Map and plates. 8 Ne-a York, 1881

Boyd, R. N. Chili : Sketches of Chili
and the Chilians during the War 1879-80.
Map and illustrations. Small 8 1881

Opening Address, Session 1890-91,

of the Civil and Mechanical Engineers'
Society, read I7th December 1890.
Large 8* 1890

Boyd, . See Eyries, Vol. 13 ; Appen-
dix I.

Boyde, Capt. Henry. Several Voyages
to Barbary, containing an Historical
and . Geographical Account of the
Country, with the Hardships, Suffer-
ings, and manner of Redeeming Chris-
tian Slaves ; together with a curious
Description of Meguinez, Oran, and
Alcazar, with a Journal of the late
Siege and Surrender of Oran ; to which
are added, the Maps of Barbary and


Boyde, Capt. Henry Continued.
the Sea-coasts, the Prospects of Meg-
uinez and Alcazar, an exact Plan of
Oran, and a View of the Ancient Ro-
man Ruins near Meguinez, the whole
illustrated with Notes, Historical and
Critical. 2nd edition. 8 1736

Boye, J. See Lutke.

Boyle, Frederick. Adventures among
the Dyaks of Borneo. Plate. 8 1865

The Free Indian Tribes of Central
America. 8* 1867

A Ride across a Continent : a Per-
sonal Narrative of Wanderings through
Nicaragua and Costa Rica. 2 vols.
Plates. 8 1868

Boyle, R. Vicars. Imperial Government
Railways, Japan : Report on the Routes
for the Main Trunk Lines through Cen-
tral Japan, viz., from Tokio to Kioto and
across to Niigata. Map. 8* Kobe, 1876

Descriptive Reports of Lines laid out

from Kioto, via Otsu and Maibara to
Tsuruga, and from Maibara to Kano,
Miya, and Doda. Map. 8* Kobe,\%-]6

Braam, A. E. van. An Authentic Ac-
count of the Embassy of the Dutch East
India Company to the Court of the Em-
peror of China in the years 1794 and
1795. Translated from the original of
M. L. E. Moreau de St Mery. 2 vols.
Map. 8 1798

Brabant, Arthur Baring-. See Popowski.

Brabner, J. H. F. The Comprehensive
Gazetteer of England and Wales. Vol. I,
Aar-Cat. Maps and plates. Large 8

Vol. 2, Cau-Goa ; Vol. 3, Gob-Les 1894

Bracciolini, Francesco. Lo Scherno
degli Dei : poema Piacevole. Portrait.
8 Milan, 1804

Brace, C. L. The Norse-Folk: a Visit
to the Homes of Norway and Sweden.
Plates. 8 1857

Brackenbury, Major C. B. See United
Kingdom : Appendix 2.

Brackenbury, Major-General Henry.
The River Column : a Narrative of the
Advance of the River Column of the
Nile Expeditionary Force, and its Re-
turn down the Rapids : with maps by
Major the Hon. F. L. L. Colborne.
Crown 8 1885

Brackenridge, H. M. Views of Louisi-
ana, containing Geographical, Statisti-
cal, and Historical Notices of that vast
and important portion of America. 12
Baltimore, 1817

Voyage to South America, 1817-18,

in the Frigate "Congress." 2 vols. 8


-See Eyries, Vol. 9; Phillips [3],
Vol. 3 : Appendix i.

Bradbury, John. Travels in the Interior
of America in 1809-11, including a De-
cription of Upper Louisiana, the States
of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ten-
nessee, with the Illinois and Western
Territories. 8 Liverpool, 1817

Bradford, Alex. W. American Anti-
quities, and Researches into the Origin
and History of the Red Race. 8

New York, 1843

Bradley, John. A Narrative of Travel
and Sport in Burmah, Siam, and the
Malay Peninsula. 8 1876

Bradshaw, B. Dictionary of Mineral
Waters, Climatic Health Resorts, Sea
Baths, and Hydropathic Establishments,
and edition. Map and plans. 12 1883

ABC Dictionary to the United

States, Canada, and Mexico, showing
the most Important Towns and Points
of Interest ; with Maps, Routes, &c. ,
also Large General Skeleton Map show-
ing the various Steamship Routes to
various points. 12 1886

Brady, W. Glimpses of Texas, its Di-
visions, Resources, Development, and
Prospects. 12* Houston, 1871

Braekstad, H. L. See Hovgaard.

Bragge, W. Bibliotheca Nicotiana : a
First Catalogue of Books about Tobacco.
Square 8 [Privately printed] 1874

Braim, T. H. History of New South
Wales, from its Settlement to the close
of 1844. 2 vols. Illustrations. 8


Braithwaite, S. Supplement to Sir John
Ross's Second Voyage in Search of a
North-West Passage. 4* 1835

Bramall, Henry. The Mineral Resources
of New Zealand. Map. 8

Liverpool, 1883

Bramer, K. See Germany, C (For-
schungen, &c., Vol. 2) : Appendix 2.

Brampton and Alt. See Eyries, Vol. 4 :
Appendix I.

Brand, . See Pinkerton, Vol. 3 : Ap-
pendix i.

Branda, Paul. Le Haut-Mekong ou le
Laos ouvert. Map. 8 Paris, 1887

The same. New edition. Maps

Paris, 1889

Brandes, H. Ueber das Zeitalter des
Geographen Eudoxos und des Astrono-
men Geminos. Ueber die antiken Na-
men und die geographische Verbreitung
der Baumwolle im Alterthum. Zwei
geographisch - antiquarische Untersuch-
ungen. 8 Leipzig, 1866

Brandes, Dr J. L. A. See Groeneveldt.

Brandis, Sir Dietrich. Report on the
Teak Forests of Pegu for 1856. Tables.
[From the India Records, No. 28.] 1860

Ditto, for 1857-60 ; with Appendix.

Tables. [From the India Records, No.
31.] Calcutta, 1 86 1

6 4


Brandis, Sir Dietrich. Progress Report
of the Forests of the Tenasserim and
Martaban Provinces, for 1858-60. Map
and tables. [From the India Records,
No. 29.] Calcutta, 1861

Report on the Attaran Forests for

1860 ; with Appendix. [From the India
Records, No. 32.] Calcutta, 1861

- Reports on the Teak Forests in Pegu
and the Tenasserim and Martaban Pro-
vinces, 1860-61 ; to which is added,
Correspondence regarding the opening of
the Pegu Forests to Private Enterprise.

Tables. [From the India Records, No.
35.] Calcutta, 1862

Progress Report of Forest Adminis-
tration in British Burmah, 1861-62. Map.
[From the India Records, No. 37.] 1863

See Collins, J. ; Leeds.

Brandstetter, Prof. Dr R. Charakter-

isirung der Epik der Malaien. Large 8*

Lucerne, 1891

Malaio-Polynesische Forschungen. 2.

Die Beziehungen des Malagasy zum

Malaiischen. 4 Lucerne, 1893

Brandt, J. F. Mittheilungen liber die

Naturgeschichte des Mammoth oder

Mamout (Elephas primigenius). Plates.

8* St Petersburg, 1866

See Baer and Helmersen, 17 ; Hel-

mersen and Schrenck, I.
Branner, J. C. The /Eolian Sandstones

of Fernando de Noronha. Illustrations.

8* New Haven, Conn., 1890

Brash, Richard R. Inishcaltra and its

Remains. 8* 1866

Brasseur de Bourbourg, Abbe E.

Charles. Lettres pour servir d'lntro-

duction a 1'Histoire Primitive des Nations

Civilisees de 1'Amerique Septentrionale.

[French and Spanish.] 4 Mexico, 1851
Aperus d'un Voyage dans les Etats

de San-Salvador et de Guatemala. 8*
Paris, 1857

Histoire des Nations civilisees du
Mexique et de 1'Amerique - Centrale
durant les siecles anterieurs a Christophe
Colomb, &c. 4 vols. 8 Paris, 1857-59

Brassey, Lady. A Voyage in the " Sun-
beam : " Our Home on the Ocean for
Eleven Months. gth edition. Maps
and illustrations. 8 1880

In the Trades, the Tropics, and the
Roaring Forties. Maps and illustra-
tions. 8 1885

The Last Voyage, to India and

Australia, in the "Sunbeam." Map,
chart, ami illustrations. 8 1889

Brassey, Lord. On the Examination of
Adjusters of Compasses. 4* 1871

See Grenfell, W. P.

Brauer, F. See "Novara."

Brauer, Lorenz. See Andree, Karl.

Braumiiller, J. G. Der wichtigste Kanal
in Europa, durch eine Vereinigung
des Schwarzen Meeres mit der Ost und
Nord See vertmittelst der Weichsel und
des Dniesters erneuert vorgeschlagen.
4* Berlin, 1815

Brauns, D. Geology of the Environs of
Tokio. Plates. 4 Tokio, 2541 (1881)

Bravais, A. Sur les Lignes d'Ancien
Niveau de la Mer dans le Finmark.
Map. 8* Paris, N.D.

See Gaimard, P.

Brawern, H. See Churchill, Vol. i :
Appendix i.

Bray, W. See Pinkerton, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix i.

Brazza, P. Savorg-nan de. Les Voyages
deSavorgnan de Brazza, Ogooue et Congo
(1875-82). Par D. Neuville and C.
Breard. Portrait and map. 8

Paris, 1884

Conference faite par P. Savorgnan

de Brazza, le 21 Janvier 1886, en la
seance extraordinaire tenue par la Societe
de Geographic. Portrait and map. 4*
Parts, 1886
Texte Public et Coordonne par

Napoleon Ney : Conferences et Lettres
de P. Savorgnan Brazza sur ses Trois
Explorations dans 1'ouest Africain de
1875 a 1886. Map and illustrations.
Large 8 Paris, 1887

See Nardi.

Breard, C. See Brazza ; Neuville.

Brebner, J. M. See India, D : Appen-
dix 2.

Breeks, James Wilkinson. An Account
of the Primitive Tribes and Monuments
of the Nllagiris. Photographs. 4 1873

Breen, Henry H. St Lucia, Historical,
Statistical, and Descriptive. Map. 8


Brehm, Dr A. E. See Heuglin.

Bremner, Robert. Excursions in the
Interior of Russia. Portraits. 2 vols.
8 1839

Excursions in Denmark, Norway, and

Sweden. Portraits. 2 vols. 8 1840

Bremond, Alphonse. Le Guide Toulous-
ain. Troiseme edition. Map and plan.
1 8 Toulouse, 1868

Brenchley, J. L. Jottings during the
Cruise of H. M. S. " Cura9oa " among the
South Sea Islands in 1865. Map and
plates. 4 1873

Brenchley, Julius. See Remy.

Brennecke, . Sir Isaac Newton : Ora-
tion. [In German.] 8* Posen, 1866

Brenner, Dr Oscar. Die achte Karte
des Olaus Magnus vom Jahre 1539, nach
dem Exemplar der Miinchener Staatsbib-
liothek. Map. 8* Chruliania, 1886

Olaus Magnus und seine Karte des

Nordens. Small 8* Christiania, 1886


Brent, G. S. Notes on a Map of the
World : Fasciculus I., On the Con-
figuration of Continents. 8* 1850

Brenton, Capt. E. P. See St Vincent.

Brereton, Rev. C. D. An Address, with
a Proposal for the Foundation of a
Church, Mission House, and School at
Sarawak. Maps. 8* 1846

Brerewood, Edward. See Purchas, Vol.
I, Book I : Appendix I.

Breton, Lieut. Excursions in New South
Wales, Western Australia, and Van
Diemen's Land, during 1830-33. Plates.
8 1834

Bretschneider, E. On the Study and
Value of Chinese Botanical Works, with
Notes on the History of Plants and
Geographical Botany from Chinese
Sources. Plates. 8 Foochcnv, 1870

Fu - Sang ; or, Who Discovered
America? 8* 1870

On the Knowledge possessed by the

AncientChinese of the Arabs and Arabim
Colonies and other Western Countries
mentioned in Chinese Books. 8* 1871

Notes on Chinese Mediaeval Travellers
to the West. 8* Shanghai, 1875

Archaeological and Historical Re-
searches on Pekin and its Environs.
Plates. 8* Shanghai, 1876

Die Pekinger Ebene und das benach-
barte Gebirgsland. (Ergiinzungsheft,
46 Petermann's Mittheilungen.) Map.
4 Got ha, 1876

Recherches Archeologiques et Histor-
iques sur Pekin et ses Environs. Tra-
duction Francaise par V. Cpllin de
Plancy. [No. 12 of Publ. del'Ecoledes
Langues Orient. Viv.] Maps, plate. 8

Paris, 1879

Mediaeval Researches from Eastern

Asiatic Sources : Fragments towards
the Knowledge of the Geography and
History of Central and Western Asia,
from the I3th to the I7th Century. 2
vols. Maps. 8 1888

Brett, H. Handy Guide to New Zealand.
Edited by E. Ernest Bilbrough. Maps
and illustrations. 12 Auckland, 1890
See Sherrin and Wallace.

Brett, W. H. The Indian Tribes of
Guiana, their Condition and Habits, &c.
Map and plates. 8 1 86 8

Brewer, Henry. See Callander, Vol. 2 :
Appendix I.

Brewin, W. See Harvey, T.

Bricchetti-Robecchi. See Robecchi.

Bridel, Philippe. See Turkey in Asia, B :
Appendix 2.

Bridge, B. A Treatise on the Construc-
tion, Properties, and Analogies of the
Three Conic Sections. 8 1831

Bridge, John. A Visit to the Isle of
Wight, by Two Wights. 16 1884

Bridge, John. From Tilbury to Torbay,
1885-87. 12 1888

Bridges, F. D. Journal of a Lady's
Travels round the World. Map ami
plates. 8 1883

Brie, J. de. See Pelham, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix i.

Briere, A. Lettres sur le Transsaharien.
8* Paris, 1881

Brierley, J. See Casalis.

Briggs, David. Design for a Bridge
over the Nurbudda, near Jubbulpoor.
Plates. [From the India Records,
Vol. 2, N.W. Provinces.] 8 Agra, 1856

Report on the Operations connected

with the Hindostan and Thibet Road,
from 1850 to 1855. Maps. [From the
India Records, No. 16.] Royal 8

Calcutta, 1856

Briggs, Henry George. The Cities of
Gujarashtra, their Topography and His-
tory illustrated in the Journal of a
Recent Tour. 4 Bombay, 1850

The Parsis, or Modern Zerdusthians.

8 Edinburgh, 1852

Briggs, Major-Gen. John. Brief Notes
relative to the History of the Rajas of
Satara, commencing with 1707 ; and to
the Satara Jageerdars. [From the India
Records, No. 41.] Royal 8

Bombay, 1857

Brigham, W. T. Historical Notes on
the Earthquakes of New England, 1638-
1869. 4 Boston, Mass., 1871

Guatemala, the Land of the Quetzal :

a Sketch. Maps and illustrations. 8


Bright, Richard. Travels from Vienna
through Lower Hungary, with some
Remarks on the State of Vienna during
the Congress, 1814. Maps and plates.
4 Edinburgh, 1818

Brignon, Le Hen. See Burney, Vol. 5 ;
Callander, Vol. 3 : Appendix i.

Brine, Admiral Lindesay. The Taeping
Rebellion in China : a Narrative of its
Rise and Progress, based upon original
documents and information obtained in
China. Map and plans. 8 186;.

Travels amongst American Indians,

their Ancient Earthworks and Temples.
Illustrations. 8 1894

Brine, F. Iceland and the Faroes. 8*


Brinkley, John, Bishop of Cloyne.

Elements of Plane Astronomy. Edited

by the Rev. Thomas Laby. Plates. 8

Dublin, 1845

Brinton, Dr Daniel G. Notes on the
Floridian Peninsula, its Literary History,
Indian Tribes, and Antiquities. 8

Philadelphia, 1859

The Lineal Measures of the Semi-
Civilised Nations of Mexico and Central
America. 8* Philadelphia, 1885



Brinton, Dr Daniel G. On the Ikono-
matic Method of Phonetic Writing, with
Special Reference to American Archae-
ology. 8* Philadelphia, 1886

A Review of the Data for the Study

of the Prehistoric Chronology of America.
Address before the Section of Anthro-
pology, American Association for the
Advancement of Science. 8*

Salem, Mass., 1887

Were the Toltecs an Historic Nation-
ality? 8* Philadelphia, 1887
On Etruscan and Libyan Names: a
Comparative Study. 8* 'Philadelphia, 1890

The American Race : a Linguistic

Classification and Ethnographic Descrip-
tion of the Native Tribes of North and
South America. 8 New York, 1891

Anthropology, as a Science, and as a

branch of University Education in the
United States. 8* Philadelphia, 1892

The Tribute Roll of Montezuma

Part I. The Written Language of the
Ancient Mexicans. Reprinted 2Oth May
1892, from Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc.,
Vol. 17. 4* N.P., 1892

Reminiscences of Pennsylvania Folk-

Lore. 8* 1892

Analytical Catalogue of Works and

Scientific Articles. 8* N.P., 1892

Further Notes on the Betoya

Dialects, from unpublished sources. 8*

[Philadelphia} 1892

Further Notes on Fuegian Languages.

8* [Philadelphia'] 1892

Address delivered on Columbus Day,

2ist October 1892, at the . . . Univer-
sity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 8*

Philadelphia, 1892

Studies in South American Native

Languages. 8 Philadelphia, 1892

The Etrusco- Libyan Elements in the

Song of the Arval Brethren. 8* [1893]

The Native Calendar of Central America

and Mexico : a Study in Linguistics and
Symbolism. 8* Philadelphia, 1893

Ethnology. On various supposed

relations between the American and
Asian Races. Reprinted from Memoirs
of the International Congress of An-
thropology, Chicago. 8* Chicago, 1893

See Thomas, Cyrus.

Brisbane, Captain. See Weddell, James.

Brisbane, General Sir Thomas Mak-
dougall. Reminiscences of General Sir
T. M. Brisbane. Portraits and plates,
Privately printed. 4 Edinburgh, 1860

See New South Wales, D : Appendix 2.
Brisse, A., and L. de Rotrou. The

Draining of Lake Fucino, accomplished
by His Excellency Prince Alexander
Torlonia : an Abridged Account, His-
torical and Technical. English transla-
tion by V. de Tivoli, jun. 4; Atlas,
folio Rome, 1876

Brisson, . See Saugnier.

Bristowe, Lindsay W., and Philip B.
Wright. The Handbook of British
Hondurasfor 1888-89, com prising Histori-
cal, Statistical, and General Information
concerning the Colony. Map. 8 1888

The same, for 1889-90. Map. 8 1889

The same, for 1890-91. Map. 8 1890

The same, for 1891-92. Map.

Large 8 1891

The same, for 1892-93. Map.

Large 8 1892

' ' Britannicus. " The Dominican Republic
and the Emperor Soulouque: being
Remarks and Strictures on the Misstate-
ments, and a Refutation of the Calum-
nies, of M. D'Alaux ; preceded by a
concise Account of the Historical Events
of the Dominican Republic, and a
glance at the Peninsula of Samana. By
"Britannicus." 8* Philadelphia, 1852

Brito, P. J. M. de. Memoria Politica

sobre a Capitania de Santa Catharina,

escripta no Rio de Janeiro em 1816. 8

Lisbon, 1829

Britton, J. Descriptive Sketches of Tun-
bridge Wells and the Calverley Estate.
Maps and plates. 8 1832

Broadfoot, Lieut. James S. Reports
on Parts of the Ghilzi Country, and on
some of the Tribes in the neighbourhood
of Ghazni ; and on the Route from
Ghazni to Dera Ismail Khan by the
Ghwalari Pass, 1839. Edited by Major
William Broadfoot. R. G. S. Supple-
mentary Papers, Vol. I. Map. Large
8 1886

Broadfoot, Major William. The Career
of Major George Broadfoot, C.B.,
Governor-General's Agent North-West
Frontier, 1844-45, m Afghanistan and
the Punjab. Compiled from his Papers,
and those of Lords Ellenborough and
Hardinge. Portrait and maps. 8


Broadhead, G. C. See United States, K
(Missouri) : Appendix 2.

Broca, Paul. On the Phenomena of
Hybridity in the genus Homo. Edited
by C. C. Blake. 8 1864

Brocchi, G. B. Giornale delle Osser-

vazioni fatte ne' Viaggi in Egitto, nella

Siria e nella Nubia. 5 vols. and Atlas. 8

Bassano, 1841-43

Broch, O. J. Le Royaume de Norvege
et le Peuple Norvegien, ses Rapports
Sociaux, Hygiene, Moyens d'Existence,
Sauyetage, Moyens de Communication
et Economic. Rapport au Congres de
Bruxelles. Plate. 8 Christiania, 1876
Brockedon, W. Illustrationsof the Passes
of the Alps by which Italy communicates
with France, Switzerland, and Germany.
Maps and plates. 2 vols. 4 1828


Brockett, W. E. Narrative of a Voyage
from Sydney to Torres Straits in Search
of the Survivors of the " Charles Eaton."
Plates. 8 Sydney, 1836

Brocklehurst, Thomas Unett. Mexico
To-day : a Country with a Great Future,
and a glance at the Prehistoric Remains
and Antiquities of the Montezumas.
Map and illustrations. 8 1 883

Brocklesby, J. Elements of Physical
Geography, together with a Treatise on
the Physical Phenomena of the United
States. Maps. 4 Philadelphia, 1868

Brocquiere, Bertrandon de la. See
Hak-luyt, Vol. 4 : Appendix i.

Brodhead, John Romeyn. Documents
relative to the Colonial History of the
State of New York, procured in Holland,
England, and France. Edited by E. B.
O'Callaghan. Maps. 10 vols. 4

Albany, N.Y., 1856-58

Reports of, relative to the Colonial

History of New York. 8

New York, 1845

Brodie, Sir Benjamin C. Address to
the Ethnological Society of London,
1853 ; followed by a Sketch of the
Recent Progress of Ethnology, by R.
Cull. 8* 1853

- Ditto. 8* 1854

Brodie, Lieut. See India, I : Appen-
dix 2.

Brodie, \Valter. Pitcairn's Island and
the Islanders in 1850, with Extracts from
his Private Journal, and a few Hints
upon California ; also the Reports of all

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