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of Progress for 1878 and 1879, by
Benjamin Smith Lyman. 8

Tokyo, 1879

Japan. No. 2 (1883). Memorandum
respecting the Trade between Japan and
Corea. 8 U .

Tokyo University. Memoirs of the

Science Department. Earthquake

Measurement. By J. A. Ewing. Small

4 Tokyo, 1883

[See also Morse, E. S. ; Netto, C.]

Tenth Annual Report of the Minister of
Education for the Fifteenth Year of
Meiji (1882). 8 Tokyo, 1886


Jesuit Letters. Nuovi Avvisi del Giapone
con alcuni altri della Cina del LXXXIII. et
LXXXIV. Cavati dalle Lettere della
Compagnia di Giesu. Ricevute il mese
diDecembre Prossimo Passato MDI.XXXV.
8 Venice, 1586

Lettera Annale del Giapone scritta
al Padre Generale della Compagnia di
Giesu, 1588. 12 Rome, 1590

Litterse Societatis Jesu, anno MUCH.
et MDCIII., e Sinis, Molucis, Japone,
clatre. 12 Mayence, 1607

Litterse Japonicre annorum M. DC. i\.
et X. ad R. admodum pise mem. P.
Claudium Aquavivam Generalem Pne-
positum Societatis Jesu a R. P. Provincial!
eiusdem in Japone Societ. missse. Ex
Italicis Latince factae ab And. Schotto.
8 Antwerp, 1615

The Claims of Japan and Malaysia
upon Christendom, exhibited in Notes of
Voyages made in 1837, from Canton, in
the ship "Morrison" and brig " liim-
maleh," under direction of the owners.
2 vols. Maps. 12 New York, 1839


Vol. I. Notes of the Voyage of the
"Morrison" from Canton to Japan.
By C. W. King.

Vol. 2. Notes made during the Voyage
of the " Ilimmaleh " in the Malayan
Archipelago. By C. Tradescant Lay.
Manners and Customs of the Japanese
in the Nineteenth Century. 8 1841
Handy Guide Book to the Japanese
Islands. Maps. 12 N.D.

Night Record of a Visit to East Yesso
[in Japanese]. Woodcuts. 8 [1865]
Kioto. Stray Notes on Kioto and its
Environs. 2nd edition, revised. Small
8 Hiogo, 1878

The Morse Collection of Japanese Pot-
tery. Reprinted from the American
Architect of May 28, 1887. 4

Salem, Mass., 1887

Ainu. Baptismal Services in the Ainu
Language. 12 1891

Seismological Society of Japan : Earth-
quake Observation. [Note - Book.]
Oblong 12 N.D.


Reports on Corean Mines. 8" 1883

Despatch from H.M. Minister in Japan
forwarding a Report on Corea. [Japan,
No. i, 1883.] 8.

The same, forwarding Reports on

Mines in Corea. [Japan, No. 3, 1883.]
8 1883

Corea, No. i (1885.) Commercial Reports
by H.M. Consul-General, 1882-83 J an( ^
Report of a Journey from Soul to
Songdo, in August 1884. 8" 1885




Annual Reports on the Trade of Corea in

Foreign Vessels. No. i (year 1885). 4

Shanghai, 1886


[See also Dutch East Indies.]
Sentences in English and Malay. Printed
for the Borneo Mission. 12

British North Borneo.
Borneo and Sulu. Spain, No. i (1882).
(Borneo and Sulu.) Papers relating to
the Affairs of Sulu and Borneo, and to
the grant of a Charter of Incorporation
to the " British North Borneo Company."
Part I. Correspondence respecting the
Claims of Spain. Map. Folio 1882

- Netherlands, No. I (1882). (Borneo
and Sulu. ) Papers relating to the Affairs
of Sulu and Borneo, and to the grant of
a Charter of Incorporation to the " Brit-
ish North Borneo Company." Part II.
Correspondence respecting the Claims of
Holland. Maps. Folio 1882

- Handbook of British North Borneo.

Compiled from Reports received from
Governor Treacher and other Officers in
the British North Borneo Company's
Service. With an Introduction by Sir
Rutherford Alcock. Maps. 8 1886
The same. Compiled from Reports
of the Governor and Officers of the
Residential Staff in Borneo, and other
sources of information of an authentic
nature. With an Appendix of Docu-
ments, Trade Returns, &c., showing
the Progress and Development of the
Company's Territory to the latest date.
Maps and ilhistrations. 8 1 890

[See also Leys.]


Manila. Provincia <le Tondo (incomplete),
Provincia de Bulacan (map), and Pro-
vincia de Pangasinan [Nos. 2, 3, and 5
of a Survey of Manila]. Small 8

Manila, 1819

Philippines. Estados de la Poblacion de
Filipinascorrespondienteaelanode 1818.
Small 8 Manila, 1820

Philippine Islands. Informe sobre el

Estados de la Islas Filipinas en 1842.

Por el Autor del Aristodemo. 2 vols.

Madrid, 1843

Das Datum, wie solcher auf den Philip-
pinen gezahlt wird. 8 N.D.


Eastern Persia. An Account of the
Journeys of the Persian Boundary Com-
mission, 1870-71-72 : Vol. i. The


Geography, with Narratives by Majors
St John, Lovett, and Euan Smith, and
an Introduction by Major-General Sir
Frederic John Goldsmid ; Vol. 2. The
Zoology and Geology, by W. T.
Blanford. Maps and tables. 8 1876

Bakhtiari Region. Survey of the
Bakhtiari Region. 8 [Simla, N.D.]

Khorasan. See Central Asia.

Sketches of Persia, from the Journals
of a Traveller in the East. 2 vols. 8


The River Karun, an opening to
British Commerce. Map. 12 1890

Persian Gulf.

Geology. Reprint of two papers on the
Geology of the Persian Gulf. 8

Calcutta, 1859-60


Goa. Relation de 1'Inquisition de Goa.
1 6 Ley den, 1687

Macao. Relatorio e Documentos sobre a
abolicao da Emigracao de Chinas con-
trados em Macau apresentado as Cortes
na sessao legislativa de 1874. (Pelo
ministro e secretario d'estado dos
negocios da marina e ultramas. ) Folio
Lisbon, 1874

A. Caucasus, &c.

Memoir of a Map of the Countries com-
prehended between the Black Sea and
the Caspian ; with an Account of the
Caucasian Nations, and Vocabularies of
their Languages. Map. 4 1788

Description des Pays situes entre la Mer
Noire et la Mer Caspienne. Map.
Memoire sur le Cours de 1'Araxe et du
Cyrus, et sur les Pyles Caucasiennes.
Par St Croix. Map. Extrait du Journal
d'un Voyage fait 1784 dans la Partie
Meridionale de la Russie. 4

Paris, 1793

Tiflis Observatory. Beobachtungen der
Temperatur des Erdbodens im Tifliser
Physikalischen Observatorium im Jahre
1884, nebst Anhang : Beobachtungen am
Radiations-Thermometer in den Jahren
1881-84. 8 Tiflis, 1886

- The same, 1885. 8 Tiflis, 1891

Meteorologische Beobachtungen des

Tifl. Phys. Observ. in den Jahren 1887-88,
1889, herausgegeben von J. Mielberg.
8 ' Tiflis, 1889-90

Magnctische Beobachtungen des Tifl.

Phys. Observ. im Jahre 1888-89, her-
ausgegeben von J. Mielberg. 8

Tiflis t I?-




Collection of Materials for the Description

of Localties and Tribes of the Caucasus.

Published by the Education Department

of the Caucasus. Parts 10, 12-18

Tiflis, 1890 94
Notes on the Caucasus. By Wanderer.

8 1883

B. Russian Turkistan.

[See also Central Asia.]

Russia and Persia. Histoire cles
Decouvertes faites par divers Savans
Voyageurs, dans plusieurs contrees de la
Russie et de la Perse, relativement a
1'Histoire civile etNaturelle.a 1'Economie
Rurale, au Commerce, &c. 3 vols. Maps
and plates. Small 4 Berne, 1779-87

The same. 6 vols. Maps and plates.

8 Lausanne, 1784

Treaty between Russia and Bokhara.
Folio 1869

Russian Turkestan. Collection of Arti-
cles published with reference to the
Polytechnic Exhibition. [In Russian.]
2 parts. 8 Moscow, 1872

Scientific Expeditions in Turkistan during
1878. [In Russian.] Small 8

Tashkent, 1879

Amu and Usboi. Descriptive History of,
since 1716. [In Russian.] Map and
plate. Small 8 Samara, 1879

Transcaspian Expedition. Wissen-
schaftliche Ergebnisse der im Jahre 1886.
Allerhochst befohlenen Expedition nach
Transcaspien. Band I. Zoologie.
Map and plates. 8 Tiflis, 1890

Report on the Trans-Caspian Triangula-
tion. [In Russian.] Maps. Folio N.D.

Oxus. Fall and Rapidity of the Oxus and
of other Rivers compared with it. MS.

Is Russia Vulnerable in Central Asia?

From the Asiatic Quarterly Review.

8 1889

Russians in the East. 8 [Review. ?i865]

Expedition against the Tekke Turkomans.

See United Kingdom, War Office Pub.

C. Siberia.

Results of the Siberian Expedition of the
Imperial Russian Geographical Society.
[In Russian.]
Vol. I. Historical Reports on Physical

Geographical Researches. By T. B.

Schmidt and P. P. Glen. Maps. 4

St Petersburg, 1866

Vol. 2. Botany. By F. B. Schmidt.

Plates. 4 ' St Petersburg, 1874

Vol. 3. Geognosy. Part I. Fossils of

the Cretaceous Formation in Sakhalin.

By F. B. Schmidt. Map and plates.

4 St Petersburg, 1873


Report on the Survey of the Country
between the Mouth of River Korotaika
and Possl-Cort Tents, on the Obi River,
for the projected Obi Railway ... in
August 1886, by J. M. Vorspay. Map.
Folio 1886

A New Trade Route to connect Europe
with Western Siberia and China. By
A. D. Golokwastoff. Folio. [Bound
up with preceding] 1887

Russia. No. i (1888). Copy of a Despatch
from Sir R. Morier, and other Corre-
spondence respecting Attempts to Estab-
lish Commercial Relations with Siberia
through Kara Sea. Map. Folio 1888

Die Wissenschaftliche Thatigkeit der
Ost-Sibirischen Section der Kaiserlichen
Russischen Geographischen Gesellshaft
in Jahre 1891. 8 N.D.


Copies of Treaty between the Govern-
ment of India and the King of Siam,
Papers, &c. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1874

Report on the Country traversed by
Mr Satow in his Journey to C'hieng-
mai (in Siam) in December 1885 and
January 1886. [Foreign Office Paper.]
Map. Folio 1886

Voyage de Siam, des Peres Jesuites ;
avec leurs Observations Astronomiques,
et leurs Remarques de Physique, de Geo-
graphic, d'Hydrographie, et d'Histoire.
Plates. Small 4 Paris, 1 686

Bangkok Calendar, 1859, 1864 ; cor-
responding to the Siamese Civil Era
1 220- 1, 1225-6, and nearly so to the
Chinese Cycle Era, 4496, 4501. 8

Bangkok, 1859, 1864

The Directory for Bangkok and Siam
for 1892. Plan. Small 4 1892

Mekong Valley. The Truth about the
Mekong Valley. 8 Bangkok, 1891


Report of the Committee appointed to

consider the adoption of a uniform

system of spelling Native Names. Folio

Singapore, 1879

Annual Reports on the State of Selangor

for the years 1886, '87, '90, '91, '92, '93.


Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, 1887-94
On the States of Sungei Ujong and

Jelebu for the years 1891-93. Folio
Singapore and Ktiala Lumpur, 1892-94
On the State of Perak for the years

1891-93.' Folio Taiping, 1892-94
On the State of Pehang for the years

1891-93. Folio Kuala Lumpur t 1892-94




Annual Reports on the State of Negri
Sembilan for the years 1891-93. Folio
Singapore, 1891-94

Native States. Correspondence relative
to the Affairs of certain Native States in
the Malay Peninsula, in the neighbour-
hood of the Straits Settlements. [Parly.
Rep.] Folio 1874

Further Correspondence respecting

the Protected Malay States (in continua-
tion of November 1888). Folio 1889

Report on the Botanic and Zoological
Gardens, Singapore. By the Superin-
tendent of the Botanic Gardens, for
the year 1882. Folio Singapore, 1883

Prince of Wales Island. Exposition of
the Political and Commercial Relations
of the Government of Prince of Wales
Island, with the States of the East Coast
of Sumatra, from Diamond Point to
Siack. 4 Prince of Wales Island, 1824

Perak. Copy of the Journal kept by the
Officer in Charge of Kinta District, from
I4th to 3ist August 1878. Square 8

[Singapore, 1878]

The Perak Handbook and Civil

Service List, 1893 ; with a new map.
Large 8 Taiping

The Resources of the Malay Peninsula.
[Cuttings from the Chamber of Commerce
Journal.} Map. 4 1883

Miscellaneous Papers relating to Indo-
China. Reprinted for the Straits Branch
of the Royal Asiatic Society, from
Dalrymple's "Oriental Repertory," and
the "Asiatic Researches and Journal" of
the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 2 vols.
Map and plan. 8 1886

The same, and the Indian Archipelago.

Reprinted for the Straits Branch of the
Royal Asiatic Society, from the "Jour-
nals" of the Royal Asiatic, Bengal
Asiatic, and Royal Geographical Societies ;
the "Transactions" and "Journal" of
the A.-iatic Society of Batavia ; and the
" Malayan Miscellanies." Second Series.
2 vols. Map and plates. 8 1887


Travels in the Track of the Ten Thou-
sand Greeks, being a Geographical and
Descriptive Account of the Expedition
of Cyrus and of the Retreat of the Ten
Thousand Greeks. Map. 8 1844

Euphrates Valley Route to India. By a
Traveller. Map. 8 1856

- Reports respecting Communication
with India through Turkey, by the
Euphrates Valley Route. [Parly. Rep.]
Map. Folio 1872


Euphrates. Report from the Select Com-
mittee on the Euphrates Valley Railway ;
together with the Proceedings of the
Committee, Minutes of Evidence, &c.
[Parly. Rep.] Folio 1872

Statistical Tables of the Vilayets of the
Turkish Empire nearest to Trans-
Caucasia. [In Russian.] Map. 8

Tiflis, 1889

A. Asia Minor.

Reisen in Siidwestlichen Kleinasien. 2
vols. Folio Vienna, 1884-89

Vol. i.- Benndorf, Otto, and George
Niemann. Reisen in Lykien und Karien.
Ausgefiihrt im Auftrage des K. K.
Ministeriums fur Cultus und Unterricht
unter dienstlicher Forderung durch seiner
Majestat Raddampfer "Taurus," Com-
mandant Fttrst Wrede, beschrieben von
Otto Benndorf und George Niemann.
Map and plates 1884

Vol. 2. Petersen, E., and F. von
Luschan. Reisen in Lykien Milyas und
Kibyratis. Ausgefiihrt auf Veranlassung
der Oesterreichischen Gesellschaft fiir
Archreologische Erforschung Kleinasiens,
unter dientslicher Forderung durch seiner
Majestat Raddampfer "Taurus," Com-
mandant Baritz von Ikafalva, beschrieben
und im Auftrage des K. K. Ministeriums
fiir Cultus und Unterricht herausgegeben
von Eugen Petersen und Felix von
Luschan. Plates 1889

B. Palestine.

Palestine Exploration Fund.

Survey of Western Palestine. An
Introduction to the Survey of Western
Palestine. By Trelawney Saunders. 8


Special Papers on Topography, Ar-
chaeology, Manners and Customs, &c.,
contributed by Lieut. -Colonel Sir Charles
Wilson, Lieut. -Colonel Warren, Lieut.
Conder, Lieut. Kitchener, Prof. E. H.
Palmer, Mr George Smith, Rev. Greville
Chester, M. Clermont-Ganneau, &c. , for
the Committee of the Palestine Explora-
tion Fund. Map. 4 1881
Arabic and English Name Lists,

collected during the Survey of Lieuts.
Conder and Kitchener. Transliterated
and explained by E. II. Palmer, for
the Committee of the Palestine Explora-
tion Fund. 4 1 88 1
Memoirs of the Topography, Oro-
graphy, Hydrography, and Archaeology.
By Lieut. C. R. Conder and Lieut. II.
II. Kitchener. Edited, with additions,
by E. H. Palmer and Walter Besant,
for the Committee of the Palestine
Exploration Fund. Vol. i. Sheets 1-6:
Galilee. Illustrations, 4 1881




Survey. The same. Vol.2. Sheet 7-16:
Samaria. Illustrations. 4 1882

The same. Vol. 3. Sheets 17-26:

Judaea. Plans and illustrations. 4


Jerusalem. By Col. Sir Charles

Warren and Capt. Claude Reigner
Conder. Plans and illustrations. 4


The Fauna and Flora of Palestine.

By H. B. Tristram. Plates. 4 1884

Memoir on the Physical Geology

and Geography of Arabia Petraea,
Palestine, and adjoining Districts ; with
Special Reference to the Mode of Forma-
tion of the Jordan -Araliah Depression
and the Dead Sea. By Edward Hull.
Maps and sections. 4 1 886

A General Index to -i. The Memoirs,

Vols. 1-3 ; 2. The Special Papers ; 3.
The Jerusalem Volume ; 4. The Flora
and Fauna of Palestine ; 5. The Geo-
logical Survey ; and to the Arabic and
English Name Lists. Compiled by
Henry C. Stewardson. 4 1888

Survey of Eastern Palestine : Memoirs
of the Topography, Orography, Hydro-
graphy, Archaeology, &c. Vol. i. The
Adwan Country. By Major C. R.
Conder. Map in cover, plans and illus-
trations. 4 1889

Twenty-one Years' Work in the Holy
Land (a Record and a Summary), 22nd
June 1865 to 22nd June 1886. Plans
and i I hist rations. 8 1 886

[See also Conder ; Hart ; Hull ; Morri-
son ; Warren, C.]

Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society.

Of the Holy Places visited by Antoninus
Martyr. Translated by Aubrey Stewart,
and annotated by Sir C. W. Wilson.
Map. Crown 8 1885

The Pilgrimage of the Holy Paula. By
St Jerome. Translated by Aubrey
Stewart, and annotated by Sir C. W.
Wilson. Map. Crown 8 1885

Of the Buildings of Justinian. By Pro-
copius. Translated by Aubrey Stewart,
and annotated by Sir C. W. Wilson
and Prof. H. Lewis. Map and plates.
Crown 8 1886

Description of Syria, including Palestine.
By Mukaddasi. Translated from the
Arabic, and annotated by Guy Le
Strange. Map and plans. Crown 8


Itinerary from Bordeaux to Jerusalem.
"The Bordeaux Pilgrim." Translated by
Aubrey Stewart, and annotated by Sir
C. W. Wilson. Plans. Crown 8 1887


La Palestine Illustree : Collection de
Vues recueillies en Orient, par F. et E.
Thevoz, de Geneve, reproduites par la
phototypie. Texte explicatif par Philippe
Bridel, pasteur a Lausanne. I. De Jaffa
a Jerusalem ; 2. De Jerusalem a Hebron.
Oblong 4 Lausanne [1889]

The same. 3. Samarie et Cote

maritime ; 4. Galilee et Lilwn. Oblong
4 Lausanne [1890-91]


Alphabethum Samaritanum. A Fragment,
pp. 5-100. 4.

Relation nouvelle et exacte d'un Voyage
de la Terre Sainte. 12 Paris, 1688

Three Weeks in Palestine and LelKinon.
Plates. 12 1836

An Excursion from Jericho to the Ruins
of the Ancient Cities of Geraza and
Amman in the Country east of the River
Jordan. 8 1852

Two Months in Palestine ; or, A Guide
to a Rapid Journey to the Chief Places
of Interest in the Holy Land. 2nd
edition. Map and plates. Small 8


Helps to the Study of the Bible, including
Introductions to the several Books, the
History and Antiquities of the Jews,
the results of Modern Discoveries, and
the Natural History of Palestine ; with
copious tables, concordance, and indices,
and a series of maps. Small 8 Oxford

Viaggio da Gerusalemme per le coste
della Sorla. 2 vols. Small 8

Leghorn, 1887

Jerusalem. Jerusalem Water Relief So-
ciety, established 1864. [Prospectus.]
8 ' [1864]

Note sur quelques Determinations de
Coordonnees Geographiques. 8

Paris, 1864

An Eastern Vacation in Jerusalem.
12 1890

C. Syria.

Notes Geographiques pour servir d'Index
a la Carte de Syrie, relative a 1'Histoire
dc 1'Expedition de Bonaparte en Orient.
8 Paris, 1803

Rambles in the Deserts of Syria and
among the Turkomans and Bedaweens.
8 1864

Journey from Aleppo to Damascus ; with
a Description two Capital Cities,
and the neighb uring parts of Syria ;
to which is a'lded an Account of the
Maronites inhabiting Mount Lil>anus,
&c. Map. 8 1737





The Official Directory and Year Book

of Australia for 1884. 8.
The Year- Book of Australia for 1885.

Maps. 8.
Australian Museum. See New South


Auriferous Drifts in Australasia, or the
Cause and its Continuity of the great
Geological Convulsions, and the Theory
of the Origin and Position of Auriferous
Drifts. By "Research." 8

Melbourne, 1868

The Friend of Australia ; or, A Plan
for Exploring the Interior and for carry-
ing on a Survey of the whole Continent.
By a Retired Officer. Map and plates.
8 1830

Aborigines of Australia. Extract from a
Letter, dated Perth, Swan River, W.
Australia, 1836. Letter from the Rev.
Joseph Orton, dated Hobart Town, Van
Dieman's Land, 1836. 8 [1836]

Competence in a Colony contrasted
with Poverty at Home ; or, Relief to
Landlords and Labourers held out by
Australian Colonisation and Emigration.
Map. 8 1848

Report of Proceedings adopted for the
Establishment of Steam Communica-
tion wilh the Australian Colonies and
New Zealand. 8 1850

Further Papers relative to the Discovery
of Gold in Australia. Folio 1855

Sketches in Pencil and Ink of Australian
Scenery, &c. [? Babbage's Expedition,
1858]. Oblong crown 8 N.D.

South Sea Bubbles. By "The Earl and
the Doctor." 8 1872

Report of the Sub-Committee of the
Aborigines Protection Society. 8 N.D.
Australian Bibliography (in three parts).
Catalogue of Books in the Free Public
Library, Sydney, relating to, or published
in, Australasia. 4 Sydney, 1893


[Including also neighbouring Islands of
the Western Pacific.]

Further Correspondence respecting New

Guinea. Folio 1883

The same. Folio 1883

Correspondence respecting New Guinea
and other Islands, and the Convention at
Sydney of Representatives of the Aus-
ralasian Colonies. Folio 1884

Further Correspondence respecting New
Guinea and other Islands in the Western
Pacific Ocean. Folio 1885

The same. Folio 1885

Arrangement between Great Britain and

Germany relative to their respective

Spheres of Action in Portions of New

Guinea. No. I (1885). Folio 1885

Correspondence respecting the Return of

the New Guinea Islanders. Chart. Folio

Brisbane, 1885

Copies of certain Correspondence in re-
ference to a Claim made by Mr Theo-
dore Bevan for a Grant of Land in New
Guinea. Folio [1888]

Report for the year 1888. By Her
Majesty's Special Commissioner for the
Protected Territory ; with Appendices.
Maps. Folio Sydney, 1889

Correspondence by Administrator Mac-
gregor on his Visits to Parts of British
New Guinea. TwoColonial Office Papers,
nth Feb. and 2nd April 1889. Folio.
Despatch reporting Tour of Inspection
made by His Honour the Adminis-
trator of British New Guinea, extending
from Manu Manu on the Coast of the
Possession to the Owen Stanley Range
in the Interior. Folio 1889

Annual Report on British New Guinea,
from 4th Sept. 1888 to 3Oth June 1889, with
Appendices. Alap. Folio Brisbane, 1890
The same, from 1st July 1889 to
3Oth June 1890, with Appendices. Maps.
Folio Brisbane, 1890

Further Correspondence respecting New
Guinea. Maps. Folio 1890

Annual Report on British New Guinea,
from ist July 1890 to 30th June 1891 ; with
Appendices. Maps. Folio Brisbane, 1892
Handbook of Information for intending
Settlers in British New Guinea. Pub-
lished by authority. 8 Brisbane, 1892
Copies of Letters relating to the Proceed-
ings of the Administrator of British New
Guinea and the Dutch Resident of Ter-
nate for the Rectification of the Dutch
and British Borders in New Guinea.
Folio . [1893]

Exploration of New Guinea : an Inland
Trip. 12 Mackay, 1886

The Voyage of the "Chevert," by Wm.
Macleay ; Exploration of a New River,
named the Baxter, by S. McFarlane ;
D'Albertis's Account, &c. [Letters in the
Svttucy Morning Herald of 22nd Octoter
1875.] Small 8 Sydney, 1875




British New Guinea, with Illustrations of

Scenery. Issued by Burns, Philip, & Co.

4 Sydney, 1886

Position and Description. Folio 1889

Among the Islands : Explorations by the

Administrator ; Habits and Customs

of the Natives ; Prospecting for Gold.

[Newspaper Cuttings.] Folio 1889

Vocabulary of the Kiwai Language,

British New Guinea. Folio

[Brisbane] 1889

A. Australian Museum.

Report of the Trustees for 1881 . Folio

Sydney, 1882

Descriptive Catalogue (with Notes) of
the General Collection of Minerals in the
Australian Museum. By A. Felix Ratte.
8 Sydney, 1885

Catalogue of the Echinoclermata in the
Australian Museum. By E. P. Ramsay.
Part I. Echini Desmosticha and Petal-
osticha. Plates. 8 Sydney, 1885

Memoirs, No. 2. Lord Howe Island, its
Zoology, Geology, and Physical Char-
acters. Maps and plates. 8

Sydney, 1889

Records of the Australian Museum. Edited
by the Curator. Vol. i, Nos. I, 2, 4, 5.
Plates. 8 Sydney, 1890

Catalogue of the Marine Shells of Aus-
tralia and Tasmania. Part 2. Pteropoda.
By John Brazier. 8 Sydney, 1892

See also Haswell, W. A.; Bale, W. M.

B. Department of Mines and

Mines and Mineral Statistics of New
South Wales, and Notes on the Geo-
logical Collection of the Department of
Mines. Maps. 8 Sydney, 1875

Annual Report of the Department of
Mines, New South Wales, for the years
1876-81, 1885-88, 1890 (of Mines and
Agriculture), 1891-93. Map, sections,
&c. 4 Sydney, 1876-94

Mineral Products of New South Wales,
by Harrie Wood ; Notes on the Geology of
New South Wales, by C. S. Wilkinson
with Description of the Minerals of New
South Wales, by Archibald Liversidge.
Also Catalogue of Works, Papers, Re-
ports, and Maps on the Geology,
Palaeontology, Mineralogy, &c. , of the
Australian Continent and Tasmania, by
R. Eth'eridge, junr., and R. L. Jack.

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