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4 Sydney, 1882

The same, with Description of the

Seams of Coal worked in New South
Wales, by John Mackenzie. Maps,
plans, &f. 4 Sydney, 1887


Geological Survey of New South Wales,
by C. S. Wilkinson ; Geology of the
Vegetable Creek Tin-Mining Field, New
England District, with Maps and Sec-
tions, by T. W. Edgeworth David. 4
Sydney, 1887

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of
New South Wales, by C. S. Wilkinson.
Palaeontology, No. I. The Invertebrate
Fauna of the Hawkesbury, Wianamatta
Series. (Beds alx>ve the productive Coal
Measures.) By Robert Etheridge, junr.
Plates. 4 Sydney, 1888

Palaeontology, No. 2. Contributions

on the Tertiary Flora of Australia. By
D. Constantin, Baron von Ettingshausen.
Plates. 4 Sydney, 1888

Palaeontology, No. 3. Geological and

Palffiontological Relations of the Coal
and Plant Bearing Beds of Paleozoic
and Mesozoic Age in Eastern Australia
and Tasmania, with special reference to
the Fossil Flora . . . By Ottokar Feist-
mantel, M.D.,&c. Plates. 4 Sydney, 1890
Palaeontology, No. 4. The Fossil
Fishes of the Hawkesbury Series at
Gosford. By Arthur Smith Woodward.
Maps. 4 Sydney, 1890

Palaeontology, No. 5. A Monograph

of the Carboniferous and Permo-Carl>oni-
ferous Invertebrata of New South Wales.
Part I. Coelenterata. By R. Etheridge,
junr. Plates. 4 Sydney, 1891

The same, Part 2. Echinodermala,

Annelida, and Crustacea. By R. Ether-
idge, junr. Plates. 4 Sydney, 1894
Palaeontology, No. 7. The Mesozoic
and Tertiary Insects of New South
Wales. By R. Etheridge, junr., and A.
Sidney Ollifif. Plates. 4 Sydney, 1890
Palaeontology, No. 8. Contributions

to a Catalogue of Works, Reports, and
Papers on the Anthropology, Ethnology,
and Geological History of the Australian
and Tasmanian Aborigines. Parts I and 2.
ByR. Etheridge,junr. 4 Sydney, 1890-91

Geology, No. 5. Geology of the
Broken Hill Lode and Barrier Ranges
Mineral Field. By J. B. Jaquet. Maps,
plans, and sections. 4 Sydney, 1894

Records of the Geological Survey of New
South Wales, Vol. I, 1889-90. Plates.
Small 4 Sydney, 1890

Vol. 2, 1890-92 1892

Vol. 3, 1892-93 1894

Vol. 4, Parts I and 2 1894
Alphabetical List of Mineral Localities

N.P., N.I).

C. Results of Observations.

Astronomical. Results of Astronomical
Observations made at Sydney Observa-
tory, 1877-78, under the direction of H.
C. Russell. 8 Sydney, 1881




Astronomical. The same, in the years
1879, 1880, and 1 88 1, under the direction
of H. C. Russell. 8 Sydney, 1893

Observations of the Transit of Venus,
Qth December 1874, made at Stations
in New South Wales ; illustrated with
Photographs and Drawings, under the
direction of H. C. Russell. 4

Sydney, 1892

Meteorological. Results of Meteoro-
logical Observations made in New South
Wales during the years 1872-90, under
the direction of II. C. Russell. Maps
and diagrams. 8 Sydney, 1873-92

\_Note. Those for 1880-81-82 'and
1883-84 not published till 1892.]

Rain and River (and Evaporation). Re-
sults of Rain and River Observations
made in New South Wales during the
years 1879-81, 1883-92. Maps and dia-
grams. 8 Sydney, 1880-93

D. Various Government Publications.

Report of the Commissioner of Inquiry
into the State of the Colony of New South
Wales. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1822

- The same, on the State of Agriculture
and Trade in the Colony of New South
Wales. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1823

The same, on the Judicial Establish-
ments of New South Wales and Van
Diemen's Land. [Parly. Rep.] Folio


Copies of the Royal Instructions to the
Governors of New South Wales, Van
Diemen's Land, and Western Australia,
as to the Mode to be adopted in Dis-
posing of Crown Lands. [Parly. Rep.]
Folio 1831

Copies of Instructions given by His
Majesty's Secretary of State for the
Colonies, for promoting the Moral and
Religious Instruction of the Aboriginal
Inhabitants of New Holland or Van
Diemen's Land. [Parly. Rep.] Folio


Land Regulations : Copies of the Royal
Instructions issued to Sir Thomas Bris-
bane and Lieut. -Gen. Darling respect-
ing the Establishment and Duties of
the Commissioners for Apportioning the
Territory of New South Wales. [Parly.
Rep.] Folio 1832

Debate in the Legislative Council of New
South Wales, and other Documents on
the subject of Immigration to the Colony,
October 1840. 8 Sydney, 1840

Map of New South Wales, to accom-
pany "Correspondence respecting Emi-
gration," presented to both Houses of
Parliament by Command, 1st May 1871.
Folio 1871

Financial Statement of the Treasurer.
Folio [Sydney} 1873


Search for Leichardt's Party. Papers
connected with Andrew Hume. Folio
Sydney, 1874

Ways and Means : the Financial State-
ment of the Hon. Alexander Stuart,
Colonial Treasurer of New South Wales
made 24th January 1877. Small 8

Sydney, 1877

Railways of New South Wales : Report
on their Construction and Working
during 1876, by John Rae. Maps and
plans. Folio Sydney, 1877

Lord Howe Island. Report on Present
State and Future Prospects of. Maps.
Folio Sydney, 1882

Royal Commission, Conservation of
Water : First, Second, and Third (Final)
Reports of the Commissioners. Plans.
Folio Sydney, 1885-87

Diagrams and Plans to accompany

First Report of the Commissioners.

The same, to accompany Final Report

of Commissioners. Folio.

Stations determined Astronomically in
connection with Trigonometrical Survey,
1891. Department of Lands, Sydney,
N.S.W. Map. Large 8 Sydney, 1892

Reports of Departments of Lands, Public
Works, Public Instruction, Forest Ad-
ministration, &c. Folio Sydney, V.D.

Sydney Observatory: History and Pro-
gress. 8 N. P.

E. Miscellaneous and Anonymous.

Narrative of the Melancholy Wreck of
the " Dunbar," Merchant Ship, on the
South Head of Port Jackson, 2oth August
1857. Illustrations. 8 Sydney, 1857

London International Exhibition, 1862:
Catalogue of the Natural and Industrial
Products of New South Wales ; with a
Map, and Introductory Account of its
Population, Commerce, and General
Resources. Small 4 1862

Gazetteer of New South Wales. Map.
12 Sydney [1863]

Industrial Progress of New South
Wales : being a Report of the Inter-
colonial Exhibition of 1870, at Sydney ;
together with a Variety of Papers illustra-
tive of the Industrial Resources of the
Colony. 8 Sydney, 1871

Railways. New South Wales Railway
Guide. Illustrations. 4 Sydney, 1881

The same. For the use of Tourists,

Excursionists, and others. Containing
varioiis maps and numerous illustrations.
3rd edition. 4 Sydney, 1886

New South Wales in 1881. Large 8
Sydney, 1881

New South Wales. Map, Illustrations,
and Text. 4 Sydney, 1884




New South Wales. Physical Geography

and Climate. Map and diagrams. 8

[Sydney, 1884]

Year- Book of New South Wales for
1885. Map and illustrations. 8.

Melbourne Centennial International
Exhibition, 1888. New South Wales
Mineral Court : Descriptive Catalogue
of Exhibits of Metals, Minerals, Fossils,
and Timbers. Large 8 Sydney ', 1889

Statistical Register of New South
Wales for the year 1891. Compiled
from Original Returns, by J. A. Coghlan.
Folio Sydney, 1892

Sydney. Visitors' Guide to Sydney, com-
prising Description of the City, &c. , and
Information respecting the Resources of
New South Wales. Plan. 12

Sydney, 1872


A. Colonial Museum and Geological

Geological Survey of New Zealand :

First General Report on the Coal Deposits

of New Zealand. By James Hector. 8

Wellington, 1866

Abstract Report on the Progress of the
Geological Survey of New Zealand during
1868-69 5 together with Reports on
Barrier Island, Okarita District, East
Cape, Thames Gold Fields, and Kawau
Island. Maps. 8 Wellington, 1869

Second Report on the Thames Gold
Fields, Province of Auckland ; together
with Maps and Plans showing the position
of some of the most important Claims,
and Analysis of the Rock Specimens.
Maps. 8 Wellington, 1869

Reports of Geological Explorations
during 1870-71, 1871-72, 1873-74, 1874-
76, 1876-77, 1877-78, 1878-79, 1879-80,
1881, 1882, 1883-84, 1885, 1886-87, 1887-
88, 1888-89, 1890-91. Maps, sections,
and plates Wellington, 1871-92

Maps of the Buller Coal Field, to
illustrate Reports by Mr Cox and Mr
Denniston. Geological Reports, 1874-77.

Index to Reports of the Geological

Survey of New Zealand from 1866 to

1885 inclusive. 8 Wellington, 1887

Zoology, &c. 8 Wellington

Catalogue of the Birds of New Zealand,
with Diagnoses of the Species. By F.
W. Hutton 1871

Catalogue of the Echinodermata of
New Zealand, with Diagnoses of the
Species. By the same 1872

Catalogue of the Marine Mollusca
of New Zealand, with Diagnoses of the
Species. Plate. By the same 1873

Zoology, &c. continued.

Catalogue of the Tertiary Mollusca
and Echinodermata of New Zealand, in
the Collection of the Colonial Museum.
By the same 1873

Critical List of the Mollusca of New
Zealand contained in European Collec-
tions. By E. von Martens 1873

Catalogue of the Land Mollusca of
New Zealand, with Descriptions of the
Species. From various Authors 1873

Manual of the Indigenous Grasses of
New Zealand. By John Buchanan. Plates


Palaeontology of New Zealand. Part 4.
Corals and Bryozoa of the Neozoic Period
in New Zealand. By the Rev. J. E.
Tenison-Woods. Plates 1880

Manual of the New Zealand Coleop-
tera. By Capt. T. Broun 1880-93

Manual of the New Zealand Mollusca :
a Systematic and Descriptive Catalogue
of the Marine and Land Shells, and of
the Soft Mollusks and Polyzoa of New
Zealand and the adjacent Islands. By
F. W. Hutton 1880

Catalogues of the New Zealand Dip-
tera, Orthoptera, Hymenoptera ; with
Descriptions of the Species. By F. W.
Hutton. 8 1 88 1

Manual of the Birds of New Zealand.
By W. L. Buller. Plates. 8 1882

Studies in Biology for New Zealand
Students. No. 3. The Anatomy of the
Common Mussels (Mytilus latus, edulis,
Magellanicus). By Alex. Purdie, M.A.
Plates. 8 1887

Phormium Tenax as a Fibrous Plant.
Edited by Sir J. Hector. Plates 1889

Annual Reports [some missing] on the
Colonial Museum and Lalx>ratory ; to-
gether with Lists of Donations and
Deposits 1868-93

Meteorological Report, 1873; including
Returns for 1871-72, and averages for
previous years 1 874

The same, 1875; including Returns for
1873-74, &c. 1877

The same, 1877; including Returns for
1875-76, &c. 1878

The same, 1880 ; including Returns
for 1877-78-79, &c. 8 1881

The same, 1883 ; including Returns
for 1880-81-82, &c. Diagrams. 8 1884

The same, 1885 ; including Returns
for 1883 and 1884, and Averages for
previous years. Diagrams. 8 [1885]

Handbook of New Zealand. By Sir J.
Hector. Maps and diagrams. 3rd and
4th editions. 8 . 1883-86

Catalogue of the Colonial Museum and
Library. Large 8 Wellington, 1890




B. Survey Department.

Two Reports by the Surveyor-General
(J. T. Thomson) on the Surveys of New
Zealand. Plans. Folio

Wellington, 1877

Reports for the years 1881-82, 1882-83,
1883-84, 1885-86, 1886-87, and 1887-88,
byj. M'Kerrow; and for 1888-89, 1889-
90, 1890-91, 1891-92, 1892-93, by S.
Percy Smith. Maps and plans, &~*c.

Wellington, 1882-93

C. Various Government Publications.

Statistics of New Zealand for 1853-62,
compiled from Official Records, including
the Results of a Census of the Colony
taken i6th December 1861. 7 vols.
Tables. Folio Auckland, 1858-63

Statistics of the Colony of New Zealand

for 1869, '70, '72, '74, '76, '77, and '78.
Folio Wellington, 1870-79

Appendix to the Statistics of New

Zealand for the year 1884 : a Series of
Diagrams, showing the Progress of the
Colony by increase of Population, Trade,
Live Stock, Cultivation, Occupied Hold-
ings, Deposits in Banks, Revenue, Rail-
ways, Telegraph Lines, Shipping Inwards
and Outwards ; and the Ages of the
People, Birthplaces, Religious Denomina-
tions, Education, Industries, as at the
Census of April 1 88 1. Folio

Wellington, 1886

Statistics of the Colony of New Zea-
land for the year 1885 ; with Abstracts
from the Agricultural Statistics of 1886.
Folio Wellington, 1886
Statistics of the Colony of New Zea-
land for the years 1890 to 1892, with
Abstracts from the Agricultural Statistics,
&c. Wellington, 1891-93
- Report on the Statistics of New
Zealand, 1890 Wellington, 1892

Papers relating to the Recent Disturb-
ances in New Zealand. [Parly. Rep.]
Maps. Folio 1861

Report on the Geological Formation
of the Timaru District in reference to
obtaining a Supply of Water. By Julius
Haast. Sections. Folio

Chris tfhurch, 1865

New Zealand Exhibition, 1865 : Re-
ports and Awards of the Jurors, and
Appendix. 8 Dunedin, 1 866

Extract from Parliamentary Debates :
Second Session of the Fourth Parliament,
Legislative Council, 6th September 1867.
8 Chester, 1867

New Zealand Court : International Ex-
hibition, Sydney, 1879. Appendix to
Official Catalogue. 8 Wellington, 1880

Results of a Census of the Colony of
New Zealand, taken for the night of the
3rd April 1 88 1. Folio Wellington, 1882


Results of a Census of New Zealand,
taken for the night of the 28th March
1886. Folio Wellington, 1887

Ditto. Taken for the night of the 5th
April 1891. Folio Wellington, 1892

New Zealand Thermal - Springs Dis-
tricts : Papers relating to the Sale of the
Township of Rotorua ; together with
information relating to the Hot-Springs
Districts, and a Report on the Mineral
Waters. Maps and plans. 4

Wellington, 1882

Crown Lands Guide. Nos. 5 and 10.
Maps. 8 Wellington, 1883-90

Recent Volcanic Eruptions, Prelimi-
nary Report on. By Dr Hector. Map
and diagram. Folio {Wellington] 1886

Exhibition. New Zealand Industrial Ex-

. hibition, 1885 : The Official Record.
Plan. 8 Wellington, 1886

Waitomo Caves, King Country, Report
on. Plans and illustrations. Folio

[Wellington] 1886

Mining Machinery and Treatment of
Ores in Australian Colonies. Reports on
Machinery exhibited at the Melbourne
Exhibition : on Mining, and Plants for
the Reduction and Treatment of Ores . . . ;
on Processes adopted in America, &c.
Plates. Folio Wellington, 1889

Report on the Mining Industry of New
Zealand Wellington, 1891

The Cheviot Estate. Particulars, Terms,
and Conditions of Disposal and Occu-
pation of 33,474 acres, open on I3th
and 1 7th November 1893. Maps and
illustrations. 8 Wellington, 1893

[See also United Kingdom, H, Emi-
grants' Handbooks ; I, Colonial and
Indian Exhibition.]

D. Miscellaneous and Anonymous.

Grammar and Vocabulary of the Lan-
guage of New Zealand. Published by
the Church Missionary Society. 12 1820

British Colonisation of New Zealand :
being an Account of the Principles,
Objects, and Plans of the New Zealand
Association ; with particulars concerning
the Position, Extent, Soil, and Climate,
Natural Productions, and Native Inhabi-
tants of New Zealand. Maps and plates.
12 1837

Twelfth Report of the Directors of
the New Zealand Company, held 26th
April 1844, with Documents appended.
2 parts. 8 1844

On the British Colonisation of New
Zealand. By the Committee of the
Aborigines' Protection Society. 8 1846

Sketch of the present Position of the
Province of Auckland, Statistically and
Financially. Map. 8" 1863




The New Zealand Government and
the Maori War of 1863-64, with especial
reference to the Confiscation of Native
Lands, and the Colonial Ministry's
Defence of their War Policy. 8 1864

New Zealand, Graphic and Descriptive.
The illustrations by C. D. Barraud ;
edited by W. T. L. Travers. Coloured
plates. Atlas folio 1877

Sutherland Fall, the Highest Waterfall
in the World. [Cuttings from the Nelson
Evening Mail, Jan. 16, 1889.] 8

Some particulars concerning New Zea-
land. 8 N.D.

Early History of New Zealand. (Brett's
Historical Series.) 4 Auckland, 1890


Report of the Proceedings of the Govern-
ment schooner "Spitfire," in search of
the mouth of the River Burdekin, and
Exploration of a portion of the Coast of
N.E. Australia. By G. E. Dalrymple.
8 Brisbane, 1860

Review of Works on Queensland. 8

[Edinburgh, 1863]

Report from the Joint Select Com-
mittee on Existing and Proposed Lines
of Steam Communication, together with
the Proceedings of the Committee and
Minutes of Evidence. Folio

Brisbane, 1865

On the New Settlement in Rocking-
ham Bay, and advance of Colonisation
over North-Eastern Australia, including
Mr J. E. Dalrymple's Report on his
Journey from Rockingham Bay to the
Valley of Lagoons. 8 1865

Queensland as a Field for Emigration.
8 1868

Handbook for Emigrants to Queensland,
Australia. 8 [1870]

Census of 1871, taken on the 1st day
of September, being the fourth taken in
the Colony. Folio Brisbane, 1872

Eighth Census of the Colony of Queens-
land, taken on April 5, 1891. Map and
diagram. Folio Brisbane, 1892

Narrative and Reports of the Queens-
land North-East Coast Expedition, 1873.
Folio [Brisbane, 1874]

Geological Features of part of the Coast
Range between the Dalrymple and
Charters Towers Roads [Preliminary
Report relating to]. Folio

[Brisbane'} 1879

Survey of Northern Queensland :
Further Reports on the Progress of the
Gold-Prospecting Expedition in Cape
York Peninsula. Map. Folio

[Brisbane} 1881


Geological Survey. Annual Progress

Reports for the years 1889-92. Maps,

&C. Brisbane, 1890-93

Cultivation of Kaurie Pine on Eraser

Island [Papers in connection with the].

Folio [Brisbane"} 1882

Report on the Sugar Industry on the

Clarence and Richmond Rivers. By A.

Meston. Folio [Brisbane} 1882

Meteorological Reports for 1881, 1887-91.

Maps and diagrams Brisbane, 1882-92
Report on Proposed Railway, Cloncurry

Mines to Gulf of Carpentaria. Map.

Folio Brisbane, 1884

Oyster Fisheries of Moreton Bay. Report

on the. Map. Folio Brisbane, 1884

The same. Maps. Folio

[Brisbane, 1886]
Management of the Public Gardens and

Reserves of the Colony.' Folio

Brisbane, 1884
Reports upon Sundry Rivers and

Harlxnirs in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Charts. Folio [Brisbane} 1884

The Return of the New Guinea Islanders,

Correspondence respecting. Chart.

Folio Brisbane, 1885

Queensland. Essays on its Resources and

Institutions. Plates. 8 1886

Report on Harbours and Lighthouses.

Folio Brisbane, 1887

Report on the Geology and Mineral

Resources of the Districts of Kilkivan

and Black Snake. By the Assistant

Government Geologist. Maps and plans.

Folio Brisbane, 1886

The Survey of the Queensland Coast.

Surveying services performed by the

" Paluma " during 1885 and 1886

Brisbane, 1887
Styx River Coal Fields (Report on, by

William H. Rands) 1892

[See United Kingdom, H, Emigrants'

Handbooks; also Coode; Cullen; Ilodg-

kinson; Jack; Maitland; Meston; Wat-

A. Government Publications.

Survey of Northern Territory. Folio

Adelaide, 1869

Report on Anglo - Australian Telegraph
(C. Todd). Map. Folio

Adelaide, 1869

Report on the Mineral Resources lying

within 250 Miles of Port Augusta (G.

H. F. Ulrich). Map and plates. Folio

Adelaide, 1872

Colonel Warburton's Explorations. Folio
Adelaide, 1873

W. C. Gosse's Explorations, 1873. Maps.
Folio Adelaide, 1874




Lieut. Goalen's Survey of Port Adelaide.
Map. Folio [Adelaide, 1875]

Report on the Lake Eyre Expedition
(J. W. Lewis). Map. Folio

[Adelaide, 1875]

E. Giles's Explorations, 1873-74. Map.
Folio N. D.

E. Giles's Explorations, 1875-76. Pro-
ceedings of the Hon. Thomas Elder's
Expedition, under the Command of
Ernest Giles, from Perth to Adelaide.
Maps. Folio Adelaide, N.D.

E. Giles's Explorations, 1875-76. Map.
Folio Adelaide, 1876

Statistical Register for 1875. Folio

Adelaide, 1876

Navigability of Murray Mouth. (Re-
turn by Robert Hickson.) Maps. Folio
Adelaitie, 1876

Sections of Port Adelaide Creek. (Re-
port by Lieut. Goalen). Maps. Folio
Adelaide, 1876

Australian Coastline and Ports. (Re-
port by F. Howard). Folio

Adelaide, 1876

Improvement of Semaphore Harbour.
Folio Adelaide, 1876

Report from the Public Works De-
partment for 1875. Folio

Adelaide, 1876

Progress of South Australia, 1870 to
1875. Folio Adelaide, 1876

Journal of Mr Henry Barclay's Ex-
ploration, 1878. Plan. Folio

Adelaide, 1878

Meteorological Observations made at the
Adelaide Observatory during the years
187879-80. Map. Folio

Adelaide, 1879-82

Meteorological Observations made at the
Adelaide Observatory, and other places
in South Australia and the Northern
Territory, during the years 1881-82-83,
1884-85, 1886-87, and 1888-90, under the
direction of Charles Todd. Folio

Adelaide, 1884-93

Examination of Country North-east of
Eucla. Plan. Folio Adelaide, 1880

Woods and Forests. Annual Report of
the Forest Board, with Conservator's
Progress Report, and Appendices, for
1 880-8 1. Plans. Folio Adelaide, 1881

Annual Progress Report upon State

Forest Administration in South Australia
for the year 1881-82, by J. Ednie
Brown. 4 Adelaide, 1882

Diary of Northern Exploration Party
under the Leadership of Mr Charles
Winnecke. Folio [Adelaide, 1884?]

Mr D. Lindsay's Explorations through
Arnheim's Land. Map. Folio 1884

Work in Progress in Geological Depart-
ment. Folio Adelaide, 1884


Government Geologist's Report re Visit
to Far North. Folio [Adelaide, 1884]

The same, on a Journey from Adelaide

to Hale River. Map and section. Folio


Quarterly Report on the Northern Terri-
tory. Folio 1884

Report on Telegraphic Determination
of Australian Longitudes. Folio 1886

Report on Nullabor Plain and Fowler's
Bay Country. Folio Adelaide, 1887

Final Report of Commission on Trans-
continental Railway ; together with
Minutes of Proceedings and Appen-
dices. Illustrations and map. Folio

Adelaide, 1887

Journal of Mr W. H. Tietkens' Central

Australian Exploring Expedition. Map

and plate Folio [Adelaide"] 1890

[See United Kingdom, H, Emigrants'

Handbooks : I. Colonial Exhibition.]

B. Miscellaneous and Anonymous.

Plan of a Company to be Established for
the Purpose of Founding a Colony in
Southern Australia. Map. 8 1832

Summary of Geographical Discoveries
during 1857, to the Westward and North-
ward of Eyria (the Port Lincoln Penin-
sula), South Australia, abridged from the
South Australian Register and the
Adelaide Observer, [i leaf."] Folio

Derby, 1858

Handbook of South Australia. Plan and
illustrations. 8 1 886

Prospectus of the Northern Territory
Pastoral Company Limited, the Property
of W. F. & N. Buchanan, on the Vic-
toria River and Stuarts Creek, Northern
Territory of South Australia. Map. 8



Copies of all Correspondence between
Lieut. -Gov. Arthur and His Majesty's
Secretary of State for the Colonies on the
subject of the Military Operations lately
carried on against the Aboriginal Inhabi-
tants of Van Diemen's Land. [Parly.
Rep.] Folio 1831

The Van Diemen's Land Almanack for
the year 1832. 12 1832

Statistical Returns of Van Diemen's Land,
from 1824 to 1835 and 1839. Folio

Hobart, 1836-39

Sketches of Tasman's Peninsula. 8

7'asma/tta, 1837

Mount Bischoff, Mr Sprent's Report on
Country round. Folio Hobarltown,\%'j6

Hobbarttown oder Sommerfrische in den

Antipoden. Map and illustrations. 4"

Prague, 1886

[See also United Kingdom, H, Emi-
grants' Handbooks.]




A. Geological Survey, &c.

Prodromus of the Palaeontology of Victoria;
or, Figures and Descriptions of Victorian
Organic Remains. Decades i. , iii. By
Frederick M'Coy. Plates. 8

Melbourne, 1874-76

Prodromus of the Zoology of Victoria ; or,
Figures and Descriptions of the Living
Species of all Classes of the Victorian
Indigenous Animals. By Frederick
M'Coy. Vols. I and 2. Plates. Im-
perial 8

Melboiirne and London, 1885-90

Observations on New Vegetable Fossils of
the Auriferous Drifts. By Baron Ferdi-
nand von Mueller. Plates. Large 8

Melbourne, 1883

B. Department of Mines.

Reports of the Mining Surveyors and
Registrars. Quarters ending September
and December 1867 ; March and Sep-
tember 1868 ; June and December
1869, 1870, 1871 ; March 1872, 1873-
76 ; March and September 1877 ; June
and September 1878 ; March and
September 1879 > March and September

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