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1887. Folio Melbourne, 1867-80

The Gold Fields of Victoria. Reports

of the Mining Registrars for the quarters
ended March and June 1885 and 1886,
September and December 1886, and
June 1887.

Mineral Statistics of Victoria for the years
1867-78, 1880, 1885. Folio

Melbourne, 1868-86

Reports of the Chief Inspector of Mines to
the Honourable the Minister of Mines,
for the years 1874-79. Folio

Melbourne, 1875-80

Report of Progress by R. Brough Smith,
Secretary for Mines, &c. . . ; with
Reports on the Geology, Mineralogy,
and Physical Structure of various parts
of the Colony, by F. M. Krause, R. A.
F. Murray, A. M. Howitt, N. Taylor, T.
Cowan, W. Nicholas, and J. C. New-
bery. Maps and plates. 8

Melboiirne, 1876
- The same, 1877-78-80 and 1884

Melbourne and London, 1877-84
Annual Report of the Secretary for Mines
and Water Supply on the Workings of
the Regulation and Inspection of Mines
and Mining Machinery Act during the
year 1885. Plates. Folio

Melbourne, 1886

Ditto, during the years 1887 and
1888-89. Plans and plates. Folio

Melbourne, 1888-90
Annual Reports of the Secretary for
Mines for the years 1889-92. Folio

Melbourne, 1890-93

C. Various Government Publications.

Report of Commander Norman, of
H.M.C.S. " Victoria," together with
copy of his Journal on the late Expedi-
tion to the Gulf of Carpentaria

Melbourne [1842]

The Victorian Government Prize Essays,

1860. 8 Melbourne, 1861

Acheson, F. Essay on the Collection

and Storage of Water in Victoria.
Mayes, C. On the Manufactures more
immediately required for the Econ-
omical Development of the Resources
of the Colony, with special reference
to those Manufactures, the Raw
Materials of which are the Produce
of Victoria. Map.

Resales, H. On the Origin and
Distribution of Gold in Quartz
Veins, and its Association with
other Minerals ; and on the best
improved methods of excavating
Gold from its matrices.
Story, W. Upon the Agriculture of
Victoria, with reference to it
Climate Advantages, and the Gee
logical and Chemical Character
the Soils. Plan.

Report of the Government Botanist anc
Director of the Botanic and Zoologic
Garden. [F. Mueller.] Folio

Melbourne, 1861

Report of the Commissioners appointed tc
Enquire into and Report upon the
Circumstances connected with the Suffer-
ings and Death of Robert O'Hara Burke
and William John Wills, the Victoria
Explorers. Folio Melbourne [ 1 862]

Progress Reports and Final Report of the
Exploration Committee of the Royal
Society of Victoria. Folio 1872

Report on the Physical Character and
Resources of Gippsland. By the
Surveyor-General and Secretary of Mines.
Map and geological sections. 8

Melbourne, 1874

Census of Victoria, 1871. Parts i to 9
(B) ; with Preliminary Report. Ditto,
Part 9 (B) Occupations of the People :
Detailed Tables. Ditto, General Report
and Appendices. Folio Melbourne, 1874

Ditto, 1 88 1. Approximate Returns.

Folio Melbourne, 1881

The same. {Single sheet}

The same. Tables. Folio

Melbourne, 1892

Statistics of Friendly Societies for the
years 1873-76, 1878 ; with Reports by
the Government Statist, and Annual
Reports of the Proceedings of the Govern-
ment Statist in connection with Friendly
Societies, 1879-80. Folio

Melbourne, 1874-80




Australasian Statistics for the years 1873-
76, 1879-81 ; with Reports by the
Government Statist of Victoria. Folio
Melbourne, 1874-82

Agricultural Statistics, 1875-76, 1876-77,
1879-80. Folio Melbozirne

Ditto, for the year ended 1st March

1885. Folio.

Report of the Conference of Government
Statists held in Tasmania, 1875 > w ith
Introductory Letter by the Government
Statist of Victoria. Folio Melboitrne,^"]^
[See also United Kingdom, II, Emi-
grants' Handbooks.]

D. Miscellaneous and Anonymous.

Gipps' Land. Progress of Discovery in
Gipps' Land, between the Australian
Alps and the Eastern Coast. 12 1840

Catalogue of the Victorian Exhibition,
1 86 1 ; with Prefatory Essays indicating
the Progress, Resources, and Physical
Characteristics of the Colony. By Archer,
Mueller, Smyth, Neumayer, M'Coy,
Selwyn, Birkmyre. 8 Melbourne, 1861

Essais Divers, servant d'Introduction au
Catalogue de 1'Exposition des produits
de la Colonie de Victoria : mettants en
Relief les Progres, Ressources, et Carac-
tere physique de la Colonie. (Par W.
H. Archer, F. Mueller, R. B. Smyth,
Neumayer, F. M'Coy, A. R. C. Selwyn,
W. Birkmyre. ) 8 Ale/bourne, 1861

Die Colonie Victoria in Australian ; ihr
Fortschritt, ihre Hilfsqucllen, und ihr
physikalischerCharakter. (Translated by
B. Loewy. ) 8 Melbourne, 1861

Illustrated Handbook of Victoria, Aus-
tralia. Large 8 Melbourne, 1886

The Victorian Tourist's Railway Guide

Melbourne, 1892

Columbus Jubilee, Melbourne Town Hall,
1 2th October 1892. [From the Proceed-
ings, Victorian Branch, R.G.S. Austr.]

" Through Gipps' Land." Cutting from
Melbourne Argus of I4th Feb. 1874.


Report of the Committee, appointed
3rd August 1838, to take into Considera-
tion the Present State and Condition of
the Colony of Western Australia, em-
bodying a Statistical Report to the end
of June 1837, with a Supplement to the
close of the year, by Sir James Stirling.
Royal 8 Perth, 1838

Geological Exploration S. of the Mur-
chison River. Map. Folio Perth, 1873

Special Settlement of that part of the
Territory of Western Australia which is
North of the igth Parallel of South
Latitude. Folio Perth, 1878


Instructions Issued to Alexander Forrest,
Esq., Commander of the Northern Ex-
ploring Expedition: and Progress Reports
of Expedition from De Grey River to
Beagle Bay, and from Beagle Bay to
Port Darwin, by A. Forrest. Map. Folio
Perth, 1879

Crown Lands and Surveys. Report for
the year 1878. Maps. Folio Perth, 1879

A Brief Account of the Natives of
Western Australia, their Character,
Manners, and Customs ; prepared . . .
to illustrate the Collection of Weapons,
Implements, &c., sent to the Exhibition
at Sydney, N.S.W., 1879. Diagram
and map. 8 Perth, 1879

Report by the Director of Public Works,
on the Public Works of the Colony, for
the year 1885. Map. Folio Perth, 1886

Blue- Book for 1887. Folio Perth, 1888

Annual General Report for 1888-89.
By Henry Page Woodward, Government
Geologist. 8 Perth, 1890

Annual General Report for the year 1890.
By II. P. Woodward Perth, 1891

Report on the Goldfields of Kimberley Dis-
trict. By H. P. Woodward Perth, 1891

Second Report of the Western Australian
Association. Map. 8 1837

Journals and Reports of Two Voyages
to the Glenelg River and the North-
West Coast of Australia, 1863 - 64.
Maps. 8 Perth, 1864

Notes of Travel in the Far North of West
Australia : a Visit to Beagle Bay Mission


[See United Kingdom, II, Emigrants'


South Sea Company. A View of the
Coasts, Countries, and Islands within
the limits of the South Sea Com-
pany : containing an Account of the
Discoveries, Settlements, Progress, and
Present State ; with the Bays, Ports,
Harbours, and Rivers, &c., the various
Winds and Soundings ; the Product,
People, Manufactures, Trade, and Riches
of the several places ; from the River
Aranoca to Terra del Fucgo, and through
the South Sea to the farthest bounds of
the late Act of Parliament. Collected
from the best Authors. 8 1711

An Account of the Discoveries made in
the South Pacifick Ocean previous to
1764. Part I. Plates 1767

Three Years in the Pacific : containing
Notices of Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru,
&c., in 1831-34. By an Officer in the
U.S. Navy. 2 vols. 8 1835



Pacific Company.

Operations of the.

Plan of the Intended
Map. 12

Glasgow, 1836
Steam Navigation. Documents relating
to. Folio Lima, 1836

Statements and Documents relating to

the establishment of Steam Navigation

. in the Pacific ; with copies of the decrees

of the Governments of Peru, Bolivia, and

Chile granting exclusive privileges to the

undertaking. 8 1838

Western Pacific. (High Commission.)

Correspondence in connection with the

Case of " Reg. v. McMurdo and Davies,"

and the Remission of the Sentence of the

Prisoners. Folio 1884

Declaration for the Abrogation of the

Declaration of iQth June 1847, between

Great Britain and France, concerning the

Islands to the leeward of Tahiti. Folio

[See also New Guinea.]

Fiji. Correspondence respecting the Cession
of Fiji, and the Provisional Arrangements
made for Administering the Government.
[Parly. Rep.] Folio 1875

Correspondence relative to Land

Claims in Fiji. Maps. Folio 1883

Particulars of the Island of Naitamba,

one of the Islands in the Fiji Group.
4 N.D.

Hawaiian (Sandwich) Islands. Voyage
of H.M.S. "Blonde" to the Sandwich
Islands in the years 1824-25. Maps and
plates. 4 1826

Sandwich Island Notes. By a Haole.
Plates. 8 1854

The Honolulu Almanac and Direc-
tory, 1886, containing complete Statis-
tical and General Information relating to
the Hawaiian Islands. Illustrations. 8
Honolulu, 1886

Kilauea after the Eruption of March

1886. Communicated to Prof. W. D.
Alexander, Surveyor - General of the
Hawaiian Islands, by Messrs J. S. Emer-
son, L. L. Van Slyke, and F. S. Dodge.
Plates. 8 [1887]


Hawaiian Islands. Catalogue of the
Hawaiian Exhibits at the Exposition Uni-
verselle, Paris, 1889. Prepared for the
Hawaiian Government byj. A. Hassinger.
8 Honolulu, 1889

Hawaiian Almanac and Annual for

1890. T. G. Thrum, compiler. 8

Honolulu, 1889

Preliminary Catalogue of the Bernice

Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian
Ethnology and Natural History. Part 5.
8 Honolulu, 1892

An Historical Sketch of Education in

the Hawaiian Islands N.D.

Paradigm of the Hawaiian Verb, in

its Conjugation, Moods, Tenses, Num-
bers, and Persons. [On a sheet. ,] N.D.

Melanesian Mission. The Island Voyage,
1885. Map. 8 Ludlow, 1886

New Hebrides. " Dayspring" and New
Hebrides Mission. Report for the year
1890 Sydney, 1891

Pelew Islands. Narrative of the Ship-
wreck of the "Antelope," East India
Pacquet, on the Pelew Islands, situated
on the Western part of the Pacific Ocean,
in August 1873. Plates. 12 Perth, 1788

Samoa. No. I (1889). Correspondence
respecting the Affairs of Samoa, 1885-89.
Maps. Folio 1889

No. i. (1890). Further Correspond-
ence respecting the Affairs of Samoa.
[In continuation of "Samoa, No. I
(1889)."] Folio 1890

No. 2 (1890). Final Act of the Con-
ference on the Affairs of Samoa. Folio

American Documents relating to

Affairs in Samoa, 2nd April 1888,
22nd December 1888, i6th January 1889,
3oth January 1889, 8th February 1889.
Maps. 8 1888-89

Tonga. Statutes and Laws. (Vernacular
and English versions. ) Large 8

Auckland, N.Z., 1889

Statistics of the Tonga Islands for the

year ended 315! December 1891. Folio
Suva, 1892





Correspondence respecting the European
Commissions appointed for the Demarca-
tion of Frontiers under the Treaty of
Berlin. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1879

Further Correspondence respecting the
European Commissions appointed for the
Demarcation of Frontiers under the
Treaty of Berlin. [Parly. Rep.] Map
and plan. Folio 1880

Prospetto Geographico-Statistico degli

Stati Europei. Oblong 8 Milan, 1802
An Enquiry into the Primeval State of

Europe. Small 8 1864

Die Grundziige im geologischen Ban

Europa's. Map. 8 Go'/ia, 1881

The Hotels of Europe, 1885, with Maps,

and Railway and Steamship Routes, and

Appendix of Foreign Hotels. Large 8.
The Picturesque Mediterranean. 2

vols. Coloured and other illustrations.

4 1890-91

Illustrated Europe. Europaischc Wan-
derhilder. L'Europe Illustree. Maps
and illustrations. 12 Zurich, N. i>.

English Edition.

No. i. The Arth-Rigi Railway. No.
3. The Vitznau-Rigi-Rail, by August
Feierabend. No. 9. Zurich and its
Environs. No. 10. Constance and its
Environs. No. 1 1. Nyon and its
Environs, by Aug. Testury. No. 12.
Thusis, by A. Rumpf. No. 13. Lucerne
and its Environs. No. 14. Florence,
by S. H. M. Byers. Nos. 15, 16.
Milan, by J. Hardmeyer. No. 17.
Schaffhausen and the Falls of the Rhine.
No. 1 8. Ragaz-Pfafers. No. 19. Vevey,
its Environs and Climate, by Alfr. Cere-
sole. No. 20. The Baths of Kreuth
(Bad Kreuth) in the Bavarian Alps, by
Dr May. No. 21. Davos. No. 22. The
Baths of Reinery, by P. Dargler. No.
23. The Gruyere, the new Mountain
Road from Vevey to Interlaken by
Bulle-Boltigen. Nos. 24, 25, 26. The
St Gothard Railway. Nos. 27, 28. Frei-
burg (Baden) and its Environs, by L.
Neumann. Nos. 29, 30. Gorbersdorf,
Dr Brehmer's Sanatorium for Consump-
tives, by R. Ortmann. Nos. 31, 32.
Chaux-de-Fonds, Locle, Brenets, and
their Environs. No. 33. From Froburg
to Waldenburg, an Excursion among


Illustrated Europe continued.

the Mountains of Soleure and Basle.
Nos. 34, 35. The Biirgenstock, Lake of
Lucerne, by Dr W. Cubasch. Nos. 36,
37. Neuchatel and its Environs, by A.
Bachelin. Nos. 38, 39. .Battaglia, near
Padua, by Edward Mautner. Nos. 40, 41.
Coire and its Environs, by Dr E. Killias.
Nos. 48, 49, 50. From the Danube
to the Adriatic : Vienna, Semmering,
Trieste, Abbazia, by Dr Henry Noe.
Nos. 51, 52. Graz. Nos. 53, 54. From
Paris to Berne via Dijon and Pontarlier.
Nos. 55, 56. The Lake of Lucerne, by I.
Hardmeyer. No. 57. The Bergstrasse
from Jugenheim to Auerbach, by Ernest
Pasque. Nos. 58, 59. Aix-les-Bainsand
its Environs, by V. Barbier. Nos. 60,
61. Heidelberg, by Carl Pfaff. Nos. 62,
63,64. Budapest, by Edmund Steinacker.
No. 65. Montreux (Lake of Geneva),
from the French of Alfred Ceresole. Nos.
69, 70, 71, 72. Canton Glarus and the
Lake of Walenstadt, by Ernest Buss.
Nos. 73, 74, 75, 76. From Paris to Milan
via Mont Cenis (Frejus), by V. Barbier.
Nos. 77, 78, 79. The Black Forest Rail-
way (Grand-Duchy of Baden), by J.

German Edition.

No. 2. Die Vetliberg-Bahn, von J. J.
Binder, 2 aufl. No. 5. Der Wallgahrtsort
Einseedeln. No. 14. Das Tossthal, von
Dr G. Geilfus. No. 25. Eisenerz in der
obern Steiermark, von J. Krainz. No.
28. Pyrmont, von R. Geissler. No. 29.
Villach in Karnten, und seine Umgebung,
von H. Noe". Nos. 38, 39. Bad Krank-
enheil-Tolz im Bayerischen Hochlande,
von G. Schafer. Nos. 42, 43. Das
Vorchristliche Rom, von Dr O. Henne-
Amrhyn. Nos. 44, 45, 46. Ajaccio als
Winterkurort, und die Insel Corsica, von
R. Gerber. Nos. 47, 48. Augsburg, von
A. Buff. Nos. 49, 50. Bonn und seine
Umgebung, von L. Lorbach. Nos. 71, 72.
Durch den Arlberg, von Ludwig von Hor-
mann. Nos. 77, 78, 79, 80. Konstantino-
pel und Umgebung, von P. Leowhardi.
Nos. 81, 82. Wallis und Chamonix, von
der Furka bis Brig, von F. O. Wolf.
No. 83. Das National-Denkmal am Nie-
derwald, von Josef Schrattenholz. Nos.
92, 93. Bad Driburg, aus clem Tage-
buche eines Ilypochonders, von Dr




I llustrated Europe continued.
Theodor Riefenstahl. Nos. 94, 95.
Wallis und Chamonix, II. Heft : Brig
und der Simplon, von F. O. Wolf.
Nos. 99, 100, 101, 1 02. Wallis und Cha-
monix, III. Heft.: die Visperthaler, von
F. C. Wolf. Nos. 103, 104. Murten,
von Dr F. Stock. Nos. 105, 106, 107.
Wallis und Chamonix, IV. Heft : Lot-
schen und Leukerbad, von F. C. Wolf.
Nos. 108, 109, 1 10. Wallis und Cha-
monix, V. Heft : die Thaler von Turt-
man und Eifisch, von F. O. Wolf. Nos.
114, 115, 116. Lugano und die Verbind-
ungslinie zwischen den drei oberitalien-
ischen See'n, von J. Hardmeyer. Nos.
121, 122. Bad Cudowa (Provinz Schle-
sien) : von F. L. Marlieb. Nos. 123,
124. Die Hollenthalbahn, von Sieg-
fried Bodenheimer. No. 125. Fried-
richshafen am Bodensee.

French Edition.

No. 140. Le Chemin de Fer du Monte
Generoso, par J. Hardmeyer.

Picturesque Europe ; with Illustrations
on Steel and Wood by the most Eminent
Artis:s. 5 vols. 4 N.D.


A. Official Reports.

Statistischen Bureau der kon. Freistadt
Pest. Publicationcn, Nos. 3, 7, 9, u,
13, 54, 63, 69, 71, 77, 83, 89, 90, 101,
125, 127. [III., V.-VIIL, XV. (Band
i.-iii.), XVI.-XX., XXII.-XXV. (Band
i. ) Medium and royal 8

Budapest and Berlin, 1871-94
[See Korosi.]

Bericht iiber die "Nautilus" Expedition.
See Wolf, J.

Astronomische, Magnetische,und Meteoro-
logische Beobachtungen an der K. K.
Sternwarte zu Prag im Jahre 1881.

Prague, N.D.

Verhandlungen der Oesterreichischen
Gradmessungs Commission. Protokolle
iiber die Sitzungen, 1885-94. 8

Vienna, 1889-94

Mediterranean. Berichte der Commission
fiir Erforschung des Oestlichen Mittel-
meeres. Erste Keihe. Maps and ilhts-
trations. 4 Vienna [1893 ?]

Ditto. Zweite Reihe. Maps and

plates. 4 Vienna [1893]

Ditto. Dritte Reihe. Maps and

plates. 4 Vienna [1894]

[Aus den Denkschriften der Kais.

Akad. der Wissenschaften, Band 59, 60,



B. Miscellaneous Publications.

Adriatic. Erster Bericht der standigen
Commission fiir die Adria an die kais.
Akademie der Wissenschaften. Tables.
8 Vienna, 1869

Oesterreichischer Ingenieur und Archi-
tekten Verein. II. Bericht des Hydro-
technischen Comite's iiber die Wasser-
abnahme in den Quellen, Fliissen, und
Stromen in den Culturstaaten. Plates.
8 Vienna, 1881

Festschrift aus Veranlassung der Fiin-
fundzwanig Jiihrigen Jubelfeier der K. K.
Geographischen Gesellschaft in Wien im
December 1 88 1. Small 4 Vienna, 1881

Bericht iiber das X. Vereinsjahr (15
November 1883 bis 6 December 1884)
erstattet vom Vereine der Geographen an
der Universitat Wien. 8 Vienna, 1885
Publications of the National Htmgarian
Academy of Science.

Acsady, Ignacz. Magyarorszag pen-
ziigyei I. Ferdinand uralkodasa alatt,
1526-64. 8 Budapest, 1888

Ballagi, Aladar. Colbert. Parts i and
2. 8 Budapest, 1887-90

Beke, Antal, and Barabas Samu. I.
Rakoczy Gyorgy es a porta. Levelek es
ikiratok. 8 Budapest, 1888

Coloman. Szily. Rapport sur les Travaux
de 1'Academie des Sciences de Hongrie
en 1892 8 Budapest, 1893

Csanki, Dezso. Hunyadiak kora Mag-
yarorszagon. Vol. 6. Magyarorszag
tortenelmi foldrajzaahunyadiak koraban.
Vol. i. 8 Budapest, 1893

Czadeczky, Lajos. Bathory istvan
lengyel kiralylya valastasa, 1574-1576.
8 Budapest, 1887

Danko, J6zsef. A franczia konyvdisz a
renaissance korban. Plates. 8

Budapest, 1886

Deak, Farkas. A bujdosok leveltara.
A grof teleki-csalad mados-vasarhelyi
leveltarabol. 8 Budapest, 1883

Demk6, Kalman. Felso-magyarorszagi
Varosok eleterol a XV. -XVII. szazadban.
8 Budapest, 1890

Fejerpataky, Laszlo. A kiralyi kanczel-
lariaazarpadok koraban. 8 Budapest,\'8&$
Magyarorszagi varosok regi szama-
dasktinyvei. Selmecz-banya, Pozsony,
Beszterczebania, Nagyszombat, Sopron,
Bartfa es Kormoczbanya varosok level-
taraibol. 8 Budapest, 1885

Finaly, Henrik. Az okori sulyokrol es
mertekekrol. 8 Budapest, 1883

Gelcich, J6zsef. Raguza es Magyarorszag
osszekotteteseinek okleveltara. A ragu-
zai allami, a becsi cs. es kir. titkos es
egyeb leveltarakban levo okiratokbol
osszeallitotta Bevezetessel es jegyze-
tekkel elatti Slralloczy Lajos. 8

Budapest, 1887




Hungarian Academy continued.

Ipolyi, Arnold. Also-sztregovai es rimai
Rimay Janos allamiratai es levelezese.
8 Budapest, 1887

Kallay, Beni. Magyarorszag a kelet es a
nyugot hataran. 8 Budapest, 1883

Karacsonyi, Janos. Szent-istvan Kiraly
Oklevelei a Szilveszter Bulla diploma-
tikai tanulmany. 8 Budapest, 1891

Karolyi, Arpad. Illeshazy islvan hiit-
lensegi pore. 8 Budapest, 1883

Kerpely, Antal. Magyarorszag Vaskbvei,
&c. See Authors' Catalogue.

Kiss, Karoly. Hunyadi Janos utolso
hadjarata bolgar es szerborszag-aban
1454 ben, es Nandorfejer-rar fblmentise,
a tbrbk tbboretastbl 1456. 8

Budapest, 1859

Knauz, Nandor. Az orszagos tanacs es

orszaggyiilesek tbrtenete, 1445-1452. 8

Budapest, 1859

Kortan (Chronologia) hazai tbrtenel-

miinkhbz alkalmazva. 4

Budapest, 1877

Kolozsvari, S. , and K. Ovari. A Magyar
tbrvenyhatosagok jogszabalyainak gyiij-
temenye. Magyarorszagi jogtbrtenete
emlekek. (Monumenta Hungariae Juri-
dico - Historika. Corpus Statutorum
Hungariae Municipalium.) Vols. 1-3.
8 Budapest, 1885-92

Kbrbsi, Jozsef. Budapest nemzetisegi
allapota es magyarosodasa az i88i-diki
nepszamlalas eredmenyei szerint. 8

Budapest, 1882

and others. Megyei Monografiak.

Magyarorszag kbzgazdasagi es kozmiive-

Ibdesi allapota a XIX. czazag vegen. 8

Budapest, 1891

Kovacs, Nandor. Betiirendes nevmutato
Wenzel Gusztav arpadkori uj okmany-
tarahoz. Index alphabeticus codicis
diplomatici arpadiani continuati. 8

Budapest, 1889

Laszlofalvi, V. A., and E. Kammerer.
Magyarorszagi toro'k kinestari defterck.
Vol. I, 1543-1635. 8 Budapest, 1886

Ortvay, Tivadar. Magyarorszag regi
vizrajza a XIII-ik szazad vegeig. Vols.
i and 2. 8 Budapest, 1882

Ovary, Lipot. Okleveltar Bethlen Gabor
Diplomacziai osszekottetesei tortenetehez.
Diplomatarium relationum Gabrielis
Bethlen cum Venetorum republica. A
valenezei allami leveltarban Mircse
Janos altal eszkozolt mazolatokbol szerk-
esztette. 8 Budapest, 1886

A Magyar Tud. Akademia tortenelmi

bizottsaganak Oklevel-Masolatai. Part
i. 8^ Budapest, 1890

Pech, Antal. Also Magyarorszag ban-
yamivelesenck tortenete. Vols. I and 2.
Map. 8 Budapest, 1884-87


Hungarian Academy continued.

Pesty, Frigyes. A szo'renyi banzag es
szoreny vacmegye tortenete. Vols. 1-3.
8 Bitdapest, 1877-78

A Magyarorszagi varispansagok tor-
tenete kiilonosen a XIII. szazadban.
8 Budapest, 1882

Az eltiint regi varmegyek. 2 vols.

8 Budapest, 1880

Magyarorszag helynevei tbrteneti, &c.

Vol. i. 8 Budapest, 1888

Piszt6ry, Mor. A nemzetgazdasagtan
haladasa es iranya az utolso tizenbt ev
alatt. 8 Budapest, 1888

Rentmeister, Antal. Lex Falcidia es
Quarta Falcidia. (Ertekezes a pandek-
tajog kbrebol.) 8 Budapest, 1888

Rupp, Jakab. Magyarorszag helyrajzi
tortenete fb tekintettel az egyhazi inte-
zetekre vagyis nevezetesb varosok helyse-
gek, s azokhan letezett egyhazi intezetek,
puspbkmegyek szerint rendezve. Vol.
I. Parts i and 2. 8 Budapest, 1870

Szadeczky, Lajos. Izabella es Janos
Zsigmond Lengyelorszagban, I55 2 " I S56-
Budapest, 1888

A dunai hajohadak
Budapest, 1886
Bethlen gabor es a
(A Stockholm! kir.

Szentklaray, Jeno.

tbrtenete. 8
Szilagyi, Sandor.

sved diplomaczia.

sved allamleveltarban s az Upsalai

egyetemi kbnyvtarban brzbtt adatok

alapjan. ) 8 Budapest, 1882
Levelek es okiratok I. Rakoczy

Gybrgy keleti osszekottetesei tortenetehez.

8 Budapest, 1883
Transsylvania et bellum boreo-

orientale acta et documenta. Erdely es

az eszakkeleti haboru levelek es okiratok.

Vol. 2. 8 Budapest, 1891

Szinnyei, Jozsef. Hazai es kiilfbldi foly-

oiratok Magyar Tudomanyos Reper-

toriuma. 2 vols. 8 Budapest, 1874-85
Thaly, Kalman. A szekesi grof Berc-

senvi csalad, 1525-1706. Vols. 1-3.

Plates. 8 Budapest, 1885-92

Torma, Karoli. Repertorium ad litera-

turam Daciae archaeologicam et epigra-

phicam. [In Hungarian.] 8

Budapest, 1880
Vambery, Armin. A Magyarok eredete.

Ethnologiai tanulmany. 8

Budapest, 1882
Vass, Jozsef. Hazai es kiilfbldi iskolazas

az Arpad-korszak alatt. A gorove dijjal

jutalmazott palyamunka. 8

Budapest, 1862
Vecsey, Tamas. Aemilius Papinianus

palyaja es miivei. 8 Budapest, 1884
Wenzel, Gusztav. A Fuggerek jelen-

tbsege Magyarorszag tbrteneteben. 8

Budapest, 1882

Magyarorszag mezbgazdasaganak tbr-
tenete. 8 Budapest, 1887

7 o6



Hungarian Academy continued.

Wlassigs, Gyula. A biinkiserlet es
bevegzett biincselekmeny. A tettesseg
es reszesseg tana. Vols. i and 2. 8

Budapest, 1885-87

Tortenettudomanyi Palyamunkak. Kiadja
A Magyar Tudos Tarsasag. Vols. I and
2. 8 Budapest, 1841-42

A Magyar Nyelv Rendszere. Kozre
bocsata A Magyar Tudos Tarsasag.
Masodik kiadas. 8 Budapest, 1847

Monumenta Hungariae Archaeologica
aevi Praehistorici. Lipp, Vilmos. A
keszthelyi sirmezok. Plates. Royal
4 Budapest, 1884

Nyary, Jeno. Az aggteleki barlang

oskori temenlo. Plates. Royal 4

Budapest, 1881

Monumenta Hungariae Archaeologica
aevi Medii. Reisenberger, L. es J. Hen-
szlmann. A nagyszebeni es a szekes-
fehervari regi templom. Plates. Royal
4 Budapest, 1883

Puszky, Ferencz. A rezkor magyar-
orszagban. Plates. Royal 4

Budapest, 1883

C. Anonymous.

Poland. Nachrichten liber Polen.

Salzburg, 1793

Umriss von der Oesterreichischen Mon-
archic, nebst einer ethnographischen
Karte. 8 Leipzig, 1834

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