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the Commanders of Her Majesty's ships
that have touched at the above Island
since 1800. Portrait and plates. 8 1851

Brodribb, W. A. A Plain Statement of
Facts, addressed to the Small and Large
Capitalists, and the Labouring Classes
in England and elsewhere, on the great
Capabilities and Natural Advantages of
the Australian Colonies, particularly
New South Wales and Victoria, for
Emigration. 8 1862

Gipps Land and its Explorers. [Ex-
tract, Australian Newspaper.] 8* N.D.
Recollections of an Australian
Squatter, or Leaves from my Journal
since 1835. 8 Sydney [1883]

Brogger, V/. C. See Sweden, A : Ap-
pendix 2.

Broke, George. With Sack and Stock

in Alaska. Maps. 12 1891

Brongniart, A. See Cuvier ; also Greece,

Morea : Appendix 2.
Broniouius de Biezerfedea, Martin. See

Purchas, Vol. 3. Book 3: Appendix i.
Bronner, F. J. Parallelismus der Fluss-
systeme Europas, Asiens, Afrikas, und
Amerikas, Vergleichungen der wich-
tigsten Strome dieser Erdteile. 8*

Munich, 1885

Brooke, Sir A. de Capell. Travels

through Sweden, Norway, and Finmark
to the North Cape. Maps and plates. 4


- Winter in Lapland and Sweden.
Map and plates. 4 1827

Sketches in Spain and Morocco.


Plates. 2 vols.

Brooke, Francis. See Blanc, V. Le.

Brooke, Capt. J. C. Report of a Tour
through the Districts of Ajmere and
Mairwara, N.W. Provinces [India Re-
cords, Part 32, N. W. Provinces]

Calcutta, 1858

Brooke, Sir James, Rajah of Sarawak.
Letter from Borneo, with Notices of the
Country and its Inhabitants. 8* 1842

- See Keppel ; Mundy, R.

Brooke, R. Extracts from the Journal
of an Excursion to Explore the Mahavil-
laganga (Ceylon). 8* Colombo, 1833

Brooke, T. H. History of the Island of
St Helena, from its Discovery by the
Portuguese to the year 1823. 2nd edition.
Plate. 8 1824

Brookes, R. General Gazetteer, or Com-
pendious Geographical Dictionary, con-
taining Descriptions of every Country in
the known World, with their Towns,
People, Natural Productions, &c. Re-
vised and corrected to the present period
by A. G. Findlay. Maps. 8 1854

Brooks, C. W. Early Migrations:
Early Maritime Intercourse of Ancient
Western Nations, Chronologically ar-
ranged and Ethnologically considered.
Frontispiece. 8* San Francisco, 1876

- Japanese Wrecks, stranded and
picked up adrift in the North Pacific
Ocean, Ethnologically considered. Map.
8* San Francisco, 1876

- Origin of the Chinese Race, Philo-
sophy of their Early Development, with
an Inquiry into the Evidences of their
American Origin. Map. 8*

San Francisco, 1876

- On the "Jeannette" Arctic Expedition
and the missing Whalers. Maps. 8*

San Francisco, 1880

- The Object of Arctic Explorations.
(Proceedings of the California Academy
of Sciences. ) 8* San Francisco, 1881

- Early Discoveries of Wrangel Land :
some Evidence regarding conflicting
Claims ; Plans of the Rodgers Expedi-
tion. (Proceedings of the California
Academy of Sciences. ) 8*

San Francisco, 1881

- Arctic Drift and Ocean Currents
illustrated by the discovery on an Ice-
Floe oft the Coast of Greenland of
relics from the American Arctic
steamer "Jeannette." Chart, 8*

San Francisco, 1884

- See Pierce, H. A.



Brooks, Francis. See Gottfried : Ap-
pendix i.

Brooks, H. Natal : a History and
Description of the Colony, including
its Natural Features, Productions,
Industrial Condition, and Prospects.
Edited by Dr R. J. Mann. Photographs
and coloured plates. 8 1876

Brooks, Shirley. Russians of the South.
12. [Bound with M'Culloch's " Russia
and Turkey."] 1854

Brooks, W. A. Euphrates, the Road
to the East. Maps. 8* N. D.

Honduras and the Interoceanic Rail-
way : Report on the Line and its Pro-
spects. ... 8* 1874

Brossary, Chiron du. Instructions Nau-
tiques sur 1'Atterage et la Navigation de
la Plata. 8 Paris, 1845

Brosselard, Henri. Voyage de la Mission
Flatters au pays des Touareg Azdjers.
Map and illustrations. 12 Paris, 1883

Brosselard-Faidherbe, Capt. Casa-
mance et Mellacoree : Penetration au
Soudan. Maps and illustrations. 4

Paris [1892?]

Brosses, Charles de. Histoire des Navi-
gations aux Terres Australes. 2 vols. 4
Paris, 1761

See Pinkerton, Vol. u: Appendix I.

Brosset, F. Description Geographique
de la Georgie par le Tsarevitch Wakh-
oucht, publiee d'apres 1'original Auto-
graphe. Maps. 4 St Petersburg, 1842

Rapports sur un Voyage Archeologique

dans la Georgie et dans I'Armenie,
execute en 1847-48. 8; and Atlas,
oblong 8 St Petersburg, 1849-51

Histoire de la Georgie, depuis 1'Anti-

quite jusqu'au xix e . Siecle. Traduite du
Georgien. 4 vols. 8

St Petersburg, 1849-58

Brough, Bennett Hooper. Tacheometry,
or Rapid Surveying. 8* 1887

Brough, Louisa. See Umlauft.

Broughton, E. Six Years' Residence in
Algiers. 8 l8 39

Broughton, Lord. Italy : Remarks made
in several Visits from 1816 to 1854.
2 vols. 8 1859

Broughton, . See Eyries, Vol. 2 :
Appendix I.

Broughton, Thomas Duer. Letters
written in a Mahratta Camp during the
year 1809, descriptive of the Character,
Manners, Domestic Habits, and Religious
Ceremonies of the Mahrattas. Plates.
4 I8l 3

Broughton, W. R. A Voyage of Dis-
covery to the North Pacific Ocean ; in
which the Coast of Asia from the lat. of
35 North to the lat. of 52 North, the
Island of Insu (commonly known under
the name of the Land of Jesso), the
North, South, and East Coasts of Japan,

Broughton, W. R. continued.

the Lieuchieux and the Adjacent Isles,
as well as the Coast of Corea, have been
Examined and Surveyed. Performed in
His Majesty's sloop "Providence" and
her Tender, in the years 1795, '96, '97,
'98. Maps, plates. 4 1 804

Broun, Sir Richard. European and
Asiatic Intercourse via British Columbia
by means of a Main Through Trunk
Railway from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Map. 8* 1858

Broun, Capt. Thomas. Manual of the
New Zealand Coleoptera. (N.Z. Institute.)
Parts 5-7 ( I vol.) 8 Wellington, 1893
- See New Zealand, A : Appendix 2.

Brown, Alexander. The Genesis of the
United States : a Narrative of the Move-
ment in England, 1605-16, which resulted
in the Plantation of North America by
Englishmen ; disclosing the Contest be-
tween England and Spain for the
Possession of the Soil now Occupied by
the United States of America ; set forth
through a Series of Historical Manu-
scripts now first printed, together with a
reissue of rare Contemporaneous Tracts,
accompanied by Bibliographical Memo-
randa, Notes, and brief Biographies.
2 vols. Maps and portraits. 8 1890

Brown, Arnold. See Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 10 : Appendix i.

Brown, A. Samler. Madeira and the
Canary Islands : a Practical and Com-
plete Guide for the Use of Invalids and
Tourists. 2nd edition. Maps. 12 1890

Brown, C. Barrington. Geological

Report on the Districts bordering on the

Curiebrong, Ireng, Takutu, Rupununi,

and Upper Essequebo Rivers. Folio*

Demerara, 1871

Canoe and Camp Life in British

Guiana. Map and plates. 8 1876

and W. Lidstone. Fifteen Thou-
sand Miles on the Amazon and its
Tributaries. Map and plates. 8 1878

Brown, E. An Account of Several
Travels through a great Part of Ger-
many, in Four Journeys, from Norwich
to Colen, &c. Plates. Square 8 1677

Travels in Divers Parts of Europe.

Plates. Folio 1685

Brown, Rev. G. Notes on the Duke of
York Group, New Britain, and New
Ireland. (From the Journal of the Royal
Geographical Society, 1877.) 8* 1878

and B. Danks. A Dictionary of the

Duke of York Islands Language, New
Britain Group ; also a Grammar of the
same, and an Introduction. MS. 8

Sydney, 1882

Brown, H. A. A Winter in Albania. 8




Brown, H. Y. L. Western Australia :
Geological Description of Country to
the North-East of Champion Bay. Map.
Folio* Perth, W.A., 1871

Brown, J. A. Palaeolithic Man in
N.-W. Middlesex: the Evidence of his
Existence, and the Physical Conditions
under which he lived, in Ealing and its
neighbourhood, illustrated by the con-
dition and culture presented by certain
existing savages. Frontispiece and
plates. 8 1887

Brown, John. The North-West Passage,
and the Plans for the Search for Sir John
Franklin : a Review. Maps and plate.
8 1858

A Sequel to the North-West Passage.
Map and facsimile. 8 1860

Notice sur la Vie et les Travaux de,
par M. de la Roquette. Portrait. 4*

Paris, 1863

Brown, Rev. J. Croumbie. Hydrology
of South Africa, or Details of the former
Hydrographic condition of the Cape of
Good Hope, and of Causes of its present
Aridity. 8 1875

See Arbousset and Daumas.
Brown, J. E. A Practical Treatise on

Tree Culture in South Australia. 2nd
edition. Illustrations. 8 Adelaide, 1881

See South Australia, A : Appendix 2.

Brown, Rev. J. T. See Underbill.

Brown, Capt. Lewis. Private Journal
kept while in the Murree Hills, also
during his Occupation of the Fort of
Kahun, and during his Retreat to Poola-
jee, from 8th April to 1st October 1840.
[From the India Records, No. 17.]
Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

Report showing the number of

Fortified Places within the Districts
under the Pahlunpoor Superintenclency,
prepared in 1844. [From the India
Records, No. 25.] Royal 8

Bombay, 1856

Brown, M. See Mueller, Baron Sir F.

Brown, Marie A. The Icelandic Dis-
coverers of America, or Honour to whom
Honour is Due. Illustrations. Small


Brown, P. Hume. Early Travellers in
Scotland. Edited by P. Hume Brown.
Maps. 8 Edinburgh, 1891

See Kirk and Thoresby.

Brown, R. Annual Report of the Munni-
pore Political Agency for 1868-69.
[From the India Records, No. 78.]
Royal 8 Calcutta, 1870

Brown, Richard. A History of the Island
of Cape Breton, with some Account of
the Discovery and Settlement of Canada,
Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. Maps
and plate. 8 1869

Notes on the Northern Atlantic, for

the use of travellers. Map. SmallS 1880

Brown, Dr Robert. Vancouver- Island
Exploration, 1864. [With unpublished
sketches.] 8* Victoria, B.C., 1865

A Monograph of the Coniferous genus
Thuja, Linn., and of the North American
Species of the Genus Libocedrus, Endl.
8* 1867

Florula Discoana : Contributions to

the Phyto-Geography of Greenland
within the Parallels of 68 and 70 North
Latitude. 8* Edinburgh, 1868

Notes on the History and Geographical

Relations of the Pinnipedia frequenting
the Spitzbergen and Greenland Seas. 8*


Observations on the Medicinal and

Economic Value of the Oulachan. 8*


On the Mammalian Fauna of Green-
land. 8* [1868]

On the Nature of the Discoloration

of the Arctic Seas. 8* Edinburgh, 1868

Synopsis of the Birds of Vancouver

Island. 8* 1868

Noteson the History and Geographical

Relations of the Cetacea frequenting
Davis Strait and Baffin's Bay. 8* 1868
On the Geographical Distribution

and Physical Characteristics of the Coal-
Fields of the North Pacific Coast. 8

Edinburgh, 1869

On the Geographical Distribution of

the Coniferae and Gnetacese. 8*

Edinburgh, 1869

Das Innere der Vancouver- Insel.

Map. 4* CW/z[i869]

On Arctic Exploration. 8*

Edinburgh, 1870

- Physics of Arctic Ice. 8* 1871
Descriptions of some new or little-
known Species of Oaks from North-West
America. 8* 1871

Die geographische Verbreitung der

Coniferen und Gnetaceen. Map. 4*

Gotha, 1872
Geological Notes on the Noursoak

Peninsula, Disco Island, and the country
in the vicinity of Disco Bay, North
Greenland. 8* Glasgow, 1875

The Countries of the World : being a

Popular Description of the various Con-
tinents, Islands, Rivers, Seas, and
Peoples of the Globe. 6 vols. Maps
and plates. Small 4 [1877-81]

Notes on the recent Progress of

Botany in Denmark. 8* 'N.D.

The Races of Mankind : being a
Popular Description of the Character-
istics, Manners, and Customs of the
Principal Varieties of the Human Family.
4 vols. Plate. s. .Small 4 N.D.

The Peoples of the World : being a

Popular Description of the Characteristics,
Conditions, and Customs of the Human
Family. 6 vols. Illustration*. 4 1882


Brown, Dr Robert. Our Earth and its
Story : a Popular Treatise on Physical
Geography. Edited by Robert Brown,
Ph. D. 3 vols. Maps, coloured plates,
and illustrations. 4 1887-89

The Adventures of Thomas Fellow,

of Penryn, Mariner, Three and Twenty
Years in Captivity among ihe Moors.
Written by himself; and edited, with
an Introduction and Notes, by Dr Robert
Brown. Illustrations. 8 1890

The Story of Africa and its Explorers.
3 vols. Illustrations. 4 1892-94

See Dickie, G. ; Green, A. H. ; Rink.
Brown, Lieut.-Col. R. H. The Fay um

and Lake Mceris ; with a Prefatory Note
by Colonel Sir Colin Scott-Moncrieff,
and illustrations from photographs by
the Author. 4 1892

Brown, Samuel. On the Statistical Pro-
gress of the Kingdom of Italy. 8* 1866

Browne, A. H. The Political Economy
of Indian Famines. 8* Bombay, 1877

Browne, Lieut.-Col. Edmond Charles.
The Coming of the Great Queen: a Narra-
tive of the Acquisition of Burma. Maps
and illustrations. 8 1 888

Browne, Edward. See Harris, Vol. 2 :
Appendix I.

Browne, Edward G. A Year amongst
the Persians : Impressions as to the Life,
Character, and Thought of the People of
Persia, received during twelve months
residence in that country in the years
1887-88. Map. 8 1893

Browne, J. Ross. Report of the Debates
in the Convention of California on the
Formation of the State Constitution in
1849. 8 Washington, 1850

Browne, Lieut. R. A. Russia and the
Invasion of India. (From Journal,
United Service Institution of India.)
8* 1893

Browne, W. H. See Maclean, A. J.

Browne, W. G. Travels in Africa,
Egypt, and Syria, -from the year 1792 to
1798. Plates. 4 1799

The same. 2nd edition. Maps and

plates. 4 1806

See Pinkerton, Vol. 15 ; Wai pole,
Travels : Appendix I

Browne, Walter Raleigh. [A Memoir.]
Excerpt, Minutes of Proceedings of the
Institution of Civil Engineers, Vol. 79.
8* 1885

Browning, George. The Edda Songs
and Sagas of Iceland. 12* 1876

Browning, Walter Westcott. Ireland.
Handbook of Railway Distances. Map.
Large 8 1874

Brownrigg, Rev. Canon. The Cruise of
the "Freak": a Narrative of a Visit to the
Islands in Bass and Banks' Straits, with
some Account of the Islands. Map and
plates. 8* Launceston, Tasmania, 1876

Bruce, James. Travels to Discover the
Source of the Nile, in 1768-73. 5 vols.
Maps and plates. 4 Edinburgh, 1790

Travels into Abyssinia to Discover

the Source of the Nile. Abridged by S.
Shaw. 12 1790

Account of the Life and Writings of.

By Alexander Murray. Map and plates.
4 Edinburgh, 1808

The Life of Bruce, the African

Traveller. By F. B. Head. Maps,
plate. 12 1830

See Robinson, F.

Bruce, John. Annals of the Honourable
East India Company, from their Estab-
lishment by the Charter of Queen
Elizabeth, 1600, to the Union of the
London and English East India Com-
panies, 1707-8. 3 vols. 4 1810

Bruce, R. B. J. Notes on the Dera
Ghazee Khan Desert, North-Weslern
Frontier of India, and its Border Tribes.
[No. 9 of New Series of Selections from
the Records of the Government of Panjab
and its Dependencies.] Royal 8

Lahore, 1871

Brucker, J. Decouvreurs et Missionaires
dans 1'Afrique Centrale au XVI e et au
XVII s Siecle. 8* Lyons, 1878

Decouverte des grands lacs de

1'Afrique Centrale et des sources du Nil

et du Zai're au seizieme Siecle. Map. 8*

Lyons, 1878

Positions Geographiques determinees

par deux Missionaires Jesuites dans le
Turkestan Oriental et la Dzoungarie en
1756, d'apres deux lettres inedites des
PP. Amiot et Gaubil. 8* Lyon s, 1880
Benoit de Goes, Missionaire Voyageur

dans.l'Asie Centrale, 1603-7.

Lyons, 1879
Bruckner, Dr E. Das Klima cler Eiszeit.

8* Davos, 1891
Ueber Schwankungen der Seen und

Meere. Vortrag IX. Deutschen Geo-

graphentage in Wien, 1892. 8*

Berlin, 1891
Eiszeit-Studien in den stidostlichen

Alpen. 8* Berne, 1891
Ueber die angebliche Aenderung der

Entfernung zwischen Jura und Alpen.

Separatabdruck aus dem XL Jahres-

bericht Geog. Ges. Bern, 1891-92. 8*.
Ueber den Einfluss der Schneedecke

auf das Klima der Alpen.

[Berlin] 1893

Bericht liber das Projekt einer Erd-

karte im Masstab I : 1,000,000. 8*

Berne, 1893

SeePenck ; Penck's Abhandlungen, I.

Brucks, Capt. George Barnes. Me-
moir descriptive of the Navigation of the
Gulf of Persia. [From the India Records,
No. 24.] Map. Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

See Jones, Felix.


Brue, Andre. See Astley, Vol. 2 ;
Laharpe, I ; Allgemeine Historic, 2 :
Appendix i.

Brugsch Pasha, H. Reise der k. preus-
sichen Gesandtschaft nach Persien, 1860
und 1 86 1. Map and illustrations. Large
8 Leipzig, 1862-63

Dictionnaire Geographique de 1'An-

cienne Egypte : contenant par ordre
Alphabetique la Nomenclature comparee
des Noms propres Geographiques qui
se Rencontrent sur les Monuments et
dans les Papyrus. Folio Leipzig, 1879

A History of Egypt under the

Pharaohs, derived entirely from the
Monuments, to which is added a Dis-
couise on the Exodus of the Israelites.
Translated and edited from the German
by Philip Smith. 2nd edition, with a
New Preface, Additions, and Original
Notes by the Author. 2 vols. Maps
and illustrations. 8 1881

Bruguiere, Louis. Orographie de
1'Europe. Map and plates. 4

Paris, 1830

See Recueil de Voyages, Vol. 3,

p. 611 : Appendix I.

Bruhns, Karl. Alexander von Humboldt.
eine wissenschaftliche Biographic. 3
vols. Portraits. 8 Leipzig, 1872

Resultate aus den meteorologischen
Beobachtungen angestellt an funfund-
zwanzig konigl. Sachsischen Stationen
imjahrei87i. 4 Leipzig, 1874

Brulle, . See Greece, Morea : Ap-
pendix 2.

Brumund, Jan Frederik Gerrit. See
Leemanns, C. ; Veth, P. J.

Brun, Cornelius le. Voyages de, par la
Moscovie en Perse, et aux Indes Orien-
tales . . . On y a ajoiite la route qu'a
suivie Mr Isbrants, Ambassadeur de
Moscovie, en traversant la Russie et la
Tartarie, pour se rendre a la Chine ; et
quelques Remarques contre MM. Chardin
et Kempfer. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
Small folio Amsterdam, 1718

Travels into Muscovy, Persia, and
part of the East Indies, containing an
accurate Description of what is most
Remarkable in those Countries . . . ;
to which is added an Account of the
Journey of Mr Isbrants . . . through
Russia and Tartary to China ; together
with Remarks on the Travels of Sir J.
Chardin and Mr Kempfer. Translated.
2 vols. Maps and plates. Folio 1737
Jrun, Isidore le. Tableau Statistique et
Politique des Deux Canadas. 8

Paris, 1833
Jrunet, J. New Guide to Boulogne-sur-
Mer and its Environs. Map and plates.
18 Boulogne, 1858

Brunet, J. C. Manuel du Libraire et de
1'Amateur de Livres : contenant, I. Un
Nouveau Dictionnaire Bibliographique ;
II. Une Table en forme de Catalogue
Raisonne. 5 vols. 8 Paris, 1842-44

Brunet, G., and P. Deschamps.
Manuel du Libraire et de 1'Amateur de
Livres. Supplement, contenant i un
complement du Dictionnaire Bibliogra-
phique de M. J.-Ch. Brunet. . . See

Brunner, Samuel. Reise nach Sene-
gambien und den Inseln des griinen
Vorgebiirges, in Jahre 1838. 8

Berne, 1840

Brunnhofer, Dr H. Iran und Turan :
historisch-geographische und ethno-
logische Untersuchungen iiber den alte-
sten Schauplatz der Indischen Urge-
schichte ; Einzelbeitrage zur allgemeinen
und vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft.
Fiinftes Heft. 8 Leipzig, 1889

Brunnmark, Gustavus. A Short Intro-
duction to Swedish Grammar, adapted
for the use of Englishmen. 2nd edition.
8 Stockholm, 1820

Brun-Renaud, C. le. Les possessions
Fran9aises de 1'Afrique Occidentale.
Maps. 12 Paris, 1886

Brun-Rollet, M. Le Nil Blanc et le
Soudan, etudes sur 1'Afrique Centrale,
mceurs et coutumes des Sauvages. Map
and plates. 8 Paris, 1855

Bruns, Paul Jacob. Neue systematische
Erdbeschreibung von Afrika. 6 vols.
Maps. 8 Nuremberg, 1799

Branson, Alfred. Prairie du Chien
(Wisconsin), its Present Position and
Future Prospects. 12* Milwaukee, 1857

Brunton, John. Description of the Line
and Works of the Scinde Railway.
Edited by C. Manby and J. Forrest.
Maps. 8* 1863

Remarks upon the Ruins of the

Ancient City of Brahminabad in the
Province of Scinde. MS. 4*

Kurrachee, 1866

Brunton, Dr T. L., and J. Fayrer. On
the Nature and Physiological Action of
the Poison of Naja Tripudians, and other
Indian Venomous Snakes. Parts I and
2. 8 1873-74

Bruton, W. See Churchill, Vol. 8 ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 5: Appendix I.

Bruun, P. J. Notices sur la Topographic
Ancicnne de la Nouvelle Russie et de la
Bessarabie. 12* Odessa, 1857

Bruyn, C. Le. See Brun.

Bruyssel, Ernest van. La Republique
Argentine, ses Ressourccs naturclles, ses
Colonies Agricoles, son importance
comme Centre d'Immigration. 8

Brussels, 1888


Bruyssel, Ernest van.

Orientale del Uruguay.

La Republique
Brussels, 1889

- La Republique du Paraguay. 8

Brussels, 1893

Bryan, F. T. See United States, K,
Texas : Appendix 2.

Bryan, Margaret. A Compendious Sys-
tem of Astronomy in a course of
familiar lectures . . . : Trigonomet-
rical and Celestial Problems, with a
Key to the Ephemeris, &c. Plates. 4


Bryans, J. W. The Retention of Can-
dahar, briefly considered as a Military,
Civil, and Religious Question. 8* 1880

Bryant, W. C. Picturesque America :
a Delineation, by Pen and Pencil, of
the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Forests,
Waterfalls, Shores, Canons, Valleys,
Cities, and other Picturesque Features of
the United States, with Illustrations on
Steel and Wood by eminent American
Artists. Edited by William Cullen
Bryant. 4 vols. 4 N.D.

Bryce, Dr James. Cyclopaedia of Geo-
graphy, Descriptive and Physical, forming
a New General Gazetteer of the World
and Dictionary of Pronunciation. Map
and illustrations. 8 Glasgow, 1856

and K. Johnston. The Library
Cyclopaedia of Geography, Descriptive,
Physical, Political, and Historical, form-
ing a New Gazetteer of the World. New
edition. Woodcuts. Small 4 1880

Bryce, J. Annan. Transcaucasia and
Ararat : being Notes of a Vacation Tour
in Autumn of 1876. Frontispiece and
map. Small 8 1877

Bryce, Rev. Professor. Manitoba, its
Infancy, Growth, and present condition.
Map and illustrations. Small 8 1882

Bryden, H. A. Kloof and Karoo : Sport,
Legend, and Natural History in Cape
Colony, with a Notice of the Game Birds,
and of the present Distribution of the
Antelopes and larger Game. Illustra-
tions. 8 1889

Gun and Camera in Southern Africa :
a Year of Wanderings in Bechuanaland,
the Kalahari Desert, and the Lake River
Country, Ngamiland ; with Notes on
Colonisation, Natives, Natural History,
and Sport. Maps and illustrations. 8


Brydges, Sir Harford Jones. Account
of the Transactions of H. M. Mission to
the Court of Persia in 1807-11, with a
brief History of the Wahauby. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1834

Brydone, Patrick. Voyage en Sicile et a
Malthe. Traduit par Demeunier. 2 vols.
Map. 8 Amsterdam, 1776

Brydone, Patrick. A Tour through Sicily
and Malta, in a Series of Letters to Wm.
Beckford, Esq. A new edition. 2 vols.
Map. 8 1790

- Ditto. New edition. Map. 8 1806

Brylkin, A. D. See Schmidt, F. B.

Buch, Leopold von. Description Phy-
sique des lies Canaries, suivie d'une
Indication des principaux Volcans du
Globe. Traduit par C. Boulanger. 8
Paris, 1836

Die Baren-Insel nach M. B. Keilhau

geognostisch beschrieben. Plate. 4*
Berlin, 1847

Ueber die Juraformation auf der Erd-

flache. Map. 8* Berlin, 1853

Ueber Ceratiten, besonders von

denen, die in Kreidebildungen sich
finden. Plate. 8* N.P., N.D.

Buchan, Dr Alexander. Handy Book of
Meteorology. 2nd edition. 8 1868

The Mean Pressure of the Atmosphere

over the Globe for the Months and for
the Year. Parti. [An Extract.] 8*
[Edinburgh, 1858]

the Mean Pressure of the Atmosphere

and the prevailing Winds over the Globe
for the Months and for the Year. Part 2.
Plates. 4* Edinburgh, 1869

Note on the Determination of Heights,

chiefly in the Interior of Continents,
from Observations of Atmospheric Pres-
sure. 8* [Edinburgh, 1869]

The Temperature of London for 130

Years, from 1763 to 1892. (From the
Journal of the Scottish Meteorological
Society for 1892.) Large 8* 1892

See United Kingdom, H, "Chal-

lenger " : Appendix 2.

Buchan, St John. Lightning Jottings of
Seringapatam. 4* Bangalore, 1883

[ ] To the Kaveri Falls. Map. Small

8* Bangalore, 1886

Buchanan, Francis. See Hamilton, F. ;
also Pinkerton, Vol. 8 : Appendix I.

Buchanan, John. The Shire Highlands
(East Central Africa) as Colony and
Mission. Map and plan. 8 1885

Buchanan, J. Y. On the Occurrence of
Sulphur in Marine Muds and Nodules,
and its bearing on their Mode of Forma-

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