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the Registrar-General (years 1843-44,
1850,1853-55). 8 and large 8 1846-57

Census of England and Wales, 1891.
Preliminary Report, and Tables of the
Population and Houses enumerated in
England and Wales, and in the Islands
in the British Seas, on 6th April 1891.
Folio 1891

Ditto. Area, Houses, and Population.
Vol. I. Administrative and Adjacent,
Counties. Folio 1893

Ditto. The same. Vol. 2. Registra-

tion Areas and Sanitary Districts. Folio


Ditto. Ages, Condition as to Mar-
riage, Occupation, Birthplaces, and In-
firmities. Vol. 3. Folio 1893
Ditto. Vol. 4. General Report, with

Summary Tables and Appendices. Folio


Ditto. Index to the Population Tables

of England and Wales. Folio 1893

Emigrants' Handbooks. Emigrants'
Information Office Handbooks, 1890,
consisting of the following 12 Handbooks
i. Canada ; 2. New South Wales ; 3.
Victoria ; 4. South Australia; 5. Queens-
land ; 6. Western Australia ; 7. Tas-
mania ; 8. New Zealand ; 9. Cope
Colony and British Bechuanaland ; 10.
Natal; II. Professional Handbook ; 12.
Emigra'ion Statutes and General Hand-
book. Maps. 8 1890

Education. Reports of the Committee of
Council on Education (England, Wales,
and Scotland). 8 1870-93

Greenwich Observatory. Description of
the Altitude and Azimuth Instrument
erected at the Royal Observatory, Green-
wich, in 1847. [Greenwich Astrono-
mical Observations.] 4 1847

Description of the Instruments and
Process used in the Photographic Self-
Registration of the Magnetical and
Meteorological Instruments at the Royal
Observatory, Greenwich. [Exts. from
Greenwich Magnetical and Meteorologi-
cal Observations, 1847.] 4 1849

Results of the Magnetical and Me-
teorological Observations made at the
Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in the
year 1880. . . . Edited by W. H. M.
Christie. 4 1882

Rates of Chronometers on Trial, 1869,


Kew Museums. A Handbook to the
Museums of Economic Botany of the
Royal Gardens, Kew. By D. Oliver.
6th edition ; with additions by ]. R.
Jackson. 12 1875

Kew Observatory. Report of the Incor-
porated Kew Committee for the year
ending 3ist December 1893. [From the
Proc. R.S.] 8 1894

Nautical Almanac. Tables requisite to
be used with the Astronomical and
Nautical Ephemeris, published by order
of the Commissioners of Longitude. 8


- Ditto. 2nd edition 1781

- Ditto. 3rd edition 1802

- Circular, No. 15. Local Particulars
of the Total Eclipse of the Sun, Aug. 8-9
1896. Large 8 1893

Transit of Venus, 1882. Report of the
Committee appointed by the British
Government to Superintend the Arrange-
ments to be made for the sending of
Expeditions at the Government expense,
aud securing co - operation with the
Government Expeditions, for the Ob-
servation of the Transit of Venus, 6th
December 1882. Folio.

' ' Challenger " Expedition. Report on
the Scientific Results of the Voyage of
H.M.S. "Challenger," 1873-76. . . .
Prepared under the superintendence of
the late Sir C. Wyville Thomson, and
now of John Murray. Charts and plates.

'73, '74. '77, '83-87, '89-93 5 of Deck-
Watches, 1889-93. 4-
Key/ Gardens. Royal Gardens, Kew :
Official Guide to the Museums of
Economic Botany. No. 3. Timbers.
12 1886

Zoology. 1

Vol I. i. Brachiopoda, by T. Davidson;

2. Pennatulida, by A. v. Kolliker ; 3.

Ostracoda, by G. S. Brady ; 4. Bones

of Cetacea, by W. Turner ; 5. Green

Turtle, by W. K. Parker; 6. Shore

Fishes, by A. Gtinther.
Vol. 2. 7. Corals, by H. N. Mosely ;

8. Birds, by P. L. Sclater.
Vol. 3. 9. Echinoidea, by A. Agassiz ;

10. Pycnogonida, by P. P. C. Hoek.
Vol. 4. ii. Anatomy of the Petrels, by

W. A. Forbes; 12. Deep-sea Medusa',

by E. Haeckel ; 13. Holothurioidea

(Elasipoda), by H. Theel.
Vol. 5. 14. Ophiuroidea, by T. Tyinan ;

16. Marsupialia, byD. J. Cunninghnm.
Vol. 6. 15. Actiniaria, by R. Hertwig;

17. Tunicata (Ascidire Simplices), by
W. A. Herdman.

Vol. 7. 18. Anatomy of Spheniscidae, by
M. Watson; 19. Pelagic Hemiptera,
by F. B. White; 20. Hydroida (I'lumu-
laridre), by G. J. Allman ; 21. Orbito-
lites, by W. B. Carpenter.

Vol. 8. 23. Copepoda, by G. S. Brady;
24. Calcarea, by N. Polejaeff; 25.
Cirripedia (Systematic), by P. P. C.




Challenger " Expedition could.

Vol. 9. 22. Foraminifera, by H. B.
Brady (text and plates separate).

Vol. 10. 26. Nudibranchiata, by R.
Bergh ; 27. Myzostomida, by L. v.
Graf; 28. Cirripedia (Anatomical), by
P. P. C. I lock ; 29. Human Crania,
by W. Turner ; 30. Polyzoa, by G.

Vol. ii. 31. Keratosa, by N. Polejaeff;

32. Crinoidea, by P. II. Carpenter;

33. Isopoda (Serolis), byF. E. Beddard.
Vol. 12. 34. Annelida Polychreta, by

W. C. M'Intosh.
Vol. 13. 35. Lamellibranchiata, by E.

A. Smith ; 36. Gephyrea,* by G.

Selenka ; 37. Schizopoda, by G. O. Sars.
Vol. 14. 38. Tunicata (Ascidia; Com-
posite), by W. A. Ilerdman; 39.

Holothurioidea (2nd part), by II.

Vol. 15. 41. Marseniadix;, by R. Bergh ;

42. Scaphopoda and Gasteropoda, by

R. B. Watson ; 43. Polyplacophora,

by A. C. Haddon.
Vol. 1 6. 44. Cephalopoda, by W. E.

Iloyle ; 45. Stomatopoda, by \V. K.

Brooks; 46. Reef-Corals, by J. J.

Quelch ; 47. Human Skeletons (2nd

part), by Sir W. Turner.
Vol. 17. 48. Isopoda (2nd part), by F.

E. Beddard ; 49. Brachyura, by E. J.

Miers ; 50. Polyzoa (2nd part), by

George Busk.
Vol. 18 (parts I and 2 ; and vol. of

plates). 40. Radiolaria, by Ernst

Vol. 19. 54. Nemertea, by A. A. W.

Hubrecht ; 55. Cumacea, by G. O.

Sars ; 56. Phyllocarida, by G. O. Sars ;

58. Pteropoda (ist part), by Paul

Vol. 20. 59. Monaxonida, by S. O.

Ridley and A. Dendy ; 61. Myzosto-
mida (Supplement), by L. von Graff;

62. Cephalodiscus Dodecalophus, by

W. C. M'Intosh.
Vol. 21 (text and plates). 53. Hexac-

tinellida, by F. E. Schulze.
Vol. 22. 57. Deep-Sea Fishes, by A.

Vol. 23. 65. Pteropoda Thecosomata,

by P. Pilseneer ; 66. Anatomy of

Pieropoda, by P. Pilseneer ; Ilydroida

(2nd part), by G. J. Allman ; 71.

Entozoa, by O. von Linstow ; 72.

Heteropoda, by E. A. Smith.
Vol. 24 (text and plates). 52. Crustacea

Macrura, by C. Spence Bate.
Vol. 25. 63. Tetractinellida, by W. J.

Vol. 26. 60. Crinoidea (Comatulo;), by

P. H. Carpenter ; 67. Seals, by W.

Turner; 73. Actiniaria, by R. Hertwig.


" Challenger" Expedition contd.

Vol. 27. 69. Anomura, by J. R.
Henderson ; 74. Anatomy of Mollusca,
by P. Pilseneer ; 75. Phoronis Buskii,
by W. C. M'Intosh ; 76. Tunicata
(3rd part), by W. A. Herdman.

Vol. 28. 77. Siphonophonv, by Ernst

Vol. 29 (parts I and 2 ; and vol. of
plates). 67. Amphipoda, by T. R. R.

Vol. 3O,(text and plates). 51. Asteroidea,
by W. Percy Sladen.

Vol. 31. 64. Alcyonaria, by E. P.
Wright and T. Studer ; 78. Pelagic
Fishes, by A. Giinther ; 79- Polyzoa
(Supplement), by A. W. Waters.

Vol. 32. 80. Antipatharia, by George
Brook ; 81. Alcyonaria (Supplement),
by T. Studer ; 82. Deep-Sea Keratosa,
by Ernst Haeckel.

- Botany. 1885-86

Vol. i. Introduction ; i. Bermudas, by

W. B. Hemsley; 2. Islands of Atlantic

and Southern Oceans, by the same ;

3. Juan Fernandez, S. E. Moluccas, and

Admiralty Islands, by the same.
Vol. 2. 4. Diatomacea;, by F. Castra-


Physics and Chemistry 1884-89

Vol. i. i. Composition of Ocean-Water,

by W. Dittmar ; 2. Specific Gravity of

Ocean- Water, by the Officers of the

Vol. 2. 4. Physical Properties of Fresh

and Sea Water, by A. Buchan ; 5.

Atmospheric Circulation, by the same ;

6. Magnetic Results, by E. W. Clark ;

7. Petrology of Oceanic Islands, by A.

Deep-Sea Deposits. By John Murray
and A. F. Renard. 1891

Narrative of the Cruise

Vol. i, Parts i and 2. By T. H. Tizard,
H. N. Moseley, J. Y. Buchanan, and
John Murray. ^85

Vol. 2. Meteorological and Magnctical
Observations, by the Naval Officers ;
Thermometer Errors, by P. G. Tail ;
St Paul's Rocks, by A. Renard 1882

Summary of the Scientific Results. 2
parts. 1895

[Including also]
Report on Oceanic Circulation, by A.

Report on Spirula, by T. II. Huxley and

Paul Pelseneer.

I. Miscellaneous.

Alpine Club. Provisional Report of the
Special Committee on Equipment for
Mountaineers. 8 1891




Clarendon State Papers preserved in the

Bodleian Library, Calendar of the. Vol.

I. to January 1649, edited by the Rev.

O. Ogle and W. H. Bliss; Vol. II.,

1649-54, and Vol. III., 1655-57, edited

by the Rev. W. Dunn Macray : under

the direction of the Rev. H. O. Coxe.

8 Oxford, 1869-76

Colonial and Indian Exhibition, London,

1886. Publications issued in connection

with the :

Reports on the Colonial Sections of the
Exhibition. Issued under the Super-
vision of the Council of the Society of
Arts, and edited by II. Trueman Wood,
M.A. 8 1887

Report of the Royal Commission for
the Colonial and Indian Exhibition
(London, 1886). Plan. 8 1887

British Guiana Cotirt. Special Catalogue
of Exhibits. With Introductory Notes
by G. H. Hawtayne. Map. 8" 1886

Canada. Descriptive Catalogue of a
Collection of the Economic Minerals
of Canada, by the Geological Corps,
A. R. C. Selwyn, Director. Illus-
trations. 8 I 886
Official Catalogue of the Canadian
Section. 1st and 2nd editions. Map.
8 1886

Canada at the Colonial and Indian

Exhibition. 8 1886

Cape Colony. Catalogue of the Exhibits
of the Colony of the Cape of Good
Hope. 8 1886

Cyprus. Handbook to, and Catalogue
of the Exhibits. Map. 8 1886

Fiji. Handbook to, and Catalogue of
the Exhibits. Issued under the Autho-
rity of the Executive Commissioner,
the Hon. James E. Mason. 8 1886

Indian Empire. Special Catalogue of
Exhibits by the Government of India
and Private Exhibitors. Map. 8 1886
Report on the Indian Section of the
Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 1886.
Plans and plates. Folio.
Jamaica at the Colonial and Indian
Exhibition, London, 1886. 4th edition.
Map and plates. Large 8".

Natal. Official Handbook. Map. 8 1886

New South Wales. Official Catalogue
of Exhibits from the Colony. 8

Sydney, 1886

Its Progress and Resources. Map.

8" Sydney, 1886

New Zealand Court : New Zealand
Geological Survey Department. De-
tailed Catalogue and Guide to the
Geological Exhibits, including a Geo-
logical Map and General Index to the
Reports, and a List of Publications of
the Department. By James Hector,
Director. 8 Wellington, 1886


Colonial Exhibition continued.

Queensland Court : Catalogue of tt

Exhibits. Map. 8 Brisbane, 1886
VictorianCovui: Catalogue of Exhibits. 8

Illustrated Handbook of Victoria,

Australia. 4 Melbourne [ 1 886]

West Indies and British Honduras.

Handbook and Catalogue. Mup,

coloured frontispiece, and illustrations.

8 1886

Exhibition Supplement to "The Colonies

and India" , 1886

Rapport presente a la Societe des Etudes

Coloniales et Maritimes par son

delegue a 1'Exposition, Victor de

Ternant. Large 8 Paris, 1887

Colonial Conference, 1887, Proceedings
of. Vols. I. and II. (Appendix). Papers
laid before the Conference. Folio 1887

Geological Field Class (London). Excur-
sions for the Study of the Country around
London, under the direction of Prof. II.
G. Seeley, 1888. Reported by Members
of the class. Sections. 8 1889

Gresham University Commission. Re-
port on the Draft Charter. Folio 1894

Imperial Institute. Charter of Incorpora-
tion. Small 8 1888

Report of Progress from its Establish-
ment to the 26th November 1892. 8 1892

Annual Report for 1893. 8 1893

The Imperial Institute of the United

Kingdom, the Colonies, and India. 2nd
edition. 8 1893

The Year-Book of the Imperial Insti-
tute of the United Kingdom, the Colonies,
and India. A Statistical Record of the
Resources and Trade of the Colonial and
Indian Possessions of the British Empire.
First issue, 1892, and third issue, 1894.
Large 8 1892-94

International Exhibition, 1862. Class 15.
Jurors' Reports: Chronometers, Watches,
and Clocks N.I).

London (Watford) Spring Water Com-
pany. Report of the Provisional Direc-
tors. 8 1852

Missionary Atlas, containing Maps of the
various Spheres of the Church Missionary
Society, with illustrative letterpress.
Royal 8 1859

Royal Society. Revised Instructions for
the Use of the Magnetic and Meteoro-
logical Observatories, and for the Mag-
netic Surveys. Prepared by the Committee
of Physics and Meteorology of the Royal
Society. 8 1842

Meteorological Committee. See

Board of Trade.

Royal Society of Literature. Afternoon
Lectures on English Literature, delivered
by Members of the Council, from January
to June 1 893. 8 1893


South Kensington Museum. Confer-
ences held in connection with the Special
Loan Collection of Scientific Apparatus,
1876 : Chemistry, Biology, Physical
Geography, Geology, Mineralogy, and
Meteorology. 8 N.D.

Ditto. Physics and Mechanics. 8

See Catalogues, C.

J. Anonymous.

Descriptio Britannia;, Scotia, Hybernire,
et Orchodvm, ex Libro Paoli Jovii, Epis-
copi Nvcer. De Imperiis, et Gentibvs
cognitiOrbis, comeivsoperisprohoemis, ad
Alexandrvm FarnesivmCard. Ampliss. 8.

Magna Britannia et Hibernia, Antiqua
et Nova, or a New Survey of Great
Britain, &c. Vols. I, 2, 5, 6. Maps.
Small 4 1730

The Geography of England and Wales :
done in the Manner of Gordon's Geo-
graphical Grammar. Maps. 8 1744

Rivers, Historical Account of the Na-
vigable Rivers, Canals, and Railways of
Great Britain, as a Reference to Nichols,
Priestly, and Walker's new Map of
Inland Navigation. Maps. 8 1831
The Rivers of Great Britain, Descrip-
tive, Historical, Pictorial : Rivers of the
East Coast. Illustrations. 4 1889
Industrial Rivers of the United King-

dom, namely, the Thames, Mersey, Tyne,
Tawe, Clyde, Wear, Taff, Avon, South-
ampton Water, the Hartlepools, H umber,
Neath, Port Talbot, and Caermarthen,
the Liffey, Usk, Tees, Severn, Wyre,
and Lagan. By various well-known Ex-
perts. Illustrations. 8 1 888

Canals and Railways : Observations on
the Comparative Merits of; occasioned
by the Reports of the Committee of the
Liverpool and Manchester Railway.
Plate. 8 1832

England and America : a Comparison of
the Social and Political State of both the
Nations. 2 vols. 8 1833

Lifeboats. Report of the Committee on
Lifeboat Models for premium offered by
Duke of Northumberland. Long 4 1851

The Colonies : a Synopsis of their
Agricultural, Financial, Commercial, and
Social Condition ; Tabular Historical
Summary of the effect of Treaties on
the Partition of Europe ; Tabular View
of the Indian Territories ; War and
Finance ; Tables of the Revenue and
Expenditure of all Nations ; War Force
of different Nations ; Abstract of the
Losses of the Allies in the late War with
Russia. 3 sheets and map in case

Edinburgh, 1857

Facts and Observations with reference to
Masters R.N. ; with a plan for the
removal of their disabilities. 8 1858


The Report of the Royal Commissioners
on Lights, Buoys, and Beacons, 1861,
examined and refuted. By an English-
man. 8 1 86 1

Great Britain and Ireland in 1886. 8.

The Imperial Gazetteer of England and
Wales [Fullarton's]. 6 vols. 4 ; and
Index to Atlas N.D.

Birmingham, Handbook of. Prepared for
the Members of the British Association,
1886. Map. 12 Birmingham, 1886

Bridlington, Opening of Barrows near.
8 1868

Canterbury Guide, The ; containing a
Concise Account of that Ancient City
and its Suburbs. Plates. 12

Canterbury, 1830

Cornwall. An Unsentimental Journey
through Cornwall. By the Author of
"John Halifax, Gentleman." With
illustrations by C. Napier Henry. 4


Liverpool, The Stranger in : an Historical

and Descriptive View of the Town of

Liverpool and its Environs. Map. 12

Liverpool, 1831

Meteorological Results deduced from

Observations taken at the Liverpool
Observatory, 1889-91. Published by
order of the Mersey Docks and Harbour
Board. 8 1893

London. London's Roll of Fame : being
Complimentary Notes and Addresses
from the City of London, on presenta-
tion of the Honorary Freedom of that
City, and on other occasions, to Royal
Personages, Statesmen, Patriots, Warriors,
Arctic Explorers, Discoverers, Philan-
thropists, and Scientific Men ; with their
Replies and Acknowledgments. From
the close of the Reign of George II.,
A.D. 1757, to 1884. With a Critical and
Historical Introduction. Illustrations. 4.
London Illustrated : a complete Guide
to the Places of Amusement, &c. &c.
Large 8 1885

Oxford University and City Guide : to
which is added a Description of Blen-
heim, Nuneham, the Roman Villa, &c.
Map and plates. 12 Oxford, 1831

Ripon. The Tourist's Companion : being
a Concise Description and History of
Ripon, Studley Park, Fountains Abbey,
Hackfall, Brimham Crags, Newby Hall,
Knaresborough, Harrogate,Bolton Priory,
&c. Plates. 12 Ripon, 1828

Southport Meteorological Department.
Report and Results of Observations for
the year 1893 ; with 2 Appendices. By
Joseph Baxendell. 8 Southport, 1893

Wales. History and Geography of Wales
for the Young. Compiled by an Owner
of Welsh land. 12 N.D.




K. Scotland.

First, Second, Thin], and Fifth Annual
Reports of the Board of Education for
Scotland, to the Right lion, the Lords
of Committee of the Privy Council on
Education in Scotland. 8

Edinburgh, 1874-78

The Traveller's Guide through Scotland
and its Islands. Maps and plates. 12
Edinburgh, 1811

Journal of a Tour through the Highlands
of Scotland during the Summer of 1829.
12 Norton Hall, 1830

Scottish Tourist and Itinerary ; or, A
Guide to the Scenery and Antiquities of
Scotland and the Western Islands. Maps
ami plates. 12 Edinburgh, 1834

Gazetteer. Topographical, Statistical,
and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland. 2
vols. Maps and plates. Royal 8

Glasgow, 1842

Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland : a
Survey of Scottish Topography, Statisti-
cal, Biographical, and Historical. Edited
by Francis H. Groome. 3 vols. Map,
plates, and plans. Imperial 8

Edinburgh, 1885

Letters on the Ordnance Survey of
Scotland. By a Practical Surveyor. 8


Notices of some of the Principal Manu-
factures of the West of Scotland : The
Iron and Steel Industries, by St John V.
Day ; the Engineering and Shipbuilding
Industries, by John Mayer ; the Textile
Industries, by James Paton ; Chemical
Manufactures, by John Ferguson. Map.
12 Glasgow, 1876

Catalogue of the Western Scottish
Fossils, compiled by James Armstrong,
John Young, and David Robertson ;
with Introduction on the Geology and
Palaeontology of the District by Professor
Young. Map and plates. 1 2

Glasgow, 1876

Notes on the Fauna and Flora of the
West of Scotland : Mammalia, by E. R.
Alston ; Birds, by R. Gray ; Insects, by
P. Cameron ; Vascular Flora, by J.
Ramsay ; Cryptogamic Flora, by J.
Stirton. 12 Glasgow, 1876

Missions. Fifty Years of Foreign Missions,

or the Foreign Missions of the Free

Church of Scotland in the Year of

Jubilee 1879-80. Maps and plates. 8

Edinburgh, 1880


Scotland continued.

Ben Nevis Meteorological Observatory:
an Account of its Foundation and Work.
Map and illustrations. 8

Edinburgh, 1885

Scottish Hills. Our Western Hills : How-
to reach them, and the Views from their
Summits. By a Glasgow Pedestrian.
12 Glasgow, 1892

Orkney. I Iandlx>ok to the Orkney Islands.
Plates. 12 A'zV/C-wa//[iS68]

L. Ireland.

Reports of the Commissioners appointed
to Inquire into the Nature and Extent of
the several Bogs in Ireland, and the
Practicability of Draining and Cultivating
them. Maps and plate. [4 Reports in
3 vols.] Folio 1810-14

Markree Observatory. Catalogue of
Stars near the Ecliptic observed at
Markree during the years 1854-55-56.
Vol. I. 1856

-Vol. II., during 1851-52 1853

Vol. III., during 1852-53-54 1854
Vol. IV., during 1854-55-56 1856

Cork Harbour. Correspondence in Re-
ference to Removal or Lighting of
Daunts Rock, &c. [Parly. Rep.] Folio


A Geographical Description of the
Kingdom of Ireland, newly corrected
and improved by actual observations,
&c. Maps. Oblong 12 1728

Killarney, A Description of. 4 1776

Dublin. Memorandum of Objects of
Geological Interest in the Vicinity of
Dublin. Map. 8 Dublin, 1835

A Plan for the Improvement of Ire-
land, by the Union of English and Irish
Capital, and the Co-operation of the
People in bolh Countries ; with an
Appendix. Map. 8 1844

Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland,
adapted to the New Poor Law, as exist-
ing in 1844-45, presenting the results,
in detail, of the Census of 1841, com-
pared with that of 1831. 3 vols. in
10 parts. Maps and plates. Royal 8
Dublin, London, and Edinburgh, 1846

Post-Chaise Companion, or Traveller's
Directory through Ireland, to which is
added a Travelling Dictionary. Map
and plates. 8 Dublin, N.D.





Azores. History of the Azores or Western
Islands ; containing an Account of the
Government, Laws, and Religion ; the
Manners, Ceremonies, and Character of
the Inhabitants ; and Demonstrating the
Importance of these valuable Islands to
the British Empire. Maps and plates.
4 1813

Bermuda, a Colony, a Fortress, and a
Prison ; or, Eighteen Months in the
Somers Islands. By a Field Officer.
Map and plates. 8 1857

Fernando de Noronha. The Natural
History of the Island of Fernando de
Noronha based on the Collections made
by the British Museum Expedition in
1887. From the Jo urnal of the Linnean
Society, \ 890. Map, photographs, &c. 8

Madeira. The Traveller's Guide to
Madeira and the West Indies : being a
Hieroglyphic Representation of Appear-
ances and Incidents during a Voyage out
and homewards. By a Young Traveller.
Map and plates. 8 Haddington, 1815

Telegraph. Great North Atlantic Tele-
graph Route. Map and plate. 8 1866


Kerguelen Island. Note on the Report
on the Meteorology of Kerguelen Island,
published by the Meteorological Council,
1879. 4.

Report on the Zoological Collections made
in the Indo-Pacific Ocean during the
Voyage of H.M.S. "Alert," 1881-82.
Plates. 8






A. American Expeditions.

Instructions for the Expedition toward
the North Pole, from Hon. George M.
Robeson, Sec. of the Navy, with an
Appendix from the National Academy of
Sciences. 8 Washington, 1871

Reports of Foreign Societies on awarding
Medals to the American Arctic Ex-
plorers, Kane, Hayes, Hall. Plate. 8
U.S. Naval Observatory, 1876

Report to the Congress from Com-
mittee on Naval Affairs to whom was
referred a Bill to Authorise and Equip
an Expedition to the Arctic Seas. 8


Report to the President of the United
States of Action of the Navy Depart-
ment in the Matter of the Disaster to the
United States Exploring Expedition
["Polaris"] toward the North Pole, ac-
companied by a Report of the Examin-
ation of the Rescued Party, &c. Map.
8 [Washington, N.D.]

Report on Substituted Expedition to the
Arctic Seas. 8 [Washington, 1880]

United States, Arctic Colonisation, and
Exploration in 1881. 8

[Kansas City} 1881

[See also United States. Signal
Service Notes, No. 5.]

B. Austrian Expeditions.

Polar-Expedition von K. Weyprecht und

J. Payer im Jahre 1871. [Mitt. Geogr.

Ges.] 8 Vienna, 1872

- The same. Fuller reports J&74

Programme des travaux d'une Expedition

Polaire Internationale, propose par le

Comte Wilezek et Charles Weyprecht.

4 Vienna, 1877

Re'sultate der Osterreichisch-ungarischen

Arctischen Expedition, 1872-74. Plates.

4 Vienna, 1878

C. British Expeditions.

a. Franklin Search.

A Collection of eight bound folio volumes
[presented by Mr J. Barrow] of Parlia-
mentary Papers relating to the Search
for Sir John Franklin and the Officers
and Crews of H.M. Ships "Erebus"
and " Terror" :

ARCTIC C a. Franklin Search.

Vol. I. 1848-50. (i.) Copies of In-
structions to Captain Sir John Franklin,
in reference to the Arctic Expedition of
1845, and to the Officers who have been
appointed to Command Expeditions in
Search of Sir John Franklin ; Proposed
Plans for Relief of the Arctic Expedi-
tion ; Copies and Extracts of Correspon-
dence and Proceedings of the Admiralty
in reference to the Arctic Expedition.
(2.) Copy of the Orders from the Lords
Commissioners of the Admiralty, under
which Capt. Sir J. C. Ross, R.N., has
proceeded on an Expedition in Search

Online LibraryRoyal Geographical Society (Great Britain). LibrarCatalogue of the library of the Royal geographical society. Containing the titles of all works up to December 1893 → online text (page 130 of 141)