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of Capt. Sir J. Franklin, R.N. (3.) Ex-
tracts of Proceedings or Correspondence
of the Admiralty, in reference to the
Arctic Expeditions. (4.) Return of the
Opinions of the most Experienced
Officers [Sir W. E. Parry, Sir G. Back,
Capt. Beechey, Colonel Sabine, and Sir
E. Belcher] connected with the Arctic
Expeditions, on the necessity of sending
a Ship to the Entrance of Lancaster
Sound with Supplies for Sir J. Ross's
Expedition ; and their Joint. Opinion as
to certain Measures proposed to be
adopted. (5 ) Copies of Reports or
Statements from the Officers employed in
the Arctic Expeditions or from any other
Persons, &c., in respect to the Resump-
tion of the Search ; of Plans of Search ;
of Orders issued by the Board of
Admiralty to Captains Collinson, Kellett,
and Moore, and Lieut. Pullen ; of In-
structions to Dr Rae ; and of Chart of
the Polar Sea. (6.) Orders to Capt.
Penny, " Lady Franklin," and Mr
Saumlers, "North Star." (7.) Orders
to Captain Austin, "Resolute." (8.)
Proceedings of Dr Rae, and of Lieut.
Pullen, " Plover ; " also copies of Arctic
Reward and other Bills.

Vol. 2. 1851. Report of the Com-
mittee appointed by the Lords Com-
missioners of the Admiralty to Inquire
into and Report on the recent Arctic
Expeditions in search of Sir J. Franklin,
together with the Minutes of Evidence
taken before the Committee, and Papers
connected with the subject.

Vol. 3. 1851. Additional Papers
relative to the Arctic Expedition under
the Orders of Captain Austin and Mr
William Penny.



ARCTIC C a. Franklin Search.
Collection, &c. continued.

Vol. 4. 1852-53. (i.) Copies and
Extracts and Correspondence or Pro-
ceedings, of Instructions to Officers,
and of Correspondence or Communica-
tions from the Government of the
United States or H.M. Minister at
Washington, in relation to Search made
on the part of the United States or from
its Territory for the Franklin Expedition.
(2.) Further Correspondence and Pro-
ceedings. (3.) Correspondence be-
tween Capt. Penny and the Admiralty,
Rumours at Byron's Bay, Adam Beck's
Deposition. (4.) Track Chart of the
American Expedition. (5.) Communica-
tions in reference to certain Vessels
observed on an Iceberg in the N.
Atlantic in 1851.

Vol. 5. 1853-54. ( i.) Copies of
Correspondence from Sir E. Belcher's
Squadron, from Mr Kennedy of the
" Prince Albert," from Commander
Inglefield of the " Isabel," and Plans
and Suggestions of Search and further
Correspondence. (2.) Papers relative
to the Recent Arctic Expeditions in
Search of H.M.S. "Erebus" and
"Terror." (3.) Dr M'Cormick's Ex-
pedition up the Wellington Channel in
the year 1852, Commanding H.M. Boat
"Forlorn Hope" in Search of Sir John
Franklin. (4.) Copy of Lady Franklin's
Letter to Lords Commissioners of the
Admiralty [with MS. Autograph Letter
from Lady Franklin to Mr Barrow].
(5.) Sir John Richardson on Equipments
for Arctic Travelling. (6.) Sir W.
Parry on Equipments for Arctic Tra-
velling. (7.) Sir J. C. Ross on same
subject. (8.) Colonel Sabine on same

Vol. 6. 1854-55. Further Papers
relative to the recent Arctic Expedi-
tions, &c. Photograph of Sir Robert
M'Clure, and Autographs.

Vol. 7. 1855-56. (I.) Report from
the Select Committee on Arctic Expedi-
tion ; together with the Proceedings of
the Committee, Minutes of Evidence,
and Appendix. (2.) Further Papers
relative to the Recent Arctic Expedi-
tions in Search of Sir J. Franklin and the
Crews of Her Majesty's Ships " Erebus "
and " Terror," including the Report of
Dr Kane and Messrs Anderson and
Stewart, and Correspondence relative to
the Adjudication of ,10,000 as a Reward
for Ascertaining the Fate of the Crews
of Her Majesty's Ships "Erebus" and
" Terror."

Vol. 8. Charts.

ARCTIC C a. Franklin Search.

A Collection made by Mr J. Barrow of
Eight 8 vols. of Pamphlets connected
with the Search for Sir John Franklin,
containing :


Osborn, S. Letters on the Relief of
Sir John Franklin's Expedition 1850

Weld, C. R. A Lecture on Arctic
Expeditions. Map 1850

Scoresby, W. The Franklin Expedi-
tion 1850

Weld, C. R. The Search for Sir
John Franklin, a Lecture delivered at
the Russell Institution. Map 1851

O'Byrne, W. R. The Arctic Council :
Descriptive Key to the Historical Picture
by S. Pearce 1851

Farrar, F. W. The Arctic Regions,
and the Hopes of Discovering the Lost
Adventurers : Prize Poem (Cambridge,
Chancellor's Medal) 1852

Petermann, A. The Search for Sir
John Franklin, a suggestion submitted to
the British Public. Chart 1852

Mangles, J. Papers and Despatches
relating to the Arctic Searching Expedi-
tions of 1850-51-52. Collected and Ar-
ranged. 2nd edition. Maps 1852


De la Roquette, . Regions Arc-
tiques: Terre Grinnell, Mont Franklin:
Question de priorite de decouverte.
Map Paris, 1852

Kane, E. K. Access to the Open
Polar Sea in connection with the Search
after Sir John Franklin and his Com-
panions. Map New York, 1853

Allen, R. C., Snow, W. P., and Ingle-
field, E. A. Remarks on Baffin Bay 1853

Petermann, A. Historical Summary
of the Search for Sir John Franklin,
reprinted from Seemann's Narrative of
the Voyage of H.M.S. "Herald," and
Noteson the Distribution of Animals avail-
able as Food in the Arctic Regions 1852

The Search for Sir John Franklin
[N.D. ; Chambers's Tracts.]

The Arctic Dispatches, containing an
Account of the Discovery of the North-
West Passage by Capt. Robert Maclure,
with Narrative of Proceedings of H.M.S.
"Resolute," Capt. Kellett, and the
Dispatches of Capt. Sir E. Belcher,
Capt. Inglefield, and Comm. Pullen.
Map 1853

The North - West Passage : Capt.
M'Clure's Despatches from Her Majesty's
Discovery Ship " Investigator," off Point
Warren and Cape Bathurst. Map 1853

Jago, E., and Seemann, B. The His-
tory of the Poetical Assembly (on board
H.M.S. "Herald") Hanover, 1852

Prospectus of Portrait of Capt. Penny.



ARCTIC C a. Franklin Search.

M'Cormick, R. Christmas in the
Frozen Regions (from Household Words,

The Lost Arctic Voyagers (from House-
hold Words, 1854).

Rae, J. Report (from Household
Words, 1854).

Ross, Sir j. Rear-Admiral Sir John
Franklin : a Narrative of the Circum-
stances and Causes which led to the
Failure of the Searching Expeditions
sent by Government and others for the
Rescue of Sir John Franklin. Plate 1855

Murray, J. The Tides and Currents
in and connected with the Polar Sea,
indicative of the probability of a North-
East Passage to the Pacific, with reasons
for persevering in the Search for Sir John
Franklin and the Party under his com-
mand. Map 1854

A Catalogue of the Library established
on Ixiard H.M.S. "Assistance," Capt.
Sir E. Belcher, &c., Wellington Channel


Scoresby, W. On the Surface Tem-
perature and Great Currents of the North
Atlantic and Northern Oceans. Chart


77ie Weekly Guy, Nos. 1-14, 1852-53,
and Prospectus (H.M.S. "Plover,"
Point Harrow).

Memoir of Lieut. Bellot, to accom-
pany his Portrait, 1854 (Prospectus, and
Plate of Tablet).

Prospectus of Commr. W. W. May's
Sketches, and Dr Rae's Polytechnic


The Great Arctic Mystery, by " Philoi
Symbouleuomenoi " 1856

Arctic Rewards and their Claimants


Voyages and Travels of Dr Rae in the
Arctic Regions.

Copy of a Letter from Dr Rae.

Feb. 1856

Isbister, A. K. On the Geology of
the Hudson's Bay Territories and of
Portions of the Arctic and North-Western
Regions of America. Map ^55

Memorial, &c., as to Expediency of
Despatching a Vessel to Search for
Relics of " Erebus " and " Terror " 1856

Osborn, S. Notes on the late Arctic
Expeditions 1856

Sir Robert Maclure's Discovery of
the North - West Passage. Edinburgh
Review Jan. 1856

De La Roquette, . Des Dernieres
Expeditions faites a la Recherche de Sir
John Franklin, et de la Decouverte d'un
Passage par mer de 1'Ocean Atlantique
a 1'Ocean Pacifique Paris 1856

ARCTIC C a. Franklin Search.
VOLUME 4 continued.

White, R. On the Open Water at
the Great Polar Basin 1856

Suggestions for a Medal to Record the
Discovery of the Passage by the North
Pole 1856

Richardson, Sir J. Life of Sir John
Franklin. (Encycl. Britan., 8th edition. )

Memoir of Sir W. E. Parry ^55

A Prayer which may be used by those
engaged in the Arctic Expedition, A.I).
1850, and a short form of Prayer for
the use of those engaged in the Arctic
Expedition. 1850

Diagram showing the Amount of Day-
light experienced during the Absence of
the Sun within the Arctic Zone in the
Winters of 1852-53 and 1853-54.


Snow, W. P. A Catalogue i.f the Arctic
Collection in the British Museum ; with
a list of the Arctic Relics in the United
Service Museum and the Painted Hall
at Greenwich 1858

A Letter to Viscount Palmerston, K.(i ,
from Lady Franklin, with an Appendix

The same. 2nd edition, with a Chart.

Pim,'B. An Earnest Appeal to the
British Public on behalf of the Missing
Arctic Expedition. 3rd edition 1857

M'Clintock, F. L. Reminiscences of
Arctic Ice-Travel in Search of Sir John
Franklin and his Companions, with
Geological Notes and Illustration by S.
Haughton. Map and plates

[Dublin, 1857]

Statement by Rev. S. Haughton

[Dublin, N.D.]

Capt. M'Clintock's Expedition, "Fox."
Newspaper Cuttings, with woodcuts


Article by Capt. Allen Young from
Corn hi II Magazine. Vol. I. Plate and
map; and another from Blacku'OOifs
Magazine 1860

Osborn, S. The Last Voyage of Sir
John Franklin, and the Search for Sir
John Franklin, from Once a Week.
'Woodcuts 1859

M'Clintock, F. L. Discoveries by the
late Expedition in Search of Sir John
Franklin and his Party 1859

Gsborn, S. Arctic Discovery and Sir
John Franklin. Everybody's Journal


Arctic Explorations, from London
Review N. D.

Lushington, F. Arctic Enterprise and
its results since 1815 N.I'.

Two MS. Letters; Cuttings from
Express and Globe 1859



ARCTIC C a. Franklin Search.
VOLUME 6 continued.

On the Fish River of the Polar Sea


Three Printed Letters 1844-45

Facts and Arguments in favour of a
New Expedition to the Shores of the
Arctic Ocean. Plate [? 1835]

The Franklin Expedition, a Letter of
Appeal. Map and plate 1860

The Franklin Expedition from First
to Last N.I).

King, R. Letter to Lords Com-
missioners of the Admiralty 1857

Coningham, W. The Last Journals
of Capt. Fitzjames of the Lost Polar
Expedition Brighton, N.D.

Osborn, S. Remarks upon the Amount
of Light experienced in High Northern
Latitudes during the Absence of the Sun.
Diagram 1858

Catalogue of the Franklin Relics in the
Museum of the United Service Institu-
tion, Whitehall.

Snow, W. P. On the Fate of Franklin.
Newspaper Cutting, and Prospectus, &c.
of Renewed Arctic Search for Journals,
Records, or other traces of the Lost
Franklin Expedition 1860


Description of the Monument erected
on the Hill of Hoad, Ulverston, in
memory of Sir John Barrow ; with
Memoir. Plate 1850

Notice of Rear-Admiral Sir Francis
Beaufort 1858

Snow, W. P. A Paper on the lost
Polar Expedition 1860

On Renewed Arctic Search, and
on Practical Experience of the Law of
Storms in each Quarter of the Globe.
Newspaper Cuttings N.D.

Shaw, N. Introductory Notice to
Dr I. J. Hayes's " Boat-Journey " ; with
Lists of Arctic Expeditions and Works


Vidal, O. A. A Poem upon the Life
and Character of Sir John Franklin

Oxford, 1860

Miles, S. E. MS. Poem " 1862


Photograph of Tablet to Horatio Thos.

Simpson, W. The Restoration of
the Arctic Ship IC Resolute," explanatory
of Painting N.D.

Second Letter of Dr A. Petermann to
Sir R. I. Murchison on the Subject of
North Polar Exploration, with discussion
thereon 1865

Macfarlane, R. An Account of the
Mackenzie River District 1865

ARCTIC C a. Franklin Search.

VOLUME 8 continued.
Hamilton, R. V. On the portion of
the Coast of Labrador between Blanc
Sablon Bay and Cape Harrison 1865
Markham, C. R. On the best Route
for North Polar Exploration. Map 1865
Jansen, Capt. Notes on the Ice
between Greenland and Nova Zembla


Hayes, I. J. Account of the Scientific

Results of the Arctic Expedition under

the Command of Dr Isaac J. Hayes 1865

Ommanney, E. Polar Exploration 1866

Osborn, S. On the Exploration of

the North Polar Region 1865

Markham, C. R. On the Origin and

Migration of the Greenland Esquimaux


Petermann, A. On the Proposed

Expedition to the North Pole. Letter

to Sir I. Murchison 1865

Hall, C. F. Arctic Discoveries by.

Newspaper Cuttings 1862

Obituary Notice of John Brown 1861

The Frobisher Relics. Newspaper

Cuttting 1863

Notices of " The Arctic Council," and

of -Portraits of Lieut. Bellot and Caplains

Penny and M'Clure, and Newspaper

Cutting (1866) on Statue of Sir John

Franklin. Newspaper Cutting, 1866,

and Letter from Dr King on Hall's


Osborn, S. On the Exploration of
the North Polar Region 1868

Lambert, G. Expedition Fran$aise
au Pole Nord. Map 1867

Osborn, S. On Recent Explorations
of the North Polar Regions 1872

Letter from Dr Rae to Admiral
Richards 1872

A Collection of Papers relative to the
Recent Arctic Expeditions in Search of
Sir John Franklin and the Crews of
H. M. S. "Erebus" and "Terror."
Presented to both Houses of Parlia-
ment. By Captains Moore, Ross,
Austen, Penny, Inglefield, Belcher,
Kellett, M'Clure, &c. 6 vols. Maps
and plates. Folio 1848-56

Report on the Return of Lady Franklin's
vessel the " Prince Albert," under the
Command of Mr William Kennedy, from
the Arctic Regions [incomplete]. Map.
8 1850

Papers and Despatches relating to the
Searching Expedition of 1850-51, to-
gether with Remarks as to the Probable
Course pursued by Sir John Franklin.
Maps. 8 1851

Arctic. Miscellanies : a Souvenir of the
late Polar Search. By the Officers and
Seamen of the Expedition. Illustra-
tions. 8 1852




Further Papers relative to the Recent
Arctic Expeditions in Search of Sir John
Franklin and the Crews of Her Majesty's
ships "Erebus" and "Terror." Folio


The same, including the Reports of

Dr Kane and Messrs Anderson and
Stewart. Folio 1856

b. Nares Expedition.

Arctic Geography and Ethnology. See
Transactions, Royal Geogiaphical
Society : Appendix 3.

Manual of the Natural History, Geo-
logy, and Physics of Greenland and the
Neighbouring Regions, prepared for the
use of the Arctic Expedition of 1875,
under the direction of the Arctic Com-
mittee of the Royal Society, and edited
by T. Rupert Jones ; together with
Instructions suggested by the Arctic
Committee of the Royal Society for the
use of the Expedition. 8 1875

Report of Proceedings. Folio 1876

Papers and Correspondence i elating to
the Equipment and Fitting out of the
Arctic Expedition of 1875, including
Report of the Admiralty Arctic Com-
mittee. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1875

Journals and Proceedings of the Arctic
Expedition, 1875-76, under the Com-
mand of Capt. Sir George S. Nares,
R.N., K.C.B. Maps. Folio 1877

Results derived from the Arctic Expedi-
tion. 1875-76. I. Physical Observa-
tions by Capt. Sir Georges Nares and
Capt. Feilden, &c. 2. Medical Report
on the Eskimo Dog Disease, by Fleet-
Surgeon B. Nihnis. Plates. Folio 1878

D. Dutch Expeditions.

Meteorologische Waarnemingen en Diep-
zeeloodingen gedaan aan Boord van "de
Willem Barendsz," Kommandant A. de
Bruijne in de Spitzbergen- en Barendsz-
zee in den zomer van 1878. Coloured
plate. 4 Utrecht, 1879

- The same, in 1879 Utrecht, 1880

De Verslagen omtrent den Tocht met de
Willem Barents naar en in de Ijszee in
den zomer van 1878, uitgebracht door A.
de Bruijne, L. R. Koolemans-Beijnen, J.
H. M. Speelman, C. P. Sluyter, en P. J.
H. van Anrooy. [Bijblad No. 5, Aard-
rijksk. Genootschap.] 4

Amsterdam and Utrecht, 1879
The same, en den zomer van 1879.
[Bijblad, No. 6.] 4

Amsterdam and Utrecht, 1880

Verslagen omtrent den vierden Tocht van
de Willem Barents naar de Ijszee in den
zomer van 1881, uitgebracht aan het
Coniite van uitvoering. Maps and plates.
8 Haarlem, 1882


Dutch Expeditions continued.

Verslag van den vijfden Tocht van
Willem Barents naar de Noordclijke
Ijszee in den zomer van 1882, uitge-
bracht aan het Bestuwo der Vereeni^ing
Willem Barents. Maps and plates. 8
Haarlem, 1883

Verslag van den Zesden Tocht van de
Willem Barents naar de Noordelijke
Ijszee in den zomer van 1883, uitge'-Tacht
van het Bestuwo der Vereeniging Willem
Barents. Charts and illustrations. 8
Haarlem, 1884

Verslag van den Zevendt-n Tocht van de
Willem Barents naar de Noordelijke Ijse?
in den zomer van 1884, &.<. Map and
illustrations. 8 Haarlem, 1885

E. German Expeditions.

Die zweite deut-che Nordpolar- Expedi-
tion. Officielle Mittheilungen des lirein-
ischen Comite's. Plates. 8

Brunswick, 1870

Die zweite deutsche Nordpolarfahrt, 1869-
70. Map. 8 Berlin, 1871

F. Swedish Expedition.

Nordenskjold'a Voynge, 1878. Map. 8


G. International Polar Research.

International Polar Conference. Bericht
iiber die Verhandlungen und die Krgeb-
nisse der internationalen Polar- Konferenz,
abgehalten in Hamburg in den Tagen
vom i bis 5 October 1879. Rapport
des Discussions et des Resolutions de la
Conference Polaire Internationale, tenue
a Hambourgdu i er au 5 me Octobre 1879.
4 Hamburg, iSSo

'I he same, der zweite internationalen

Polar-Konferenz, abgehalten in Bern in
den Tagen vom 7 bis 9 August 1880.
Rapport sur les Actes et Resultats de la
deuxieme Conference Polaire Internation-
ale, tenue a Berne du 7 au 9 Aoiit 1880.
4 Hamburg, 1881

The same, der drilte internationalen

Polar-Konferenz, abgehalten in St Peters-
burg in den Tagen vom I bis 6 August
1881. Rapport sur les Actes et Resultats
de la troisieme Conference Polaire Inter-
nationale, tenue a St Petersbourg pendant
les jours du i er au 6 Aoiit 1881. 4[iS8i]
- Protocols of the Proceedings of the
Second Conference at Bern, Irom the
7th to 9th August 1880. [In German.]
Folio Berne, uSSo

Mittheilungen der Internationalen

Polar Commission. [Ed. II. Wild.] 7
parts. 4 St Petersburg, 1882-91



International Observations, 1882-83.

Austrian. Bcricht cles Leiters der Oester-
reichischen Arktischen Beobachtungs-
Station auf Jan Mayen K. K. Liniens-
chilTs-Lieutenant Emil Edler von Wohl-
gemuth. 8 Pola, 1883

- Die Oesterreichische Polarstation Jan
Mayen ausgeriistet dutch Seine Excel-
lencz Graf Hanns Wilczek geleitet von
K. K. Corvetten-Capitan Emil Edlen
von Wohlgemuth. Beobachtungs-Ergeb-
nisse herausgegeben von der Kaiserlichen
Akademie der Wissenschaften. I Band.
Maps and plates. 4 Vienna, 1886

The same. 2. Band I. und II. Abtheil.
Plates and diagrams. 4 Vienna, 1 886

- The same. 3. Band. Plates. 4

Vienna^ 1886

[British.] Fort Rae. Plates. 4 1886
Danish. Expedition Danoise, Observa-
tions faites a Godthaab sous la direction
de Adam F. W. Paulsen. Publiees par
1'Institut Meteorologique de Danemark.
Tome I. Premiere liv. Plates. 4

Copenhagen, 1893

- Tome I. 2 livr. !>94
- Tome 2. I livr. 1886

Tome 2. 2 livr.


German. Die Beobachtungs-Ergebnisse der
Deutschen Stationer. Band i. Kingua-
Fjord und die MeteorologischenStationen
II. Ordnung in Labrador ; Hebron,
Okak, Nain, Zoar, Iloffenthal, Rama,
sowie die Magnetischen Observatorien in
Breslau und Gottingen. Band 2. Siid-
Georgien und das Magnetische Observa-
torium der Kaiserlichen Marine in
Wilhelmshaven. Herausgegeben im
Auftrage der Deutschen Polar-Kom-
misssion von Prof. Dr Neumayer und
Prof. Dr Borgen. Maps, diagrams, &*c.
4 Berlin, 1886

- Die Deutschen Expeditionen und ihre
Ergcbnisse. Band I. Geschkhtlicher
Theil und in einem Anhange mehrere
einzelne Abhandlungen physikalischen
und sonstigen Inhalts ; herausgegeben im
Auftrage der Deutschen Polar-Kommis-
sion von deren vorsitzendem Dr G. Neu-
mayer. Maps and plates. Imperial 8

Berlin, 1891

Norwegian. Beobachtungs-Ergebnisse der
Norwegischen Polarstation Bossekop in
Alien. Im Auftrage des Konigl. Nor-
wegischen-Cultus- Ministeriums heraus-
gegeben von Aksel S. Steen. Plates.
4 Chrisliania [1887-] 1888

Russian. Beobachtungen der Russischen
Polarstation auf Nowaja Semlja. I Theil.
Meteorologische Beobachtungen bear-
beitet von K. Andrejeff. [In German and
Russian.] Maps and plates. 4 1891

- 2 Theil 1886


International Observations contd.

Russian. Beobachtungen der Russischen
Polar-station an der Lenamundung. 2
Theil. Meteorologische Beobachtungen
bearbeitet von A. Eigner : i. Lieferung.
Beobachtungen vom Jahre 1882-83. Map
and plates. 4 1886

The same. 2. Lieferung. Beobach-
tungen vom Jahre 1883-84. Plates. 4


Swedish. Observations faites au Cap
Thordsen, Spitzberg, par 1'Expedition
Suedoise. Publiees par 1'Academie
Royale des Sciences de Suede. 2 vols.
Plates. 4 Stockholm, 1887-92

United States. See Greeley.

H. Miscellaneous.

Vorstellungen des Norden, oder Bericht
von einigen Nordlandern, und abson-
derlich von dem so genannten Grtin-
lande, &c. 8 Hamburg, 1675

Voyage to Davis Strait, by David
Duncan, Master of the ship "Dundee."
Plate. 8 1827

Arctic Expeditions from England, from
1497 to 1833. Map. 8 1834

Eskimaux and English Vocabulary for
the use of the Arctic Expeditions.
Published by Order of the Lords Com-
missioners of the Admiralty. 8 1850

Greenland-Eskimo Vocabulary, for the
use of the Arctic Expeditions. Published
by Order of the Lords Commissioners of
the Admiralty. 8 1853

Arctic Rewards, and their Claimants.


Petermann's Arctic Papers. 4

8 Gotha, 1867-71


Sporer, J. Nowaja Semlii in geo-
graphischer, naturhistorischer und
volkssvirthschaftlicher Beziehung.
Maps 1867

Petermann, A. Die Deutsche .Nord-
pol-Expedition, 1868. Map 1868

Das neu entdeckte Polar-Land

und die Expeditionen im Eismcere
nordlich der Bering-Strasse von
1648-1867. Map 1869

Freeden, W. von. Die wisscnschaft-
lichen Ergebnisse der ersten Deut-
schen Nordfahrt, 1868. Map 1869

Lindeman. Die Arklische Fischerei
der Deutschen Seesladte, 1620 -
1868. Maps 1869

Payer, J. Die zweile Deutsche Nord-
polar-Expedition, 1869-70 1871

Petermann, A. Instruktion Air die
zweite Deutsche Nordpolar-Expedi-
tion, 1869-70 1869



Petermann's Arctic Papers contd.

Die zweite Deutsche Nordpolar-Ex-
pedition, 1869-70, Stand der Pub-
likationen. Dr Pansch liber das
Klima, Pflanzen- und Thierleben auf
Ostgronland. Neue Expeditionen
in 1871. Russische Nord polar Ex-
pedition. Kapitan E. H. Johan-
nesen's Umfahrung von Nowaja
Semla im September 1870. Map
Th. v. Heuglin's Aufnahmen in Ost-

Spitzbergen, 1870. Map.

Payer, J. Die zweite Deutsche Nord-

polar-Expedition, 1869-70 (Schlit-

tenreise an der Kiiste Gronlands

nach Norden, 8 Marz, 27th April

1870, and Die Entdeckung des

Kaiser Franz Josef-Fjordes in Ost-

Gronland, Aug. 1870). Map 1871

Petermann, A. Die Erschliessung

eines Theiles des Nordlicheri Eis-

meeres durch die Fahrten und

Beobachtungen der Norwegischen

Seefahrer Torkildsen, Ulve, Mack,

Qvale, und Nedrevaag im Kari-

schen Meere, 1870. Maps 1871

Koldewey, K. Die erste Deutsche

Nordpolar - Expedition im Jahre

1858 (preface by Petermann). Maps

an-i plate 1871

Arctic Land Discoveries. (Newspaper

Cuttings, 1867.) 8

The same (from Honolulu Advertiser,

9th November 1867).

The Literature of the Polar Regions of

the Earth, by Dr J. Chavanne, Dr A.

Karpf, and F. Chevalier de Le Monnier.

8 Vienna, 1878

Arctic Regions and Arctic Explorations.


Contributions to our Knowledge of the

Meteorology of the Arctic Regions. Vol.

I. Charts and diagram. 4 1885

The same. Part 5. 4 1888


Extract of a Letter from an Officer in the
Arctic Expedition. 8 N. D.

I. Greenland.

Relation de Greenland. Map and plates.

8 Paris, 1663

Kaladlit Assilialiait, or Woodcuts drawn

and engraved by Greenlanders. 4

Godthaab, 1860
Meddelelser om Gronland, udgivne af

Commissionen for Ledelsen af der Geo-

logiske og Geographiske Undersogelser

i Gronland. Forste Hefte. Maps and

plates. 8 Copenhagen, 1879

The same. Andet Hefte. 8 1881

The same. Tredie Hefte. 8 1880

The same. Tredie Hefte. Fortscet-

telse. 8 1887
The same. Fjerde Hefte. Maps

and plates. 8 1883
The same. Femte Hefte. Maps

and plate. 8 1883
The same. Tilloeg til Femte Hefte.

Map and plates. 4 1883

The same. Sjette Hefte. Maps and

Online LibraryRoyal Geographical Society (Great Britain). LibrarCatalogue of the library of the Royal geographical society. Containing the titles of all works up to December 1893 → online text (page 131 of 141)