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and woodcuts. 12 fngoldstadt, 1529



General Geography continued.

Atlas Geographus ; or, A Compleat Sys-
tem of Geography, Ancient and Modern ;
containing what is of most use in Bleau,
Varienius, Cellarius, Cluverius, Baud rand,
Brietius, Sanson, &c., with the Dis-
coveries and Improvements of the best
Modern Authors to this time. 5 vols.
Maps by Herman Moll, and plates.
4 1711-17

The Compleat Geographer, or the
Chorography and Topography of all the
Known Parts of the Earth, to which is
premis'd an Introduction to Geography,
and a Natural History of the Earth and
the Elements, &c. &c. 4th edition.
Maps and frontispiece. Folio J 7 2 3

A Compendious Geographical and His-
torical Grammar, exhibiting a Brief
Survey of the Terraqueous Globe . . .;
and also a Concise View of the Political
History of the several Empires, King-
doms, and States. Maps. 16 1795

Critical Researches in Philology and
Geography. 8 Glasgow, 1824

Collection of 16 vols. 8 and 2 vols. 4,
containing 202 Miscellaneous Articles
on Geography and Allied Subjects, in
Different Languages and of Various Dates,
from 1835 to 1864.

Popular Statistics and Universal Geo-
graphy : a Perpetual Companion to all
the Almanacs, containing the Length,
Breadth, Population, Chief Cities, Pro-
duce, Government, Revenue, Military
and Naval Strength, Arts, Religion, &c. ,
of every State in the World. Map.
12 1835

Manual of Mathematical, Physical, His-
torical, and Descriptive Geography.
2 vols. Illustrations. 8 1852-59


Vol. I. O'Brien, Rev. M. Mathe-
matical Geography.
Ansted, D. T. Physical Geography.
Jackson, J. R. Chartography.
Nicolay, Rev. C. G. Theory of De-
scriptive and Geographical Ter-
Vol. 2. Bevan, Rev. W. L. Ancient


Nicolay, Rev. C. G. Maritime Dis-
covery and Modern Geography.

Progressive Geography for Children.
By the Author of " Stories for Children."
5th edition, revised. 12 1856

Die Erde in Karten und Bildern. Hand
Atlas in 63 Karten, nebst 125 bogen
Text mil 1,000 illustrationen. Folio

Vienna, 1889

California State Series of School Text-
Books : Advanced Geography. Com-
piled under the direction of the State
Board of Education. Maps and illustra-
tions. 4 Sacramento \ 1893]


African. See Africa : General.

Americanists. Congres International des
Americanistes. Compte - rcndu de la
Cinquieme Session, Copenhague, 1883.
Plate, maps, and facsimiles. 8

Copenhagen, 1884

The same, de la Huitieme Session

tenue a Paris en 1890. 8 Paris, 1892

Anthropology. Int. Congress of Anthro-
pology, Chicago. Address by the Presi-
dent. The "Nation as an Element in
Anthropology." By Dr Daniel G. Brinton.
(Reprinted from the Memoirs of the
Congress.) 8 N.n.

Archaeology, &c. Congres International
d'Archeologie et d'Anthropologie Pre-
historiques. Deuxieme Session, a Moscou,
Aoiit 1892. 2 vols. Moscow, 1893

Colonial. Institut Colonial International.
Compte - Rendu des Seances tenues a
Bruxelles, Mai 1894, precede des Statuts
et Reglement. 8 Brussels, 1894

Geodetic. Comptes Rendus, &c. See
Switzerland : Appendix 3.

Geographical. Paris, 1875. Congres
International des Sciences Geograph-
iques, Paris, 1875. Catalogue des Pro-
duits Exposes, 3rd and 5th editions.
Plans. 8 Paris, 1875

- Berichte iiber den Internalionalcn
Geographischcn Congres und die damit
vcrbunbcne Geographische Aufstellung
zu Paris, 1875 Vienna, 1875

Compte rendu des Seances. 2 vols.

Maps and plates. 8 Paris, 1878-80

- Venice, 1881. Terzo Congresso
Geografico Internazionale, Venezia,
1 88 1. 8 Rome, 1881

- The same. Vol. 2. Maps and plates.
8 Koine, 1884

The same. Note preliminaire sur le
2 me volume des Actes du 3"' e Congres
International de Geographic. 8

[Koine, 1884]

See Kreitner ; Wheeler, G. M.

Paris, 1889. IV 6 Congres Interna-
tional des Sciences Geogrnphiques tenu
a Paris en 1889. 2 vols. Compte rendu
public par le Secretariat General du
Congres. Maps. Large 8

Paris, 1890-91

See France, A.

Bern, 1891. Compte rendu du V mo
Congres International des Sciences Geo-
graphiques tenu a Berne du 10 au 14
AoutiSgi. Plans, &c. 8 Berne, 1892

Catalogue de 1'Exposition Inler-
nalionaler Geographischer Kongress in
Bern, 1891. Kalalog der Ausstellung.
/'/nils. 8" A',7W, 1891

7 68


International Congresses continued.

Geological. Congres Geologique Inter-
national, 4 me Session, Londres, 1888.
Etudes sur les Schistes Cristallins. Pro-
files. 8" 1888

Explications des Excursions. Rediges

par W. Topley, Secretaire General du
Congres, avec la collaboration de E. Van
den Broeck et J. Purves. Maps, &c.
8 1888

Maritime. Maritime Conference held at
Brussels for Devising a Uniform System
of Meteorological Observations at Sea.
4 Brussels, 1853

International Marine Conference at

Washington, Oct. to Dec. 1889. Sum-
mary of the Protocols and Final Act.
Folio 1890

Meteorologic. See United States Hy-
drographic Office Publicalions, No. 94.

Po'ar. See Polar Regions, Arctic, G.

Prime Meridian, &c. International Con-
ference held at Washington for Fixing a
Prime Meridian and a Universal Day,
October 1884. Protocols of the Pro-
ceedings. Large 8 Washington, 1884

Orientalists. Third International Con-
gress of Orientalists, held at St Peters-
burg, August 1876. 8.

Travaux de la Troisieme Session du

Congres International des Orientalistes,
St Petersbourg, 1876. Vol. 2. Plates.
8 St Petersburg and Leyden, 1879

Verhandlungen des Fiinften Inter -

nationalen Orientalisten - Congresses
gehalten zu Berlin im September 1881.
Erster Theil, Bericht iiber die Verhand-
lungen. Zweiter Theil (in 2 vols. )
Abhandlungen und Vortrage. 8

Berlin, 1881-82

See France : Publ. de 1'i.cole des

Langues Orient. Viv.

Photography. Exposition Universelle de
1889. Congres International de Photo-
graphic. Rapports et Documents, publics
par les soins de M. S. Pector, Secretaire
General. Illustrations. 8 Paris, 1890



Highways. Th? General Histoiy of the
Highways in all Parts of the World,
more particularly in Great Britain.
Small 8 1712

Le Jardin des Racines Grecques, mises en
vers Fran9ois, &c. 12 Paris, 1719

Astronomy. Description and Use of a
New Astronomical Instrument for taking
Altitudes of the Sun and Stars at Sea,
without an Horizon ; together with an
Easy and Sure Method of Observing
the Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites, with
Tables. Plate. 4 1735

Miscellaneous continued.

Instructions for Travellers. Useful In-
structions for Travellers : a Dissertation
on the Most Common Accidents that
may happen in Travelling, with the
Means to be Used for Preventing Them.
By an Experienced Traveller. 8 1793

Ship -Building. Observations on Ship-
Building. [First inserted on the Cover
of the European Magazine for January
1795.] 8 1795

Critical Researches in Philology and

Geography. 8 Glasgow, 1824

[Reviews of Works by Lee and Noble

on Persian and Arabic Grammar,


Directions for Collecting and Preserving
Animals, addressed by the Board of
Curators of the Museum of the Royal
Colli ge of Surgeons in London. Small

4 1835

Shipping. The Conservation of our
Wooden Walls and Shipping against any
Enemies whatever, Russian, Frensh,
Si earners, or Rockets. 8 1837

Ethnology. A Manual of Ethnological
Inquiry, being a Series of Questions
concerning the Human Race, prepared
by a Sub-Committee of the British
Association for the Advancement of
Science, 1851. 8 1852

Cartography. Voorschrift ter Vervaar-
diging van Kaarten, vastgesteld bij
Koninklijk Besluit van den 2i e Junij
1856. Oblong 12 N.I'.

Bible of Every Land, The. A History
of the Sacred Scriptures in every Lan-
guage and Dialect into which Transla-
tions have been made ; illustrated by
Specimen Portions in Native Characters ;
Series of Alphabets ; Tables, Indexes,
&c. Coloured ethnographical maps. 4


Account of Total Eclipse of the Sun, i8th
August 1868, as Observed on Barram
Point, N.W. Borneo. [Newspaper Cut-
ting.] 8.

Civil Engineers. The Education and
Status of, in the United Kingdom and
in Foreign Countries. Compiled from
Documents supplied to the Council of
the Institution of Civil Engineers, 1868
to 1870. 8 1870

Languages, The Treasury of: a Rudi-
mentary Dictionary of Universal Phil-
ology. Small 8 1873

Anthropology. Notes and Queries on
Anthropology, for the use of Travellers
and Residents in Uncivilized Lands.
[British Association Committee ] 12 1874

Numerical Language. International
Correspondence by means of Numbers ;
an easy method whereby people of
different nations may readily communi-
cate with each other. 16 1874


Miscellaneous continued.

Times, The. A Reprint from The Times.

The Annual Summaries for a Quarter of

a Century. 12 1876

- The Times Register of Events in

1884. 8 1885

Grumpel's Patent Rudder. Small 8 1875

Round the World in 320 days, including
Six Months of Inland Excursions. Pro-
gramme of the First Voyage. Plan and
chart. 12 1877

The Tides. A Theory thereof. 8 1883

Geographische Gesellschaften, Zeits-
chriften, Kongresse und Ausstellungen.
I. Die Geographischen Gesellschaften,
von H. Wichmann ; II. Geographische
Zeitschriften, von H. Wichmann ; III.
Geographische Kongresse und Austel-
hmgen, von H. Wagner. 12 Gotha, 1885

India Rubber, Gutta Percha, and Tele-
graph Works Company Limited.
Soundings taken, 1885-87: Havanakey
West Expedition, 1885 ; Second West-
African Expedition, 1885-86; Havanakey
West Expedition, 1886 ; Congo Repairs
Expedition, 1887. 8.

Medical Guide. The Traveller's Medical
Guide : a Brief Manual for Explorers,
Missionaries, Colonists, and Ship Cap-
tains. By a Physician. 2nd edition.
12 1888

On the Organisation of Science : being an
Essay towards Systematisation. By a
Free Lance. 12 1892

Miscellaneous continued.

Hints for Collecting Geographical Informa-
tion. 8 N.D.

Societe Ethnplogique. Instruction Gene-
rale addressee aux Voyageurs. 8

N.P., N.D.

Societe de Geographic. Questions et
Instructions pour les Voyageurs. 8

Paris, N.D.

Directions for the Use of Berger's Patent
Sphereometer. 8 N.D.

Un Mot touchant les Questions relatives a
1'Enseignement Superieur, et en Par-
ticulier 1' Usage du Latin dans les Lecons
Academiques. 8 N. D.

Illustrated Guide of the Orient Line of
Steamers between England and Australia.
Maps, plans, and illustrations. Oblong 4

Handbook for the Weldon Range-finder.
8 N.D.

Urdu. An Urdu Translation of Mrs C. D.
Francis' ' ' Questions on the Order for
Morning and Evening Prayer, and on the
Litany." 12 N.D.

Addenda to Professor Rhys David's Trans-
lation of the Jatakas, 1-40, to supply
certain omissions. (Translated by T. B.
Panabokka.) 8 N.D.

Translations from the Pasi of Jatakas,
41-50, by the Lord Bishop of Colombo.
Small 8 N.D.

Oriental Languages, Translations from.
See Asia, General.









Association Frangaise pour 1'Avancement des Sciences. Compte Rendu de la

I0 Sess. Maps and illustrations. 8 Algiers, 1881 [Paris, 1882]

Ecole Superieure des Lettres d'Alger. Bulletin de Correspondance Africainc.

Ann. III., fasc. 2. Royal 8 Algiers, 1884

Annuaire d'Algerie. See Appendix 2 : Algeria.
Societe Historique Algerienne. Revue Africaine : Journal des Travaux de la Societe

Historique Algerienne, par les Membres de la Societe, et sous la Direction du

President. Tom. VII., XL, XIII. 8 Algiers, 1863-69


Societe de Geographic de Constantin. Bulletin Mensuel. Nos. 1-6 (Tom. I. ,1883.
Bull. Trimestriel I. Jan. -Mars. 1884; et I. 2. Jan.-Jul. 1885. 8

Constantine, 1883-85

Societe de Geographic et d'Archeologie de la Province d'Oran. Bulletin Trimestriel
de Geographic et d'Archeologie. Tom. I. -XI [imperfect set]. Maps and plates. 8

Oran, 1878-91


South African Literary and Philosophical Institution, Report of the Meteorological

Committee of the. 8 Cafe Town, 1836-37

[Continued as]

South African Philosophical Society, Transactions of the. Vols. I. -III., Sess.

1877-85. Small 8 (Vol. IV. wanting) Cafe Tmvn, 1880-84

- Vol. V., VI., VII. (pt. I), and VIII. (pt. i), 1886 to 1892. Plates. Royal 8

Cape Town, 1888-93
South African Quarterly Journal. Vol. I. (Nos. I and 2). 8 Cape Tcrwn [1829-30]

[Fo.r Articles contained, see Appendix 2 : British South Africa.]
University, Cape of Good Hope. Calendar for 1880. 12 Cape Town, 1880


Annual Reports of the Committee of the Port Elizabeth Chamber of Com-
merce. For 1891 and 1892 (27th and 28th Annual Reports). 8

Port Elizabeth, 1892-93


Association Litteraire d'Egypte. /Kgyptiaca Consociatio Litteraturac. Miscellanea
/Kgyptiaca. I Part. Super royal 8 Alexandria, 1842

Ville d'Alexandrie Municipality Rapport. See Appendix 2.


Egyptian, General Staff, Publications of the. Sec Egypt : Appendix 2.
Institut Egyptien. Bulletin, No. 12. (Annee 1872-73.) 8 Alexandria, 1873

- (Ser. 2.) Nos. 1-5. (Annecs 1880-84.) 8 Cairo, 1882-85

Statuts. 8 Cairo, 1885

Societ^ Khediviale de Geographic du Caire. Bulletin (Trimcstrial) Ser. I. Nos. 1-12.

2 vols. Maps 1876-81

Ser. 2. Nos. 1-12. 2 vols. Maps and plates 1 881-88

Ser. 3. Nos. I-I2. 2 vols. Maps and plates 1888-93
-Total. Tom. I.-VI. Maps and plates. 8 Cairo, 18769?

[For Extra Bull. Biographic Mahmoud Pasha, see. Egypt : Appendix 2.]
Sudan Almanac. See Appendix 2 : United Kingdom, War Office Publications.



Nyasa News, The. No. I. Aug. 1893. Small 4 [Blantyre, Nyasa Land, 1893]



Liberia Herald. Vol. I. -III. [imperfect set]. Small 4 and folio Monrovia, 1830-32
Liberia [Quarterly Bulletins], &c. See under American Colonisation Society, Washing-
ton (D.C.), United States, postea.


Sociedade de Geographiae de Mogambique. Boletim, ist Ser., Nos. 2-6. 8

Mozambique, 1881



Observatorio do Infante Don Luiz. Provincia de Angolo. Resumo Meteorol. &c.,
Magnet. Obs. &c. See Appendix 2 : Portug. W. Africa ; also St Thomas. See
Appendix 2 : African Islands.

Sociedade Propagadora de Conhecimentos Geographico-Africanos. Sess. Julho
1881. (Recepcao e Conferencia do Ex 9 . Sr. Lourenco Malheiro, Engenheiro de
Minas.) [Pamph. 14 pp.] Small 8 Loando, 1881

ST Louis.

Annales Senegalaises. See Appendix 2.

Annuaire du Senegal et Dependances pour les annees 1864 et 1865. Suivi d'une notice
sur les Serreres par M. Pinet-Laprades et d'une etude sur leur langue par M.Faidherbe.
8 and 12 St Louis, 1865



Witwatersrand Mining and Metallurgical Review. A Monthly Journal devoted
to the Interests of the South African Gold Fields. Vols. I. and II. [imperfect,
Nos. 3, 7-21], Plates. Small 4 Johannesburg, 1890-91



Antananarivo Annual and Madagascar Magazine. (Eds. J. Sibree and R. Baron.)
Vol. I. -V. [Vols I, 2, and 5 imperfect]. Maps and plates, 8

Antananarivo (and London), 1875-93
Madagascar News, The. Vols. I.-V. [an imperfect set]. 4 and folio

Antananarivo, 1890-94

Observatoire Royal de Madagascar. Observations Meteorologiques faites a Tananarive,
par R. P. E. Colin, 1889 and 1890. Vols. I. -II. 8 Antananarivo, 1890-91

PORT Louis.

Meteorological Society of Mauritius, Proceedings and Transactions of the. Vols. V.
and VI. (part ?) 8655.1859-62. 8 Port Louis, 1861-62

See Meldrum, C. : Author's Catalogue.

Societe d'Histoire Naturelle de 1'Ile Maurice. Rapport Annuel sur les Travaux de

la Soc., par M. Julien Desjardins. 8 Port Louis, 1835

Proces Verbaux, Oct. 1842 to Aout 1845. Small folio or 4 Port Louis, 1846





Nova Scotian Institute of Science. Proceedings and Transactions, Sess. 1890-93.
Ser. 2., Vol. I., pts. 1-3. Map and plate. 8 Halifax, N.S., 1891-93


Hamilton Association (for the Cultivation of Literature, Science, and Art). Journal
and Proceedings. Vol. I. (pts. I, 2), 1882-85. 8 Hamilton (Out.}, 1884-85


Canadian Record, The, &c. Vol. I. (No. i). 8 Montreal, 1884

Canadian Naturalist. Summary, Contents. Ser. I, 2 (Pamph.) 8 Montreal '[N.D.]

Royal Society of Canada. Proceedings and Transactions. Vol. III. -XI., 1885-93.

Maps and plates. 4 Montreal and Ottawa, 1886-94

Memoires et Comptes Rendus de la Soc. Roy. du Canada. [The French version

contained in the above volumes. The two sets, in English and French, are bound

together in the same volumes ; but with different title and pagination.]

Association of Dominion Land Surveyors. Proceedings (3rd Ann. Meeting, 1886).

Map. 8 Ottawa, 1886

Geological Survey of Canada, Publications of. See Appendix 2.
Institut Canadien-Francais d'Ottawa, 1852-77. Celebration du 256 Anniversaire.

8 Ottawa, 1879

Statistical Year- Book of Canada, for 1890. (6th year.) 8 Ottawa, 1891

Geographical Society of Quebec, Constitution and By- Laws of the. 12 Quebec, 1878

Transactions. Bulletin de la Societe de Geographic. Vols. I.-II. Maps and plates.

Royal 8 Quebec andjoliette, 1880-92

Vol. I. contains Sessions 1880-89 \ C as bound the Society's Vols. I., II. corre-

II. /, i, 1889-92} spond to Vol. I. opposite.]

Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, Transactions of the. Sessions 1824-28.
(Vol.1.) Map and plates. 8 Quebec, 1829

- The same. Sessions 1882-83. [New Series?] 8 Quebec, 1%%$


Canadian Journal : a Repertory of Industry, Science, and Art, and a Record of the
Proceedings of the Canadian Institute. Edited by Henry Youle Hind. Maps and
plates. 1852-54. Vols. I. and II. (bound in i vol.). 4 Toronto, 1853-54

[Continued as]

Canadian Journal of Industry, Science, and Art ; conducted by the Editing Com-
mittee of the Canadian Institute. New Series. Vols. I. -XI. Maps and plates. 8

Toronto, 1856-68

[Title altered to]
The Canadian Journal of Science, Literature, and History. Vols. XII. -XV.

Toronto, 1870-78

Continued as]
Proceedings of the Canadian Institute. Third Series. Vols. I. -VII. Plates. 8

Toronto, 1879-90

[Continued as]
Transactions of the Canadian Institute. Fourth Series. Vols. I. -IV. (pt. i), (1889-94).

Maps and plates. Royal 8 7br<w//0, 1891-94

Annual Reports of the Canadian Institute : being part of Appendix to the Report of

the Minister of Education, Ontario. Sess. 1886-87 to 1893-94. I. -VII. Ann. Reps.

Woodcuts. Royal 8 Toronto, 1888-94

Dominion Annual Register and Review, The. For the I7th and i8th year of the

Canadian Union, 1883 and 1884. Edited by Henry J. Morgan. 8 Toronto, 1884-85


Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba, Transactions and Proceedings of the
[Vol. I.], from its organisation in 1879 till the close of the Society's year i8f~
being Trans. Nos. 1-34, and Annual Reports for the years 1880 to 1888. Illustra-
tions. 8 Winnipeg, 1889

[Vol. II.] Trans, and Proc., No. 35-47, and Ann. Reps. 1889-93. Maps and plates.

8 Winnipeg, 1889-94

[Each paper is issued in special wrapper, and with separate title-page and pagina-



Mcmoria del Ministerio de Fomento, de la Republica Mexicana. Anos 1865,^1-868-69,
}' *S73- 3 vols. Maps and plates. Royal 8 Mexico, 1866-73

[Continued as]

Anales del Ministerio de Fomento, de la Republica Mexicana. 1877 y 1887.
Tom. I., II., and VIII. Maps and plates. 8 Mexico, 187 7-87

Observatorio Astronomico National de Tacubaya. Boletin, Tom. I. 4

[Mexico] Tacubaya, 1890-93

Annuario, Anos VI. -XIV. (A. Anguiano). Plates. 12 Mexico, 1885-93

Observatorio Meteorol6gico-Magnetico Central de Mexico. Boletin Mensual,

Tom. I. (No. 6-12, Suppl., Resum. 1888, y Indice) ; II. and III. (No. 1-3). 4

Mexico, 1888-90
Sociedad Cientifica " Antonio Alzate." Memorias, Tom. III. and IV. (imperfect).

Maps and illustrations. 8 Mexico, 1889-91

Sociedad Mexicana de Geografia y Estadistica. Boletin de la Soc., Tom. IX.-

XI., XII. (Nos. i and 2). Maps and plates. 4 Mexico, 1863-66

2 a Epoca (Ser. 2), Tom. I. -IV. (i and 2 imperfect). 4 Mexico, 1869-72

-, 3 a Epoca (Ser. 3), Tom. I., II., and III. (imperfect); IV., V., and VI. (imperfect).

Royal 8 Mexico, 1873-87

4 a Epoca (Ser. 4), Tom. I. and II. (I. imperfect). 8 Mexico, 1888-93

[See Arroyo, Orozco y Berra, and Padilla : Authors' Catalogue.]



California State Mining Bureau. Annual Reports, 3rd, 4th, 7th, nth. Maps and
plates. 8 Sacramento, 1883-93


California Academy of Natural Sciences, Proceedings of the. Vols. I. -VII. (2 cd.,
1854-57). Maps and plates. 8 San Francisco, 1858-77

2 Ser. Vols. I. -IV. 8 [See Brooks, C. W. : Auth. Cat.] San Francisco, 1888-94

Memoirs presented to the. Vol. I. (pt. I, 2), II. (No. I, 2) [imperfect set].

Plates. Royal 4 San Francisco, 1 868 and 1888

-Bulletin. Vols. I., II. (1884-87). Maps and plates. 8 San Francisco, 1886-87

Occasional Papers. Vols. I. -IV. Maps and plates. 8 San Francisco, 1890-93

California Geological Survey, Publications of. See Appendix 2.
Geographical Society of California. Special Bulletin (Calif. Illus. Mag., 1892).
Illustrations. 8 [See T. C. Johnston: Authors' Catalogue.] San Francisco, 1892

Bulletin I. (pt. i), II. Maps and plates. 8 California, 1893-94

Geographical Society of the Pacific. San Francisco. Transactions and Proceedings,

Vols. I., II., III. [imperfect set]. Maps. 8 and Royal 8 San Francisco, 1881-92
[See C. W. Brooks, Geo. Davidson, C. L. Hooper, and J. H. Slevin : Authors'

Constitution and By-Laws of the [pamph., 21 pp.]. 12 San Francisco, 1881

Hutching's California Magazine. See Appendix 2, under Mexico.

Kosmos : an Eclectic Monthly Journal of Nature, Science, and Art. Vol. I. (Nos. 1-4.)
4 San Francisco, 1887

Sierra Club, The. Articles of Association, By-Laws, and List of Members [pamph.
2O pp.]. 12 San Francisco, 1892

Bulletin. Vol. I, (Nos. 1-9. ) Maps and illustrations. 12 and 8

San Francisco, 1893-93




American Colonization Society. Annual Reports of the Amer. Soc. for Colonizing

the Free People of Colour of the United States (with Appendices). 6th to I4th Rep.,

1823-31 ; o 35th and 36th Rep., 1852-53; [77th and 78th Rep., 1894, infra "Liberia"].

Map. 8 Washington, 1823-53

[For Auxiliary Soc. of Pensylv., see Trans. Philadelphia. This is bound with the

above, together as one vol.]
[The Amer. Coloniz. Soc. publs. continued as]

Liberia. [Quarterly Bulletins.] Bull. Nos. 3-6. Alap, plates, and portraits. Royal 8

Washington, 1893-94

[Nos. 4 and 6 contain the 77th and 7Sth Ann. Rep. of Amer. Coloniz. Soc.,
supra. ]

American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac. For the years 1855 to 1896. 42 vols.
Royal 8 Washington, 1852-93

See Authors' Catalogue, under Hill, G. W. ; Schubert, E. ; Todd, D. P. ; Peirce,
B. ; and Winlock, T-

Anthropological Society of Washington (D.C.). Abstracts of Transactions for ist
and 2nd years, 1880-81. i vol. [150 pp.]. 8 Washington, 1881

- Transactions. Vol. III. (1883-85). Woodcuts. 8 Washington, 1885

Bureau of American Republics. Bulletins, Nos. 2, 7, and 9, and Special Bull, [pamph.].
3 vols. and part. Maps, plates, and woodcuts. 8 Washington, 1891 and 1893

[See Appendix 2 : United States, I.]

Census Bulletin. For 1892-93. Nos. 193-376 (imperfect series). Small 4

Washington, 1892-93

Extra Census Bulletin. For 1892-94. Nos. 24-70 (imperfect series). 4

Washington, 1892-94

Geological Society of America, Bulletin of the. Vols. I., II. (4 odd parts). Plates.

Royal 8 Washington and Rochester, 1889-91

[See Authors' Catalogue : R. Bell, G. M. Dawson, W. M. Davis, and T. B.

Geographical and Geological Surveys, U.S.A., Annual Reports, Bulletins, &c., of.
[See Appendix 2 : United States Surveys.]

National Geographic Magazine, The. Vols. I.-V. (1889-1893). Maps and plates.

Washington, 1889-94

National Institute for the Promotion of Science, Bulletin of the Proceedings of the,
1840-45. (3 parts.) Plates. 8 Washington, 1841-45

Naval Observatory Publications, Washington. See Appendix 2 : United States.

Online LibraryRoyal Geographical Society (Great Britain). LibrarCatalogue of the library of the Royal geographical society. Containing the titles of all works up to December 1893 → online text (page 133 of 141)