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Smithsonian Institution, for the Increase and Diffusion of Knowledge among Men.
Annual Reports of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, showing the
Operations, Expenditure, and Condition of the Institution. For 1853-92. 43 vols.
Plates and cuts. 8 Washington, 1854-93

- Bureau of Ethnology: J. W. Powell, Director. 15 Numbers. Separate Papers
and Vols., viz., Bibliographies, N. Amer., Indian Languages, Mound Ex pi or. , Ohio,
and others. 8" Washington, 1887-93

[See Authors' Catalogue: Dorscy, J. O. ; Henshaw, II. W. ; Holmes, W. II. ;
Pilling, J. C. ; and Thomas, C.]

Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. Vols. I. -XXIX. (27 and 29 imperfect).
Maps and plates. 4 Washington, 1848-92

Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. Vols. I. -XXXVI. (Vol. 35 wanting). 8

Washington, 1862-93

List of Foreign Correspondents of the Smithsonian Institution, corrected to January
1882. 8 Washington, 1882

Check List of Publications. [Pamphlet.] 8 Washington, 1890


United States National Museum, Washington (B.C.), Bulletin of the. Vols. I. -III.
(Nos. 1-16; [followed by Nos. 17-32 not in Library] and continued separate, Nos.
33-42). Plates. 8 Washington, 1875-92

[Of this 8 series, the first sixteen numbers were reprinted in Vols. XIII. (Nos.
l-io), XXIII. (Nos. 11-15), ar >d XXIV. (No. 16) of " Miscellaneous Collec-
tions of the Smithsonian Institution," and were distributed in this form to the
Institutions and Libraries. Afterwards from No. 17 onwards each number
was printed in separate pamphlet form, and thus distributed.]

Proceedings of the. Vol. I. -XV. Plates and text-figures. 8

Washington, 1878-92

[Of this 8 series, Vols. I.-II. were reprinted in Vol. XIX., and Vols. HI. -IV. in
Vol. XXII. of the " Miscellaneous Collections of the Smithsonian Institution."
From Vol. V. onwards they were printed as separate volumes. Each article
in the series has its special number, Nos. i-iooo having been published up to
ist August 1894. Since beginning of Vol. XII. (No. 761), each paper, printed
separately, has been distributed to specialists in advance of its vol. ]

Weather Bureau. Bulletins. Nos. 1-6, 8, n. 8: and Monthly Weather Review.
4 vols. 4 Washington, 1891-93

[For other Bureau Publications, see Appendix 2.]

MERIDEN (Conn.).
Meriden Scientific Association. Transactions. Vol. V. Plate. 8

Meriden, Conn., 1894
NEW HAVEN (Conn.).

Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, Transactions of the. Vols. I. -III.,

IV. and V. (imperfect). Plates. 8 New Haven, 1866-80

American Journal of Science and Arts, The (Silliman's). Ser. i. Vols. I. -XXXIX.

Maps and plates. 8 New York and New Haven, 1819-40

- Ser. 2. Vols. V., XIV. -XIX., XXI. -XXII., and XXIII. (imperfect), XXVII. -L.

Plates. 8 New Haven, 1848-70

Ser. 3. Vols. I.-XLVII. Plates. 8 New Haven, 1871-93

General Index of Third Series. For Vols. I. to X., bound up with Jour. Vol. X.

8. Philadelphia, 1875. For Vols. XXI. to XL., bound up with Vol. XL. 8

New Haven, 1891
North Georgia Gazette. See Appendix 2 : United States (K).


Journal of Geology, The : a Semi-Quarterly Magazine of Geology and Related
Sciences. Vols I. and II. Maps and plates. Royal 8 Chicago, 1893-94


Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences, Proceedings of the. Vol. I. (1867-76)-
Plates. 8 Davenport, Imua, 1876



Travel (various numbers), with Index to "Travel." Nos. 1-60 (pamph. 130 pp.)

[Pub. by W. M. Griswold] Bangor, Maine [N.D.]



American Almanac, The, and Repository of Useful Knowledge. For 1830-61 [1851

missing], in 17 vols. Maps. 12 Boston, 1833-61

American Statistical Association, Publications of the. New Series. Nos. 1-3.

Maps. 8 Boston, 1888

Appalachia. The Journal of the Appalachian Mountain Club. Vol. I. -VII. (1876 93).

Maps and plates. 8 Boston, 1879-93



Boston Society of Natural History. Boston Journal of Natural History, containing
Papers and Communications read to the Boston Society of Natural History. Vols.
I. -VII. (1834-63). Plates. 8 Boston, 1837-63

[Continued as]

Memoirs read before the Boston Society of Natural History ; being a new series of

the Boston Journal of Natural History. Vols. I. -IV. (1852-92). Plates. 4

Boston, 1866-93

Proceedings. Vols. I. -XXV. (1841-92). Maps and plates. 8 Boston, 1844-92

Occasional Papers of the [by T. W. Harris, N. M. Hentz, and W. O. Crosby].
Vols. I. -IV. Plates. 8 Boston, 1869-93

Boston University Year Book. Vol. XII. 8 Boston, 1885

Records, Colony of New Plymouth. See N. B. Shurtleff: Authors' Catalogue.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Memoirs of the. New Ser., Vol. I. -XII.

Maps and plates. 4 Cambridge and Boston, 1833-93

- Proceedings of the. Vol. I. -VIII. (1846-73). Plates. 8

Cambridge and Boston, Mass,, 1848-73

New Ser., Vol. I.-XX. (1873-93). Plates. 8 Boston, Mass., 1874-93

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. The Missionary
Herald, containing the Proceedings of the Amer. B. of C. for For. Miss., with a
View of other Benevolent Operations. Vols. LXXVI.-XC. Maps and illustrations.

Cambridge and Boston, 1890-94

Annual Reports. 7oth to 83rd [7ist and 8ist missing]. 8 Boston, 1880-93

[See Means, J. O. : Authors' Catalogue.]

Harvard University Bulletin. (Ed. Justin Winsor). Vols. II. and III. (imperfect)
and IV. -VII. 8 Cambridge, Mass., 1880-94

Science: an Illustrated Journal. Vols. I. -XXII. and XXIII. (Nos. 570-581). Maps
and plates. 4 (2 sizes). Cambridge, Mass., and New York, 1883-94

SAI.EM, Mass.

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Proceedings of the. 21
vols. Maps and plates. 8 Boston, Washington, Cambridge, and Salem, 1849-82

2nd Meeting Cambridge (Mass.), 1849
4th New Haven (Conn.), 1850

9th Providence (R.I. ), 1855

loth Albany (N. York), 1856

nth Montreal (Canada), 1857

i2th Baltimore (Maryland), 1858

i.3th Springfield (Mass.), 1859

I4th Newport (R.I. ), 1860

i5th ) j Buffalo (N. York), 1866

i6th J " ( Burlington (Vermont), 1867

i7th Chicago (Illinois), 1868

i8th Meeting-




24th ,,


26th ,,


-Salem (Mass.), 1869
Troy (N. York), 1870
Indianopolis (Indiana), 1871
Dubuque (Iowa), 1872
Detroit (Mich.), 1875
Buffalo (N. York), 1876
Nashville (Tenn.), 1877
St Louis (Missouri), 1878
Boston (Mass.), 1880
Cincinnati (Ohio), 1881
Montreal (Canada), 1882

American Naturalist: a Popular Illustrated Magazine of Natural History. (Ed. A. S.
Packard, jun., and others). Vols. I. -XVIII. (after Vol. XL, with addition of
"Geography and Travels"). Maps and plates. 8

Salem, Mass., Boston, and Philadelphia, 1868-94

Essex Institute, Proceedings of the. Vol. IV. 1864, 1865. Plates. 8

Salem, Mass., 1866

- Bulletin of the. Vols. I.-XXV. and XXVI. (Nos. 1-3). 1869-94. Woodcuts.
(Vols. 9 and 10 wanting.) 8 Salem, Afass., 1870-94

Charter and By- Laws, and List of Members. (Pamphlet.) 8" Salem, 1889

- Rough Subject Index to the Publications of the E. Instit., viz. Proceedings,
Vols. I. -VI. ; Bulletin, Vols. I. -XXII. ; Historical Collections, Vols. I.-XXVH.
(by G. M. Jones). [Pamphlet, 29 pp.] 8 Salem, 1892

Peabody Academy of Sciences, Annual Report of the Trustees of the. 4th to I7th,
and igth Reps. 8 Salem, Mass., 1872-87

- Memoirs. Vol. I. (Nos. 2-6). Plates. Royal 8 SH/I-/H, Mass., 1871-81


Antiquarian Society. Archaeologia Americana : Transactions and Collections of
the American. Maps. Vols. I., II., and III., Part i.

Worcester, Mass., and Cambridge, 1820-50


American Antiquarian Society, Proceedings of the. New Ser. Vols. II. -IV.
1882-87. Royal 8 Worcester, Mass., 1883-88

A Partial Index to the Proc. of the Amer. Antiq. Soc., from the foundation in 1812

to 1890 (by S. Salisbury and Nat. Paine). Royal 8 Worcester, Mass., 1883

Worcester Magazine and Historical Journal. Vols. I. and II., Oct. 1825 to Oct.
1826. 8 Worcester, Mass., 1826



Michigan Mining School, Catalogue of the, for 1892-94. Maps and plates. Small
8vo Houghton, Mich., 1894



Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota. [For Annual Reports,
Bulletins, &c., see Appendix 2 : United States, Minnesota.]


ST Louis.

Academy of Science of St Louis, Transactions of the. Vols. I. -VI. (1856-94). Maps
and plates. 8. [See Appendix 2 : United States (J.)] St Louis, 1860-94

Charter and By-Laws (pamph.). 8 St Louis, 1890

Missouri Geological Survey. See Appendix 2 : United States.

Missouri Historical Society. Publications, Nos. 4-7. Plate and cuts. 8

St Louis, 1880-83
Western Journal, of Agriculture, Manufactures, Mechanic Arts, Internal Improvement,

Commerce, and General Literature. (Eds. M. Tarver and T. F. Risk.) Vol. II.

(No. 14). 8 St Louis, 1849


University of Nebraska. University Studies, published by the. Vol. I. (No. i). I

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1888



African News, The. Bishop Taylor's Magazine. Vols. II. and III. (both imperfect).
Map and illustrations. 8 Vine land, N.J., 1890-91

[Continued as]
The African. (Ed. C. E. Welch). New Series, Nos. 1-3. 8 Vineland, N.J., 1891


American Institute of the City of New York. Annual Report, 1871-72. Plates. 8

Albany, 1872

New York State Agricultural Society. Transactions of the. (With an Abstract
of the Proceedings of the County Agricultural Societies.) Vols. XIII., XV.-XXI.,
XXIII., XXVII. (2 vols.), and XXXI. in all 12 vols. Maps and plates. 8

Albany, 1854-73

Survey of the State of New York, Reports of the Geologists. 4 vols., 1837, 1838,
1839, and 1840. Woodcuts. 8 Albany, 1838-40

Topographical Survey viz., On the Adirondack Wilderness of New York. Reports

for 1872, 1873, and 1891. Maps and plates. 8 Albany, 1873-91

Reports of the New York State Survey for 1876 to 1883. (8 Reports.) Maps and
plates. 8. [See also Appendix 2: United States (K.) Albany, 1877-84

University of the State of New York. New York State Libraiy. Annual Reports,
74th, 75|h, and 76th, for 1891, 1892, and 1893. Plates. 8 Albany, 1893-94

State Library Bulletin. 4 Numbers. Royal 8 Albany, 1891-94


Buffalo Historical Society. Annual Reports, 1885 93. (5 Reps., imperfect Ser.)
Plate. 8 Buffalo, 1885-94



American Ethnological Society. Constitution and List of Officers (pamph. 4 pp. )

New York, 1878
- Transactions of the. Vols. I., II., and III., Part I. Maps and plates. 8

New York, 1845-53

American Geographical [and Statistical] Society of New York, Bulletin of the.
1852-57, 1873-77. Bound in 4 vols. Maps and plates. 8 New York, 1852-77

Journal of the Geographical and Statistical Society. Vols. I. and II. (1859-70);
continued as Annual Report of the American Geographical Society of New York
(Vol. III.) for 1870-71 (Albany, 1872); and as Journal (Vol. IV. to XXVI.),
I873-94- Alaps and plates. 8 New York, 1859-94

Proceedings of the. Sess. 1862-63, 1863-64, and 1864-65, viz., 3 years, bound in
I vol. Maps and plates. 8 New York, 1862-65

Statement of the Objects and Organisation of the. With a Copy of its Charter,
By-Laws, &c. [Pamph.] 8 New York, 1856

Report of the Committee on Recent Discoveries, and Publications on Sub-Oceanic
Geography, Jan. 1857. 8 Neiv York, 1857

Annual Report of the Council and Officers (Geographical and Statistical Society),
with Appendix, for 1857. 8 New York, 1858

[The above Society, originally Amer. Geogr. and Statist. Soc., founded 1854,
about 1 870 changed its title to Amer. Geogr. Soc. of New York, but continued
to use the old seal to 1878.]

American Oriental Society, Journal of the. Vols. I. (Nos. i and 3), II. -V. Maps.

8 New York and Boston, 1843-56

Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Annual Report of (he

Trustees of the. 29th Report, 1888. [Pamph.] 8 New York, 1888

Goldthwaite's Geographical Magazine. Vols. I. -V. Maps and plates. Royal 8

New York, 1891-93

Historical Magazine, and Notes and Queries concerning the Antiquities, History, and

Biography of America. Vol. III. (Nos. 1-8). Small 4 New York, 1859

Linnaean Society of New York, Abstract of the Proceedings of the. 1888-89, 1890,

1892-93, 1893-94 [Nos. i, 2, 5, and 6]. 8 New York, 1889-94

Transactions. Vols. I. -II. Plates. Royal 8 New York, 1882-84
Lyceum of Natural History of New York, Annals of the. Vol. IV. (Nos. 5-12)

and V. Plates. 8 New York, 1846-52

New York Historical Society, Collections of the. Second Series. Vol. I. Maps

and plates. 8 New York, 1841

Proceedings of the. 1844-45. 8 [Bound in i vol.] New York, 1845-46

An Address delivered before the N.Y. Hist. Soc. at its 4Oth Anniversary.

By John Romeyn Bromhead. 8 [Bound up with Proc., 1844-45.] New York, 1844



Cincinnati Society of Natural History, Journal of the. Vol. I. (Nos. i and 2), III.

(No. i ), and XI. (No. 4). Plates. 8 Cincinnati, 1878-89



Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Proceedings of the, 1859 to 1893.
(Bound in 33 vols.) Plates. 8 Philadelphia, 1860-93

American Philosophical Society for Promoting Useful Knowledge, Laws and
Regulations of the, together with the Charter of the Society. 8" Philadelphia, 1860

Early Proceedings, from the Manuscript Minutes of its Meetings from 1744 to 1838.
i vol. Plates. 8 Philadelphia, 1884

Proceedings. Vols. I. -XXXI., 1838-93. Maps and Plates. 8 Philadelphia, 1840-93
Transactions. New Series. Vols. I. -XVI. and XVIII. (Pt. i). Maps and plates.

4 Philadelphia, 1818-93

Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, Journal of the. Total number of
vols. 134, viz.

(New.) Ser. 2. Vols. I. -XX VI. Plates and cuts. 8 Philatielphia, 1828-40
Ser. 3. Vols. I.-CVII. Maps and plates. 8 Philadelphia, 1841-93


Geographical Club of Philadelphia. Bulletin. Vol. I. Maps and plates. 8

Philadelphia, 1893-94

Charter, By-Laws, and List of Members. [Pamph.] 8 Philadelphia, 1894
Geological Society of Pennsylvania, Transactions of the. Vol. I. (Part i). Plates.

8 Philadelphia, 1834

Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Philadelphia, Report of the Proceedings of

the, 1887-89. Plates. 8 Philadelphia, 1891

Pennsylvania Colonization Society. Reports of the Board of Managers of the Penns.

Col. Soc. ; with an Introduction and Appendix (paniph. 48 pp.) 8

Philadelphia (ami London), 1831
[This Auxiliary State Soc. of Pennsyl. was connected with the Amer. Coloniz.

Soc. See Trans., Washington. It is bound up with vol. of same.]

University of Pennsylvania, Contributions from the Botanical Laboratory of. Vol. I.

(No. 2). Plates and map. Royal 8 Philadelphia, 1893

Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia. Transactions. Vol. I. Plates.

Royal 8 Philadelphia, 1887


Texas Academy of Science. Transactions. Vol. I. (Nos. i and 2). Royal 8

Austin, 1892-93


John Hopkin's University, Publications of.

J. H. U. Circulars published with the approbation of the Board of Trustees.

Vols. XII. and XIII. 4 Baltimore, 1893-94
J. H. U. Studies. Ser. IV. (No. 6), X. (No. 12), XI. -XII. 8 Baltimore, 1892-94



Geological Survey of the State of Wisconsin. Annual Report, 1856. (2nd Report.)

J. G. Percival. 8 Madison, 1856

[For Annual Reports 1873, '74> '75> see " Geol. of Wisconsin," infra, Vol. II., 1877,

PP- 5-89-1

Geology of Wisconsin : Survey of, 1873-79. By T. C. Chamberlin and others. Vols.

I. -IV. Sketch-map and plates. Royal 8 [Madison (Beloit)}, 1877-83

Atlas of 45 plates. Elephant folio Milwaukee, Wis. , \ 882
State Historical Society of Wisconsin, First and Second Annual Reports and Col-
lections of the, for the years 1854 and 1855. Vols. I., II. 8 Madison, 1855-56

Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters, Transactions of the. Vol. VII.
(1883-87). Plates and cuts. 8 Madison (Wis.), 1889



Institute Fisico-Geografico y del Museo Nacional de Costa Rico. Boletin
trimestral del Institute Meteorologico Nacional, Nos. 1-4, 1888. Tom. I., de los
Anales del Inst. Fis. Geogr. Nacion. Royal 4 San Jose, 1888-89

[Continued as]

Anales, del Institute Fisico-Geografico y del Mus. Nacion de Costa Rica. Tom.

II., III., and IV., 1889-91. Maps and plates. Royal 4 San Jose, 1890-93



Anales Estadisticos de Guatemala. See Appendix 2.
Sociedad Guatemalteca de Ciencias. Revista Mensual. Tom. I. -II. (imperfect).

Guatemala, 1893-94



Republica de Honduras. Primer Anuario Estadistico correspondiente al ano de 1889.
Con illustraciones. For Antinio R. Vallejo. Royal 4 Tegucigalpa, 1893


Institute of Jamaica, Journal of the. Vol. I. (No. 4). Plates. Royal 8

Kingston, Jamaica, 1892
Resena General. See J. R. Abad : Authors' Catalogue.



Acaderaia Nacional de Ciencias de la Republica Argentina en Cordoba. Actas.
Tom. II. (pt. I), IV. (pt. i), V. (pts. 1-3). Plates. Royal 4 Buenos Ayres, 1882-86

- Boletin. Tom. III. -XII. and XIII. (Entrega i). Maps and plates. Small and
royal 8 Cordoba and Buenos Ayres, 1881-89

Indice de los Tomos I. and X. [as Append, to Vol. 10].

Anuario Bibliografica de la Republica Argentina. Ano II. -V., VII. -IX. (1880-87).

12 Buenos Ayres, 1 88 1-88

Estadistica Municipal de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Boletin Mensual de. Ano

(I.) 1887, 1888, and 1889. Plates, plans, 6c. Royal 8 Buenos Ayres, 1887-90

Boletin Trimestral de. Ano 1890 (2 parts). Royal 8 Buenos Ayres, 1890

[Continued as]

Anuario Estadistico de. Anos I.-II. (1891 and 1892). Royal 8

Buenos Ayres, 1892-93
Institute Geografica Argentina. (Publicado bajo la Direccion do su Presidente, D.

E. S. Zeballos ; L. A. Huergo ; A. Sorondo.) Boletin del. Tom. I. (II., IV.,

and V. imperfect), VI. -XIV. Maps and plates. Royal 8 Buenos Ayres, 1879-93
Museo Piiblico de Buenos Aires. Anales del (por German Burmeister). Vols.

I. -III. Plates. Royal 4 Buenos Ayres, 1 864-93

Oficina Meteorologica Argentina, Anales de la. Tom. VII. and VIII. (G. G.

Davis.) 4 Buenos Ayres, 1889-90

Ligeros Apuntes sobre el Clima de la Republica Argentina. (G. G. Davis. ) Maps
and plates. 4 Buenos Ayres, 1889

Revista Argentina de Historia Natural. (Publicacion Bimestral dirijida por
Florentine Ameghino.) Tom. I. Woodcuts. 8 Buenos Ayres, 1891

Revista del Centre Boliviano, Geografia Colonizacion, Ciencias. Tom. I. (Entregas 3-6
and 9). Royal 8 Buenos Avres, 1886-92

Sociedad Cientifica Argentina, Anales de la. Tom. VIII., Entrega 2. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1 879

Sociedad Geografica Argentina (D. Ramon Lista), Revista de la. Tom. I.
(Entregas 3-5). Map. Royal 8 Buenos Ayres, 1881-82

Sociedad Rural Argentina. Bases y Reglamento. 16" Buenos Ayres, 1866

Anales. Vol. I. (No. 12). 4 Buenos Ayres, 1867


Museo de la Plata. Materiales para la Historia Fisica y Moral del Continente Sud-
Americano. (Dir. Francisco P. Moreno. ) Anales del Museo. Entregas I, 2. Map
and plates. Folio La Plata, 1892

- Revista del Museo. Tom. I. -IV. Maps and plates. Small 4 La Plata, 1890-93



Sociedad Geografica de la Paz. Boletin. "Numerol., 16 Julie de 1889," pp. i-io.
12 La Paz, 1889



GEORGETOWN (Demerara).

Institute of Mines and Forests [of British Guiana]. Report of the Secretary, lor
year ending 1892.- 12 Georgetown, 1892

Timehri, being the Journal of the Royal Agricultural and Commercial Society of British
Guiana. Vols. I.-V. Plates. 8 Deinerara, 1882-86

New Ser. Vols. I. -VII I. Plates. 8 Demerara, 1887-94

[See Roy. Agric. and Com. Soc. Brit. Guiana. Under London, postea.]


CEARA (or Fortaleza}.

Institute do Ceara. Revista Trimensal do. TomoV. (4Trimest.), VIII. (3, 4 Tiimest).
8 Fortaleza \or Ceara], 1891-94

PERNAMBUCO (or Recife).

Institute Archeologico e Geographico Pernambucano. Revista. Nos. 41 and 42.
Square 8" Recife \pr Perna/iitntco], 1891

Estatistica do Commercio Maritime do Brazil (1872-73). Tom. II., III., V. 8

l\io tie Janeiro , 1881-84

Institute Historico, Geographico, e Ethnographico do Brazil. Revista Trimensal,
Tom. XLIV. (pt. i), XLVI., XLIX.

[Title changed to]

Institute Historico e Geographico Brazileiro. Tom. LII. (pt. 2), LIII.-LV.
and LVI. (pt. i). 8 Rio tie Janeiro, 1881-93

Homenagem do Inst., &c. . . . Sessao exlraordinaria em commemoracao do

fallecimento de S.M.O. Snr. D. Pedro II. celehrada a 4 de Marco de 1892. Plate.
[Pamph.] 8 Rio de Janeiro, 1892

L'Observatoire Imperial de Rio de Janeiro. Annales de . Tom. I. -II. Plates

and illustrations. 4 Rio de Janeiro, 1882-83

Bulletin Astronomique et Meteorologique de, 1881-82-83. Plates. Royal 4"

Rio de Janeiro, 1882-83
Revista do Observatorio (Publicacao Mensal). No. 2. Anno III. Royal 8

Rio de Janeiro, 1888

Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro. Archives. Vols. I. (Trimestres 1-3), VII., and

VIII. Plates. 4 Rio de Janeiro, 1876-92

Sec9ao da Sociedade de Geographia de Lisboa no Brazil. Revista Mensal.

Tom. I. -III. (imperfect). 8 Rio de Janeiro, 1881-85

- Revista. 2 Ser. 1885-86. Nos. 1-4. 8 Rio de Janeiro, 1885-86

Sociedade de Geographia do Rio de Janeiro. Boletim. Tom. I. 8

Rio de Janeiro, 1885

Revista (Boletin). Tom. II., III., VII. (complete), and IV., V., VI., VIII.,

and IX. (imperfect). Maps. 8 Rio de Janeiro, 1886-93


Commissao Geographica e Geologica da Provincia de S. Paulo. Boletim. Nos.
I -9 and extra Nos. 8a, 8l>. Maps and plates. 8 S. Paulo, 1889-93


Anuario Hidrografico, de la Marina de Chile. Anos I. -VIII., XV., and XVI. Maps
and plates. 4 Santiago, 1875-92

Deutschen Wissenschaftlichen Verein zu Santiago. Verhandlungen. Vols. I. -II.
Maps and plates. 8 Santiago, Valparaiso, and Valdivia, 1886-93

La Libertad. Nos. 5, 12, 26, 27 de Enero de 1868. [Each number contains a geo-
graphical article.] Folio Santiago, 1868

Observatorio Astronomico de Santiago and Oficina Cent. Meteorol. See J. I.
Vergara : Authors' Catalogue.

Oficina Central de Estadistica en Santiago. Anuario Estadistico de la Republica
de Chile, correspondiente a los aiios 1860-64, 1877-78, 1883-85. Tom. II., IV., VI.,
XX., and XXIV. Royal 4 Santiago and Valparaiso, 1861-90



SANTIAGO continued.

Revista de la Direcc,i6n de Obras Piiblicas de Chile. Memorias e Informes sobre

construc9iones Civiles Ferrocarriles, Arquitectura, Minas, Industria, y Geografia. (Ed.

Francisco J. San Roman. ) Ano I. No. 1-3. Maps. Royal 8 Santiago, 1890

Sinopsis Estadistico y Geographica de Chile. Anos 1880-81, 1885, 1886, 1892-93.

(5 numbers.) 8 Santiago, 1882-94

Societe Scientifique du Chili. Actes. Tomes 1 1. -IV. (imperfect). Plates. Small 4

Santiago, 1892-94

Universidad de Chile, Anales de la. [Total representing 40 vols. and odd parts.]

Maps, plates, and tables. 8 Santiago, 1846-80

Viz. : Anos de 1843-44, 1848-57 (lovols.); 1858-69(18 vols., viz., Tom. XV.-

XXXIII.); 1871-72 (5 vols., viz., Tom. XXXVIII. -XLII.) ; imperfect vol.,

viz., Nov. 1875, pp. 651-705 ; 1878-80 (6 vols., viz., Tom. LIII.-LVIII, 2


- Resena de los Trabajos de la Universidad, descle 1855 hasta el presente. (Memoria,
por I. Domeyko.) 8 Santiago, 1872


Estadfstica Comercial de la Republica de Chile. Anos 1854, 1858 (small folio),
y Ano 1879. 8 Valparaiso, 1854-79



Anales de la Instruction Publica en la Republica de Colombia. Tom. X., XL,

XII., XIII. (imperfect set). Plates. Royal 8 Bogota, 1887-88

Revista de Minas. (Organo de la Casa " Munoz y de la Torre," y de la " Agencia

de Minas" de R. Espinosa G.) Nos. 2-8 and 11-12. Ano I. 8 Bogota, 1888


Alturas Tomadas, &c. See W. Reiss and A. Stiibel : Authors' Catalogue.



Anuario Estadistica, de la Republica de Paraguay (Oficina Gen. de Estadistica). Aiio
1887. (Libro segundo del anuario.) 4 Astmcion, 1889

Revue du Paraguay. (Publication Officielle.) 12 numbers in irregular sequence, 1st
to 6th year. Royal 8 Asuncion, 1889-92


Peruano, El. Publicacion Oficial. [Viz. Reports on the Exploration of the Rivers

Ucayali, Pachitea, Palcazu, Yavari, and Morona.] No. 14, 30 Marzo ; 4 Junio ; 26,

31 Octubre ; 19, 21 Diciembre de 1867. Folio Lima, 1867

Sociedad Carbonifera. Lima. See Peru : Appendix 2.

Online LibraryRoyal Geographical Society (Great Britain). LibrarCatalogue of the library of the Royal geographical society. Containing the titles of all works up to December 1893 → online text (page 134 of 141)