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Sociedad Geografica de Lima. Boletin. Tom. I. -III. Royal 8 Lima, 1892-93


Anuario Estadistico de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay. Anos 1887, 1888. Maps,

plates, and plans. 4 Afontcvideo, 1888-89

Observatorio Meteoroldgico del Colegio Pio cle Villa Colon Montevideo. Boletin

Mensual, del Ano I. Nos. 1,2. Royal 8 Montevideo, 1888



Anuario Estadistico de los Estados Unidos de Venezuela. Ann. 1884, 1889, and 1891.

Maps and plans. Folio and 8 Caracas, 1884-91

[There are copies of the 1889 statistical annual in French and German, and 1884

is in English. ]

Vargasia. Boletin de la Sociedad de Ciencias Fisicas y Naturales de Caracas. Tomo I.
Map. 8 Caracas, 1868





Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Journal and Proceedings. Vols. IV.,
VII., VIII., X., and XIII. (1865-93) [imperfect set]. Plates. Small 8

[For Addenda, see Appendix 2 : General, Miscell.] Colombo, 1866-94


Canton Register, The. Vols. I.-X. ; bound in 3 vols. [wherein Vols. VI. -X. have im-
perfections]. 4 Canton, 1827-37

Chinese Repository, The. Vols. I.-V., VII. -XV., and XVI., XVII., XIX., and XX.
imperfect. (1833-51.) Maps and plates. 8 Canton, 1834-51


China Review, The. See G. Taylor : Authors' Catalogue.

Chinese Miscellany, The. Designed to illustrate the Government, Philosophy, Re-
ligion, Arts, Manufactures, Trade, Manners, Customs, History, and Statistics of
China. Nos. I, 2, and 4 3 vols. Maps and plates. 8 Shanghai, 1849-50

Cycle, The. Vol. I. (No. 25). Folio Shanghai, 1870

Shanghai Literary and Scientific Society, Journal of the. No. i (June 1858). Maps
and plates. 8 Shanghai, 1858

[Title of Soc. altered to and continued as]

North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Journal of the. Vols. I. and II.
(1858-60). Maps and plates. 8 Shanghai, 1858-60

New Series. Vols. I. -XXVI. (1864-90-92). Alaps and plates Shanghai, 1865-94

[Vol. I. contains No. I of Jour. Shanghai Lit. and Sci. Soc., supra ; also Nos. 2
and 3 of Jour. N. China Br. R. Asiat. Soc.]


Hongkong Observatory, Observations and Researches made at the. Years 1884 and
1885 (by W. Doberck). Folio Hongkong, 1885-86

Notes and Queries on China and Japan. (A Monthly Medium of Intercommunica-
tion for Professorial and Literary Men, Missionaries, and Residents in the East
generally.) Vols. I. -I II. (Ed. N. B. Dennys). llhistrations. Royal 8

Hongkong, 1867-69

New Series (Ed. C. Landon Davis, and with addition to title of " with which is

incorporated 'Papers on China'"). Vol. IV. (Nos. 1-5, Feb. to Aug.). Royal 8

Hongkong, 1870

See Malay Archipelago, postea.


Societe des Etudes Indo-Chinoises de Saigon. Bulletin. Ann. 1883, i e Fasc. ;

Ann. 1886, i e Semestre. 8 Saigon, 1883 and 1886

Excursions et Reconnaissances. (Cochinchine Fran9aise.) Tom. II. (Nos. 5, 6),

III. -XIV., and XV. (No. 33). Maps, &c. Royal 8 Saigon, 1880-89


Panjab Notes and Queries : a Monthly Periodical devoted to the Systematic Collection
of Authentic Notes and Scraps of Information regarding the Country and the People.
(Ed. Capt. R. C. Temple.) Vol. I. (No. i to 6). Oct. 1883 to March 1884. 4

Allahabad, 1883-84



Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Journal of the (including Proceedings).
Vols. I. -XVIII (1841-94). Ataps and plates. 8 Bombay, 1844-94

Supplementary parts and vols. , viz., Reports on Search for Sanskrit MSS., by G.

Buhler and P. Peterson. Extra No. Vol. XII., 1877; XVI., 1884; XVII., 1886;
XVIII., 1894. [For Index, Vols. 1-17, see Literary Soc., Bombay.]

[The Bombay Geographical Society, 1873, merged into the above Soc. See infra.'}
Bombay Geographical Society, Proceedings of the. 1837 and 1838. Maps. 8

Bombay, 1837-38

Report by the Secretary on the Proceedings of the, for 1849-50. 8 Bombay, 1850

Transactions of the. Vols. I. -XIX., 183610 1873. Maps and plates. 8

Bombay, 1844-74

Index to the first seventeen volumes, with Catalogue of the Library, and Catalogue

of Charts, Maps, Sketches, and Views. (Ed. D. J. Kennelly.) 8 Edinburgh, 1866

Catalogue of the Library. (Compiled by D. J. Kennelly.) 8 Bombay, 1862

[The Bombay Geographical Society afterwards (Jan. 1873) amalgamated with the

Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Soc. ]

Indian Antiquary, The : a Journal of Oriental Research in Archaeology, Epigraphy,
Ethnology, Geography, History, Folklore, Languages, Literature, Numismatics,
Philosophy, Religion, &c. n vols. Vols. VII. -IX. (incomplete), (ed. J. Burgess);
Vols. XVI. -XX. (eds., R. C. Temple and J. F. Fleet); Vols. XXI. -XXII. (ed.,
R. C. Temple). Plates. Small 4 Bombay, 1878-93

Literary Society of Bombay, Index to the Transactions of the, Vols. I. to III. ; and
to the Journals of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vols. I. to XVII.,
with a Historical Sketch of the Society. By Ganpatrao Krishna Tivarekar. 8

Bombay, 1886
[For Transactions of the, see London, posted.]


Asiatic Society of Bengal. Asiatic Researches ; or, Transactions of the Society,
instituted in Bengal, for inquiring into the History, Antiquities, Arts, Sciences, and
Literature of Asia. Vols. I. -XX. Maps and plates. 4 Calcutta, 1788-1836

Index to the First Eighteen Volumes. 4 Calcutta, 1835

Index to Vols. XIX. and XX. of the Asiatic Researches, and to Vols. I. to XXIII.

of the Journal, &c. 8 Calciitta, 1856

Journal of the. Vols. I.-LXIL, and LXIII. (incomplete). Maps and plates.

8 Calcutta, 1832-94

Extra number to Pt. I of Vol. XLVII. (viz., A Sketch of the Turki Language, by

R. B. Shaw, and Appendix by J. Scully.) 8 Calcutta, 1880

- Extra numbers to Pt. I of Vol. XLIX. for 1880, and Pt. i of Vol. LVII. for 1889.

8 [See G. A. Grierson : Authors' Catalogue.] Calcutta, 1881 and 1889

Proceedings of the. Vols. for 1865 to 1893 (29 vols ; that for 1865 and 1893

defective). Maps and plates. 8 Calcutta, 1866-94

Centenary Review of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, from 1784 to 1883. [This

contains a History of the Soc., Indexes of its Publications classified, &c.] I vol. 8

Calcutta, 1885
[For Branches of Roy. Asiat. Soc., see under Shanghai, Hongkong, Bombay,

Madras, Ceylon, Japan, and Straits Settlements.]

Buddhist Text Society of India, Journal and Text of the. (Ed. Sarat Candra Das. )

Vol. I. (pt. 4), II. (pts. 1-3). Plates. 8 Calcutta, 1893-94

Indian Forester, The : a Quarterly Magazine of Forestry. (Ed. J. S. Gamble.) Vol.

IV. (Nos. 3 and 4.) 8 Calcutta, 1879

Indian Meteorological Memoirs. See Appendix 2.

Records and Reports of the Geological Survey of India, and other Indian Govern-
ment Publications. See Appendix 2.

Juggarow (G. V.) Observatory, Daba Gardens, Vizagapatam. Results of Meteoro-
logical Observations for 1887, 1889-91 (4 vols. bound in 2). By A. V. Nursingrow.
Plates and meteorological diagrams. 12 Calcutta, 1889-92


Punjab Magazine, The. The Organ of Punjab Asssociation. Nos. i, 2, 3, for April,
July, and October 1887. Royal 8 Lahore, 1887



Madras Journal of Literature and Science, The. Published under the auspices of the
Madras Literary Society, and Auxiliary of the Royal Asiatic Society. Ser. I, Vols.
I. -XVI. (1833-50). Maps and plates. 8 Madras, 1834-51

- Ser. 2, Vols. I. -VI. (1856-61). Maps atid plates. 8 Madras, 1857-61

- Ser. 3, Vol. I. (1864). 8 Madras, 1864
- [Ser. 4?] (Ed. G. Oppert), Vols. 1878 and 1879. Plates Madras, 1879-80

Maine Historical Society (Madras), Proceedings of the. Pt. i. Small 4 Madras, 1890
Royal Asiatic Society of Madras, Journal of the. 1866. 8 Mairas, 1866


Eastern Asiatic Society (Japan), Report of the. Vol.11. [In Japanese.] Royal 8

Tokyo Geographical Society. Regulations of the Toukiyau Geographical Society.
[In English.] 12. N.p. [? 1879.] 22 small 8 and 2 12 numbers [in Japanese] of
the Society's Publications.

- Journal of the. Vols. III. (Nos. 4-10), IV. -XV., 1881-93 ('4th to 26th year
Meiji). [In Japanese.] Maps and plates. 12 Tokyo, 1891-93

- Reports of the Annual Meetings, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th (? 1881-84). [Separate
pamphlets, those of 7th to nth being published in Journals 1886-90.] [In Japanese.]
12 Tokyo, 1881-90

Tokio Daigaku. Imperial University of Japan. Calendar of the Department of Law,
Sicence, and Literature, for 1879-80, 1881-82, and 1889 to 1894. 6 vols. 12

Tokyo, 1890-94

- Memoirs of the Science Department. Nos. I, 2, 4, 5 (with Append. 5^, 5/>, 5^),
and 9. I vol. Plates. Small 4 Tokyo, 1879-85

[See Appendix 2 : Tokio University, J. A. Ewing.]
[Followed by]

- Journal of the College of Science, The. Vols. I. -VIII. Maps and plates. Small 4

Tokyo, 1887-94

- Memoirs of the Literature College, The. No. I. Small 4 Tokyo, 1886

[See Chamberlain, B. H. : Authors' Catalogue.]


Asiatic Society of Japan, Transactions of the. Vols. I. -XV., XIX. -XXII, 1872-93.
Maps and plates. 8 Yokohama, 1874-94

Supplements to Vol. XX (Parts I, 2, 3 [sect, i], and 5). 8 Yokohama, 1892
Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Natur- und Volkerkunde Ostasiens in Tokio. Mitteil-

ungen, Bande I.-V. (and Append.), VI. (Ilefte 51, 52, 53, and Append.); Suppl.

zu Bd. V. (Hefte 1-3, April 1889 and Oct. 1892) ; and zu Bd. VI. (Heft I, Jul. 1894).

Maps and plates. 4 Yokohama and Tokyo, 1873-94

Seismological Society of Japan, Transactions of the. Vols. I. -XVI. [bound in 7 vols.]

Maps and plates. 8 Yokohama, 1890-92

[Followed by]
The Seismological Journal of Japan. Vols. I. -II I. [XVII. of entire series; the 3 vols.

bound in i]. Maps and plates. 8 Yokohama, 1894




Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. Verhandelingen van
het. Deel. XX. and XXI. (in 2 parts), 3 vols., 8, 1844-47 ; XXII. -XXIV., 3 vols.,
4, 1849-52; XXXIX. (2 e stuk), XL.-XLVI., and XLVII. (i e stuk), royal 8, 1879-
92 Total 15 vols. Plates. 8, royal 8, and 4

Batavia, The Hague, and Leyden, 1844-92

- Notulen van Algemeene en Bestuurs-Vergaderingen van het. Deel. XVI. -XXXI.
8 Batavia, 1878-93

- Register op de Notulen over de Jaren 1867-78 and 1879-88. (J. A. Van der Chijs.)
(2 pamphs.) 8 Batavia, 1879 and 1889

Realia. Register, &c. See Appendix 2 : Dutch E. Indies, Batavia.


Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. Tijdschrift voor
Indische Taal-, Land-, en Volkenkunde, uitgegeven door net genootschap. Deel.
XXV. -XXX VI. Maps and plates. 8 Batavia, i^-^

Catalogus der Numismatische Afdeeling van het Museum van. J. A. Van der Chijs.

2 and 3 Druk. 8 Batavia, 1877 and 1886

Algemeen Reglement en Reglement van Orde. 8 Batavia, 1889

[See Holle, K. F. : Authors' Catalogue.]

Batavian Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory (Published by order of the

Government of Netherlands, India), Observations made at the. Vols. V. and VI.,

1879 and 1880. (P. A. Bergsma and J. P. van der Stok.) Folio Batavia, 1882-85

Nederlandsch-Indische Maatschappij van Nijverheid en Landbouw. Tijdschrift.

Deel. XXXI. (Aflev. 6, 1885), XXXII. -XLVII. [Vols. 31, 33, 39, and 45 imperfect].

Plates and tables. 8 Batavia, 1885-94

Regeeringsalmanak voor Nederlandsch-Indie, 1892. Vols. I. -II. 8 Batavia, 1892

Regenwaarnemingen in Nederlandsch-Indie. I*. -VII e . Jaargang (1879-85). 8"

Batavia, 1880-86

Indisch Aardrijksundkig Genootschap. (Redaktie van A. J. Ten Brink.) Deel. I.
(1-4 aflevering). Afaps and plates. Small 4 Samarang and Jogjakarta, 1880-83



British North Borneo Herald and Official Gazette, The. Vols. VI., X.-XIII.
(5 imperfect vols. ) Folio Sandakan, 1888-93



Observatorio Meteorologico de Manila. Bajo la Direccion de los P. P. de la Com-

pania de Jesus, (i.) Observaciones verificadas durant Aiios 1890-94. 5 vols.

Plates and diagrams. Folio Manila, 1890-94

(2.) El Magnetismo Terrestre en Filipinas (por Ricardo Cirera). Maps and plates.

Folio Manila, 1893



Journal of Eastern Asia, The. (Ed. James Collins.) Vol. I., No. i [all published].

S J Singapore, 1875

Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia. (Ed. J. R. Logan.) Vols.

I. -IX. Maps and plates. 8 Singapore, 1847-55

- New Ser. Vol. I., II., and III. (pt. i). 8 Singapore, 1856-59
Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Journal of the. Nos. I.-XXIV.

[bound in 1 6 vols.] Maps and plates. 8 Singapore, 1878-91

- Notes and Queries. (Ed. Hon. Sec.). Nos. 1-4. 8 Singapore, 1885-87

Perak Government Gazette, The. Vols. V. and VI. (imperfect set). Folio

Taiping, 1892-93
Perak Museum Notes. Nos. 1-3. Maps and plates. 8 Taiping, Perak, 1893




Annuaire de la Delegation Generate de 1'Oceanie. See under Societe d'Ethno-
graphie, Paris, in France, postea.


Australian Museum (Sydney, N.S.W.), Records of the. Vol. I. (No. 3 wanting).
Plates. Royal 8 Sydney, 1890-91

- Memoirs. Royal 8 Sydney, 1889

[See Appendix 2 : New South Wales, A.


Linnean Society of New South Wales. Proceedings. Vol. I. (Pts. 2 and 3).

Plates. Small 8 a Sydney, 1876

Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, New South Wales Uranch, Proceedings

of the. Vols. I.-V. Sess. 1883-84101891-92. Maps and plates. 8 Sydney, 1885-92

Special Vol. of Proceedings of Soc. Map ami plates. 8 Sydney, 1885

Special Record. . . . Exped. to N. Guinea. (Pamph. ) 8 Sydney, 1885

Royal Society of New South Wales. Philosophical Society of New South Wales,

Transactions of the. For 1862-65. I vol. 8 Sydney, 1866
[Continued as Roy. Soc., N.S. W.]

Transactions and Proceedings of the Roy. Soc., N.S.W. Vols. I., VI. -VIII.

(1867, 1872-74). Maps and plates. Small 8 Sydney, 1868-75

Journal and Proceedings of the. Vols. X. -XXVII. (in 18 vols). 1876-93. Plates

and tables. 8 Sydney, 1877-94

[The Royal Society of Nevj South Wales originated in 1821 as the Philosophical Society of
Australia. After an interval of inactivity it was resuscitated in 1850, under the name of the
Australian Philosophical Society, hy which title it was known until 1856, when the name
was changed to the Philosophical Society of New South Wales. In 1866 it assumed its
present title, Royal Society of Neiv South Wales.}



Acclimatisation Society of Queensland. Report of the Council (2ist Rep. 1886).

8 Brisbane, 1887

Philosophic Society of North Queensland, Proceedings of the. Vol. I. (i part,

1889-90.) Plates. 8 Brisbane, 1891

Pugh's Queensland Almanac, Law Calendar, Directory, Coast Guide, and Gazetteer.

For 1862 and 1863, and for 1878-94 (with Vols. 1884 and 1887 missing). Total, 16

vols ; these comprise the 4th and 5th and 2oth to 36th years of publication.

Maps. 16 and 12 Brisbane, 1862-94

[Vols. 1885 and 1886 have addition to sub-title, "and of Men of the Time" ; and

in Vols 1888-94 'he title is shortened to " Pugh's Almanack and Queensland


Queensland Branch of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia. Proceed-
ings and Transactions. Vols. I. -IX. (Sess. 1885-86 to 1893-94.) Maps and plates.
8 Brisbane, 1886-94
Royal Society of Queensland. Proceedings. Vols. I., V. (pt. 4); VI. (pts. 2, 3,
and 5) ; IX. (part). Maps and plates. 8 Brisbane, 1884-93
[Report.] Annual Meeting, July 1889. (Pamph.) 8 Brisbane, 1889


Meteorological Society of Australia, The. History, Rules and Regulations, List of

Members (pamph. 18 pp. ). 8 Adelaide, 1886

Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia, Proceedings of

the. 1880, 1 88 1. 8 Adelaide, 1881

Royal Society of South Australia, Transactions, Proceedings, and Reports of the.

Vols. IX., XI.-XVIII. (9 and 16 imperfect). 1885-94. Maps and plates. Small 8

Adelaide, 1887-94
South Australian Branch of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia.

Transactions and Proceedings. Vols. I. and II. (Sess. 1885-8610 1887-88). Maps.

8 Adelaide, 1886-90

South Australian Institute. Annual Report, 1877-78, and Appendices A to D.

Small 4 Adelaide, 1878



Australian Scientific Magazine, The. Vol. I., No. i. 8 Melbourne, 1885

Geological Society of Australia (R. T. Litton), List of Members of the. Also a

Catalogue of Works in the Library of the Society. 12 Melbourne, 1886

Transactions. Vol. I. (pts. I, 3, and 4). Illustrations. Small 4 Melbourne, 1886
Geological Survey of Victoria. See Appendix 2.

Philosophical Society of Victoria, Transactions of the. Including the Papers and
Proceedings of the Society, ending July 1855. Vol.1. Plates. 8 Melbourne, 1855
[Title of Society altered to]


Philosophical Institute of Victoria, Transactions of the. (Ed. ]. Macadam.) Vol.
II. -IV., and Appendix. Maps and plates. 8 " Melbourne, 1858-60

[Title of Society altered to]

Royal Society of Victoria, Transactions of the. (Ed. J. Macadam.) Vol. V. Plates.

Melbourne, 1 860
[Continued as]

Transactions and Proceedings of the. Vols. VI. -XXIV. (1861-87). Alaps and


plates. 8 3 ' Melbourne, 1865-88

[When division of publications followed, viz.]
Transactions. NewSer. Vols. I., II., and III. (pt. i). Plates. 4 Melbourne, 1888-91

Proceedings of the. NewSer. Vols. I. -VI. Plates. 8 Alelboiirne, 1889-94

Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, Victorian Branch, Transactions and

Proceedings of the. Vols. I. -XI. (Sess. 1885-86 to 1893-94.) Maps and plates.

8 Melbourne, 1885-94

[Vols. I. -II. were printed in Sydney, and correspond to same vols. N.S. Wales

Branch ; as also the special vol., supra}.

Victoria Mining Surveyors' Reports. Furnished by the Mining Surveyors of

Victoria to the Board of Science. Nos. 9-15. 8 Melbourne, 1860

Victorian Year Book, containing a Digest of the Statistics of the Colony. (Ed. H. H.

Hayter. ) P or the years 1873-93 (bound in 19 vols. ) [1884 and 1885 missing]. Maps

and plates. 8 Melbourne, 1874-93


Australian Association for the Advancement of Science, Transactions of the. 4th

Meeting (Hobart), 1892; Sect. Geography, &c. (Pamphs.) Plate. 8 Hobart, 1892

Royal Society of Van Diemen's Land, Papers and Proceedings of the. Vols. I.,

II., and III. (pts. I and 2). Plates. 8 Tasmania, 1851-59

[Continued as]

Monthly Notices of Papers and Proceedings (including Reports). Vols. I. -III.,

viz., for years 1863 and 1864, I vol. ; and 1868-74, 2 vols. Plates. Small 8

Hobart, 1863-75
[Again continued as]

- Papers, Proceedings, and Reports of the Roy. Soc. of Tasmania. For years 1875-93
(1887 missing). Maps and plates. Small 8 Hobart, 1876-94

- Reports of the. For years 1848, 1852, 1859, 1860, 1864, and 1865. Plates. 8

Hobart, 1849-66
-Rules of the. (Pamph.) 8 Hobart, 1848

- Catalogue of the Library of the Roy. Soc. of Tasmania (by Alex. Morton).
(Pamph.) RoyalS Tasmania, 1885

Tasmanian Journal of Natural Science, Agriculture, Statistics, &c. Vols. I. and II.
(imperfect, viz., Nos. 2, 5, 6, 7). Maps and plates. 8 Hobart, 1841-43


New Zealand Alpine Club. The New Zealand Alpine Journal : a Record of Moun-
tain Exploration and Adventure, by Members of the N.Z. Alp. Club. Vol. I. (Nos.
1-6). Map and plates. 8 Christchurch and Dunedin, 1892-94


New Zealand Institute, Transactions and Proceedings of the. (Ed. J. Hector.) Vols.

I. -XXV. Plates. 8, two sizes Wellington, 1869-93

[These vols. contain the Proceedings of various N.Z. branch or affiliated Societies

and Institutes, viz., Auckland, Canterbury, Otago, &c.)

Polynesian Society, The Journal of the, containing the Transactions and Proceedings
of the. Vols. I. and II. 8 Wellington, 1892-93


Hawaiian Historical Society. See Authors' Catalogue, under Alexander, W. D., and
Atkinson, A. T.






Commission fur Erforschung des Oestlichen Mittelmeers, Berichte der. Reihe I. -II.
Maps and plates. 4 Vienna, 1892-93

Deutsche Rundschau fur Geographic und Statistik. (Eds. Drs C. Arendts and F.

Umlauft). Jahrg. I.-XVI. Maps and plates. Royal 8

Vienna and Leipzig, 1879-94
Gesellschaft der Freunde der Naturwissenschaften (Wien). Berichte liber die

Mittheilungen von. (W. Haidinger). 7 vols. in 5. 8 Vienna, 1847-51
Naturwissenschaftliche Abhandlungen, gesammelt, und durch Subscription heraus-

gegeben von Wilhelm Haidinger. Bande l.-IV. Maps and plates. 4

Vienna, 1847-52
Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften (Wien). Sitzungsberichte der Mathe-

matisch - Naturwissenschaftlichen Classe. Bande I. -XXVII., XXX. -CII. (Total

bound in 152 vols. ), 1847-93. Plates and maps. 8 Vienna, 1848-93

[From Vol. XLIV. to XCVI. inclusive 2 vols. were issued annually, and from

XCVII. to CII. inclusive 3 vols. annually have been published

These constitute 3 separate sections, viz.: i. Biology and Geography;
2. Mathematics and Physics ; 3. Chemistry.]
- Register (or Gen. Index to Sitzb.). Bande I.-XC., Jahre 1848-84. 8

[These were issued at intervals in separate parts, as follows :

Bdr. I.-X..


in 1854


Bdr. LXI.-LXIV...

Denkschriften (Mathemat.-naturwissen Classe). Bd. XII. Plates. 4


Vienna, 1856

Vienna, 1868-93

K. Central-Anstalt fur Meteorologie und Erdmagnetismus.
Neue Folge. Bande I. -XXIX. Jahrg. 1864-92. Maps and plates. 4"

Vienna, 1866-94

K. K. Geographischen Gesellschaft (Wien). Mittheilungen. Bander I. -XXXVII.
(entire series). Ser. i. Bande I.-X. Maps and plates. Royal 8 Vienna, 1857-68

- Ser. 2 (Neue Folge.) Bande I. -XXVI. Maps and plates. 8

K. K. Militar-Geographischen Institutes in Wien. Mittheilungen.

auf Befehl des K. K. Reichs-Kriegs ministeriums. ) Bande V.-XII., 1885-92. 'Maps
and plates. 8 Vienna, 1885-93

Die Astronomisch-Geodatischen Arbeiten des. Bande I. -II. Maps and plates, 4

Vienna, 1871-73

K. K. Geologischen Reichsanstalt. Abhandlungen. Bande I.-V., VI. (Hefte i, 2),
VII.-XI. (Abtheil i), XII. (Hefte 1-3). Maps and plates. Royal 4 Vienna, 1852-85

- Jahrbuch. Bande I. -XXXIV. Maps and plates. Small 4 and royal 8

Vienna, 1850-84

Gen. Register der Bande I-X., 1850-59. Royal 8 Vienna, 1863

Gen. Register der Bande XI.-XX., 1860-70. Royal 8 Vienna, 1872

Gen. Register der Bande XXI.-XXX., 1871-80. Royal 8 Vienna, 1881

: Verhandlungen. Jahrg. 1867-84. 18 vols. Royal 8 Vienna, 1867-84

Gen. Register, 1860-70 and 1871-1880; combined with Gen. Reg. Jahrb.,
published (supra} in 1872 and 1881.

Geologische Uebersichtskarte der Oesterreichischen Monarchic nach dem Aufnahmen

der . . . (von Franz Ritter von Hauer.) Blatt I.-V., VII., and X. [An imper-
fect irregular set. ] Royal 8 Vienna, 1867-73

K. K. Naturhistorischen Hofmuseums (Wien). Annalen des. (Ed. Franz Ritte
von Hauer.) Band I. Nos. I and 2. (Jahresbericht, 1885, und Notizen), Bd. V.
Plates. Imp. 8 Vienna, 1886 and 185

Mittheilungen der Prahistorischen Commission, der Kais. Akad. der Wissens
chaften. Band I. (Nos. 2, 3). Plates and illustrations. 4 Vienna, 1890-93


Oesterreichischen Alpen-Vereins, Jahrlmch des. Bande I. -IX. (1863 to 1873).
Maps and plates. [See Remarks infra.] 8 Vienna, 1865-73

Mittheilungen des. (Ed. E. V. Mjsisovies and P. Grohman. ) Biinde I. -II. Maps

and plates. 12 Vienna, 1863-64

[Society continued as]

Deutschen und Oesterreichischen Alpen-Vereins, Zeitschrift des. Biinde I. -XXV.
(1869-94). Maps and plates. 8 Munich and Berlin, 1870-94

Beilage zur Zeitsch. des Deutsch und Oester. Alp.-Ver. (1878). Abtheil I.

Munich, 1878

Anleitung zu wissenschaftlichen Beobachtungen auf Alpenreisen (herausgegeben

von Deutsch. and Oester. Alpen-Verein). Bande I. -II. Maps and plates. 12

Vienna, 1882

[Vol. III. of Zeitsch. d. Deutsch. Alp.-Ver. is equivalent to Vol. VIII. of Jahrb.
Oesterr. Ver. ; in other words, they are the same vol., with different title,
issued separately by the two societies, which thereafter amalgamated, their
united publication becoming Zeitsch. d. Deutsch. und Oesterr. Alp. Ver.]

Register zu den Publicalionen des: () Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins, 1863 bis

1873; des (l>) Deutschen Alpenvereins, 1869 bis 1872 ; und des (c) Deutschen und
Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins, 1873 bis 1886. (Von Th. Trautwein.) 8

[See " Deutschen Alpenvereins," Munich, Germany.] Munich, 1887

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