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tion. 8* [Edinburgh, 1890]

On the Composition of Oceanic and

Littoral Manganese Nodules. Map and
plate. 4* Edinburgh, 1891

On the Composition of some Deep-

Sea Deposits from the Mediterranean.
8* Edinburgh, 1891

See United Kingdom, H, " Chal-

lenger " : Appendix 2.
Buchenroder, W. L. von. See British

South Africa, A : Appendix 2.
Buchholz, Reinhold. See Heinersdorff.


Buchner, Eug. See Schrenck and Maxim-
owicz. Beitrage zur Kenntniss des
Russischen Keiches, Vol. 2.

and T. Pleske. See Helmersen and
Schrenck, 4.

Buchner, L. A. Ueber die Beziehungen
der Chemie zur Rechtspflege. 4

Munich, 1875

Buchner, M. Reise durch den Stillen
Ozean. 8 Breslau, 1878

Buchner, Max. Kamerun Skizzen und
Betrachtungen. 8 Leipzig, 1887

Buchon, J. A. C., et J. Tastu. Notice
d'un Atlas en Langue Catalane, Manu-
scrit de 1'an 1375. 4 Paris, 1839

Buchta, Richard. Der Sudan unter
agyptischer Herrschaft : Riickblicke auf
die letzten sechzig Jahre ; nebst einem
Anhange : Briefe Dr Emin Pascha's und
Lupton Bey's an Dr Wilhelm Junker,
1883-85. Maps and portraits. 8

Leipzig, 1888

See Junker.

Buck, Walter J. See Chapman, A.

Buckingham, B. H. ; George C. Foulk;
Walter M'Lean. Observationsuponthe
Korean Coast, Japanese- Korean Ports,
and Siberia. Map. 8 Washington, 1883

Buckingham, J. S. Travels in Palestine,
through the countries of Bashan and
Gilead, east of the River Jordan. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 1822

Travels among the Arab Tribes
inhabiting the countries east of Syria
and Palestine, including from Nazareth
to the mountains beyond the Dead Sea,
and through the Plains of the Hauran.
Map and illustrations. 4 1825

Travels in Mesopotamia, including a
Journey from Aleppo to Bagdad ; with
Researches on the Ruins of Nineveh,
Babylon, and other ancient cities. 2
vols. Map and plates. 8 1827

Travels in Assyria, Medea, and
Persia, including a Journey from Bagdad
by Mount Zagros to Hamadan, the
Ancient Ecbatana, Researches in Ispahan
and the Ruins of Persepolis. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1830

America, Historical, Statistic, and
Descriptive. 3 vols. Portrait, map,
and woodcuts. 8 1841-45

Autobiography of, including his Voy-
ages, &c. (Vol. 2.) 8 1855

Buckland, Rev. William. Reliquiae
Diluvianse ; or, Observations on the
Organic Remains contained in Caves,
Fissures, and Diluvial Gravel, and on
other Geological Phenomena attesting
the Action of an Universal Deluge.
Maps, plates, and table. 4" 1 824

Buckle, Major C. Papers relative to the
Improvement of the Forest Revenue of
the Panch Mahals. [From the India
Records, No. 77.] Map Bombay, 1863

Buckley, Robert Burton. Irrigation
Works in India and Egypt. Maps and
plates. Large 8 1893

Buckman, J. See Murchison.

Bucquoi, Jakob de. Aanmerkelyke ont-
moetingen in de zestien jaarige Reize naa
de Indie'n. Map and plates. Small 8
Haarlem, 1744

Buddingh, D. Een Woord over het
tegenwoordige Standpunt en de Weten-
schappelijke Beoefening der Natuurlijke
Aardrijksbeschrijving. 8

Haarlem, 1846

Budge, E. A. Wallis. Description of

- the Tombs of Mechu, Ben, and Se-
Renpu, discovered by Major-General
Sir F. Grenfell in 1885. 8 [1887]

The Nile : Notes for Travellers in

Egypt. Map and plans. 12 1890

Buelna, Eustaquio. Peregrinacion d
los Aztecas, y nombres Geograficos Indi-
genas de Sinai oa. 8* Mexico, 1887

Constitucion de la Atmosfera o leyes

que rigen la densidad, peso, altitud y
temperatura del aire. 8* Mexico, 1889

Buffier, P. Geografia Universale, ex-
posta ne' different! modi che possono
abbreviare lo Studio, e facilitar 1'uso di
questa Scienza, col Soccorso de' Versi
Artificial!, e col Trattato della Sfera.
Maps. 12 Venice, ,1751

Bugeaud, M. Memoire sur notre Etab-
lissement dans la Province d'Oran par
suite de la Paix. Map. 8 Paris, 1838

De 1'Etablissement de Legions de

Colons Militaires dans les possessions
Fran9aises du Nord de 1'Afrique. Map.
8 Paris, 1838

Biihler, Georg. See India, A: Appen-
dix 2.

Buhse, Dr F. A. Nachrichten liber drei

pharmacologisch-wichtige Pflanzen und

tiber die grosse Salzwiiste in Persien. 8*

[Moscow, 1850]

Eine Reise durch Transkaukasien und

Persien in den Jahren 1847-49. 8*

Moscow, 1855
Helmersen, 13; Boissier.

Buist, George. Outline of the Opera-
tions of the British Troops in Scinde and
Afghanistan betwixt November 1838 and
November 1841 ; with Remarks on the
Policy of the War. Plate. Small 8

Bombay, 1843

Result of the Comparison of the Ob-
servations of Nine Different Barometers,
read every half-hour for twenty-four
successive hours. 8* Bombay, 1843

Memoir of. Plates. 8* Cupar, 1846

Annals of India for the year 1848 :

an Outline of the Principal Events which
have occurred in the British Dominions
in India from 1st January 1848 to the end
of the second Seikh War in March 1849.
8 Bombay, 1849



Buist, George. Manual of Physical Re-
search for India. Part I. 8

Bombay, 1852

Index to Books and Papers on the

Physical Geography, Antiquities, and
Statistics of India. 8* Bombay, 1852

Notes on a Journey through part of

Kattiawar and Goozerat, in January
1855. Plates. 8 1855

Corrections of a few of the Errors
contained in Sir W. Napier's Life of his
brother Sir Charles Napier, in so far as
they affect the Press of India, in a Letter
addressed to the Author. 8* 1857

See India, C (Geological Papers) :

Appendix 2.

Bulard, . Sur un Nouveau Systeme de
Representation d'Observations Meteoro-
logiques continues faites a 1'Observatoire
National d'Alger. 4* [Paris, 1873]

Bulgaria, Thomas. Russland in historis-
cher, statistischer, geographischer, &c. ,
Beziehung. Geschichte ; Erster Band,
mit 2 Karten. Statistik ; Erster Band,
mit 3 Karten. 8 Riga, 1839

Bulger, G. E. Notes of a Tour from
Bangalore to Calcutta, thence to Delhi,
and subsequently to British Sikkim,
during the early part of 1867. 8

Secunderabad, 1869

Bulhoes, E. Lobo de. Les Colonies
Portugaises, Court Expose de leur Situa-
tion Actuelle. 8 Lisbon, 1878

Bulkeley, J. See Kerr, Vol. 17 : Ap-
pendix i.

Bulkeley, Owen T. The Lesser Antilles :
a Guide for Settlers in the British West
Indies, and Tourists' Companion. Map
and illustrations. Crown 8 1 889

Bullar, John. Hints to Assist the In-
quiries of Visitors : being Brief Notices
of Local Antiquities in Southampton and
its Neighbourhood ; also, On the Objects
worthy of Attention in an Excursion
round the Isle of Wight, by John Drew.
Map. 8* Southampton, 1846

" Bulldog" Voyage. See Wallich.

Buller, E. W. Semi-Azimuths : a New
Method of Navigation. Parti. 8 1893

Buller, F. P. Chowkeedaree Assessment
in Shahjehanpore. [From the India Re-
cords, Vol. i,N.W. Provinces.] 8 1855

Buller, Sir Walter. L. New Zealand Ex-
hibition, 1865 : Essay on the Ornithology
of New Zealand. 8 Dunedin, 1865

A Classified List of Mr S. William

Silver's Collection of New Zealand Birds
(at the Manor-House, Letcomb Regis),
with short Descriptive Notes. Plates.
8 1888
See New Zealand, A : Appendix 2.

Bullo, C. La vera Patria di Nicolo de'
Conti e di Giovanni Caboto. Studi e
Document!. 8 Chioggia, 1880

Bullo, C. II Viaggio di M. Piero Querini
e le Relazionie della Repubblica Veneta
colla Svezia. 8 Venice, 1881

Bullock, C. J. See United Kingdom,

A (China Sea) : Appendix 2.
Bullock, W. Six Months Residence and
Travels in Mexico, containing Remarks
on the Present State of New Spain, its
Natural Productions, &c. 2 vols. Plan
and plates. 12 1825

Bullock, W. Polish Experiences during
the Insurrection of 1863-64. Map.
Small 8 1864

Bullock, W. H. Across Mexico in 1864-65.
Map and plates. 8 1866

Bulychef, I. Travels in Eastern Siberia.
Part I. [In Russian.] Royal 8

St Petersburg, 1856

Bunbury, C. J. F. Journal of a Resi-
dence at the Cape of Good Hope, with
Excursions into the Interior. Plates.
8 1848

Bunbury, Sir Edward H. A History of
Ancient Geography among the Greeks
and Romans, from the Earliest Ages till
the Fall of the Roman Empire. 2 vols.
Maps. 8 1879

Bunbury, S. A. A Summer in Northern
Europe, including Sketches in Sweden,
Norway, Finland, the Aland Islands,
Gothland. 2 vols. 8 1856

Bunce, Daniel. See Zuchold, E. A.

Bundey, W. H. Notes of a Re-
turn Voyage from England to South
Australia, via Ceylon, Singapore, China,
Japan, California, Honolulu, and New
Zealand. 8 Adelaide, 1882

Bunge, Dr Alexander. See Schrenck
and Maximowicz, 3.

Bunge, E. Hospicio de Invalidos para la
Republica Argentina. [Supplement to
No. 47 of El Invalido Arentino.~\ Fo.*

Bunsen, Ernest de. The Origin of the
Saracens. 8* N. D.

Bunsen, Georgius. De Azania, Africa;
Littore Orientali, Commentatio Philo-
logica. Map. 8* Bonn, 1852

Bunnett, F. E. See Vambery.

Buonanno, G. I due Rarissimi Globi di
Mercatore nella Biblioteca Governativa
di Cremona. 8* Cremona, 1890

Burat, Amedee. Description des Terrains
Volcaniques de la France Centrale.
Plates. 8 Paris, 1833

Voyages sur les Cotes de France.

Plates. 8 Paris, 1880

Burbidge, F. W. The Gardens of the
Sun, or a Naturalist's Journal on the
Mountains and in the Forests and
Swamps of Borneo and the Sulu Archi-
pelago. Plates. 8 1880

A Trip to the Sooloo Archipelago.

8* 1884

Burchell, W. J. Travels in the Interior
of Southern Africa. 2 vols. Map and
plates. 4 1822



Burckhardt, C. The Wildbad Spa in
the Kingdom of Wiirtlemberg. Map and
plans. 12* Stuttgart, 1863

Burckhardt, John Lewis. Travels in
Nubia. Maps and portrait. 4 1819
- Travels in Syria and the Holy Land.
Maps. 4 1822

Travels in Arabia in 1814-15, com-
prehending an Account of those terri-
tories in Hecljaz which the Mohamme-
dans regard as sacred. 2 vols. Maps.

Arabic Proverbs, or the Manners

and Customs of the Modern Egyptians
illustrated from their Proverbial Sayings
current at Cairo, Translated and Ex-
plained. 4 1830

Notes on the Bedouins and the

Wahabys. 2 vols. Map. 8 1831

See Phillips [3], Vol. 2, New Voyages
and Travels : Appendix I.

Burdo, A. Niger et Benue : Voyage
dans 1' Afrique Centrale. Map and plates.
12 Paris, 1880

The Niger and Benue. Map and

plates. 8 " 1880

Burdwood, J. Tide Tables for the Brit-
ish and Irish Ports for 1865 ; also the
Times and Heights of High Water at
Full and Change for the Principal Places
on the Globe. Computed by J. Burd-
wood, Staff Commander. 8 1864
A Method for Finding the Latitude
by the Simultaneous Altitudes of Two
Stars. 2nd edition. 8* 1869

Sun's True Bearing, or Azimuth
Tables, computed for Intervals of Four
Minutes between the Parallels of Lati-
tude 30 and 60 inclusive. 2nd edition.


Burdy, . The Life of the Rev. Philip
Skelton. [Bound up with the Lives of
Dr Pocock, Dr Pearce, and Dr Newton.]
2 vols. 8 1816

Buret, Eugene. Question d'Afrique, de
la double Conquete de 1'Algerie par la
Guerre et la Colonisation. 8 Paris, 1842

Buret and Desor. See Ritter, Carl,
p. 403.

Burgess, Capt. Boughey. A brief His-
tory of the Royal United Service Institu-
tion. 8* 1887

Burgess, Dr J. On Hypsometrical
Measurements by Means of the Baro-
meter and the Boiling-point Thermo-
meter. 8 Calcutta, 1859

Remarks on the Bombay Tidal Ob-
servations for 1 86 1, and other Papers
relative to the Tides, Weights, and
Measures, &c. 8* 1863

Notes of a Visit to Satrunjaya Hill,
near Palitana, in September 1868. 16*

Bombay, 1868

Burgess, Dr J. The Rock-cut Temples
of Ajanta ; with an Account of a Trip to
Aurangabad and Elora. 12*

Bombay, 1868

Notes of a Visit to Somnath, Girnar,

and other places in Kathiawad, in May
1869. 1 6* Bombay, 1869

Memorandum on the Survey of

Architectural and other Archzeological
Remains, with Lists of the Rock-Excava-
tions, Temples, Mosques, &c., in the
Bombay Presidency, Sindh, Berar,
Central Provinces, and Haidarabad.
Folio* Bombay, 1870

See India, A : Appendix 2.

Burgess, Richard. On the Egyptian
Obelisks in Rome, and Monoliths as
Ornaments of Great Cities ; with a Dis-
cussion. 4* 1858

Burgkhardt, Dr J. See Germany, C, For-
schungen, &c. , Vol. 3 : Appendix 2.

Burgo, Giovanni Battista de. Viaggio
di cinque anni in Asia, Africa, ct Europa
del Turco . . . ; con la descrittione
di Gierusalem, Gran Cairo, Alessandria,
Constantinopoli, et altre Citta di Tur-
chia, &c. 12 Milan [1686]

Burgst, Baron Nahuijs van. Beschou-
wingen over Nederlandsch Indie. 8

The Hague, 1847

Burkart, Joseph. Aufenthalt und Reisen
in Mexico in 1825 bis 1834 : Bemerk-
ungen iiber Land, Produkte, Leben
und Sitten der Einwohner, und Beobacht-
ungen aus dem Gebiete der Mineralogie,
Geognosie, Bergbaukunde, Meteorologie,
Geographic, &c. ; mit einem Vorworte
von Dr J. Noggerath. 2 vols. in i.
Maps and plates. 8 Stuttgart, 1836

Burke and Wills. See Westgarth.

Biirkli, A., and A. E. von der Linth.
Die Wasserverhaltnisse der Sladt Zurich
und ihrer Umgebung. Map. 8*

Zurich, 1871

Burmeister, Dr Herman. Geologische

Bilder zur Geschichte der Erde und ihrer

Bewohner. Vol. 2. 2nd edition. 12

Leipzig, 1855

Anales del Museo piiblico de Buenos

Aires, &c. Entrega I. Plates. Folio

Buenos Ay res, 1864

Los Caballos fosiles de la Pampa

Argentina. Plates. Folio

Buenos Ay res, 1875

Physikalische Beschreibung der Ar-

gentinischen Republik, nach eigenen und
den vorhandenen Fremden, Beobachtung-
en entworfen. 8 Buenos Ayres, 1875

Description physique de la Republique

Argentine, d'apres des observations per-
sonelles et etrangeres :

Vol. I. (Traduite par E. Maupas) and
II. {Traduite par E. Daireaux). 8 J

Paris, 1876

7 6


Burmeister, Dr Herman. Description
physique de la Republique Argentine ;
d'apres des observations personelles et
etrangeres :

Vol. III. (Traduite par E. Daireaux),
Animaux Vertebres, i ere ptie. 8

Buenos Ay res, 1879
Vol. V. (Traduite par E. Daireaux),
Lepidopteres, i ere ptie. 8

Buenos Ay res, 1878

Atlas, livraisons I and 2. 4

Buenos Ay res, 1879-80

Bericht iiber die Feier des 5o-jahrigen

Doctor - Jubilaeums des, begangen den

igth December 1879, in Buenos Aires.

8* Buenos Ay res, 1880

Atlas de la Description Physique

de la Republique Argentine. Le Texte
traduit en Francais avec le concours de
E. Daireaux. Deuxieme Section. Mam-
miferes, Deuxieme Livraison. Die See-
hunde der Argentinischen Kiisten. Plates.
Folio Buenos Ay res, 1883

The same. Troisieme Livraison.

Osteologie der Gravigraden. i. Abth
Scelidotherium und Mylodon. Part i.
Plates. Folio Buenos Ay res, 1886

Los Caballos fosiles de la Pampa

Argentina : Supplemento. Die fossilen
Pferde der Pampas formation, beschrieben
von Dr Hermann Burmeister, Director
des Museo Nacional in Buenos Aires.
Nachtrags-Bericht. Plates. Large folio
Buenos Ay res, 1889

See Petermann.

Burn, Jacob Henry. Descriptive Cata-
logue of the London Traders', Tavern,
and Coffee-house Tokens current in the
Seventeenth Century ; presented to the
Coporation Library by Henry Benj.
Hanbury Beaufoy. Portraits. 8 1855

Burnaby, Rev. Andrew. Travels through

the Middle Settlementsof North America,

with Observations upon the State of the

Colonies. 4 !775

See Pinkerton, Vol. 13 : Appendix i.

Burnaby, Capt. F. A Ride to Khiva:
Travels and Adventures in Central Asia.
Map, and maps in cover. Small 8 1876

On Horseback through Asia Minor.

2 vols. Maps. 8 1877
Burne, Sir Owen Tudor. British Agents

in Afghanistan. 8* [1879]

Burnell, Arthur Coke. See Yule.
Burnes, Sir Alexander. A Memoir of
a Map of the Eastern Branch of the
Indus, giving an account of ihe altera-
tions produced in it by the Earthquake
of 1819, and Bursting of the Dams in
1826, &c. MS. Small 4 1827-28

Travels into Bokhara : being the
Account of a Journey from India to
Cabool, Tartary, and Persia ; also a
Narrative of a Voyage on the Indus,
from the Sea to Lahore, in 1831-33.

3 vols. Mad and plates. 8 1834

Burnes, Sir Alexander. Leech, Lord,
and Wood's Reports ; Political, Geo-
graphical, and Commercial, on Scinde,
Affghanistan, and adjacent Countries,
in 1835-37. By Order of Government.
Maps. 4 Calcutta, 1839

Cabool : a Personal Narrative of a

Journey to, and Residence in, that city
in 1836-38. Plates. 8 1843

Burnes, James. A Narrative of a Visit to
the Court of Sinde ; a Sketch of the
History of Cutch . , and some

Remarks on the Medical Topography of
Bhooj. Maps. 8 1831

Medical Topography of Bhooj. [From

India Records, No. 15.] Bombay, 1855

Burnet, Bishop Gilbert. See Harris, Vol.
2 : Appendix I.

Burnett, G. See Murray, Hugh.

Burney, Capt. James. Chronological
History of the Discoveries in the South
Sea or Pacific Ocean. 5 vols. Maps
and plates. 4 1803-17

[For Contents, see Appendix I.]
A Chronological History of North-
Eastern Voyages of Discovery, and of the
Early Eastern Navigationsof the Russians.
Maps. 8 1819

Burney, W. See Falconer, W.

Burnouf, E. M. Burnoufonthe History
of Buddhism in India. [A Review.] 8*


Burr, G. D. Short Essay on Sketching
Ground without Instruments, deriving its
Principles from a few Elementary Pro-
blems in Geometry, and Showing the
Practical Method of performing them.
Plates. 8 1830

Treatise on Practical Surveying and

Topographical Plan Drawing, with a
Short Essay on Sketching Ground with-
out Instruments. Plates. 8 1829-30

Burr, Higford. A Trip to South America.
8* 1866

Burrough, Sir John. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Kerr, Vol. 7 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol.
i, p. 600: Appendix i.

Burrough, C., Stephen, and Capt. W.
See Hakluyt, Vol. I : Appendix I.

Burrows, Montagu. Historic Towns :
Cinque Ports. Maps. 12 1888

Burslem, Capt. Rollo. Peep into Toor-
kisthan. Map and plates. 8 1846

Burton, Lieut. -Gen. E. F. An Indian
Olio. Illustrations. 12 [1888]

Burton, Frances B. Thoughts on Physical
Astronomy, with Practical Observations.
8* 1842

Burton, Isabel, Lady. The Life of Captain
Sir Richard F. Burton. 2 vols. Portraits,
illustrations, and maps. 8 '893

The Reviewer reviewed. 12* x.n.

Burton, Sir Richard F. Scinde, or the
Unhappy Valley. 2 vols. 8 1851



Burton, Sir Richard F. Goa and the
Blue Mountains, or Six Months on Sick
Leave. Map and plates. 8 1851

Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to

El-Medinah and Meccah. 3 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1855

Notes relative to the Population of

Sind, and the Customs, Language, and
Literature of the People. [India Records,
No. 17.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

First Footsteps in East Africa, or an
Exploration of Ilarar. Map and plates.
8 1856

The Lake Regions of Central Africa :

Picture of Explorations. Maps and
plates. 8 New York, 1860

The Lake Regions of Central Africa :
a Picture of Exploration. 2 vols. Plates.
8 1860

The Lake Regions of Central Africa,

with Notices of the Lunar Mountains and
the Sources of the White Nile. [Vol.
29, R.G.S. Journal.] Map. 8 1860

City of the Saints, and across the

Rocky Mountains to California. Map
and plates. 8 1861

Abeokuta and the Camaroons Moun-
tains : an Exploration. 2 vols. Por-
trait, map, and plates. 8 1863

- Wanderings in West Africa, from
Liverpool to Fernando Po. By a
F. R.G.S. 2 vols. Map and plate 8


A Mission to Gelele, King of Da-
home ; with Notices of the so-called
"Amazons," the Grand Customs, the
Yearly Customs, the Human Sacrifices,
the Present State of the Slave Trade,
and the Negro's Place in Nature. 2 vols.
Plates. 8 1864

Explorations of the Highlands of the

Brazil, with a full Account of the Gold
and Diamond Mines ; also, Canoeing
down 1,500 miles of the great River Sao
Francisco, from Sahara to the Sea. 2
vols. Map and plates. 8 1869

Letters from the Battlefields of Para-
guay. Map and plates. 8 1870

Proverbia Communia Syriaca 8*


Zanzibar : City, Island, and Coast.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 8 1872

Ultima Thule ; or, A Summer in

Iceland. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8


Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the

Cataracts of the Congo. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1876

- The Gold-Mines of Midian and the
Ruined Midianitic Cities : a Fortnight's
Tour in North-Western Arabia. 8


The Land of Midian (Revisited). 2

vols. Map and plates. 8 1879

Burton, Sir Richard F. Camoens, his
Life and his Lusiads. 2 vols. 12


See Burton, Isabel ; Camoens ; Hitch-
man ; Lacerda ; Leared ; Malte-Brun ;
Rainy; also Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol.
51 : Appendix i.

and V. L. Cameron. To the Gold
Coast for Gold : a Personal Narrative.
2 vols. Frontispiece and maps. Crown
8 1883

and C. F. T. Drake. Unexplored

Syria : Visits to the Libanus, the Tulul
el Safa, the Antilibanus, the Northern
Libanus, and the 'Alah. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1872

and James M 'Queen. The Nile

Basin : Part i, Showing Tanganyika to
be Ptolemy's Western Lake-Reservoir,
in a Memoir read before the Royal Geo-
graphical Society, I4th November 1864,
with Prefatory Remarks by R. F. Burton ;
Part 2, Captain Speke's Discovery of the
Source of the Nile, a Review, by James
M 'Queen. Maps. 8 1864

and J. E. Stocks. Brief Notes rela-
tive to the Division of Time, and Articles
of Cultivation in Sind ; with Remarks on
the Modes of Intoxication in that Pro-
vince. [From the India Records, No.
17.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1853

Burton, W. K. See Milne.

Burwood, John, and Commander C. B.
Yule. Australia Directory :

Vol. i. From Cape Leeuwin to Port
Stephens, including Bass Strait and Tas-

Vol. 2. East Coast, Torres Strait, and
Coral Sea.

Vol. 3. North, North-West, and West
Coasts. 8 1853-59-63

Tide-Tables for the British and Irish

Ports ; also the Times and Heights of
High Water at Full and Change for the
Principal Places on the Globe, for the
years 1856-64. 6 vols. 8 1855-63

Tables of the Sun's True Bearing or

Azimuth, from Sunrise to 10 h. A.M. and
from 2 h. P.M. to Sunset, at intervals of
Four Minutes, for the Parallels of 49 and
50 North. 8 1862

Bury, Viscount. Exodus of the Western
Nations. 2 vols. 8 1865

Busbequius, A. G. The Four Epistles of,
concerning his Embassy into Turkey. . . .
12 1694

Busby, James. Authentic Information
relative to New South Wales and New
Zealand. 8 1832

Biisching, Anton Friedrich. Magazin
fur die neue Historic und Geographic.

1 6 vols. in 8. Maps. 4 /mate; ft- M

Halle, 1779-81


Biisching, Anton Friedrich. Neue
Erdbeschreibung. 9 vols. 12

Hamburg, 1770-71

Vol. i. Danemark, Norwegen, Schwe-

den, und das Russische Reich.
Vol. 2. Preussen, Polen, Hungarn, und

die Europaische Turkey.
Vol. 3. Portugall, Spanien, und Frank-


Vol. 4. Italien, und Gross-Britannien.
Vol. 5. Das Deutsche Reich ; Bohmen,

Oestreichische, Burgundische, West-

phalische, Chur-Rheinische und Ober-

Rheinische Kreis.
Vol. 6. Schwabische, Bayerische, Fran-

kische, und Obersachsische Kreis.
Vol. 7. Niedersachsische Kreis. Unter-

schiedene unmittelbare Reichslander.
Vol. 8. Niederlande, Helvetica, Schle-

sien, und Glatz.
Vol. 9. Lander von Asia.
Bushby, G. A., and Major Harris. Re-
ports on the " Oothaeegeerahs," or Pro-
fessional Thieves of the Tehree, Dutteah,
Shahgurh, and Chundeyree, or Banpoor
States. [From the India Records, N.W.
Provinces, Vol. I.] Agra, 1855

Bushell, S. W. Ancient Roman Coins
from Shansi. 8* Peking, 1886

Businger, Rev. Canon. Itineraire du
Mont-Righi et duLac desquatre Cantons,
precede de la Description de la Ville de
Lucerne. Map and plates. 8

Lucerne, 1815

Busk, G. Remarks on a Collection of 150
Ancient Peruvian Skulls, presented to the
Anthropological Institute by T. J. Hutch-
inson. Plates. 8* [1874]

Buss, Dr Ernst. Die ersten 25 Jahre des
Schweizer Alpenclub. 12* Glarus, 1889

Busse, T. Literature of the Amur Region.
[In Russian.] 8 St Pettrslnirg, 1882

Bussy, Genty de. De 1'Etablissement
des Fran9ais dans la Regence d'Alger, et
des moyens d'en assurer la prosperite.
2 vols. 8 Paris, 1839

Bustinza, Julian de. Memoria sobre
Propriedad, Extension, Ubicacion, &c.,
de los Terrenes cedidos a la empresa del
Ferro-Carril Central Argentine en la Pro-
vincia de Santa-Fe. 8* Rosario, 1866

Butakoff. Alexey. Survey of the Sea of
Aral. Map. 8* 1852

Bute, Marquess of. On the Ancient
Language of the Natives of Tenerife :
a Paper contributed to the Anthropo-
logical Section of the British Association
for the Advancement of Science. 8* 1891

Buteux, . Notions generates sur la
geologic du Department de la Somme.

Butler, E. D. Az olcso ebed. The
Cheap Dinner ; translated from the
German into Hungarian and English.
With an Allegory and a Few Fables, by
Fay ; translated from the Hungarian
into English and German. Plate. 12*

N. D.

Butler, G. G., and F. P. Fletcher-Vane.

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