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The Sea Route to Siberia, followed by a
brief Account of the Natural Resources
of the Country. Maps. 4* [1890]

Butler, Prof. J. D. French Fort at Prairie
du Chien and Tay-cho-pe-rah : the Four
Lake Country. 8* \_Madisoii\ N.D.

Butler, Major John. Travels and Adven-
tures in the Province of Assam. Map
and plates. 8 1855

Butler, Samuel. Sketch of Modern and
Antient Geography. 8 1830

Butler, Col. Sir W. F. The Great Lone
Land : a Narrative of Travel and Ad-
venture in the North-West of America.
Map. 8 1872

The Wild North Land : being the

Story of a Winter Journey, with Dogs,
across Northern North America. 4th
edition. Map. 8 1874

Akim Foo : the History of a Failure.

Map, plate. 8 1875

The Campaign of the Cataracts :

being a Personal Narrative of the Great
Nile Expedition of 1884-85, with Illus-
trations from Drawings by Lady Butler ;
also a Map of the Nile from the Medi-
terranean to the Equatorial Lakes. 8


Butrigarius, G. See Kerr, Vol. 6: Ap-
pendix i.

Butterworth, J. A. The Gem Geo-
graphy : a New System of Elementary
Geography. Part I. England and Wales.
Maps. 12* [1877]

Biittikofer, J. Reisebilder aus Liberia :
Resultate geographischer, naturwissen-
schaftlicher und ethnographischer Un-
tersuchungen wahrend der Jahre 1879-82
und 1886-87. I- Band. Reise und
Charakterbilder. Maps and illustra-
tions. 8 Leytien, 1890

Buttmann. A. Kurzgefasste Geographic
von Alt-Griechenland : ein Leitfaden
fur den Unterricht in der griechischen
Geschichte und die griechische Lecture
aut hoheren Unterrichts-Anslalten. 8
Berlin, 1872

Biittner, Dr Richard. Reisen im Kongo-
lande, Ausgefiihrt im Auftrage der Afri-
kanischen Gesellschaft in Deutschland.
Dritte Auflage. Map. 8 Leipzig, 1890

Button, Sir Thomas. Some Particulars
of the Voyage of, for the Discovery of a
North-West Passage to China, Cathay,
and Japan, 1612. 8* 1853

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 5 ; All-

N.P., N.D, gemeine Historic, Vol. 17: Appendix i.



Butts, Lieut, de. Rambles in Ceylon.
8 1841

Buxton, Edward North. Short Stalks ;
or, Hunting Camps, North, South, East,
and West. Illustrations. 8 . 1892

Buxton, Sir Thomas Powell. The
African Slave Trade and its Remedy.
Map. 8 1840

See Pigafetta, F.

Byam, George. Wanderings in some of
the Western Republics of America ; with
Remarks upon the Cutting of the Great
Ship Canal through Central America.
Map and plates. 8 1850

Bylot and Baffin. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 5: Appendix I.

Byng, Admiral Sir George. An
Account of the Expedition of the British
Fleet to Sicily, in the years 1718, '19,
and '20, under the command of Sir
George Byng, Bart. Collected from the
Admiral's Manuscripts, and other original
papers. 3rd edition. 8* 1739

Byrne, J. C. Twelve Years' Wanderings
in the British Colonies, from 1835 to
1847. Maps. 2 vols. 8 1848

Byrne, Oliver. How to Measure the Earth
with the Assistance of Railroads. 8*

Newcastle, 1838

The Art of Dual Arithmetic. Small

4* 1878

Navigation and Nautical Astronomy.

4 l8 7S

Byron, Commodore Hon. John. Narra-
tive of the Loss of the " Wager ; " with
an Account of the great Distresses
suffered by Himself and his Companions
on the Coast of Patagonia, 1740-46. 8


See Callander, Vol. 3 ; Hawkesworth,

Vol. i; Kerr, Vols. 12, 17; Laharpe,
Vol. 18; " The Modern Traveller," Vol.
4; p. 610: Appendix I.

Cabanes, Don Franc. Xavier de. Guia
General de Correos, Postas y Caminos
del Reino de Espana. 8 Madrid, 1830

Cabeaus, Nicolaus. Philosophia Mag-
netica in qua Magnetis natura penitus
explicatur, et omnium qiie hoc Lapide
cernuntur causre propriae afferuntur ;
nova etiam Pyxis construitur, quoe
propriam Poli elevationem, cum suo
Meridiano, ubiquedemonstrat. Wooddits.
Folio Ferrara, 1629

Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar Nunez. Nau-
fragios de Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca,
y Relacion de la Jornada que hizo a la
Florida con el Adelantado Panfilo de
Narvaez. Folio N.P., N.D.

Comentarios de Alvar Nunez Cabeza

de Vaca, Adelantado y Governador del
Rio de la Plata. Folio N.P., N.I),

Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar Nunez. Exa-
men apologetico de la historica Nar-
racion de los Naufragios, Peregrin-
aciones, i Milagros de Alvar Nunez
Cabeza de Baca en les Tierras de la
Florida i del Nuevo Mexico, contra la
incierta i mal reparada Censura del P.
Honorio Filipono . . . por Don
Antonio Ardoino. Folio Madrid, 1736

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 81 ;

Kerr, Vol. 5 ; Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 8 ;
Ramusio, Vol. 3 ; Ternaux - Compans,
Vol. 6 : Appendix I.

Cabot, J. Eliot. See Agassiz, Louis.

Cabot, J. and S. Jean et Sebastien Cabot,
leur origine et leurs Voyages : Etude
d'histoire critique ; suivie d'une Carto-
graphic, d'une Bibliographic, et d'une
Chronologic des Voyages au Nord-Ouest
de 1497 a 1550 d'apres des Documents
inedits par Henry Harrisse. (No. I de
Recueil de Voyages et de Documents
pour servir a 1'Histoire de la Geographic
depuis le XIII e jusqu'a la fin du XVI e
siecle, public sous la diiection de MM.
Ch. Schefer et Henri Cordier. ) Maf>.
Large 8 Paris, 1882

See Stevens, H. ; Tarducci, F.

Cabot, Sebastian. Memoir of; with a
Review of the History of Maritime Dis-
covery. Illustrated by Documents from
the Rolls. By John Biddle. 8 1831

Review [in French] of J. F. Nicholls's

Life of, &c. 8* Paris, 1878

See Stevens ; a/ri? Burney, Vol. I ; Gott-
fried ; Hakluyt, Vol. 3 ; Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 5; Kerr, Vol. 6; Purchas,
Vol. 3, Book 4 ; Ramusio, Vol. 2 ; Allge-
meine Historic, Vols. 13, 16, 17 : Ap-
pendix i.

Cabral, Pedro A. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Gottfried ; Laharpe, Vol. I ; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. I, p. 599; General
Collection of Voyages, p. 618; The
World Displayed, Vol. 8, p. 609 :.
Appendix I.

Cabral, Stefano, and Fausto del Re.
Monumenti Antichi o della Citta e del
Territorio di Tivoli. Map. 8 Rome, 1776

Cabrera, A. de. See Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 16, p. 605; Appendix i.

Cabrera, P. Felix. See Del Rio.

Cabrillo, J. Rodriguez. See Burney,
Vol. i : Appendix I.

Cabrol, Elie. Voyage en Grece, 1889 :
Notes et Impressions. Plans and plates.
4 Paris, 1890

Cadamosto, Aluise da. See Astley,
Vol. I ; Kerr, Vol. 2 ; Laharpe, Vol. I ;
Ramusio, Vol. I ; Collec9ao de Noticias,
Vol. 2, p. 610 ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 2 ; General Collection of Voyages,
p. 610 : Appendix I.



Cadell, Francis. Exploration in Northern
Territory [South Australia]. 4 1868

Cadell, W\ A. Journey in Carniola, Italy,
and France, in 1817-18. 2 vols. Map
mid plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1820

Caerden, P. van. See Allgemeine His-
toric, Vol. 8: Appendix I.

Cagnazzi, Luca de S. Saggio sulla
Popolazione del Regno di Puglia. Parte
Prima. Map. 8 Naples, 1820

Cailliatte. C. Les Explorations Anglnises
dans 1'Afrique equatoriale : Samuel
Baker au lac de Louta-N'zige. 8*

[Paris] N.D.

Cailliaud. Frederic. Voyage & Meroe,
au Fleuve Blanc, au-dela de Fazoql dans
le midi du Royaume de Sennar, a Syouah
et dans cinq autres Oasis, 1819-22.
4 vols. Plates. 8 Paris, 1826

Atlas to same. 2 vols. Folio

Paris, 1823

See Phillips [3], Vol. 7: Appendix I.

Caillie, Rene. Journal d'un Voyage a
Temboctou et a Jenne, dans 1'Afrique
Centrale, precede d'Observations faites
chez les Maures Braknas, les Nalous et
et d'autres peuples, pendant les annees
1824, 1825, 1826, 1827, 1828. 3 vols.
Portrait, map, and plates. 8 Paris, 1830

Travels through Central Africa to
Timbuctoo, and across the Great Desert
to Morocco, in 1824-28. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1830

- Notice Historique sur la Vie et les

Voyages de. Par M. Jomard. Portrait.

8* Paris, 1839

Caine, W. S. A Trip round the World

in 1887-88. Illustrations. 8 1888

Picturesque India : a Handbook for
European Travellers. Alap and illus-
trations. 8 i 890

Calancha, Antonio de la. Coronica
moralizada del Orden de San Augustin
en el Peru, con sucesos egenplares en
esta Monarquia. Plates. Folio

Barcelona, 1638

Caldas, Francisco Jose de. Semanario
de la Nueva Granada, Miscelanea de
Ciencias, Literatura, Artes, e Industria.
Nueva edicion, . . . con el cuadro original
de la Geografia de las Plantas del Baron
de Humboldt. 8 Paris, 1849

Caldcleugh, Alex. Travels in South
America during 1819-21, containing an
Account of Brazil, Buenos Ayres, and
Chile. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8 1825

Caldecott, Alfred. English Colonisation
and Empire. Maps. Small 8 1891

Caldecott, R. M. The Life of Baber,
Emperor of Hindostan. Map. 8 1844

Calder, Mrs E. H. S. See Meyer.

Calder, H. Report on the General Con-
dition of the Colony of Tasmania. MS.
Folio 1867

Calder, J. E. Some Account of the Wars,
Extirpation, Habits, &c., of the Native
Tribes of Tasmania. 12 Hobart , ify $

Calderon, C. , and Edward E. Britton.
Colombia, 1893. ^ a P an< i illustrations.
8 New York, 1893

Calderon y Arana, Salvador. Los
Grandes Lagos Nicaragiienses (en la
America Central). Map. 8*

Madrid, 1882

and F. Quiroga y Rodriguez.
Erupcion Ofitica del Ayuntamiento de
Molledo (Santander). Plate. 8*

Madrid, 1877

Calindri, Gabrielle. Saggio Statistico-
Storico del Stato Pontificio. 4

Perugia, 1829

Calisch, J. M. See Dictionaries, Dutch :
Appendix 2.

Call, R. E. See United States, G, c:
Appendix 2.

Callander, J. Terra Australis Cognita ;
or, Voyages to the Terra Australis or
Southern Hemisphere, during the Six-
teenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth
Centuries. 3 vols. Maps. 8

Edinburgh, 1766-68
[For full Title and Contents of the
three volumes, see Appendix I.]

Callejo y Angulo, P. del. Description
de 1'Isle de Sicile, et de ses Cotes Mari-
times. Maps and plans. 8

Amsterdam, 1734

Gallery, J. M. The Encyclopedia of the
Chinese Language. [Specimen.] 8 1842

Callwell, Capt. C. E. See United King-
dom, G, War Office Publ. : Appendix 2.

Calmet, P. Antiquities, Sacred and Pro-
fane ; or, A Collection of Critical Dis-
sertations on the Old and New Testa-
ments. Done into English, with Notes,
by N. Tindall. Plates. 4 1727

Calvert, Albert F. Pearls, their Origin
and Formation. 12* 1892

The Mineral Resources of Western

Australia. 12 1893

Recent Explorations in Australia

(1891 Expedition). Map, plan, and
illustrations. 8* Taunton, 1893

Western Australia and its Gold-Fields;

with Government Map. 12 1893

The Discovery of Australia ; with

Maps and illustrated Appendix. 4 1893
Calvert, Frank. Contributions to the
Ancient Geography of the Troad, con-
sisting of Investigations relative to the
Sites and Remains of Colonme and of
Ophrynium ; with a Notice of a Bronze
Weight found on the Site of the Helle-
spontic Abydos. Map and plate. 8

1 86 1

Contributions towards the Ancient

Geography of the Troad : On the Site
ofGergis. Plate. 8 N.D.



Calvert, James. See Williams and Calvert.

Calvert, John. Gold Rocks of Great
Britain and Ireland, and a General
Outline of the Gold Regions of the
World, with a Treatise on the Geology
of Gold. 8 1853

See Wallace, A.

Calvert, J. Vazeeri Rupi, the Silver
Country of the Vazeers, in Kulu, its
Beauties, Antiquities, and Silver Mines ;
including a Trip over the Lower Hima-
layah Range and Glaciers. J\Iap and
plates. 8 1873

Calvo, Joaquin Bernardo. Administra-
cion Soto. Republica de Costa Rica.
Apuntamientos Geograficos, Estadisticos,
e Historicos. 8

San Jose" de Costa Rica, 1886-87

Camara, Antonio Alves. Analyse dos
Instrumentos de Sondar e Perscrutar
os segredos da Naturesa Submarinha.
Seguida de um Appendice contendo
estudus feitos sobre as causas de varia9ao
de densidade das agoas no porto de
Montevideo. Illustrations. Large 8
Rio de Janeiro, 1878

Ensaio sobre as Construc96es Navaes

IndigenasdoBrasil. Illustrations. Large
8 Rio de Janeiro, 1888

Relatorio dos Estudos feitos no

Interior do Porto da Bahia relativa-
mente ao local mais appropriado para
a mudanca do Arsenel de Marinha da
mesma provincia e construc9oes de
diques. Plan. 8* Rio de Janeiro, 1884

Camarda, Dimitri. Dora d' Istria :
Fyletia e Arbenore prej Kanekate Lao-
shima. Portrait. 8* Leghorn, 1867

Camargo, Alonzo de. .S^Burney, Vol. i ;
Callander, Vol. i : Appendix I.

" Cambridge," Ship. See Salvin.

Caniden, William. Britain, or a Choro-
graphicall Description of the most
Flourishing Kingdomes, England, Scot-
land, and Ireland, and the Islands
adjoyning, out of the depth of Anti-
quitie : beautified with Mappes of the
severall Shires of England. Written
first in Latine by William Camden,
Clarenceux K. of A. ; translated newly
into English by Philemon Holland,
Doctour in Physick ; Finally Revised,
Amended, and Enlarged, with sundry
Additions by the said Author. Folio


Britannia. Newly translated into

English, with large Additions and Im-
provements, by Bishop Edmund Gibson.
Maps. Folio 1695

Camenzind, B. La Bolivie : Lettres d'un
Voyageur Suisse. 8* Neuchatel, 1886

Cameron, C. H. SeeCey]on: Appendix 2.

Cameron, Col. See United Kingdom,
G, War Office Publ. : Appendix 2.

Cameron, J. F. Aerial Navigation. 8*
New York, 1881

Cameron, John. Our Tropical Posses-
sions in Malayan India : being a De-
scriptive Account of Singapore, Penang,
Province Wellesley, and Malacca, &c.
Plates. 8 1865

Cameron, Peter. The Insecta of the

West of Scotland. Published for the

British Association Meeting, 1876. 12

Glasgow, 1876

Cameron, Capt. V. L. Copies of Letters
as to the outlet of Lake Tanganyika and
its supposed connection with the Congo.
Folio" 1874

Across Africa. 2 vols. Map and

plates. 8 1877

The same. New edition, with New

and Original Matter and Corrected Maps.
Illustrations. 8 1 885

The Trade of Central Africa, Present

and Future. 8* 1877

Our Future Highway. 2 vols. Map

and plates. Small 8 1880

The Log of a Jack Tar ; or, The Life

of Tames Choyce, Master Mariner, now
first published ; with O'Brien's Captivity
in France. Edited by Commander V.
Lovett Cameron, with Introduction and
Notes. Illustrations. 8 1891

See Burton, Sir Richard.

Cameron, W. Kola Glanggi or Klanggi,
Pahang. 8* [1882]

On the Patani. Maps. 8* N.D.

Camoens, Luis de. The Lusiad ; or,
The Discovery of India, an Epic Poem.
Translated from the original Portuguese
by W. J. Mickle. 3rd edition. 2 vols.
Map. 8 1 798

Os Lusiadas (The Lusiads). Eng-
lished by Richard Francis Burton
(edited by his wife, Isabel Burton).
2 vols. 12 1880

A Memoria de Luiz de Camues. 8*

Loaniia, 1881

Campagnon, Sieur. See Astley, Vol. 2:
Appendix I.

Campana, Visconti, and W. H. Smyth.
Adriatic Pilot. From the Surveys of,
and the Portolano of Marieni. 8 1861

Campbell, Allan. Report on Parana and
Cordova Railway, &c. Map. 8* 1861

Campbell, Archibald. Voyage round the
World, 1806-12, in which Japan, Kams-
chatka, the Aleutian Islands, and the
Sandwich Islands were visited ; includ-
ing a Narrative of the Author's ship-
wreck on the Island of Sannack . . . ;
with an Account of the Present State
of the Sandwich Islands. Map. 8

Edinburgh, 1816

Campbell, A. D. Grammar of the Teloo-
goo Language. 4 Madras, 1820


Campbell, A. D. Dictionary of the
Teloogoo Language, commonly termed
the Gentoo, peculiar to the Hindoos of
the North - Eastern Provinces of the
Indian Peninsula. 4 Madras, 1821

Campbell, A. J. See Campbell, F. A.

Campbell, Sir Colin. See Rees.

Campbell, C. W. Report of a Journey in
North Corea, in September and October
1889. [Foreign Office Report.] Map.
Folio * 1891

Campbell, Donald. A Journey over Land
to India, partly by a Route never gone
before by any European. 4 1 795

Narrative of the Extraordinary Ad-
ventures and Sufferings by Shipwreck
and Imprisonment of; comprising the
Occurrences of Four Years in an Over-
land Journey to India. Plates. 18 1808

Campbell, F. Imperial Federation Series
of Colonial State - Paper Catalogues.
Edited by Frank Campbell. No. I.
Cape of Good Hope, 1892. 8* 1893

Campbell, F. A. A Year in the New
Hebrides, Loyalty Islands, New Cale-
donia ; with an Account of the Early
History of the New Hebrides Missions,
by A. J. Campbell ; a Narrative of the
Voyages of the " Dayspring," by D.
M'Donald ; and an Appendix, contain-
ing a Contribution to the Phytography
of the New Hebrides, by Baron von
Mueller. Map and plates. 12

Geelong, 1873

Campbell, Lord George. Log Letters
from "The Challenger." Chart. 8 1876

Campbell, Sir George. The British
Empire. Crown 8 [1887]

Campbell, Lieut.-Col. James. Excur-
sions, Adventures, and Field-Sports in
Ceylon, its Commercial and Military
Importance. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8 1843

Campbell, John. Political Survey of Great
Britain : being a Series of Reflections
on the Situation, Lands, Inhabitants,
Revenues, Colonies, and Commerce of
this Island. 2 vols. 4 1774

Travels in South Africa, 1812-13,

undertaken at the request of the Mis-
sionary Society. Map and plates. 8


Second Journey into South Africa,

1819. Map and coloured plates. 2 vols.
8 J 1822

See Eyries, Vol. n : Appendix i.

Campbell, J. F. Frost and Fire : Natural
Engines, Tool-marks, and Chips ; with
Sketches taken at Home and Abroad by a
Traveller. 2 vols. Maps. 8

Edinburgh, 1865

Campbell, M. R. See United States,
G, c : Appendix 2.

Campbell, Robert. Pilgrimage to my
Motherland, or Reminiscences of a
Sojourn among the Egbas and Yorubas
of Central Africa in 1859-60. Map. 12


Campbell, Thomas. Letters from the
South, written during a Journey to
Algiers. 12 Philadelphia, 1836

The same. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1837

Campbell, T. M. A. J. Notes on the
Island of Corsica in 1868. Plate. 12


Campbell, W. Observations on the Dis-
covery of Gold in Victoria, with the
Report of the Select Committee on the
Claims for the Discovery of Gold in
Victoria. 8 Edinburgh, 1856

India in Six, and Australia in Sixteen,

Days. 8* 1883

Campbell, Rev. W. A few Notes from
the Pescadores. 12* Amoy, 1886

The Gospel of St Matthew in Formo-

san, edited from Gravius's edition of
1661. 16 1888

The same. (Sinkang Dialect) with

Corresponding Versions in Dutch and
English, edited from Gravius's edition
of 1661. 4 1888

An Account of Missionary Success in

the Island of Formosa, published in
London in 1650, and now reprinted
with copious Appendices. 2 vols.
Portraits, map, and plan. 12 1889

Campbell, W. M. See India, F, c (Ac-
count, &c.): Appendix 2.

Campbell-Johnston, A. R. South Africa,
its Difficulties and Present State, sug-
gested by a recent Visit to that Country.
8* 1877

Campe, Joachim Heinrich. Neue Sam-
mlung merkwtirdiger Reisebeschreibung-
en fiir die Jugend. 8 vols. in 4. Plates.
12 Brtinswick, 1806-17

Campen, J. van. See Allgemeine His-
toric, Vol. 5: Appendix i.

Campen, Samuel Richard van. The
Dutch in the Arctic Seas. In Two
volumes ; with Illustrations, Maps, and
Appendix. Vol. I. A Dutch Arctic
Expedition and Route. 3rd edition. 8


See Jonge ; Tollens.

Campenhausen, Baron. See Phillips [2],
Vol. 3 : Appendix I.

Campense, Albert. See Ramusio, Vol. 2:
Appendix I.

Camper, de Nourquer du. See Eyries,
Vol. 12: Appendix I.

Camperio, Capt. Manfredo. See Gessi.

Campomanes, de. "La Industria
Popular" and " La Historia de los Tem-
plarios." [Reprinted by J. D. Wagener,
and forming Vols. I and 2 of the
"Coleccion de las mejores Obras Es-
panolas."] Small 8 Hamburg, 1795


Campos, A. M. de. Un Congres per-
manent de Geographic en Portugal au
XVe Siecle. 12 Leiria, 1878

Campos, Navarro y. Itinerary of a
Journey performed by command of the
Prince Regent of Portugal in 1808, from
Bahia to Rio de Janeiro. [MS. in Por-
tuguese.] 4 N.D.

Canale, M. G. Degli antichi Navigatori
e scopritori Genovesi. 8 Genoa, 1846

Canamaque, Francisco. Recuerdos de
Filipinas. 2 vols. 12 Madrid, 1877-79

Cande, de Maussion. Notice sur le
Golfe de Honduras, et la Republique du
Centre Amerique. 8* Paris, 1842

Candelier, H. Rio-Hacha et les Indiens
Goajires. 8 Paris, 1893

Candidius, G. See Churchill, Vol. i :
Appendix i.

Candish, Sir Thomas. See Cavendish.

Candolle, A. de. Hypsometric des
Environs de Geneve. 4 Paris, 1839

La Vie et les Ecrits de Sir W. J.
Hooker. 8* Paris, 1866

Lois de la Nomenclature Botanique.
8 Paris, 1867

Candolle, A. P. de. Catalogus Plantarum
Horti Botanici Monspeliensis, addito
Observationum circa Species novas aut
non satis cognitas fascicule. 8

Montpellier, 1813

Notice sur la Longevite des Arbres, et
les Moyens de la constater. 8*

Geneva, 1831

Canepa, Pietro. Quale sia il limite fra le
Alpi e gli Appennini. 8* Genoa, 1878

Canner, Thomas. See Purchas, Vol. 4,
Book 8 : Appendix i.

Canstein, Baron P. von. Einige Begleit-
worte zur Charte von der Verbreitung
der nutzbarsten Pflanzen iiber den Erd-
korper. 8 Berlin, 1834

Cantley, N. Memorandum of Circum-
stances which affect the Value of Forest
Land in the Colony of Mauritius, to-
gether with the Approximate Valuation
of all Private Forest Land contained
therein, mere fragments of small area
excepted. Map. Folio N.D.

First Annual Report on the Forest
Department, Straits Settlements, its
Organisation and Working. Folio*

Singapore, 1885

Straits Settlements. Report on the

Forest Department, for the year 1886.
Folio* Singapore, 1887

Canto, Ernesto do. Os Corte Reaes :
Memoria historica, acompanhada de
muitos documentos ineaitos. Small
square 8 Ponta Delgada, 1883

J. D. do. New Pocket Dictionary
of the Portuguese and English Lan-
guages, abridged from Vieyra's Dic-
tionary, with many alterations and
improvements. 18 1826

Cantova, P. J. Antonio de. Carolines.
Decouverte et Description des lies Gar-
banzos, d'apres le Manuscrit de PArchivo
de Indias, de Seville, intitule : Secretaria
de Nueva Espana. Ecclesiastico. Au-
diencia de Filipinas. Descubrimiento y
Descripcion de las islas Garbanzos. 8*
Paris, 1 88 1

See Burney, Vol. 5 ; Callander, Vol.

3 : Appendix i.

Capadose, Lieut-Col. Sixteen Years in
the West Indies. 2vols.ini. 12 1845

Capello, Brito. Guide pour 1'usage des
Cartes des Vents et des Courants du
Golfe de Guinee. Traduit du Portugais
par West et Le Gras. Maps. 8

Paris, 1862

Capello, H., and R. Ivens. De Ben-
guella as Terras de lacca : Descripcaa
de uma viagem na Africa Central e
Occidental, comprehendendo narra96es,
aventuras e estudos importantes sobre as
cabeceiras dos rios Cu-nene, Cu-bango,
Lu-ando, Cu-anza, e Cu-ango. . . .
Expedi9ao organisada nos annos de
1877-80. 2 vols. Maps, portraits, and
illustrations. 8 Lisbon, 1 88 1

From Benguella to the Territory of

Yacca : Description of a Journey into
Central and West Africa [as above].
Translated by Alfred Elwes, Ph.D.
.2 vols. Maps, portraits, and illustra-
tions. 8 1882

De Angola a Contra-Costa. De-

scripcao de uma viagem atravez do
continente Africano comprehendendo
narrativas diversas, aventuras e impor-
tantes descobertas entre as quaes figuram
a das origens do Lualaba, caminho entre
as duas costas, visita as terras da Garan-
ganja, Katanga, e ao curso do Luapula,
bem como a descida do Zambeze, do
Choa ao Oceano. 2 vols. Maps and
ilhistrations. 8 Lisbon, 1886

Caplin, . See Perrot.

Capo di Vacca. See Cabeza de Vaca.

Capocci, E. Viaggio alia Meta, al
Morronc, ed alia Maiella. 4* N.P., N.D.

Capper, Benj. Pitto. Topographical
Dictionary of the United Kingdom, con-
taining Geographical, Topographical,
and Statistical Accounts of every District,
Object, and Place in England, Wales,
Scotland, Ireland, and the various small
Islands dependent on the British Empire.
Maps. 8" 1808

Capper, James. Observations on the
Passage to India through Egypt. . . . 3rd
edition. Maps and plates. 8" 1 785

Observations on the Winds and Mon-
soons, with Notes Geographical and
Meteorological. Map. 4 1801

Journal [in India]. [ Title-page want-
ing.] 4 N.D.


Capper, John. The Three Presidencies
of India : a History of the Rise and Pro-
gress of the British Indian Possessions,
&c. Plates [map wanting]. 8 1853

Capper, S. J. The Shores and Cities of
the Boden See : Rambles in 1879 and
1880. Maps and plates. 8 1881

Capreolus, Jacobus. Sphsera Jacobi
Capreoli, moderatoris Scholse Harcu-
riame, professoris philosophise. 12

Paris, 1623

Capron, E. S. History of California,
from its Discovery to the Present Time ;
with a Journal of the Voyage from New-
York, via Nicaragua, to San Francisco,
and back vid Panama. Map. 12

Boston, Mass., 1854

Capron, H. See Japan : Appendix 2.

Capus, Guillautne. The Agriculture of
the Aryan Tribes in the Sub-Pamirian
Region. 8* N.D.

A Travers le Royaume de Tamerlan

(Asie Centrale), Voyage dans la Siberie
Occidentale, le Turkestan, la Boukharie,

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