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Coast, and other subjects. 8 asle, 1881

Christaller, Rev. J. G. Sprachproben
aus clem Sudan. Separatabdruck aus der
" Zeitschrift fiir Afrikanische Sprachen,"
1889-90. Heft 2. 8* Schorndorf, 1889

Sprachproben vom Sudan zwischen

Asante und Mittel Niger. Separat-
abdruck aus der "Zeitschrift fur Afrik-
anische Sprachen," 1889-90. Heft 2.
8* Schorndorf, 1890

Christie, A. T. See India, C (Geological
Papers) : Appendix 2.

Christie, S. H. Discussion of Magnetical
Observations made by Captain Back
during his late Arctic Expedition. 4*


Christison, D. Meteorological Observa-
tions at San Jorge, Central Uruguay, in
1867-68, and on Pamperos there, with
the Relation of these and other Storms
at San Jorge and Buenos Ayres to each
other. Large 8* 1880

The Gauchos of San Jorge, Central

Uruguay. 8* 1881

Christmas, H. Shores and Islands of the
Mediterranean, including a Visit to the
Seven Churches of Asia. 3 vols. 8


Christopher, J. S. Natal, a Cotton,
Sugar, Grazing, and Agricultural
Country ; with a Map of the Colony,
and a Vocabulary of the Natal or Zulu
Language. 8 N.D.

Christy, H. See Lartet, Edouard.

Christy, T. New Commercial Plants
and Drugs. Nos. 7 to 1 1 . Illustrations.
8* 1884-87

New and Rare Drugs. 8* 1888

Chubinski, P. P. Ethnographical Ex-
pedition to Western Russia. Vol. 5.
[In Russian.] Small 4

St Petersburg, 1874

Chuckerbutty, T. Thoughts on Popular
Education. 8* Calcutta, 1870

Church, Col. G. E. Bolivia and Brazil
in the Amazon Valley. 8* 1870

The Rapids of the Madeira Branch of

the Amazon River : a Preliminary Re
port upon the Madeira and Mamore
Railway, based upon the Maps and
Surveys made by the Engineers, Jose
and Francisco Keller. Map. 8* 1870

Explorations made in the Valley of

the River Madeira from 1749 to 1868. 8


The Route to Bolivia via the River

Amazon : a Report to the Govern-
ments of Bolivia and Brazil. Maps. 8"


Report of Mr George Earl Church

upon Ecuador. 8* Washington, 1883

The Venezuela Central Railway and

its Sources of Traffic. 8* 1888

See Keller, Jose.


Church, John A. The Great Wall of
China. (From the Engineering Maga-
zine, February 1893.) 8* 1893

Churchill, A. and J. Collection of

Voyages and Travels. Maps and plates.

8 vols. Folio 1707-47

[For full Title and Contents of the

eight volumes, see Appendix I . ]

Churchill, Col. C. H. Mount Lebanon :
a Ten Years' Residence from 1842 to
1852, describing the Manners, Customs,
and Religion of its Inhabitants, with
Historical Records of the Mountain
Tribes. 3 vols. 8 1853

The Druzes and the Maronites under

the Turkish Rule from 1840 to 1860.
8 1862

Churchill, G. C. See Gilbert, J.

Churchward, William B. My Consu-
late in Samoa : a Record of Four Years'
Sojourn in the Navigators Islands, with
Personal Experiences of King Malietoa
Laupepa, his Country and his Men. 8


Churi, Joseph H. Sea, Nile, the Desert,
and Nigritia : Travels in company with
Capt. Peel, R.N., 1851-52; with 13
Arabic Songs . . . translated . . . and
set to Musical Annotation, with other
Arabic Songs. 8 1853

Chydenius, K. Svenska Expeditionen
till Spetsbergen ar 1861 under ledning af
Otto Torell. Ur Deltagarnes Anteck-
ningar och andra Handlingar. Map
and plates. Large 8 Stockholm, 1865

Chy Fa Hian. See Fa Hian.

Cialdi, Commendat. Alessandro. Navi-
gazione del Tevere e della sua Foce in
Fiumicino. Plates. 8 Rome, 1845

Sul Tevere, sulla Linea piu con-

veniente pet la Unione dei due Mari e
sulla Marina Mercantile dello Stato
Pontificio. 8* Rome, 1847

Osservazioni Idraulico-Nautiche sui

Porti Neroniano ed Innocenziano in
Anzio. Plan. 8* Rome, 1848

Risultati di Studi Idrodinamici,

Nautici e Commerciali sul Porto di
Livorno. Plan. 8* Florence, 1853

Appendice. Plan. 8* Rome, 1855

Sul Porto-Canale di Pesaro. Plan.

8* Pesaro, 1857

Sul Nuovo Emissario del Lago di

Bientina e sulla Botte sotto 1'Arno.
Map. 8* Rome, 1857

[The above six are bound in I vol.]

Cenni sul Moto ondoso del Mare e

sulle Correnti di Esso. Plate. 4

Rome, 1856

Sul Moto ondoso 'del Mare e sulle

Correnti di esso, Specialmente su Quelle
Littorali. Seconda edizione. Plates.
8 Rome, 1866

Cialdi, Commendat. Alessandro. Les

Ports-Canaux. Maps. 8* Rome, 1866

Port - Said a M. Ferdinand de

Lessep. . . . Lettre du Comm. A.

Cialdi . . . avec un Post-scriptum. 8*

Rome, 1868

Le Phenomene du Flot Courant, a

propos du Naufrage de la Fregatte Russe
" Alexandre-Newski." Lettre, &c. 8*

Rome, 1869

A MS. Translation into French of

part of the work " Cenni sul Moto ondoso
del Mare," &c. Folio* N.P., N.D.

See Tessan.

Ciampi, Sebastiano. Viaggio in Polonia,
nella state del 1830. 8 Florence, 1831

Cicalek, Dr Theodor. Die Colonien des
Deutschen Reiches. 8* Vienna, 1885

See Dorn, A.

Cie^a de Leon, Pedro de. Parte Primera
de la Chronica del Peru, que tracta la
demarcacion de sus provincias, la descrip-
cion dellas, las fundaciones de las neuvas
ciudades, los ritas y costumbres de los
Indios, y otras cosas estranas dignas de
ser sabidas. 12 Antwerp, 1554

The Seventeen Years' Travels of Peter

de Ciezo through the mighty Kingdom
of Peru, and the large Provinces of Car-
tagena and Popayan in South America,
from the City of Panama, on the Isthmus,
to the Frontiers of Chile. Map. Small
square 8 1709

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ. , Vol. 33, 68 :

Appendix I.

Cintra, Capt. Pedro de. See Astley,
Vol. I ; Kerr, Vol. 2 ; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 2 : Appendix i.

Circourt, Comte Adolphe de. Remarks
on "Les Monnaies d'Athenes," par
M. Beule. (Extrait des Nouvelles
Annales des Voyages, Novembre 1858.)
8* Paris, 1858

Les Russes sur PAmur. Compte

Rendu. (Extrait des Nouvelles Annales
des Voyages.) 8* Paris, 1862

Cirera, P. Ricardo. El Magnetismo
Terrestre en Filipinas. 4*

Manila, 1893

Citus, G. F. See Pierling.

Civiale, A. Les Alpes au Point de Vue de
la Geographic Physique et de la Geologic :
Voyages photographiques dans le Dau-
phine, la Savoie, le Nord de 1'Italie, la
Suisse, et le Tyrol. [2 Maps separate.]
Plates. 8 Paris, 1882

Clain, P. Paul. See Burney, Vol. 5 :
Appendix i.

Clancey, J. C. Aid to Land-Surveying
(Larger edition ; in English only),
containing complete Sets of Logarithmic,
Traverse, Levelling, and other Tables,
and accompanied with 542 illustrations
on the subject. Folio Calcutta, 1882



Clancey, J. C. Aid to Land-Surveying
(in English and Burmese), accompanied
by 234 illustrations on the subject, and
edition. Folio Rangoon, 1890

Calculating Tables for Use in Burma.
Folio Rangoon, 1890

Examination Questions in Surveying.

and edition. Illustrations.. Folio

Rangoon, 1892

Claparede, Arthur de. Annuaire Uni-
versel des Societes de Geographic, 1892-
93. 12 Geneva, 1893

Clapperton, Capt. Hugh. Journal of a
Second Expedition into the Interior of
Africa, from the Bight of Benin to Soc-
catoo ; to which is added the Journal of
Richard Lander from Kano to the Sea
Coast, partly by a more Eastern Route.
Map and portrait. 4 1829

See Denham, D. ; Lander, R.

Claray, George. See Heusser.

Clark, Captain. See Lewis and Clark,
Phillips [i], Vol. 6 : Appendix I.

Clark, G. B. The Transvaal and Bechu-
analand. 2nd edition. 8* [1883]

Clark, Henry James. Trinidad, a Field
for Emigration. 8* Port -of -Spain, 1 886

Clark, J. Leslie. Emigration to Vene-
zuelan Guayana, &c. 8* 1868

Clark, Sir James. The Sanative Influence
of Climate ; with an Account of the Best
Places of Resort for Invalids in England,
the South of Europe, &c. 8 1841

Clark, John. Lectures on Accompts, or
Book-keeping, after the Italian manner,
by Double Entry of Debtor and Creditor.
Small 4 1732

Clark, John. Proposed Plan for Ocean
Telegraphy. Two Papers. 8* 1 86 1

Clark, John A. Glimpses of the Old
World, or Excursions on the Continent
and in Great Britain. 2 vols. 8 1840

Clark, J. W. See Gallon, Vacation

Clark, Latimer. Manual of the Transit
Instrument. Small 8 1884

-Transit Tables for 1886; giving the
Greenwich Mean Time of Transit of the
Sun and of certain Stars for every day in
the year ; with an Ephemeris of the Sun,
Moon, and Planets. 12 1886 [1885]
Transit Tables for 1887 ; giving the
Greenwich Mean Time of Transit of the
Sun and of certain Clock Stars for every
day in the year. Computed from the
"Nautical Almanac for Popular Use."
12 1887

Clark, P. D. G. The Peruvian Corporation
Limited : Report on the Central Territory
of Peru. 4* 1891

Clark [or Clarke], Rev. W. See New
Collection, Vol. 5, p. 608 ; The Modern
Traveller, Vol. 4, p. 610: Appendix I.

Clark, Dr Thomas. See Lankester.

Clark, William B. See Williams, G. H.

Clark, W. G. Peloponnesus, 1856:
Notes of Study and Travel. Map and
plans. 8 1858

See Gallon, Vacation Tourisls.

Clarke, Sir A., J. R. Bell, and G.
Moyle. The Kandahar Railway. 8*


Clarke, Sir Andrew. See Hawkshaw.

Clarke, Col. A. R. Comparisons of
Ihe Standards of Length of England,
France, Belgium, Prussia, Russia, India,
Auslralia, made al Ihe Ordnance Survey
Office, Southampton, under the direction
of Sir Henry James. Plates. 4 1866

Geodesy. 8 Oxford, 1880

See James, Sir H.

Clarke, C. B. A Class-Book of Geo-
graphy. Maps. 12 1889

Clarke, E. D. The Tomb of Alexander : a
Disserlation on the Sarcophagus broughl
from Alexandria, and now in Ihe British
Museum. Plates. 4 Cambridge, 1805
Travels in Various Countries of

Europe, Asia, and Africa. [For Conlenls,
see Appendix I.]

Clarke, Lieut-Col. F. C. H. Col.
Sosnoffsky's Expedilion lo China in
J 874-75. Abridged and labulaled from
Ihe Russian. (From Ihe Journal of Ihe
Royal Geographical Sociely, 1877.) 8*


Slalislics and Geography of Russsian

Tarkeslan. Folio 1879

See Fabrilius ; also United Kingdom,

G (War Office Publ.) : Appendix 2.

Clarke, Hyde. Gazetteer of Mines in
Chili. MS. Folio 1856

Colonizalion, Defence, and Railways

in our Indian Empire. Map. 8* 1857

On Geological Surveys. 8* 1859

On Ihe Organizalion of Ihe Army of

India, wilh especial reference lo Ihe
Hill Regions. Map. 8* 1859

Olloman Railway Company : Report

on the Traffic of Smyrna, with Statistics
of Trade, &c. 12* 1860

The Imperial Ottoman, Smyrna and

Aidin Railway, its Position and Prospects.
Map. 12* ' Constantinople, 1861

The Warings or Waranghians. 12

Constantinople, N.D.

Memoir on the Comparative Grammar

of Egyptian, Coptic, and Ude. 8* 1873

Serpent and Siva Worship and Myth-
ology in Central America, Africa, and
Asia. 8* 1876

On Prehistoric Names of Weapons.

8* . 1876

Himalayan Origin and Connection of

the Magyar Ugrian. 8* 1877

See Long and Porter.


Clarke, Hyde. The Early History of
the Mediterranean Populations, &c., in
their Migrations and Settlements, illus-
trated from Autonomous Coins, Gems,
Inscriptions, &c. 8* 1882

The Iberian and Belgian Influence

and Epochs in Britain. 8* 1883

Examination of the Legend of Atlantis

in reference to Protohistoric Communi-
cation with America. 8* 1886

The Picts and Pre-Celtic Britain. 8*


Clarke, Major H. W. The Sextant.

12* 1885

See United States, K (New York) :

Appendix 2.

Clarke, James. Survey of the Lakes of
Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lanca-
shire ; with an Account, Historical,
Topographical, and Descriptive, of the
adjacent Country ; and a Sketch of the
Border Laws and Customs. 2nd edition.
Maps. Folio 1789

The Delineator ; or, A Picturesque,

Historical, and Topographical Descrip-
tion of the Isle of Wight. Map. 12

Newport, 1812

Clarke, John. An Essay upon the
Education of Youth in Grammar Schools;
. . . to which is added, An Essay
upon Study, &c. 12 Dublin, 1736

Clarke, J. Stanier. Progress of Maritime
Discovery, from the Earliest Period to
the Close of the Eighteenth Century,
forming an Extensive System of Hydro-
graphy. Maps and plates. 4 1803

Naufragia ; or, Historical Memoirs of

Shipwrecks, and of the Providential
Deliverance of Vessels. Frontispiece.
Small 8 1805

Clarke, R. Remarks on the Topography
and Diseases of the Gold- Coast. Map
and plate. 8* 1860

Clarke, Richard F. See Lavigerie.

Clarke, W. B. New South Wales Inter-
colonial and Philadelphia International
Exhibitions. Mines and Mineral Statistics
of New South Wales, and Notes on the
Geological Collection of the Department
of Mines . . . ; also Remarks on the
Sedimentary Formations of New South
Wales, and Notes on the Iron and Coal
Deposits, Wallerawang, and on the
Diamond Fields, by Prof. Liversidge.
Maps and plates. 8 Sydney, 1875

Remarks on the Sedimentary Forma-
tions of New South Wales, illustrated by
references to other Provinces of Austral-
asia. 4th edition. Maps. %> Sydney, 1878

Clarus, Ludwig. Das Passionsspiel zu
Ober-Ammergau. Zweite umgearbeitete
und verbesserte Auflage. Plate. [In-
complete.] 8 Munich, 1860

Clauzel. Marechal. Nouvelles Observa-
tions sur la Colonisation d'Alger. Map.
8 Paris, 1833

Clavering, Capt. Voyage. See Sabine.

Clavigero, F. Saverio. History of
Mexico : Collected from Spanish and
Mexican Historians' MSS., and Ancient
Paintings of the Indians ; to which are
added, Critical Dissertations on the
Land, Animals, and Inhabitants of
Mexico. Translated from the Italian by
C. Cullen. 2 vols. Maps and plates.

4 1787

Storia della California. 2 vols. in I.

Map. 8 Venice, 1789

Clavijo, Ruy Gonzalez de. See Hak-
luyt Soc. Publ. , Vol. 26 : Appendix i .

Clay, Hon. Mrs J. R. See Casati.

Clayborne, Thomas. See Purchas, Vol.
I, Book 3 : Appendix I.

Clayton, J. W. Scenes and Studies ; or,
Errant Steps and Stray Fancies. 8


Cleghorn, Dr Hugh. The Forests and
Gardens of South India. Map and plates.
8 1861

Report upon the Forests of the

Punjab and the Western Himalaya.
Maps. 8 Roorkee, 1864

Notes on the Botany and Agriculture of

Malta and Sicily. 8* Edinburgh, 1870

Clement, A. Souvenirs d'un Sejour en
Mesopotamie. Map. 8 [1865 ?]

Clenard, Nicolaas. See Gottfried : Ap-
pendix i.

Clennell, W. J. Report of an Overland
Journey from Amoy to Foochow and
back. 8* 1892

Clerk, Capt. Claude. See Blackwood,
Vol. 6 : Appendix I.

Clerk, Mrs Godfrey. See Frere, A. M.

Clerke, Capt. See Pelham, Vol. i :
Appendix I.

Clever, Charles P. New Mexico, her
Resources, her Necessities for Railroad
Communication with the Atlantic and
Pacific States, her Great Future. 8*

Washington, 1868

Clifford, H. J. See Hall, Capt. Basil.

Clipperton, Capt. John. See Burney,
Vol. 4 ; Callander, Vol. 3 ; Harris, Vol.
I ; Kerr, Vol. 10 : Appendix I.

Clissold, F. Narrative of an Ascent to
the Summit of Mont Blanc, i8th August
1822; with Appendix upon the Sensations
experienced at Great Elevations. 8* 1823

Clodd, Edward. See Bates, H. W.

Clogher, Robert Bishop of. A Journal
from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai, and
back again. Translated from a Manu-
script written by the Prefetto of Egypt,
in company with some Missionaries de
Propaganda Fide at Grand Cairo ; to
which are added, Remarks on the Origin
of Hieroglyphics, and the Mythology of
the Ancient Heathens. Plates. Small
4 1753

Thesame. 2nd edition. Plates. 8 13



Clone. Capt. G. C. Renseignements
Hydrographiques sur la Mer d'Azof.
Maps and plates. 8* Paris, 1856

Pilote de Terre - Neuve. 2 vols.

Plates. 8 Paris, 1869

Clover, Richardson. See United States,
E, a : Appendix 2.

Clugnet, L. Geographic de la Soie :
Etude geographique et statistique sur la
production et la commerce de la Soie en
cocon. Map. 8 Lyons, 1877

Clutterbuck, Walter J. The Skipper in
Arctic Seas. Map and illustrations.
Crown 8 1890

About Ceylon and Borneo : being an
Account of Two Visits to Ceylon and
One to Borneo. Maps and illustrations.
Crown 8 1891

See Lees, J. A.

Cluverius, P. Introductions in Univer-
sam Geographiam, tarn veterem quam
novam. Lib. VI. accessit Bertii Brevi-
arium Orbis terrarum. Plate. 32

Oxford, 1657

The same. Plate. 32

Amsterdam, 1670

Philippi Cluverii Introductio in Uni-

versam Geographiam. Map and plates.

4 17"

Philippi Cluverii Gedanensis. Sicilia

Antiqua. Maps and plates. Folio

Leyden, N.D.

Clyde, Dr James. School Geography,
loth edition. 8 Edinburgh, 1866

The same. 24th edition. Maps.

12 Edinburgh, 1890

Elementary Geography ; with Ap-
pendix on Sacred Geography. 25th
edition. Maps. 12 Edinburgh, 1892

Coats, Capt. W. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 12 : Appendix i.

Cobharn, C. Delaval. An Attempt at a
Bibliography of Cyprus. 12* A?U0Sta,l886

Cochard, Leon. Paris, Boukara, Samar-
cande : Notes de Voyage. Maps and
illustrations. Large 8 Paris, 1891

Cochelet, C. Narrative of the Ship-
wreck of the "Sophia," in 1819, on the
West Coast of Africa, and of the cap-
tivity of part of the crew in the Desert
of Sahara. Map and plates. 8 1822

See Phillips [3], Vol. 9: Appendix I.
Cochran, William. Pen and Pencil in

Asia Minor ; or, Notes from the Levant.
Illustrations. 8 1887

Cochrane, Capt. C. S. Journal of a
Residence and Travels in Colombia,
during 1823-24. 2 vols. Map and
plates. 8 ' 1825

Cochrane, Capt. J. Dundas. Narrative
of a Pedestrian Journey through Russia
and Siberian Tartary, from the Frontiers
of China to the Frozen Ocean and Kamt-
chatka. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8 1824

Ditto. 2nd edition. 2 vols. 12 1825

Cockburn, Col. Appendix to Report on
Emigration. Map. [Parliamentary Re-
port.] Folio* 1828

Cockerell, . See Walpole, Travels :
Appendix 2.

Cocks, Alfred Heneage. Notes of a
Naturalist on the West Coast of Spitz-
bergen. 8* [1882]

Cocks, Richard. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ. ,
Vols. 66, 67 ; Astley, Vol. i ; Purchas,
Vols. 1,2; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. I :
Appendix i.

Codazzi, Col. Rapport sur les Travaux
Geographiques, &c., dans la Venezuela.
4* 1841

Jeografia fisica i politica de las Pro-

vincias de la Nueva Granada. 4*

Bogota, 1858

Codine, J. Memoire Geographique sur
la Mer des Indes. 8 Paris, 1868

Codrington, Dr R. H. The Melanesian
Languages. Maps. 8 Oxford, 1885

The Melanesians : Studies in their

Anthropology and Folk-Lore. Map and
illustrations. 8 Oxford, 1891

Coello, Francisco. Projecto de las
Lineas Generales de Navegacion y de
Ferro-Carriles en la Peninsula Espanola.
Map. 8 Madrid, 1855

Noticias sobre las vias, poblaciones y

Ruinas Antiguas, especialmente de la
epoca Romana, en la Provincia de Alava.
Map. 8 Madrid, 1875

La Cuestion del Rio Muni. Maps.

8* Madrid, 1889

Franc, de Luxan, and Augustin

Pascual. Rasenas Geografica, Geo-
logica, y Agricola de Esj ana. Small
folio Madrid, 1859

Coen, C. J. Reise van Maarten Gerritsz
Vries in 1643, naar het Noorden en
Oosten van Japan, volgens het Journal
gehouden door C. J. Coen ; op het schip
"Castricum," naar het Handschrift, met
bijlagen uitgegeven door P. A. Leupe;
met Aanteekeningen over Japan en de
Aino-Landen en Zeemansgids naar de
Kurilen, door P. F. von Siebold. Map
and facsimile. 8 Amsterdam, 1858

See Vries, M. G.

Coen, Gustavo. Le Grandi Stracle del
Commercio Internazionale proposte fino
dal Secolo xvi. 12 Leghorn, 1888

Coffin, Charles Carleton. Our New
Way round the Woild. Map and plates.
8 ' 1869

Coffin, . See Pearce, N.

Cogan, Henry. See Pinto.

Coghlan, J. B. See United States,
Hydrogr. Off. Publ., No. 45: Appendix

Coghlan, T. A. The Wealth and Pro-
gress of New South Wales, 1886-87,
1888-89. Maps and tables. 8

Sydney, 1887-89



Coghlan, T. A. New South Wales :
Statistical Register for 1891 and previous
years. Large 8 Sydney, 1892

The Wealth and Progress of New

South Wales, 1892. Map and diagrams.
8 Sydney, 1893

Coincy, L. de. Quelques mots sur la
Cochinchine en 1866. 8* Paris, 1866

Coke, E. T. A Subaltern's Furlough :
Descriptive of Scenes in various parts of
the United States, Upper and Lower
Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova
Scotia, during the Summer and Autumn
of 1832. Plates. 8 1833

Coke, Hon. Henry J. A Ride over the
Rocky Mountains to Oregon and Cali-
fornia, with a Glance at some of the
Tropical Islands, including the West
Indies and the Sandwich Isles. Por-
trait. 8 1852

Colange, L. de. The National Gazetteer :
a Geographical Dictionary of the United
States, compiled from the latest Official
Authorities and Original Sources ; em-
bracing a comprehensive Account of
every State, Territory, County, City,
Town, and Village throughout the Union,
with Populations from the last National
Census ; with all useful information
pertaining to Railroads, Navigation,
&c., &c. Large 8 [1884]

Colban, Madame. See Hansteen.

Colbeck, James Alfred. Letters from
Mandalay, 1878-88. Edited by George
H. Colbeck. 12 1892

Colborne, Major Hon. F. L. L. See

Colby, Col. Ordnance Survey of the
County of Londonderry. Vol. I. Maps,
plans, and plates. 4 Dublin, 1837

Cold, Conrad. Kiistenveranderungen

im Archipel. 2nd edition. Maps. 8*

Munich, 1886

Colding. A. Extiait d'un Memoire sur
les lois des courants dans les conduites
ordinaires et dans la mer. 4*

Copenhagen [1873]

Cole, G. R. Fitz-Roy. Transcaucasia.
8* 1877

Jon Jonsonn's Saga : the Genuine

Autobiography of a Modern Icelander.
8* 1877

The Peruvians at Home. Crown 8


Cole, H. H. See Catalogues, C: Appen-
dix 2.

Cole, J. W. Russia and the Russians ;
with a Sketch of the Progress and
Encroachments of Russia from the Time
of the Empress Catherine. 8 1854

Cole, Nathan. The Royal Parks and
Gardens of London, their history and
mode of embellishment ; with hints on
the propagation and culture of the Plants
e.nployed, &c. Illustrations. 8 1877

Cole, R. A. An Elementary Grammar
of the Coorg Language. 8

Bangalore, 1867

Colebrooke, Lieut. -Col. See Ceylon :
Appendix 2.

Coleman, Col. Houston Displayed ; or,
Who Won the Battle of San Jacinto?
By a Farmer in the Army. 8*

Bastrop, Tex., 1841

Colenso, William. New Zealand Ex-
hibition, 1865. Essay on the Botany of
the North Island of New Zealand. 8
Dunedin, 1865

Coleridge, S. T. Six Months in the
West Indies, in 1825. Map. 8 1825

Coles, John. Summer Travelling in Ice-
land : being the Narrative of Two
Journeys across the Island by unfre-
quented routes ; with a Historical
Introduction, and some Hints as to the
Expenses and necessary Preparations for
a Tour in Iceland ; with a Chapter on
Askja, by E. Delmar Morgan ; contain-
ing also a literal translation of three
Sagas. Maps and illustrations. Large
8 1882

Colladon, Daniel. Resume historique des
etudes geologiques et des travaux d'exca-
vation entrepris en France et en Angle-
terre en vue de 1'execution d'un chemin
de fer sous la Manche. Renseignements
et details officiels sur les premieres etudes
pour la perforation mecanique et 1'aeration
des longs tunnels par 1'air comprime. 8*
Paris, 1883

Collens, J. H. Guide to Trinidad : a
Handbook for the Use of Tourists and
Visitors. Map and frontispiece. 8

Port-of- Spain, 1887

The same. 2nd edition. Illustra-
tions. 8 1888

The Trinidad Official and Commer-
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Observations Meteorologiques faites a

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Letters on Certain Passages in the Life
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Islands of the Indian Ocean and of
Australasia in the Middle Ages, and their
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Remarks on the Dispositions, Customs,
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piled from the MSS. of Lieut. -Governor
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