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Commerce : being Information on the
Plants yielding it, their Geographical
Distribution, Climatic Conditions, and
the Possibility of their Cultivation and
Acclimatisation in India ; with a Me-
morandum on the same subject by Dr
Brandis. Maps and plates. Small 4 1872

Collins, Lewis. Historical Sketches of
Kentucky, embracing its History, Anti-
quities, and Natural Curiosities ; Geo-
graphical, Statistical, and Geological
Descriptions. Maps, portraits, and
plates. 8 Cincinnati, 1847

Collins, Perry M'Donough. A Voyage
Down the Amoor ; with a Land Journey
through Siberia, and Incidental Notices
of Manchooria, Kamschatka, and Japan.
Plates. 12 1860

Collinson, John. Descriptive Account of
Captain Bedford Pirn's project for an
International Atlantic and Pacific Junc-
tion Railway across Nicaragua, Report,
and Estimate of Cost. Maps. 8* 1866
- and W. A. Bell. The Denver
Pacific Railway, its Present Position
and Future Prospects. Map. 8* 1870

Collinson, Admiral Sir R. China Pilot.
East Coast, from Hongkong to Shanghai.
Edited by Robert Loney. 8 1855

The Coasts of China and Tartary,
from Canton River to the Sea of Okhotsk,
with the adjacent Islands. 8 1858

Journal of H.M.S. "Enterprise," on
the Expedition in Search of Sir John
Franklin's Ships by Behring Strait, 1850-
55. by Capt. Richard Collinson ; with a
Memoir of his other services. Edited by
his brother Major-General T. B. Col-
linson. R.E. Frontispiece, portrait, and
maps. 8 1889

Collinson, Admiral Sir R. See Gallon,
Vacation Tourists ; also Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 38 : Appendix I.

Collinson, Major Maitland, and Staff-
Commander J. C. Richards. On
Fog-Signals, &c. Plates. 8* [1876]

Colmer, J. G. The Dominion of Canada
as it will appear to the Members of the
British Association for the Advancement
of Science in 1884. Map. 8* 1884

Colnett, Capt. J. Voyage to the South
Atlantic and round Cape Horn into the
Pacific Ocean, for the purpose of extend-
ing the Spermaceti Whale Fisheries and
other objects of Commerce, by ascer-
taining the Ports, Bays, Harbours, and
Anchoring Berths in certain Islands and
Coasts in those Seas. Maps and plates.
4 1798

Colomb, Sir J. C. R. Colonial Defence
and Colonial Opinion. Small 8* 1877

The Naval and Military Resources of

the Colonies. Small 8* 1879

See White.

Colon, Christoval and Fernando. See

Colquhoun, Archibald R. Across Chryse:
being the Narrative of a Journey of
Exploration through the South China
Border Lands from Canton to Mandalay.
2 vols. Maps and illustrations. 8 1883

The Truth about Tonquin : being the

Times Special Correspondence. 12


English Policy in the Far East : being

the Times Special Correspondence. 8


Amongst the Shans ; with upwards

of Fifty whole-page Illustrations, and a
Historical Sketch of the Shans, by Holt
S. Hallett ; preceded by an Introduction
on the Cradle of the Shan Race, by
Terrien de Lacouperie. Map. 8 1885

Exploration in Southern and South-
western China. R.G.S. Supplementary
Papers, Vol. 2. Maps. Large 8 1889
and Holt S. Hallett. Report on

the Railway Connexion of Burmah and
China ; with Account of Exploration-
Survey by Holt S. Hallett, accompanied
by Surveys, Vocabularies, and Appendices.
Maps and illustrations. Folio [ 1 884]

Colquhoun, E. P. See Ulrichs.

Colquhoun, P. A Treatise on the Wealth,
Power, and Resources of the British
Empire in every quarter of the World,
including the East Indies. 4 1815

Colthurst, Capt. See Kerr, Vol. 8 :
Appendix I.

Colthurst, Miss. A Natural Scale of
Heights, .by the application of which the
Measures of different Countries are re-
duced to a Common Measure known to
all Geographers. Table. Folio (folded
8*) N.i).



Colton's Traveler and Tourist's Route-
Book through the United States of
America and the Canadas ; containing
the Routes and Distances on the Great
Lines of Travel, by Railroads, Stage
Roads, Canals, Lakes, and Rivers. Map.
12 Neiv York, 1851

Colton, C. Tour of the American Lakes,
and among the Indians of the Norih-
West Territory, in 1830, disclosing the
Character and Prospects of the Indian
Race. 2 vols. 8 1833

Columbus, Bartholomew. See Wieser.

Columbus, Christopher. Carta de Cris-
tobal Colon enviada He Lisboa a Barce
lona en Marzo de 1493. Nueva edicion
critica ; conteniendo las variantes de los
diferentes textos, juicio sobre estos, re-
flexiones tendentes a mostrar a quien la
Carta fue escrita, y varias otras Noticias,
por el Seudonimo de Valencia. Map.
1 6 Vienna, 1869

La Historia de D. Fernando Colon,

en la qual se da particular y verdadera
relacion de la Vida y Hechos de el Almi-
rante D. Christoval Colon su padre, y
del descubrimiento de las Indias Occi-
dentales . . . que tradujo de Espaiiol
en Italiano Alonso de Ulloa ; y aora, por
no parecer el Original Espanol, facada
del traslado Italiano. Folio

N.P., N.D.

Lettera rarissima di Cristoforo Co-
lombo riprodotta e illustrate dal Cavaliere
Ab. Morelli. Small 8 Bassano, 1810

Letter of, describing his First Voyage

to the Western Hemisphere. Small 8*

Neiv York, 1875
Los Restos de Colon. Informe de la

Real Academia de la Historia al Gobierno
de S. M. sobre el supuesto hallazgo de
los verdaderos restos de Cristoval Colon
en la Iglesia Catedral de Santo Domingo.
Plates. 12* Madrid, 1879

Origine, patria e gioventu di Cristo-
foro Colombo. Studi critici e docu-
mentari con ampla analisi degli atti di
Salinerio per Celsus. Large 8 3

Lisbon, 1886

De Insulis nuper inventis. The

Letter of Christopher Columbus announc-
ing the Discovery of the New World : a
Facsimile of the Earliest Edition, with
Illustrations, reproduced for John S.
Kennedy, President of the Lenox Library.
12 New York, 1890

The Spanish Letter of Columbus to

Luis de Sant' Angel Escribano de Racion
of the Kingdom of Aragon, dated I5th
February 1493. [Reprinted in facsimile.]
Translated and edited from the Unique
Copy of the Original Edition (printed at
Barcelona early in April 1493. ) 4 1891

Christophe Colomb et ses Historiens

Espagnols. 8* Paris, 1892

Columbus, Christopher. IlisownBook
of Privileges, 1502. Photographic Fac-
simile of the MS. Transliteration by
G. P. Barwick ; Introduction by Henry
Harrisse. Compiled and edited by
B. F. Stevens. Plates. Folio 1893

See Bossi, L. ; Elton, C. J. ; Fox,

G. V.; Harrisse; Markham, C. R. ;
Peragallo ; Peretti ; Radlinsky ; Rein ;
Ruge ; Silva ; Urbani ; Varnhagen ;
also Burney, Vol. I ; Churchill, Vol. 2 ;
Gottfried ; Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vols.
2, 43, 86 ; Harris, Vol. i ; Kerr, Vol. 3 ;
Knox's Collection, Vol. i ; Laharpe, Vol.
9 ; Navarette, Vol. I ; Pinkerton, Vol.
12; Purchas, Vol. i; Cartas de Indias,
p. 612; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 14;
A General Collection, p. 610 ; The
World Displayed, Vol. I, p. 609: Ap-
pendix i.

Columbus Documents. Raccolta di
Documenti e Studi pubblicati dalla R.
Commissione Colombiana per quarto
centenario dalla scoperta dell' America.
Large 4 Koine
Part i. Vols. i, 2, and 3 ; and Sup-
plement to Vol. 3 1894

Part 2. Vols. 2 and 3 1894

Part 3. Vols. I and 2 1892-93

Part 4. Vols. i and 2 1892-93

Part 6. Unico 1893

Columbus, Ferdinand. See Lazzaroni ;

Lollis ; Peragallo.

Colvile, Col. H. E. A Ride in Petticoats
and Slippers. Map and frontispiece.
Small 8 1880

The Accursed Land ; or, First Steps

on the Water- Way of Edoni. Map and

frontispiece. Crown 8 1884

See United Kingdom, G : Appendix 2.

Colvile, Mrs Zelie. Round the Black

Man's Garden. Maps and illustrations.
8 1893

Colvin, Verplanck. State of New York :
Report on the Topographical Survey of
the Adirondack Wilderness of New York,
for the years 1872, 1873. Maps. 8

Albany, N. Y., 1873, ^74

Combes, Ed. , et M. Tamisier. Voyage
en Abyssinie, dans le Pays des Galla, de
Choa, et d'Ifat ; precede d'une Excur-
sion dans 1'Arabie-Heureuse, 1835-37. 4
vols. 8 Paris, 1838

Combette, Ch. Geographic Commerciale
des Colonies Fra^aises. 8 Paris, 1890

Comelin, Fran. Philemon de la Motte,
and Jos. Bernard (Mathurin-Trinitarian
Fathers). Voyage to Barbary for the
Redemption of Captives in 1720; with
lists of more than 400 Slaves ransomed
from Mequinez, also exact draughts of
that place, Alcasar, Oran, and its neigh-
bourhood. Maps and plates. 8 D 1735

Comnos, Dr G. Ueber Nummerirungs-
systeme fUr wissentlich geordnete Bib-
liotheken. 8 Athens, 1874


io 3

Comoy. Etude pratique sur les Marees
Fluviales, et Notamment sur le Mascaret,
application aux Travaux de la partie
maritime des Fleuves. Text and Atlas
[in one]. Plates. 8 Paris, 1881

Compagnon, . See Allgemeine His-
toric, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Compiegne, Marquis de. L'Afrique
Map and plates. 12 Paris, 1875

The same. Gabonais-Pahouins-Gal-

lois. Map and plates. 12 Paris, 1875

Notice Necrologique sur M. le Mar-
quis de Compiegne, par C. Guillemine.
8* Cairo, 1877

Compte, Louis le. Memoirs and Observa-
tions . . . made in a late Journey through
the Empire of China, and published in
several Letters. Translated from the Paris
edition, and illustrated with Figures.
8 1697

Nouveaux Memoires sur 1'etat present
de la Chine. 3 vols. 12 Vols. I and
2, 3rd edition, 1697 ; Vol. 3, 2nd edi-
tion, 1700 Part's

Memoirs and Remarks made in above

Ten Years' Travels through the Empire of
China. From the French. Plates. 8 1738

See Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 5 ! The
World Displayed, Vol. 16: Appendix I.

Compton, G. T. See Zsigmondy.
Compton, Edward. See Compton, Theo-

Compton, Theodore. A Mendip Valley,
its Inhabitants and Surroundings : being
an enlarged and illustrated edition of
Winscombe Sketches ; with original
illustrations by Edward Compton, and a
Chapter on the Geological History of the
Mendips by Prof. C. Lloyd Morgan.
8 1892

Comstock, Lieut. -Col. C. B. See United
States, H, a (Professional Papers) : Ap-
pendix 2.

Conant, Helen S. See Charnay.
Condamine, C. M.dela. R elation abregee
d'un Voyage fait dans 1'Interieur de
1'Amerique Meridionale, depuis la Cote
de la Mer de Sud jusqu'aux Cotes du
Bresil et de la Guiana, en descendant la
Riviere des Amazones. Map. 8

Paris, 1745

A Succinct Abridgment of a Voyage
made within the inland parts of South
America, from the Coasts of the South Sea
to the Coasts of Brazil and Guiana, down
the River of Amazons. Map. 8 1747

Journal du Voyage fait par Ordre clu

Roi, a 1'Equateur, servant cl'Introduction
Historique a la Mesure des trois premiers
Degres du Meridian ; avec Supplement,
servant de reponse a quelques objections.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 4

Paris, 1751-52

Condamine, M. de la. See Laharpe, Vol.
ii; Pinkerton, Vol. 14; Allgemeine
Historic, Vols. 15, 16 : Appendix I.

Conder, Major C. R. The High Sanc-
tuary at Jerusalem. Plates. 4* 1878

Tent Work in Palestine : a Record

of Discovery and Adventure. 2 vols.
Plates. 8 1879

Heth and Moab : Explorations in

Syria in 1881 and 1882. Published for
the Committee of the Palestine Explora-
tion Fund. Map and plates. 8 1883

Syrian Stone-Lore ; or, The Monu-
mental History of Palestine. Published
for the Committee of the Palestine Ex-
ploration Fund. Maps and illustrations.
8 1886

Altaic Hieroglyphs and Hittite In-
scriptions. Plates. 8 1887

Palestine. Maps and illustrations.

Crown 8

Conder, Josiah. Modern Traveller : a
Description of the various Countries of
the Globe. 30 vols. Maps and plates.
12 1831

Dictionary of Geography, Ancient

and Modern, comprising a succinct
Description of all the Countries of the
Globe, and a Glossary of Geographical
Terms. 12 1834

See Pringle, T.

Condrea, Petru. Dictionar Geografic al
Judetului Roman. 8 Bucharest, 1891
Condurateanu, D. P. Dictionar Geo-
grafic al Judetului Dambovita. 8

Bucharest, 1890

Coninck, Fred. de. Du Percement de
1'Isthme de Suez, nouvelles considera-
tions. 8* Havre, 1859
Coningham, W. See Fitz- James.
Conklin, E. Picturesque Arizona : being
the Result of Travels and Observations
in Arizona during the Fall and Winter
of 1877. Plates. 8 New York, 1878
Conkling, A. R. Appleton's Guide to
Mexico, including a Chapter on Guate-
mala, and an English- Mexican Vocab-
ulary. 3rd edition. Map and illustra-
tions. 8 New York, 1889
Conn, W. See Mandat-Grancey.
Connell, Robert. St Kilda and the St
Kildians. Crown 8 1887
Connemara, Lord. See Rees, J. D.
Connor, Bernard. See Harris, Vol. 2 ;

New Collection, Vol. 4: Appendix i.
Connor, E. J. A Table of Products,
Quotients, Squares, and Roots. 4* 1867

Table of Sines, &c. 8 Bombay, \?&a

Conolly, Lieut. Arthur. Journey to the
North of India, Overland from England
through Russia, Persia, and Afighaun-
istaun 2 vols. Map and plates. 8




Conolly, John. Address to the Ethnolo-
gical Society of London ; with a Sketch
of the Recent Progress of Ethnology
by R. Cull. 8* 1855

"Conquina." See Shields.

Conrad, F. W. Canal de Suez : Etat de
la Question. 8* The Hague, 1858

Conring, A. von. Marroco, das Land
und die Leute : allgemeine geograph-
ische und ethnographische Verhaltnisse.
Verfassung ; Stadte ; Land ; Bewohner ;
Handelsbeziehungen ; Produkte ; poli-
tische Verhaltnisse ; Europaer und
deren Vertreter. Map and plan. 8

Berlin, 1880

Conring, von. Nocheinmal dieAuswan-
derung nach Uruguay. 8* Berlin, 1864

Cons, Henri. La Province Romaine de
Dalmatic. Map. 8 Paris, 1882

Consett, Matthew. A Tour through
Sweden, Swedish- Lapland, Finland, and
Denmark. Plates. 4 1789

Constable, A. See Bernier.

Constable, Commander C. G., and
Lieut. A. W. Stiffe. Memorandum
on the Recent Surveying Operations in
the Persian Gulf, in 1857-60; with a
brief Review of the Existing Charts, and
a Table of Maritime Positions. 8* 1862
- La Pilote du Golfe Persique, com-
prenant le Golfe d'Omman . . . Traduit
de 1'Anglais par M. Hocquart. 2 parts.
8 Paris, 1866

See United Kingdom, A, Hydrogr.

Off. Publ. : Appendix 2.

Constantin, Dr (Baron von Ettings-
hausen). See New South Wales : Ap-
pendix 2.

Constantin, Vicomte de. L'Archiman-
drite Pa'isi et 1' Ataman Achinoff, une
Expedition religieuse en Abyssinie. 3rd
edition. Frontispiece. 12 Paris, 1891

Constantine the Great. See Hakluyt,
Vol. 2 : Appendix i.

Contarini, Ambrose. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 49; Kerr, Vol. 2: Ap-
pendix I.

Conte, Dr John Lawrence le. See

Conti, Nicolo. See Bellemo ; also Hakluyt
Soc. Publ., Vol. 22 ; Purchas, Vol. 3,
Book I ; Ramusio, Vol. I : Appendix i.

Conway, Gordon, L. Administration
Report on the Railways in India for
1886-87. Map and diagrams. Folio


Conway, Sir W. M. Climbers' Guide to
the Central Pennine Alps. 16 1890

Climbers' Guide to the Eastern Pen-
nine Alps. 32 1891

See Dent, C. T.

Conway and Coolidge's Climbers' Guides :
The Central Alps of the Dauphiny. By
W. A. B. Coolidge, H. Duhamel, and T.
Perrin. 32 1892

Conway and Coolidge^s Maps of the
Dauphiny Alps.

- The Lepontine Alps. By W. M.
Conway and W. A. B. Coolidge. 32


Conwell, Eugene Alfred. On an In-
scribed Cromleac near Rathkenny, Co.
Meath. Plates. 8* 1866

Conwentz, H. See Sweden, A (Ser. C.,
No. 120) : Appendix 2.

Conybeare, H. C. A. Note on Pargana
Dudhi of the Mirzapur District, with
Special Reference to its Land Assess-
ment. Maps. Folio* Allahabad, 1879

Conybeare, W. D. , and William Phillips.

Outlines of the Geology of England and
Wales ; with an Introductory Compen-
dium of the General Principles of that
Science, and Comparative Views of the
Structure of Foreign Countries. Part I.
Maps. 8 1822

Conygrave, J. F. Handbook of South
Australia. Plan and illustrations. 8


Coode, Sir John. The Respective Values
of British and Irish Produce exported
to British Possessions, and of the Im-
ports to the United Kingdom from those
Possessions, during the years 1874 and
1884. Diagrams. 8* ' 1886

Norman River Bar. Plans. Folio*

{Brisbane] 1888

Cook, George H. Report on the Varie-
ties of Salt. 8* Albany, N.Y., 1853

Cook, Capt. James. Voyage toward the
South Pole and round the World, per-
formed in H.M.S. "Resolution" and
"Adventure," 1772-75; in which is
included Captain Furneaux's Narrative
of his Proceedings in the "Adventure"
during the separation of the ships.
2 vols. Portraits, maps, and plates. 4


Voyages dans 1'Hemisphere Austral

et autour du Monde, en 1772-75, dans
lequel on a insere la Relation du Capit.
Furneaux et Forster. 6 vols. 8

Paris, 1778

Voyages of Discovery. Edited by

John Barrow. Plates. Small 4

Edinburgh, 1860

Centenaire de la Mort de Cook,

celebre le 14 Fevrier 1879 (Cartographic
et Bibliographic par James Jackson).
Map. 8* Paris, 1879

See Besant ; Hawkesworth ; Kippis ;

Simpson ; Wales ; Wharton ; also Kerr,
Vols. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17; Laharpe,
Vols. 19-24; Pinkerton, Vol. n; Modern
Traveller, Vol. 4 : Appendix i.



Cook, Capt. James, and Capt. James
King 1 . Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, for
making Discoveries in the Northern Hemi-
sphere, to determine the Position and
Extentof the West Side of North America,
its Distance from Asia, and the Practica-
bility of a Northern Passage to Europe ;
under the Direction of Captains Cook,
Clerke, and Gore, in H.M.S. the "Re-
solution" and "Discovery," 1776-80.
3 vols. Maps and plates. 4. [2 copies]


Maps and Plates to above. Large folio.

Cook, John. See Burney, Vol. 4 ; Ap-
pendix I.

Cook, John M. The Nile Expedition,
1884-85. Mr John M. Cook's Visit to
the Soudan : an Address, delivered at
the Royal Normal College for the Blind,
Upper Norwood. 8* ' [1885]

Cook, Samuel. The Jenolan Caves : an
Excursion in Australian Wonderland.
Map and plates. 4 1889

Cook, Capt. S. E. Sketches in Spain in
1829-30-31 and 1832. 2 vols. 8 1834

Cooke, Col. A. C. Routes to Abyssinia.
Maps. 8* 1867

- The same. Another edition ; with
a Preface by Sir H. James. 8* 1867
See United Kingdom, G, War Office
Publ. : Appendix 2.

Cooke, C. Kinloch. Australian Defences
and New Guinea. Compiled from the
Papers of the late Major-General Sir
Peter Scratchley ; with an Introductory
Memoir. Portrait and maps. 8 1887

Cooke, G. Wingrove. China : being
The Times Special Correspondence from
China in 1857-58, with Corrections and
Additions. Map and plates. 12 1858

Cooke, Lieut. -Col. Philip St George.
Official Journal of a March from Santa
Fe, in New Mexico, to San Diego, in
Upper California. 8* Washington, 1849

Cooke, Thomas Fothergill. Authorship
of the Practical Electric Telegraph of
Great Britain, or the Brunei Award
Vindicated ; in seven Letters, &c. 8

Bath, 1868

Cooke, William Fothergill. The Elec-
tric Telegraph : Was it Invented by Pro-
fessor Wheatstone ? 2 vols. Cuts. 8


The same. 4th edition. 8 1866

Cooke, Colonel W. S. -SV^United King-
dom, G, War Office Publ. : Appendix 2.
Cooley, W. Desborough. History of
Maritime and Inland Discovery. 3 vols.
12 1830-31

Histoire Generate des Voyages de

Decouvertes Maritimes et Continentales
depuis le Commencement du Monde
jusqu'a nos jours. Traduite de 1'Anglais
par Ad. Joane et Oldnick. 3 vols. 12


Cooley, W. Desborough. Negroland
of the Arabs Examined and Explained ;
or, An Inquiry into the Early History and
Geography of Central Africa. Map. 8


Inner Africa Laid Open, in an At-
tempt to Trace the Chief Lines of Com-
munication across that Continent south
of the Equator ; with the Routes to the
Muropue and the Cazembe, Moenemoezi,
and Lake Nyassa ; the Journeys of Krapf
and Rebmann on the Eastern Coast, and
the Discoveries of Oswell and Living-
stone in the heart of the country. Map.
8 1852

Claudius Ptolemy and the Nile ; or, An

Enquiry into that Geographer's real
merits and speculative errors, his know-
ledge of Eastern Africa, and the authen-
ticity of the Mountains of the Moon.
Map. 8 1854

Dr Livingstone's Reise vom Fluss

Liambey nach Loanda, in 1853-54*
kritisch und kommentarisch beleuchtet.
Map. 4* Got ha, 1855

Memoir of the Lake Regions of East

Africa Reviewed (in reply to Capt. R.
Burton). 8* 1864

Dr Livingstone's Errors. 8* [1865]

Memoire sur le Tacuy de Barros. 8*

Parts, 1869

- Notice sur P. Paez. 8* Paris, 1872
Dr Livingstone and the Royal Geo-
graphical Society. Small 8* 1874

Physical Geography, or the Terraque-
ous Globe and its Phenomena. Maps,
plate, &c. 8 1876

See Parrot, F.

Coolidge, Rev. W. A. B. Swiss Travel
and Swiss Guide- Books. 12 1889

Was ist eine " Erste Besteigung."

Separatabdruck aus No. 375 vom 26
Mai 1893, der Oesterr. Alpen-Zeitung.
Large 8* Vienna, 1893

Die Deutsch redenden Gmeinden im

Grauen oder Oberen Bunde (Rhatien)
der Schweiz. Separatabdruck aus
Nos. 376-7, Oesterr. Alpen-Zeitung.
Large 8* 1893

See Conway, W. M.

H. Duhamel, and F. Perrin. Guide
du Haut-Dauphine. Map. 12

Grenoble, 1887

- The same. Supplement. 12

Grenoble, 1890

Coope, W. J. Swazieland as an Imperial
Factor. Maps. 8* N.D.

Cooper, . Method of Adjusting and
Using the Ilydropneumatic Baroscope,
with Tables for the Direct Determina-
tion of the Difference of Level. [2 leaves.}
Tables. 4* N.P., N.I).



Cooper, Augustus. The Colonies of the
United Kingdom : a Descriptive and
Statistical Work of Reference, contain-
ing also some Important and Serious
Facts connected with the Over-Popula-
tion, Distress, and Chronic Scarcity of
Employment in England. 3rd edition.
8 Brighton, 1888

Cooper, A. J. The Unequal Distribution of
Heat over the Earth's Surface ; or, New
Theory of Tropical Heat, Polar Cold,
Mountain Snows, and the Earth's Di-
urnal Revolution. 8* Liverpool, 1878

Cooper, Charlotte F. See Pfeiffer.

Cooper, E. J. Catalogue of Stars near

the Ecliptic observed at Markree during

1848-56, and whose places are supposed

to be hitherto unpublished. 4 vols. 8

Dublin, 1851-56

Cooper J. G. See United States, K (Cali-
fornia) : Appendix 2.

Cooper, Joseph. The Lost Continent ;
or, Slavery and the Slave Trade in
Africa, 1875. AIa P- 8 l8 75

See Berlioux.

Cooper, J. Rhodes. NewZealand Settler's
Guide : a Sketch of the Present State of
the Six Provinces, with a Digest of the
Constitution and Land Regulations.
Maps. 12 1857

Cooper, Thomas. Men of the Time : a
Dictionary of Contemporaries, containing
Biographical Notices of Eminent Charac-
ters of Both Sexes. 9th edition, revised
by Thomas Cooper. 8 1875

The same. Neweds. 1887, 1891, 1895

Cooper, T. T. Travels of a Pioneer of
Commerce in Pigtail and Petticoats ;
or, An Overland Journey from China
towards India.. Map and plate. 8 1871

The Mishmee Hills : an Account of

a Journey made in an Attempt to Pene-
trate Thibet from Assam to open new
Routes for Commerce. Map and plates.
12 1873

Cooper, W\ M. Track from Katoomba
to Jenolan Caves. Map. Large 8*

Sydney, 1885

Coorengel, J. G. See Robide Van der Aa.

Coote, Sir Charles. Statistical Survey
of the County of Armagh, with Obser-
vations on the Means of Improvement.
Maps. 8 Dublin, 1804

Coote, C. H. Shakspere's New Map in
"Twelfth Night." Small 8* 1878

See Schoner, Johann ; also Hakluyt

Soc. Publ., Vol. 72 : Appendix I.

Coote, Walter. Wanderings, South and
East. Charts and illustrations. 8 1882

The Western Pacific : being a De-
scription of the Groups of Islands to the
North and East of the Australian Con-
tinent. Charts and illustrations. 12


Cope, E. D. An Examination of the
Reptilia and Batrachia obtained by the
Orton Expedition to Equador and the
Upper Amazon, with Notes on other
Species. 8* Philadelphia, 1868

See United States, G, a (Reports,

Vol. 3) : Appendix 2.

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Book 4 : Appendix I.

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of Madagascar, comprising a Political
Account of the Island, the Religion, &c.,
of its Inhabitants, and its Natural Pro-
ductions. Map. 8 1822

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"Alert": Four Years in Patagonian,
Polynesian, and Mascarene Waters,
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Maps and ilhistrations. 8 Paris, 1888

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sguardo Fisico, Politico, Etnografico,
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Spedizione Italiana alia Nuova

Guinea. 12* Rome, 1872

II Tanjanika, Bacino chiuso. Map.

4* [Turin, 1873]

Cenni Generali intorno ad un Viaggio

nella Bassa Albania (Epiro), ed a
Tripoli di Barberia compiuto dal Set-
tembre 1874 al Gennaio 1875. Map.

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