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Crawford, Hon. J. Coutts. New Zealand
Exhibition, 1865 : Essay on the Geology
of the North Island of New Zealand.
8 Dunedin, 1865

Recollections of Travel in New Zea-
land and Australia. Maps and plates.
8 1880

Crawford, Robert. Across the Pampas
and the Andes. Map and ilhistrations.
Crown 8 1884

Reminiscences of Foreign Travel. 8


Crawford, R. W. A Letter to the Secretary
of State for India on the Constitution and
Management of the East Indian Railway
Company. 8* 1867

Crawfurd, John. History of the Indian
Archipelago ; containing an Account of
the Manners, Arts, Languages, Reli-
gions, &c., of its Inhabitants. 3 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1820

Journal of an Embassy from the

Governor-General of India to the Court
of Ava in 1827 ; with an Appendix con-
taining a Description of Fossil Remains,
by Professor Buckland and Mr Clift.
Map and plates. 4 1829

Journal of an Embassy from the

Governor-General of India to the Courts
of Siam and Cochin-China, exhibiting a
view of the actual state of those King-
doms. 2nd edition. 2 vols. Maps and
plates. 8 1830

A Sketch of the Geography of

Borneo. 8* 1852

A Descriptive Dictionary of the

Indian Islands and adjacent Countries.
Map. 8 1856

A Few Notes on Sir Charles Lyell's

"Antiquity of Man," and on Prof.
Huxley's "Evidence as to Man's Place
in Nature." 8* 1863

On the Migration of Cultivated
Plants in reference to Ethnology :
Articles of Food. 8 1866

Naturalisation of the Bark of Peru in

India. 8* 1866

On the Supposed Aborigines of India

as distinguished from its Civilised In-
habitants. 8* 1867

On the Classification of the Races of

Man according to the Form of the Skull.
8* 1867

On the Skin, the Hair, and the Eyes,

as Tests of the Races of Man. 8* 1867


Crawfurd, John. On the Vegetable and
Animal Food of the Natives of Australia
in reference to Social Position, with a
Comparison between the Australians and
some other Races of Man. 8* 1867

On the History and Migration of
Cultivated Plants yielding Intoxicating
Potables and Oils. 8 1868

See Murray, Hugh.

Crawfurd, Oswald. Report on the Bar
and Navigation of the Douro. Plans.
8* 1866

- Portugal, Old and New. Maps and
illustrations. 8 1 880

Round the Calendar in Portugal.
Illustrations. 8 1890

Crawshay, G. The Immediate Cause of
the Indian Mutiny, as set forth in the
Official Correspondence. 8* [1857]

Creagh, J. Over the Borders of Christen-
dom and Eslamiah : a Journey through
Hungary, Slavonia, Servia, Bosnia,
Herzegovina, Dalmatia, and Montenegro,
to the North of Albania, in the Summer
of 1875. 2 vols. 8 1876

Crealock, H. Foreign Politics and Eng-
land's Foreign Policy. Map. 8* 1873

Credner, Dr G. R. Die Deltas (Ergan-
zungsheft, 56 Petermann's Mittheil-
ungen). 3 sheets of maps. 4 Gotha, 1878

- Die Reliktenseen (Erganzungsheft,
88 Petermann's Mittheilungen). 2 maps.
4 Gotha, 1887

Die Reliktenseen (Erganzungsheft,

89 Petermann's Mittheilungen). Maps.
4 Gotha, 1888

Cremazy, Laurent. Notes sur Mada-
gascar. 8* Paris, 1883

Cremer, Leo. Ein Ausflug nach Spitz-
bergen. Map and illustrations. 8*

Berlin, 1892

Crescentio, Bartolomeo. Nautica Medi-
terranea. Map and plates. 4

Rome, 1607

Crevaux, Dr J. Voyages dans I'Amerique
du Sud : contenant, I. Voyage dans
1'interieur des Guyanes (1876-1877),
exploration du Maroni et du Vary ; II.
De Cayenne aux Andes (1878-1879)
exploration de 1'Oyapock, du Paron, de
I'l5a, et du Yapura; III. A travers la
Nouvelle Grenade et le Venezuela ( 1880-
1881), exploration, en compagnie de M.
E. Le Janne, duMagdalena.du Guaviare,
et de 1'Orenoque ; IV. Excursion chez lez
Guaraounos (1881). Maps and illustra-
tions. 4 Paris, 1883

See Thouar.

Criado, Matias Alonso. La Republica
del Paraguay. Map. Folio

Montevideo, 1888

Crijalva, H. de. 5^Grijalva, in Burney,
Vol. I : Appendix I.

"Cringle, Tom." Australian Sandbar
Harbours and Rivers, with Hints on
the Sea Defences of Melbourne. 8*

Melbourne, 1 866

Earthquake Waves : Are they pos-
sible ? 1 6* Melbourne, 1 868

Crofutt, G. A. Crofutt's New Overland
Tourist and Pacific Coast Guide. Vol.
2. Illustrations. 8 Chicago, 1879-80

Croizier, Marquis de. La Perse et les
Persans : Nasr-Eddin-Schah, le Nouvel
Iran et 1'equilibre Asiatique. 8*

Paris, 1873

L'Art Khmer : Etude historique sur

les Monuments de 1'Ancien Cambodge;
avec un apercu general sur 1'Architecture
Khmer, et une liste complete des monu-
ments explores, suivi d'un Catalogue,
raisonne du Musee Khmer de Compiegne.
Map and illustrations. 8* Paris, 1875

Les Exploratetirs du Cambodge.

Portraits. Large 8* Paris, 1878

Les Monuments de 1'Ancien Cam-
bodge, classes par provinces. 12*

Paris, 1878

See Legrand.

Croll, Dr James. On Ocean Currents.
8* 1870

On the Cause of the Motion of

Glaciers. 8* 1870

On Ocean Currents. Part 3. On the

Physical Cause of Ocean Currents. 8*

1871 and 1874

The " Challenger's " Crucial Test of

the Wind and Gravitation Theories of
Oceanic Circulation. 8* ['875]

The Wind Theory of Oceanic Cir-
culation : Objections examined, and
Further Remarks on the " Crucial-Test "
Argument. 8* 1875

On the Thickness of the Antarctic

Ice and its Relations to that of the
Glacial Epoch. (Reprint from the
Quarterly Journal of Science, January
1879-) 8* 1879

Stellar Evolution, and its Relations to

Geological Time. 8 1889

Crome, F. G. Geographisch-historische
Beschreibung des Landes Syrien. Das
siidliche Drittheil oder das Land Pala-
stina. Map. Small 8 Gbttingen, 1834

Cronau, Rudolf. Amerika: Die Geschichte
seiner Entdeckung von der altesten bis
auf die neueste Zeit. Eine Festschrift zur
4OO-jahrigen Jubelfeier der Entdeckung
Amerikas durch Christoph Columbus. 2
vols. Maps and illustrations. 4

Leipzig, 1892

Croockewit, J. H. Banka, Malakka, en
Billiton, Verslagen aan het Bestuur van
Neerlandsch Indie, in 1849-50. 8

The Hague, 1852

Crookes, William. The Atlantic Cable
and its Teachings. (From the Quarterly
Journal of Science, No. i.) 8* 1864


Cronise, T. F. The Natural Wealth of
California . . . together with a Detailed
Description of each County. 8

San Francisco, 1868

Cross, R. Report to the Under Secretary
of State for India on the Pitayo Chin-
chona, and on proceedings while employed
in collecting Chinchona Seeds in 1863.
Map. 8* ' 1865

Cross, Whitman. See United States,
G, c : Appendix 2.

Crosse, Landor R. See Blackwood,
Vol. 5: Appendix i.

Crouch, Archer P. On a Surf-bound
Coast ; or, Cable-Laying in the African
Tropics. 8 1887

Glimpses of Feverland : or, A Cruise

in West African Waters. Map. 8 1889

Crow, Arthur H. Highways and Bye-
ways in Japan : the Experiences of Two
Pedestrian Tourists. Map and frontis-
piece. Small 8 1883

Crowe, Eyre Evans. The Greek and the
Turk, or Powers and Prospects in the
Levant. 8 1853

Crowther, J. See Kerr, Vol. 9 ; Purchas,
Vol. I, Book 4: Appendix I.

Crowther, Bishop Samuel A. Voca-
bulary of the Yoruba Language . . . ;
to which are prefixed the Grammatical
Elements of the Yoruba Language. 12


A Grammar and Vocabulary of the

Yoruba Language . . . ; together with
Introductory Remarks by O. E. Vidal.
8 1852

Journals and Notices of the Native

Missionaries in the River Niger, 1862.
12 1863

A Grammar and Vocabulary of the
Nupe Language. 8 1864

Niger Mission : Report of the Over-
land Journey from Lokoja to Bida, on
the River Niger, and thence to Lagos.
8* 1872

The River Niger : a Paper read
before the Royal Geographical Society,
nth June 1877 ; with a brief Account of
Missionary Operations ... in the Niger
Territory. 8* 1877

Itinerant Information in the Niger

Mission. 12* Tuwon, Brass, 1884

Lists of certain Places on the Niger,

Binwe, the Interior Countries, and the
Bight. 8* Brass [1884]

See Schon.

and J. Christopher Taylor. The

Gospel on the Banks of the Niger :
Journals and Notices of the Native
Missionaries accompanying the Niger
Expedition of 1857-59. Map. 8 1859

Crozals, J. de. Les Peulhs : Elude
d'Ethnologie Africaine. 8 Paris, 1883

Crozet, M. Journaux de Nouveau Voyage
a la Mer du Sud, commence sous les ordres
de M. Marion. On a joint a ce Voyage
un Extrait de celui de M. de Surville dans
les memes Parages. Maps and plates.
8 Paris, 1783

Crozet's Voyage to Tasmania, New Zea-
land, the Ladrone Islands, and the
Philippines, in the years 1771-72. Trans-
lated by H. Ling Roth ; with a Preface,
and a brief reference to the Literature of
New Zealand, by Jas. R. Boose. Map
and illustrations. 8 1891

Cruickshank, Robert. Eighteen Years
on the Gold Coast of Africa, including
an Account of the Native Tribes. 2
vols. 8 1853

Cruls, L. Instruccoes para as Commissoes
Brazileiras que tern de observar a Passa-
gem de Venus pelo disco do Sol em 5-6
de Dezembro de 1882. Plates. 4*

Rio de Janeiro, 1882

Cruz, Caspar da. See Purchas, Vol. 3,
Book I : Appendix I.

Cruz, Luis de la. See Angelis, Vol. i :
Appendix I.

Cubas, Antonio Garcia. The Republic
of Mexico in 1876. Translated into
English by George E. Henderson.
Plates. Large 8 Mexico, 1876

Cuadro Geografico, Estadistico, De-

scriptivo e Historico de los Estados
Unidos Mexicanos. 8 Mexico, 1885
Etude Geographique, Statistique,

Descriptive et Historique des Etats Unis
Mexicains. 8 Mexico, 1889

Cudmore, P. The Civil Government of

the States, and the Constitutional History

of the United States. 2nd edition. 8

New York, 1875

Cuervo, Antonio B. Resiimen de la
Geografia, Historica, Politica, Estadis-
tica, i Descriptiva de la Nueva Granada.
1 8* De Torres A may a, 1852

Cuervo, Marquez Carlos. Prehistoria y
Viajes : Tierradentro Los Paeces, San
Augustin, El Llano, &c., &c. Illustra-
tions, 8* Bogota, 1893

Cuinet, Vital. La Turquie d'Asie :
Geographic, administrative, statistique,
descriptive et raisonnee dechaque province
de 1'Asie Mineure. Tomes 1-3. Maps.
4 Paris, 1890-94

Culbertson, J. A New Theory of the
Cause of Tides. 8* Glasgow, 1867

Cull, R. See Conolly, John.

Cullen, C. See Clavigero.

Cullen, Edward. Isthmus of Darien Ship
Canal. Maps. 8* 1852

Isthmus of Darien Ship Canal, with

a Full History of the Scotch Colony of
Darien. Maps. 8* 1853

Over Darien by a Ship Canal : Reports

of the mismanaged Darien Expedition of
1854. 8* 1856


Cullen, Edward. Republic of New
Granada as a Field for Emigration. 8*
Dublin, 1858

The Darien Indians and the Ship

Canal. 8* [1867]

Cullen, E. A. Report on the Burrum
River. Folio* Brisbane, 1888

Cumberland, Earl of. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Gottfried ; Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ; Kerr, Vol.
7 ; Pinkerton, Vol. I ; Purchas, Vol. 4 ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. I: Appendix I.

Cumberland, Stuart. The Queen's High-
way from Ocean to Ocean. Maps and
illustrations. 8 1887

Gumming, C. F. Gordon. At Home
in Fiji. 2 vols. l\[ap and illustrations.
8 1881

In the Himalayas and on the Indian

Plains. Illustrations. 8 1884

Wanderings in China. 2 vols. Por-
trait, map, and illustrations. 8 1886

Two Happy Years in Ceylon. 2 vols.

Map and illustrations. 8 1 892

Gumming, J. Gordon. See Piassetsky.

Gumming, Rev. J. G. Isle of Man, its
History, Physical, Ecclesiastical, Civil,
and Legendary. Map and plates. 8


Guide to the Isle of Man, with the

means of access thereto, &c. Map. 12


Gumming, R. Gordon. Five Years of a
Hunter's Life in the Far Interior of South
Africa. 2 vols. Map and plates. 1850

Cummings, Samuel. The Western Pilot,

containing Charts of the Ohio and

Mississippi Rivers; with a Gazetteer. 8

Cincinnati, 1840

Cummins, J. See Kerr, Vol. 17: Ap-
pendix i.

Cunha. See Da Cunha.

Cuningham, William. The Cosmo-
graphical Glasse, conteinyng the pleasant
Principles of Cosmographie, Geographic,
Hydrographie, or Nauigation. Cufs.
Folio 1559

Cuningham, W. M. Proposed Railway
through Siberia. Map. 8* 1891

Cunningham, Sir Alexander. The
Bhilsa Topes, or Buddhist Monuments
of Central India ; comprising a Brief
Historical Sketch of the Rise, Progress,
and Decline of Buddhism ; with an
Account of the Opening and Examination
of the various groups of Topes around
Bhilsa. Map and plates. 8 1854

Ladak, Physical, Statistical, and

Historical, with Notices of the surround-
ing Countries. Maps and plates. Royal


Mahabodhi, or the great Buddhist

Temple under the Bodhi-tree at Buddha-
Gaya. Plates. 4 1892

See India, A : Appendix 2.

Cunningham, C. D., and Capt. W. de
W. Abney. The Pioneers of the Alps.
Portraits. 4 1887

Cunningham, James. See Harris, Vol. i ;
Kerr, Vol. 9 : Appendix I.

Cunningham, Peter. Handbook for
London, Past and Present. 2 vols. 8


Cunningham, R. O. Notes on the Natural
History of the Strait of Magellan and
West Coast of Patagonia, made during
the Voyage of H.M.S. " Nassau" in the
years 1866, '67, '68, and '69. Maps and
plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1871

Cunningham, W. The Growth of Eng-
lish Industry and Commerce during the
Early and Middle Ages. 8

Cambridge, 1890

Cuny, Charles. Observations generates
sur le Memoire sur le Soudan de M. le
Comte d'Escayrac de Lauture. 8*

Paris, 1858

Journal de Voyage de Siout a El-

Obeid 1857-58. Introduction par Malte-
Brun. Map. 8 Paris, 186;

Cunynghame, Lieut. -Gen. Sir A T.
Travels in the Eastern Caucasus, on the
Caspian and Black Seas, especially in
Daghestan, and on the Frontiers of
Persia and Turkey, during the Summer
of 1871. Maps. 8 1872

"Curagoa." See Brenchley.

CurionJ, Giulio. Sulla successione Nor-

male dei diversi membri del Terreno

Triasico nella Lombardia. Plates. 4*

Milan, 1855

Curley, E. A. Nebraska, its Advantages,
Resources, and Drawbacks. Maps and
plates. 8 1875

Curling, J. J. Coastal Navigation. Chart
and diagrams. 8 1 885

Curr, Edward M. The Australian Race,
its Origin, Languages, Customs, Place of
Landing in Australia, and the Routes by
which it spread itself over that Continent.
4 vols. (Vols. 1-3, 8; Vol. 4, folio). Map
and ilhistrations Melbourne, 1886-87

Currie, Sir Donald. Thoughts upon the
Present and Future of South Africa, and
Central and Eastern Africa. 8* 1877

Maritime Warfare : the Importance

to the British Empire of a Complete
System of Telegraphs, Coaling Stations,
and Graving Docks. 8* 1877

Cursetjee, Manockjee. A Few Passing
Ideas for the Benefit of India and
Indians. 8 Bombay, 1853

Curson, Cardinal Robert. See Hakluyt,
Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Curtis, John G. C. Tables for Correct-
ing Lunar Distances ; with Rules for
Finding the Errors and Rates of Chrono-
meters. 8 1836

Curtis, Joseph S. See United States,
G, c : Appendix 2.


Curtis, Richard H. See Scott.

Curtis, . Smithsonian Meteorological
Tables. (Based on Guyot's Meteoro-
logical and Physical Tables.) Smith-
sonian Miscellaneous Collections, 844.
8 Washington, 1893

Curtius, E. , and F. Adler. Olympia und
Umgegend. Maps and plan. 8*

Berlin, 1882

Curzon, Hon. George N. Russia in
Central Asia in 1889, and the Anglo-
Russian Question; with Append ices and an
Index. Map and illustrations. 8 1889

Persia and the Persian Question. 2

vols. Maps and illustrations. 8 1892

Curzon, Hon. Robert. Armenia : a
Year at Erzeroom, and on the Frontiers
of Russia, Turkey, and Persia. Map and
woodcuts. 8 1854

Visits to Monasteries in the Levant.
6th edition. Illustrations. 8 1881

Gushing. . Territory of Oregon : Re-
port in Relation to Territory of the
United States beyond the Rocky Moun-
tains. 8* Washington, 1839

Cushman. J. B. Legislative Honors
to the Memory of President Lincoln.
Message of Gov. Fenton to the Legisla-
ture, communicating the Death of Presi-
dent Lincoln. Obsequies of President
Lincoln in the Legislature. 8

Albany, N.Y., 1865

Cusieri, Odoardo. Storia Fisica e Politica
dell' Egitto, della sua remota Anlichita
sino all' Epoca presente 1842. 3 vols.
8 Florence, 1845

Cuspinianus. J. De Turcarum Origine,
Religione, &c. 1 6 Leyden, 1654

Cust, Dr R. N. A Sketch of the Modern
Languages of the East Indies. 2 maps
in cover. 8 1878

Table of Languages and Dialects of

the East Indies. Square 8* 1878

Linguistic and Oriental Essays, writ-
ten from the year 1846 to 1878. Map.
8 1880

A Sketch of the Modern Languages

of Africa. 2 vols. Map and portraits.
8 1883

The Railway over the Sahara, from

Algeria to the Senegal, and the Destruc-
tion of Colonel Flatters. Map. 8* 1884
Malaisch - Polynesische Abtheilung.
7 Internationaler Orientalisten - Con-
gress, Wien. Mittheilung iiber unsere
gegenwartige Kenntniss der Sprachen
Oceaniens. 8* 1886

Linguistic and Oriental Essays, writ-
ten from the year 1847 to 1887. Second
series. Maps. 8 1887

Three Lists of Bible Translations

actually accomplished, corrected up to
1st August 1890: I. Alphabetical; 2.
Geographical ; 3. Linguistic. Frontis-
piece. Square 8 U 1890

Cust, DrR. N. L'Occupation de 1'Afrique
paries Missionaires Chretiens de 1'Europe
et de 1'Amerique du Nord. 8*

Geneva, 1891

Africa Rediviva ; or the Occupation

of Africa by Christian Missionaries of
Europe and North America. Maps and

frontispiece. 8 1891

[Communication on the above subject.]

International Geographical Congress,
Bern, Switzerland: Africa Section. 8*1891

The Ethics of African Geographical

Explory. 8* [1892]

Remarks on the Position of the British

Political Interests in Eastern Equatorial
Africa in 1892. Map. 8* Hertford, 1892

Essay on the Progress of African

Philology up to the year 1893. Pre-
pared for the Congress of the World at
Chicago, U.S. With three Appendices.
8* 1893

Custer, G. A. My Life on the Plains. 8"


Custine, Marquis de. Russia. Abridged
from the French. 12 1854

Cutler, T. Notes on Spa and its Chaly-
beate Springs. Frontispiece. Small 8
Brussels, 1854

Cutting, H. A. Observations on Ozone,
and its Relation to Disease. 8*

Vermont, 1874

Cuvier, Baron G. Essay on the Theory
of the Earth. Translated from the French
of M. Cuvier by Robert Kerr ; with
Mineralogical Notes and an Account of
Cuvier's Geological Discoveries, by Pro-
fessor Jameson. Plate. 8

Edinburgh, 1813

Discours sur les Revolutions de la

Surface du Globe, et sur les changemens
qu'elles ont produits dans le Regne
Animal. Plates. 4 Paris, 1826

and Alex. Brongniart. Essai sur la

Geographic Mineralogique des Environs
de Paris. Maps and plates. 4

Paris, 1811

Cybulz, G. Anwendung der Plastik beim

Unterricht im Terrainzeichnen. Plate,

Leipzig, 1 86 1

" Cygnet," Ship. See Burney, Vol. 4 :
Appendix i.

Czerny, Dr Franz. Die Wirkungen der
Winde auf die Gestaltung der Erde.
( Erganzungsheft, 48 Petermann's Mit-
theilungen.) Chart. 4 Gotha, 1877

D , M. A. The History of Prussia,

from the Times of the Knights of the
Cross and Sword to the Occupation of
Hanover, 1867. Compiled ... by
M. A. D. 16 1869



Daa, Ludvigf K. Om Forholdet mellem
det gamle og ny Fastlands Urbeboere.
8* Christiania, 1857

Daalmans, Aegidius. A Belgian Phy-
sician's Notes on Ceylon in 1687-89.
Translated from the Dutch by D. W.
Ferguson. (Extracted from Journal, No.
35, Volume 10, of the Royal Asiatic
Society, Ceylon Branch.) 8* 1887

Da Cunha, J. Gerson. Notes on the
History and Antiquities of Chaul and
Bassei n . Maps, plates, and photograph s.
Royal 8 Bombay, 1876

Da Cunha, L. M. do Couto de Albu-
querque. Memorias para a Historia da
Pra9a de Mazagao, revistas pelo Levy
Maria Jordao. 4* Lisbon, 1864

Da Cunha, Nuno and Tristano. See
Gottfried : Appendix i.

Dadelszen, E. J. von. The New Zealand
Official Year-Book, 1893. Map. 8

Wellington, 1893

Report on the Results of a Census of

the Colony of New Zealand, taken for
the night of the 5th April 1891. Dia-
grams. 8 Wellington, 1893

Daendels, H. W. Brieven, betreffende
het Bestuur der Kolonien, en bevattende
eene beoordeling van een Werkje, over
dat onderwerp uitgegeven, getiteld :
Java. 8 Amsterdam, 1816

D'Afflitto, D. L. Guida di Napoli. 2
vols in i. 8 Naples, 1834

D'Agua, Ize, and J. Almeida. Algumas

considera9oes acerca dos productos re-

mettidos para a Exposi9ao de Vienna de

Austria no fim de Janeiro de 1873. &

Lisbon, 1873

Dahl, W. F. See Baer and Helmersen, 7.

Dahlgren, Madeleine Vinton. Memoir
of John A. Dahlgren, Rear-Admiral,
United States Navy. Portraits, map,
and illustrations. 8 Boston, Mass. , 1 882

Dahse, Paulus. The Gold Coast.
Translated from the German by Harry
Bruce Walker. Map. 8* Liverpool, 1882

Daireaux, E. Buenos-Ayres, la Pampa,
et la Patagonie. Map. 12 Paris, 1877

Dairs, J. The Jews in Roumania. 8* 1872

Dairs, J. B. On the Peculiar Crania of the
Inhabitants of certain Groups of Islands
in the Western Pacific. 4

Haarlem, 1866

D'Albertis, L. M. Journal of the Expedi-
tion for the Exploration of the Fly River.
[Newspaper cuttings.] 8* Sydney, 1877
- The same. Map. 8* Sydney, 1877

New Guinea Exploration. Extract
from the Log-Book of the Steam-Launch
" Neva." (N. S. W. Legislative As-
sembly Publication.) Folio*

[Sydney, 1877]

New Guinea : What I did and what
I saw. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8 1880

See British New Guinea : Appendix 2,

D'Albuquerque. See Albuquerque.

Dalby, Isaac. See Mudge, Capt. ;
Williams, Lieut. -Col. E.

Dale, R. Notes of an Excursion to the
Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the Republic
of Mexico. Map and plates. 8 1851

Dale, Sir Thomas. See Purchas, Vol. 4,
Book 9 : Appendix I.

Dalence, Jose Marie. Bosquejo Esta-
distico de Bolivia. 8 Chuquisaca, 1851

Dalhunty, . See Portugal, A: Appen-
dix 2.

Dall, William H. Alaska and its Re-
sources. Map and plates. 8 Boston, \$"JQ

Harbors of Alaska, and the Tides

and Currents in their Vicinity. Plates.
4* [Washington, 1873]

Report of Geographical and Hydro-
graphical Operations on the Coast of
Alaska. Map. 4 [Washington, 1873]

Report on Mount St Elias. Map and

plate. 8* [Washington, 1875]

On the so-called Chukchi and Na-

mollo People of Eastern Siberia.

[Philadelphia'] 1881

Notes on Alaska and the Vicinity of

Bering Strait. Map. 8*

[New Haven, Conn., 1881]

See United States, F : Appendix 2.

Dallam, Thomas. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol., 87 : Appendix i.

Dallas, A. G. San Juan, Alaska, and the
North- West Boundary. 8 1873

Dallas, James. See Catalogues, A : Ap-
pendix 2.

Dallas, R. C. The History of the
Maroons, from their Origin to the Estab-
lishment of their Chief Tribe at Sierra
Leone, including the Expedition to Cuba
for the purpose of procuring Spanish
Chasseurs, and the State of the Island of
Jamaica for the last ten years ; with a
Succinct History of the Island previous
to that period. 2 vols. Maps and ilhis-
trations. 8 1 803

Dallas, W. L. Memoir of the Winds and
Monsoons of the Arabian Sea and North
Indian Ocean. Plates. 4* Calcutta, 1887

The Climatology of Afghanistan.

(FromJ. United Service I. of India, Vol.
20, No. 88.) 8* [Simla, 1891]

Dallas, W. S. See Humboldt, A. von.

Dalla Torre, K. W. V. See Switzer-
land, B : Appendix 2.

Dalla Vedova, G. II Concetto Popolare
e il Concetto Scientifico della Geografia.
8* Rome, 1880

Pellegrino Matteucci eel il suo Diario

inedito. Map. 8* Rome, 1885

See Ragazzi.

Dallaway, J. Constantinople, Ancient
and Modern, with Excursions to the
Shores and Islands of the Archipelago
and to the Troad. Map and plates. 4




Dallet, C. Histoire de 1'Eglise de Coree.
precedee d'une Introduction sur 1'His-
toire, les Institutions, la Langue, les
Moeurs, et Coutumes Coreennes. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 Paris, 1874

D'Almeida. See Almeida.
D'Almeida, William Harrington. Life
in Java ; with Sketches of the Javanese.
2 vols. 8 1864

Dalrymple, Alexander. Historical Col-
lection of the several Voyages and Dis-
coveries in the South Pacific Ocean.
2 vols. in I. Maps. 4 1770-71

[For Contents, see Appendix I.]

Collection of Nautical Memoirs and

Journals, mostly published originally at
the charge of the East India Company,
now reprinted for the use of the Royal
Navy. 4 1806

Dalrymple, Alexander. Essay on Nautical

M'Cluer, John. Description of the Coast

of India, 1787-90.

Dalrymple, A. General Remarks for the
use of those who have not been ac-
customed to Navigate unfrequented

Macaulay, Hugh. Directions for En-
tering the Harbour of Olinchy, on the
west side of the island Hai-lin, adjacent
to the S. Coast of China.
Howel, Mr. Memoir of the harbour


Bissell, Capt. Austin. Voyage from
England to the Red Sea, and along
the East Coast of Arabia to Bombay,

Inverarity, Captain David. Memoir of
a Chart of the N.W. Coast of Mada-

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