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gascar, 1803 ; and Comoro Islands,
by the Hon. Thomas Howe, 1766.
Dalrymple, A. Memoir of a Chart of
the Passages at the Southern Extremity
of Asia.

Dalrymple, A. Catalogue of Authors
who have written on Rio de la Plata,
Paraguay, and Chaco, 1807.

Tracts, from 1764 to 1808. 3 vols.

[For Contents, see Appendix I.]
Tracts, from 1769 to 1793. 4


Vox Populi Vox Dei : Lord Weymouth's
Appeal to a General Court of India
Proprietors considered J 7^9

Scheme of a Voyage to Convey the Con-
veniences of Life to New Zealand


Two Letters to the Court of Directors
for Affairs of the United Company of
Merchants of England trading to the
East Indies, concerning the proposed
Supervisorship ^69

Dalrymple, Alexander continued.

Letter to Dr Hawkesworth, occasioned
by some groundless and illiberal im-
putations in his Account of the late
Voyages to the South 1773

Observations on Dr Hawkesworth's Pre-
face to the 2nd edition.

Reply to a Letter from Andrew Stuart,
Esq., to the Hon. the Directors of the
East India Company. [Account of the
subversion of the Legal Government at
Madras by imprisoning the Governor,
Lord Pigot, in August 1776.]

Explanation of the Map of the East India
Company's Lands on the Coast of
Choromandel 1778

Memoir on Watering the Circars 1793
Tracts, from 1791 to 1807. Royal 8


Memorial to the East India Company 1791
The Poor Man's Friend 1795

A Fragment on the India Trade, 1791


Thoughts of an Old Man, of Independent

Mind though Dependent Fortune, on

the Present High Price of Corn 1800

Longitude : a Full Answer to the

Advertisement concerning Mr Earn-

shaw's Timekeeper in the Morning

Chronicle, 4th February, and Times,

1 3th February 1806

On the Catholic Question, properly

Roman Catholic Question 1807

Notes on Two Letters to Brother

Abraham concerning the Roman

Catholics 1807

Catalogue of Printed Books and

Tracts by, before 1st January 1792.

Catalogue of Authors who have

written on Rio de la Plata, Paraguay,

and Chaco. [With Manuscript and

other Additions by Sir Woodbine

Parish to 1840.] 4 1807

Oriental Repertory: Vol. i,from April

1791 to January 1793 ; Vol. 2, concluded

in 1808. Maps and plates. 4 1793-1808

[For Contents, see Appendix I.]
Dalrymple, G. Elphinstone. On the
New Settlement in Rockingham Bay,
and advance of Colonisation over North-
Eastern Australia, including Mr Dal-
rymple's Report on his Journey from
Rockingham Bay to the Valley of La-
goons. 8 1865

The Syrian Great Eastern Railway to

India, by an entirely New Route. 8* 1878

See Smith, Joseph W.

Dalton, Capt. E. T. Correspondence
and Journal of his Progress in a late
Visit to a Clan of Abors on the Dihing
River. [From the India Records, No.
23] Bengal, 1855

Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal.

Lithograph portraits. Large 4

Calattta, 1872



Dalton, Henry G. The History of British
Guiana . . . ; together with an Account
of its Climate, Geology, Staple Products,
and Natural History. 2 vols. Map
and plates. 8 1855

Dalton, Lieut. -Col. J. C. .SV<? Nadarov ;

Dalton, John N. See "Bacchante."

Dalton, W. H. See Whitaker.

Dal Verme, Conte Luchino. Giappone
e Siberia : Note d'un Viaggio nell'
estremo Oriente al seguito di S. A. R.
il Duca di Genova. Maps and illustra-
tions. Folio* Milan, 1885

Daly, C. P. English Arctic Expedition.
Map. 8* Boston, Mass., 1877

Daly, Mrs Dominic D. Digging, Squatt-
ing, and Pioneering Life in the Northern
Territory of South Australia. Map. 8


Daly, Lieut. H. Reports on the Northern
Shan States. Folio* Rangoon, 1888-90

Daly, General H. D. Report on the
Political Administration of the Territories
comprised within the Central India
Agency, for the year 1868-69 J 86g

Ditto, for 1869-70
Ditto, for 1870-71
Ditto, for 1871-72
Ditto, for 1873-74.


[From the India
102, 114.]

Records, Nos. 75, 82,

Dalzel. A. See Chevalier, M.

Dalzell, Archibald. The History of
Dahomy, an Inland Kingdom of Africa,
compiled from Authentic Memoirs ; with
Introduction and Notes. Map and
plates. 4 1793

Dalzell, N. A. Observations on the
Influence of Forests, and on the General
Principles of Management as applicable
to Bombay. [From the India Records,
No. 76.] 8 Bombay, 1863

Damberger, C. F. Travels in the Interior
of Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope
to Morocco, from the year 1781 to
1797, through Caffraria, the Kingdoms
ofMataman, Angola, Massi, Monoemugi,
Muschako, &c. , likewise across the Great
Desert of Sahara and the Northern Parts
of Barbary. 2 vols. in I. Map and
plate. 8 Dublin, 1801

Damer, Hon. Mrs G. L. Dawson.
Diary of a Tour in Greece, Turkey,
Egypt, and the Holy Land. 2 vols.
Plates. 12 1841

Dames, Dr Wilhelm. See Richthofen.

Dampier, Capt. William. A New Voyage
round the World, describing particularly
the Isthmus of America. Maps. 8


New Voyage round the World, de-
scribing particularly the Isthmus of
America, several Coasts and Islands in
tjie West Indies, the Isles of Cape Verde,

Dampier, Capt. William continued.
the Passage by Terra del Fuego, the
South Sea Coasts of Chili, Peru, and
Mexico, the Isle of Guam, one of the
Ladrones, Mindanao, and other Philip-
pine and East India Islands near
Cambodia, China, Formosa, Luconia,
Celebes, &c., New Holland, Sumatra,
Nicobar Isles, the Cape of Good Hope,
and Santa Hellena ; their Soil, Rivers,
Harbours, Plants, Fruits, Animals, and
Inhabitants ; their Customs, Religion,
Government, Trade, &c. 4 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1 729

See Drake, Sir F. ; also Hakluyt Soc.

Publ., Vol. 25; Callander, Vol. 2;
Harris, Vol. I ; Kerr, Vol. 10 ; La-
harpe, Vol. 1 5 ; Pinkerton, Vol. 1 1 ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 12 ; New
Collection, Vol. 3, p. 608 ; The World
Displayed, Vol. 6, p. 609 : Appendix i.

Dana, E. S. Contributions to the Petro-
graphy of the Sandwich Islands. (From
the American Journal 'of Science, No. 37,
March 1889.) Illustrations. 8* [1889]

Dana, Dr James D. On an Isothermal
Oceanic Chart, illustrating the Geogra-
phical Distribution of Marine Animals.
Map. 8* Washington, 1853

I. On Parallel Relations of the

Classes of Vertebrates, and on some
Characteristics of the Reptilian Birds.
2. The Classification of Animals based
on the Principle of Cephalisation ; on
Fossil Insects from the Carboniferous
Formation in Illinois. 3. Classification
of Herbivores ; Note on the Position of
Amphibians among the Classes of Verte-
brates. 8 New Haven, Conn., 1863-64

Corals and Coral Islands. Plates.

8 1872

The same. 3rd edition. Maps and

illustrations. Large 8 New York [1890]

On Volcanic Eruptions of Barren

Island, Vesuvius, and Kilauea. (From
the American Journal of 'Science, Vol. 31,
May 1886.) 8* 1886

A Dissected Volcanic Mountain :

some of its revelations. (From the
American Journal of Science, No. 190.)
8* New Haven, Conn., 1886

Kilauea after the Eruption. (From

the American Journal of Science, Vol.
33-) 8* [1887]

Papers on the Volcanic and Geological

History of the Hawaiian Islands. (From
the American Journal of Science, Nos.
33-37, June 1887 to March 1889.) Maps
and illustrations. 8* [1887-89]

Areas of Continental Progress in

North America, and the Influence of the
Conditions of these Areas on the Work
carried forward within them. (From
the Bull. Geol. Soc., America, Vol. I,
1889.) 8* [1889]


Dana, Dr James D. On the Origin of
the Deep Troughs of the Oceanic De-
pression : Are any of Volcanic Origin ?
(From the American Journal of Science.}
Map. 8* {New Haven, Conn., 1889]

Danckelman, Dr A. von. Die meteoro-
logischen Beobachtungen der Gussfeldt'-
schen Loango-Expeclition. Nebst einem
Anhang, Resultate der Beobachtungen
von Dr O. Lenz am Ogowe. Plate. 4
Leipzig, 1878

Association Internationale du Congo.

Memoire sur les Observations Meteoro-
logiques faites a Vivi (Congo Inferieur)
et sur la Climatologie de la Cote sud-
ouest d'Afrique en general. Map and
plates. 4* Berlin, 1884

Beitrage zur Kenntniss cles Klimas

des Deutschen Togolandes und seiner
Nachbargebiete an der Gold und Sklaven
Kiiste. Plan and plate. 8*

Berlin, 1890

Danckwerth, Caspar, and J. Meyer.
Newe Landesbeschreibung der zweij
Hertzogthiimer Schleswich und Holstein,
zusambt vielen dabeij gehorigen newen
T andkarten, die auff Ihr Konigl. Maijtt.
zu Dennemarck, Norwegen, &c. , und Ihr
Fiiistl. Diirchl. beeder regierenden Hert-
zogen zu Schleswich Holstein, &c. , aller
und gnadigsten befehle von dero Konigl.
Maijtt. bestalten Mathematico Johanne
Mejero, Hus. Cimbro, Chorographice
Elaborirt, cliirch Casparum Danckwerth,
D. , zusammen getragen und verfertigt.
Vorin auch das alte Teiitschland kiirtzlich
beschrieben, mitbegriffen ist. Maps.
Folio N.P., 1652

[Register published by J. J. Babst,
Gliickstat, annexed.]

Dandini, Jerom. See Churchill, Vol. 7 ;
Pinkerton, Vol. 10 : Appendix i.

Danenhower, Lieut. J. W. The Polar
Question. Map. 8*

Annapolis, Md., 1885

Dangar, H. Index and Directory to Map
of the Country bordering upon the River
Hunter, the Lands of the Australian
Agricultural Company ; with the Ground-
Plan and Allotments of King's Town,
New South Wales. Plate. 8 1828

Dangerfield, Capt. See India, C (Geolo-
gical Papers) : Appendix 2.

Daniel, H. A. Lehrbuch der Geographic
liir hohere Unterrichtsanstalten. (49th
edition) herausgegeben von Dr A. Kirch-
hoff. 12 Halle, 1878

Leitfaden fiir den Unterricht in der

Geographic. (l25th edition) herausgege-
ben von Dr A. Kirchhoff. 1 2

Halle, 1879

Kleineres Handbuch der Geographic.

Auszug aus des Verfassers Vierbandigem
Werke. 4th edition. 8 Leipzig, 1883
See Ritter.

Daniell, J. F. Observations on a New
Hygrometer, which Measures the Force
and Weight of Aqueous Vapour in the
Atmosphere, and the Corresponding
Degree of Evaporation. 8* [1820]

Daniell, Samuel, and William Daniell.

Sketches representing the Native Tribes,
Animals, and Scenery of Southern Africa.
$>plates. 4 1820

Daniell, W. F. Sketches of the Medical
Topography and Native Diseases of the
Gulf of Guinea, Western Africa. 8


Observations on the Copals of West-
ern Africa. 8* 1857

Danielssen, D. C. See Norway, A (North
Atlantic Expedition) : Appendix 2.

Danilowitsch, . See Baer and Helmer-
sen, 10.

Dankovsky, Gregor. Die Griechen als

Stamm- und Sprachverwandte der Sla-

wen. Historisch und Philologisch. 8

Pressburg, 1828

Danks, B. See Brown and Danks.

Danti, Egnatio. Egnazio Danti, Cosmo-
grafo e Matematico e le sue opere in
Firenze. Memoria Storica di lodoco
Del Badia. 8* Florence, 1881

Danvers, F. C. India (Spon's Informa-
tion for Colonial Engineers, edited by J.
T. Hurst, No. 3). Map. 8 1877

Report to the Secretary of State for

India in Council on the Records of the
India Office. Vol. I, Part I. Map. 8


Bengal, its Chief Agents and Gover-
nors. 8* [1888]

Report to the Secretary of State for

India in Council on the Portuguese
Records relating to the East Indies con-
tained in the Archive da Torre do
Tombo, and the Public Libraries at
Lisbon and Evora. 8 1892

Danvers, Juland. Report to the Secre-
tary of State for India in Council on
Railways in India to the end of the year
1859. The same, for the years 1860-61,
1861-62, 1862-63, 1863-64, 1864-65,
1865-66, 1866-67, 1867-68, 1868-69,
1879-80. Maps. Folio 1860-69, 1880

Dapontes, Constantin. Ephemerides
Daces, ou Chronique de la Guerre de
quatre ans ( 1 736- 1 739). Publiee, traduite,
et annotee par Emile Legrand. I. Texte
Grec. [No. 14 of Publ. de 1'Ec. des
Langues Orient. Viv.] 8 Paris, 1880

Ditto. ,11. Traduction. [No. 15 of

Publ. de 1'Ec. des Langues Orient. Viv.]
Portrait. Large 8 Paris, 1881

-Ditto. III. [No. 20 of Publ. de 1'Ec.
des Langues Orient, Viv.] Large 8

Paris, 1888



Dapper, O. BeschryvingdesKeizerryksvan
Taisingof Sina, vertoont in de Benaming,
Grens-palen, Steden, Stroomen, Bergen,
Gewassen, Dieren, Gods-dienst, Tale,
Letteren, &c. Plates. Folio

Amsterdam, 1670

Gedenkwaerdig Bedryf der Neder-

landsche Oost-Indische Maetschappye,
op de Kuste en in het Keizerrijk van
Taising of Sina ; behelzende het tweede
Gezandschap aen den Onderkoning Sing-
lamong en Veldheer Taising Lipoui ;
door J. van Kampen en K. Nobel. Ver-
volgt met een verhael van het voorgeval-
len des jaers 1603, 4, en 6, op de Kuste
van Sina, en ontrent d'Eilanden Tayo-
wan, Formosa, ay en Quemuy, onder't
gezag van B. Bort ; en het derde Gezand-
schap aen Konchy, Tartarsche Keizer
van Sina en Oost-Tartarye, onder P. van
Hoorn. [Imperfect.] Map omd plates.
Folio Amsterdam, 1670

Asia, of Naukeurige beschryving van

het rijk des Grooten Mogols, en een
groot gedeelte van Indie'n ; behelsende
de Landschappen van Kandahar, Kabul,
Multan, Ha'ikan, Bukkar, Send of Diu,
Jesselmeer, Attak, Penjab, Kaximir,
Jangapore, Dely, Mando, Malva, Chitor,
Utrad, Zuratte of Kambaye, Chandisch,
Narvar, Gwaliar, Indostan, Sanbat,
Bakar, Nagrakat, Dekan, en Visiapour ;
beneffens een volkome beschryving van
geheel Persie, Georgie, Mengrelie, en
andere Gebuur-gewesten, vertoont in de
Benamingen, Grens-palen, Steden, Ge-
wassen, Dieren, c. Map and plates.
Folio Amsterdam, 1672

Naukeurige Beschryving van Asie ;

behelsende de gewesten van Mesopo-
tamie, Babylonie, Assyrie, Anatolic, of
Klein Asie ; beneffens eene volkome
Beschrijving van gantsch, Gelukkigh,
Woest, en Petreesch of Steenigh Arabic.
Vertoont in een bondigh ontwerp van's
Lants benamingen, bepalingen, verdeil-
ingen, steden, vlekken, gewassen, dieren,
zeden, en aert der inwoonders, bestiering,
geschiedenissen en godsdienst, inzonder-
heit die van d'oude Arabieren, Mahomet
en Mahometanen. 2 vols. Map and
plates. Folio Amsterdam, 1680

Description de 1'Afrique, contenant

les Noms, la Situation, et les Confins de
toutes ses Parties, leurs Rivieres, leurs
Villes, et leurs Habitations, leurs Plantes
et leurs Animaux ; les Coutumes, la
Langue, les Richesses, la Religion, et le
Gouvernement de ses Peuples. Maps
and plates. Folio Amsterdam, 1686

Beschryving van Eilanden der Archi-

pel, eertijts Egeesche Zee, nu Archipel,
en de Eilanden Cyprus, Rhodos, S. Ste-
fanio, Karpathos, Kasos, Kos of Lango,
Nizaria, &c. [Imperfect.] Maps and
plates. Folio 1688

Dapper, O. Naukeurige beschryving van
Morea eertijts Peloponnesus; ende Eilan-
den, gelegen onder de Kusten van Morea,
en binnen en buitende Golf van Venetien;
waer onder de voornaemste Korfu, Cefa-
lonia, Santa Maura, Zanten, en andere in
grooten getale ; behelzende derzelver
Lantschappen, Steden, Rivieren, Poelen,
Bergen, Gewassen, Dieren, &c. Maps
and plates. Folio Amsterdam, 1688

D'Aramon. See Aramon.

Darapsky, Dr L. Las Aguas Mineralis
de Chile. Illustrations. 8

Valparaiso, 1890

Darby, William. View of the United
States, Historical, Geographical, and
Statistical. Maps. 18

Philadelphia, 1828

and Theodore Dwight. A New

Gazetteer of the United States of
America : containing a Copious Descrip-
tion of the States, Territories, Counties,
Parishes, Districts, Cities, and Towns ;
Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, and Canals ;
Commerce, Manufactures, Agriculture,
and the Arts generally, of the United
States ; also the Extent, Boundaries, and
Natural Productions of the Principal Sub-
divisions, the Latitude and Longitude of
Cities and Towns, and their Bearing and
Distance from Important Places, with the
Population of 1830. 8

Hartford, Conn., 1833

Dard, J. Dictionnaire Francais-Wolof,
Fra^ais-Bambara, suivi du Dictionnaire
Wolof-Fran$ais. 8 Paris, 1825

Grammaire Wolofe, ou meihode pour

etudier la Langue des Noirs qui habitent
les Royaumes de Bourba-Yolof, de Walo,
de Darnel, de Bour-Sine, de Saloume, de
Baole, en Senegambie ; suivie d'un Ap-
pendice ou sont etablies les particularites
les plus essentielles des Principales
Langues de 1'Afrique Septentrionale. 8
Paris, 1826

Dardye. See Bourgade la Dardye.

Daron, Etienne Acjogh'ig de. Histoire
Universelle. Traduite de 1'Armenien et
annotee par E. Dulaurier. i fere partie.
[18 of Publ. de 1'Ec. des Langues Orient.
Viv.] Large 8 Paris, 1883

Darondeau, B. Melanges Hydrographi-
ques, ou Recueil de Documents relatifs
a 1'Hydrographie et a la Navigation ;
Extraits des Annales Maritimes et
Coloniales publiees par MM. Bajot et
Poirre. 3 vols. in 2. Maps. 8

Paris, 1846

Notice sur les Erreurs des Compas

dues aux attractions locales a bord des
Navires en Bois et en Fer, suivie d'ln-
structions sur les moyens de determiner
ces Erreurs et de les corriger. 8*

Paris, 1858



Darondeau, J. B. Tableau General des
Phares et Fanaux des Cotes de Hollande
et de Belgique. 8 Paris, 1849

Tableau General des Phares et Fanaux

des Cotes Orientales de 1'Amerique du
Nord. 8 Paris, 1851

Tableau General des Phares et Fanaux

des Cotes de la Mediterranee, de la Mer
Noire et de la Mer d'Azoff. 8

Paris, 1852

.S^Horsburgh, J ; Kerhallet ; Vaillant.

Darrah, H. Z. See India, I (Assam) :
Appendix 2.

Darwin, Charles. Geological Observa-
tions on the Volcanic Islands visited
during the Voyage of H.M.S. " Beagle,"
together with some brief Notices on the
Geology of Australia and the Cape of
Good Hope : being the second part of
the Geology of the Voyage of the
" Beagle," &c. Map. 8 London, 1844

Geological Observations on South

America : being the third part of the
Geology of the Voyage of the ' ' Beagle "
. . . 1832 to 1836. Map. 8 1846

The Structure and Distribution of

Coral Reefs. 2nd edition. Plates.
Small 8 1874

The Life and Letters of Charles

Darwin, including an Autobiographical
Chapter. Edited by his son Francis
Darwin. 3 vols. Portraits and illustra-
tions. 8 1887

Journal of Researches into the Natural

History and Geology of the Countries
visited during the Voyage of H.M.S.
" Beagle" Round the World, under the
command of Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. (From
the corrected and enlarged edition of
1845.) Illustrations. 12 1889

The same. A new edition. Illustra-
tions. 8 i 890

On the Structure and Distribution of

Coral Reefs ; also Geological Observa-
tions on the Volcanic Islands and parts
of South America visited during the
Voyage of H.M.S. "Beagle." With
... a Critical Introduction to each
work by Prof. John W. Judd, F.R.S.
Maps and illustrations. 12 1890

See Fitzroy.

Darwin, Prof. G. On Maps of the
World. Plate. 8* 1875

Darwin, Major Leonard. On the Pro-
jection and Use of Maps for Military
Purposes. Folio* 1 890

See United Kingdom, G, War Office
Publ. : Appendix 2.

Das. See Chandra Das.

Dassel, T. See Astley, Vol. i ; Hakluyt,
Vol. 3 ; Kerr, Vol. 7 ; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. I : Appendix i.

Dassy, G. F. Notes on Sueis, with
Tables of Exports and Imports. 8*

Constantinople, 1859

Dati, Giuliano. La Lettera dell' Isole

che ha trovato nuovamente il Re di

Spagna. Poemetto in ottava rima. Pub-

licato per cura di Gustavo Uzielli. 12

Bologna, 1873

Daubeny, C. A Description of Active
and Extinct Volcanos, of Earthquakes
and of Thermal Springs ; with Remarks
on the Causes, &c. 2nd edition. Maps.
8 1848

Daubeny, Henry. The Climate of San
Remo as adapted to Invalids. 8"' 1865

Daubree, A. Experiences Synthetiques re-
latives aux Meteorites. Rapprochements
auxquels ces experiences conduisent, tant
pour la Formation de ces Corps Plane-
taires que pour celle du Globe Terrestre.
8* Paris, 1866

Rapport sur les progres de la Geologic

Experimentale. 4* Paris, 1867

- - Les Eaux Souterraines aux Epoques
Anciennes, role qui leur revient dans
1'Origine et les / Modifications de la
Substance de 1'Ecorce terrestre. Maps
and illustrations. 8 Paris, 1887

Les Eaux Souterraines a 1'Epoque

Actuelle, leur Regime, leur Temperature,
leur Composition au point / de vue du
role qui leur revient dans 1'Economie de
1'Ecorce terrestre. 2 vols. Maps and
illustrations. 8 Paris, 1887

Recherches experimentales sur le

role possible des Gaz a hautes tempera-
tures donnes de Ires fortes pressions et
animes d'un Mouvement fort rapide dans
divers Phenomenes Geologiques. 8*

Paris, 1891
Application de la methode experi-

mentale au role possible des Gaz Souter-
rains dans 1'histoire des Montagnes Vol-
caniques. 8* Paris, 1892

Daulphinois, Nicholas N. See Churchill,
Vol. 8 : Appendix I.

D'Audiffret Pasquier, Duke. See United
Kingdom, G, War Office Publ. : Appen-
dix 2.

Daumas, F. See Arbousset.

D au mas . Lieut. -Col. Le Sahara Algerien :
Etudes Geographiques, Statistiques, et
Historiques, sur la Region au sud des
Etablissements Fra^ais en Algerie.
Map. Royal 8 Paris, 1845

and Fabar. La Grande Kabylie :
Etudes Historiques. Table. Royal 8
Paris, 1847

Daunou, P. C. F. De la America Meri-
dional, con algunas Observaciones acerca
de este importante objeto. 8*

Buenos Ayres, N. D.

Daussy, Pierre. Second Memoire sur
les Marees de Cotes de France. 8

Paris, 1838

L'Influence de la Pression Atmo-

spherique sur le. Niveau moyen de la
Mer. 8* Paris, 1839



Daussy, Pierre. Nouvelle Methode pour
calculer la Marche des Chronometres.
8* Paris, 1841

Table des Positions Geographiques

des principaux lieux clu Globe. 1836, '37,
40, '41, '42, '43, '44, '46, '47, '48, '50,
'Si. '54-56- 8*

Memoire Descriptif de la Route de

Tehran a Meched et de Meched a Jezd,
reconnue en 1807 par M. Truilhier, suivi
d'un Memoire les Observations faites en
1807, par le Capitaine Truilhier, dans
son Voyage en Perse. Maps. 8

Paris, 1841

Notice sur la Vie et les Travaux de,

par M. de la Roquette. Portrait. 8*

Paris, 1 86 1
See Hell, X. H. de ; Truilhier, Capt.

Davenport and Comelati. See Diction-
aries, Italian : Appendix 2.

Davey, Thomas. See Canada, G : Ap-
pendix 2.

David, A. Journal de mon troisieme
Voyage d'Exploration dans 1'Empire
Chinois. 2 vols. Maps. Small 8

Paris, 1875

David, T. W. Edgeworth. See New
South Wales, B : Appendix 2.

Davids, Arthur Lumley. Grammar of
the Turkish Language, with a Discourse
on the Language and Literature of the
Turkish Nations, a copious Vocabulary,
Dialogues, a Collection of Extracts in
Prose and Verse, and lithographed
Specimens of various Ancient and Mod-
ern Manuscripts. 4 1832

Davidson, Prof. George. Directory for
the Pacific Coast of the United States.
8 Washington, 1858

The Abrasions of the Continental

Shores of N.W. America, and the sup-
posed ancient Sea-levels. 8* 1873

The Shoaling of the Bar at the En-
trance to San Francisco Harbour. 8*"

[San Francisco, 1884]

Identification of Sir Francis Drake's
Anchorage on the Coast of California in
the year 1 579. Maps and plates. Large
8* [1890]

The Discovery of Ilumboldt Bay,
California. Maps and plate. 8*

San Prancisco, 1891

Early Voyages on the North -West-
ern Coast of America. 8*

[Washington, 1894]

See United States, , Coast and
Geodetic Survey : Appendix 2.
Davidson, G. F. Trade and Travel in
the Far East ; or, Recollections of
Twenty-one Years passed in Java, Singa-
pore, Australia, and China. 12 1846
Davidson, James Wood. The Florida
of To-Day : a Guide for Tourists and
Settlers. Maps and illustrations. 12
New York, 1889

Davidson, John. Notes taken during
Travels in Africa. Plates. 4

Privately printed, 1 839

Davie, J. Constanse. Letters from Pa-
raguay, describing the Settlements of
Monte Video and Buenos Ayres, the
Presidencies of Rioja Minor, Nombre de
Dios, St Mary, and St John, &c. 8


Davies, E. W. L. Algiers in 1857, its
Accessibility, Climate, and Resources
Described, with especial reference to
English Invalids. Plates. 8 1858

Davies, John. See Olearius.

Davies, R. H. Report on the Trade and

Resources of the Countries on the North-

Western Boundary of British India. 8

Lahore, 1862

Central Asia. Report on the Trade

and Resources of the Countries on
the North-Western Boundary of British
India. [Parliamentary Report.] Folio*


Davies, Walter. General View of the
Agriculture and Domestic Economy of
South Wales ; containing the Counties
of Brecon, Caermarthen, Cardigan, Gla-
morgan, Pembroke, Radnor. 2 vols.
Maps. 8 1815

Davies, William. The Pilgrimage of the

Tiber, from its Mouth to its Source ;

with some account of its Tributaries.

Map and plates 1873

Davies, William. See Purchas, Vol. 4,

Book 6 : Appendix I.
Davila, Gil Gonzales. See Gottfried :

Appendix I.
Davila, Pedrarias. See Hakluyt Soc.

Pub!., Vol. 34; Gottfried: Appendix I.

Davis, Andrew M 'Farland. The Journey
of Moncacht-Ape, an Indian of the Yazoo
Tribe, across the Continent, about the
year 1700. 8* Worcester, Mass., 1883

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