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Davis, Rear- Admiral Charles H. Report
on Interoceanic Canals and Railroads
between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
Maps. 8 Washington, 1867

See "Polaris"; Schubert; also

United States, E, a : Appendix 2.

Davis, C. O. The Life and Times of
Patuone, the celebrated Ngapuhi Chief.
Portrait. 12 Auckland, 1876

Davis, Edw. See Burney, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix i.

Davis, E. J. Anatolica ; or, The Journal
of a Visit to some of the Ancient Ruined
Cities of Caria, Phrygia, Lycia, and
Pisidia. Map and plates. 8 1874

Life in Asiatic Turkey : a Journal of

Travel in Cilicia (Pedias and Trachoea),
Isauria, and parts of Lycaonia and Cap-
padocia. Map and plates. 8 1879

Davis, G. G. See Keely.



Davis, James Davidson. Contributions
towards a Bibliography of New Zealand.
12* Wellington, 1887

Davis, Joachin, and M. Perez. Tablero
del Palenque. Traducido por J. Davis
and M. Perez. (From the Anales del
Museo National.) Plates. 4*

Mexico, 1880

Davis, John. See Markham, C. R. ; also
Astley, Vol. I ; Gottfried ; Hakluyt,
Vols. 3, 4; Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vols.
5, 59; Kerr, Vols. 8, 10; Purchas,
Vol. I, Book 4; Allgemeine Historic,
Vols. 1,17: Appendix I.

Davis, John. See Westgarth.

Davis, Joseph Barnard. Thesaurus
Craniorum : Catalogue of the Skulls of
the Various Races of Man in the Col-
lection of J. B. D. Plates. 8 1867

Davis, Capt. J. E. See United King-
dom, A, Miscellaneous : Appendix 2.

and P. L. H. Davis. Sun's True

Bearing ; or, Azimuth Tables, computed
for intervals of four minutes, &c., with
Variation Chart, and Instructions in
Danish, &c. Map. 8 1875

Davis, Richard Harding. An American
in Africa [W. A. Chanler]. (From
Harper's Magazine, March 1893.) Por-
trait. 8* 1893

Davis, Sir J. F. Chinese Novels, trans-
lated from the Originals ; to which are
added Proverbs and Moral Maxims,
collected from their Classical Books, &c.,
with Observations on the Language and
Literature of China. 8 1822

Chinese Moral Maxims, with a Free

and Verbal Translation. 8*

Macao, 1823

The Chinese : a General Description
of the Empire of China and its Inhabit-
ants. 2 vols. Woodcuts. 12 1836

Chusan ; with a Survey Map of the

Island. 8* 1853

China : a General Description of that
Empire and its Inhabitants ; with the
History of Foreign Intercourse down to
the Events which produced the Dissolu-
tion of 1857. Vol. I only. Illustrations.
8 1857

Chinese Miscellanies : a Collection

of Essays and Notes. 8 1 865

Davis, J. W., and F. A. Lees. West
Yorkshire : an Account of its Geology,
Physical Geography, Climatology, and
Botany. Part I, Geography; Part 2,
Physical Geography and Botanical Topo-
graphy. Maps and plates. 8 1878

Davis, N. Ruined Cities within Numidian
and Carthaginian Territories. Map and
plates. 8 London, 1862

Davis, Lieut. S. See Turner, Capt.

Davis, William. See Churchill, Vol. 7 :
Appendix I,

Davis, Prof. William M. On the Classi-
fication of Lake Basins. 8*

Boston, Mass., 1882

The Little Mountains east of the

Catskills. Plate. 8* [1882]

Geographic Methods in Geologic In-
vestigation. Lecture delivered before
the National Geographic Society at
Washington, 27th April 1888. (From
the National Geographic Magazine, Vol.
I, No. I.) 8* 1888

The Rivers and Valleys of Pennsyl-
vania. Map. 8* Washington, 1889

Structure and Origin of Glacial Sand

Plains. Plate. 8* Washington, 1890

and J. Walter Wood, junr. The

Geographic Development of Northern
New Jersey. Large 8*

Salem, Mass., 1890

Davison, G. M. Traveller's Guide
through the Middle and Northern States,
and the Provinces of Canada. 8

Saratoga Springs, 1840

Davison, . See Walpole, Turkey : Ap-
pendix I.

Davy, John. An Account of the Interior
of Ceylon and of its Inhabitants, with
Travels in that Island. Map and
plates. 4 1821

Notes and Observations on the Ionian

Islands and Malta, with Remarks on
Constantinople and Turkey. Plates.
2 vols. 8 1842

See Eyries, Vol. 13 : Appendix I.

Davy, John. See Purchas, Vol. i : Ap-
pendix I.

Dawkins, Prof. W. Boyd. Cave Hunt-
ing: Researches on the Evidence of
Caves respecting the Early Inhabitants
of Europe. Plate. 8 1874

Early Man in Britain, and his Place

in the Tertiary Period. Woodcuts. 8


Dawson, Alfred. See Leyland.

Dawson, Dr George M. British North
American Boundary Commission. Report
of the Geology and Resources of the
Region in the Vicinity of the Forty- Ninth
Parallel, from the Lake of the Woods
to the Rocky Mountains, with Lists of
Plants and Animals collected, and Notes
on the Fossils. Maps and plates. 8

Montreal, 1875

Notes and Observations on the

Kwakiool People of Vancouver Island.
(From the Transactions of the Royal
Society of Canada, Vol. 5, Sec. 2, 1887.)
Plate. 4* Montreal, 1888

Geological and Natural History.

Survey of Canada : Report on an Explo-
ration in the Yukon District, N.W.T.,
and adjacent Northern Portion of British
Columbia, 1887. Maps and plates.
Large 8 Montreal, 1888



Dawson, Dr George M. Notes on the
Indian Tribes of the Yukon District, and
adjacent Northern Portion of British
Columbia. 8* [Montreal, 1889]

Geological and Natural History
Survey of Canada : The Mineral Wealth
of British Columbia, with an Annotated
List of Localities of Minerals of Econo-
mic Value. Large 8 Montreal, 1889

On Some of the Larger Unexplored
Regions of Canada. Map. 8*

Ottawa, 1890

On the Later Physiographical Geo-
logy of the Rocky Mountain Region
in Canada, with Special Reference to
Changes in Elevation and to the History
of the Glacial Period. (From the Trans-
actions of the Royal Society of Canada,
Vol. 8, sec. 4.) Maps. 4* 1890

On the Glaciation of the Northern
Part of the Cordillera ; with an Attempt
to Correlate the Events of the Glacial
Period in the Cordillera and Great
Plains. (From The American Geologist
for September 1890. ) 8* 1890

Notes on the Shuswap People of

British Columbia. (Reprint from Trans.
Roy. Soc., Canada.) Map. 4* 1891

Note on the Geological Structure of
the Selkirk Range. (Bulletin of the
Geological Society of America,} Vol. 2,
pp. 165-176.) 8* Rochester, 1891

Notes on the Geology of Middleton

Island, Alaska. (From Bulletin Geol.
Soc.. Am., Vol. 4.) Large 8* 1892

See Mackenzie, A. ; Selwyn ; also

Canada, A : Appendix 2.

and A. Sutherland. Elementary
Geography of the British Colonies.
Illustrations. 12 1892

Dawson, Sir J. William. Observations
on the Geology of the Line of the
Canadian Pacific Railway. Map and
sections. 8* [1884]

British Association for the Advance-
ment of Science : Address by Sir T-
William Dawson. 8* 1886
- The Geology of Nova Scotia, New
Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island ;
or, Acadian Geology. 4th edition.
Map and illustrations. Large 8 1891

See Canada, A, Geological Survey :

Appendix 2.

and B. J. Harrington. Report
on the Geological Structure and Mineral
Resources of Prince Edward Island.
Map and plates. 8" Montreal, 1871

Dawson, Commander L. S. Memoirs of
Hydrography, including brief Biographies
of the Principal Officers who have served
in H.M. Naval Surveying Service be-
tween the years 1 750 and 1885. 2 parts.
Portraits. Large 8 Eastbourne, 1885

Dawson, S. J. Rapport sur 1'Exploration
dela Contree situee entre le LacSuperieur
et la Colonie de la Riviere Rouge et
entre ce dernier endroit et les rivieres
Assiniboine et Saskatchewan. Maps. 4
[Also in English.] Toronto, 1859

Day, Capt. C. R. See Mockler-Ferry-

Day, David. S. See United States,
G, c (Statisiical Papers) : Appendix 2.

Day, F. The Fishes of India : being a
Natural History of the Fishes known to
Inhabit the Seas and Freshwaters of
India, Burma, and Ceylon. Vols. I and
2. Plates. 4 1876-78

Day, St John V. The Iron and Steel
Industries of Scotland. [Bound up with
Papers by John Fergusson, John Mayer,
and James Paton, for the British
Association Meeting at Glasgow, 1876.]
12 Glasgow, 1876

Dayman, Commander Jos. Deep-Sea
Soundings in the North Atlantic Ocean,
between Ireland and Newfoundland,
made in H.M.S. "Cyclops," in 1857.
Maps and plates. 8 1858

De . Par French names such as De
Candolle, see under principal word.

Deakin, Hon. Alfred. Irrigated India :
an Australian View of India and Cey-
lon, their Irrigation and Agriculture.
Map. 8 1893

Deane, A. Ceylon. (Spon's Information
for Colonial Engineers, edited by J. T.
Hurst, No. I.) 8* 1875

Deane, H. S. Report on a Preliminary
Survey of the State of Perak, its Position,
Boundaries, Area, what Portions are
Available for Plantations, the Various
Means of Transport, and the Description
of Survey adapted to its Present and
Future Requirements. 8* Singapore, 1880

Debaize, Abbe, et sa Mission Geogra-
phique et Scientifique dans 1'Afrique
Centrale, par Alfred Rabaud. Portrait.
8 Marseilles, 1880

Debenham, J. A New Theory of the
Tides, in which the Errors of the Usual
Theory are Demonstrated. 8* 1846

Debes, L. J. Fasroce et Fteroa reserata.
Del er : Faerceernis oc Fserceeske Ind-
hyggeris Beskrifvelse, &c. 12

Copenhagen, 1673

Dechen, H. von. Anzeige der geognostis-
chen Karte von Deutschland, England,
Frankreich, und den Nachbarlandern.
8* Berlin, 1839

Sammlung der Hohenmessungen in

der Rhein provinz, geordnet nach den
Methoden und den Linien der Nivelle-
ments, &c. 8 Bonn, 1852

GeognostischerFtihrer indasSiebenge-

birge am Rhein. Mit mineralogisch-
petrographischen Bemerkungen von Dr
G. vom Rath. Map. 12 Bonn, 1861



Dechen, H. von. Geognostischer Fiihrer

zu der Vulkanreihe der Vorder-Eifel. 12

Bonn, 1 86 1

Geognostischer Fiihrer zu demLaacher

See und seiner vulkanischen Umgebung.
12 Bonn, 1864

Dechevrens, Marc. Recherches sur les
principaux Phenomenes de Meteorologie
et de Physique Terrestre. 8*

Versailles, 1877

Recherches sur les Variations des

Vents a Zi-Ka-Wei, d'apres les observa-
tion faites de 1873 a 1877. 4*

Zi-Ka-Wei, 1877

La Lumiere Zodiacale etudiee d'apres

les observations faites de 1875 a 1879.
Plate. 4* Zi-Ka-Wei, 1879

Le Typhon du 31 Juillet 1879. 4*

Zi-Ka-Wei, 1879

Dechy, Moriz von. Mittheilungen iiber
Bergreisen im Kaukasus, 1884-87.
Folio* Vienna, 1889

Recherches sur 1'Orographie et la

Glaciologie du Caucase Central. [Extrait
d'une lecture donnee a la seance du 9
Aoiit au Congres du Paris.] 8*

Paris, 1889

The Ascent of Maglich. Map and

illustrations. 8* 1889

Neuere Forschungen und Bergreisen

im Kaukasischen Hochgebirge. I and 2.
12* Vienna, 1889-91

Bergfahrten in den Alpen der Herze-

gowina. Separatabdruck aus Nos. 350
und 351, der Oesterr- Alpen Zeitung.
Plate. Large 8* Vienna, 1892

Decken. See Von der Decken.

Deckert, Emil. Die Civilisatorische
Mission der Europaer unter den wilden
Volkern. 8* Berlin, 1881

Die Staaten von Mitteleuropa : fiir

kaufmannische und gewerbliche Fach-
schulen und Realschulen, sowie zum
Selbstunterricht. 8 Leipzig, 1883

Ueber die geographischen Grund-

voraussetzungen der Hauptbahnen des
Wei tverkehrs. Verkehrsgeograph ische
Studie. 8* Leipzig, 1883

Die Kolonialreiche und Kolonisa-

tionsobjekte der Gegenwart : Kolonial-
politische und Kolonialgeographische
Skizzen. 12 Leipzig, 1884

See Andree.

Decotter, N. Geographic de Maurice
et de ses Dependances. 12*

Maurititis, 1891

Geography of Mauritius and its De-
pendencies. 12* Mauritius, 1892

Deflers, A. Voyage au Yemen. Excur-
sion botanique. Plates. 8 Paris, 1889

Defoe, D. (continued by Richardson).
A Tour through the Island of Great
Britain. Divided into Circuits or
Journies. 8th edition. 4 vols. Maps.
16 1778

Defoe, D. Robinson Crusoe. New edition,
revised and corrected for the advancement
of nautical education. Illustrated by
technical and geographical annotation.
Illustrations. 8 1815

Defremery, C. See Ibn Batuta.

Degrandpre. L. Voyage a la Cote occi-
dentale d'Afrique, fait dans les annees
1786 et 1787 ; contenant la Description
des mceurs, usages, lois, gouvernement, et
commerce des Etats du Congo, fre-
quentes par les Europeens, et un precis
de la traite des Noirs ainsi qu 'elle avail
lieu avant la Revolution franchise ; suivi
d'un Voyage fait au Cap de Bonne-
Esperance, contenant la description
militaire de cette colonie. 2 vols. in I.
Plates. 8 Paris, 1801

D'Hericourt. See Rochet d'Hericourt.

Deguignes, Joseph. See Guignes.

Deichmann, L. B. See Petersen.

De Jongh, J. J. Costa Rica. [Cutting
from Spanish Post.} 8* N.P. , 1875

De la Barca. See Barca.

De la Beche, Sir Henry T. A Geo-
logical Manual. 12 1832

How to Observe Geology. Woodcuts.

12 1835

Mining, Quarrying, and Metallurgical

Processes and Products. 8* 1851

De la Boulaye. See Pallas.

De la Bourdonnais. Comte A. Make.
Un Fran9ais en Birmanie : Notes de
Voyage. 3rd edition. Map. 12 Paris, 1886

De la Brocquiere, B. See Hakluyt's
Voyages, Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

De la Caille, N. L. Journal Historique
du Voyage fait au Cap de Bonne-Esper-
ance ; precede d'un Discours sur la Vie
de 1' Auteur, suivi de Remarques et de
Reflexions surlesCoutumes des Hottentots
et des Habitans du Cap. Map. 12

Paris, 1763

De la Condamine. See Condamine.

De la Croix, J. Errington. Les Mines
d' Etain de Perak (Presqu' lie de Malacca).
Maps and plates. 8 Paris, 1 882

De la Cruz, Don Luis. Viage de D. L.
de la Cruz por los Indies des de Chile a
Buenos Ayres, 1806. Map. MS. Folio

Delaneld, John J. An Inquiry into the
Origin of the Antiquities of America ;
with an Appendix on the Causes of the
Superiority of the Men of the Northern
over those of the Southern Hemisphere,
by James Lakey, M.D. Plates and Jac-
simile. 4 New York, 1839

De la Gironiere, P. Aventures d'un
Gentilhomme Breton aux lies Philip-
pines, avec un aperfu sur la geologic et
la nature du sol de ces iles, sur ses
habitants ; sur le regne mineral, le regne
vegetal et le regne animal ; sur 1'agri-
culture, 1'industrie, et le commerce de cet
archipel. 2nd edition. Map and illus-
trations. Small folio Paris, 1857



De la Grye. See Bouquet de la Grye.
De la Haie, . See Allgemeine Historic,

Vol. 8 : Appendix I.
Delaire, A. Geneve et le Mont Blanc :

Notes de Science et de Voyage. 8*

Paris, 1876
De la Jonchere, L. Demonstration de

I'lmmobilitezdelaTerre. 12* Paris, 1728
Explication du Flux et du Reflux de

la Mer. 12* Paris, 1728

De la Lande, M. Voyage en Italic.

3rd edition. 7 vols. Small 8

Geneva, 1790

De la Loubere. A New Historical Re-
lation of the Kingdom of Siam, wherein
a Full and Curious Account is given of
the Chinese Way of Arithmetick and
Mathematick Learning. Done out of
French, by A. P. Gen. Maps and plates.
Folio 1693

De la Marck. See Parchappe.

De la Marmora, Comte Albert. Itine-
raire de 1'Ile de Sardaigne, pour faire suite
au Voyage en cette contree. 2 vols.
Portrait, maps, and plates. 8

Turin, 1860

Delamarre, Casimir. Un Pluriel pour
un Singulier et le Panslavisme est de-
truit dans son principe. 8 Paris, 1868
Un Peuple Europeen de quinze
millions oublie devant 1'histoire : Petition
au Senat de 1'Empire demandant une
reforme dans 1'enseignement de 1'histoire.
8 Paris, 1869

La situation economique de I'Espagne;

noeud Gordien de sa situation politique.
8* Paris, 1869

De la Martiniere. H. M. P. Morocco :
Journeys in the Kingdom of Fez, and
to the Court of Mulai Hassan ; with
Itineraries constructed by the Author,
and a Bibliography of Morocco from 1844
to 1887; with a Preface by Lieut.-Col.
Trotter. Maps. 8 1889

Delambre, M. Rapport fait a 1' Academic
des Sciences, sur les Memoires inedits de
M. de Paravey relatifs a 1'Origine Chal-
deenne des Zodiaques et a 1'age qui
resulte de ceux retrouves en Egypte. 8*
Paris, 1832

De la Moriciere and Lieut. Gen.
A. Bedeau. Projets de Colonisation
pour les Provinces D'Oran et de Con-
stantine. 8 Paris, 1847

De la Motraye, A. Travels through
Europe, Asia, and into part of Africa ;
containing a great variety of Geogra-
phical, Topographical, and Political
Observations ... on Italy, Turkey,
Greece, Crim and Noghaian Tartaries,
Circassia, Sweden, Lapland, Prussia,
Russia, Poland, &c. 3 vols. Maps and
plates. Folio 1723-32

De la Motte, . Le Nil : Premiere
Conference faite le 16 Juillet 1880 a la
Societe de Geographic de Paris, touchant
ses etudes sur le Bassin du Nil. 4*

Paris, 1880

Bassin du Nil, Soudan, Nubie,

Egypte. 4* Paris, 1883

De la Nauze, . Remarques sur Eratos-
thene, a 1'occasion de la latitude de
Syene. 8* [Paris, 1879]

Delano, Capt. Amasa. Narrative of
Voyages and Travels in the Northern
and Southern Hemispheres, comprising
Three Voyages round the World, to-
gether with a Voyage in the Pacific
Ocean and Oriental Islands. Map and
plates. 8 Boston, Mass., 1817

Pitcairn's Island. 8* N.P., N.D.

De la Noe, G., and E. de Margerie.
Les Formes du Terrain. Plates. 4

Paris, 1888

De la Perouse. See Laperouse.

De la Peyrere, Isaac. See Churchill,
Vol. 2; Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 18 :
Appendix i.

De la Peyronie. See Pallas.

De la Planche, H. Description Hydro-
graphique de la Cote Orientale de la
Coree et du Golfe d'Osaka. Traduite du
Russe par M. H. de la Planche. Maps.
8 Paris, 1861

See Reineke.

De la Porte, L. See Mendoza, J. G. de ;
Walckenaer ; also Recueil des Voyages,
Vol. 2, p. 611 : Appendix I.

De la Richarderie, G. Boucher. Biblio-
theque Universelle des Voyages. 6 vols.
Paris, 1808
[For Contents, see Appendix I.]

De la Richerie, E. G. Etablissements
francais de 1'Oceanie. 8* Paris, 1865

De la Rive, A. Nouvelles Recherches
sur les Auroras Boreales et Australes, et
Description d'un Appareil qui les repro-
duit avec les Phenomenes qui les accom-
pagnent. Plate. 4* Geneva, 1862

De la Roche, Ant. See Burney, Vol. 3 :
Appendix I.

De la Roche, J. F. See Hakluyt, Vol. 3 :
Appendix I.

De ,la Roche - Poncie, . Note sur
1'Evaluation des distanc en Mer. 8*

Paris, 1860

De la Rochette. See Vincent, Vol. I :
Appendix I.

De la Roque, J. Voyage dans la Palestine,
vers le Grand Emir, Chef des Princes
Arabes du Desert, connus sous le nom dc
Bedouins, ou d'Arabes Scenitcs . . . ;
avec la Description generale d'Arabie,
faite par le Sultan Ismael Abulfcda.
Plates. 12 Amsterdam, 1718

Voyage de Syrie et du Mont-Liban.

2 vols in I. 12 Paris, 1722



De la Roque, J. A Voyage to Arabia the
Happy, by way of the Eastern Ocean and
the Streightsof the Red Sea, performed by
the French in 1708-10. Map and plates.
12 1730

De la Roquette, Dezos. Sur les Decou-
vertes faites en Greenland. 8* Paris, 1835

Recherches sur 1'Origine, 1'Etymo-

logte, et la Signification Primitive de
quelques Noms de lieu en Normandie.
Traduites du Danois par M. de la
Roquette. 8* Pan's, 1835

Notice Biographique sur la Vie et les

Travaux de Prof. Keilhau. 8*

Parts, 1838

Notice sur les Mines de Cuivre

d'Alten (Norvege). Map. 8* Paris, 1839

Norvege : Extrait de 1'Encyclopedie

Moderne, Vol. 22. 8* Paris, 1849

Le Prince Galitzin et le Lieut. Bellot,

Notices Biographiques. Portrait, map,
and facsimile. 8* Paris, 1854

Notice sur la vie et les travaux de

John Brown. 4* Paris, 1863

Note sur 1'Ile d'Hai-nan, sur les

Religieux de la Mission de la Chine. 8*
Paris, N.D.

Le Cosmographe Espagnol Martin

Fernandez de Enciso : Etude Biogra-
phique. 8* N.P., N.D.

Notice Necrologique sur. Royal 8*

Poissy, N.D.

6VeDaussy; Eyries; Franklin; Hell;

Hansteen ; Humboldt ; Jomard ; Prevost.

De la Rosa, Presb. A. Estudio de la
Filosofia y riqueza de la Lengua
Mexicano. 8* Guadalajara, 1889

De la Sagra, Ramon. Historia Econo-
mico- Politica y Estadistica de la Isla de
Cuba, 6 sea de sus progresos en la Pob-
lacion, la Agricultura, el Comercio y las
Rentas. 4 Havana, 1831

Historia fisica, politica, y natural de

la Isla de Cuba. 12 vols. in 8. Maps
and plates. Folio Paris, 1840-56


Primera Parte. Historia fisica y

1. Introduccion, Geografia, Clima,

Poblacion, Agricultura 1842

2. Comercio maritime, Rentas y

Gastos, Fuerza Armada 1842

Segunda Parte. Historia Natural.

3. Mamiferos y Aves (por Alcides

D'Orbigny) 1845

4. Reptiles (por Cocteau y Bibron) y

Peces 1843

5. Moluscos (por A. D'Orbigny) 1845

6. Foraminiferas (por A. D'Orbigny)


7. Crustaceos, Aragnides, e Insectos

(Guerin Meneville, H. Lucas,
Jacquelin Duval, De Selys Long-
champs, Bigot) 1856

8. Atlas de Zoologia 1855

De la Sagra, Ramon continued.

9. Botanica (Criptogamia o Plantas

Cellulares, por Camilo Montagne)


10. and ii. Botanica (Fanerogamia o

Plantas Vasculares, por A. A.

Richard) 1845-50

12. Atlas de Botanica 1855

Cuba en 1860, o sea Cuadra de sus

Adelantos en la Poblacion, la Agricul-
tura, el Comercio, y las Rentas Publicas.
Suplemento a la primera parte de la
" Historia politica y natural de la Isla
Cuba." Folio Paris, 1862

See Poey, A.

De la Salle, R. See Sparks.

De la Torre, Bertrand. See Callander,
i : Appendix i.

De la Torre, Count Raymond. See
Colleccao de Noticias : Appendix i.

De la Torre, Jose Maria. Nuevo Com-
pendio de Geografia Universal, y par-
ticular de la Monarquia Espanola.
Plates. 8* Havana, 1852

Nueva Tabla de Cuentas ; con el

sistema Metrico aplicado a todo la
Monarquia Espanola y multitud de
noticias litiles. Part2. 18* Havana, 1852

Compendio de Geografia, Fisica,

Politica, Estadistica, y Comparada de la
Isla de Cuba. 8* Havana, 1854

Nuevos Elementos de Geografia e

Historia de la Isla de Cuba. 18*

Havana, 1856

De la Valle, Pietro. See Delia Valle.
De la Vega, Garcilasso. Commentaries
Reales, que tratan del Origen de los
Vncas, Reyes que fueron del Peru, de su
Idolatria, Leyes, y Govierno en Pax y en
Guerra, de sus vidas y conquistas, y de
todo lo que fue aquel Imperio y su Re-
publica, antes que los Espanoles pas-
saran a el. 2 vols in I. Small folio

Lisbon, 1609-17

Historia general del Peru : Trata el

descubrimiento de el ; y como lo ganaron
los Espanoles ; las Guerras civiles que
huvo entre Pizarros y Almagros, sobre la
partija de la tierra ; castigo y levan-
tamiento de Tyranos, y otros sucesos
particulares, &c. 2nd edition. Folio

Madrid, 1722

Primera parte de los Commentaries

Reales, que tratan del Origen de los
Yncas, &c. 2nd edition. Small folio
Madrid, 1723

La Florida del Inca : Historia del

Adelantado, Hernando de Soto . . . y
de otros heroicos Caballeros Espanoles e
Indies . . ; van enmendadas en esta
impresion, muchas erratas de la primera :
y anadida copiosa tabla de las cosas
notables ; y el Ensaio Cronologico, que
contiene, las sucedidas, hasta en el ano
de 1722. Folio Madrid, 1723



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)ella *

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