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vinces. Part I, Baitool, Belaspore,
Bhundara. 8 Nagpore, 1867

Dodshon, Edward. The Railway and
General Freighter's Protection Agency.
Diagram. Folio* Manchester, 1890

Dodsworth, Edward. See Elkington in
Kerr, Vol. 9 ; Purchas, Vol. I, Book 4 :
Appendix I.

Dodwell, Edward. A Classical and
Topographical Tour through Greece,
during the years 1801, 1805, and 1806.
2 vols. Map and plates. 4 1819

Dodwell, H. Geographic Veteris Scrip-
tores Graeci Minores ; cum Interpretatione
Latina, Dissertationibus, ac Annotationi-
bus, Gr. et Lat., edidit J. Hudson. 2
vols. Oxford, 1698-1700


Hannonis Periplus Scylacis Periplus
Agatharchides de Mari Rubro Arriani
Periplus Ponti Euxini Periplus Maris
Erythrsei eidem vulgo adscriptus
Nearchi Peraplus ex Arriani Indicis
Marciani Heracleotse periplus, cum
fragmentis Artemidori et Menippi
Anonymi periplus Maris Euxini.


Dicsearchi Status Grease Dicsearchi
Descriptio Montis Pelii Isidori Chara-
ceni Mansiones Parthicse Scymni
Chii, vulgo Marciani Heracleotse, Orbis
Descriptio Scymni Fragmenta a Luca
Holstenio collecta Plutarchi Libellus
de Fluviis adscriptus Agathemeri
Compendiariarum Geographic Expo-
sitionum Strabonis Epitome.
Doe, F. M. Notice des Principaux
Monuments de la Ville de Troyes. 12

Troyes, 1838

Doeller, Dr C. Ueber die Capverden,
nach dem Rio Grande und Futah-
Djallon, Reiseskizzen aus Nord-West-
Afrika. Map and illustrations. 4

Leipzig, 1884

Doering, Oscar. Observaciones Meteoro-
logicas practicadas en Cordoba (Repub-
lica Argentina) durante el ano de 1884.
8* Buenos Ayres, 1885

The same, 1885. 8*

Buenos Ayres, 1886

- Resultados de algunas Mediciones
Barometricas en la Sierra de Cordoba.
8* Buenos Ayres, 1886

Doering, Oscar. La Variabilidad Inter-
diurna de la Temperatura en algunos
puntos de la Republica Argentina y de
America del Sur en general. III.
Variabilidad de la Temperatura de
Ushnaia. 8* Buenos Ayres, \ 886

The same. IV. Variabilidad de la

Temperatura en Concordia. 8*

Buenos Ayres, 1887

Doering, Dr D. Adolfo. See Argentine
Rep., D : Appendix 2.

Dohrandt, F. See Schmidt, C.

Dolby-Tyler, Charles H. See Peru :
Appendix 2.

Dokuchaev, Prof. V. V. The Russian
Steppes : Study of the Soil in Russia, its
Past and Present. Published by the
Department of Agriculture, Ministry of
Crown Domains, for the World's Colum-
bian Exposition at Chicago ; editor of
the English translation, John Martin
Crawford. Large 8 St Petersburg, 1893

Dollen, W. Resultate einer astrono-
misch - geodatischen Verbindung zwi-
schen Pulkowa und den Ufern des
Ladogasees. 8* N. P., 1858

Die Zeitbestimmung vermittelst des

tragbaren Durchgangsinstruments im
Verticale des Polarsterns. 4*

St Petersburg, 1863

The same. Zweite Abhandlung. 4*

St Petersburg, 1874

Zeitstern-Ephemeriden auf das Jahr

1886 flir die Zeitbestimmung vermittelst
des tragbaren Durchgangsinstruments
im Verticale des Polarsterns. 4*

Si Petersburg, 1886

Stern-Ephemeriden auf das Jahr 1887

zur Bestimmung von Zeit und Azimut
mittelst des tragbaren Durchgangs-
instruments im Verticale des Polarsterns.
Large 8* St Petersburg, 1886

The same, 1888. Large 8*

St Petersburg, 1887

The same, 1889. Large 8*

St Petersburg, 1888

Large 8*

St Petersburg, 1890
_ Description of the
Atmospheric Recorder, or Self-Regis-
tering Apparatus for the various Changes
of the Barometer, Thermometer, &c.
Plate. RoyalS* N.D.

Dolomieu, Deodat de. Voyage aux lies
de Lipari fait en 1781, ou Notices sur
les lies ^ioliennes, pour servir a
1'Histoire des Volcans. 8 Paris, 1783

See Pinkerton, Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

" Dolphin," Cruise of. See Lee, S. P.
Dombay, Francisci de. Grammatica
linguce Mauro - Arabicre juxta vernaculi
idiomatis usum ; accessit Vocabularium
Latino- Mauro-Arabicum. Plate. Small
4 Vienna, 1800

The same, 1891

Dollond, George.



Domenech, Abbe Em. Missionary Ad-
ventures in Texas and Mexico : a
Personal Narrative of Six Years' Sojourn
in those Regions. Translated from the
French. Map. 8 1858

Manuscrit Pictographique Americain,
precede d'une Notice sur 1'Ideographie
des Peaux-Rouges. 8 Pan's, 1860

Seven Years' Residence in the Great

Deserts of North America. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1860

Domeyko, Ignacio. Viaje a las Cordil-
leras de Talcaide Chilian. 8* 1849

Memoria sobre la Colonizacion en

Chile. 8* [1850]

Dominguez, Luis L. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 8 1 : Appendix I.

Domis, H. I. De Residentie Passoeroeang
op het Eiland Java. Map and plates.
8 The Hague, 1836

Donaldson, J. W. See Key, T. H.

Donaldson, Thomas. The Public Do-
main, its History, with Statistics, with
References to the National Domain,
Colonisation, Acquirement of Territory,
the Survey, Administration, and Several
Methods of Sale and Disposition of the
Public Domain of the United States ; with
Sketch of Legislative History of ihe Land
States and Territories, and References
to the Land System of the Colonies, and
also that of several Foreign Governments.
3rd edition. Maps and diagrams. 8
Washington, 1884

Eleventh Census of the United States,

Robert P. Porter, Superintendent. Extra
Census Bulletin : Indians Eastern Band
of Cherokees of North Carolina. Maps
and plates. 4* Washington, 1892

Extra Census Bulletin : Indians The

Six Nations of New York Cayugas,
Mohawks (Saint Regis), Oneidas, Onon-
dagas, Senecas, Tuscaroras. Maps and
plates. 4 Washington, 1892

Doniphan's Expedition. See Wislizenus.

Donkin, John G. Trooper and Redskin
in the Far North-West : Recollections of
Life in the North-West Mounted Police,
Canada, 1884-88. Map and portrait. 8


Donkin, Lieut. -General Sir R. Dis-
sertation on the Course and Probable
Termination of the Niger. Maps. 8 1829

Doolittle, Rev. Justus. Social Life of
the Chinese, with some Account of their
Religious, Governmental, Educational,
and Business Customs and Opinions,
with special but not exclusive reference
to Fuhchau. 2 vels. Plates. 12 1866

Doolittle, Thomas. Earthquakes Ex-
plained and Practically Improved : occa-
sioned by the late Earthquake on 8th
September 1692, in London, many other
parts in England, and beyond Sea. 18


D'Orbigny, A. Voyage dans 1'Amerique

Meridionale (le Bresil, la Republique

Orientale de 1'Uruguay, la Republique

Argentine, la Patagonie, la Republique

du Chili, la Republique de Bolivia, la

Republique du Perou), execute pendant

les Annees 1826, 1827, 1828, 1829, 1830,

1831,1832,611833. gvols. Smallfolio

Parts, 1835-47


VOLS. I. AND II. Partie Historique.
Portrait 1835-43

VOL. III. Pt. I. Historique (1844).
Pt. 2. Geographic (1846). Pt. 3.
Geologic (1842). Pt. 4. Paleon-
tologie (1842).

VOL. IV.- Pt. I. L'Homme Ameri-
cain (de 1'Amerique Meridionale),
considere sous ses Rapports Phy-
siologiques et Moraux (1838-39).
Pt. 2. Mammiferes [by A. D'Or-
bigny and P. Gervais], (1847). Pt.
3. Oiseaux (1835-44).
VOL. V. Pt. I. Reptiles (1847).
Pt. 2. Poissons [by A. Valen-
ciennes] (1847). Pt. 3. Mollusques
(1835-43). Pt. 4. Zoophytes (i 839-
46). Pt. 5. Foramini feres (1839).
VOL. VI. Pt. I. Crustaces [by A.
Milne Edwards and H. Lucas]
(1843). Pt. 2. Insectes [by E.
Blanchard and A. Brulle] (1837-43).
VOL. VII. Pts. I and 2. Crypto-
gamie ; Sertum Patagonicum ; Cryp-
togames de la Patagonie, et Florula
Boliviensis ; Cr> ptogames de la
Bolivia [by C. Montague] (1839).
Pt. 3. Palmiers; Palmetum Orbig-
nianum ; Descriptio Palmarum in
Paraguaria et Bolivia crescentium
[by C. F. P. von Martius] (1847).
VOL. VIII. Atlas Historique, Geo-
graplrque, Geologique, Paleonto-
logique, et Botanique (1847).
VOL. IX. Atlas Zoologique (1847).

L'Homme Americain (de I'Amerique

Meridionale), considere sous ses Rapports
Physiologiques et Moraux. 2 vols.
Map. 8 Paris, 1839

Dore, Gustave. See Taine.
Doria, G. I Naturalisti Italiani alia Nuova
Guinea e specialmente delle loroscoperte
Zoologische. Part i. 8 Rome, 1878
D'Orleans. See Orleans.
Dorn, Alexander. Die Seehafen des
Weltverkehrs, dargestellt von Josef Ritter
von Lehnert, Johann Holeczek, Dr Karl
Zehden, Dr Theodor Cicalek, Ernst
Becher, Rudolf Pajer, Adolf Schwarz
[and, in the case of Vol. 2, the follow-
ing additional names], Robert Miiller,
Friedrich Ritter Miiller von Elblein,
Eduard Edlen von Friedenfels, Alfred
Freiherrn von Koudelka, unter Redac-
tion von Alexander Dorn. I Band.



Dorn, Alexander continued.

Hafen Europas sowie der Asiatischen
und Afrikanischen Kiisten des Mittel-
meerbeckens. 2 Band. Hafen ausser-
halb Europas und des Mittelmeerbeckens.
Plans and il hist rat ions. Large 8

Vienna, 1891-92

Dorn, B. Melanges Asiatiques. [Einige
Bemerkungen zur Geographic Persiens ;
Ausziige aus zwei morgenlandischen
Schiiftstellern, betreffend das Kaspische
Meer und angranzende Lander ; Mor-
genlandische Benennungen derFahrzeuge
auf dem Kaspischen Meere.] 8

St Petersburg^ 1870

Inventaire des Monnaies des Khalifes

Orientaux, et de plusiers autres Dynas-
ties. 8* St Petersburg, 1877

See Neamet Ullah.

Dornseiffen, Dr J. See Holland : Ap-
pendix 2.

Dorpfeld, Dr W. See Schliemann.

Dorsey, James O. Omaha and Ponka
Letters. [Smithsonian Institution, Bureau
of Ethnology Publ. ] 8*

Washington, 1891

See United States, G, b : Appen-
dix 2.

D'Orsey, Rev. J. D. Portuguese Dis-
coveries, Dependencies, and Missions in
Asia and Africa. Small 8 1893

Doucette, M. dela. Histoire, Antiquites,
Usage, Dialectes des Hautes - Alpes.
Map and platei. 8 Paris, 1820

Doue, J. M. Bertrand de. De la Fre-
quence comparee des Vents superieurs et
inferieurs sous leclimatdu PuyenVelay,
et de leur distribution. 8*

Versailles, 1851

Quatrieme Memoire sur la frequence et
la capacite pluvieuse des Vents superi-
eurs et inferieurs sur la Station du Puy.
8* Paris, 1857

Dougall, John. See Torino de San

Doughty, C. M. On the Jostedal-broe
Glaciers in Norway. Plate. 8* 1866

Documents Epigraphiques recueillis

dans le Nord de 1'Arabie. [The author's
account of his travels is given in English.]
Mates. 4 Paris, 1884

Travels in Arabia Deserta. 2 vols.
Map, plates, &*c. Cambridge, 1888

Douglas, Lieut. C. Report on the River
Jumna, between Agra and Ooreah. Plate.
[From the India Records, N.-W. Pro-
vinces, Part 2.] 8 Agra, 1855-64

Douglas, Capt. See Eyries, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix I.

Douglas, Prof. Robert K. China. Map
and illustrations. 8 1882

Douglass, James Nicholas. The Wolf
Rock Lighthouse ; with an Abstract of
the Discussion upon the Paper. Plates.


Doull, Alex. Report and Outline of a
Plan by which an Extensive Railway
may be constructed in the British North
American Colonies, combining its execu-
tion with an enlarged scheme of Colon-
isation and Reclamation of Waste Land.
Maps. 8* 1850

Employment and Colonisation of the

Million, based upon a proposed Railway
Communication from the Atlantic to the
Pacific. 8" 1851

Project for Opening a North-West

Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific
Oceans, by means of a Railway on Brit-
ish Territory. 8* 1852

Dounton. See Downton.

Douthwaite, A. W. Notes on Corea.
1 6* Shanghai, 1884

Douville, J. B. Voyage au Congo et dans
1'Interieur de 1'Afrique Equinoxiale,
1828-30. 3 vols. 8 Paris, 1832

Atlas to the same. 4 Paris [l&yt]

Ma Defense, ou Reponse a 1'Anonyme

Anglais du Foreign Quarterly Review,
sur le Voyage au Congo ; avec Projet de
Voyage en Afrique. 8* Paris, 1832

Voyage au Congo et dans 1'Interieur

de 1'Afrique Equinoxiale, &c. [A Re-
view of the Work, and of M. Douville's
Reply, " Ma Defense," &c.J 8* 1832

Trente mois de ma Vie, quinze mois

avant et quinze mois apres mon Voyage
au Congo ; suivie de details sur les
Mceurs et les Usages des Habitans du
Bresil et de Buenos Ayres, et d'une
Description de la Colonie Patagonia. 8
Paris [1833]

Dove, Prof. H. W. Repertorium der
Physik. Band IV. Meteorologie, speci-
fische Warme, strahlende Warme. Maps
andplates. 8 Berlin, 1841

Remarks on his recently-constructed

Maps of the Monthly Isothermal Lines of
the Globe, and on some of the principal
conclusions in regard to Climatology
deducible from them ; with an Intro-
ductory Notice by Col. Edward Sabine.
8* 1849

Die Verbreitung der Warme auf der

Oberflache der Erde erlautert durch Iso-
thermen, thermische Isanomalen, und
Temperaturcurven. Maps and tables.
4* Berlin, 1852

The Distribution of Heat over the

Surface of the Globe, illustrated by Iso-
thermal, Thermic Isabnormal, and other
Curves of Temperature. Folio 1853

Die Verbreitung der Warme in der

ncirdlichen Hemisphere innerhalb des
40. Breitengrades, auf zwei von II. Kie-
pert entworfenen Karten : I, Karte der
nordlichen Hemisphere; 2, Karte der
Nordpolarliinder. 8* Berlin, 1855



Dove, Prof. H. W. The Law of Storms
considered in connection with the Or-
dinary Movements of the Atmosphere.
2nd edition. Translated by R. H. Scott.
Charts. 8 1862

Die Monats- und Jahresisothermen in

der Polarprojec.ion, &c. Maps. Oblong
4 Berlin, 1864

Dove, Dr Karl. Das Klima des ausser-
tropischen Siidafrika mit Beriicksichti-
gung der geographischen und wirtschaft-
lichen Beziehungen nach klimatischen
Provinzen dargestellt. Maps. 8

Gottingen, 1888

Kulturzonen von Nord-Abessinien.

(Erganzungsheft, 97 Petermann's Mit-
theilungen). Map. 4 Gotha, 1890

Studien iiber Ostafrika. 3. Die mut-

masslichen Verbreitungsgungen der [Ma-
laria in Ostafrika. 4* Stuttgart, 1891

Niederschlagsmengen am Kap der

Guten Hoffnung. 4* Gotha, 1892

Ueber meteorologische und verwandte

Beobachtungen in Slidwestafrika. 8*

Dow, A. See Ferishta.

Downes, John. Occultations of Planets
and Stars by the Moon during 1853.
4* Washington, 1853

Downton, Lieut-General Nicholas. See
Astley, Vol. I ; Gottfried ; Kerr, Vols.
7, 8, 9 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. I ;
Purchas, Vol. I, Book 3 : Appendix i.

Doyne, W. T. Report upon the Plains
and Rivers of Canterbury, New Zealand.
Plans. Folio * Christchurch, 1864

Second Report upon the River Wai-

makariri and the Lower Plains of Canter-
bury, New Zealand. Folio *

Christchurch, 1865

Dozon, Aug. See Nalivkine, V. P.

Drach, S. M. Deductions from Mr
Glaisher's "Meteorological Corrections."
8* 1851

Observations on Base-Length of

Great Pyramid, and Royal Coffer's Di-
mensions. 8* 1872

Hypothetical Phoenician Mariner's

Guide, or Supposed Names on Euro-
pean, &c. , Coasts, as derived from the
Hebrew Language, on the presumption
that the Phoenician Commonsense Names
were distorted by their Greek successors
to form the base of the Lying Legends
passing current in the World as the
Greek-Latin Mythology. MS.

" Drache." Die Ergebnisse der Unter-
suchungsfahrten S. M. Knbt, "Drache"
(Kommandant Korvetten-Kapitan Holz-
hauer), in der Nordsee in den Sommern
1 88 1, 1882, und 1884. Maps, &>c. 4
Berlin, 1886

Dragovna, Marko. Pokushai za Biblio-
graphiju o Tsornoi Gori sastalvno Marko
Dragovna. 8 Cettinje, 1892

Drake, C. F. Tyrwhitt. Modern Jeru-
salem ; with a Memoir. 8 1875

See Burton, R. F.

Drake, Sir Francis. Lives and Voyages
of Drake, Cavendish, and Dampier ; in-
cluding an Introductory View of earlier
Discoveries in the South Sea, and the
History of the Buccaneers. Portraits.
1 6 Edinburgh, 1831

See Barrow ; Peralta ; also Hakluyt

. Soc. Publ., Vols. 4, 1 6 ; Burney, Vol. I ;
Callander, Vol. i ; Churchill, Vol. 8 ;
Gottfried ; Hakluyt, Vols. 2, 3, 4 ; Harris,
Vol. i ; Kerr, Vol. 7 ; Laharpe, Vol.
15; Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 6; World
Displayed, Vol. 5 ; New Collection,
Vol. 3 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vols. 1,12:
Appendix I.

Drake, George. See Hakluyt, Vol. 3 :
Appendix I.

Drake, John. See Hakluyt, Vol. 4: Ap-
pendix i.

Dralet, M. Description des Pyrenees,
considerees principalement sous^es Rap-
ports de la Geologic, de I'Economie
Politique, Rurale et Forestiere, de 1'In-
dustrie et du Commerce. 2 vols. Afaps
and tables. 8 Paris, 1813

Draper, Lyman C. Madison, the Capital

of Wisconsin, its Growth, Progress,

Condition, Wants, and Capabilities. 8*

Madison, Wis., 1857

Drapiez, M. Notice sur 1'Etablissement

Geographique de Bruxelles. Plates. 12*

Brussels, 1836

The same. Plate. 12* Brussels, 1842

Drasche, R. von. Die Insel Reunion
(Bourbon) im Indischen Ocean. Eine
geologisch - petrographische Studie, mit
einem Anhange iiber die Insel Mauritius.
Maps and plates. 4 Vienna, 1878

Drayson, Major - General Alfred W.
Sporting Scenes amongst the Kaffirs of
South Africa. Plates. 8 1858

Drayton, Michael. [Poly-Olbion.] A
Chorographicall Description of all the
Tracts, Rivers, Mountains, Forests, and
other parts of this Renowned Isle of
Great Britain, with intermixture of the
most Remarkable Stories, Antiquities,
Wonders, Rarities, Pleasures, and Com-
modities of the same. Divided into two
Bookes ; the latter containing Twelve
Songs, never before Imprinted, Digested
into a Poem by Michael Drayton,
Esquire. With a Table added, for Direc-
tion to those Occurrences of Story and
Antiquitie, whereunto the Course of the
Volume easily leades not. Frontispiece
and portrait. 12 1622 [1876]

The same, continued. 12 [1876]



Drayton, Michael. The Second Part, or
a Continuance of Poly-Olbion from the
Eighteenth Song. Containing all the
Tracts, Rivers, Mountaines, and Forests,
intermixed with the most Remarkable
Stories, Antiquities, Wonders, Rarities,
Pleasures, and Commodities of the East
and Northern Parts of this Isle, lying
betwixt the two famous Rivers of Thames
and Tweed. 12 1622 [1876]

Drew, F. The Possibility of Applying
the Roman Alphabet generally to the
Languages of India. 8* [1875]

The Jummoo and Kashmir Territories :
a Geographical Account. Maps and
plates. 8 1875

The Northern Barrier of India : a

Popular Account of the Jummoo and
Kashmir Territories. Map and plates.
8 1877

Drew, John. See Bullar.

Driesch, Gerard Corn, von den. His-
torische Nachricht von der Rom. Kaiserl.
Gross -Botschaft nach Constantinopel ;
worinnen ganz besondere Nachrichten
von der Tiirken Policey, Religion,
Griechischen Antiquitaten, &c. Por-
traits and plates. Small 4

Nuremberg^ 1723

Driver, J. Letters from Madeira, in
1834. 12 1838

Drouillet, L. Les Isthmes Americains.
Projet d'une Exploration Geographique
Internationale des Terrains qui semblent
presenter le plus de Facilites pour le
Percement d'un Canale Maritime Inter-
oceanique. Map. 8* Paris, 1876

Drouville. See Eyries, Vol. 14 ; Appen-
dix i.

Drovetti, Chev. Lettre sur une Nouvelle
Mesure du Coudee trouvee a Memphis.
Plate. 4* Paris, 1827

See Phillips [3] New Voyages and
Travels, vol. 7 ; Appendix I.

Droysen, J. G. Stadtegriindungen Alex-
anders und seiner Nachfolger. 8

N.P., 1843

Drude, Dr Oscar. Die Florenreiche der
Erde. (Erganzungsheft, 74 Petermann's
Mittheilungen.) Maps. 4 Gotha, 1884
Handbuch der Pflanzengeographie.
(Bibliothek Geographischer Handblicher,
herausgegeben von Prof. Dr Friedrich
Ratzel.) Maps. 8 Stuttgart, 1890

Drummond, Alex. Travels through dif-
ferent Cities of Germany, Italy, Greece,
and several Parts of Asia, as far as the
Banks of the Euphrates, in a Series of
Letters, containing an Account of what
is most Remarkable in their Present
State, as well as in their Monuments of
Antiquity. Maps and plates. Folio


Drummond, A. T. The Distribution of
Canadian Forest Trees in its Relation to
Climate and other Causes. 8

Montreal, 1885

Drummond, Major H. Report on the
Deposits of Graphite near Almorah, 1850.
[From the India Records, Vol. I, N.W.
Provinces.] Plate. 8 Agra, 1855

Drummond, Prof. Henry. Tropical
Africa. Maps and illustrations. 8 1888

Tropical Africa. 4th edition. Map

and illustrations. 8 1891

Drury, Capt. Revised Sailing Directions
for the Northern Part of the Colony of
New Zealand. 12 Auckland, 1854

Drury, Colonel Heber. Reminiscences
of Life and Sport in Southern India.
12 1890

Drury, Robert. The Pleasant and Surpris-
ing Adventures of R. D., during his
Fifteen Years Captivity on the Island of
Madagascar. Written by himself. 12


Madagascar, or Robert Drury's Jour-
nal during Fifteen Years Captivity on
that Island. [Title -page imperfect.]
Small 8 N.D.

See Lafond de Lurcy, Vol. 6 : Appen-
dix I.

Drygalski, Dr Erich von. Die Geoidde-
formationen der Eiszeit. 8* Berlin, 1887

UeberBewegungen derKontinentezur

Eiszeit und ihren Zusammenhang mit den
Warmeschwankungen in der Erdrinde.
8* Berlin, 1889

Grdnlands Gletscher und Inlandeis.

Plates. 8* Berlin, 1892

Dubail, , and Grieze. Cartes
croquis de Geographic militaire ....
8 Paris, 1875

Dubois, Abbe J. A. Description of the
Character. Manners, and Customs of the
People of India, and of their Institutions,
Religious and Civil. 4 1817

Dubois, Marcel. Examen de la Geogra-
phic de Strabon : Etude Critique de la
Methode et des Sources. Large 8

Paris, 1891

Du Bois Reymond, Emil. Gedacht-
nissredeauf Paul Erman. 4* Berlin, 1853

Dubourdieu, Rev. John. Statistical
Survey of the County of Down, with
Observations on the Means of Improve-
ment. Map and plates. 8

Dublin, 1802

Statistical Survey of the County of

Antrim, wiih Obseivations on the Means

of Improvement. Maps and plates. 8

Dublin, 1812

Dubrovin. See Prejevalsky.

Ducat, Lieut. W. M. Report on Project
for Reclaiming Land between Bombay
and Trombay ; with a Memorandum by
Lieut. -Col. A. De Lisle. Maps. [From
the India Records, No. 68, Bombay.]i863



Ducat, Lieut. W. M. Papers relating to
Canal Irrigation in Sind, with Sugges-
tions for its Improvement. Maps. [From
the India Records, No. 69, Bombay.] 1863

Ducatel, J. T. Annual Report of the Geo-
logist of Maryland, 1837, 1838, and 1839,
and a Treatise on Lime-Burning. 3 pts.
Maps and plates. 8* Annapolis, 1837-39
Report on the New Map of Maryland,
1834. 8* Annapolis, 1834

and J. H. Alexander. Reports of

the Geologist and Engineer on the New
Map of Maryland, 1835-36. Maps. 2
parts. 8* Baltimore, 1835-37

Du Cerceau, Father. See Krusinski.

Du Chaillu, Paul B. Explorations and
Adventures in Equatorial Africa ; with
Accounts of the Manners and Customs
of the People, and of the Chace of the
Gorilla, Crocodile, and other Animals.
Map and plates. 8 1861

Voyages et Aventures dans 1'Afrique
Equatoriale, Moeurs et Coutumes des
Habitans, &c. Maps and plates. Royal
8 Paris, 1863

A Journey to Ashango-Land, and

Further Penetration into Equatorial
Africa. Map and plates. 8 1867

- The Land of the Midnight Sun :
Summer and Winter Journeys through
Sweden, Norway, Lapland, and Northern
Finland ; with Descriptions of the
Inner Life of the People, their Manners
and Customs, the Primitive Antiquities,
&c. 2 vols. Map and illustrations. 8


Duchemin, I. Experiences pratiques de
la Boussole circulaire faites a bord des
Navires de 1'Etat en 1873, 1874, et 1875.
Square 8* Paris, 1875

Ducket, G. See Hakluyt, Vol. i : Ap-
pendix I.

Dudley, Robert. Dell' Arcano del Mare.
3 vols. Plates. Folio Florence, 1646-47

See Hakluyt, Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Due, Lieut. See Hansteen.

Dufau et Guadet. Dictionnaire Uni-
versel abrege de Geographic Ancienne
comparee. 2 vols. in I. Map. 8

Paris, 1820

Duff, A. The Proposed Mission to Lake
Nyassa . . . : Statement submitted to the
Commission of the Free Church of Scot-
land. Map separate. 8* Edinburgh, 1875

Duff, Sir Mountstuart E. Grant. A
Political Survey. Maps. 8*

Edinburgh, 1868

Address to the Royal Historical So-
ciety. 8* 1892

Dufferin, Lord. Letters from High Lati-
tudes : being an Account of a Voyage to
Iceland, Jan Mayen, and Spitzbergen in
1856. Maps and plates. 8 1857

Speech of, with the Comments of the

English Press. 8* 1874

Duffy, Bella. The Tuscan Republics
(Florence, Siena, Pisa, and Lucca), with
Genoa. (The Story of the Nations Series. )
Map and illustrations. 8 1892

Du Fief, Prof. J. Cours gradue de Geo-
graphic, redige conformement au Pro-
gramme du Gouvernement a 1'usage de
1'Enseignement moyen du degre supe-
rieur. 4th edition. 12 Brussels, 1873

Congres International de Geographic

Commerciale. Deuxieme Session. Rap-
port presente a la Societe Beige de Geo-
graphic, le 3 Novembre 1879. 8*

Brussels, 1879

La Question du Congo depuis son

origine jusqu' aujourd'hui : , Explora-
tions, Associations du Congo, Etal Inde-
pendantdu Congo, Conference de Berlin,
Geographic du Bassin du Congo. Maps.
8* Brussels, 1885

La Densite de la Population en Bel-

gique et dans les autres pays du Monde.
8* Brussels, 1887

Le Partage de 1'Afrique entre les

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