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- Pharaohs, Fellahs, and Explorers.

Par f rait and illustrations. 8 1892

Edwards, Bryan. The History, Civil and
Commercial, of the British Colonies in
the West Indies. 2nd edition. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 4 London, 1794

The same. 3rd edition. 3 vols.

Maps and plates. 8 1801

Historical Survey of the Island of

Saint Domingo, together with an
Account of the Maroon Negroes in
the Island of Jamaica in 1793-94; a l so
a Tour through the Islands of Barbadoes,
St Vincent, Antigua, Tobago, and Gren-
ada, in 1791-92, by Sir W. Young. Maps
and plates. 4 1801

Edwards, Capt. See Hamilton, G. ; also
Eyries, Vol. 3 : Appendix I.

Edwards, Charles. Texas and Coahuila ;
with an Exposition of the last Coloniza-
tion Law. 8* New York, 1834

Edwards, E. Milne. Investigafoes Geo-
graphicas dos Portuguezes. Traducfao
de Rodrigo Affonso Pequito. 8*

Lisbon, 1879

Edwards, Lieut. . See Logan, P.

Edwards, Matilda Betham. Through
Spain to the Sahara. Plate. 8 1868

Edwin, King. See Hakluyt, Vol. I : Ap-
pendix i.

Eedes, J. The Coast of South Africa :
Gigantic Structures or Sea-Wails super-
seded. 8* Grahamstown, 1862

Egede, Hans. Description of Greenland,
showing the Natural History, Situation,
Boundaries, and Face of the Country, the
Rise and Progress of the Old Norwegian
Colonies, the Ancient and Modern In-
habitants, &c. Map and plates. 8 1745

Description of Greenland, with an

Historical Introduction and a Life of the
Author. Map and woodcuts. 8 1818

Egerton, Lady Francis. Journal of a
Tour in the Holy Land in May and
June 1840. Plates. 8 1841

Egerton, Lady Henrietta Grey. Alaska
and its Glaciers. (From The Nineteenth
Century, December 1892.) 8* 1892

Egerton, Sir P. de M. Grey. See
Murchison ; also India, C (Geological
Papers) : Appendix 2.

Egerton, Hon. W. An Illustrated Hand-
book of Indian Arms . . . ; with an In-
troductory Sketch of the Military History
of India. Map and plates. 8 1880

Egilsson, S. See Grondal.

Egli, Dr J. J. Die Entdeckung der Nil-
quellen. 8* Zurich, 1867

Die Schweiz. Illustrations. 12

Leipzig 1886

Geschichte der geographischen

Namenkunde. Map. 8 Leipzig, 1886

Kleine Schweizerkunde, ein Leitfaden

in genauem Anschluss an des Verfassers
" Neue Schweizerkunde." I4th edition.
12* St Gallen, 1 886



Egli, Dr J. J. Etymologisch-geogra-
phisches Lexikon. Separat-Ausgabedes
lexikalischen Theils der " Nomina Geo-
graphica, Versuch einer allgemeinen
geographischen Onomatologie. " Small
4 Leipzig, 1880

Nomina Geographica. Sprach- und

Sacherklarung von 42,000 geograph-
ischen Namen aller Erdraume. 2nd
edition. Large 8 Leipzig, 1893

Egmont, J. ^Egidius van, and John
Heyman. Travels through part of
Europe, Asia Minor, the Islands of the
Archipelago, Syria, Palestine, Egypt,
Mount Sinai, &c. Translated from the
Low Dutch. 2 vols. Illustrations. 8


Egui, Bernard de. See Burney, Vol. 5 :
Appendix i.

Eguiluz, Diego de. Historia de la Mision
de Mojos en la Republica de Bolivia
escrita en 1696 por el P. Diego de
Eguiluz. Publicada con varies Docu-
mentos ineditos referentes a esa Mision,
Biografias, y Notas, por Enrique Torres
Saldamando. Entregas i a - y 2 a - 8*

Lima, 1884

Ehrenberg, C. G. Natur und Bildung
der Coralleninseln und Corallenbanke in
Rothen Meere. 4* Berlin, 1834

Ehrenberg, G. See Rose.

Ehrenmalm, Arwid. See Pinkerton, Vol.
i ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 20 : Ap-
pendix i.

Ehrenreich, Dr P. Beitrage zur Volker-
kuncle Brasiliens. Plates. Folio

Berlin, 1891

Ehrmann, T. F. Kommodore Phillip's
Reise nach der Botany-Bai auf Neu-
holland. Map. 12 Stuttgart, 1789
Beitrage zur Lander- und Staaten-
kunde der Tartarei. Aus Rusischen
Berichten. Mit einer Einleitung. Bib-
liothek der neuesten und wichtigsten
Reisebeschreibungen zur Erweiterung
der Erdkunde . . . herausgegeben von
M. C. Sprengel, fortgesetzt von T. F.
Ehrmann. Vierzehnter Band. Map. 8
Weimar, 1804

Eichhoff, F. G. Parallele des, Langues
de 1'Europe et de 1'Inde, ou Etude <les
principales Langues Romanes, German-
iques, Slavonnes, et Celtiques, comparees
entre elles et a la Langue Sanscrite ; avec
un Essai de Transcription generate. 4
Paris, 1836

Eichstadt. F. See Sweden, A, Geologi-
cal Survey : Appendix 2.

Eichthal, G. d'. Recherches sur 1'His-
toire et Origine des Foulahs ou Fellans.
Map. 8* Paris, 1840

Memoire sur 1'Histoire Primitive des

Races Oceaniennes et Americaines. 8*
Paris, 1843

Eichthal, G. d'. Etudes sur 1'Histoire
Primitive des Races Oceaniennes et
Americaines. 8 Paris, 1845

Etude sur les Origines Bouddhiques

de la Civilisation Americaine. Premiere
partie. Plate. 8* Paris, 1865

Eichwald, E. Reise auf dem Caspischen
Meere und in den Caucasus in 1825-26.
3 vols. in 4. Maps and plates. 8

Stuttgart, 1834

Alte Geographic des Caspischen

Meeres, des Kaukasus und des siidlichen
Russlands. Nach Griechischen, Rom-
ischen, und andern Quellen. Maps, &f.
8 Berlin, 1838

Lethaea Rossica ou Paleontologie de

la Russie. Premier Volume i re Ptie.
Ancienne Periode. Premiere partie,
contenant la Flore de 1'ancienne periode.
8 Stuttgart, 1855

Die Lethsea Rossica und ihre Gegner.

8* Moscow. 1869

See Baer and Helmersen, 8.

Eigner, A. Meteorologische Beobach-
tungen ... an der Lenamlindung. See
Polar Observations, Russian: Appendix 2.

Eiloart, Ernest. The Land of Death.
12* 1887

Ekman, F. L. Description of Hydro-
graphical and Meteorological Insttumenls
exhibited ... at the Philadelphia Ex-
hibition, 1876. 8* Stockholm, 1876

On the General Causes of the Ocean

Currents. 4* Upsala, 1876

Appareils Hydrographiques Exposes,

par le Professeur F. L. Ekman, au
Congres Geographique de Venise, 1881.
12* {Stockholm, 1881]

Elbee, Sieur d'. See Astley, Vol. 3 :
Appendix i.

Elblein, Friedrich Ritter Mailer von.
See Dorn, A.

Elcano, . See Navarette, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix i.

Elcum, Rev. C. C. See Murray, T. B.

Eldad, the Danite. Relation d'Eldad le
Danite Voyageur du IXe Siecle; traduite
en Fran9ais, suivie du Texte Hebreu et
d'une Lettre Chaldeene. Par E. Car-
moly. 8* Paris, 1838

Elder Expedition. Handbook of In-
structions for the Guidance of the Officers
of the Elder Scientific Exploration Expe-
dition to the unknown portions of Aus-
tralia. Map. 8* Adelaide, 1891

The Elder Exploring Party. [News-
paper cuttings.] 8* Adelaide, 1891

Journal of the Elder Scientific Explor-
ing Expedition, 1891-92, under command
of D. Lindsay ; equipped solely at the
cost of Sir Thomas Elder, for the purpose
of completing the exploration of Aus
tralia. Maps separate, 8

Adelaide, 1893

See Streich.



Elderton, W. A. Maps and Map Draw-
ing. Maps. 12 1890

Eldred, John. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ; Kerr,
Vol. 8; Purchas, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Elek, P. Gego. A' Moldvai Magyar
Telepekrol. Map. 8 Budapest, 1838

Elgin, Earl of. Lord Elgin's Second
Embassy to China. See Loch.

Elias, Ney. Introductory Sketch of the
History of the Shans in Upper Burma
and Western Yunnan. 8*

Calcutta, 1876

Eliot, John. The Rainfall of Cherrapunji.
Map. 8* [1882]

Report on the Meteorology of India

in 1 886. Map and charts. 4

Calcutta, 1887

"Eliza Scott," Schooner. Antarctic
Voyage. See Moore, Wm.

Elkington, Capt. T. See Kerr, Vol. 9 ;
Purchas, Vol. I, Book 4: Appendix I.

Ellerbeck, J. H. T. A Guide to the
Canary Islands, calling at Madeira: Maps
of Islands, Plans of Towns, Vocabulary,
Illustrations, Routes for Tourists, and
Hints to Invalids. 12 [1892]

Elles, Col. E. R. Report on the Pamir
Expedition of 1883. Translated from the
" Izvestiya " of the Imp. Russian Geo.
Soc., No. 4 of 1883. 8* Simla, 1884

Ellesmere, Earl of. Guide to Northern
Archeology, by the Royal Society of
Northern Antiquaries of Copenhagen,
Edited for the use of English Readers.
8 1848

Essays on History, Biography, Geo-
graphy, &c. , contributed to the Quarterly
Review. 8 1858

Elliot, Capt. See Plaisted.

Elliot, Lieut-Col. C. Report on the

Bustar and Kharonde Dependencies of

the Raepore District. Map and plates.

[From the India Records, No. 30.] 8

Calcutta, 1 86 1

Elliot, G. Gold and Mineral Prospects of
Western India. 8* Bombay, 1874

Indian Remounts. 8* Bombay, 1874

Elliot, G. F. Scott, and Miss Catharine
A. Raisin. Reports on Botany and
Geology in Sierra Leone. 8* 1893

Elliot, Sir Henry. Appendix to the
"Arabs in Sind." Vol. 3, Part I, of the
" Historians of India." 8

Cape Town, 1853

Elliott, Sir C. A. Report on the Influence
of Caste on Rates of Rent : Effect of Pro-
ceedings at last Settlement on Perma-
nency of Tenure and on Condition of the
Cultivator. [From the India Records,
Vol. 2, No. 4.] 8 Allahabad, 1869

Elliott, C. B. Letters from the North
of Europe: Travels in Holland, Den-
mark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia,
Prussia, and Saxony. 8 1832

Elliot, C. B. Travels in Austria, Russia,
and Turkey. 2 vols. Map and plates.
8 1838

Elliott, H. W. Report on the Prybilov
Group, or Seal Islands, of Alaska.
Plates. 4 Washington, 1873

History and Present Condition of the

Fishery Industries : The Seal Islands of
Alaska. United States (Tenth Census
Publication). Maps and plates. 4

Washington, 1881

An Arctic Province : Alaska and the

Seal Islands. Maps and illustrations.
8 1886

See United States, A; G, a : Ap-

pendix 2.

Elliott, J. Report on the Vizagapatam
and Backergunge Cyclones of October
1876. Folio Calcutta, 1877

Elliott, John. Report on Meteorology of
the N.W. Provinces. [From the India
Records, No. i] Allahabad, 1871

Elliott, Mrs Frances. Diary of an Idle
Woman in Constantinople. Map and
illustrations. 8 1893

Elliott, Capt. Robert. Views in the East,
comprising India, Canton, and the Shores
of the Red Sea, with Historical and
Descriptive Illustrations. 2 vols. Plates.

4 i833

Ellis, Col. A. B. West African Islands.
8 1885

- The Tshi-Speaking Peoples of the
Gold Coast of West Africa, their Religion,
Manners, Customs, Laws, Language, &c.
Map. 8 1887

The Ewe-Speaking Peoples of the

Slave Coast of West Africa, their Religion,
Manners, Customs, Laws, Languages,&c.
8 1890

A History of the Gold Coast of West

Africa. 8 1893

Ellis, A. J. See Man.

Ellis, G. E. Memoir of Sir Benjamin
Thompson, Count Rumford, with Notices
of his Daughter. Portraits and plates.
8 Philadelphia, N.D.

Ellis, Henry. Voyage to Hudson's Bay,
by the Dobbs Galley and California, in
1746-47, for Discovering a North-West
Passage ; with a Survey of the Coast, and
the Natural History of the Country ; also
Facts and Arguments from which the
future finding of such a Passage is
rendered probable. Maps and plates. 8


See Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 17 ;

The World Displayed, Vol. 10, p. 609 :
Appendix I.

Ellis, Sir Henry. Journal of the Pro-
ceedings of the late Embassy to China,
the Voyage to and from China, and
the Journey from the Mouth of the
Pei-ho to the Return to Canton, &c.
Maps and plates. 4 1817



Ellis, Sir Henry. The same. 2 vols.
Maps. 8 1818

Ellis, Sir Henry. Description of the Pro-
vince of Connaught, dated in the month
of January 1612. 4* 1837

History of the Boat which gave Peter
the Great the first thought of building
the Russian Fleet. 8 1856

Representation of the Siege of Therou-
enne, in France, A.D. 1553. I leaf and
plan. 4* N. D.

See Frobisher.

Ellis, John. See Gottfried ; Purchas, Vol.
4, Book 7 : Appendix I.

Ellis, Robert. An Enquiry into the
Ancient Routes between Italy and Gaul,
with an Examination of the Theory of
Hannibal's Passage of the Alps by the
Little St Bernard. Maps. 8 1867

See Law, W. J.

Ellis, Samuel. The Emigrant's Guide to
Texas, with a Description of the Bays,
Rivers, and Towns ; with a Table of
Distances. 12* New Orleans, 1839

Ellis, Tristram. See Rodd.

Ellis, William. Narrative of a Tour
through Hawaii, or Owhyhee. with
Remarks on the History, Traditions,
Manners, Customs, and Language of
the Inhabitants of the Sandwich Islands.
Map and plates. 8 1826

History of Madagascar. 2 vols. Map

and plates. 8 1838

Polynesian Researches, during a Resi-
dence of nearly Eight Years in the
Society and Sandwich Islands. 4 vols.
Map and plates. 12 1853

Three Visits to Madagascar during ihe
years 1853, 1854, 1856, including a
Journey to the Capital ; with Notices of
the Natural History of the Country, and
the Present Civilisation of the People.
Map and plates. 8 1859

Madagascar Revisited, describing ihe
Events of a New Reign and the Revolu-
lion which followed, &c. Map and
plates. 8 1867

Ellis, William. Brief Historical Account
of the Barometer. 8* [1886]

Address Delivered to the Royal Me-
teorological Society. (From the Quar-

terly Journal of the Royal Meteorological
Society, Vol. 13.) Large 8* 1887

- The same, on iStrt January 1888,
including a Discussion of the Green-
wich Observations of Cloud during the
Seventy Years ending 1887. (From the
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteor-
ological Society.} 8* 1888

El Mas'udi. See Nicholson, John.

Elphinstone, Hon. Mountstuart. Ac-
count of the Kingdom of Caubul, and its
Dependencies in Persia, Tartary, and
India ; comprising a View of the Afghaun
Nation, and a History of the Dooraunee
Monarchy. Map and plates. 4 1815

Elphinstone, Hon. Mountstuart. Re-
port on the Territories conquered from
the Paishwa. 8 Bombay, 1838

History of India, the Hindu and

Mahometan Periods. 8 1857

See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Appendix I.

" Elpis Melena." Calabria and the
Liparian Islands in the year 1860. 8 1862

Elstobb, W. Historical Account of the
Great Level of the Fens, called Bedford
Level, and other Fens, Marshes, and Low-
Lands in this Kingdom. Map. 8 1793

Elton, Charles. Origins of English His-
tory. Maps. Large 8 1882

Elton, Charles J. The Career of Colum-
bus. 8 1892

Elton, J. F. With the French in Mexico.
Maps and illustrations. 8 1867

From Natal to Zanzibar ; with De-
scriptive Notes of Zanzibar, Mombasah,
the Slave Trade, Sir Bartle Frere's
Expedition, &c. 12* Durban, 1873

Travels and Researches among the
Lakes and Mountains of Eastern and
Central Africa. Edited and completed
by H. B. Cotterill. Maps and plates.
8 1879

Elwes, Dr Alfred. See Capello, H. ;
Pinto, A.

Elwes, Robert. Sketcher's Tour round
the World. Plates. Royal 8 1854

Elwood, Mrs. Journey Overland from
England, by the Continent of Europe,
Egypt, and the Red Sea, to India.
2 vols. Plates. 8 1830

Emanuel, H. Diamonds and Precious
Stones, their History, Value, and Dis-
tinguishing Characteristics. Plates. 4


Emanuel, Louis. Jottings and Recollec-
tions of a Bengal " Qui Hye !" Illus-
trations. 12 N.D.

Embacher, F. Die wichtigeren For-
schungsreisen des neunzehnten Jahihun-
derts in synchronistischer Uebersicht.
4 Brunswick, 1880

Embel, J. X. Schilderung der Gebirgs-
Gegenden urn den Schneeberg in Oester-
reich. 12 Vienna, 1803

Emerson, J. S, Kilauea after the Erup-
tion of March 1886. Communications
to Prof. W T . D. Alexander, Surveyor-
General of Hawaian Islands, by Messrs
J. S. Emerson, L. L. Van Slyke, and
F. S. Dodge. Plates. 8* [1887]

Emery, Lieut. J. B. Letters to W. D.
Cooley, on the Geography of Mombas,
East Africa. MS. Folio* 1833-35

Emin Pasha in Central Africa : being a
Collection of his Letters and Journals.
Edited and Annotated by Prof. G.
Schweinfurth, Prof. F. Ratzel, Dr R.
W. Felkin, and Dr G. Hartlaub.
Tianslated by Mrs R. W. Felkin. Map
and portraits. 8 i88



Em in Pasha. See Hassan.

Emm ons, Samuel Franklin. See United

States, G, c (Monographs and Bulletins);

H, a (Prof. Papers): Appendix 2.

and Becker, G. F. See United
States, A (Tenth Census, Vol. 13) : Ap-
pendix 2.

Emory, Major W. H. Notes of a Mili-
tary Reconnoissance from Fort Leaven-
worth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in
California,including Parts of the Arkansas,
Del Norte, and Gila Rivers (containing
the Reports of Col. Albert, Col. St
George Cooke, and Capt. Johnston),
made in 1846-47. Maps and plates . 8
Washington, 1848

Observations, As-tronomical, Magnetic,

and Meteorological, made at Chagres

and Gorgona, Isthmus of Darien, and at

the City of Panama, New Granada. 4*

Cambridge, Mass., 1850

Report on the United States and

Mexican Boundary Survey. Vol. I.
Part i. Containing Personal Account,
General Description of the Country, the
Lower Rio Bravo from Mouth of Devil's
River to El Pasco del Norte, &c. Part
2. Geological Reports, by Parry and
Schott ; Palaeontology and Geology of
the Boundary, by Hall ; and Description
of Cretaceous and Tertiary Fossils, by
Conrad. Maps and plates. 4

Washington, 1857

Empoli, Giovanni da. See Ramusio,
Vol. i ; Collecsao <le Noticias, Vol. 2,
p. 610 : Appendix I.

Empson, Charles. Narratives of South
America, illustrating Manners, Customs,
and Scenery ; containing also numerous
Facts in Natural History, collected during
a Four Years' Residence in Tropical
Regions. 8 1836

Encke, Prof. On the next Return of Pons'
Comet in 1832, with a Survey of the
Grounds on which the New Elements
rest. Translated from the German by
G. B. Airy. 8* Cambridge, 1832

Encke's Comet, Ephemeris of, 1839. 8*


" Endeavour." See Parkinson.

Enderby, Charles. The Auckland Islands:
a Short Account of their Climate, Soil,
and Productions, and the Advantages of
Establishing there a Settlement at Port
Uoss, for carrying on the Southern Whale
Fisheries. Map and view. 8* 1849

Endlich, F. M. Catalogue of Minerals
found in Colorado. 8

Washington, 1878

On the Erupted Rocks of Colorado.
8* Washington, 1878

Enfantin, . Colonisation de 1'Algerie.
Map. 8 Paris, 1843

Engel, Carl. The Music of the Most
Ancient Nations, particularly of the
Assyrians, Egyptians, and Hebrews ;
with Special Reference to Recent Dis-
coveries in Western Asia and in Egypt.
Plates. 8 1864

An Introduction to the Study of

National Music ; comprising Researches
into Popular Songs, Traditions, and
Customs. 8 1866

Engel, . See Allgemeine Historic, Vol.
20 : Appendix i.

Engelhardt, G. See Wrangell.

Engelhardt, Moriz von, and Friedrich
Parrot. Reise in die Krym und den
Kaukasus. 2 vols. in I, and vol. of
plates. Maps and plates. 8 Berlin, 1815

Engelmann, C. The Waters of Kreuz-
nach : a Work for General Readers.
Plates. 8 1854

Engelmann, DrJ. B. Resume de 1'His-
toire de la Ville de Francfort et des Villes
principales du Rhin. Plates. 12

Heidelberg, N.D.

Engelmann, Dr J. Leitfaden bei dem
Unterricht in der Handelsgeschichte,
&c. 8 Erlangen, 1892

Engelmann, Wilhelm. Bibliotheca Geo-
graphica. 2 vols in I. 8 Leipzig, 1857-58

Engestrom, Laurent d'. Rapport a sa
Majeste le ( Roi de Suede., par son
Ministre d'Etat et des Affaires Etrangeres,
en date de Stockholm le 7 Jan. 1813.
Small 4* Stockholm, 1813

Englefield, Sir H. C. A Description
of the principal Picturesque Beauties,
Antiquities, and Geological Phenomena
of the Isle of Wight. Maps and plates.
Folio 1816

Engler, A. Ueber die Hochgebirgsflora
des tropischen Afrika ; aus den Abhand-
lungen der Kon'gl. Preuss. Akademie
der Wissenschaften zu Berlin vom Jahre
1891. 4 Berlin, 1892

Ensor, F. Sidney. Incidents on a
Journey through Nubia to Darfoor.
Maps. 8 1 88 1

Entrecasteaux, Admiral d'. See Dentre-

Epp, F. Schilderungen aus Hollandisch-
Ostindien. 8 Heidelberg, 1852

Eratosthenes. See Berger ; De la Nauze.

Erbach, E. Graf zu. Wandertage eines
Deutschen Touristen im Strom- und
Kiistengebiet des Orinoko. Maps and
illustrations. 8 Leipzig, 1892

Erckert, R von. Der Kaukasus, und
seine Volker. Nacheigener Anschauung.
Map, tables, and illustrations. 8

Leipzig, 1887

Erdaneta (or Urdaneta), Andres de.
See Burney, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Erdmann, A. Om de lakttagelser o'fver
Vattenhqjdens och Vindarnes Fb'ran-
dringar, &c. Map and plate. 4

Stockholm, 1856


Erdmann, A. Beskrifning ofver Dalk-
arlsbergs Jernmalmsfalt uti Nora Socken

och Orebro Lan. Plates. 4*

Stockholm, 1858

Expose des Formations Quaternaircs

de la Suede. Maps. 8*; and Atlas, 4
Stockholm, 1868

See Sweden, A : Appendix 2.

Erdmann, E. See Sweden. A (Geologiska

Undersokning) : Appendix 2.
Erdy, Janos. De Tabulis Ceratis in
Transsilvania Repertis, Commentatus est. Viaszos Lapok. Plates.
Royal 8* Budapest, 1856

A Boszna es Szerb Regi Ermek.

Plate. 4* Budapest, 1858

Numi Transilvanire. Erdely Ermei

Kepatlaszszal. 2 parts. Plates. 4

Budapest, 1862

"Erebus" and "Terror." The Zoo-
logy of the Voyage of H. M.S. "Erebus"
and "Terror," under the command of
Capt. Sir James Clark Ross, during the
years 1839" to 1843. Edited by John
Richardson and John Edward Gray.
2 vols. Map and plates. 4 1844-75


Vol. I. Summary of Voyage, by J.
D. Hooker ; Mammalia, by J. E.
Gray ; Birds, by G. R. Gray and
R. B. Sharpe.

Vol. 2. Reptiles, by G. R. Gray and
A. Giinther ; Fishes, by Sir J.
Richardson ; Crustacea, by E. J.
Miers ; Insects, by A. White and A.
G. Butler; Mollusca, by E. A.

The Botany of the Voyage, &c. See
Hooker, Sir J. D.

See Hooker, Sir J. D. ; Malte-Brun.

Eredia, Emanuel Godinho de. Malaca,
1'Inde Meridionale, et le Cathay. Manu-
scrit Original autographe de Godinho de
Eredia, appartenant a la Bibliotheque
Royale de Bruxelles. Reproduit en fac-
simile, et traduit par M. Leon Janssen
. . .; avec une Preface de M. Ch.
Ruelens. Maps and illustrations. 4

Bntssels, 1882

Erhardt, J. Vocabulary of the Enguduk
Iloigob, as Spoken by the Masai-Tribes
in East-Africa. 12 Ludivigsburg, 1857
Erigen (or Erigena), John. See Hak-
luyt, Vol. 2; Kerr, Vol. I : Appendix I.
Ericsson, J. Solar Heat, and the Tem-
perature of the Surface of the Moon.
[Newspaper cuttings.] 4* 1869

Erizzo, Conte Francesco Miniscalchi.
Scoperte Artiche Narrate. Maps and
plates. 8 Venice, 1855

Erlenmeyer, E. Ueber den Einfluss des
Freiherrn Justus von Liebig auf die Ent-
wicklung der reinen Chemie. 4

Munich, 1874

Erman, A. Archiv fur wissenschaftliche

Kunde von Russland. Vols. I to 25. 8

Berlin, 1841-67

Reise um die Erde, durch Nord-

Asien und diebeiden Oceane in 1828-30.
3 vols. 2 plates. 8 1835-48

Beitrage zur Klimatologie des Rus-

sischen Reiches. 12* N.P., N.D.

Beobachtungen der Gros^e des Luft-

drucks iiber den Meeren und von einer
sehr bestimmten Beziehung dieses Pha-
nomens zu den geographischen Co-
ordinaten der Orte. Table. 12* N.D.

Ueber Ebbe und Fluth an den

Ochozker und Kamtschatkischen Kiisten

' des grossen Oceans. 8* ^45

Travels in Siberia, including Excur-
sions northwards to the Polar Circle,
and southwards to the Chinese Frontier.
Translated by Cooley. 2 vols. Map. 8

Ortsbestimmungen bei einer Fahrt

durch den Grossen und Atlantischen
Ocean auf der Corvette Krotkoi und
darauf begrtindete Untersuchung der
Stromungen in diesen Meeren. 8* 1852

See Hoppe, J. ; Schweinfurth.

Erman, Paul. See Du Bois Raymond.
Ermel, Alexander. Eine Reise nach

der Robinson-Crusoe-Insel. Map and
illustrations. 8 Hamburg, 1889

Ernst, A. La Exposicion Nacional de
Venezuela en 1883, obra escrita de
orden del ilustre Americano General
Guzman Blanco. Plates. Folio

Caracas, 1884

See Venezuela : Appendix 2.

Erpenius, Thomas. Rudiments de la

Langue Arabe ; Traduits en Francais,
accompagnes de Notes et suivis d'un
Supplement indiquant les Differences
entre le Langage Litteral et le Langage
Vulgaire, par A. E. Hebert. 8

Paris, 1844

Ersch, J. S. Literatur der Mathematik,
Natur- und Gewerbs-Kunde, &c. ; neue
fortgesetzte Ausgabe von F. W. Sch-
weigger-Seidel. 4 Leipzig, 1828

Erskine, Anna, Lady See Graham, D. C.

Erskine, J. Elphinstone. Journal of a
Cruise among the Islands of the Western
Pacific, including the Feejees and others
inhabited by the Polynesian Negro
Races. Map and plates. 8 1853

Erskine, St Vincent W. Original Journals
of. MS. 2 cases and i vol. 1868-76

Escher, A. See Linth.

Eschricht, Prof. Om de Nordiske
Hvaldyrs Geographiske Udbredelse i
Naervserende og i Tidligere Tid. Map.
g* Copenhagen, N.D.

Escobari, Dr Isaac. Analogies Philolo-
{riques de la langue Aimara. 8*

Paris, 1 88 1

Escott, A. See Riddle.

I 5 2


Esguerra. J. Diccionario Jeografico de
los Estados Unidos de Colombia. 8

Bogota, 1879

Espajo, Ant. de. See Hakluyt, Vol. 3 ;
Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 8 : Appendix i.

Esperandieu, Capt. Emile. Musee de
Perigueux : Inscriptions Antiques. (Pub-
lications de la Societe Historique et
Archeologique du Perigord. ) Plates. 8
Paris, 1893

" Espiegle." See Ommanney.

Espinosa y Tello, Don Josef. Me-
morias sobre las Observaciones Astro-

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