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nomicas hechas por los Navegantes
Espanoles en distintos Lugares del
Globo. 2 vols. Plates. 4 Madrid, 1809

Espy, Prof. James P. Second and
Third Reports on Meteorology, 1843-45 ;
with Directions for Mariners. Charts
and diagrams. Oblong folio

Washington, 1850

Fourth Meteorological Report.

Message from the President of the
United States to the Senate. Charts
and plates. 8 Washington, 1857

Esquemeling, John. The Buccaneers of
America : a True Account of the most
remarkable Assaults committed of late
years upon the Coasts of the West Indies
by the Buccaneers of Jamaica and Tor-
tuga (both English 'and French); with
facsimiles of all the original engravings,
&c. Reprinted from the edition of 1684.
Large 8 1893

See Burney, Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Essex, Earl of. See Hakluyt, Vol. 5 ;
Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 10 : Appendix i.

Estancelin, L. Recherches sur les
Voyages et Decouverles des Navigateurs
Normands en Afrique, dans les Indes
Orien tales et en Amerique ; suivies
d'Observations sur la Marine, le Com-
merce, et les Etablissemens Coloniaux
des Francais. 8 Paris, 1832

Estrey, Dr Cte. Meyners d'. La Pa-
pouasie ou Nouvelle-Guinee Occidentale.
Ouvrage accompagne de Gravures et
d'une Carte dressee et gravee par K.
Hausermann. 4

Paris and Amsterdam, 1881

Etheridge, Col. A. T. Narrative of the
Bombay Inam Commission and Supple-
mentary Settlements. [From the India
Records, No. 132.] Folio* Poona, 1873

Etheridge, R., jun. See New South
Wales, B : Appendix 2.

Ethersey, R. Observations on the
" Bore," or Rushing Tide, in the North-
ern parts of the Gulf of Cam bay, and
che entrances of the Myhee and Sabur-
mutee Rivers. Map. [From the India
Records, No. 26.] 8 Bombay, 1856
See Powell, F. T. ; also India, C (Geo-
logical Papers) : Appendix 2.

Etienne, Dr E. Le Climat de Banana en
1890, suivi des Observations Meteorolo-
giques faites du I er decembre 1889, an
16 mai 1891. [Publications de 1'Etat
Independant du Congo, No. 7.] Small
folio* Brussels, 1892

Eton, W. Survey of the Turkish Em-
pire, in which are considered i. Its
Government, Finances, Military and
Naval Force, Religion, History, Arts,
Sciences, Manners, Commerce, and
Population ; 2. The State of the Pro-
vinces, including the Ancient Govern-
ment of the Crim Tartars, the Subjection
of the Greeks, their Efforts towards
Emancipation, and the Interest of other
Nations in their Success ; 3. The Cavtses
of the Decline of Turkey ; 4. The
British Commerce with Turkey, &c. 8


Ettingshausen, Baron von [Dr Con-
stantin]. See New South Wales, B :
Appendix 2.

"Eugenie." See Virgin.

Europaeus, D. E. D. Vorliiufiger Entwurf
iiber den Urstamm der indoeuropaischen
Sprachfamilie und seine vor-indoeurop-
aischen Abzweigungen, namentlich die
finnisch-ungarische. Plate and tables.
8* Helsingfors, 1863

Die Stammverwandtschaftdermeisten

Sprachen der alien und Australischen
Welt. 4* St Petersburg, 1870

The same. New edition. 4* 1877

Ett fornfolk med langskallig afrikansk

hufvudskalstyp i norden, bestamdt till
sprak och nationalitet. 12

Helsingfors, 1873

Die finnisch-ungarischen Sprachen

und die Urheimath des Menschenge-
schlechtes. 8 Helsingfors, N.D.

Eustace J. C. Classical Tour through
Italy, 1802. 4 vols. Map. 8 1815

Evans, A. J. Through Bosnia and the
Herzegovina on foot, during the Insur-
rection, August and September 1875 ;
with an Historical Review of Bosnia,
and a Glimpse at the Croats, Slavonians,
and the Ancient Republic of Ragusa.
Map and plates. 8 1876

Evans, Arthur J. See Freeman, E. A.

Evans, Captain Sir Frederick J. Re-
duction and Discussion of the Deviations
of the Compass observed on board of the
Iron-built Ships and Wood-built Steam-
Ships in H.M.'s Navy, and the "Great
Eastern." Plates. 4* 1861

A Review of Oceanic or Maritime

Discovery, Exploration, and Research,
as made in the half century 1831-81. 8*.

Report on Admiralty Surveys for

the year 1 879. Folio* 1881

See Richards ; also United Kingdom,

A, Hydrogr. Off. Publ. : Appendix 2.



Evans, Captain Sir Frederick J.,
and Archibald Smith. Admiralty
Manual for Ascertaining and Applying
the Deviations of the Compass caused
by the Iron in a Ship. Plates. 8 1862

Evans, Lieut. H. L. Letter on the
Establishment of Vernacular Libraries.
[From the India Records, N.W. Pro-
vinces, Vol. i.] 8 Agra, 1855

Evans, Morris. Report on the proposed
Abdul Medjid Railway. Folio 1855

Evans, Patrick F. From Peru to the
Plate, Overland. Map. 8* 1889

Everard, Robert. See Churchill, Vol. 6 :
Appendix i.

Everest, Sir George. Account of the
Measurement of an Arc of the Meridian
... in India. 4 1830

Account of the Measurement of Two
Sections of the Meridional Arc of India.
With vol. ol plates. 4 1847

Everest, Robert. A Journey through
Norway, Lapland, and part of Sweden ;
with some Remarks on the Geology of
the Country, &c. Maps and plate. 8 1829

- A Journey through the United States
and part of Canada. 8 1855

Everett, Edward. Europe, or a General
Survey of the Present Situation of the
Provincial Powers. By a Citizen of the
United States. 8 1822

Everill, Capt. H. C. Exploration of
New Guinea : Capt. Everill's Report.
8* Sydney, 1886

Eves, C. Washington. Jamaica at the
Royal Jubilee Exhibition, Liverpool,
1887. Map and portraits. 8 1887

The West Indies. Published under
the Auspices of the Royal Colonial Insti-
tute. Maps and illustrations. 12 1889

Evesham, John. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ;

Kerr, Vol. 7 : Appendix i.
Evliya, Effendi. Travels in Europe,

Asia, and Africa, in the Seventeenth

Century. Translated from the Turkish

by Ritter Joseph von Hammer. 4 1846
Ewald, A C. A Reference-Book of Modern

Geography for the use of Public Schools

and Civil Service Candidates. 12 1870
Ewart, Lieut. J. S. See Dalrymple,

Repertory, Vol. I : Appendix i.
Ewart, W. Settlement in India, and

Trade with Central Asia. 8* 1858

Ewbank, Thomas. Life in Brazil, or

the Land of the Cocoa and the Palm.

Woodcuts. 8 1856

North American Rock-Writing, and
other Aboriginal Modes of Recording
and Transmitting Thought. Large 8*

Morrisania, N. Y., 1866
Exner, A. H. China : Skizzen von
Land und Leuten mit besonderer
Beriicksichtigung kommerzieller Ver-
haltnisse. Portrait, plan, and illustra-
tions. 4 Leipzig, 1889

Exquemelin. See Esquemeling.

Eydoux, . See Vaillant.

Eyre, Edward John. Journals of Expedi-
tions of Discovery into Central Australia,
and Overland from Adelaide to King
George's Sound, in 1840-41 ; including
an Account of the Manners and Customs
of the Aborigines, and the State of their
Relations with Europeans. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1845

Eyre, Sir Vincent. The Military Opera-
tions at Cabul which ended in the Re-
treat and Destruction of the British
Army, January 1842 ; with a Journal of
Imprisonment in Afghanistan. 2nd
edition. Map. 8 !843

On Metallic Boats and Floating

Waggons for Naval and Military Service,
with some Observations on American
Life-Preserving Cars. Plates. Royal 8*

A Retrospect of the Affghan War,

with Reference to Passing Events in

Central Asia. Map. 8* 1869

Eyries, Jean Baptiste Benoit. Abrege

des Voyages Modernes. 14 vols in "j.

8 Paris, 1822-24

[For full Title and Contents of the

volumes, see Appendix I.]

Recherches sur la Population du

Globe Terrestre. 8* Paris, 1833

Notice Biographique, par M. Dezos

de la Roquette. Royal 8* Paris, 1855

See Humboldt, Alex. von.

Ezquebel, Jean de. See Gottfried : Ap-
pendix i.

Ezziani, Aboulqasem Ben Ahmed. Le
Maroc de 1631 a 1812. Extrait de
1'ouvrage intitule " Ettordjeman Elmo'
Arib' an Douel Elmachriq Ou Lmaghrib,"
de Aboulqasem Ben Ahmed Ezziani,
public et traduit par O. Houdas.
[2nd Series, Vol. 18 of Publ. de 1'Ec.
des Langues Orient. Viv.] Large 8

Paris, 1886

Faber, F. (Schmidt). See Switzerland,

B : Appendix 2.
Fabian, R. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ.,

Vol. 7 : Appendix i.
Fabre, Citoyen. Essai sur la Theorie

des Torrens et des Rivieres. Plates. 4

Part's, 1797

Fabri, D. Friedrich. Bedarf Deutsch-

land der Colonien ? Eine politisch-

okonomische Betrachtung. Dritte Aus-

gabe. 8 Got ha, 1884
Ftinf Jahre Deutscher Kolonial-

politik. 8 Gotha, 1889

Fabri, Johann Ernst. Kurzer Abriss der

Geographic. 8 Halle, 1794



Fabricius, Prof. Adam Kristoffer. La

premiere invasion des Normands dans 1'
Espagne Musulmane en 844. See Trans-
actions. 8 Lisbon, 1892

See Portugal, B : Appendix 2.

Fabricius, J. S. See Norway, A (Norske
Lods) : Appendix 2.

Fabricius, O. Fauna Groenlandica, sys-

tematice sistens animalia Grcenlandise

occidentalis hactenus indagata, &c. 8

Copenhagen^ 1780

Fabritius, W. Baku as a Central Point
of the Overland Route to India. [Trans-
lated by Capt. F. C. H. Clarke.] Folio*


Fabvre, Capt. Retour en France de la
corvette "la Recherche;" Rapport sur
la Seconde Campagne dans les Mers du
Nord et au Spitzberg. 8* Paris, 1839
See Gaimard.

Facius, J. F. See Pausanias.

Fa Hian. Foue Koue Ki, on Relation
des Royaumes Bouddhiques : Voyage
dans la Tartarie, dans 1' Afghanistan, et
dans 1'Inde, execute a la fin du IV e
Siecle, par Chy Fa Hian. Traduit
du Chinois et Commente par Abel
Remusat ; revu, &c., par Klaproth et
Landresse. Maps and plans. 4

Paris i 1836

See Legge.

Faidherbe, General L. Notice sur la
Colonie du Senegal, et sur les Pays qui
sont en relation avec elle. Map. 8*

Paris, 1859

Chapitres de Geographic sur le

Nord-Ouest de 1'Afrique. Map. 8*

Saint- Lottis, 1864

Memoire sur les Elephants des armees
Carthaginoises. Map. 8* Bonn, 1867

Voyage des cinq Nasamons d' Hero-
dote dans 1'Interieur de la Libye. Map.
8* Algiers, 1867

Recherches Anthropologiques sur les

Tombeaux Megalithiques de Roknia.
Plates. 8 Bonn, 1868

Collection complete des Inscriptions

Numidiques (Libyques), avec des Aper-
9us Ethnographiques sur les Numides.
4 Lille, 1870

Essai sur la langue Poul, Grammaire
et Vocabulaire. 8 Paris, 1875

Le Zenaga des tribus Senegalaises.
Contribution a 1'Etude de la langue Ber-
bere. 8 Paris, 1877

Le Senegal. La France dans

1'Afrique Occidentale. Map and plans.
8 Paris, 1889

See Ancelle.

Faidherbe. See Brosselard- Faidherbe.

Fairbairn, Henry. A Letter to Lord
William Bentinck, M.P.,on the Superior
Advantages of a Steam Passage to the
East Indies by the Gulf of Mexico and

Fairbairn, Henry continued.

the Pacific Ocean, as compared with the
Proposed Route by the Red and Mediter-
ranean Seas. Map. 8* 1837

Fairbairn, W. On the Application of
Cast and Wrought Iron to Building Pur-
poses. Plates. Royal 8 1854

Fairbridge, Charles A., and John
Noble. Catalogue of Books relating to
South Africa. 8* Cape Town, 1886

Fairman, E. St J. Geology and Agri-
culture. 8* Florence, 1867

Ghirghis Mahomed, or Reports of

the New Egyptian Parliament. 8

[Pisa] 1867

A Treatise on the Petroleum Zones

of Italy. Map. 8* 1868

I Petrolii in Italia. Estratti da

Relazioni e Rapporti Scientifici sulla
esistenza del Petrolio in Italia. Maps.
16* Florence, 1869

See Wassa.

Falbe, C. T. Recherches sur 1'emplace-
ment de Carthage, suivies de Renseigne-
ments sur plusieurs inscriptions Puniques
inedites, de Notices Historiques, Geo-
graphiques, &c., avec le plan topo-
graphique du terrain et des mines de la
ville dans leur etat actuel, &c. 8;
Atlas, 4 Paris, 1833

Les Antiques Monnaies d'Abdera de

la Betique. Woodcuts. 8* N. P., 1850

" Falcon." See Knight, E. F.

Falconar, David. A Journey from Joppa
to Jerusalem in 1758. Small 4* 1753

Falconbridge, Anna Maria. Two Voy-
ages to Sierra Leone, during the years
1791-2-3, in a series of Letters. . . .
2nd edition. 12 1794

Falconer, H. See India, C (Geological
Papers) : Appendix I.

Falconer, Hugh, and H. Walker. De-
scriptive Catalogue of the Fossil Remains
of Vertebrata, from the Sewalik Hills,
the Nerbudda, Perim Island, &c., in the
Museum of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.
8 Calcutta, 1859

Falconer, T. Voyage of Hanno, Greek
and English, explained from the accounts
of Modern Travellers, and defended
against the objections of Mr Dodwell,
and other writers. Maps. 8 1 797

See Strabo.

Falconer, Thomas. Expedition to Santa
Fe : an Account of its Journey from
Texas through Mexico, with particulars
of its capture. 8* New Orleans, 1842

On the Discovery of the Mississippi,

and on the South-Western, Oregon, and
North-Western Boundary of the United
States ; with a translation from the
Original MS. of Memoirs, &c., by
R. Cavelier de la Salle and the Chevalier
Henry de Tonty. Map. 8 1844


Falconer, Thomas. Notes of a Journey
through Texas and New Mexico in the
years 1841 and 1842. 8* N.D.

The Oregon Question, &c. 2nd

edition. (Postscript; Second Postscript.)
See United States, K (Oregon) : Ap-
pendix 2.

Falconer, W. Miscellaneous Tracts and
Collections relating to Natural History,
selected from the Principal Writers of
Antiquity on that subject. 4

Cambridge, 1793

Dissertation on St Paul's Voyage

from Gesarea to Puteoli ; on the Wind
Euroclydon ; and on the Apostle's Ship-
wreck on the Island Melite. By a Lay-
man. Maps. 8 Oxford, 1817

- Dissertation on St Paul's Voyage
from Csesarea to Puteoli, and on the
Apostle's Shipwreck on the Island
Melite. 2nd edition, with Additional
Notes by T. Falconer. 8 London, 1870

The same. 3rd edition, with Addi-
tional Notes by Thomas Falconer. 8


- New and Universal Dictionary of the
Marine : being a Copious Explanation
of the Technical Terms and Phrases
usually employed in the Construction,
Equipment, Machinery, Movements, and
Military as well as Naval Operations of
Ships, with such parts of Astronomy and
Navigation as will be found useful to
Practical Navigators ; to which is an-
nexed a Vocabulary of French Sea
Phrases and Terms of Art. Modernised
and much enlarged by W. Burney.
Plates. 4 1830

See Strabo.

Falconer, W. and T. See Arrian.

Falkenstein, Karl. Geschichte der
geographischen Entdeckungsreisen. 5
vols in 2. 12 Dresden, 1828-29

Falkland, Viscountess. Chow-Chow :
being Selections from a Journal kept in
India, Egypt, and Syria, 2 vols. 8


Falkner, Thomas. Description of Pata-
gonia, and the adjoining parts of South
America ; containing an account of the
Soil, Produce, Animals, Vales, Moun-
tains, Rivers, Lakes, &c., of those
Countries ; the Religion, Government,
Policy, Customs, Dress, Arms, and Lan-
guage of the Indian Inhabitants ; and
some particulars relating to the Falk-
land's Islands. Map. 4 Hereford, 1774

See Molina, J.

Fallati, Johannes. Zur Statistik des
Flachenraums und der Volkszahl von
Britisch-Indien. 8* Tubingen, 1852

Falle, P. Qesarea ; or, An Account of
Jersey . . . ; with an Appendix of
Records, &c., and Letter by P. Morant.
Map and plate. 8 1734

Fallot, Ernest. Par dela la Mediterranee,
Kabylie, Aures, Kroumirie. Illustra-
tions. 12 Parts [1887]

Falquet, L. Fondation d'un Institut In-
ternational des Sciences Geographiques :
Travail presente au Congres International
des Sciences Geographiques de Berne, du
10 au 14 aoiit 1891. 8* Berne, 1891

Falzon, Giovanni Battista. Dizionario
Maltese - 1 taliano - Inglese arricchito di
nomi di botanica, ittiologia, ornitologia,
e marineria. . . . Preceduto da una
breve esposizione grammaticale della
lingua Maltese. 8 Malta, 1845

Farnintzin. A. Uebersicht der Leistungen
auf dem Gebiete der Botanik in Russland,
wahrend des Jahres 1890. 2 vols. I^irge
8 St Petersburg, 1892-93

Fancourt, C. St J. The History of
Yucatan, from its Discovery to the
Close of the Seventeenth Century.
Map. 8 1854

Faraday, Michael. On a Peculiar Class
of Acoustical Figures, and on the Forms
of Fluids Vibrating on Elastic Surfaces.

4* I 8 3i
Experimental Researches in Elec-
tricity. Plates. 4* 1832

On Faraday as a Discoverer. By J.

Tyndall. 8* 1868

Faria y Sousa, De. See Astley, Vol.
3 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. I : Ap-
pendix I.

Farie, R. See Haxthausen.

Farini, G. A. Through the Kalahari
Desert : a Narrative of a Journey with
Gun, Camera, and Note-book to Lake
N'gami and back. Map, plan, and
illustrations. 8 1 886

Paris, El-Shidiac. Practical Grammar
of the Arabic Language ; with Interlineal
Reading Lessons, Dialogues, and Voca-
bulary. 12 1856

Farley, J. L. The Resources of Turkey,
considered with especial reference to the
Profitable Investment of Capital in the
Ottoman Empire ; with Statistics of the
Trade and Commerce of the [28] Princi-
pal Commercial Towns. 8 1862

Modern Turkey. 8 1872

Farmer. Sarah S. Tonga and the

Friendly Islands ; with a Sketch of their
Mission History. Maps and plates.
12 i855

Farrer, Richard Ridley. A Tour m
Greece, 1880 ; with twenty-seven illus-
trations by Lord Windsor. Map. Royal
g 1882

"Fasana." ."><? Jedina.

Fasolo, Prof. Francesco. L'Abissinia,
e le Colonie Italiane sul Mar Rosso.
Maps. 12 Caserta, 1887

Fassig, O. L. See United States, C :
Appendix 2.



Faucet, C. See Hakluyt, Vol. I : Ap-
pendix i.

Fauche, . See Greece (Morea) : Ap-
pendix 2.

Faujas - Saint - Fond, B. Voyage en
Angleterre, en Ecosse, et aux iles Hebri-
des. 2 vols. Plates. 8 Paris ; 1797

Travels in England, Scotland, and

the Hebrides. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1799

Faulds, Henry. Nine Years in Nipon :
Sketches of Japanese Life and Manners.
Illustrations. 8 1885

Faure, C. Notice sur la part des Suisses
dans 1'Exploration et la Civilisation de
1'Afrique. 8* Geneva, 1883

Notice sur Arnold Guyot, 1807-84.

8* Geneva, 1884

- La Conference Africaine de Berlin.

Map. 8* Getteva, 1885

Les Progres de 1'Enseignement de la

Geographic en Angleterre sous 1'impul-
sion des Societes de Londres, d'Eclim-
bourg et de Manchester. 8* Geneva, 1889

Congres International des Sciences

Geographiques tenu a Paris en 1889 :
Expose sommaire des Voyages et Travaux
Geographiques des Suisses dans le cours
du XIX e siecle. Large 8* Paris, 1891

L'Enseignement de la Geographic en

Suisse. 8* Berne, 1891

Les Progres de 1'Enseignement de la

Geographic en France.

Neuchatel, 1891

Favard, . See Milliroux.

Favenc, Ernest. The Great Austral
Plain, its Past, Present, and Future.
Plate. 8* Sydney, 1881

Western Australia, its Past His-
tory, its Present Trade and Resources,
its Future Position in the Australian
Group. Map. 4 Sydney, 1887

The History of Australian Explora-
tion, from 1788 to 1888. Compiled
from State Documents, Private Papers,
and the most Authentic Sources of In-
formation. Issued under the auspices of
the Governments of the Australian
Colonies. Maps and plates. Large 8
Sydney, 1888

" Favourite." See Laplace.

Favre, Alphonse. Memoire sur les Ter-
rains Liasique et Keuperien de la Savoie.
Plates. 4* Geneva, 1859

Explication de la Carte Geologique

des parties de la Savoie, du Piemont, et

de la Suisse voisines du Mont Blanc.

Geneva, 1862

Sur la structure en eventail du Mont
Blanc. 8* [Geneva, 1865]

Recherches Geologiques dans les

parties de la Savoie, du Piemont, et de
la Suisse voisines du Mont Blanc ; avec
un Atlas de 32 planches. 3 vols. 8

Paris, 1867

Favre, Alphonse. H.-B. de Saussure et
les Alpes. 8* Lausanne, 1870

See Murchison.

Favre, Ernest. Recherches Geologiques
dans la partie centrale de la Chaine du
Caucase. Map and plate. 4

Geneva, 1875

Favre, J. le. Lettre dv R. P. Jacques le
Favre de la Campagnie de lesvs, . . .
sur son arrivee k la Chine, et 1'estat
present de ce Royaume. 12 Paris, 1662
[Bound up with Joseph Tissanier's
Voyage to Tonquin.]

Fawcett, E. G. Report of the Collectorate
of Ahmedabad. Map, plates, and tables.
[From the India Records, No. 5-] 8

Bombay, 1854

Fawckner, Capt. James, Travels on
the Coast of Benin, West Africa. 12


Fawkes, F. The Argonautics of Apol-
lonius Rhodius. 8 1780

Fay, Theodore S. Great Outline of
Geography. 8 Berlin, N.D.

Faye, Andreas. Udtog af Norges Riges
Historic. 12* Christiania, 1834

Fayrer, J. H.R.H. The Duke of Edin-
burgh in India. 4

Privately printed, Calcutta, 1870
The Royal Tiger of Bengal, his
Life and Death. Map and plates. 12

See Brunton, T. L.

Fazakerley, J. N. See Walpole, Travels :
Appendix i.

Fazello, T. Historiadi Sicilia. Tradotta
dal Remigio ; licorretta dal 1'Abbate
Lafarina. Folio Palermo, 1628

Fazio, Lorenzo. Memoria Descriptiva
de la Provincia de Santiago del Estero.
Portrait, plan, and illustrations. 4

Buenos Ay res, 1889

Fea, C. Description de Rome. Vol. i.
Plates. 12 Rome, 1821

Fea, Leonardo. Viaggio Zoologico nel

Tenasserim. Map and illustrations. 8*

Rome, 1888

Fearnside, W. G. See Tombleson.

Fearon, H. B. Sketches of America :
a Narrative of a Journey of Five Thou-
sand Miles through the Eastern and
Western States of America . . . ; with
Remarks on Mr Birkbeck's " Notes and
Letters." 3rd edition. 8 1819

Featherstonhaugh, G. W. Geological
Report of an Examination made in 1834
of the Elevated Country between the
Missouri and Red Rivers. Map. 8

Washington, 1835

Report of a Geological Reconaissance

in 1835 from the Seat of Government by
the way of Green Bay and the Wisconsin
Territory to the Coteau de Prairie.
Plates. 8 Washington, 1836



Featherstonhaugh, G. W. A Canoe
Voyage up the Minnay Sotoo; with an
Account of the Lead and Copper Deposits
in Wisconsin, of the Gold Region in
the Cherokee Country, and Sketches
of Popular Manners, &c. 2 vols. in i.
Maps and plates. 8 1847

Fechet, Eugene. Journal of the March
of an Expedition in Nubia between
Assouan and Abouhamid. 8* Cairo, 1878

Fedchenko, A. Letters from Kokand to
the Turkestan Gazette. From the
Russian, by R. Michell. Folio* N.D.

See Yule, H.

Fedchenko, O. A. Outlines of Geo-
graphy, and History of the Upper Amu-
Daria. [In Russian.] 8

St Petersburg 1873

See Yule, H.

Federici, Cesare de. See Frederick.

Federmann, Nicolas. See Ternaux-Com-
pans, Vol. I : Appendix I.

Fedorow, W. Vorlaufige Berichte liber
die von ihm in 1832 bis 1837 in West-
Sibirien ausgefuhrten astronomisch-geo-
graphischen Arbeiten. Herausgegeben
vonStruve. Map. 8 St Petersburg, 1838

Fegraeus, T. See Sweden, A : Appen-
dix 2.

Feilden, Eliza Whigham. My African
Home ; or, Bush Life in Natal when a
Young Colony [1852-57]. Illustrations.
Crown 8 18^7

Feilden, Col. H. W. Address by the
President, Major H. W. Feilden, to the
Members of the Norfolk and Norwich
Naturalists' Society. 8* 1886

Notes from an Arctic Journal. 8


See Nares ; also Arctic, C : Appen-
dix 2.

Feilding, Viscount. See Kennedy.

Feistmantel, O. See India, C (Pal. Ind.) ;
New South Wales, B : Appendix 2.

Felbermann, L. Hungary and its People.
Map and illustrations. 8 [1892]

Feldborg, A. A. A Tour in Zealand in
the year 1802, with an Historical Sketch
of the Battle of Copenhagen. 12 1804

Denmark Delineated, or Sketches of

the Present State of that Country. Plates.
8 Edinburgh, 1824

Felkin, Dr Robert W. Notes on the
Madi or Morn Tribe of Central Africa.
(From the Proceedings of the Royal
Society of Edinburgh, Vols. i, 2, 1883-
84.) Portrait. 8* Edinburgh, 1884

Note on a Case of Elephantiasis

Arabum. Illustrations. 8*

Edinburgh, 1889

Notes on the For Tribe of Central

Africa. Plate. 8* Edinburgh, 1885

Uganda und sein Herrscher Mtesa.

8* Munich, 1885

Felkin, Dr Robert W. Notes on the
Waganda Tribe of Central Africa. Plate.
8* Edinburgh, 1886

Observations on Malaria and Enteric

Fever, and on the Suitability of Tropical
Highlands for European Settlement. 8*


- Uganda. (From The Imperial and
Asiatic Quarterly Review.} 8* 1892
Neue ethnographische Gegenstande

aus Ost-Africa. Illustrations. Large 8*
Berlin, 1892

See Emin Pasha ; Wilson, Rev.
C. T.

and Mrs R. W. See Emin Pasha.

Fellenberg, E. von. Ein Abstecher in
die hohe Tatra. Plates. 12*

[Berne, N.D.]

- Geologische und topographische
Wanderungen im Aare und Rhonegebiet
in den Jahren 1877, 1878, und 1879.
Plates. 12* Berne, 1 880

Itinerarium fiir das . . . Excursions-

gebiet des S. A. C. fiir die Jahre 1882
und 1883. Die westlichen Berner Kalk-
alpen und der westliche Theil des
Finsteraarhorn-Central Massivs. Bear-
beitet und durch geologische und mine-
ralogische Notizen vervollstandigt von
Edmund v. Fellenberg. Nebst geologi-
schen und botanischen Notizen von Prof.
J. Bachmann in Bern und Prof. O.
Wolf in Sitten. Map. 12 Berne, 1882
Beilage zu Jahrbuch XXIV. S.A.C.

Zweiter Nachtrag zum kritischen Ver-
zeichniss der gesammt Literatur liber
die Berner Alpen. (Excursionsgebiet,

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