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1885-87.) 12 Bertie, 1889

See Roth, A.

Feller, F. G. See Nelkenbrecher.

Fellows, Sir Charles. Ascent of Mont
Blanc, 1827. Plates. 4 1827

Journal written during an Excursion

in Asia Minor, 1838. Map and plates.
8 1839

Account of Discoveries in Lycia, 1840.

Map and plates. Royal 8 1841

Account of the Ionic Trophy Monu-
ment excavated at Xanthus. Plates.
Royal 8 1848

Travels and Researches in Asia Minor,

more particularly in the Province of
Lycia. Maps and plates. 8 1852

Coins of Ancient Lycia before the

Reign of Alexander ; with an Essay on
the relative Dates of the Lycian Monu-
ments in the British Museum. Map ana
plates. Royal 8 1855

Fenn, Harry. See Lane-Poole.

Fenner, Capt. G. See Astley, Vol. I ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ; Kerr, Vol. 7 ; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. I : Appendix i.

Fenner, W. Memoir of the Survey of
the Tidal Channels of the River Indus.
8* 1849



Penning, D., and J. Collyer. New
System of Geography, or a General
Description of the World, containing a
Particular and Circumstantial Account of
all the Countries, Kingdoms, and States
of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.
2 vols. Maps and plates. Folio 1764

Fenteman, T. Historical Guide to Leeds
and its Environs. Map. 12 Leeds, 1858

Fenton, Major A. B. Diary of an Ex-
pedition to the Upper Reaches of the
Irrawaddy, and subsequently to .the
Indawgyi Lake, in May and June 1890.
Map. Folio* Rangoon, 1890

Fenton, Edward. See Burney, Vol. 2 ;
Callander, Vol. I ; Hakluyt, Vol. 4 :
Appendix I.

Fenton, F. D. Observations on the State
of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of New
Zealand. Folio* Auckland, 1859

Suggestions for a History of the

Origin and Migrations of the Maori
People. Plate. 8* Auckland, 1885

Fenton, R. A Historical Tour through
Pembrokeshire. Map and plates. 4 1811

Fenzl, Eduard. See "Novara."

Ferber, . See Pinkerton, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix I.

Ferbers, J. J., and J. B. Fischers.
Physischen Erdbeschreibungvon Kurland
und Naturgeschichte von Liefland. Plate.
8 Riga, 1784

Ferguson, A. M. and J. The Ceylon
Handbook and Directory, and Com-
pendium of Useful Information. (Edition
of 1890-91.) Portrait. 8 Colombo, 1890

The Ceylon Mercantile and Planting

Directory . . . 1891-92. 8

Colombo, 1891

See Ferguson, John.

Ferguson, Donald. Captain Joao Ribeiro,
his Work in Ceylon, and the French
Translation thereof by the Abbe Le
Grand. (Extracted from Journal No.
36, Vol. 10, of the Royal Asiatic Society,
Ceylon Branch.) 8* 1888

See Daalmans.

Ferguson, G. E. Report on Mission to
Atabubu. Map and plates. Folio* 1891

Ferguson, J. See Guthrie, W.

Ferguson, John. Uva : an Account of
the Inauguration of the new Province of
Uva . . . ; with Descriptions of the
Divisions of the Province, and Letters on
the need for Railway Extension. Maps.
12 [Colombo] 1886

Ceylon in the "Jubilee Year" ; with
an Account of the Progress made since
1803, and of the Present Condition of its
Agricultural and Commercial Enter-
prises, the Resources awaiting Develop-
ment by Capitalists ; specially prepared
maps, and numerous illustrations. 3rd
edition. 8

Ferguson, John. Ceylon : its Attractions
to Visitors and Settlers. (From the
Journal of the Royal Colonial Institute,
April 1 892.) 8* 1892

The Ceylon Handbook and Directory,

and Compendium of Useful Information.
[Edition of 1893-94.] 8 Colombo, 1893

Ferguson Prof. John. The Chemical
Manufactures of Glasgow and the West
of Scotland. [Published with other Papers
for the British Association Meeting at
Glasgow, 1876.] 12 Glasgow, 1876

Ferguson, Win. America, by River and
Rail ; or, Notes by the Way on the New
World and its People. Frontispiece. 8


Fergusson, Lieut. E. F. T. Account of
the Dimensions and Track of a Cyclone
experienced at Bombay, Nov. 1862.
Map. 8* Bombay, 1862

Fergusson, James. Essay on the Ancient
Topography of Jerusalem. Plans and
plates. Small folio 1847

The Palaces of Nineveh and Perse-

polis Restored : an Essay on Ancient
Assyrian and Persian Architecture.
Plates. 8 1851

Tree and Serpent Worship ; or, Illus-
trations of Mythology and Art in India
in the First and Fourth Centuries after
Christ, from the Sculptures of the
Buddhist Topes at Sanchi and Amravati
. . . ; with Introductory Essays, and
Descriptions of the Plates. Plates and
photographs. 4 1868

Rude Stone Monuments in all Coun-
tries, their Ages and Uses. Illustra-
tions. 8 1872

A History of Architecture in all

Countries, from the Earliest Times to the
Present Day. 2nd edition. 4 vols.
Illustrations. 8 1873-76

Ditto. 3rd edition, in 5 vols. Edited

by R. Phene Spiers. Vols. I and 2. Illus-
trations. 8 1893

A Short Essay on the Age and Uses

of the Brochs and Rude Stone Monu-
ments of the Orkney Islands and the
North of Scotland. 8* 1877

On the Norwegian Origin of Scottish

Brochs. Square 8* 1878

See Tristram.

and J. Burgess. The Cave Temples
of India. Map and illustrations. Im-
perial 8 1880

Ferishta, Mahommed Casim, of Delhi.
The History of Hindostan. Translated
from the Persian. 2nd edition. Revised,
altered, corrected, and greatly enlarged,
by Alexander Dow. 2 voK Maps and
plates. 4 1 770

Fernandex. Antonio. See Gottfried :
Appendix i.



Fernandez, Francisco Emilio. El Pro-

greso del Apostaclero cle Iquitos. 8*

Lima, 1869

Fernandez, F. W. Navegabilidad del
Rio Otuquis, Exploracion Practicada en
1886. 12* Bueiios Ayres, 1889

Ferrand, Henri. Histoire de Mont Iseran.
(Extrait du Bulletin de la Societt de
Statistique, &Y. , de there. ) 8*

Grenoble, 1893

Ferrari, Joseph. La Chine et 1'Europe,
leur Histoire et leurs Traditions com-
parees. 8 Paris, 1867

Ferraro, Capt. Diego J. Project for the
Exploration of the North Polar Region.
4* Mexico, 1890

Ferrel, Prof. Win. The Motions of

Fluids and Solids relative to the Earth's

Surface, comprising Applications to the

Winds and Currents of the Ocean. 4*

New York, 1860

Recent Advances in Meteorology.

In Annual Report of the Chief Signal
Officer for the year 1885. Part 2. 4*
Washington, 1886

See United States, F, and H, b :

Appendix 2.

Ferrero, General A. Rapports sur les
triangulations present e a la Commission
permanent, Association Geodesique In-
ternationale. 4 1887-92

Ferret, A., and Galinier. Voyage en
Abyssinie, dans les Provinces du Tigre,
du Samen, et de 1'Amhara. 2 vols.
Plates. 8; and Atlas, fol. /brix, 1847-48

Ferrier, J. P. Caravan Journeys and
Wanderings in Persia, Afghanistan,
Turkistan, and Beloochistan, with His-
torical Notices of the Countries lying
between Russia and India. Translated
by Capt. Jesse, and edited by H. D.
Seymour. Map and woodcuts. 8 1857

History of the Afghans. Translated

by Capt. Jesse. Maps. 8 1858

Ferrier, Walter F. See Canada, A, Geol.
Survey : Appendix 2.

Ferry, Jules. Le Tonkin et la Mere-
Patrie. 12 Paris, 1890

Ferussac, Baron de. Bulletin des
Sciences Geographiques, &c., Economic
Publique ; Voyages . . . publics sous
la direction de M. le Baron de Ferussac.
28 vols. 8 Paris, 1824-31

Feuillee, Louis. Journal des Observa-
tions Physiques, Mathematiques et Botan-
iques, faites sur les Cotes Orientales de
1'Amerique Meridionale, &c. Maps and
plates. 4 Paris, 1725

See Callander, Vol. 3 ; Appendix I.

Ficalho, Conde de. Plantas uteis da
Africa Portugueza. 8* Lisbon, 1884

Fidler, W^ The East India Company : a
Memorandum by W. Fidler, with some
Additions and an Index by Mr G. M.
Craufurd, showing the Leading Events

Fidler, W. continued.

(chiefly Political) chronologically ar-
ranged, in the Company's career, from
1599101858. Folio* 1875

Field, Barron. Geographical Memoirs
on New South Wales, by various hands.
Containing an Account of the Surveyor-
General's late Expedition to two New
Ports, the Discovery of Moreton Bay
River . . ., a Route from Bathurst to
Liverpool Plains ; together with other
Papers on the Aborigines, the Geology,
the Botany, the Timber, the Astronomy,
and the Meteorology of New South
Wales and Van Diemen's Land. Edited
by Barron Field. Maps and plates. 8


Field, Cyrus W. Statement of some of
the Advantages attendant upon making
St John's, Newfoundland, a Port of Call
for Trans- Atlantic Steamers. Map. 8*


Field, H. M. The Barbary Coast. Map
and illustrations. 8 New York, 1893

Field, T. \V. An Essay towards an Indian
Bibliography, being a Catalogue of Books
relating to the History, &c., of the
American Indians. 8 New York, 1873

Fiennes, Celia.. Through England on a
Side-Saddle in the Time of William and
Mary, being the Diary of Celia Fiennes ;
with an Introduction by the Hon. Mrs
Griffiths. 8 1888

Fiesco, Bartolemi. See Gottfried : Ap-
pendix i.

Fife, J. G. Irrigation in Egypt. [From
the India Records, Public Works Depart-
ment, No. 21.] 8 Calcutta, 1856

Report on the Eastern Narra. [From

the India Records, No. 60.] Maps. 8
Bombay, 1861

Water Supply of Poona and Kirkee :

Plans and Estimates. [From the India

Records, No. 3, Irrigation Series.] 8

Bombay, 1866

Report on the subject of the Rainfall

in the Dekhan, and the Climatic Dis-
turbance apparent during 1861 and 1862.
[From the India Records, No. 78.] 8
Bombay, 1863

Figari Bey, Antonio. Studii Scientifici
sull' Egitto e sue Adiacenze compressa la
Penisola dell' Arabia Petrea, &c. 2 vols.
in 3. 8 Lucca, 1864-65

Figueiredo, Borges de. Homenagem a

Luciano Cordeiro. Portrait. Large 8*

Lisbon, 1887

Figuier, Bernard. See Pinto.

Figuredo, Juan de. Arte de la Lengua
Quichua (Grammar and Vocabulary).
[Imperfect.'} 12 Lima, 1700

Filipescu-Dubau, Nicu. Dictionar Geo-
graphical Judetului Dorohoiu. Intocmit
si prelucrat in forma lexiconioH de C.
Chirita. 8 Jassy, 1891



Filippi, F. de. Note di un Viaggio in
Persia nel 1862. 8 Milan, 1865

Filisola. General Vicente. Evacuation
of Texas : Translation of the Representa-
tion addressed to the Supreme Govern-
ment in Defence of his Honour, and
Explanation of his Operations as Com-
mander-in -Chief of the Army against
Texas. 8* Columbia, 1837

Fillias, Achille. Geographic de PAlgerie.

4th edition. Map ami illustrations. 12

Paris, 1884

Filon, Francois, and Alexandre Cor-
deau. Exposition Universelle de 1889 :
Avant-Projet, Construction d'une Sphere
Terrestre Monumentale a 1'Echelle de
T~5TTBiFffT> e 4 metres de circonference.
Plates. 8* Paris, 1888

Finati, Giovanni. Narrative of the Life
and Adventures of, who, under the
assumed name of Mahomet, made the
Campaigns against the Wahabees for the
Recovery of Mecca and Medina, and
since acted as Interpreter to European
Travellers in some of the parts least
visited of Asia and Africa. Translated
from the Italian, and edited by W. J.
Bankes. 2 vols. Map. 12 1830

Finch, John. Travels in the United States
of America and Canada, with some Ac-
count of their Scientific Institutions, and
Notices of the Geology and Mineralogy
of those Countries; to which is added,
an Essay on the Natural Boundaries of
Empires. 8 1833

Natural Boundaries of Empires, and
a New View of Colonisation. 12 1844

Finch, John. To South Africa and Back :
being the Narrative of a Journey through
Cape Colony, Natal, Orange Free State,
and the Transvaal, including Visits to
the Diamond and Gold Fields. Portrait
and illustrations. 12 1 890

Finch, Richard. See Purchas, Vol. 3,
Book 3 : Appendix i.

Finch, Wm. See Gottfried ; Kerr, Vol. 8 ;
Purchas, Vol. i, Book 4; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 3 : Appendix I.

Finck, H. T. The Pacific Coast Scenic
Tour from Southern California to Alaska,
the Canadian Pacific Railway, Yellow-
stone Park, and the Grand Canon. Map
and illustrations. 8 1891

Findlay, A. G. On the various Descrip-
tions of Lighthouses and Beacons, their
Construction, and the Method of Illu-
mination employed therein. 4 1847

Direciory for the Navigation of the
Pacific Ocean ; with Descriptions of its
Coasts, Islands, &c., from the Strait of
Magalhaens to the Arctic Sea, and
those of Asia and Australia, its Winds,
Currents, and other Phenomena. 2 vols.
Map. 8 1851

Findlay, A. G. Description and List of
the Lighthouses of the World. Illustra-
tions. 8 1861

Directory for the Navigation of the

South Pacific Ocean ; with Descriptions
of its Coasts, Islands, &c., from the
Strait of Magalhaens to Panama, and
those of New Zealand, Australia, &c. ;
its Winds, Currents, and Passages.
Map. 8 1863

A Directory for the Navigation of the

Indian Ocean ; with Descriptions of its
Coasts, Islands, &c. , from the Cape of
Good Hope to the Strait of Sunda and
Western Australia, including also the
Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, &c.
Maps. 8 1866

The same. 2nd edition 1870

Remarks on Dr Livingstone's Last

Journey, in Relation to the Probable
Ultimate Sources of the Nile. Map. 8*


A Sailing Directory for the Ethiopic

or South Atlantic Ocean, including the
Coasts of South America and Africa.
5th edition. Maps. 8 1867

The same. 7th edition 1871

A Sailing Directory for the Medi-
terranean Sea, including the Adriatic
Sea, Black Sea, the Archipelago, and
the Coast of Africa. Map and profiles.
8 "1868
A Directory for the Navigation of the

Indian Archipelago, China, and Japan,
from the Straits of Malacca and Sunda,
and the Passages East of Java, to Canton,
Shanghai, the Yellow Sea, and Japan,
&c. Maps. 8 1870

The same. 3rd edition 1889

A Directory for the Navigation of the
North Pacific Ocean ; with Descriptions
of its Coasts, Islands, &c., from Panama
to Behring Strait and Japan, &c. 2nd
edition. Maps. 8 1870

The same. 3rd edition 1886
A Directory for the Navigation of the

South Pacific Ocean ; with Descriptions
of its Coasts, Islands, &c. , from the
Strait of Magalhaens to Panama, and
those of New Zealand, Australia, &c.
3rd edition. Map. 8 1871

- The same. 5th edition 1884

- A Description and List of the Light-
houses of the World, 1872-73. 8 1873

- The same. 2Oth edition. Plate. 8


- See Brookes, R. ; Martin ; Purdy.
Finlay, George. Remarks on the Topo-

graphy of Oropia and Diacria. Map.
Athens, 1838
HapaTrjprja-tis CTTI TT/sev EA/^e

KOU EAAaSi Trpowrro/JiKT/s

ytas. 8* Athens, 1869



Finlayson, George. The Mission to
Siam, and Hue, the Capital of Cochin-
China, in 1821-22. From the Journal of
the late G. Finlayson ; with a Memoir
of the Author by Sir T. Stamford
Raffles. Plate. 8 1826

Finley, J. P Certain Climatic Features
of the Two Dakotas. [Bulletin of the
Weather Bureau.] Tables, charts, and
diagrams. 4 Washington, 1893

See United States, H, b (Professional

Papers, No. 4) : Appendix 2.

Finnis, John. See India, C (Geological
Papers) : Appendix i.

Finsch, Dr Otto. Neu-Guinea und seine
Bewohner. Map. 8 Bremen, 1865

Catalog der Ausstellung ethnographi-

scher und naturwissenschaftlicher Samm-
lungen. (WestSibirische Forschungsreise,
1876. See Ver. f. d. Deutsche Nord-
polarfahrt, 1876.) 8* Bremen, 1877

Reise nach West-Sibirien im Jahre

1876. Maps and plates. 8

Berlin, 1879

Bemerkungen iiber einige Eingeborne

des Atoll Ontong-Java (" Njua"). 8*
[Berlin, 1881]

Ueber seine in den Jahren 1879 bis

1882 unternommenen Reisen in der
Siiclsee. 8* Berlin, 1882

Die Rassenfrage in Oceanien. 8*

Berlin, 1882

Ueber weisse Papuas. 8*

[Berlin, 1883]

Ueber Naturprodukte der westlichen

Siidsee, besonders der deutschen Schutz-
gebiete. 8* Berlin, 1887

Samoafahrten. Reisen in Kaiser

Wilhelms-Land und Englisch-Neu-
Guinea in den Jahren 1884 u. 1885 an
bord des deutschen dampfers "Samoa."
Portrait, maps, and illustrations. 8;
Atlas, 4 Leipzig, 1888
See Lindeman ; Sommier and Giglioli.

Fiorauante, C. See Ramusio, Vol. 2 :
Appendix I.

Fiore, Giovanni. Delia Calabria Illus-
trata, opera varia Istorica ; in cui,
non solo regolatamente si descrive con
perfetta Corografia la situazione, Pro-
montori, Porti, Seni di Mare, Citta,
Castella, Fortezze, nomi delle medesime,
e lor Origine, ma anche con esatta
Cronologia si registrano i Dominant!,
1'antiche Republiche, e fatti di Armi in
esse accaduti, dagli anni del Mondo 306
fin al corrente di Cristo 1690. Vol. I.
Map. Folio Naples, 1691

Fiorini, Matteo. Le projezioni delle

Carte Geografiche. Text and Atlas. 8

Bologna, 1881

Sopra la projezione Cartografica isogo-

nica. Nota. 4* Bologna, 1882


Fiorini, Matteo. The same. Nota
Seconda. Plate. 4* Bologna, 1883

Misure linerari, superficiali ed an-

golari offerte dalle Carte Geografiche.
Florence, 1886

Le Projezioni quantitative ed equi-

valenti della Cartografia. 8* Rome, 1887

Le Projezioni Cordiformi nella Carto-
grafia. 8* Rome, 1889

Gerardo Mercatore e le sue Carte

Geografiche. 8* Rome, 1890

I globi di Gerardo Mercatore in

Italia. 8* Rome, 1890

Fischer, Andreas. Zwei Kaukasus Ex-

peditionen. Map and ilhistrations. 12

Bertie, 1891

Fischer, C. A. See Phillips [i], Vols. 3
and 5 : Appendix i.

Fischer, C. T. Untersuchungen auf clem
Gebiet der alten Lander- und Volker-
kunde. Erstes Heft. De Hannonis Car-
thaginiensis Periplo. 8 Leipzig, 1893

Fischer . See Kiepert, Dr H.

Fischer, Dr G. A. Ueber die jetzigen
Verhaltnisse im siidlichen Galla-Lande
und Wito. 8* Hamburg, 1877

Das Massai-Land (Ost-aequatorial

Afrika). Bericht liber die im Auftrage
der Geographischen Gesellschaft in Ham-
burg ausgefuhrter Reise von Pangani bis
zum Naiwascha-See. Map and illustra-
tions. 8 Hambiirg, 1885
Mehr Licht im dunkeln Weltteil.

Betrachtungen iiber die Kolonisation des
tropischen Afrika unter besonderer
Beriicksichtigung des Sansibar-Gebiets.
8 Hambiirg, 1885

Fischer, F. A. Travels in Spain in 1797
and 1798. 8 1802

Fischer, J. See Andree, Karl.

Fischer, Dr Theobald. Beitrage zur phy-
sischen Geographic der Mittelmeerlander,
besonders Sicilien. Maps. ^Leipzig, 1877
Studien iiber das Klima der Mittel-
meerlander. ( Erganzungsheft, 58
Petermann's Mittheilungen.) Maps. 4
Got ha, 1879

Die Dattelpalme. (Erganzungsheft,

64 Petermann's Mittheilungen.) Maps.
4 Got ha, 1 88 1

Beitrage zur Geschichte der Erd-

kunde und der Kartographie in Italien
im Mittelalter. Sammlung mittelalter-
licher Welt- und Seekarten Italienischen
Ursprungs und aus Italienischer Biblio-
theken und Archiven. 8 Venice, 1886

Landeskunde der drei sudeuropaischen

Halbinseln. Zweite Halfte. Maps and
illustrations. Large 8 Leipzig, 1893
See Ankel.

Fisher, Alexander. A Journal of a Voy-
age of Discovery to the Arctic Regions
in H.M. Ships " Hecla" and " Griper,"
in 1819-20. Maps. 8 1821

See Phillips [3], Vol. I : Appendix i.



Fisher, Fred. H. Cyprus, our New
Colony, and what we know about it.
Maps. 12 1878

See India, O (N.W. Provinces) : Ap-
pendix 2.

Fisher, G. Memorials of, relating to the

Expedition of General Mexia against

Tampico in 1835 ; presented to the

Congress of the Republic of Texas. 8*

Houston, Texas, 1840

Fisher, Rev. Osmond. Physics of the
Earth's Crust. 8 1881

The same. 2nd edition. Frontis-
piece. 1889

Fisher, R. See Hakluyt, Vol. 3 : Ap-
pendix i.

Fiske, John. The Discovery of America ;
with some Account of Ancient America
and the Spanish Conquest. 2 vols.
Portrait, maps, &c. Crown 8 1892

Fitch, Asa. The most Pernicious Species
of United States Insects and the Cur-
culio. 8* Albany, N. Y., 1860

Fitch, Ralph. See Gottfried; Hakluyt,
Vol. 2 ; Pinkerton, Vol. 9 ; Purchas,
Vol. 2, Book 10 : Appendix I.

Fitton, W. H - A geological Sketch of
the Vicinity of Hastings. Plate. 1 2

Fitzalan, Eugene. See Mueller.

Fitzclarence, Colonel. Journal of a
Route across India, through Egypt, to
England, in the latter end of the year
1817 and the beginning of 1818. Maps
and plates. 4 1819

See Phillips [3], Vol. I : Appendix I.

Fitzgerald, C. The Gambia, and its
proposed Cession to France. Map. 8*


Fitzgerald, J. E. An Examination of the
Charter and Proceedings of the Hud-
son's Bay Company with reference to
the grant of Vancouver's Island. Map.
12 1847

Fitzgerald, W. W. A. Report on the
Native Cultivation, Products, and Capa-
bilities of the Coast Lands of the Melindi
District. 4* [1891]

Report on the Spice and other Culti-
vation of Zanzibar and Pemba Islands.
8* 1892

Fitzherbert, Captain Humphrey. See
Purchas, Vol. I, Book 5 : Appendix i.

Fitz-James, Capt. James. The Last
Journals of, of the Lost Polar Expedi-
tion. Edited by W. Coningham. 8

Brighton. N.D.

Fitzmaurice, Hon. W. E. Cruise to
Egypt, Palestine, and Greece. Plates.
4 1834

Fitz- Patrick, T. An Autumn Cruise in
the /Egean ; or, Notes of a Voyage
in a Sailing Yacht. Maps, plan, and
illustrations. Crown 8 1886

Fitzroy, Admiral Robert. Narrative of
the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty's
Ships "Adventure" and "Beagle."
See King, P. P.

Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S.

"Beagle" during the years 1832 to
1836. Edited by Charles Darwin.
[Fossil Mammalia, by R. Owen ; Mam-
malia, by G. R. Waterhouse ; Birds, by
J. Gould ; Fish, by Leonard Jenyns ;
Reptiles, by Thos. Bell.] 3 vols.
Coloured plates. 4 1840-43

Sailing Directions for South America.

Part 2 : La Plata, Patagonia, Falkland
and Staten Islands, Chile, Bolivia, and
Peru. 8 1848

Further Considerations on the Great

Isthmus of Central America. Map. 8*

. [1853]

Swinging Ship for Deviation. 2

editions. 8* 1857-59

Meteorological Papers compiled by

Authority of the Board of Trade. See
United Kingdom, B : Appendix 2.

Report of the Meteorological Depart-
ment of the Board of Trade, 1855, '57,
'58, '62. 4 parts. 8 1857-62

Great Circle Sailing. 12 1858

Report of the Meteorological Depart-
ment of the Board of Trade, 1858. 8


Barometer and Weather Guide. 1859

and 1861. 2 editions. 8* 1859-61

Notes on Meteorology. 8 1859

Passage Table and General Sailing

Directions. 8 1859

Barometer Manual. 8 1861

Brief Sketch of the Scientific Cart-er

of the late. By Sir R. I. Murchison. 8*


Flacourt, E. de. Histoire dc la grande
Isle de Madagascar. 2 parts. 4

Paris, 1758

Flagg, Edmund. Report of the Com-
mercial Relations of the United States.
4 vols. 4 Washington, 1856

Flahault, C. Nordenskiold, Notice sur
sa vie et ses Voyages. Map and portrait.
8 Paris, 1 880

Flamsteed, John. See Baily, Francis.

Flawes, Capt. W. See "Voyages,"
p. 597 : Appendix I.

Fleetwood, Edward. See Dalrymple,
Repertory, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Flegel, E. Vom Niger-Beniie ; Briefe aus
Afrika. Herausgegeben von Karl Flegel.
8 Leipzig, 1890

Fleischmann, C. L. Memorial of, in

Relation to the Smithsonian Legacy. 8*

Washington, 1839

Fleming, A. See India, C (Geological
Papers) : Appendix 2.

Fleming and Tibbins. See Dictionaries
(French), General : Appendix 2.



Fleming, Francis. Southern Africa : a
Geography and Natural History of the
Country, Colonies, and Inhabitants,
from the Cape of Good Hope to
Angola. Map. 8 1856

Fleming, George. Travels on Horseback
in Mantchu Tartary : being a Summer's
Ride beyond the Great Wall of China.
Map and plates. 8 1863

Fleming, Sandford. Short Sunday Service
for Travelling Parties. 16 Montreal, 1877

Report on Surveys and Preliminary

Operations on the Canadian Pacific
Railway up to January 1877. Map.
8 Ottawa, 1877

Canadian Pacific Railway : Reports

and Documents in reference to the
Location of the Line and a western
Terminal Harbour. Maps. 8

Ottawa, 1878

Report in reference to the Canadian
Pacific Railroad. Map. 8 Ottawa, 1879

Report and Documents in reference

to the Canadian Pacific Railway, 1880.
Maps. 8 Ottawa, 1880

Papers on Time-Reckoning and the

Selection of a Prime Meridian to be
Common to all Nations. Diagrams.
8* Toronto, 1879

England and Canada : a Summer

Tour between Old and New West-
minster, with Historical Notes. Map.
Crown 8 1884

Universal or Cosmic Time ; together

with other Papers, &c., in the possession
of the Canadian Institute respecting the
Movement for reforming the Time-
System of the World, &c. (From Proc.
Can. Inst.) Plate. 8* Toronto, 1885

Time- Reckoning for the Twentieth

Century. From the Smithsonian Re-
port for 1886. 8* Washington, 1889

Flemyng, Francis P. Mauritius, or
the Isle of France : being an Account of
the Island, its History, &c. Map and
plates. 1 6 1862

Fletcher, Giles. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ.,
Vol. 20; Purchas, Vol. 3 : Appendix i.

Fletcher, J. C, and D. P. Kidder.
Brazil and the Brazilians portrayed in
Historical and Descriptive Sketches.
9th edition. Map and plates. 8 1879

Fletcher, Rev. J. P. Notes from Nineveh,
and Travels in Mesopotamia, Assyria,

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