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Andersson, Charles John. A Journey to
Lake 'Ngami. 12* 1854

Lake 'Ngami, or Explorations and

Discoveries during Four Years Warder-
ings in the Wilds of South - Western
Africa. Map and plates. Royal 8 1856

The Okavango River : a Narrative
of Travel, Exploration, and Adventure.
Plates. 8 1 86 1

Notes of Travel in South Africa.
(Edited by L. Lloyd.) Plate. 8 1875

Andersson, N. J. See Virgin.

Andia y Varela, Jose de. See Recueil de
Voyages, Vol. 4, p. 611 : Appendix I.

Andrada, J. Paiva de. Manica. Map.
8* 1891

Andrade, F. d'. Mt-moires sur les con-
naissances scientifique de Don loam de
Castro. 8* Paris, N.n.

Andrade, J. I. Memoria dos Feitos
Macaenses contra los Piratas da China,
e da entrada violenta dos Inglezes na
Cidade de Macao. 12 Lisbon, 1835

Andrade, Jeronimo Jose Nogueira d'.
DescripcaS do estado, em que ficavao os
Negocios da Capitania de Mossambique
nos fins de Novembro de 1789; com
algumas Observa9oens e Reflexoens sobre
os mesmos Negocios e sobre as causas da
Decadencia do Commercio e dos Estal'il-
ecimentos Portuguezas na Costa Oriental
d'Afiica, escripta no anno de 1790.
MS. 4

Andrae, C. G. Den Danske Gradmaaling.
Vols. I to 4. 4 Copenhagen, 1872-84

Problemes de haute Geodesic. 4*

Copenhagen, N.D.

i er Cahier : Formation et Calcul des
Triangles geodesiques.

2 e Cahier : Calcul des Latitudes, des
Longitudes, et des Azimuts sur le Spher-
oi'de. 1882

3 e Cahier : Determination du Spher-
oi'de Terrestre par la Combinaison des
Mesures Geodesiques avec les Observa-
tions Astronomiques. Plate 1883
Andreas, F. C. See Stolze.
Andree, Karl. Geographic des Welt-
handels : mit geschichtlichen Erlauter -
ungen. Erster Band, zweite Auflage.
Durchgesehen und erganzt von Richard
Andree. Portrait. 8 Stuttgart, 1877

ZweiterBand. Die aussereuropaischen
Erdtheile. 8 Stuttgart, 1872

- DritterBand. Europa,bearbeitet von
II. Glogau, T. Minoprio, Lorenz Brauer,
M. Haushofer, Jos. Fischer: erstellalfte,
eMer Theil. 8 Stuttgart, 1877

DritterBand. Europa, zweite Halfte,

bearbcitet von Dr Max Haushofer. 8

Stuttgart, 1877

Andree, Richard. Ethnographische Paral-
lelen und Vergleiche. Plates. 8

Stuttgart, 1878

and E. Deckert. llandels- und
Verkehrs- Geographic. Lehrbuch fiir
Handelsschulen und verwandte Lehr-
anstalten. Bearbeitet von Emil Deckert.
Zugleich zweite Auflage von Richard
Andree's Handels- und Verkehrs- Geo-
graphic. 8 Stuttgart, 1882

Andreossy, Comte. Voyage a 1'em-
bouchure de la Mer-Noire, ou Essai sur
la Bosphore. 8 Paris, 1818

Andrew, John A. Address to the Two
Branches of the Legislature of Massa-
chusetts, 8th January 1864; together
with accompanying Documents. 8*

Boston, Mass., 1864

Andrew, Sir W. P. The Scinde Railway
and its Relations to the Euphrates Valley
and other Routes to India. Maps. 8*


- Memoir on the Euphrates Valley
Route to India, with Official Corres-
pondence. Maps. 8 J 857

- The Indus and its Provinces, their
Political and Commercial Importance
considered in connection with Improved
Means of Communication. Maps. 8


- Port of Kurrachee : Depth of Water,
and Commerce, 1856-57. Map. 8* 1857

- The Punjaub Railway : a Selection
from Official Correspondence regarding
the Introduction of Railways into the
Punjaub. Map. 8* 1857



Andrew, Sir W. P. Letter to Sir Stafford
H. Northcote on the Euphrates Valley-
Railway. Folio * 1867

On the Completion of the Railway

System of the Valley of the Indus. A
Letter to His Grace the Duke of Argyll.
Maps. 8* 1869

The Euphrates Route to India.

Letters Addressed to the British and
Turkish Governments, &c. 8* 1871

The Euphrates Valley Route to India

in connection with the Central Asian
Question. Map. 8* 1873

- The Bolan and Khyber Railways.
Reprinted from the Times. With a
Memorandum by Sir Henry Green on
Portable Railways in Military Opera-
tions. Small 8* 1879

Euphrates Valley Route to India.

Map. Large 8* 1880

Our Scientific Frontier. Map. 8


Andrews, Capt. Journey from Buenos
Ayres through the Provinces of Cordova,
Tucuman, and Salta to Potosi, thence
by the Deserts of Caranja to Arica, and
to Santiago de Chili and Coquimbo.
2 vols. 8 1827

Andrews, C. C. Brazil, its Condition
and Prospects. 8 New York, 1887

Andrews, John. Historical Atlas of Eng-
land, Physical, Political, Astronomical,
Civil and Ecclesiastical, Biographical,
Naval, Parliamentary, and Geographical,
Ancient and Modern, from the Deluge
to the Present Time. [Imperfect, and no
maps.] 4 1797

See Dalrymple, Oriental Repertory,

Vol. 2: Appendix I.

Andrews, J. R. Life of Oliver Crom-
well, to the Death of Charles the First.
8 1870

Andrews, W. H. C. A Pamphlet and
Map of Southern Morocco; or, " Siis "
and the " Ait Bon Amaran." 8* 1884

Andros, A. C. Pen and Pencil Sketches
of a Holiday Scamper in Spain. Map
and plates. 8 1860

Angas, George French. Australia : a
Popular Account of its Physical Features,
Inhabitants, Natural History, and Produc-
tions, with the History of its Colonisa-
tion. Map. 8 N. D.

Polynesia : a Popular Description ot

the Physical Features, Inhabitants,
Natural History, and Productions of the
Islands of the Pacific ; with an Account
of their Discovery, and of the Progress
of Civilisation and Christianity amongst
them. Map. 8" [1866]

Angel, Manuel Uribe. Geografia
General y Compendio Historico del
Estado de Antioquia en Colombia.
Maps and plates. Large 8 Paris, 1885

Angelis, Pedro de. Biographia del
Seiior General Arenales y Juicio sobre
la memoria historica de su segunda
Campafia a la Sierra del Peru en 1821.
Maps. 8 Buenos Ayres, 1832

Coleccion de Obras y Documentos

relatives a la Historia, Antigua y
Moderna, de las Provincias del Rio de
la Plata. 6 vols. Folio

Buenos Ayres, 1836-37
For Contents, see Appendix i.

Historical Sketch of Pepys' Island, in

the South Pacific Ocean. Plate. 8*

Buenos Ayres, 1842

Memoria Historica sobre los Derechos

de Soberania y Dominio de la Con-
federacion Argentina a la Parte Austral
del Continente Americano, comprendida
entre las Costas del Oceano Atlantico y
la Gran Cordillera de los Andes, desde
la Boca del Rio de la Plata, hasta el
Cabo de Hornos, inclusa la Isla de los
Estados, la Tierra del Fuego, y el
Estrecho de Magellanes en toda su
extension. Royal 8* Buenos Ayres, 1852
See Parish.

Angelo, M. See Astley, Vol. 3; Churchill,
Vol. i; Pinkerton, Vol. 16; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 4: Appendix I.

Angelos, Chr. See Purchas, Vol. i,Book
i : Appendix i.

Angiolello, G. M. See Ramusio, Vol. 2 :
Appendix I.

Ankel, Otto. Grundziige der Landesnatur
des Westjordanlandes. Entwurf einer
Monographic des Westjordanischen
Paliistina, mit einem Vorworte von Prnf.
Dr Th. Fischer. 8 Frankfort, 1887

Annandale, Charles. Scotland in Pre-
historic Times : a Brief Summary of
what is known regarding the Country
and its Inhabitants in times anterior
to the Roman Invasion. Illustrations.
Large 8* 1892

Annenkoff, Lieut. -Gen. M. N. See
H eyfelder.

Anrique, R. Nicolas. Diario del Coman-
dante Benjamin Muiioz Gamero a los
lagos de Llanquihue, Todos-Santos, y
Nahuelhuapi en 1849 ; con una intro-
duccion biografica. 8* Valparaiso, 1893
See Beranger.

Anselmi, T. Grande e Complete Trat-
tato di Pronunzia Inglese. Small 8

Naples, 1867

Anson, George, Lord. An Authentic
Account of his Expedition, &c. 8 1744
- Voyage Round the World, 1704-44,
compiled from Papers and other Materials
of Lord Anson, and published under his
direction by Richard Walter, Chaplain
of H. M.S. "Centurion." Plates. 2
vols. 4 1748

Life of. By Sir John Barrow. Por-
trait. 8" 1839


Anson, George, Lord. See Burney, Vol.

5 ; Callander, Vol. 3; Harris, Vol. I ;

Kerr, Vol. 11 ; World Displayed, Vol. 7 ;

New Collection, Vol. 3 ; Laharpe, Vol.

15 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 18 :

Appendix i.
Ansted, D. T. Physical Geography.

4th edition. Maps. 12 1870

and Robert Gordon Latham. The
Channel Islands ; with Illustrations by
P. J. Naftel. 8 1862

"Antelope." Narrative of the Shipwreck
of the " Antelope," East India pacquet,
on the Pelew Islands, situated on the
Western Part of the Pacific Ocean, in
August 1783. Plates. 12 Perth, 1788

Anthony of Armenia. See Haitho.

Antillon, Don Isidore. Geographic Phy-
sique et Politique de 1'Espagne et du
Portugal. 8 Paris, 1823

Antinori, Orazio. Sopra alcuni resti di
Citta antiche tuttora esistenti in Tunisia
nella Provincia del Fas-el-Riah. Due
lettere. See Gubernatus, E. de : Lettere
sulle Tunisia, &c. 16 Florence, 1867

See Petermann and Hassenstein ;

Inner Afrika, No. 10.

Antipow, Q. See Baer and Helmersen,
Vol. 22.

Antonelli. See Italy, A : Appendix 2.

Antonescu-Remusi, P. S. Dictionar
Geografic al Judetului Vlasca. 8

Bucharest, 1891

Anuchin, D. N. Contributions to the
1 1 istory of theKnowledge of Siberia before
Yennak. [In Russian.] 4 Moscow, 1890

Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'.
Proposition d'une Mesure de la Terre,
dont il resulte une diminution considerable
dans sa circonference sur les Paralleles.
Map. 12 Paris, 1735

Eclaircissemens geographiques sur la

Carte de 1'Inde. 4* Parts, 1753

A Geographical Illustration of the
Map of India. Translated from the French
of Mons. d' Anville . . ; with some Ex-
planatory Notes and Remarks by William
Herbert. Map. 4 1759

Index ad Specimen Geographicum

(to facilitate reference to d'Anville's Map
of Ancient Greece). 4 1762

Considerations generales sur 1'etudeet
les connoissances que demande la com-
position des ouvrages de Geographic.
Small 8 Paris, 1777

Dissertation sur les Sources du Nil,
pour prouver qu'on ne les a point encore
decouvertes. 4* [Paris, N.D.]

Memoire concernant les Rivieres de
1'interieur de 1'Afrique, sur les notions
tirees des Anciens et des Modernes. 4*

[Paris, N.D.]

Memoire sur les mesures du Schene
Egyptien et du Stade qui servoit a le
composer. 4* [Paris, N.D.]

Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'.

Discussion de la mesure de la Terre
par Eratosthene. 4* [Paris, N.D.]

L'Euphrate et le Tigre. Map. 4*

Paris, 1779

Notices des Ouvrages de, precedees

de son Eloge par M. Dacier. 8*

Paris, 1802

Compendium of Ancient Geography.

Translated from the French, with Pro-
legomena and Notes by the Translator.
Maps. 2 vols. 8 1810

CEuvres. Publiees par M. de Manne.

Portrait and map. 2 vols. 4

Paris, 1834

Vol. I. Connoissances Geographiques
Generales : Traite et Memoires sur les
Mesures Anciennes et Modernes : avec
Table Analytique des Matieres, et
cartes qui s'y rapportent.

Vol. 2. Memoire et Abrege de Geo-
graphic Ancienne et Generate, avec
Table et Nomenclature des Noms
de Lieux Anciens et Denominations
Modernes correspondantes, suivis des
cartes qui s'y rapportent.

Aoust, Virlet d'. Coup d'ceil general
sur la Topographic et la Geologic du
Mexique et 1'Amerique Centrale. 8*

Paris, 1865
- Les Origines du Nil. 8* Paris, 1872

Apel, F. H. Drei Monate in Abyssinien
und Gefangenschaft unter Konig Theo-
dorus II. 8* Zurich, 1866

Apianus, Petrus, and Gemma Frisius.
Cosmographia, sive Descriptio Universi
Orbis ; adjecti sunt alii, turn Gemma.'
Frisii, turn aliorum Auctorum ejus ar-
gumenti Tractatus ac Libelli varii,
quorum seriem versa pagina demonstrat.
Woodcuts and diagrams, some movable.
Small folio. Antwerp, 1 584

Apollonius Rhodius, The Argonautics of.

By Francis Fawkes. Frontispiece. 8

Apostolides, S. Our Lord's Prayer, in

One Hundred different Languages, &c.

12 [1869]

Appell, J. W. Monuments of Early
Christian Art. Sculptures and Cata-
comb Paintings. Illustrative Notes,
collected in order to promote the repro-
duction of remains of Art belonging to
the early centuries of the Christian Era.
8 1872

Appleton's General Guide to the United
States and Canada. Illustrated with
Railway Maps, Plans of Cities, and
Table of Railway and Steamboat Fares.
12 Edinburgh, 1892

See Conkling.


Appun, Carl Ferdinand. Unter den
Tropen : Wanclerungen clurch Venezuela,
am Orinoco, durch Britisch Guyana and
am Amazonenstrome in den Jahren 1849-
68. 2 vols. Plates. 8 Jena, 1871

Aragao, A. C. T. de. Breve Noticia
sobre o Descobrimento da America.
Large 8* Lisbon, 1892

Arago, M. F. Instructions relatives au
Voyage de Circumnavigation de la
Bonite. 4 Paris, 1835

Lettre a M. A. de Humboldt, sur les
Precis d'Astronomie de M. de Ponte-
coulant, et 1'Academie des Sciences. 8*
Paris, 1840

Arago, J. Promenade autour du Monde
pendant 1817-20, sur les corvettes
1'Uranie et la Physicienne, commandees
par M. Freycinet. 2 vols. 8 Paris, 1822

Aramayo, A. Extracts from a Work
on Bolivia by Avelino Aramayo, pub-
lished in London in 1863. 8* 1874

Aramon, D'. Le Voyage de Monsieur
D'Aramon, Ambassadeur pour le Roy en
Levant. Escript par Noble Horn me
Jean Chesneau, public et annote par Ch.
Schefer. (Recueil de Voyages et de
Documents pour servir a 1'Histoire de la
Geographic. . . . Public sous la direction
de Ch. Schefer et H. Cordier.) Vol. 8.
Illustrations. Large 8 Paris, 1887

Arana, D. B. Historia de la Guerra del
Pacirico (1879-80). Maps. 8

Santiago, 1880

The same. Tomo II. (1880-81).

Map and plan. 8" Santiago, 1881

Vida e Viagens de Fernao de Magal-

haes. Traduccao de Hespanhol de

Fernando de Magalhaes Villas - Boas.

Com um Appendice original. Map. 8

Lisbon, 1881

Aranha, Brito. Subsidies para a Historia
do Jornalismo nas Provincias ultramarinas
Portuguezas. 8 Lisbon, 1885

Aranzadi, Telesforo de. Ateneo de
Madrid : Fauna Americana. 4

Madrid, 1892
Arata, P. See Peragallo.

Araujo Porto Alegre, Manoel de. Co-
lombo : Poema. Large 8

Rio de Janeiro, 1892

Arber, Edward. See Howell, J.

Arbousset, Thomas, and F. Daumas.

Relation d'un Voyage d'exploration au

Nord-est de la Colonie du Capde Bonne-

Esperance en 1836. Map and plates.

Paris, 1842

Narrative of an Exploratory Tour to
the North-east of the Colony of the Cape
of Good Hope. Translated by John
Croumbie Brown. 8 Cape Town, 1846

Arbuthnot, Alex. J. Papers relating to
Public Instruction, comprising a Memo-
randum of the Proceedings of the Madras
Government in the Department of Public
Instruction ; with an Appendix. [From
the India Records, No. 2.] Royal 8

Madras, 1855

Report on Public Instruction in the

Madras Presidency for 1855-56. [From
the India Selections, No. 35.] Tables.
Royal 8 Madras, 1856

Arbuthnot, Lieut. G. Herzegovina, or
Omer Pasha and the Christian Rebels ;
with a Brief Account of Servia, its Social,
Political, and Financial Condition. Maps
and plates. 8 1862

Archbell, James. Grammar of the Bech-
uana Language. 8 Grahamstown, 1837

Archer, Gabriel. See Purchas, Vol. 4,
Book 9 : Appendix I.

Archer, Lieut. Joseph. Statistical Sur-
vey of the County of Dublin, with Obser-
vations on the Means of Improvement.
Map. 8 Dublin, 1801

Archer, Major. Tours in Upper India, and
in Parts of the Himalaya Mountains. 2
vols. 8 1833

Archer, W. H. Statistical Notes on the
Progress of Victoria from the Foundation
of the Colony, 1835-60. First Series.
4 Melbourne, 1861

Statistical Register of Victoria, from

the Foundation of the Colony ; with an
Astronomical Calendar for 1855. 8

Melbourne, 1854

See Victoria, C : Appendix 2.

Archer, Hon. W. See Whiting.
Archer, W. J. Report of a Journey in

the Vice-Consular District of Chiengmai,
Siam. Maps. Folio* 1888

Extracts from a Journal kept on a

Visit to Chiengtung in May and June
1888. Map. Folio* 1889

Report on a Journey in the Me-Kong

Valley. Map. Folio* 1892

Archer, William. See Nansen.

Archiac, Viscount d'. See Sedgwick
and Murchison ; Tchihatchef.

Archibald, E. D. See Symons.

Arconati, Viscount G. Diario di un
Viaggio in Arabia Petrea (1865)^. 4.
Maps and photographs. Atlas. 4

Turin, 1872

Ardoino, A. See Cabeza de Vaca.

Ardouin, B. Etudes sur 1'Histoire d'Haiti,
suivies de la Vie du General^ J. M.
Borgella. 2 vols. Portrait. 8

Paris, 1853

Arenales, General. Biografia, y Juicio

sobre la Memoria Historica de su

scgunda campana a la Sierra del Peru en

1821. Por P. de Angelis. Maps. 8

Buenos Ay res, 1832


Arendarenko, . Darwaz and Karate-
ghin. [Russian Abstract.] From the
Russian Military Journal, for November
and December 1883. 4* 1884

Argal (or Argoll), Sir Samuel. See
Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 9 : Appendix i.

Argout, Maurice d'. See Rees.

Argovie, J. Muller d'. See France, B :

Appendix 2.
"Ariel." See Glen.

Arias, Don F. G. See Angelis, Vol. 6 :
Appendix I.

Arias, Juan Luis. Sec Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 25 : Appendix I.

Aristotle, The Life and Writings of. By
P^rederick A. Trendelenburg ; trans-
lated from the German by G. Long. 8


Armas, Juan Ignacio de. Les Cranes
dits deformes : Memoire lu en Espagnol
a la Societe Anthropologique de la
Havane, le i er Novembre 1885. 8*

Havana, 1885

Armenio, R. A Liberta5ao des Ra$as de
Cor por uma revolu^ao na applica^ao das
Machinas a Vapor. Relatorio das Con-
ferenias Scientificas pelo rapido atraves-
sador dos Desertos e das Savanas. 8

Rio de Janeiro, 1873

Armentia, Padre Nicolas. Biblioteca
Boliviana de Geografia e Historia. I.
Navegacion del Madre de Dios. Map.
8 La Paz, 1887

See Ballivian.

Arminjon, V. F. II Giappone e il Viaggio
della corvetta "Magenta" nel 1866.
Map. 8 Genoa, 1869

Armit, R. H. The Wind in his Circuits ;
with the Explanation of the Origin and
Cause of Circular Storms and Equinoctial
Gales. Diagrams and chart. 8" 1870
Light as a Motive Power : a Series
of Meteorological Essays. Vol I. Plates.
8 1875

The History of New Guinea and the

Origin of the Negroid Race : a Resume
of Past Exploration, Future Capabilities,
and the Political, Commercial, and
Moral Aspect of the Island. 8* 1876

Armit, Capt. W. E. Armit's Expedition
into New Guinea. (Cuttings from the
Melbourne Argus.} Maps. 4* 1883

Armstrong, Alex. Personal Narrative of
the Discovery of the North- West Passage,
with Incidents of Travel and Adventure
during nearly Five Years' Service in the
Arctic Regions, while in Search of the
Expedition under Sir John Franklin.
Map and plate. 8 1857

Armstrong, A. Shantung (China) : a
General Outline of the Geography and
History of the Province, &c. Map and
illustration. Small 4 Shanghai, 1891

Armstrong, James, John Young, and
David Robertson. Catalogue of the
Western Scottish Fossils ; with Intro-
duction by Professor Young. Compiled
for the British Association Meeting,
1876. 12 Glasgow, 1876

Armstrong, John, R.E. History of the
Island of Minorca. Map and plates. 8"


Arnaud, d'. Documents et Observa-
tions sur le Cours du Bahr-el-Abiad, ou
du Fleuve Blanc, et sur quelques autres
points de Geographic. Map. 8*

Paris, 1843

- See Jomard.

Arnold, Arthur. Through Persia by Cara-
van. 2 vols. 8 1877

Arnold, E. Sec Nicholls, K.

Arnold, Sir Edwin. Seas and Lands
[Travels]. 2nd edition. Illustrations.
8 1891

Arnold, R. Arthur. From the Levant,
the Black Sea, and the Danube. 2 vols.
8 1868

Arnold, Dr Thomas. History of Rome.
Vol. 2. 8 1840

- The Second Punic War : being
Chapters of the History of Rome.
Edited by William T. Arnold. Maps.
Crown 8 1886

Arnold, Mrs William. See Lebon and

Arnot, F. S. From the Zambesi to
Benguella. Extracts from the Diary and
Letters of Frederick Stanley Arnot,
1884. Map. 16* Glasgow [1885]

- - Among the Garenganze in Central
Africa : being the Diary and Letters of
Fred. Stanley Arnot, from March to Sep-
tember 1886. Map and illustration.
12* [1887]

- Garenganze, No. 2. Six Months more
Among the Garenganze : Letters from
September 1886 to March 1887 of Fred.
Stanley Arnot. Map and illustration.
12* [1887]

- Garenganze, or Seven Years' Pioneer
Mission Work in Central Africa. Maps

and illustrations. 8

- Bihe and Garenganze, or Four
Years' Further Work and Travel in
Central Africa. 8 [1893]

Arnot, Sandford. See Asia, General :
Appendix 2.

Arnott, F. S. Report on the Hill Fort
of Powagur, in the Rewa Kanta, pre-
pared June 1838. [From the India
Records, No. 23.] Royal 8

Bombay, 1856


Arrian. Expeditionis Alexandri libri
septem, et Historia Indica, ex Bonav.
Vulcanii Interpretatione Latina, post
variam aliorum industriam, ita lacunis
vel cognitis vel ignotis etiamnum et
obscuris supj>letis, ita Auctoris in Grsecse
Lingure native usu pnestantia et facultate
restituta ex plurium Manuscriptorum et
pisesertim unius optimi collatione, ut
nunc demun prodire hie autor videri
debeat, opera J. Gronovii. (Gr. et.
Lat.) Portrait. Folio Leyden, 1704

History of Alexander's Expedition.
Translated by Rooke. To which is pre-
fixed Mr Leclerc's Criticism upon Quintus
Curtius. Map. 2 vols. 8 1729

Voyage round the Euxine Sea.
Translated by W. and T. Falconer.
Maps and plates. 4 Oxford, 1805

See Ramusio, Vols. i, 2 ; Vincent,
Vol. I : Appendix i.

Arriens, N. A. T. Aanteekeningen om-
trent eenige vulkanen van den Indischen
Archipel. Map. 8* [Batavia, 1865]

Arrow, Sir Frederick. A Fortnight in
Egypt at the Opening of the Suez Canal.
Map. 8* 1869

Arroyo, Jose Miguel. Resena de los
trabajos cientificos de la Sociedad Mexi-
cana de Geografia y Estadistica en el
ano de 1865. [Sep. Cop. from Bol.
Soc. Mex. Geogr. y Estad., Tom. 12,
No. i.] Large 8* Mexico, 1865

Artaria. 6V<?Grissinger.

Arteche, Jose Gomez de. Geografia
Historico-Militar de Espana y Portugal.
2nd edition. 8 Madrid, 1859

Arthur, G. See Portugal, B : Appen-
dix 2.

Arthur, King. See Hakluyt, Vol. i :
Appendix i.

Arthur, William. What is Fiji? The
Sovereignty of which is offered to Her
Majesty. 8* 1859

Artieda. See Allgemeine Historic, Vol.
1 6 : Appendix i.

Arundel, Earl of. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 :
Appendix i.

Arundell, Rev. F. V. J. A Visit to the
Seven Churches of Asia, with an Excur-
sion into Pisidia, containing Remarks on
the Geography and Antiquities of those
Countries. Map and inscriptions. 8


Discoveries in Asia Minor, including

a Description of the Ruins of several
Ancient Cities, and especially Antioch of
Pisidia. Map and plates . 2 vols. 8 1834

Arve, Stephen d'. Les Fastes du Mont
Blanc. Ascensions celebres et Cata-
strophes depuis M. de Saussure jusqu'a
nos jours. Small 8" Geneva, 1876

Arzruni, Dr A. See Poljakow.

Arzruni, K. Die okonomische Lage der
Armenier in der Tiirkei. 8*

St Petersburg, 1879

Asbjornsen, P. C. See Sars, M.

Asboth, Johann von. Bosnien und die
Herzegowina. Reisebilder und Studien.
Maps and illustrations. 4 Vienna, 1888
An Official Tour through Bosnia
and Herzegovina, with an Account
of the History, Antiquities, Agrarian
Conditions, Religion, Ethnology, Folk-
Lore, and Social Life of the People.
Illustrations. Large 8 1890

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2 vols. Illustrations, including coloured
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Ashbee, H. S. A Bibliography of Tunisia,
from the Earliest Times to the End of
1888 (in two parts), including Utica and
Carthage, the Punic Wars, the Roman
Occupation, the Arab Conquest, the
Expeditions of Louis IX. and Charles
V., and the French Protectorate. Map.
Large 8 1889

See Graham, Alexander.

Ashby H. See Hodgkin.

Ashburner, Charles A. The Geologic
Distribution of Natural Gas in the
United States. Map and sections. 8
[St Louis, 1886]

Ashe, R. P. Two Kings of Uganda ; or,
Life by the Shores of Victoria Nyanza :
being an Account of a Residence of Six
Years in Eastern Equatorial Africa.
Map and illustrations. 8 1889

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Appendix I.

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Collection of Voyages and Travels
edited and published by Levinus Hulsius
and his Successors, from 1598 to 1660.

4 i839

Ashmun, Jehudi, late Colonial Agent in

Liberia, Life of ; with Extracts from

his Journal and other Writings ; and a

Sketch of the Life of the Rev. Lott Gary.

Portrait. 8 New York, 1835
The Liberia Farmer, or Colonist's

Guide to Independence and Domestic

Comfort. 8* Philadelphia, 1835

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8 Kenipten, 1829

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Montes Sudetos facto anno 1788. 4

iril/enbcrg, 1789
Assmann, R. See Germany, C., Forschun-

gen, &c. , Vol. I. : Appendix 2.
Asta-Buruaga, F. S. Diccionaiio Jeo-

grafico de la Kepublica de Chile.

Portrait. 8 New York, 1867



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Upper Armenia. [In Russian.] 8*

Tiflis, 1874

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