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and Syria. 2 vols. 8 1850

Fletcher, Price. Queensland, its Re-
sources and Institutions . . . Edited by
Price Fletcher. Map. 8 1886

Fletcher- Vane, F. P. See Butler, G. G.

Fleurieu, Charles Pierre Claret, Comte
de. Voyage fait par Ordre clu Roi en
1768-69, a differentes parties du Monde,
pour eprouver en Mer les Horloges
Marines inventees par M. F. Berthoud.
2 vols. Maps. 4 Paris, 1773

Fleurieu, Charles Pierre Claret, Comte
de. Discoveriesof the French in I768and
1769, to the South-east of New Guinea,
with the Subsequent Visits to the same
Lands by English Navigators, who gave
them new names ; to which is Prefixed
an Historical Abridgement of the
Voyages and Discoveries of the Spaniards
in the same Seas. Translated from the
French. Charts and plates. 4 1791

A Voyage round the World, per-

formed during the years
Etienne Marchand. . . .
from the French. 2 vols.
See Marchand.

1790-92, by
4 1801

Fleury, A. A. de Padua. Explora9ao
do Rio Ivahy. 4* Rio de Janeiro [1864]

Flicke, Capt. Robert. See Astley, Vol.
i ; Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ; Kerr, Vol. 7 ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. I : Ap-
pendix i.

Flinders, Capt. Matthew. Observations
on the Coasts of Van Diemen's Land, on
Bass's Strait and its Islands, and on part
of the Coasts of New South Wales. 4


Voyage to Terra Australis, under-
taken for the purpose of completing the
Discovery of that vast Continent, in
1801-3, m H.M.S. "Investigator," and
subsequently in the "Porpoise" and
"Cumberland " ; with an Account of the
Shipwreck of the "Porpoise," arrival of
the "Cumberland" at Mauritius, and
Imprisonment of the Commander during
six years and a half in that island.
3 vols. Atlas and plates. 4 1814

See Eyries, Vol. 4: Appendix I.

Flinn, D. Edgar. Ireland, its Health-

Resorts and Watering- Places ; with Maps
showing Distribution of Temperature and
Rainfall throughout Ireland. Frontis-
piece. 8 1888

Flint, Timothy. History and Geography
of the Mississippi Valley, with a con-
densed Physical Geography of the
Atlantic, United States, &c. 2 vols. in
i. 8 Cincinnati, 1832

" Florence," Cruise of the. See Tyson,

Flores Arenas, F. Obras Escogidas. I.
Obras Poeticas. 8 Cadiz, 1878

Florianus, . Chronica Minora (His-
torise Hungaricrc Fontes Domestici,
Vol. 4.) 4 Budapest, 1885

Florio-Sartori, Florindo. The Island of

Caprera and the Hero of the Two

Worlds : a Geographical and Historical

Account. Map and illustrations. 12

Naples, 1888

L'Isola di Caprera e 1'Eroe dei due

Mondi : Cenni Geografici e Storici.
Map and illustrations. 8 Naples, 1888



Floris, P. W. See Gottfried ; Astley,
Vol. I ; Purchas, Vol. I, Book 3;
Thevenot, Vol. I : Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 10 : Appendix I.

Flotte D'Argencon, Comte Magloire
de. Nouveau Portulan de la Mediter-
ranee, ou Guide complet du Pilote, sur
toutes les Cotes, lies, Banes, et Ports
compris depuis Cadix jusqu'a la Mer
Noire. 2 vols. 8 Toulon, 1829

Flower, Charles E. Algerian Hints for
Tourists. Frontispiece. 12 1889

Flower, W. B. Illustrated Guide to
Baden-Baden. Based on the German.
Maps. 12 Baden-Baden, 1865

Flower, Sir W. H. See West Indies,
A : Appendix 2.

Floyer, Ernest Ayscoghe. Unexplored
Baluchistan : a Survey, with Observa-
tions Astronomical, Geographical, Bo-
tanical, &c., of a Route through Mekran,
Bashkurd, Persia, Kurdistan, and
Turkey. Map and illustrations. 8 1882
- Etude sur le Nord-Etbai entre le
Nil et la Mer Rouge. Maps and illustra-
tions. 4 Cairo, 1893

Fliigel, Dr J. G. See Hermann, G.

Fliigel, G. T. Courszettel der vornehm-
sten Handelsplatze in Europa, nebst
anderen zu den Wechselgeschafften
dienlichen Nachrichten. 6th edition.
12 Frankfurt a. M., 1788

" Fly, "H. M.S. See Jukes.

Foa, Edouard. Ethnographic : Lc
Dahomey. 4* [Paris, 1891]

Fockt, C. T. See Hartleben.

Foder6, F. E. Voyage aux Alpes Mari-
time*, ou Histoire Naturelle, Agraire,
Civile, et Medicale, du Comte de Nice et
pays limitrophes. 2 vols. in I. 8

Paris, 1821

Foetterle, Franz. Die geologische
Uebersichtskarte des mittleren Theiles
von Siid-Amerika ; mit einem Vorworte
von W. Haidinger. Map, 8*

Vienna, 1854

Bericht iiber die Durchstechung der

Landenge von Suez. 8* Berlin [1857]

Fogg, W. P. Arabistan, or The Land
of " The Arabian Nights": being Travels
through Egypt, Arabia, and Persia, to
Bagdad. With an Introduction by
Bayard Taylor. Plates. 8 1875

Foledo, R. Geografia de Centre-America.
Adoptada por el Supremo Gobierno
como testo de enseiianza en la Re-
publica. Small square 8

Guatemala, 1874

Follada, J. B. de la. See Burney, Vol.
3 : Appendix I.

Folque, F. Memoria sobre os Trabalhos
Geodesicos executados em Portugal. 2
vols. 4 Lisbon, 1841 and 1852

See Collec9ao de Noticias, Vol. 7,
p. 6ll : Appendix i.

Fonseca, Jose G. de. See Colleccao de
Noticias, Vol. 4, p. 6n : Appendix i.

Fontaine, W. M. See United States,
G,c (Monographs) : Appendix 2.

Fontane, Marius. Le Canal Inter-
oceanique et le Canal de Suez. 4*

Paris, 1879

Fontanedo, H. d'E. See Ternaux-Com-
pans, Vol. 20 : Appendix I.

Fontaney, Jean de. See Astley, Vol. 3 ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 5 : Appen-
dix i.

Fontanier, V. .Voyages dans 1'Inde et
dans le Golfe Persique, par 1'Egypte et
la Mer Rouge. Map. 8 Paris, 1844

Fontbonne, G. de. Projet d'un Canal
1 nteroceanique a niveau des deux
Oceans dans le Darien. Maps and
plans. Small 8* Sancerre, 1875

Fonte, Bartholomew de. See Burney,
Vol. 3 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 17 :
Appendix i.

Fontenay, Peter von. See Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 10 : Appendix I.

Fonton, F. La Russie dans PAsie-
Mineure, ou Campagnes du Marechal
Paskevitch en 1828 et 1829 ; et Tableau
du Caucase. 8 Paris, 1840

Fontpertuis, Ad.-F. de. La Nouvelle
Guinee, sa Geographic, ses Races, et
ses Explorateurs. 4* N.P., N.D.

Foote, H. Stuart. Texas and the
Texans ; or, Advance of the Anglo-
Americans to the South-West, including
a History of Leading Events in Mexico,
from the Conquest by Fernando Cortes
to the Termination of the Texan Revolu-
tion. 2 vols. 12 Philadelphia, 1841

Foote, R. Bruce. On the Distribution of
Stone Implements in Southern India.
Map. 8* 1868

See India, C (Palseont. Ind.) : Ap-
pendix 2.

Forbes, A. California : a History of
Upper and Lower California, from their
First Discovery to the Present Time ;
comprising an Account of the Climate,
Soil, Natural Productions, Agriculture,
Commerce, &c. Map and plates. 8


Forbes, Charles. Vancouver Island, its

Resources and Capabilities as a Colony.

Prize Essay. 8 Victoria, B. C., 1862

Notes on the Physical Geography of

Vancouver Island. Map. 8* [1864]

Forbes, Charles S. Iceland, its Vol-
canoes, Geysers, and Glaciers. Map
and plates. 8 1860

Forbes, D. On the Aymara Indians of
Bolivia and Peru. Plates. 8 1870

Forbes, Edward. The Relations of
Natural History to Geology and the
Arts. 8* 1851



Forbes, Edward. The Natural History
of the European Seas. Edited and
continued by K. Godwin-Austen. Map.
12 1859

See Seemann ; Spratt.

Forbes, Frederick. Thesis on the Nature

and History of Plague, as observed in

the N. -W. Provinces of India. Map. 8

Edinburgh, 1840

Forbes, Commander F. E. Five Years
in China, from 1842 to 1847 ; with an
Account of the Occupation of the Islands
of Lai man and Borneo by Her Majesty's
Forces. Woodcuts. 8" 1848

Six Months' Service in the African
Blockade, 1848. Map. 8 1849

- Dahomey and the Dahomans : being
the Journals of Two Missions to the
King of Dahomey, and Residence at his
Capital in 1849 and 1850. 2 vols. Plates.
8 1851

Forbes, G. F. Report on Cotton in the
Southern States of North America.
Folio* 1866

Forbes, Dr H. O. On Some of the Tribes
of the Island of Timor. Plates. 8* 1884
A Naturalist's Wanderings in the
Eastern Archipelago : a Narrative of
Travel and Exploration from 1878 to
1883. Map and illustrations. 8 1885

On Attempts to Reach the Owen

Stanley Peak : a Report to the Royal
Scottish Geographical Society on the
New Guinea Expedition. Map. 8*

Edinburgh, 1 888

British New Guinea as a Colony. 8*


- The Chatham Islands and their Story.
(From the fortnightly Review for May
1893.) 8* 1893

The Chatham Islands and their Rela-
tion to a former Southern Continent.
(Roy. Geo. Soc. Suppl. Papers, Vol. 3.)
Map. Large 8 1 893

The Geographical Society [of Aus-
tralasia] and Mr H. O. Forbes. [News-
paper cuttings.] 12* N.P., N.r>.

Forbes, Mrs H. O. Insulinde : Ex-
periences of a Naturalist's Wife in the
Eastern Archipelago. Map. Crown 8


Forbes, James. Oriental Memoirs : a
Narrative of Seventeen Years' Residence
in India. 2nd edition. Revised by ...
the Countess de Montalembert. 2 vols.
8 1834

Forbes, Prof. James D. Travels through
the Alps of Savoy and other Parts of the
Pennine Chain ; with Observations on
the Phenomena of Glaciers. Maps and
plates. Royal 8 Edinburgh, 1843

- Norway and its Glaciers, visited in
1851 ; with Excursions to the High Alps
of Dauphine, Berne, and Savoy. Afaps
and plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1853

Forbes, Prof. James D. Occasional
Papers on the Theory of Glaciers.
Plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1859

Forbes, John. A Physician's Holiday ;
or. A Month in Switzerland in the Sum-
mer of 1848. Map and illustrations. 8


Forbes, Litton. Two Years in Fiji.
Small 8" 1875

Forbes, Major. Eleven Years in Ceylon,
comprising Sketches of the Field Sports
and Natural History of that Colony, and
an Account of its History and Anti-
quities. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1840

Forbiger, A. Handbuch der alten Geo-
graphie. 3 vols. Maps. 8 Leipzig, 1842-48

Forbin, Comte. Voyage dans le Levant
en i8i7et 1818. Plate. 8 Paris, 1819
- See Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 18 :
Phillips [3], Vols. i, 2, 9: Appendix I.

Force, Peter. Remarks on the English
Maps of Arctic Discoveries in 1850 and
1851. 8* Washington, 1852

Forchhammer, E. Papers on Subjects
relating to the Archaeology of Burma.
[Various sizes and dates. ] Map and plates.

Forchhammer, G. HansChristian Oersted.
Et Mindeskrift laest i det Kong. Danske
Videnskabernes Selskabs Mode, 7th Nov-
ember 1851. 8* Copenhagen, 1852

Bidrag til skildringen af Danmarks

Geographiske Forhold i deres Afhren-
gighed af Landets indre Geognostiske
Bygning. 4* Copenhagen, 1858

Om Sovandets Bestanddele og deres

Fordeling i Ilavet. Atap. 4*

Copenhagen, 1859

Notitser angaaende den sandsynlige

Forekomst af Juraformationen i det
nordlige Jylland. 8* Copenhagen, 1863

Forchhammer, P. W. Topographic von
Athen. Map. 8 Kiel, 1841

Ditto, another edition.

Got tinge n, 1873

Die Griindung Roms. Map. 8*

Kiel, 1868

Daduchos. Einleitung in das Ver-
slandniss der Hellenischen Mythen,
Mythensprache, und mythischen Bauten.
Plates. 8* Kiel, 1875

DasErechtheion. Plates. 4* Kiel, 1879

Mykena und der Ursprung der My-
kenischen Funde. 8 Kiel, 1880

Das goldene Vliess und die Argonau-
ten. 8* N.P., N.u.

Ueber das mythische und geograph-

ische Wissen des /Eschylos, oder die
Wanderungen der lo. Map. 4* N.I'., N.D.

Erklarung der Ilias auf Grund der in

der beigegebenen original Karte von
Spratt und Forchhammer dargestellten
topischen und physischen. Eigenthiim-
lichkeiten der Troischen Ebene. Ein
Beitrag zur Erledigung der Homerischen
Frage. 4" Kiel, 1884



Forchhammer, P. W. Prolegomena zur
Mythologie als Wissenschaft, uncl Lexikon
der Mythensprache. Large 8

Kiel, 1891

Die Kyanen uncl die Argonauten.

Map. 8* Kiel, 1891

Ford, Francis Clare. Argentine Re-
public. Reports, &c. 8*

Buenos Ay res, 1866

Ford, Isaac N. Tropical America.

Illustrations. 8 1893

Forel, Dr F. A. Le Lac Leman : Precis

Scientifique. 12* Basle, 1886

La Capacite du Lac Leman. 8* 1888

Le Leman. Monographic linmolo-
gique. 2 vols. Maps. 8"

Lausanne, 1892-95

Foreman, Henry. The Routes to Aus-
tralia considered in reference to Com-
mercial and Postal Interests. By the
Directors of the Australian Direct Steam
Navigation Company via Panama, in
a Letter to the Right Hon. Viscount
Canning. Map. 8* 1854

Foreman, J. The Philippine Islands : a
Historical, Geographical, Ethnographi-
cal, Social, and Commercial Sketch of the
Philippine Archipelago and its Political
Dependencies. Map and frontispiece.
8 1890

Forester, T. Rambles in Norway among
the Fjelds and Fjords of the Central and
Western Districts. 12 1855

Rambles in the Islands of Corsica and

Sardinia, with their History, Antiquities,

and Present Condition. Map and plates.

Imperial 8 1858

Forlong, F. G. R. Report on the Toun-

goop Mountain Road. [From the India

Records, No. 19.] 8 Calcutta, 1856

See Fraser and Forlong.

" Forlorn Hope," Ship. &^ M'Cormick,


Formaleoni, Vincenzio. Saggio sulla

Nautica Antica de' Veneziani ; con una

illustrazione d'alcune carte Idrografiche

antiche della Biblioteca di S. Marco, che

dimostrano 1'Isole Antille prima della

scoperta di Cristoforo Colombo. Maps.

Small 4 Venice, 1783

Fornando, D. See Peragallo.

Forni, G. Viaggio nell' Egitto e nell'

Alta Nubia. 2 vols. Plates . 8

Milan, 1859

Forrest, Lieut.-Col. A Picturesque Tour
along the Rivers Ganges and Jumna, in
India. Map and coloured plates. Large
4 1824

Forrest, Alexander. Western Australia.
North-West Exploration : Journal of
Expedition from De Grey to Port
Darwin. Map and plates. Folio*

Perth, W.A., 1880

Forrest, George W. See India, K
(Bombay) : Appendix 2.

Forrest, Sir John. Newspaper cuttings
referring to his Australian Explorations
[Inquirer and Commercial News\ 8*


Explorations in Australia : I. Ex-
plorations in Search of Dr Leichardt and
Party : II. From Perth to Adelaide,
around the great Australian Bight ;
III. From Champion Bay, across the
Desert to the Telegraph and to Adelaide ;
with an Appendix on the Condition of
Western Australia. Maps and plates.
8 1875

Journal of Proceedings of the Western

Australian Exploring Expedition through
the Centre of Australia, from Champion
Bay on the West Coast to the Overland
Telegraph Line between Adelaide and
Port Darwin. Map and plates. Folio*
Perth, W.A., 1875

Report on the Kimberley District,

North -Western Australia. Map and

plates. Folio* Perth, IV. A., 1883

- The Kimberley District, North -

Western Australia. Folio* [1886]

Forrest, J. See Longridge ; Murray,
John ; Peniston.

Forrest, Thomas. Voyage to New Guinea
and the Moluccas, from Balambangan ;
including an Account of Magindano,
Sooloo, and other Islands, and a Vocabu-
lary of the Magindano Tongue. Maps
and plates. 4 1780

Forrester, Joseph James. Papers relat-
ing to the Improvement of the Navigation
of the River Douro, from its mouth to
the Barca de Vilvestre in Spain, and to
the Maps of that River, and of the Wine
District of the Alto-Douro. 8*

Oporto, 1844

Documents relating to Mr Fon ester's

Topographical Works of the Wine Dis-
tricts of the Alto-Douro and River Douro,
ordered to be published by the Muni-
cipal Chamber of Oporto. 8*

Oporto, 1848

The Oliveira Prize Essay on Portugal;

with the Evidence regarding that Country
taken before a Committee of the House
of Commons in May 1852, and the
Author's Surveys of the Wine Districts
of the Alto-Douro. Map. 8 1853

Memoria sobre o Curativo da Molestia

nas Videiras. Map Oporto, 1857

Forsell, Carl. Statistik ofver Sverige.
Map. 8 Stockholm, 1833

Nagra underrattelser horande till

Kartan ofver Sodra delen af Swerige och
Norrige eller Skandinavien. 4*

Stockholm, 1826



Forskal, Petrus. Descriptiones Anima-
lium, Avium, Amphbiorum, Piscium,
Insectorum, Vermium, qure in itinere
Orientali observavit Petrus Forskal, Prof.
Haun : Post mortem auctoris edidit
Carsten Niebuhr. Adjuncta est Materia
Medica Kahirina atque Tabula Maris
Rubi Geographica. Map. 4

Copenhagen, 1775

Flora Egyptiaco-Arabica, sive descrip-

tiones Plantarum, quas per /Egyptum
Inferiorum ec Arabiam Felicem cletexit,
illustravit Petrus Forskal, Prof. Haun :
Post mortem auctoris Carsten Niebuhr.
Accedit Tabula Arabiae Felicis Geo-
graphica- Botanica. Map. 4

Copenhagen, 177$

Forster, Dr A. E. Verzeichniss der in
Druck veroffentlichten Arbeiten von
Friedrich Simony . . . Large 8*

Vienna, 1893

Forster, Brix. Deutsch-Ostafrika, Geo-
graphic und Geschichte der Colonie.
Map. 8 Leipzig, 1890

Forster, Rev. Charles. Historical Geo-
graphy of Arabia, or the Patriarchal
Evidences of Revealed Religion ; with
an Appendix containing Translations,
and an Alphabet and Glossary of the
Hamyaritic Inscriptions recently dis-
covered in Hadramaut. 2 vols. Maps.
8 1844

The One Primeval Language traced

experimentally through Ancient Inscrip-
tions in Alphabet Characters of Lost
Powers from the Four Continents, in-
cluding the Voice of Israel from the
Rocks of Sinai, and the Vestiges of
Patriarchal Tradition from the Monu-
ments of Egypt, Etruria, and Southern
Arabia ; with Plates, Glossaries, and
Translations ; the Harmony of Primeval
Alphabets, in case. 2 vols. 8 1851

The Israelitish Authorship of the

Sinaitic Inscriptions vindicated against
the incorrect "Observations" in the
" Sinai and Palestine " of the Rev. A. P.
Stanley. 8 1856

Essay addressed to Lord Lyndhurst

on the True Date of Korah's Rebellion,
or its Date in the Margin of our English
Bible, B.C. 1471, the true one; with an
Introductory Letter to the Bishop of
Winchester. 8* Privately printed, 1864

Forster, Dr F. Statistisch-topographisch-
historische Uebersicht des Preuszischen
Staats. Map. 8 Berlin, N.D.

Vienne : Guide illustre par le Dr Fr.

Forster. loth edition. Map and plates.
12 Vienna, 1873

Forster, George. Voyage round the
World in H.M. sloop "Resolution,"
commanded by Capt. Cook, 1772-75.
Map. 2 vols. 4 1777

Forster, George. Journey from Bengal
to England, through the Northern Part of
India, Kashmire, Afghanistan, and Persia,
and into Russia, by the Caspian Sea.
2 vols. Map. 4 1798

See Eyries, Vol. 13 : Appendix I.
Forster, J. Reinhold. Observations made

during a Voyage round the World, on
Physical Geography, Natural History, and
Ethic Philosophy, especially on the Earth
and its Strata, Water and the Ocean, the
Atmosphere, the Changes of the Globe,
Organic Bodies, and the Human Species.
Chart and table. 4 1778

Geschichte der Entdeckungen und

Schiff-fahrten im Norden. Maps. Small
8 Frankfurt, a. d. Oder, 1784

History of the Voyages and Discoveries

made in the North. Translated from the
German. Maps. 4 1786

See Bartolomeo ; Granger ; Kalm ;

Osbeck ; Riedesel ; Thunberg ; also Kerr,
Vol. I ; Laharpe, Vol. 21 ; Pinkerton,
Vol. 9 : Appendix i .

and George Forster. Characteres

Generum Plantarum, quas in itinere ad

Insulas Maris Australis, Collegerunt,

Descripserunt, Delinearunt, annis 1772-

75. Plates. 4 1776

Forsyth, Joseph. Remarks on Antiquities,
Arts, and Letters in Italy. 2 vols. 8


Forsyth, Capt. J. The Highlands of
Central India : Notes on their Forests
and Wild Tribes, Natural History, and
Sports. Plates. 8 1872

Forsyth, Sir T. D. Memorandum on
Routes from the Punjab to Eastern
Turkistan. [From the India Records
(Punjab), No. 2.] 8 Lahore, 1868

Trade Routes between Northern India
and Central Asia. 8* {Exeter, 1869]

Report of a Mission to Yarkund in

1873, under Command of Sir T. D.
Forsyth, with Historical and Geographical
Information regarding the Possessions of
the Ameer of Yarkund. Map in cover,
and photographs. 4 Calcutta, 1875
Ditto, German translation in Ergan-
zungsheft, 52 Petermann's Mittheilun-
gen. Map. 4 Got ha, 1877

Autobiography and Reminiscences of
Sir Douglas Forsyth. Edited by his
Daughter. Map and portrait. 8 1887

See Prejevalsky.

Forsyth, W. The Rules of Evidence as
applicable to the Credibility of History.
8 V 1874

Fort, G. Seymour. British New Guinea.
Report on British New Guinea, from
Data and Notes by the late Sir Peter
Scratchley, Her Majesty's Special Com-
missioner. Folio* Brisbane, 1 886



Fortescue, G. K. A Subject Index of the
Modern Works added to the Library of
the British Museum in the years 1880-85.
Compiled by G. K. P'ortescue. 4 1886

Fortescue, Hon. John W. The Influence
of Climate on Race. (From the Nine-
teenth Century, May 1893.) 8* 1893

Fortescue, W. I. See Tudor.

Fortia. See Pinkerton, Vol. 6 : Appendix

Fortin, P. The Straits of Belle Isle. 8*
Montreal, 1877

Fortis, Alberto. Travels into Dalmatia :
containing General Observations on the
Natural History of that Country and the
Neighbouring Islands . . . ; to which
are added, by the same Author, Obser-
vations on the Island of Cherso and
Osero. Translated from the Italian, &c.
Maps and plates. 4 1778

Fortunat, Dantes. Nouvelle Geographic
de 1'Ile d'Hai'te, contenant des Notions
historiques et topographiques sur les
autres Antilles. Map and illustrations.
12 Paris, 1888

Fortune, Robert. Journey to the Tea
Countries of China, including Sung-lo
and the Bohea Hills ; with a Short
Notice of the East India Company's Tea
Plantations in the Himalaya Mountains.
Map and plates. 8 1852

Report upon the Tea Plantations of
Deyra, Kumaon, and Gurhwal, N.W.
Provinces, 1851. [From the India Re-
cords, N.W. Prov.,Vol. I.] Agra, 1855

Residence among the Chinese, In-
land, on the Coast, and at Sea : being
a Narrative of Scenes and Adventures
during a Third Visit to China, from
l8 53-5 6 - Plates. 8 1857

Yedo and Peking : a Narrative of a

Journey to the Capitals of Japan and
China, &c. Map and plates. 8 1863

Forwood, W. H. See Sheridan.

Foster, Dr C. Le Neve. See Lock.
and William Topley. On the
Superficial Deposit of the Valley of the
Medway, with Remarks on the Denuda-
tion of the Weald. Plates. 8* 1865

Foster, Capt. See Tiark.

Foster, Major Hubert. Uganda. See
United Kingdom, G, War Office Publ.:
Appendix 2.

Foster, John. Fosteriana : consisting of
Thoughts, Reflections, and Criticisms of
John Foster, selected from Periodical
Papers not hitherto published in a col-
lective form, and edited by Henry G.
Bohn. 12 1858

Foster, J. J. The Jenolan Caves. Map
and plan. 8 Sydney, 1890

Foster, J. W. The Mississippi Valley, its
Physical Geography, including Sketches
of the Topography, Botany, Climate, &c.
Maps and sections. 8 1869

Foster, J. W., and J. D. Whitney.

Report on the Geology and Topography
of a Portion of the Lake Superior Land
District, in the State of Michigan.
Part I, Copper Lands. Maps and plates.
8 Washington, 1850

Report on the Geology of the Lake
Superior Land District. Part 2, The
Iron Region, together with the General
Geology. Plates. 8 Washington, 1851

Foster, William. See Bird wood.

Fossett, F. Colorado, ils Gold and
Silver Mines, Farms and Stock Ranges,
and Health and Pleasure Resorts :
Tourist's Guide to the Rocky Mountains.
Maps and plates. 8 New York, 1879

Fotherbye, R. See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book
4 : Appendix I .

Fotheringham, L. M. Adventures in
Nyassaland : a Two Years' Struggle with
Arab Slave-dealers in Central Africa.
Illustrations. 8 1 89 1

Foucauld, Vicomte C. de. Reconnais-
sance au Maroc, 1883-84. Text and
Atlas. 4 Paris, 1888

Foulk, George C. See Buckingham.

Fouque, F. Santorin et ses Eruptions.
Maps and plates. 4 Paris, 1879

Fouquet, . See Callander, Vol. 3 : Ap-
pendix i.

Foureau, F. Une Mission au Ta'lemayt
(Territoire d'In-Salah) en 1890. Map
and illustrations. 8 Paris, 1890

Fournel, Marc. La Tripolitaine, les
Routes du Soudan. 12 Paris, 1887

Fournereau, L. Les Ruines Kmers du
Camlxxlge-Siamois. 8* Paris, 1889

Fournet, J. J. See Chantre, Ernest.

Fournier, C. I. N. Guide de 1'Etranger
a Lyon. Map. 12 Lyons, 1826

Fowler, George. Three Years in Pers ; a,
with Travelling Ad ventures inKoordistan.
2 vols. Plates. 8 1841

History of the War . . . l>etween
Turkey and Russia, and Russia and the
Allied Powers of England and France
. . . to the end of 1854. Maps. 12


Fowler, H. A Narrative of a Journeyacross
the Unexplored Portion of British Hon-
duras, with a Short .Sketch of the History
and Resources of the Colony. Map and
photograph. 8 Belize, 1879

A Paper on a Living Ancient City

said to Exist in Central America at the
Present Time, in almost the same state
in which the Cities were found in the
Country at ihe time of the Conquest,
with an Account of its People. 8*

[Belize, 1880]



Fox, General C. R. Engravings of
Unpublished or Rare Greek Coins, with
Descriptions: Part i, Europe; Part 2,
Asia and Africa. 2 Parts. Plates. 4* 1862
On a Coin of Glauconnesus. 8* 1869

Fox, Edward. Pleasure Paths of Travel.
8 1857

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