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Fox, Gustavus V. The First Landfall of
Columbus : Is there, extant, evidence
enough to prove the First Landing-Place
of Columbus in the New World ? Maps.
Large 8 Neiv York, 1883

Fox, Robert W. Observations on Mineral
Veins. Plates. 8* Falinoutli, 1837

Fox, William. Brief History of the Wes-
leyan Missions on the Western Coast of
Africa, including Biographical Sketches ;
with some Account of the European
Settlements, and of the Slave Trade.
Map and plates. 8 1851

Fox, Hon. W. Hot Springs District of the
North Island. Folio* Wellington, 1874

" Fox," Ship. See M'Clintock, Sir F. L. ;

Foxe, John. See Ilakluyt, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix I.

Foxe, Capt. Luke. North-West Fox ;
or, Fox from the North-West Passage,
beginning with King Arthvr, Malga,
Octhvr, the two gems of Iseland,
Estotiland and Dorgia ; following with
Briefe Abstracts of the Voyages of Cabot,
Frobisher, Davis, Waymouth, Knight,

1 ludson. Button, Gibbons, Bylot, Baffin,
Hankridge ; together with the Courses,
Distance, Latitudes, Longitudes, Varia-
tions, Depths of Seas, Sets of Tydes,
Currents, Races, and Over-falls ; with
other Observations, Accidents, and Re-
markable Things. . . . Small 8 1635

- .SwHakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 5 ; All-
gemeine Historic, Vol. 17: Appendix I.

Foy, Richard. Renseignements Nautiques
sur quelques Ports de 1'Oceanie, de la
Nouvelle Hollande, et de la Mer Rouge.
8 Paris, 1866

Fraas, Oscar. Aus dem Orient. Geo-
logische Beobachtungcn am Nil, auf der
Sinai- Halbinsel und in Syrien. Plates.
8 Stttttgart, 1867

Fracastoro, Hieronomo. See Ramusio,
Vol. I : Appendix i.

Fraissinet, E. Le Japon, Histoire et
Description ; Mceurs, Coutumes et Re-
ligion. . . . Nouvelle edition aug-
mentee . . . par V. A. Malte-Brun.

2 vols. Map. 12 Paris, 1864
Framji, Dhanjibhai. Grammar of the

Huzvarash or proper Pehlvi Language,
as read by the Zoroastrians of Iran and
India. Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

On the Origin and Authenticity of
the Arian Family of Languages, the
Zand Avesta and the Huzvarash. In-
scriptions. 8" Bombay, 1861

Francesetti, L. Lettres sur les Vallees
de Lanzo. Plates. Small 4 Turin, 1823

FranchetA. See France,]}, a: Appendix2.

Francia, Dictator. See Robertson, J. P.
and W. P.

Francis, Francis, junr. Saddle and
Mocassin. 8 1887

Francisco, Domingo. See Purchas, Vol.
I, Book 4: Appendix I.

Francklin, William. Observations made
on a Tour from Bengal to Persia, in . . .
1786-87 ; together with a Short Account
of the Remains of the celebrated Palace
of Persepolis, &c. 8" 1 790

See Pinkerton, Vol. 9 : Appendix i.

Francceur, L B. Geodesic, ou Traite de
la Figure de la Terre et ses Parties. . . .
Quatrieme edition, revue et corrigee sur
les manuscrits inedits de M. Francceur,
par M. Francoeur fils ; augmentee de
Notes sur la Mesure des Bases, par M.
Hossard. l^lates. 8 Paris, 1865

Francois, Curt von. Die Erforschung
des Tschuapa und Lulongo. Reisen in
Centralafrika. Maps and illustrations.
8 Leipzig, 1888

See Wissmann.

Francq, F. de. De la Formation et de
la Repartition des Reliefs Terrestres.
MSS. 4 1856

Frank, Guiseppe. Viaggio a Parigi e
per una gran parte dell' Inghilterra e
della Scozia, per quanto concerne Spe-
dali, Carceri, Stabilimenti di Pubblica
Beneficenza e d'Instruzione Medica.
2 vols. in i. Tables. 8 Milan, 1813

Frankland, George. Report on the
Transactions of the Survey Department
of Van Diemen's Land, from the foun-
dation of the Colony to the end of Col.
Arthur's administration. 8 Hobart, 1837

Franklin, James. The Present State of
Hayti (Si Domingo), with Remarks on its
Agriculture, Commerce, Laws, Religion,
Finances, and Population, &c. 8 1828

Franklin, Capt. Sir John. Narrative of
a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea,
in 1819-22 ; with an Appendix on various
subjects relating to Science and Natural
History. Maps and plates, some coloured.
4 . 1823

Narrative of a Second Expedition to
the Shores of the Polar Sea in the years
1825, 1826, and 1827 ; including an
Account of the Progress of a Detachment
to the eastward, by John Richardson.
Maps and plates. 4 1828

Report of the Committee appointed

by the Lords Commissioners of the
Admiralty to Inquire into the Report on
the recent Arctic Expeditions in Search
of Sir John Franklin ; together with the
Minutes of Evidence taken before the
Committee, and Papers connected with
the subject. Maps, f Parly. Rep.] Folio


i ;o


Franklin, Capt. Sir John. Additional
Papers relative to the Arctic Expedition
under the Orders of Captain Austin and
Mr William Penny. Maps. Folio 1852

Papers relative to the recent Arctic

Expedilions in Search of Sir John
Franklin and the Crews of H.M.S.
" Erebus" and " Terror." Maps. Folio


Notice Biographique, par M. de la

Roquette. Portrait, maps, and facsimile.
4* N.P., N.D.

See Kane ; Kennedy, W. ; Markham,
A. H. ; Osborn ; Petermann ; Richard-
son, Sir John ; Seemann ; Snow ; also
Eyries, Vol. 8 : Appendix i.
Franklin, Lady. Letter to the Lords
Commissioners of the Admiralty, I2th
April 1856. Folio* 1856

Letter to Viscount Palmerston. 8*


Franklin, W. See Pelham, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix i.

Franz, J. Flinf Inschriften und fiinf
Stadte in Kleinasien. Maps. 4*

Berlin, 1840

Franzoj, Augusto. Continente Nero.
Note di Viaggio. Map and illustra-
tions. 8 Turin, 1885

Fraser, Alexander. Note by the Secre-
tary to the Chief Commissioner, British
Burmah [A. F.], in the Public Works
Department, on a Proposal, by Colonel
Fraser, the Chief Engineer, to Promote
the Construction of a Railway from
Rangoon to Prome. Folio*

Rangoon, 1867

Fraser, Capt. F. G. R., and Capt.
Forlong. Proposed New Route to
Siam, Saigon, China, and Japan, across
the Isthmus of Kraw. MS. Folio* 1862
Fraser, James Baillie. Tour through part
of the Snowy Range of the Himala
Mountains, and to the Sources of the
Jumna and Ganges. Map. 4 1820
Journey into Korasan in 1821-22, in-
cluding some Account of the Countries
to the North-East of Persia. Map. 4 1825
Travels and Adventures in Persian
Provinces on the Southern Banks of the
Caspian Sea, with Notices on the Geo-
logy and Commerce of Persia. 4 1826
- Historical and Descriptive Account
of Persia, from the Earliest Ages to the
Present Time ; with a Detailed View of
its Resources, Government, Population,
Natural History, and the Character of its
Inhabitants, particularly the Wandering
Tribes ; including a Description of
Afghanistan and Beloochistan. Map and
plates. 12 Edinburgh, 1834
Travels in Koordistan, Mesopotamia,
&c. ; with Sketches of the Character
and Manners of the Koordish and Arab
Tribes. Plate. 8 [1835?]

Fraser, James Baillie. Winter Journey

from Constantinople to Tehran, with

Travels through various parts of Persia.

2 vols. 8 1838

See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Appendix i.

Fraser, John. See Threlkeld.

Fraser, Malcolm A. C. Western Aus-
tralian Year-book for 1890. Map. 8
Perth, W.A., 1891

Ditto, for 1892-93. Map. 8

Perth, IV. A., 1893

Fraser, Robert. General View of the
Agriculture and Mineralogy, Present
State and Circumstances, of the County
of Wicklow, with Observations on the
Means of their Improvement. Map.
8 Dublin, 1801

Gleanings in Ireland, particularly

respecting its Agriculture, Mines, and
Fisheries. 8 1802

Fraser, T. Notes on Individual Equip-
ment for the East. From Personal Ex-
perience. 8* 1878

Fraunhofer, Joseph von. Gesammelte
Schriften, im Auftrage der mathematisch-
physikalischen Classe der Koniglich
Bayerischen Akademie der Wissens-
chaften, herausgegeben von E. Lommel.
Portrait and illustrations. 4*

Munich, 1 888

See Bauernfeind.

Frazer, J. G. Totemism. 12 1887

The Golden Bough : a Study in Com-
parative Religion. 2 vols. Frontispiece.
8 1890

Frazer, W. On Hy Brasil, a Traditional
Island off the West Coast of Ireland,
plotted in a MS. map written by Sieur
Tassin, Geographer Royal to Louis XIII.
Map. Small 8* 1879

Fream, Prof. W. A Report on Canada
and its Agricultural Resources. Map
and illustrations. 8* Ottawa, 1885

Across Canada. Map and illustra-
tions. 8* Ottaiva, 1886

Agricultural Canada : a Record of
Progress. Map. 8* 1889

Frederick, or Frederike, or Federici,
Caesar. See Gottfried ; Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ;
Kerr, Vol. 7 ; Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 10 ;
Ramusio, Vol. 3 : Appendix i.

Frederick VII., King of Denmark.

Vestiges d'Asserbo et de Soborg, decou-
verts par S. M. Frederic VII., Roi de
Danemark. Plates. 8 Copenhagen, 1855

Sur la Construction des Salles dites

des Geants. Woodcuts. 8*

Copenhagen, 1857

Om Bygningsmaaden af Oldtidens
Jsettestuer. Woodcuts. Royal 8*

Copenhagen, 1862

Ueber den Bau der Riesenbetten der
Vorzeit. Royal 8* Copenhagen, 1863



Frederickson, A. D. Ad Orientem.

Maps and illustrations. 8 1890

Fredholm, K. A. See Sweden, A, Geo-
logiska Undersokning (C, 83) : Appen-
dix 2.

Freeden, W. von. Miltheilungen aus
derNorddeutschen Seewarte. III. Uel)er
die Dampferwege -zwischen dem Kanal
und New York, nach den Journal- Auszu-
gen der Dampfer des Norddeutschen
Lloyd, 1860-67, nebst Wind und Wetter
in derselben Zeit. Maps. 4*

Hamburg, 1870

Mittheilungen aus der Norddeutschen
Seewarte. IV. Die Normalwege der
Hamburger Dampfer zwischen clem
Kanal und New York, nach den Journal-
Ausziigen derselben in den Jahren 1 860,
1869, 1872. Plates. 4* Hamburg, 1872
Jahres-Bericht der Norddeutschen

Seewarte ftir das Jahr 1870. Large 8*

Hamburg, N.D.


Seewarte fiir das Jahr 1874. Square 8
Hamburg, N.D.

- See Arctic, H : Appendix 2.
Freeman, Prof. Edward A. The His-
torical Geography of Europe. 2 vols.
Text and, maps. 8 1 88 1

Sicily : Phoenician, Greek, and
Roman. (" The Story of the Nations "
Series.) Map and illustrations. 8 1892
The History of Sicily from the Earliest

Times. 4 vols. Maps. 8

Oxford, 1891-94

[Vol. 4. Edited from Posthumous
MSS., with Supplements and Notes
by Arthur J. Evans.]

See White, A. S.

Freeman, H. Stanhope. Grammatical
Sketch of the Temahuq or Towarek
Language. 8 i 862

Freeman, J. J. The Kaffir War: a
Letter to Earl Grey, containing Remarks
on the Causes of the piesent War, &c.
8* 1851

Tour in South Africa ; with Notices of
Natal, Mauritius, Madagascar, Ceylon,
Egypt, and Palestine. Map. 12 1851

Freeman, R. Austin. A Journey to
Bontiiku, in the Interior of West Africa.
Map. Roy. Geo. Soc. Suppl. Papers,
Vol. 3. Large 8 1892

Freeman, Thomas B. Extracts from the
Journal of, on a Visit from Cape Coast
to Ashantee, in the Interior of Western
Africa. [Wesleyan Methodist Missionary
Report, 1840.] 8* 1840

Freese, A. G. F. Reise-Handbuchdurch
Schweden und Norwegen. Map. 12
Berlin, 1844

Freminvillt . See Phillips [3], Vol.
2 : Appendix I.

Fremont, Lieut. J. C. See United States,
E, a (No. 88) : Appendix 2.

Fremont, Col. John Charles. Report of
the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky
Mountains in 1842, and to Oregon and
Noith California in 1843-44. Maps and
plates. 8 Washington, 1854

Geographical Memoir upon Upper
California, in illustration of his Map of
Oregon and California. 8*

Washington, 1848

Life of, and his Narrative of Explora-
tions and Adventures in Kansas, Ne-
braska, Oregon, and California. Memoir
by S. M. Smucker. Portrait and plates.
12 New York, 1856

French, S. G. See United Slates, K
(Texas) : Appendix 2.

Frenzel, Carl. Deutschlands Kolonien,
Kurze Beschreibung von Land und
Leuten unserer aussereuropaischen Besitz-
ungen, Nach den neuesten Quellen
bearbeitet von Carl Frenzel. Zweite,
vermehrte Auflage, mil einer Beschrei-
bung der Samoa Inseln, herausgegeben
von G. Wende. Maps and illustrations.
8 Hanover, 1889

Frere, A. M. [Mrs Godfrey Clerk]. The
Antipodes and Round the World ; or,
Travels in Australia, New Zealand,
Ceylon, China, Japan, and California.
Plates. 8 1870

Frere, Sir H. Bartle E. Extracts from
Rough Notes, containing information with
reference to the relative sizes of the three
Zillas into which the British Districts in
Sind are divided, as compared with the
older Zillas of the Bombay Presidency.
[From the India Records, No. 17.] 8
Bombay, 1855

Narrative of the Early History, &c.,
of the Bhonslays of Satara. [From the
India Records, No. 41.] Bombay, 1857

Speech of His Excellency the Right

Hon. Sir Bartle Frere, Bart. , and others,
delivered on the occasion of the Banquet
given to His Excellency upon his return
to Cape Town, ii th June 1 879. 8* 1879

Obituary Notice. By his daughter

Mary E. J. Frere. 8* [1885]

See India, C (Geological Papers) ;
British Africa, Zanzibar : Appendix 2.

Freshfield, Douglas W. Travels in the
Central Caucasus and Bashan, including
Visits to Ararat and Tabreez, and Ascents
of Kazbek and Elbruz. Maps and plates.
8 1869

Italian Alps : Sketches in the Moun-
tains of Ticino, Lombardy, the Trentino,
and Venetia. Map and plates. Small 8

- Climbs in the Caucasus. 8* [1888]

Ostern in Afrika. I. Die Hiigel-

region der Kiiste Kabyliens. 2. Der

Tebel Juriura. Map andplate. Large 8*

[Vienna} 1888



Freshfield, Douglas W. Search and
Travel in the Caucasus. (From " Proceed-
ings" K.G.S.) Map and plates. 8* 1890

- The Forests of Abkhasia. 8* 1890
See Dent.

- and Adm. W. J. L. Wharton.
Hints to Travellers. 7th edition. See
United Kingdom, Transactions R.G.S. :
Appendix 2.

Fresnel. See Jomard.
Fresnoy, Abbe Lengletdu. Geographia
Antiqua et Nova, or a System of Antient
and Modern Geography. 4 1742

Methode pour etudier la Geographic;
avec un Discours preliminaire sur 1'Etude
de cette Science, et un Catalogue des
Cartes, Relations, Voyages, et Descrip-
tions necessaries pour la Geographic.
Vol. I. 12 Paris, 1768

Freston, William. Report of the Con-
ference presided over by the Duke of
Manchester, on the Question whether
Colonisation and Emigration may be
made Self-supporting or even Profitable
to those investing Capital therein ; with
Appendix. 8* 1869

Frewer, Ellen E. See Holub, Dr E. ;


Frey, Col. H. Campagne dans le Haut
Senegal et dansle Haut Niger [1885-86].
Maps. 8 Paris, 1888

Cote Occidentale d'Afrique ; Vues,

Scenes, Croquis. Maps and illustra-
tions. 4 Paris, 1890
Freycinet, Louis de. Voyage autour du
Monde, entrepris par Ordre du Roi . . .
execute sur les corvettes de S. M.
" L'Uranie" et "La Physicienne," pen-
dant les annees 1817, 1818, 1819, et
1820, &c. 9 vols. 4, and 4 folio

Paris, 1826-44
Ilistorique. 2 vols. in 3, 4, 1827-39 ;

and Atlas, folio, 1825.

Zoologie (by J. R. C. Quoy and P.

Gaimard). 4; and Atlas, folio 1824

Botanique (by C. Gaudichaud). 4;

and Atlas, folio 1826

Observations du Pendule. 4 1826

Magnetisme terrestre. 4 1842

Meteorologie. 4 1844

Navigation et Hydrographie. 4; and

Atlas, folio 1826

See Peron.

Freygan, M. and Mme. Letters from
the Caucasus and Georgia, with an
Account of a Journey into Persia in 1812,
and an Abridged History of Persia since
the Time of Nadir Shah. Translated
from the French. Map and plates. 8 1823
Frezier, . Relation du Voyage de la Mer
du Sucl aux Cotes du Chily ct du Perou,
fait pendant les annees 1712, 1713, and
1714. Par M. Frezier. Maps and plates.
4 Paris, 1716

Frezier, . The same. Vol. 2. Plates
and maps. 12 Amsterdam, 1717

A Voyage to the South Sea and
along the Coasts of Chili and Peru, in the
years 1712, 1713, and 1714 . . . ; with a
Postscript by Dr Edmund Halley, and an
Account of the Settlement, Commerce,
and Riches of the Jesuites in Paraguay.
Maps and plates. Small 4 1717

Relation du Voyage de la Mer du Sad
aux Cotes du Chily et du Perou, 1712-14;
avec une Reponse a la Preface Critique
du livre intitule "Journal des Obser-
vations Physiques, Mathematiques, et
Botaniques du R. P. Feuillee," &c.
Maps and plates. 4 Paris, 1732

See Burney, Vol. 4 ; Callander, Vol.

3; Allgemeine Historic, Vols. 12, 15:

Appendix I.
Fricker, Dr Karl. Die Entslehung und

Verbreitung des Anlarktischen Treil)eises.

Ein Beit rag zur Geographic der Sud-

polargebiele. Map. 8 Leipzig, 1893
Frickmann, A. Instructions pour la

Navigation de la Cote Quest d'Ecosse.

Traduites et mises en ordre par M.

Frickmann. i re Partie. Hebrides ou

lies de 1'Ouest. 8 Paris, 1869

See France, B, b (No. 501, &c.):
Appendix 2.

Friedenfels, Eduard Edler von. See
Dorn, A.

Friederich, A. C. A. Historisch-geo-
graphische Uarstellung Alt- und Neu-
Polens. Maps. 8 Berlin, 1839

Friederichsen, L. Zur Kartographie
der Republik Costa- Rica, in Central
Amerika. 8* Hamburg, 1877

Die Deutschen Seehafen. Ein prak-
tisches Handbuch fiir Schiffskapitane,
Rheder, Assekuradeure, Schifismakler,
Behorden, &c. Erster Theil ; Die Hafen,
Losch- und Ladeplatze an der Deutschen
Ostseekiiste. Plans. 4 Hamburg, 1889

The same. Zweiter Theil ; Die
Hafen, Losch- und I^adeplatze an der
Deutschen Nordseekiiste. Maps and
plans. 4 Hamburg, 1891

See Sievers.

Friederici, Charles. Bibliotheca Orien-
talis, or a complete List of Books,
Papers, Serials, and Essays published in
1 88 1 in England and the Colonies,
Germany and France, on the History,
Languages, Religions, Antiquities, and
Literature of the East. Compiled by
Charles Friederici. 8 [1882]

The same. Published in 1883 in

England, &c. , compiled by Charles
Friederici. [8th year.] 8 1883

Friedlander, Herman. See Phillips [3],
Vol. 5, New Voyages and Travels : Ap-
pendix I.

Friedmann, S. Ueber die Ursache der
nichtperioclischen Vorgange in der At-
mosphare. 8* Vienna, 1866



Friele, Herman. Sec Norway, A (North
Atlantic Expedition) : Appendix 2.

Friend, C. Notes of an Excursion from
the Banks of the Atrato to the Bay of
Cupica, on the Coast of the Pacific, in
the year 1827. 8* [!853]

Fries, J. O. See Sweden, A (Geologiska
Undersokning) : Appendix 2.

Frilley, G., and J. Wlahovitj. Le
Montenegro Contemporain. Map and
plates. 12 Paris, 1876

Frisby, Professor Edgar. See United
States, D, Naval Observatory : Appen-
dix 2.

Fritsch, Gustav. Drei Jahre in Siid-
Afrika. Reiseskizzen nach Notizen des
Tagebuchs zusammengestellt. Coloured
plates. 8 Breslau, 1868

Die Eingeborenen Slid - Afrika's,
ethnographisch und anatomisch besch-
rieben. Map ami plates. Large 8, and
Atlas 4 Breslau, 1872

Fritsch, Dr K. von. Reisebilder von den
Canarischen Inseln. (Erganzungsheft,
22 Petermann's Geographischen Mit-
theilungen.) Maps. 4 Gotha, 1867

and others. Tenerife geologisch

topographisch dargestellt. Ein Beitrag
zur Kenntniss vulkanischer Gebirge vnn
K. v. Fritsch, G. Hartung, und W.
Reiss. Eine Karte und sechs Tafeln
mit Durchschnitten und Skizzen nebst
erliiuterndem Text. Folio

Winterthur, 1867

and W. Reiss. Geologische Besch

reibung der Insel Tenerife. Ein Beitrag

/ur Kenntniss vulkanischer Gebirge. 8*

Winterthur, 1 868

-W. Reiss, and A. Stiibel, San-
torin, The Kaimeni Islands. Maps and
photographs. 4* 1867

Fritsche, H. Geographische, magnet-
ische und hypsometrische Bestimmungcn
an zwei und zwanzig in der Mongolei und
dem nordlichen China gelegenen Orten,
ausgefiihrt in den Jahren 1868 und 1869.
4* 1870

Geographische, magnetische, und hyp-
sometrische Bestimmungen an 27 im
nordostlichen China gelegenen Orten
. . . 1871. (From Repert. Meteorol.
St Petersburg, Vol. 3.) 4*

St Peterslmrg, 1873

Ein Beitrag zur Geographic und

Lehre vom Erdmagnetismus Asiens und
Europas. (Erganzungsheft, 78 Peter-
mann's Mittheilungen.) 5 maps. 4

Gotha, 1885

On Chronology and the Construction

of the Calendar, with special regard to
the Chinese Computation of Time com-
pared with the European. 8*

St Petersburg, 1886

Ueber die Bestimmung der Geo-
graphischen Lange und Breite und der

Fritsche, H. continued.

drei Elemente des Erdmagneti>mus durch
Beobachtung zu Lande sowie erdmag-
netische und geographische Messungen
an mehr als tausend verschiedenen Orten
in Asien und Europa ; ausgefiihrt in den
Jahren 1867-91. Maps. 8

St Petersburg, 1893

Die magnetischen Localabweichungen

bei Moskau und ihre Beziehungen ?.ur
dortigen Local-attraction. [Extract from
B.S. imp. Naturalistes de Moscow, No.
4.] Maps. 8* 1893

See Schrenck.

Frobel, Julius. Seven Years' Travel in
Central America, Northern Mexico, and
the Far West of the United States.
Plates. 8 1859

and Oswald Heer. Mittheilungen

aus dem Gebiete der theoretischen
Erdkunde. 8 Ziirich, 1834

Frobenius, Herman. Die Heiden-Neger
des Aegyptischen Sudan. Map. 8

Berlin, 1893

Froberville, M. de. Rapport sur les
Races Negres de 1'Afrique Orientale au
Sud de 1'Equateur. 4* Paris, 1850

Frobin, Count de. See Forbin.

Frobisher, Sir Martin. Instructions when
going on a Voyage to the North-West
Parts and Cathay, in the Time of Queen
Elizabeth : a Letter from Sir Henry
Ellis to S. Lyons. 4* 1816

See Gottfried ; Hakluyt, Vol. 3 ; Hak-

luyt Soc. Publ., Vols. 5, 38; Pinkerton,
Vol. 12 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 17 :
Appendix I.

Frodsham, Thomas, junior. Track to

Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania. Folio*

Hobart, 1878

Froger, Sieur. See Churchill, Vol. 8 :
Appendix I.

Frolich, Erasmus. Notitia Elementaris
Numismatum Antiquorum illorum, qua:
Urbium liberarum, Regum et Principum,
ac Personarum illustritem appellantur.
Plates. 4 Vienna, 1758

Frome, Colonel. Outline of the Method
of Conducting a Trigonometrical Survey,
for the Formation of Geographical and
Topographical Maps and Plans, Military
Reconnaissance, Levelling, &c., with the
most useful Problems in Geodesy and
Practical Astronomy. Plates. 8 1862

Fromentin, Eugene. Sahara et Sahel.
I. Un etc dans le Sahara ; II. Uneannee
dans le Sahel. Ilhistrations. Imp. 8
Paris, 1887

Fromm, Dr E. See Weigel.

Froude, James Anthony. Occana, or
England and her Colonies. Illustrations.
8 1886

The English in the West Indies, or

the Bow of Ulysses. Illustrations. 8




Fry, Herbert. London in 1881. Illus-
trated with Bird's-eye Views of the
principal Streets. Illustrations. 8


London Illustrated by Twenty Bird's-
eye Views of the Principal Streets, also
by a Map showing its Chief Suburbs and
Environs, and by a Street-Map of Central
London originally compiled by the late
Herbert Fry. Crown 8 1890

Fuchs, Edmund, and E. Saladin. The
Coal and Mineral Deposits of Indo-China.
Translated and abstracted by Charles
Smith. 8* 1883

Fuentes, Manuel A. Biblioteca Peruana,
de Historia, Ciencias, y Litteratura.
Colleccion de Escritos del anterior y
presente siglo de los mas acreditados
autores peruanos. i. (Antiguo Mercurio
Peruano, i) ; ii. (do., 2); iii. (do., 3).
12 Lima, 1861

Lima, or Sketches of the Capital of

Peru, Historical, Statistical, Adminis-
trative, Commercial, and Moral. Plates
and portraits. 8 Paris, 1866

Fulcherius Carnotensis. See Purchas,
Vol. 2, Book 8 : Appendix I.

Fulford, H. E. Report of a Journey in
Manchuria. Folio* 1887

Fulljames, Major G. Geological and
Statistical Notes on portions of the Rewa
Kanta Districts, from the Camp of
Baroda to Chota Oodepoor, East ; to
Nandod and Laureea Bhurr, on the Ner-
budda River, South-west ; and a Descrip-
tion of the Iron Ores of these districts.
[From the India Records, No. 23.]

Bombay, 1856

See India, C (Geological Papers) :

Appendix 2.

Fulton, Major R. Report and Notes on
the Country traversed by the Kyaing-ton-
Chiengmai Mission in 1890-91. Maps
and plans. 8 Simla, 1893

Fumagalli, Giuseppe. Bibliografia Etio-
pica. Catalogo descrittivo e ragionato
degli scritti pubblicati dalla invenzione
della slampa fino a tutto il 1891 intorno
alia Etiopia e regione limitrofe. 8

Milan, 1893

Funck. See Illens d' and Funck.

Funnel, William. Voyage round the
World, containing an Account of Capt.
Dampier's Expedition into the South
Seas in 1703-4, with his various Adven-
tures, Engagements, &c. Maps and
plates. 8 J707

See Callander, Vol. 3 ; Harris, Vol.

i ; Kerr, Vol. 10 : Appendix i.

Fiirer, C. Christophori Fiireii ab Hai-
mendorf, . . . Itinerarium ^igypti,
Arabize, Paloestinre, Sytioe, aliarumque
Regionum Orientalium, &c. Portrait
and plates. Small 8 Nuremberg, 1621

Furneaux, Captain. See Cook.

Fuss, G., A. Sawitsch, and G. Sabler.

Beschreibung der zur Ermittelung des
Hohenunterschiedes zwischen dem
Schwarzen und dem Caspischen Meere.
Herausgegeben von W. Struve. Map.
4 St Petersburg, \ 849

Fyers, Col. A. B. Itinerary of Principal
and Minor Roads in the Island of Ceylon.
2nd edition. Part I, Principal Roads.
Large 8* [Colombo, 1881]

Fytche, Colonel Albert. Papers regard-
ing the Coal Mines at Thatay Khyoung.
[From the India Records, No. 39.] 8

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