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Calcutta, 1863

Supplement to the British Burma

Gazette, 2 1st December 1867: Letter on
the Operation of the License Tax in
British Burma, from Colonel A. Fytche
to E. H. Lushington. 4* Rangoon, 1867

Narrative of the Mission to Mandalay

in 1867. [India Office Rep.] Folio*
Rangoon, 1867

Burma Past and Present, with Personal

Reminiscences of the Country. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1878


G , R. Overland Communication

with Western China. By R. G. Map.
8* Liverpool, 1872

Gabb, W. M. On the Indian Tribes and
Languages of Costa Rica. 8*

Philadelphia, 1875

See United States, K (California) :

Appendix 2.

Cachet, N. See Covino.

Gadsby, John. My Wanderings : being
Travels in the East in 1846-47, 1850-51,
l8 5 2 -53- 2 vols - Map. Small 8


Gaetan, Juan. See Callander, Vol. i ;
Ramusio, Vol. I ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 1 8 : Appendix I.

Gaffarel, P. Les Colonies Francaises. 8
Paris, 1880

Ditto. 4th edition. 8 Paris, 1888

Les Explorations Franfaises depuis

1870. Maps and illustrations. 12

Paris, 1882

L'Algerie. Histoire, Conquete, et

Colonisation. Maps, coloured plates, and
illustrations. 4 Paris, 1883

Gage, Thomas. Nouvelle Relation des
Voyages dans la Nouvelle Espagne, ses
Diverses Aventures, et son retour par la
Province de Nicaragua, jusques a la
Havane ; avec la Description de la Ville
de Mexique telle qu'elle estoit autrefois,
et comme elle est a present. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 12 Amsterdam, 1695



Gage, Thomas. Survey of the Spanish
West Indies : being a Journal of 3,300
miles on the Continent of America, giving
an Account of the Spanish Navigation
thither, their Government, Castles, Ports,
Negros, Mulattos, Indians, &c., . . . with
a Grammar of the Indian Tongue called
PoconchiorPocoman. Map. Small 8 1702

See Thevenot, Vol. 4 : Appendix i .

Gaimard, Paul. Voyage en Islande et au
Groenland, execute pendant les annees
1835 et 1836 sur la corvette " La
Recherche," commandee par M. Tre-
houart, dans le but de decouvrir les traces
de "La Lilloise" ; public sous la direc-
tion de M. Paul Gaimard. ... 8
vols. 8, I small 4, 2 imperial folio

Paris, 1838-52

Gaimard, Paul. Histoire du Voyage.
Vol. i. 8 1838

Robert, Eugene. The same. Vol. 2.
8 1850

Mequet, Eugene. Journal du Voy-
age. 8 1852
Marmier, Xavier. Histoire de 1'Islande.
8 1840

Litterature Islandaise. 8 1843

Lottin, Victor. Physique. 8 1838

Robert, E. Mineralogie et Geologic.

8 1840

The same. Atlas. Small 4 1838

Zoologie et Medicine. 8 1851

Atlas Historique [i and 2 in one].

Imperial folio.
Atlas Zoologique, Medical, et Geogra-

phique. Imperial folio.
Voyages de la Commission Scientifique
du Nord en Scandinavie, en Laponie, au
Spitzberg, et aux Feroe, pendant les
annees 1838, 1839, et 1840, sur la
corvette " La Recherche," commandee
par M. Fabvre ; publics sous la direction
de M. Paul Gaimard. 16 vols. 8, 3
folio Paris, N.D.


Marmier, Xavier. Relation du Voyage.
2 vols. Frontispiece. 8

Ilistoire de la Scandinavie. 8

Litterature Scandinavie. 8

Martins, C. ; Vahl, J. ; Lsestadius,
L. L. ; Bravais, A.; Duroclicr, J.;
Siljestrom, P. A. ; Boeck, C. ; and
Robert, E. Geographic Physique,
Geographic Botanique, Botanique,
et Physiologic. 2 vols. 8
Robert, E. Geologic, Mineralogie,

et Metallurgie. 8
Durocher, J. Geologic, Mineralogie,

Metallurgie, et Chimie. 8
Lottin, V.; Bravais, A.; Lilliehook,
C. B. ; Siljestrom, P. A. ; Meyer,
E. G. ; Larochc - Poncie 1 , J. De ;
Fabvre, Le Capitaine, ct les Officers
de la corvette "La Recherche."
Magnetisme Terrestre. 3 vols. 8

Gaimard, Paul continued.

Lottin, V. ; Bravais, A. ; Lilliehook,
C. B. ; Siljestrom, P. A. ; Martins,
C. ; Laroche- Poncie, J. De ; Lres-
taclius, L. L. ; and Pettier, E.
Meteorologie. 3 vols. 8
Lottin, V. ; Bravais, A. ; Lilliehook,
C. B. ; and Siljestrom, P. A.
Aurores Boreales. 8
Lottin, V. ; Bravais, A. ; Lilliehook,
C. B. ; Laroche -Poncie, J. De; et
les Officers de la corvette "La Re-
cherche." Astronomic et Hydro-
graphic. 8
Atlas Historique et Pittoresque. 2

vols. Imperial folio.
Atlas de Physique, de Geologic, et de
Zoologie. Imperial folio.

See Freycinet.

Galanti, Giuseppe M. Napoli e Contorni,
nuova editione, intieramente riformata
dall' editore Galanti. Maps and plates.
8 Naples, 1829

Galbraith, Joseph A., and Samuel
Haughton. Manual of Mathematical
Tables. 12 1860

Galbraith, William. Barometric Tables,
by which the Heights of Mountains, the
Difference of Levels, &c., may be Com-
puted. 8 Edinburgh, 1833

Mathematical and Astronomical Tables,
preceded by an Introduction containing
the Construction of Logarithmic and
Trigonometrical Tables, Plane and Spheri-
cal Trigonometry, their Application to
Navigation, Astronomy, Surveying, and
Geodetical Operations. 8

Edinburgh, 1834

Trigonometrical Surveying, Levelling,
and Railway Engineering. 8 1842

On Trigonometrical Surveying, and its

Application to Correct the Maps and
Charts of the Hebrides. Map. 8* 1844

Galiano, Pelayo Alcala. Memoria sobre
la Situacion de Santa Cruz de Mar
Pequena en la Costa Noroeste de Africa.
8* Madrid, 1878

Memoria sobre Santa Cruz de Mar

Pequena y las Pesquerias en la Costa
Noroeste de Africa. Maps. 8*

Madrid, 1879
Mas Consideraciones sobre Santa Cruz

de Mar Pequena. Map. 8*

Madrid, 1879
Galiffe, J. A. Italy and its Inhabitants,

an Account of a Tour in that Country in

1816-17. 2 vols. 8 1820

Galignani's Guide through Holland and

Belgium. 18 Paris, 1824
Traveller's Guide through France.

8th edition. 16 Paris, 1827

Galindo, Colonel Don Juan. On Central

America. 8* 1836

Galinier. Sec Ferret, A., and Galinicr.

1 7 6


Galitzin, Prince Emmanuel. La Fin-
lande: Notes Kecueillies en 1848 pendant
une Excursion deSt PetersbourgaTorneo.
2 vols. in I. Maps and plates. 8

Paris, 1852

Galland, M. Recueil des Kits et Cere-
monies du Pelerinage de la Mecque,
auquel on a joint divers Ecrits relatifs a
la Religion, Sciences, et aux Mceurs des
Turcs. 8 Amsterdam, 1764

Gallatin, Albert. The Right of the United

States of America to the North- Eastern

Boundary claimed by them. Maps. 8

New York, 1840

Memoir on the North-Eastern Bound-
ary, in connection with Mr Jay's Map;
with a Speech on the same subject by
the Hon. Daniel Webster. Map. 8*
New York, 1843

Galle, Dr Andreas. Dr A. Philippson's
barometrische Hohenmessungen im Pelo-
ponnes. 8* Berlin, 1889

Gallee, Prof. J. H. See Holland : Ap-
pendix 2.

Gallenga, A. Country Life in Piedmont.
8 1858

The Pearl of the Antilles. 12 1873

Gallieni, Commander. Mission d'Explora-
tion du Haut-Niger. Voyage au Soudan
Fran$ais (Haut-Niger et Pays de Segou),
1879-81. Maps and illustrations. Small
folio Paris, 1885

Gallo, L. Storia del Cristianesimo nelF
Impero Barmano, preceduta dalle Notizie
del Paese. 3 vols. (forming Vols. 18, 19,
and 20 of the "Collezione di Vite dei
piu distinti Religiosi della Congregazione
dei chierici RR. di S. Paoli detti Barna-
biti"). 12 Milan, 1862

Gallo, V. Trattato di Navigazione. 2
vols. 8 Trieste, 1851

Gallois, L. Les Geographes Allemands
de la Renaissance. Plates. 8 Paris, 1890

De Orontio Finneo, Gallico Geo-

grapho. Plates. 8 Paris, 1890

Galloway, John Alex. Communication
with India, China, &c. Observations on
the Proposed Improvements in the Over-
land Route via Egypt, with Remarks on
the Ship Canal, the Boulac Canal, and
the Suez Railroad. Map. 8 1844

Gait, John. Letters from the Levant.
Map. 8 1813

Galton, Francis. Narrative of an Explorer
in Tropical South Africa. Maps and
plates. 8 1853

- The same, being an Account of a
Visit to Damaraland in 1851, with a New
Map, and an Appendix bringing up the
History of Damaraland to a recent date,
together with a Biographical Introduc-
tion by the Editor ; also Vacation Tours
in 1860 and 1861, by George Grove,
Francis Galton, and W. C. Clark.
[Minerva Library Series.] Portrait
and illustrations. 8 1 889

Galton, Francis. Catalogue of Models
and Specimens illustrative of the Art of
Travel. 8* 1858

Art of Travel; or, Shifts and Con-
trivances Available in Wild Countries'.
Wood cuts. 12 1860

The same. 6th edition. Illustrations.

12 1876

Meteorographica, or Methods of
Mapping the Weather. 600 illustra-
tions. Oblong 4* 1863

On Stereoscopic Maps taken from

Models of MountainousCountries. Photo-
graph. 8* 1865

Vacation Tours and Notes of Travel
in 1860. Maps. 8 1861


Clark, W. G. Naples and Garibaldi.
Spottiswoode, G. A. A Tour in Civil

and Military Croatia and through

part of Hungary.
R. D. Sclavonic Races.
G. H. K. A Gossip on a Sutherland


Bowen, C. C. A Visit to Peru.
Cowell, J. J. Graian Alps and Mount


Stephen, Rev. L. The Allelein-Horn.
Hawkins, F. V. Partial Ascent of

Mont Cervin (Matterhorn).
Tyndall, J. From Lauterbriinnen to

the ^Eggischhorn by the Lauwinen-

Thor in one day.
Clark, J. W. Journal of a Yacht

Voyage to the Faroe Islands and


Tozer, H. F. Norway.
Galton, F. A Visit to North Spain at

the Time of the Eclipse.
Noel, Hon. R. Syrian Travel and

Syrian Tribes.

- Vacation Tours in 1861. Maps. 8


Weir, Rev. A. St Petersburg and

Marshall, W. The Country of

Tozer, H. F. The Monks of Mount

Young, Rev. C. The Amazon and
Rio Madeira.

Collinson, R. Nine Weeks in Canada.

Sclater, P. L. A Naturalist's Impres-
sions of Spain.

Geikie, A. Geological Notes on

Seemann, B. Fiji and its Inhabitants.

Durrant, W. The Kru Coast, Cape
Palmas, and the Niger.

Grove, G. Nabloos and the Samari-

J. M. Christinas in Montenegro.



Galton, Francis. Vacation Tours in
1862-63. 8 1864

Tristram, Rev. H. B. Winter Ride

in Palestine.
Bertram, J. G. Fish - Culture in

Kennedy, C. Malcolm. The Turks of

Gordon, Lady Duff. Letters from the


Clark, W. G. Poland.
Powell, David. The Republic of


Tyrwhitt, Rev. R. St John. Sinai.
Lubbock, Mrs. The Ancient Shell-
Mounds of Denmark.
Mayo, Charles. The Medical Service

of the Federal Army.
Greive, Rev. W. T. The Church and

People of Servia.
Gordon, Hon. Arthur. Wilderness

Journeys in New Brunswick.

On the Employment of Meteorological
Statistics in determining the best course
for a ship. 8* 1873

Galvano (or Galvam), Antonio. See
Astley, Vol. I ; Churchill, Vol. 8 ; Hak-
luyt, Vol. 4; Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol.
30 ; Kerr, Vol. 2 ; Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 10; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. I :
Appendix i.

Gama, Antonio de S. da. Memoria
sobre as Colonias de Portugal, situadas
na Costa Occidental d' Africa, em 1814,
precedida de um Discurso Preliminar,
augmentada de alguns additamentos e
notas. 8" Paris, 1839

Gama e Siva, L. da. Do Amazonas ao
Oyapock. Relatorio da Commissao ao
norte da Costa da Provincia do Para.
8* Parti, 1877

Gama, Stefano de. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Kerr, Vol. 6 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol.
i : Appendix I.

Gama, Vasco da. Roteiro da Viagem que
em Descobrimento da India, pelo Cabo
da Boa Esperanca, em 1497. Publicado
por Diogo Kopke, e o A. da Costa Riva.
Map and portrait. 8 Oporto, 1838

Roteiro da Viagem em 1497. Correcta

e Augmentada de algumas Observa9oes
principalmente Philologicas, por A.
Herculano e o Barao do Castello de
Paiva. Map, portraits, and facsimile.
Lisbon, 1861

Vlamisches Tagebuch liber Vasco da

Gama's zweite Reise 1 502 - 1 503. Heraus-
gegeben von. H. C. G. Stier. 12*

Brunswick, 1890

Reproduction in photo-lithography of

a Letter in Portuguese from Godinho
de Eredia, referring to the death of Vasco
da Gama. Folio * [Lisbon, N. n. ]


Gama, Vasco da. See Berjeau; also
Astley, Vol. I; Gottfried; Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., 42; Laharpe, Vol. i; Purchas,
Vol. i, Book 2; Ramusio, Vol. i ; "A
General Collection of Voyages," &c. ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. i ; New Col-
lection, Vol. 2, p. 608 ; " The World
Displayed," Vol. 8, p. 609 : Appendix i.

Gamazoff, M. Notes of a Voyage in
Turkey and Persia (1848-52), by the late
General Chirikoff, Russian Commissioner
for defining the Turco-Persian Boundary.
[In Russian.] Map. 8

St Petersburg, 1875

Gamba, Chev. Voyage dans la Russie
Meridionale, et particulierement clans les
Provinces situees au dela du Caucase,
fait depuis 1820 jusqu'en 1824. 2 vols.
Maps. 8 Paris, 1826

Gambini, Raffaele. Dissertazioni intorno
la Storia e la Fisica del Lago Trasimeno.
8 Perugia, 1826

Gambino, Giuseppe. Delia Popolarita e
Diffusione degli studi Geografici : Pensieri
e Suggerimenti ad uso di chi Insegna e di
chi impara Geografia. 12 Paler/no, 1886

Gamble, J. Essay on the Different Modes
of Communication by Signals, containing
aHistory of the Progressive Improvements
in this Art, from the First Accounts of
Beacons to the most Approved Methods
of Telegraphic Correspondence. Plates.

4 1797

Gamble, John G. Catalogue of Printed
Books and Papers relating to South
Africa. Part 2, Climate and Meteorology.
8* Cape Town, 1885

Cape of Good Hope. Altitudes above

Sea-level of Places in South Africa south
of 20 S. Latitude. 8* Cape Town, 1886
See Cape Colony, C : Appendix 2.

Gamb6a, Pedro Sarmiento de. Viage
al Estrecho de Magallanes en los afios de
1579 y 1580. Plates. 8 Madrid, 1768

See Burney, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.
Games, Gutierre Diez de. See Diez.
Gamitto, Major A. C. P. O Muata

Cazembe e os povos Maraves, Chevas,
Muizas, Muembas, Lundas e outros da
Africa Austral. Diario da Expediao
Portugueza commandada pelo Major
Monteiro, 1831-32. Map and plates. 8
Lisbon, 1854

See Lacerda, F. J. M. de ; Monteiro.
Gamond, Thome de. Carte d' Etude du

Canal de Nicaragua. Avec documents

par Felix Belly. 4 Paris, 1858

Gamwell, S. C. The Official Guide and

Handbook to Swansea and its District.

Map. 12 Swansea, 1880

Gan, K. Notices of Ancient Greek and

Roman Authors on the Caucasus. Part I.

From Homer to the 6th Century A.D.

[In Russian.] 8 Tijlis, 1884


Can, K. The same. Part 2. Byzantine
Writers. [In Russian.] 8 Tiflis, 1890

Gana, Henry Sewell. British Capital
and Chilian Industry: Nitrates, Gold
Mines, and Coal Mines ; with a Map of
the Nitrate Fields, Gold and Coal Mines.
4 * 1889

Gancedo, Alejandro. MemoriaDescriptiva
de la Provincia de Santiago del Estero.
Map, plans, and plates. 8

Buenos Ayres, 1885

Gandini, F. Itineraire Postale et de Com-
merce de 1' Europe. 12 Milan, 1828

Ganeval, A. La France dans 1' Europe,
Commerciale et Industrielle. 12*

Lyons, 1875

Ganglbauer, L. See Paulitschke.
Gannet, Henry. On the Arable and
Pasture Lands of Colorado. 8*

Washington, 1878

A Dictionary of Altitudes in the

United States. [U. S. Geol. Survey,
Bulletin No. 5.] 8 Washington, 1884

See Porter ; also United States,

G, b, c : Appendix 2.

Ganot, . Elementary Treatiseon Physics,
Experimental and Applied. Translated
by E. Atkinson. 7th edition. Plates. 8


Projet d'Exploration au Pole Nord.

Plate. 8* N.P., N.D.

Ganzenmuller, Dr Konrad. Tibet, nach
den resultaten geographischer Forsch-
ungen frtiherer und neuester Zeit (mit
einer Ein'.eitung von H. von Schla-
gintweit-Sakunliinski). 8

Stuttgart, 1878

- How to Enliven Geographical In-
struction, and to Lighten it. (Reprinted
from the American Geographical Society,
Bulletin No. 4, 1887.) 8* 1887

Erklarung geographischer Namen, zur

Belebung des geographischen Unterrichts
und zur Erleichtevung des Studiums der
Erdkunde. 8* Vienna, 1888

Garay, Franciscus de. See Gottfried :
Appendix I.

Garay, Don Jose de. An Account of the
Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the Republic
of Mexico, with Proposals for Establish-
ing aCommunication between the Atlantic
and Pacific Oceans, based upon the Sur-
veys and Reports of a Scientific Commis-
sion. Maps. 8" 1844

Reconocimiento del Istmo de Tehuan-
tepec, practicado en los aiios 1842 y 1843,
Maps. 8 1844

Survey of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec,

executed in 1842 and 1843, with the
intent of establishing a Communication
between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
Maps. 8 1844

Garcia, Diego. See Gottfried: Appen-
dix i.

Garcia, J. A. Relaciones de los Vireyes del
Nuevo Reina de Granada, ahora Estados
unidos de Venezuela, Estados unidos de
Colombia y Ecuador. 8

New York, 1869

El Monitor Rebelde " Huascar," i

sus Incidentes juzgados conforme a la
Autoridad de la Ciencia, de la Lei, i de
la Jurisprudencia Internacional. Large
8 Lima, 1877

Garcia y Cubas, A. Memoria para servir
a la Carta General de la Republica
Mexicana. Maps. 8 Mexico, 1861

Garcia y Garcia, Aurelio. Derrotero de
la Costa del Peru. 8" Lima, 1863

The same. 2nd edition. 8

Lima, 1870

Peruvian Coast Pilot. Map. 8

New York, 1866

Garcia, P. A. See Angelis, Vols. 3, 4, 6 :
Appendix i.

Garcin, F. Au Tonkin : Un an chez les
Muongs, souvenirs d'un officier. Maps
and illustrations. 12 Paris, 1891

Gardiner, Comm. Allen F. Narrative of
a Journey to the Zoolu Country in South
Africa, undertaken in 1835. Maps and
coloured plates. 8 1 836

Visit to the Indians of the Frontiers
of Chili. Map and plates. 12 1841

See Marsh and Stirling.

Gardiner, Charles L. W. See Jonge.

Gardner, A. K. Paris Illustrated. Plates.
8 1847

Gardner.ChristopherT. Translation [with
Chinese text] of Inscription on Tablet at
Hang Chow, recording the changing
the T'ien Chu Tang (Roman Catholic
Church) into the T'ien Hao Rung. 8*


Appendices to Report on the

Trade of Ichang for the year 1883, pub-
lished in "China," No. 6 (1884). 8*
Illustrations. Folio 1884

Report on the Consular District of

Newchwang, by Christopher Thomas
Gardner. 8* \_Newchwang, 1885]

Gardner, G. Travels in the Interior of
Brazil, principally through the Northern
Provinces and the Gold and Diamond
Districts, during the years 1836-41.
Plate. 8 1846

Gargiolli, L. F. M. G. Description de
la Ville de Florence et de ses Environs.
2vols. Map and plates. 8 Florence, 1819

Garlington, Ernest A. Report on Lady
Franklin Bay Expedition of 1883, U.S.
Signal Service Notes, No. 10. Chart.
8* Washington, 1883



Garneau, F. X. Histoire du Canada
depuis sa Decouverte jusqu'a nos jours.
3 vols. 8 Quebec, 1852

Garner, Robert. The Natural History
of the County of Stafford, comprising its
Geology, Zoology, Botany, and Meteor-
ology ; also its Antiquities, Topography,
Manufactures, &c. Plates. 8" 1844

Gamier, F. Notice sur le Voyage d'Ex-
ploration effectue en Indo-Chine, par
une Commission Francaise pendant les
annees 1 866-68. Map. 8* Paris, 1869

Note sur 1' Exploration du Cours du

Cambodge, par une Commission Scien-
tifique Francaise. Map. 8* Paris , 1869

Voyage d'Exploration en Indo-
Chine, eflectue pendant les annees 1866,
1867, et 1868, &c. 2 vols. Maps and
plates, and atlas folio. 4 Paris, 1873
De Paris an Tibet, Notes de Voyage.
Map and illustrations. 12 Paris, 1882

Garnet, . See Pinkerton, Vol. 3 : Ap-
pendix i.

Garrick, H. B. W. See India, A,
Archaeological Survey : Appendix 2.

Garson, Dr J. G. See Bent.

Gasca, P. de la. See Cartas de Indias,
p. 612 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 15 :
Appendix i.

Caspar, F. Memorias para a Historia da
Capitania de S. Vicente, hoje chamada
de S. Paulo, do Estado do Brazil. 8

Lisbon, 1797

Gaspari, Adam C. Lehrbuch der Erd-
beschreibung zur Erlauterung sowohl
des neuen Methodischen Schulatlasses.
8 Weimar, 1811

Gasparrini, Guglielmo. Descrizione
delle Isole di Tremiti, e del modo come
renderle coltive. 8 Naples, 1838

Gastaldi, Bartolomeo. Alcuni dati sulle
Punte Alpini situate fra la Levanna ed il
Rocciamelone. Plates. 8* Turin, 1868

Lake Habitations and Pre-historic

Remains in the Turbaries and Marl- Beds
of Northern and Central Italy. Trans-
lated from the Italian, and edited by
C. II. Chambers. 8 ' 1865

See Martins, C. ; Vogt, C.
Gastrell, Col. J. E. See India, F, a :

Appendix 2.

and Henry F. Blanford. Report
on the Calcutta Cyclone of the 5th
October 1864. Table. 8* Calcutta, 1866

Cyclone Report Maps and charts,

without letterpress. Folio *

Calcutta, 1865

Gastrell, William S. H. Argentine
Republic : Report for the year 1892 on the
General Condition of the Argentine Re-
public. No. 1147, Diplomatic and Con-
sular Reports on Trade and Finance,
Foreign Office. 8* 1893

Gates, Sir Thomas. See Hakluyt, Vol.
5 : Appendix I.

Gatonbe, J. See Churchill, Vol. 6 : Ap-
pendix i.
Gatschet, A. S. Analytical Report upon

Indian Dialects spoken in Southern

California, Nevada, and on the Lower

Colorado River. 8* Washington, 1876
- The Numeral Adjective in the Kla-

math Language of Southern Oregon. 8*

N.P., N.D.

Gatterer, C. W. J. Beschreibung des Part I. 8 Nuremberg, 1792
Gatterer, Johann C. Kurzer Bcgriff der

Geographie. 12 Gottingen, 1793
An Prvssorvm, Litvanorvm ceter-

ormnqve popvlorvm letticorvm originem

a Sarmatis liceat repetere ? Map.

Small 4 N.P., 1792-95

Gaubil, Anthony. See Astley, Vol. 3 ;

Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 5 : Appendix i.
Gauchez, Victor. Conference sur 1'Ap-

plication du mouvement de la Mer.

Plates. 8* Brussels, 1881

Gaudichaud. C. See Freycinet, Vaillant.
Gaume, Monsignor. See Homer.
Gaupillat, G. En Ballon Libre. Plate.

8* Paris, 1892

See Martel.
Gaussin, P. L. J. B. Du Dialecte de

Tahiti, de celui des lies Marquises, et

en general de la Langue Polynesienne.

8 Paris, 1853

Gautier, J. Le Voyageur clans le Roy-

aume des Pays-Bas. Map. 12

Brussels, 1827
Gavazzi, A. F. Meteorologijski odnosi

mi Sljemenn god 1888. 8* N. P., 1889

Ditto, for 1889. 8* N.i 1 ., 1890

Vransko Jezero u Dalmaciji. Map.

8* Zagreb, 1889

Usce Rijeke Krke 8* Zagreb, 1890

Die Regenverhiillnisse Croaliens.
Maps. 8* Vienna, 1891

Konstante sredne dnevne temperature

zraka za hrvatske postaje. 8*

Zagreb, 1893

Gawler, J. C. Sikhim. With Hints on

Mountain and Jungle Warfare. Map

and plates. 8 1873

Gay, Claudio. Historia Fisica y Politica

de Chile, segun Documentos adquiridos

en esta Republica durante doce aiios de

Residencia en ella ; y publicada bajo

los auspicios del Supremo Gobierno.

23 vols. Portrait, plates, and maps. 8,

and 3 vols. large 4" Paris, 1844-54

Historia. 5 vols. 8 1844-49

Documentos sobre la Historia, la Esta-

distica, y la Geografia. 2 vols. 8


Botanica. Vols. 2 to 8. 8 1845-52
Zoologia. Vols. 2 to 8. 8 1847-54
Plates. 3 vols. Large 4" 1854

Gay, J. Bibliographic des Ouvrages re-
latifs a 1'Afrique et a 1'Arabie. Cata-
logue Methoclique. 8 San Reino, 1875



Gayangos, Pascual de. Cartas y Rela-
ciones de Hernan Cortes al Emperaclor
Carlos V. Large 8 rails, 1866

Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the

Spanish Language in the British Museum.
Vol. 4. Large 8 1893

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 40:
Appendix I.

Gayet, Al. Itineraire illustre de la Haute
Egypte, les anciennes capitales des, bords
du Nil, avec Cartes de la Haute Egypte
et de la Basse Egypte. 12 Paris

Gaze, Anth. MeAeriov yewypa^ia

IlaAata KCU Xea. 4 vols. Maps. 8

Venice, 1807

"Gazelle," Voyage of the. Die For-
schungsreise S.M.S. "Gazelle," in den
Jahren 1874 bis 1876, unter Kommando
des Kapitan zur See Freiherrn von Sch-
leinitz, herausgegeben von dem hydro-
graphischen Amt des Reichs-Marine-
Amts. 5 vols. 4 Berlin

1. Der Reisebericht. Maps and plates


2. Physik und Chemie. Map and

diagrams 1 888

3. Zoologie und Geologic. Plates 1889

4. Botanik. Plates 1889

5. Meteorologie 1890
Gazetteers and Geographical Dictionaries,

see General : Appendix 2.

Geare, Allen. See Churchill, Vol. 8 :
Appendix i.

Geare, Captain M. See Purchas, Vol. 4,
Book 6 : Appendix I.

Geary, G. Through Asiatic Turkey :
Narrative of a Journey from Bombay to
the Bosphorus. 2 vols. Map and plates.
Square 8" 1878

Burma after the Conquest, viewed in

its Political, Social, and Commercial
Aspects from Mandalay. 8 1886

Geddes, George. Rain : Evaporation
and Filtration. 8* Albany, N. Y., 1855
Report on the Agriculture and In-
dustry of the County of Onondaga, State
of New York ; with an Introductory
Account of the Aborigines. Map and
plates. 8" Albany, N. Y., 1860

Gedeonoff, D. On the Geographical
Position of Fifty Points in Turkish
Armenia and Kurdistan : Observations
made in 1889. [In Russian.] 4*

St Petersburg, 1891

Geer, G. de. See Sweden, A : Appen-
dix 2.

Geiger, J. L. A Peep at Mexico : Narra-
tive of a Journey across the Republic
from the Pacific to the Gulf in December
1873 an d January 1874. Maps and
photographs. 8 1874

Geiger, Dr Wilhelm. See Penck's

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