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Abhandlungen, 2.

Geikie, Sir Archibald. Outlines of the
Geology of the British Isles. 1 2

Edinburgh, 1864

The Scenery of Scotland viewed in

connection with its Physical Geology.
Maps and illustrations. 12 1865

The same, 2nd edition. 8 1887

Elementary Lessons in Physical

Geography. Maps. 12 1878

Text Book of Geology. 2nd edition.

Illustrations. 8 1885

The Teaching of Geography : Sug-
gestions regarding Principles and
Methods for the use of Teachers. 12


An Elementary Geography of the

British Isles. 18 1888

Annual Report of the Geological
Survey and Museum of Practical Geo-
logy for the year ending December 31,
1892. 8* 1893

The Work of the Geological Survey :

a Paper read before the Federated Insti-
tution of Mining Engineers. (Extract
from the Transactions of the Institution.)
8* 1893

See Galton, Vacation Tourists ; Mur-

chison ; Symons.

Geikie, Prof. James. The Great Ice
Age and its Relation to the Antiquity of
Man. Maps. 8 1874

The same. New edition. Plates and

maps. 8 1 894

Fragments of Earth Lore : Sketches
and Addresses, Geological and Geo-
graphical. Maps and illustrations. 8
Edinburgh, 1893

Geilfus, Dr G. Das Leben des Geogra-
phen, Dr lakob Melchior Ziegler; nach
handschriftlichen Quellen, ein Denkmal
der Freundschaft, von Dr G. Geilfus.
Portrait. 8 Winterthur, 1884

Geinitz, Dr E. See Germany, C (Fors-
chungen, &c., Vol. i) : Appendix 2.

Geiseler, . Die Oster- Insel, eine
Static prahistorischer Kultur in der
Siidsee : Bericht des Kommandantern
S. M. Kbt. " Hyane," Kapitanlieu-
tenant Geiseler, iiber die < thnologische
Untersuchung der Oster-Insel (Rapanui),
an den Chef der Kaiserliclien Admiralitat.
Map and plates. Large 8*

Berlin, 1883

Geistbeck, Dr Alois. Die Seen der

Deutschen Alpen. 8 plates of diagrams.

Folio Leipzig, 1885

[Atlas to Paper in Mitt. Ver. Erclk.,

Leipzig, 1884.]

Geistbeck, Dr Michael. Der Weltver-
kehr. Telegraphic und Post, Eisen-
bahnen und Schifiahrt in ihrer Ent-
wickelung dargestellt. Maps and illus-
trations. 8 Freiburg in Breisgau, 1887

Gelcich, Jozsef. See Austria- Hungary,
B : Appendix 2.



Gell, Sir William. Geography and
Antiquities of Ithaca. Map and plates.
4 1807

Itinerary of Greece ; with a Com-
mentary on Fausanias and Strabo.
Plates. 4 1810

Itinerary of the Morea : being a

Collection of the Routes of that Penin-
sula. Map. 8 1817

Narrative of a Journey in the Morea.

Plates. 8 1823

Topography of Rome ancl its Vicinity.

2 vols. IVoodcuts. 8 1834

- Map to Topography of Rome. [In
8 covers.]

Gemelli. See Careri.

Gemma Frisius. See Phrysius.

Gens, Major. ^'^Baerand Ilelmersen, 2.

Gennes, M. de. See Burney, Vol. 4 ;
Callander, Vol. 3 : Appendix I.

Genth, Adolphus. The Iron Waters of
Schwalbach in the Duchy of Nassau.
2nd edition. 8 Wiesbaden, 1855

Gentil, M. le. Voyage dans les Mers de
1'Inde, a 1'occasion clu Passage de Venus
sur le Disque du Soleil, le 6 Juin 1761,
et le 3 du meme mois 1769. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 4 Paris, 1779-81

Geoffrey, L. Memoir and Notice ex-
planatory of a Chart of Madagascar and
the North-Eastern Archipelago of Mau-
ritius. Map. 4* 1819

George, C. Description of a Self-
Replenishing Artificial Horizon. 8*


Description of an Improved Double

Sextant. Plate. 8* 1876

Description of a Mercurial Barometer.

8* 1876

George, E. S. See Osburn.

Georgi, J. G. Geographisch-physikalischc

und naturhistorische Beschreibung des

Russischen Reichs. 9 vols. Maps. 8

Kimigsburg, 1797

[A Russian Translation of Georgi's

" Russland : Beschreibung aller Nationen
des Russichen Rciches," &c.] 2 vols., 4
parts. Plates. 4 {St Petersburg] 1 799

Georgii, Ludwig. Alte Geographic,
beleuchtet durch Geschichte, Sitten,
Sagen derVolker, und mil vcrgleichcnclen
Beziehungen auf die neuere Lander- und
Volkerkunde. 8 Stuttgart, 1838-40

Gepp, H. M. Sec Nansen.

Gerando, A. de. La Transylvanie et ses

Habitants. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8

Pan's, 1845

Gerard, Capt. A. Account of Koonawur,
in the Himalaya. Edited by Lloyd.
Map. 8 1841

Gerard, E. The Land beyond the Forest :
Facts, Figures, and Fancies from Tran-
sylvania. 2 vols. Map and illustrations.
8 1888

Gerard, Jules. Life and Adventures of,
comprising his Ten Years Campaigns
among the Lions of Northern Africa ; with
a History and Description of Algeria.
Plates. 12 1857

Lion Hunting and Sporting Life in

Algeria. Plates. 12 1857

Gerbie, Frederic. Le Canada et 1'emigra-
tion Fran9aise. 6th edition. Maps and
illustrations. 8 Quebec, 1884

Gerbillon, J. F. See Astley, Vol. 4 ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 7 : Appendix i.

Gerland, Dr George. Beitrage zur
Geophysik. Abhandlungen aus dem
Geographischen Seminar der Universitat
Strassburg. i . Band. Maps and plates.
8 Stuttgart, 1887

Geographische Abhandlungen aus den
Reichslanden Elsass-Lothringen. Mit
Unterstlitzung der kaiserl. Regierung zu
Strassburg, herausgegeben von Prof. Dr
G. Gerland. Frstes Heft. Maps. 8
Stuttgart, 1892

Germain, A. Note sur Zanzibar et la Cote
Orientale d'Afrique. 8* [Paris, 1868]

Quelques Mots sur 1'Oman et la Sultan

dc Maskate. 8* [Paris, 1868]

Traite des projections des cartes
geographiques. Plates. Royal 8

Paris, N.D.

Gerritsz, Hessel. The Arctic North-
East and West Passage : Detectio Freti
Hudsoni, or Hessel Gerritsz's Collection
of Tracts by himself, Massa, and De
Quir, on the N.E. and W. Passage, Si-
beria, and Australia. Reproduced, with
the maps in photo-lithography, in Dutch
and Latin, alter the editions of 1612 and
1613 ; augmented with a new English
Translation by F. J. Millard, and an
Essay on the Origin and Design of this
Collection by S. Midler. Maps. Square
8 Amsterdam, 1878

Gerstaecker, F. Narrative of a Journey
round the World, comprising a Winter
Passage across the Andes to Chili, with
a Visit to the Gold Regions of California
and Australia, the South Sea Islands,
Java, tStc. 3 vols. 8 1853

Gerstfeldt, G. von. Der Verkehr Russ-
lands mil Westasien. 8 1862

See Baer and Ilelmersen, 24.
Gesenius, W. Ueber die Himjaritische

Sprache und Schrift. 8* N. P. 1841

Gesner, A. New Brunswick, with Notes
for Emigrants. Comprehending the Early
History, an Account of the Indians,
Settlement, Topography, Statistics, Com-
merce, Timber, Manufactures, Agricul-
ture, Fisheries, Geology, Natural History,
Social and Political State, Immigrants,
and contemplated Railways of that
Province. 8 1847



Gessi Pasha, Romolo. Setti Anni nel
Sudan Egiziano. Esplorazioni Caccie e
Guerra contro i Negrieri. Memorie di
Romolo Gessi Fascia riunite e pubhlicatc
da suo figlio Felice Gessi coordinate dal
Cap. Manfredo Camperio. Map and
illustrations. 8 Milan, 1891

Seven Years in the Soudan : being
a Record of Explorations, Adventures,
and Campaigns against the Arab Slave
Hunters. Collected and edited by his
son Felix Gessi. Map, portrait, and
illustrations. 8 1 892

Gestro, Raffaello. See Issel.

Gether, A. Gedanken liber die Natur-
kraft. 8 Oldenburg, 1862

Anmerkungen zu Gedanken iiber die

Naturkraft. 8* Oldenburg, 1863

Gevrey, A. Essai sur les Comores. 8
Pondicherry, 1870

Ghedeonov. See Gedeonoff.

Giacinto, P. Carlo. Saggio di Agricoltura
per le Isole di Malta e Gozo. Small 8
Messina, 1811

Gibb, George D. On Canadian Caverns.
Maps and plates. 8* 1 86 1

Gibbins, Rev. H. de B. The History of
Commerce in Europe. Maps. 12 1891

Gibbon, Edward. History of the Decline
and Fall of the Roman Empire ; with an
Introductory Memoir of the Author.
Portrait. Imperial 8 1836

Gibbon, Lieut. L. See Herndon.

Gibbs, A., and W. I. Myers. Peruvian
and Bolivian Guano, its Nature, Pro-
perties, and Results. 8* 1844

Gibbs, E. J. England and South Africa.


Gibbs, J. See Osorio.

Gibert, Eugene. Le Mouvement Econo-
mique en Portugal et le Vicomte de San
Januario. Large 8* Paris, 1881

Gibson, A. See Hove, Dr.

Gibson, Charles B. Emigration : a
Paper read at the Burdett Hall, Lime-
house, on 30th March 1868. 8* 1868

Gibson, Bishop Edmund. Sec Camclen.

Gibson, John. Great Waterfalls, Catar-
acts, and Geysers Described and Illus-
trated. Map and illustrations. 8 1887

Gibson, T. A. Etymological Geography :
being a Classified List of Terms of most
frequent occurrence, entering into the
Composition of Geographical Names.
12 Edinburgh, 1835

Gibson, Walter M. The Prison of Wel-
tevreden, and a Glance at the East Indian
Archipelago. Plates. 8 New York, 1855

Gibson, Com. William. See United
States, E, a (No. 41, B) : Appendix 2.

Giedroyc, Prince Romuald. Resume de

I'llistoirc du Portugal au XIX C Siecle.

Paris, 1875

Giffard, Edward. A Short Visit to the
Ionian Islands, Athens, and the Morea.
Plates. 12 1837

Giglioli, Dr E. H. Viaggio intorno al
Globo della R. pirocorvetta Italiana
"Magenta" neglianni 1865, '66, '67, '68.
Relazione descrittiva e scientifica ; con
uno Introduzione Etnologica di Paola
Mantegazza. Maps and photographs. 4
Milan, 1875

Studi sulla razza Negrita. Plate. 8*

Florence, 1876
II Brasile nel 1876. 8* Florence, 1877

La Scoperta di una Fauna abissale nel

Mediterraneo, Prima Campagna talasso-
grafica del R. piroscafo "Washington"
sotto il commando del capitano di vascello
G. B. Magnaghi. (Luglio, Settembre
1 88 1.) Relazione preliminare. 8*

Rome, 1 88 1

Avifauna Italica: Elenco delle specie di

uccelli stazionarie o di passagio in Italia
colla loro, sinonimia volgare e con notizie
piu specialmente intorno alle migrazioni
ed alia nidificazione. 8 Florence, 1886

Esposizione Coloniale ed Indiana

tenutain Londranel 1886. 8* Rome, 1887

Primo Resoconto dei Risultati della

Inchiesta Ornitologica in Italia. Parte
prima. Avifauna Italica, elenco siste-
matico delle specie di uccelli stazionarie
o di passaggio in Italia con nuovi nomi
volgari e colle notizie sinqui fornitc dai
Collaboratori nella inchiesta Ornito-
logica. Map. 8 Florence, 1889

The same. Parte seconda. Avifaune

Locali. Risultati della inchiesta Orni-
tologica nelle singole Provincie. 8

Florence, 1890

The same. Parte terza ed ultima.

Notizie d'Inclole Generale, Migrazioni,
Nidificazione, Alimentazione, &c. 8

Florence, 1891

See Issel ; Scaramucci ; Sommier.

and A. Issel. Proposte Generali per

la Esplorazione Biologica completa del
Mediterraneo e dei Mari adiacenti. 8*

Rome, 1885
and A. Zannetti. Istruzioni Scienti-

fiche pei Viaggiatori raccolte dal Prof. A.
Issel. Istruzioni per fare le Osservazioni
Antropologiche et Etnologiche. 8*

Rome, 1880

Gilbard, Lieut-Col. G. J. A. Popular
History of Gibraltar, its Institutions, and
its Neighbourhood on both sides of
the Straits, and a Guide-book to their
principal places and objects of interest.
Map and plate. Small 8 Gibraltar, 1882

Gilbert, Capt. B. See Gottfried; Pur-
chas, Vol. 4, Book 8 : Appendix I.

Gilbert, G. K. See United States, G, b, c :
Appendix 2.

Gilbert, G. M. Treatise on the Aerop-
leustic Art, or Navigation in the Air by
means of Kites or Buoyant Sails, with a
Description of the Charvolant or Kite
Carriage. Plates. Small 4* 1851



Gilbert, Sir Humphrey. See Ilakluyt,

Vol. 3 : Appendix I.
Gilbert, J., and G. C. Churchill. The

Dolomite Mountains : Excursions through
Tyrol, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli, in
1 86 1, '62, and '63. Maps and coloured
plates. 8 1864

Gilbert, Sir J. H. Remarques sur la Re-
lation qui existe entre les Sommes de
Temperature et la Production Agricole.
8* Geneva, 1886

Gilbert, P. Observations sur la Carte
du Nil de M. Miani. 8* Brussels, N.D.

Gilbert, Dr William. Gviliclmi Gilberti
Colcestrensis, meclici Londinensi-;, de
Magnete, magneticisque corporibus, et
de magno Magnete Tcllure, Physiologia
noua, plurimis et argumentis et ex peri -
mentis demonstrata. Plates. Small folio


Gilby, Dr. See Monson.

Gilchrist, J. Borthwick. Hindoostanee
Philology, comprising a Dictionary,
English and Hindoostanee, with a
Grammatical Introduction ; with a Plate
exhibiting a comparative view of the
Roman and Oriental characters used in
the Hindoostanee Language. Vol. i. 8


Gilder, W. H. Ice-Pack and Tundra:
an Account of the Search for the
"Jeannette," and a Sledge Journey
through Siberia. Maps and illustrations.
8 1883

Schwatka's Search : Sledging in the

Arctic in quest of the Franklin Records.
A laps and illustrations. 8 N.n.

Giles, Ernest. Diary of Explorations in
Central Australia, August to November
1872. Folio* Adelaide, 1873

Geographic Travels in Central Aus-
tralia from 1872 to 1874. Map. 8

Melbourne, 1875

The Journal of aForgotten Expedition.

Map. 8 Adelaide, 1880

Australia twice Traversed, the Romance

of Exploration : being a Narrative com-
piled from the Journals of Five Exploring
Expeditions into and through Central
South Australia and Western Australia,
from 1872 to 1876. 2 vo!s. Portrait,
maps, and illustrations. 8 [2 copies. ]


See South Australia, A : Appendix 2.

Giles, Geo. M. A Report of an Investi-
gation into the Causes of the Disease-;
known in Assam as Kala-Azar and Beri-
Bcri. Plates. Large 8* Shillong, 1890

Giles, H. A. From Swatow to Canton
Overland. 8* Shanghai, 1877

Giles, Pearce. The True Source of the

Mississippi. Maps and frontispiece. 8*

Buffalo, N. V., 1887

Gilii, Filippo Luigi. Risultati delle
Osservazioni Meteorologiche fatte nell'
anno 1805. 8* Rome, 1806

Osservazioni Meteorologiche, 1806-7-8.

Rome, 1807-9

Gill, David. Trigonometrical Survey of
South African Colonies. 8* 1 879

Gill, Diogo. See " General Collection of
Voyages," p. 610 : Appendix I.

Gill, George. The Student's Geography,
Physical and Descriptive, Industrial and
Commercial, Political and Social, Ety-
mological and Historical. Maps, &c.
12 1890

Gill, Mrs. Six Months in Ascension :
an Unscientific Account of a Scientific
Expedition. Map. Square 8 1878

Gill, Thomas. Bibliography of South
Australia. 8 1886

Gill, Capt. W. The River of Golden
Sand: the Narrative of a Journey through
China and Eastern Tibet to Burmah ;
with an Introductory Essay by Colonel
Henry Yule. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8 1880

The same. Condensed by Edward

Col borne Baber ; edited, with a Memoir
and Introductory Essay, by Colonel
Henry Yule. Portrait, map, and illus-
trations. Small 8 1883

Gill, Rev. W. Wyatt. New Guinea Re-
visited : a Supplement to Mr M'Farlane's
Papers in the April, May, June, and
August Numbers of the Sunday Magazine,
1874. 8* 1874

Papers on New Guinea in the Leisure

Hour. 8* 1875

Life in the Southern Isles, or Scenes
and Incidents in the South Pacific and
New Guinea. Map and plates. 12 1876

Tristan D'Acunha. 8* 1877

Historical Sketches of Savage Life in

Polynesia, with illustrative Clan Songs.
8 ' Wellington, 1880

Jottings from the Pacific. Illnstra

tions. 8 1885

See Chalmers.

Gillam, Capt. J. See Allgemeine His-
toric, Vol. 17 : Appendix i.

Gillieron, J. Petit Atlas Phonetique du
Valais Roman (Slid du Rhone). Oblong
12 Paris, N.D.

Gilliss, Lieut. J. M. The United States
Astronomical Expedition to the Southern
Hemisphere during 1849-52. Vols. I,
2, 3, 6. 4 vols. Maps and plates.

Washington, 1855-56

Gillmore, Parker. The Great Thirst
Land : a Ride through Natal, Orange
Free State, Transvaal, and Kalahari
Desert. Plate. 8 [1878]

Through Gasa Land, and the Scene
of the Portuguese Aggression : thcjourney
of a Hunter in Search of Gold and Ivory.
Map. 8 N. i).

1 84


Gilly, W. S. Narrative of an Excursion
to the Mountains of Piemont in the year
1823, and Researches among the Vaudois
or Waldenses, Protestant Inhabitants of
the Cottian Alps. 4th edition. Maps
and plates. 8 1827

Gilmore, Q. A. See United States, H, a :

Appendix 2.

Gilmour, Rev. James. Among the
Mongols. Map and illustrations. 8 N. D.

More about the Mongols. Selected

and arranged from the diaries and papers
of James Gilmour, by Richard Lovett.
8 1893

Gilpin, V*. Observations, relative chiefly
to Picturesque Beauty, made in the year
1772, on several parts of England,
particularly the Mountains and Lakes of
Cumberland and Westmorland. 3rd
edition. Vol. I. Plates. 8 1792

Ginanni, Francesco. Istoria Civile, e
Naturale delle Pinette Ravennati, &c.
4 Rome, 1774

Cinders, A. Extracts from a Report on
the Hanmer Plains Sanatorium. Map
and plates. 8* 1891

Ginsburg, Dr Christian D. The Moabite
Stone : a Fac-simile of the Original
Inscription, with an English Translation,
and a Historical and Critical Commen-
tary. 4* 1870

Report on the Exploration of Moab.

8* 1872

Giordano, F. Cenni sulle Condizioni
Fisico-Economiche di Roma e suo Ter-
ritorio. Maps. 8 Florence, 1871

Giovio, P. Descriptio Britannire, Scotire,
Hybernire, et Orchadum, ex libro Pauli
Jovii, episcopi Nucer, de imperils, et
gentibus cogniti orbis. 8 Venice, 1548
Gipps, Sir G. Report of the Progressive
Discovery and Occupation of New South
Wales, during the Period of his Adminis-
tration of the Government. Maps.
Folio* 1841

Girard, Charles. American Zoological,
Botanical, and Geological Bibliography
for 1851. 8* Ne-whaven, 1851

Girard,, Jules. La Photographieappliquee
aux Etudes Geographiques. 12*

Paris, 1871

Essai cl'Orographie Sousmarine de

1'Ocean Atlantique Septentrional. Map.
8* Paris, 1872

Les Explorations Sousmarines.

Illustrations. 8 Paris, 1874

Voyage dans les Highlands et les

Hebrides. Map. 8* Paris, 1878

- La Nouvelle-Guinee. Historique de

la Decouverte Description Geographique

La Race Papoue Moeurs et Coutumes

des Indigenes Produits du Sol

Colonisation. Map. 8* Paris, 1883

Girard, M. B. Souvenirs de 1'Expedition

de Tunisie. 8* Paris, 1883

Girard, P. S. Description Generale des
differens Ouvrages a executer pour la
Distribution des Eaux du Canal de
1'Ourcq dans 1'interieur de Paris, et
devis detaille de ces Ouvrages. Map
and plates. 4 Paris, 1810

Giraud, Victor. Les Lacs de 1'Afrique
Equatoriale : Voyage d'Exploration exe-
cute de 1883 a 1885. Maps and illustra-
tions. 4 Paris, 1890
Girava Tarragones, Hieronymo. Dos
Libros de Cosmographia. Map. 4

Milan, 1556

Gironiere. See De la Gironiere.
Giros (or De Quir) P. F. de. See Quiros.
Gisborne, Lionel. Darien Ship-Naviga-
tion. Engineer's Report. Maps. 8* 1852
- The Isthmus of Darien in 1852.
Journal of the Expedition of Inquiry for
the Junction of the Atlantic and Pacific
Oceans. Maps. 8 1853

Gisborne, William. The Colony of New
Zealand, its History, Vicissitudes, and
Progress. Map. 8 1888

Gislason, K. Donsk Ordabok med
Islenzkum Pydingum. Small folio

Copenhagen, 1851

Gistel, Dr Johannes. Maximilian der
Erste, Konig von Bayern, oder des
Oberstpostmeister Napoleon's Gefangen-
schaft, Errettung vom Tode, und Flucht.
12* Munich, 1854

Das Heilbad zum Heiligen Kreuz-

brunnen bei Wartemberg. 8*

Straubing, 1856

Neueste Geographic und Statistik des

Konigreichs Bayern. 8 Slraubing, 1856

Die siidwestbayerische Schweiz, oder

das Algau im allgemeinen und ein Theil
von Sonthofen insbesondere, &c. 8*

Stranbing, 1857

Giustiniani, Lorenzo. Dizionario Geo-
grafico-Ragionato del Regno di Napoli.
12 vols. 8 Naples, 1797-1816

Givry, A. P. Pilote Fran9ais. Instructions
Nautiques, Partie des Cotes de France
compris entre la Pointe de Barfleur et
Dunkerque, et entre les Casquets et la
Pointe de Barfleur, Environs de Cher-
bourg. 2 vols. 4 Paris, 1842-45

Memoire sur 1'Emploi des Chrono-

metres a la Mer, et sur les Principales
Observations dc 1' Astronomic Nautique.
Plate. 8 Paris, 1846

Gladisheff, , and Muravieff. See
Khanikoff; also Central Asia, B : Ap-
pendix 2.

Gladstone, W. E. See Laveleye ; Mac-
kenzie and Irby ; Schlietnann.
Gladwin, Francis. A Narrative of the
Transactions in Bengal during theSoobah-
daries of Azeem Us Shan, Jaffer Khan,
Shuja Khan, Sirafraz Khan, and Alyvirdy
Khan. Translated from the Persian by-
Francis Gladwin. 8 Calcutta, 1788



Glaisher, Ernest H. A Journey on the
Berbice River and Wieroonie Creek.
8* Georgetown, 1885

Glaisher, James. On the Meteorology of
Scotland, June 1856 to Sept. 1857. 8*
On the Meteorology of England
during the Quarters ending March, June,
September, 1857 ; March, June, Sep-
tember, December, 1858 ; March, June,
1859. 8* 1857-59

On the Determination of the Mean

Temperature of every Day in the Year,
from all the Thermometrical Observa-
tions taken at the Royal Observatory,
Greenwich, from 1814 to the end of
1856. 8* 1858

On the Meteorological and Physical

Effects of the Solar Eclipse of I5th
March 1858. Plates. 8* 1858

Glanius, . See Struys.

Glas, George. History of the Discovery
and Conquest of the Canary Islands.
Translated from a Spanish MS. ; with an
Enquiry into the Origin of the Ancient
Inhabitants, and a Description of the
Canary Islands and the Modern History
of the Inhabitants. Map. 4 1764

See Pinkerton, Vol. 16 : Appendix i.

Glaser, Eduard. Von Hodeida nach

San 'a vom 24 April bis i Mai 1885.
(Abdruck aus Dr A. Petermann'sMitteil-
ungen, 1886, Heft i.) Map. 4* 1886
- The same. (Abdruck aus Dr A.
Petermann's Mitteilungen, 1886, Heft 2.)
4* 1886

Siidarabische Streitfragen. 8*

league, 1887

Skizze der Geschichte und Geographic

Arabiens, von den altesten Zeiten bis
zum Propheten Muhammad, nebst einem
Anhange zur Beleuchtung der Geschichte
Abessyniens im 3 und 4 Jahrhundert n.
Chr. Zweiter Band. 8 Berlin, 1890
See Hommel.

Glasfurd, C. L. R. Papers relating to
the Dependency of Bustar. Map and
plates. [From the India Records, No.
39] Calcutta, 1863

Glave, E. J. Our Alaska Expedition.
(From Frank Leslie's Illustrated News-
paper.} 4* New York, 1890-91

Six Years of Adventure in Congo-
Land ; with an Introduction by H. M.
Stanley. Illustrations. Large 8 1893

Glazier, Capt. Willard. Down the
Great River : embracing an Account of
the Discovery of the True Source of the
Mississippi ; together with Views, De-
scriptive and Pictorial, of the Cities,
Towns, Villages, and Scenery on the
Banks of the River, as seen during a
Canoe Voyage of over Three Thousand
Miles from its Head-Waters to the Gulf
of Mexico. Portrait, maps, and illustra-
tions. Small 8" Philadelphia, 1887

Glazier, Capt. Willard. Headwaters of
the Mississippi; comprising Biographical
Sketches of early and recent Explorers of
the Great River, and a Full Account of
the Discovery and Location of its True
Source in a lake beyond Itasca. Maps
and illustrations. Small 8

New York, 1893

See Harrower.

Gleerup, E. See Moller.

Glehn, P. von. See Schmidt, F. B.

Gleichen, Count. See United Kingdom,
G, War Office Publications : Appendix 2.

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