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Map. 8* [1864]

- The Evidence of past Glacial Action
in the Naga Hills, Assam. Map and
plates. 8* Calcutta, 1875

Notes on the Geology of part of the
Dafla Hills, Assam. Plate. 8*

Calcutta, 1875

Goodwin-Austen, R. See Forbes, E.

Goebel, Claus and Bergmann. Reise
in die Steppe'n cles siidlichen Russlands.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 4

Dorpat, 1838

Goebel, H. See Helmersen and Schrenck,

Goebel, K. Gedachtnisrede auf Karl von
Nageli, gehalten in der offentlichen
Sitzung der k. h. Akademie der Wissen-
schaften. 4* Munich, 1893

Goeje, M. J. de. Das alte Belt des Oxus
Amii-Darja. Map. Small 8

Ley den, 1875

Goes, Benoit de (or Benedictus). See
Brucker, J. ; also Astley, Vol. 4 ; Gott-
fried ; Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 37;
Pinkerton, Vol. 7 ; Purchas, Vol. 3,
Book 2 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 7 :
Appendix i.

Gogorza, A. de. Canal Interoceanique
du Darien : Lettres a la Societe de
Geographic de Paris. Map. 4* 1870

Gohring, H. Informe al Supremo
Gobierno del Peru sobre la Expedicion
a los Valles de Paucartambo en 1873 al
mando del Coronel D. Baltazar La Torre.
8, and oblong 8 vol. of photographs.

Lima, 1877

Golberry, S. M. Xavier. Fragment
d'un Voyage en Afrique pendant
1785-87, dans les Contrees Occidentals
de ce Continent, comprises entre le Cap
Blanc de Barbaric et le Cap de Palmes.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 8 Paris, 1802

Gold, F. See Ramond.

Goldmann, C. S. The Financial, Statis-
tical, and General History of the Gold
and other Companies of Witwatersrand,
South Africa. Plan. Large 8 1892

Goldie, Sir George Taubman. Alcohol
and Civilisation in Central Africa. Folio*


France and England on the Niger.
(From the Paternoster Kcview, No. 4,
January 1891.) Map. 4* 1891

Goldney, P. Sec Prcedy.

Goldsmid, Sir Frederic J. An Historical
Memoir on Shikarpoor, prior and subse-
quent to the Ameers of Sind. Table.
Memoir on the Syuds of Roree and
Bukkur. Table. [From the India
Records, No. 17.] 8 Bombay, 1855
Central Asia, and its Question. 8*


Telegraph and Travel : a Narrative

of the Formation and Development of
Telegraphic Communication between
England and India, under the orders of
Her Majesty's Government, with inci-
dental notices of the Countries traversed
by the lines. Maps and plates. 8 1874

On Communications with British

India under possible contingencies.
Map. 8* 1878

James Outram, a Biography. 2 vols.

Alaps and illustrations. 8 1 880

Persia, its Language and Literature :

a Lecture. 8* 1892

See Vaughan ; also Persia : Appendix 2.

Goldsmith, L. Statistics of France. 8


Golindo, Lieut. R. E. Report of the
Route from Mamu to Nushki. 8*

[Simla, 1886]

Golnitz, A. Itinerarium Belgico-Galli-
cum. 24 Ley den, 1631

Compendium Geographicum, suc-

cincla Methodo Adornatum. 12

Amsterdam, 1649

Golovin, Ivan. The Caucasus. Map. 8


The Nations of Russia and Turkey,

and their Destiny. 8 1854

Golownin, Capt. W. Recollections of
Japan, comprising a particular Account
of the Religion, Language, Government,
Laws, &c., of the People, and Observa-
tions on the Geography, Climate, &c.,
of the Country. 8 1819

Memoirs of a Captivity in Japan

during the years 1811 to 1813, with
Observations on the Country and the
People. 2nd edition. 3 vols. 8 1824

Gomara, Francisco Lopez de. Historia
de las Indias, and Cronica de la Nueva-
Espaiia. Folio [? Saragoca, 1552-53]

Historia de Mexico, con el Descubri-

miento de la Nueva-Espana, conquistada
por el muy illustre y valeroso Principe
Don Fernando Cortes. 12

Antwerp, 1554

See Burney, Vol. i ; Purchas, Vol. 3,

Book 5 : Appendix I.

Gomez, Stephan. Sec Gottfried : Ap-
pendix i.

Gomme, George Laurence. English
Topography: Parts 1-3. (The Gentle-
man's Magazine Library : being a classi-
fied Collection of the chief contents of
the Gentleman's Magazine, from 1731 to
1868.) 8 1891-93



Gomot, F. Annuaire de F Algeria, 1842 ;
avec des Lois, 1841. 8 Paris, 1842

Gonda, Bela de. La Regalarisation des
1'ortes de Fer et des autres Cataractes du
bas Danube. Plates and illustrations.
Large 8* Paris, 1892

Gondatti, N. L. Traces of Heathen Be-
liefs among the nations of North -Western
Siberia. [In Russian.] 8* Moscow, 1888

Gonino, J. See Charnay.

Gonville (or Gonneville), B. P. de. Sec
Callander, Vol. I ; Allgemeine Historie,
Vol. 1 8 : Appendix i.

Gonzales, Manuel. See Churchill, Vol.
7 ; Pinkerton, Vol. 2 ; General Collection
of Voyages, p. 610: Appendix I.

Gooch, F. A. See United States, G, c :
Appendix 2.

Gooch, Fanny Chambers. Face to Face
with the Mexicans : the Domestic Life,
Educational, Social, and Business Ways,
Statesmanship and Situation, Legendary
and General History, of the Mexican
People. Ilhistrations. Large 8 1890

Good, J. B. A Vocabulary and Outlines
of Grammar of the Nitlakapamuk or
Thompson Tongue (the Indian language
spoken between Yale, Lillooet, Cache
Creek, and Nicola Lake) ; together with
a Phonetic Chinook Dictionary, adapted
for use in the Province of British Columbia.
Small 8* Victoria, B.C., 1880

Goode, Alexander. Account of the
Mechitaristican Society, founded on the
Island of St Lazaro. Portrait. 8*

Venice, 1825

Goode, G. Brown. See United States,
A, (Tenth Census Publication), History
and Present Condition of the Fishery
Industries : Appendix 2.

Goodenough, Commodore. See Mark-
ham, C. R.

Goodenough, Lieut. -General W. H.,
and Lieut-. Col. J. C. Dalton. The
Army Book for the British Empire : a
Record of the Development and Present
Composition of the Military Forces, and
their Duties in Peace and War. Maps
and portraits. 8 1893

Goodisson, W. Historical and Topo-
graphical Essay upon the Islands of Corfu,
Leucadia, Cephalonia, Ithaca, and Zante ;
with Remarks upon the Character, &c.,
of the Ionian Greeks. Maps and plates.
8 1822

Goodman, E. J. The Best Tour in Nor-
way. Map and illustrations. Small
8 1892

Goodrich, Caspar F. See United States,
E, l> . Appendix 2.

Goodrich, J. King. An Account of the
Progress in Geography in the year 1885.
8* Washington, 1886

Goodsir, R. Anstruther. Arctic Voyage
to Baffin's Bay and Lancaster Sound in
Search of Friends with Sir John Franklin.
Map and plate. 8 1850

Goos, P. The Lighting Coloinne or Sea-
Mirror, containing the Sea-coasts of the
Northern, Eastern, and Western Naviga-
tion ; setting forth in divers necessarie
Sea-cards all the Ports . . . , as also the
Situation of the Northerly Countries as
Island, the Strate Davids, the Isle of Jan
Mayen, Bear - Island, Old - Greenland,
Spitzbergen, and Nova Zembla . . . ;
whereunto is added a brief instruction of
the Art of Navigation, &c. Maps and
plates. Folio Amsterdam, 1670

Gopcevic, Spiridion. Makedonien und

Alt-Serbien. Maps and illustrations. 4

Henna, 1889

Gordon and Gotch. The Australian
Handbook (incorporating New Zealand
and New Guinea) : Shippers' and Im-
porters' Directory and Business Guides,
for 1877, '78, '85, '88, '89, '90, '93.
[Annual.] Maps and plans. Large 8

Gordon, Hon. A. H. Wilderness Journeys

in New Brunswick, in 1862-63. Small 8

Stjohn, 1864

See Gallon, Vacation Tourists.
Gordon, A. R. Report of the Hudson's

Bay Expedition under the command of
Lieut. A. R. Gordon, R.N., 1884.
Chart. 8* N.D.

Report of the Second Hudson's Bay
Expedition under the command of Lieut.
A. R. Gordon, R.N., 1885. Plates and
charts. 8 N.D.

- Report of the Hudson's Bay Expe-
dition of 1886 under the command of
Lieut. A. R. Gordon, R.N. Charts and
illustrations. 8 N.D.

See Martin.

Gordon, C. A. Our Trip to Burmah ;
with Notes on that Country. Map,
plates, ami photographs. 8 1876

Gordon, Gen. C. G. Colonel Gordon in
Central Africa, 1874-79, with a portrait,
and map of the Country prepared under
Colonel Gordon's supervision, from origi-
nal Letters and Documents. Edited by
George Birkbcck Hill. 8 1881

Sec Hake ; Wilson, A. ; also W ,

C. M.

Gordon, Rev. Daniel M. Mountain and
Prairie : a Journey from Victoria to
Winnipeg via Peace River Pass. Map
and illustrations. Crown 8 1 880

Gordon, Lady Duff. Letters from Egypt,
1863-65. 2nd edition. 8 1865

Last Letters from Egypt, to which are
added Letters from the Cape ; with a
Memoir by her daughter Mrs Ross.
Plate. Small 8 1875

See Gallon, F., Vacation Tourists.

1 88


Gordon, Col. E. S. On Fixing Positions
by the more Simple Astronomical Obser-
vations. For the use of R.A. Officers
engaged in Exploration. 8*

Woolwich, 1881

Gordon, Rev. G. N. The last Martyrs

of Eromanga : being a Memoir of the

Rev. George N. Gordon and Ellen

Catherine Powell his Wife. Plate. 12

Halifax, N.S., 1863

Gordon, James. Lunar and Time Tables,
adapted to New, Short, and Accurate
Methods for Finding the Longitude by
Chronometers and Lunar Distances.
Maps. Royal 8 1853

Gordon, Lieut. L. C. Miranzai Expe-
ditions, 1891. (From the " Proceed-
ings of the Royal Artillery Institution.")
Map. 8* Woolwich, 1891

Gordon, Lewis D. B. Report on the
Scheme proposed to be carried out under
the "Norfolk Estuary Act, 1846." 4*
Glasgow, 1846

Report to the Committee of the

Bedford Level Corporation, and to the
Eau Hrink Commissioners on the Norfolk
Estuary Scheme. 8* 1849

Gordon, M. F. Report on the Trade of
Sonmeeanee, and Seaport of the Pro-
vince of Lus. [From the India Records,
No, 17.] 8 Bombay, 1855

Gordon, Peter. Fragment of thejournal of
a Tour through Persia in 1820. 12 1833

See Murray, Hugh.

Gordon, Robert. Report on the Irrawaddy
River. Maps. Folio Rangoon, 1879-80

Hydraulic Work in the Irawadi
Delta. Plates. 8* 1893

Gordon, Col. T. E. Yarkund Mission :
Extract from the Journal of the Party of
the Kashgar Embassy detached to the
Pamir and Wakhan, from 2nd to igth
April 1874. Folio* 1874

Yarkund Mission : Report by Lieut. -
Col. T. E. Gordon, dated Yarkund, I7th
May 1874. Folio* 1874

The Roof of the World : being a Nar-
rative of a Journey over the high Plateau
of Tibet to the Russian Frontier and
the Oxus sources of Pamir. Maps and
plates. Square 8 1876

Journey to the Pamir. [In Russian.]

St Petersburg, 1877
Gordon-Gumming 1 . See Gumming.
Gore, Capt. See Pelham, Vol. i : Ap-
pendix I.
Gore, J. Howard. Geodesy. 12 1891

See United States, F, Coast and
Geodetic Survey : Appendix 2.

Gore, Montague. Sec Valentini.
Gorges, Sir Arthur. See Purchas, Vol.

4, Book 10 : Appendix i.
Gorgolione, S. Portulano del Mare

Mediterraneo. 8 Leghorn, 1815

"Gorgon." See Devereux.

Gormaz, F. Vidal. Continuacion de los
Trabajos de Esploracion del Rio Val-
divia i sus afluentes. Maps. 8*

Santiago, 1869

Reconocimientos de la costa com-

prendida entre la rada de los Vilos i el
Rio Choapa, i del Rio Valdivia i costa
comprendida entre el morro Bonifacio i
el Rio Maullin. Plan. 8* Santiago, 1870

- Esploracion de la Costa de Llanquihue
i Archipielago de Chiloe. Plans. 8

Santiago, 1871

Esploracion del Seno de Reloncavi,
Lago de Llanquihue i Rio Puelo. Plans.
8 Santiago, 1872

Esploracion de las Costas deColchagua

i de Curico i de la Albufera de Vichuquen.
Map and plans. 8* Santiago, 1873

Instrucciones sobre el litoral de

Valdivia, entre Punta Galera i el Rio
Tolte. Map. 8 Santiago, 1878

Jeografia Nautica i Derrotero de'las

Costas del Peru. Santiago, 1879

Noticias del Desierto i sus Recursos.

8* Santiago, 1879

Jeografia Nautica de Bolivia. Map.

8* Santiago, 1879

Noticias sobre las Provincias Litorales

correspondientes a los Departamentos de
Arequipa, lea, Huancavelica i Lima, por
la Oficina Ilidrografica. Map. 8*

Santiago, 1880

Algunos Naufragios ocurridos en las

Costas Chilenas desde su desctibrimiento
hasta el anode 1800. 8* Valparaiso, 1890

Gorrie, Daniel. Summers and Winters in
the Orkneys. Plate. 8 1868

Gorringe, H. H. See United States,
E, a (Nos. 37, 38, 39, 42, 43, 46, 61) :
Appendix 2.

Gosnol, Capt. See Gottfried ; Purchas,
Vol. 4, Book 8 : Appendix i.

Gossellin, P. F. J. Geographic des Grecs
analysee, ou les Systemes d'Eratosthenes,
de Strabon, et de Ptolemee compares
entre eux ct avec nos connoissances
modernes. Maps. 4 Paris, 1790

Recherches sur la Geographic Syst-

matique et Positive des Anciens, pour
servir de base & 1'Histoire de la Geo-
graphic Ancienne. 4 vols. Maps 4
Paris, 1798-1813

Gottberg, E. de. Des Cataractcs du Nil,
et specialement de celles de Hannek et
de Kay bar. Maps. 4* Paris, 1867

Gottfried, Johan Lodewyk. Newe Welt
und Americanische Historien, inhaltende
warhasstige und volkommene Beschrei-
bungen aller West-Indianischen Lancl-
schafften, Insulen, Konigreichen, und
Provinzien. Seecusten, fliessenden und
stehendcn Wassern, &c. (" Ilistoria
Antipodum.") Maps and plates. Folio
Frankfort, 1631



Gottfried, Johan Lodewyk. De

aanmerkenswaardigste en alombero-
emde Zee- en Landreizen der Portu-
geezen, Spanjaarden, Engelsen, en
allerhande Natien : zoo van Fransen,
Italiaanen, Deenen, Hoogh- en Neder-
Duitsen als van veele anclere Volkeren.
Voornaamenlyk ondernomen tot Ondek-
king van de Oost- en West-Indien,
midsgaders andere verafgelegene Gewes-
ten des Aardryks. 8 vols. Maps and
plates. Folio. Ley den. [Title 1727 :
1706 where dated in detail.] For Con-
tents, see Appendix i.

Gottschalck, Friedrich. Almanach der
Ritter-Orden. Plates. 8 Leipzig, 1819

Gottsche, Dr C. Land uncl Leute in
Korea. Map. 8* Berlin, 1886

Gbtz, Dr W. Die Verkehrswege im
Dienste desWelthandels. Einehistorisch-
geographische Untersuchung samt einer
Einleitung fiir eine Wissenschaft von den
geographischen Entfernungen. Maps.
Stuttgart, 1888

Gould, Augustus A. Report on the
Invertebrata of Massachusetts, published
agreeably to an order of the Legislature.
2nd edition, comprising the Mollusca.
Edited by W. G. Binney. Plates. 8
Boston, 1870

Gould, Benjamin Apthorp. Report on
the History of the Discovery ol Neptune.
8* Washington, 1850

The Transatlantic Longitude, as

Determined by the Coast Survey Ex-
pedition of 1866 : a Report to the
Superintendent of the U.S. Coast Survey.
4 Washington, 1869

Gould, Charles. Report upon the Subject
of Gold in the Colony of Van Diemen's
Land, referred to in the last Report of
the Governor of Tasmania, 1862. Map.
Folio* 1864

An Introduction to the Birds of

Australia. 8 1848

Gould, , and Dowie. Instruction for
making Gaspe, and Mitis and Rimouski,
in the River St Lawrence. 8 1832

Gouldsbury, V. S. Correspondence re-
lating to the Recent Expedition to the
Upper Gambia, under the Administrator
V. S. GouldsLury. Maps. Folio* 1881

Gourbillon, . See Phillips [3], Vol. 4 :
Appendix I.

Gourdault. J. La France Pittoresque.
Illustrations. 4 Paris, 1893

Gourdin, H. See Rhodes, A. de.

Gourgues, Dominicus. See Gottfried ;
Ilakluyt, Vol. 3; Ternaux-Compans,
Vol. 20: Appendix I.

Gourdon, W. See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book
3 : Appendix i.

Gourraigne, L. G. See Bouillet.

Gouy, E. See France, B, b : Appendix 2.

" Governor Ready," Ship. See Wilson,

T. B.
Gowan, Lieut.-Col. W. E. The Trans-

caspian Railway, its Meaning and its
Future. Translated and Condensed from
the Russian of I. Y. Vatslik. (From the
J. United Service I. of India, Vol. 18,
No. 75. Simla, 1889.) 4* 1889

See Kuropatkin, A. N.

Gowen, J. R, Hints on Emigration to
the New Settlement on the Swan and
Canning Rivers, on the West Coast of
Australia. Map and plate. 8* 1829

Gowing, Lionel F. Five Thousand Miles
in a Sledge, a Mid-Winter Journey
across Siberia. Map and illustrations.
8 1889

Goyer, Pierre de. See Nieuhoff; also
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 5 : Appen-
dix i.

Graaf, de. See Burney, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix i.

Graaf, N. See Allgemeine Historic, Vol.
10 : Appendix I.

Graah, W. A. Undersogelses-Reise til
Ostkysten af Grondland, efter Kongelig
Befaling uclfort i Aarene 1828-31. Plates.
4 Copenhagen, 1832

Narrative of an Expedition to the East

Coast of Greenland, sent by Order of the
King of Denmark, in Search of the Lost
Colonies. Translated from the Danish
by G. Gordon M'Dougall, for the Royal
Geographical Society of London. Map. 8
o ' '867

Graberg da Hemso, Count J. G. Annali
di Geografia e cli Statistica. 2 vols.
Maps. 8, Genoa, 1802

Lemons Elementaires deCosmographie,

de Geographic, et de Statistique. 12

Genoa, 1813

Scandinavie vengee de 1'accusation

d'avoir produit les Peuples barbares qui
detruisirent 1'Empire de Rome. 8 Q

Lyons, 1822

Notice Biographique, par L. J. E. G.
1 8* Florence, 1831

Das Sultanat Mogh'rib-ul-Aksa, oder

Kaiserreich Marokko ; in Bezug auf
Landes- Volks- uncl Staats-Kuncle besch-
rieben. 8 Stuttgart, 1833

Specchio Geografico e Statistico dell'

Iinpero di Marocco. Plates. 8

Genoa, 1834

Degli ultimi Progress! della Geografia.

8* Milan, 1839

Nota conccrnenta la Carta Nautica del

Genovese Becario, fatta nell' anno 1435-
Map. 1 6 Florence, N.n.

See Rafn.

Grabham, Michael C. The Climate and
Resources of Madeira as regarding chiefly
the necessities of Consumption and the
Welfare of Invalids. Map and plate.
8 1870

i go


Grablovitz, Giulio. Sulle osservazione
mareografiche in Italia e specialmente
su quelle fatti ad Ischia. 8* Genoa, 1893
Grac.a, Francisco Calheiros da. Memoire
sur 1'origine ct la cause de 1'echauffement
des eaux du Gulf Stream. Traduction
par Desire Mouren. Small 8*

A' i<} de Janeiro, 1875

- Memoria sobre a Determinacao das
Linhas Magneticasdo Brazil. 8*

Rio de Janeiro, 1882

Estudos sobre a Barra de I aguna,
Marco de 1882. 2nd edition. 8*

Rio de Janeiro, 1883

Grad, A. Charles. I.' Australia Interieure :
Explorations et Voyages a travers le
Continent Australien, 1860-62. Map.
8 Paris, 1864

Grad, C. Resultats Scientifiques des Ex-
plorations de 1'Ocean Glacial a 1'Est de
Spitzbergen en 1871. Map. 8*

Paris, 1873

Graf, Prof. J. H. Die kartographischen
Bestrebungen Johann Rudolf Meyers
von Aarau, und andere zeitgenossische
Versuche einer Vcrmessung der Schweiz.
8* Berne, 1883

Einige bernische Pioniere der Alpen-

kunde aus dem XVI. bis XVIII. Jahr-
hundert. 8* Bertie, 1891

Notice sur la plus ancienne carte
connue du Pays de Neuchatel. Map.
8* Neuchatel, 1892

Beitrage zur Topographic und Geo-
graphic der Schweiz. 8* Berne, 1893

Die Karte von Gyger und Haller aus

dem Jahre 1620. 8* Berne, 1893

Die Einfiihrung der Stundenzonenzeit
und ihre Bedeutung fiir Handel, Verkehr
und das biirgerliche Leben Schweiz.
8* N.D.

See Switzerland, A (Bibl. Nat.

Suisse) : Appendix 2.

Graham, Alexander, and H. S. Ashbee.
Travels in Tunisia ; with a Glossary, a
Map, a Bibliography, and fifty illustra-
tions. Large 8 1887

Graham, C. C. Additional Inscriptions
from the Hauran and the Eastern Desert
of Syria. Edited, with a Preface and
Notes, by John Hogg. 8* 1859

Graham, Major D. C. Statistical Re-
port on the Principality of Kolhapoor ;
to which are appended Extracts from
brief Notes relative to Kolhapoor and
its independent Jageerdars, by Major G.
Malcolm ; together with copies of the
Treaties, &c., entered into between the
Hon. East India Company and the
Kolhapoor State, between 1766 and
1829. Edited by R. Hughes Thomas.
Maps, plates, facsimiles, and tables.
[From the India Records, No. 8.] 8

Bombay, 1854

Graham, Major D. C. Historical Sketch
of the Bheel Tribes inhabiting the Pro-
vince of Khandesh ; accompanied by an
Outline down to 1843, with continuation
from 1843 to ^55, by Capt. J. Rose.
Compiled and edited by R. II. Thomas.
Map. [From the India Records, No. 26.]
8 Bombay, 1856

Glimpses of Abyssinia ; or, Extracts
from Letters written while on a Mission
from the Government of India to the
King of Abyssinia in the years 1841,
1842, and 1843. Edited by his sister
Anna, Lady Erskine. I2 U 1867

Graham, Lieut.-Col. J. D. Observations
of the Magnetic Dip, at several posi-
tions, chiefly on the South-Western, the
North-Eastern, and Northern Frontiers
of the United States, and of the Magnetic
Declination at two positions on the River
Sabine, made in 1840, 1842-45. 4*

Philadelphia, 1846

Report on the Harbours of Lake
Michigan. 8 Washington, 1857

Report on the Harbours, &c. , in

Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michi-
gan. 8 Washington, 1857

A Lunar Tidal Wave in Lake Michi-
gan Demonstrated. Plates. 8*

Philadclpliia, 1860

Report on the Improvement of the
Harbours of Lakes Michigan, St Clair,
Erie, Ontario, and Champlain, 1860.
8 Washington, 1860

Reports in Relation to the Intersection
of the Boundary Lines of the States of
Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware,
being a portion of Mason and Dixon's
Line. Map. 8 Washington, 1860

See Peirce, B.

Graham, Maria. Journal of a Voyage to
Brazil, and Residence there, during part
of the years 1821, '22, '23. Plates. 4


Journal of a Residence in Chile during

1822, and a Voyage from Chile to Brazil
in 1823. Plates. 4 1824

Graham, Lieut. S. L. See United States,
E, a (No. 86) : Appendix 2.

Graham, William. The Jordan and the
Rhine, or the East and the West : being
the Result of Five Years Residence in
Syria, and Five Years Residence in Ger-
many. 8 1854

Graham, William. See Phillips [3], Vol.
3 : Appendix I.

Graham, W. W. Up the Himalayas :
Mountaineering on the Indian Alps.
[Three Papers from Good Words. ] Illus-
trations. 8* N.u.

Gramaye, J. B. Republica Namurcensis
Hannonise et Lutsenburgensis. 18

Amsterdam, 1634

See Purchas, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.



Grambcheffsky, Colonel. Su Grom-

Grammont, Lucien de. Onze Mois de
Sous- Prefecture en Basse-Cochinchine,
contenant en outre une Notice sur la
langue Cochinchinoise, des Phrases
usuelles Francaises-Annamites, c. Map.
8 , Napoleon- Vendee, ,1863

Grand, Emile. Defense et Occupation de
la Colonie d'Alger. Map. 8

Toulon, 1837

Grandidier, Alfred. Histoire Physique,
Naturclle, et Politique de Madagascar.
Vol. I Geographic Physique et Astro-
nomique. Atlas. i re partie. 8 e fasci-
cule. 4 Paris, 1878

Histoire de la Geographic de Mada-
gascar. (Deuxieme tirage, revu et aug-
mente en 1892.) Map. 4" Paris, 1885

Granel, Joaquin. Discursos pronunciados
en el Senado Argentine en la discussion
del Proyecto para fijar la Capital de la
Nacion. 8* Buenos Ay res, 1867

Granger, . A Journey through Egypt.
Translated by J. R. Forster. 8 1773

Granmont, . Sec Burney, Vol. 4 : Ap-
pendix I.

Grant, Charles, Viscount de Vaux. The
History of Mauritius, or the Isle of France,
and the Neighbouring Islands, from their
First Discovery to the Present Time,
composed principally from the Papers
and Memoirs of Baron Grant, &c. Maps.
4 1801

Grant, C. The Gazetteer of the Central
Provinces of India. 2nd edition. Map.
8 U Nagpur, 1870

Grant, C. Mitchell. The Gold Mines of
Oriental Siberia. 8* [1870]

Grant, Charles Scovell. West African
Hygiene, or Hints on the Preservation of
Health and the Treatment of Tropical
Diseases, more especially on the West
Coast of Africa. 2nd edition. 12 1884

Grant, Lieut. -Col. C. W. Indian Irri-
gation : being a short Description of
the System of Artificial Irrigation and
Canal Navigation in India. 8* 1854

See India, C, Geological Papers :

Appendix 2.

Grant, J. See Eyries, Vol. 4: Appendix i.

Grant, Col. James Augustus. A Walk
across Africa, or Domestic Scenes from
my Nile Journal. 8 1864

An African Explorer: the late Colonel
J. A. Grant, C.B. (From Blackwoott 's
Magazine, April 1892.) 8* 1892

See Nicholls, K. ; Nardi; Speke;


Grant, Robert. See Johnston, A. K.

Granville, A. B. St Petersburg : Travels
to and from that Capital, through
Flanders, &c. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
8 1828

Gras, A. le. Manuel tie la Navigation
dans la Mer Adriatique, d'apres Marieni,
Beautemps-Beaupre,&c., et lesdocuments
les plus recents. Map and plates. 8

Paris, 1855

Sailing Directions for the Dardanelles,
the Sea of Marmora, and the Bosphorus.
8 1855

Rentier de 1'Australie : Instructions

pour Naviguer, sur la Cote Sucl et Est,
detroit de Torres et Mer de Corail.
Traduit et annote d'apres les travaux
hydrographiques les plus recents. 2 vols.
Map. 8 Paris, 1855-61

Phares des Mers du Globe, d'apres les

Documents Francais et Etrangers. 8

Paris, 1856

Supplement au Livre des Phares.
Etat general des Phares allumes ou
modifies depuis la Publication du Livre
des Phares. Corrige 1857. 8

Paris, 1857

Renseignements Hydrographiques sur
les lies Formose et Lou-Tchou, la Coree,
la Mer du Japon, les lies du Japon (Ports
d'Hakodadi, Nangasaki, Simoda et Yedo),
et la Mer d'Okhotsk. 8 Paris, 1859

Phares de la Mer du Nord (Belgique,

Holland, Hanovre, Danemark, Norvege),
la Mer Baltique (Prusse, Russie, Suede),

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