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vols. in 5. 4 Paris, 1756-58

See Pinkerton, Vol. u : Appendix I.

Guigniaut, J. D. De 1'Etude de la
Geographic en General et Historique en
Particulier. 8* Paris, 1836

Guilbert, Abb6. Description Historique
des Chateau, Bourg,et Forets de Fontaine-
bleau. 2 vols. Small 8 Paris, 1731

Guillain, . Documents sur 1'IIistoire, la
Geographic, et le Commerce de la partie
occidentale de Madagascar. Map. 8
Paris, 1845

Guillain, . Documents sur 1'IIistoire, la
Geographic, et le Commerce I'Afrique
Orientale. Expose Critique des diverges
notions acquises sur I'Afrique Orientale
depuis les temps les plus recules jusqu' a
nos jours. Relation du Voyage d'Ex-
ploration a la Cote Orientale d Afrique,
execute pendant les annees 1846, 1847,
et 1848, par le brick " Le Ducouedic."
3 vols. 8, and Atlas folio Paris, N.n.

Guillaume, H. The Amazon Provinces
of Peru as a Field for European Emigra-
tion : a Statistical and Geographical
Review of the Country and its Resources,
including the Gold and Silver Mines ;
together with a mass of Useful and
Valuable Information. Map and illus-
trations. Crown 8 1888

Guillemard, Dr F. H. H. The Cruise
of the "Marchesa" to Kamschatka and
New Guinea, with Notices of P'ormosa,
Liu- Kin, and various Islands of the Malay
Archipelago. 2 vols. Maps and illus-
trations. 8 1886

The Life of Ferdinand Magellan, and

the first Circumnavigation of the Globe,
1 480- 1521. Portrait, maps, and illustra-
tions. Crown 8 1890

Guillemine, C. Notice sur M. de Com-
piegne. , 8* Cairo, 1877

Guimet, Emile. Promenades Japonaises.
Dessins d'apres nature par Felix Regamey.
2 vols. Illustrations. 4 Paris, 1878-80

Guiral, Leon. Le Congo Francais du
Gabon a Brazzaville. Map and illustra-
tions. 12 Paris, 1889

Gulbenkian, Calouste S. La Transcau-
casie et la Peninsule d'Apcheron : Sou-
venirs de Voyage. Maps. 12 Paris, 1891

La Peninsule d'Apcheron et le Petrole

Russe. (From Revue des Deux Mondes,
15 May 1891.) 8* Paris, 1891

Guldberg, C. M., and H. Mohn.
Etudes sur les Mouvements de 1'Atmo-
sphere. Premiere partie. Plates. 4
C/trisliania, 1876

The same. Dcuxieme Partie. Plates.

4 Christ iania, 1880

Gumaelius, O. Sec Sweden, A : Appen-
dix 2.

Giimbel, C. W. Geognostische Beschrei-
bung des Ost-bayerischen Grenzge-
birges, oder des Bayerischen und Ober-
pfalzer Waldgebirges. Map and plates.
8 Gotha, 1868

- Vorlaufige Mittheilungen iiber Tief-
seeschlamm. 8* N.P. , 1870

Die geognostische Durchforschung

Bayerns. 4* Munich, 1877

-. See Switzerland, B : Appendix 2.

Gumpach, Johannes von. Letter to
Norton Shaw, Esq., M.D., on the
Subject of the True Figure and Dimen-
sions of the Earth. 8*

Privately printed, Guernsey, 1862



Gumpach. Johannes von. The True
Figure and Dimensions of the Earth,
newly determined from the Results of
Geodetic Measurements and Pendulum
Observations. ... In a Letter to G. B.
Airy, Astronomer Royal. Diagrams. 8


Gumprecht, Otto. Der mittlere Isonzo
und sein Verhaltniss zum Natisone.
Ein Beitrag zur Losung der Frage nach
clem Alter des Isonzosystems. Map and
profile. 8* Leipzig, 1886

Gumprecht, T. E. Earth und Overwegs

Untersuchungsreise nach clem Tschad-

see und in das Innere Africa. Maps.

Royal 8 Berlin, 1852

See Stein and Horschelmann.

Gunion, R. H. See India, B : Appendix 2.

Gunnlaug, Bjorn, junior. De Mensura
et delineatione Islandke interioris, cura
Societatis Litterarite Islandioe his tem-
porihus facienda. 12* Bessattadd, 1834

Giinther, A. See " Erebus;" also United
Kingdom, H, "Challenger": Appen-
dix 2.

Giinther, Dr Siegmund. Lehrbuch der
Geophysik und Physikalischen Geo-
graphic. 2 vols. in I. 8

Stuttgart, 1884-85

- Ilandbuch der Mathematischen Geo-
graphic (Bibliothek Geographischer
Handbiicher herausgegeben von Prof. Dr
Friedrich Ratzel.) J/lustrations. 8

Stuttgart, 1890

Johannes Kepler und der lellurisch-

kosmischeMagnetismus. (Penck'sGeogr.
Abhandlungen. Band 3, Heft 2.)
Figures. I^arge 8* Vienna, 1888

- Lehrbuch der physikalischen Geo-
graphic. Plates, &c. 8 Stuttgart, 1891

Luftdruckschwankungen in ihrem

Einflusse auf die festen und fliissigen
Bestandtheile der Erdoberflache. Dia-
grams. 8 i 894
Guppy, H. B. The Solomon Islands and
their Natives. Map and illustrations.
Large 8 1887

- The Solomon Islands, their Geology,
General Features, and Suitability for
Colonization. Maps. Large 8 1887

Gurley, R. R. Address on African
Colonization. 8* I'hiladelphia, 1839

- Report to the Secretary of State of
the United States of Information in
respect to Liberia. Map and plates. 8*

Washington, 1850

Gurney, Anna. Extracts from the Kongs-
skugg-sio, or Speculum Regale. Trans-
lated by Anne Gurney. 8*

[Norwich] N.D.

Gurney, Henry, and C. H. Allen.
Tri|x>li, Tunis, Algeria, and Morocco:
Report to the Committee of the British
and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. 8*


Gurney, John Henry. A List of the
Diurnal Birds of Prey, with References
and Annotations ; also a Record of
Specimens preserved in the Norfolk and
Norwich Museum. 8 1884

Gurney, Matthew. See Hakluyt, Vol.
2 : Appendix I.

Gusman, Nunno di. See Purchas, Vol.
4, BookS ; Ramusio, Vol. 3: Appendix I.

Giissfeldt, Dr Paul. Bericht iiber eine
Reise in den Centralen Chileno-Argen-
tinischen Andes. Large 8* Berlin, 1884

Guthe, H. Lehrbuch der Geographic.
4th edition [by Hermann Wagner]. 8
Hanover, 1879

Guthrie, Mrs Maria. Tour performed in
the years 1795-96 through the Tauricla or
Crimea, the antient kingdom of Bos-
phorus, the once powerful Republic of
Tauric Cherson, and all the other Coun-
tries on the North Shore of the Euxine,
ceded to Russia by the Peace of Kainardgi
and Jassy. Maps and plates. 4 1802

Guthrie, Mrs. Through Russia, from St
Petersburg to Astrakhan and the Crimea.
2 vols. 8 1874

Guthrie, William. New System of
Modern Geography, or a Geographical,
Historical, and Commercial Grammar,
and Present State of the several Kingdoms
of the World ; the Astronomical part by
J. Ferguson. 4 1788

Geographical, Historical, and Com-
mercial Grammar, and Present State of
the several Kingdoms of the World ;
with a Geographical Index, &c. Maps.
8 1808

Compendio di Geografia Universale,
Ragionata, Storica, e Commerciale.
Maps. 8 Milan, 1810

Gutierrez, Donate. El Algodonero. 8*
Mexico, 1885

Gutierrez, J. M. See Azara.

Gutierrez, J. P. Memorias Historico-
politicas del Jeneral. Vol. I. 8

Bogota, 1865

Gutuere. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix i.

Gutzlaff, Charles. Sketch of Chinese
History, Ancient and Modern, com-
prising a Retrospect of the Foreign
Intercourse and Trade with China.
2 vols. Map and tables. 8 1 834

China Opened, or a Display of the
Topography, History, Customs, &c., of
the Chinese Empire. Revised by A.
Reed. 2 vols. Map. 12 1838

and Peter du Ponceau. Two
Letters on the Chinese System of Writ-
ing. 4* Philadelphia, 1840
Guy, Lieut. See Jones, F.
Guyot, Arnold. A Collection of Meteoro-
logical Tables, with other Tables useful
in Practical Meteorology. 8

Washington, 1852



Guyot, Arnold. Tables, Meteorological
and Physical. 8 Washington, 1858
Ditto, 4th edition. Edited by William
Libbey, jr. 8 Washington, 1884

The Earth and Man, or Physical

Geography in its Relation to the History
of Mankind. Abridged.] 5th edition,
1860; and 6th edition, 1863. 8

On the Appalachian Mountain System.
(From the American Journal of Science,
Vol. 31, March 1861.) Map. 8*

New Haven, Conn., 1861

Geographic Physique Comparee, con-

sideree dans ses Rapports avec 1'Histoire
de 1'Humanite. Maps. 12 Paris, 1888

See Faure.

Guyot, Ducloz. See Burney, Vol. 5 :
Appendix I.

Guzman, Alonzo Enriquez de. See
Ilakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 29: Appendix I.

Guzman, David J. Apuntamientos sobre
la Topografia Fisica de la Republica del
Salvador, comprendiendo ; su Historia
Natural, sus Producciones, Industria,
Comercio e Inmigracion, Climas, Esta-
distica, &c. 8 San Salvador, 1883

Guzman, Dr Gustave E. See Guatemala :
Appendix 2.

Guzman, P. Luis. Historia de las Missiones
que han hecho los Religiosos de la Com-
paiiia de Jesus, en la India Oriental, y
en los Reynos de la China y Japon. 2
vols. Folio Alcala, 1601

Guzman, Ruiz Diaz. Historia de las
Provincias del Rio de la Plata. Map.
Folio. MS. 1612

Gyatsho, Lama Scrap. See India, F, c :
Appendix 2.

Gylden, H. Untersuchungen itber die
Constitution der Atmosphare und die
Strahlenbrechung in derselben. 4*

St Petersburg, 1866

Astronomiska lakttagelser och Under -
sokningar antstalda pa Stockholm's Ob-
servatorium. Vol. I. Nos. I and 2. 8*

Stockholm, 1876, 1880
Gyllius, Petrus. P. Gyllii de Constan-
tinopoleos Topographia lib IV. 16

Leyden, 1632

Gyory, Sandor. A Hangrendozer Kis-
zamitasarol es Zongorak Hangolasarol
Merseklet nelkiil tiszta Viszonyok
szerint. 4 Budapest, 1858


H , T. A Short Way to Know the

World, or the Rudiments of Geography.
By T. H. Frontispiece. 12 1712

Haacke, Dr Wilhelm. Bioekognphk

Museenpflege und Kolonialthierkundc,
Drei Abhandlungen verwandten Inhalts
nebst einer Finleitung in die Biographic
der Organismen. 8 Jena, 1886

Haafner, J. Travels on Foot through the
Island of Ceylon. Translated from the
Dutch. Illustrations. 8 1821

See Phillips [3], Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Haas, H. See Schneider.

Haast, Sir Julius von. Report of a Topo-
graphical and Geological Exploration of
the Western Districts of the Nelson
Province, New Zealand. 8

Nelson, 1 86 1

Report on the Geological Survey of

the Province of Canterbury. Folio*

Christchurch, 1864

Report on the Formation of the

Canterbury Plains. Map and geological
sections. Folio* Christchurch, 1864

Report on the Headwaters of the

River Waitaki. 4* Christchurch [1865]

Report on the Headwaters of the

River Rakan. Maps and plates. Folio*
Christchurch, 1866

Moas and Moa Hunters. Small 8*

Christclnu-ch, 1871

Researches and Excavations carried

on in and near the Moa Bone Point
Cave, Sumner Road, in the year 1872.
Small 8* Christchurch, 1874

Geology of the Provinces of Canter-
bury and Westland, New Zealand. Maps
and plates. 8 Christchurch, 1879

The Progress of Geology. 8*

Dunedin, 1883

Humanism and Realism in their Re-
lation to Higher Education. 8*

Dunedin, 1883

In Memoriam : Ferdinand R. Von

Hochstetter. Portraits. Large 8*

Christchurch, 1884

Habenicht, H. Die Spuren der Schopf-
ungsperioden in der Oberflachengestal-
tung der Erde, und daraus abgeleitete
Katastrophentheorie. Map and photo-
graphs. 8* Gotha, 1875

Einige Gedanken liber die haupt-

sachlichsten recenten Veranderungen
der Erdoberflache. 8* Gotha, 1882

Vorschlag zur Erlangung exakter

Positionen in Inner-Afrika. (From
Ausland, Nr. 9, 1885.) 4* 1885

Ueber das Woher und Wohin des

gegenwartigen geophysischen Zusstandes.
Map. 8* Vienna, 1888

Das seismische Problem. Map.

Large 8* Vienna, 1889

- Haufigkcit der Eisberge im Golf-
strome und Klimaschwankungen. 4*


Habersham, A. W. My Last Cruise ;
or, Where we Went, and What we Saw :
being an Account of Visits to the Malay
and Loo-Choo Islands, the Coasts of
China, Formosa, Japan, Kamlschatka,
Siberia, and the Mouth of the Ampor
River. Plates. 8 U Philadelphia, 1857


Hacke, William. Collection of Original
Voyages. [For full Title and Contents,
see Appendix I.]

Hacker, B. Wegweiser oder kurze
Erklarung der Merkwiirdigkeiten und
mahlerischen Ansichten in der Stadt
Salzburg und der Umgebung. 3rd edi-
tion. 12* Salzburg, 1830
Hadfield, William. Brazil, the River
Plate, and the Falkland Islands ; with
the Cape Horn Route to Australia ; in-
cluding Notices of Lisbon, Madeira, the
Canaries, and Cape Verds. Woodcuts.
8 1854
Haeckel, Prof. Ernst. A Visit to Ceylon.
Translated by Clara Bell. Small 8 1883

Indische Reisebriefe. 3rd edition.

Illustrations. 8 Berlin, 1893

Haefkens, J. Reize naar Guatemala.
Plates The Hague, 1827

Centraal Amerika, uit een Geschied-
kundig, Aardrijkskundig en Statistiek
Oogpunt beschouwd. Maps and plates.
8 Dordrecht, 1832

Haensel, John Gottfried. Letters on
the Nicobar Islands, their Natural Pro-
ductions, and the Manners, Customs,
and Superstitions of the Natives. 8*


Hafiz (the Persian Poet). See Nott.

Haga, A. Nederlandsch Nieuw Guinea

en de Papoesche Eilanden. Historische

Bijdrage, 1500-1883. 2 vols. Map. 8

Batavia, 1884

Hage, C., and H. Tegner. Ueber die
Bedingungen eines Handelsverkehrs
mit dem westlichen Sibirien. Bericht
iiber eine Spezial-Untersuchungs-Reise.
Aus dem Danischen iibersetzt von Dr
Richard Lehmann. Map. Small 8*

Halle, 1 88 1

Hagemeister, Jules de. Commerce of
New Russia, Moldavia, and Wallachia.
Translated by Triebner. Map and tables.
8 1836

Essai sur les Ressources Territoriales
et Commerciales de 1'Asie Occidentale,
le Caractere des Habitans, &c. 8

St Petersburg, 1839

See Baer and Helmersen, 3.

Hager, Carl. Die Marshall-Inseln in
Erd- und Volkerkunde, Handel und
Mission. Mit einem Anhang, Die
Gilbert-Inseln. Map. 8 Leipzig, 1886

Kaiser Wilhelms-Land und der Bis-

marck-Archipel. Maps and illustrations.
Crown 8 Leipzig [1886]

Hagerty, Frank H. The Territory of
Dakota : The State of North Dakota ;
the State of South Dakota ; an Official
Statistical, Historical, and Political Ab-
stract ; Agricultural, Mineral, Commer-
cial, Manufacturing, Educational, Social,
and General Statements. 8

Aberdeen, S.D., 1889

Haggenmacher, G. A. Reise im Somali-

Lande, 1874. (Erganzungsheft, 47

Petermann's Mittheilungen. ) Map. 4

Got ha, 1876

Hague, Arnold. See United States,
G, c ; H, a : Appendix 2.

Hahn, C. Aus dem Kaukasus : Reisen
und Studien : Beitrage zur Kenntnis des
Landes. 8 Leipzig, 1892

Hahn, Prof. F. G. Untersuchungen iiber
das Aufsteigen und Sinken der Kiisten.
8 Leipzig, 1879

Insel-Studien. Versuch einer auf
biographische und geologische Verhalt-
nisse gegriindeten Eintheilung der
Inseln. Map. 8 Leipzig, 1883

See Kirchhoff; Levasseur; also Ger-
many, C (Forschungen, &c. , Vol. i):
Appendix 2.

Hahn, T. Die Sprache der Nama. 8*

Leipzig, 1870
Hahnzog, A. G. Lehrbuch der Militar-

Geographie von Europa. 2 vols. in i.

12 Magdeburg, 1820

Hahn-Hahn, Countess Ida. Travels in
Turkey, the Holy Land, and Egypt.
Translated from the German. Royal 8


Haidinger, W. Bericht liber die geo-
gnostische Uebersichts-Karte der Oes-
terreichischen Monarchic. 8*

Vienna, 1847

[Preface to.] Die Geologische Ueber-
sichtskarte des mittleren Thieles von
Slid-America. See Foetterle.

Considerations on the Phenomena

attending the Fall of Meteorites on
the Earth. Translated by Marshall.
8* 1861

See Becker ; Hauer.

Haiens, de la. See De la Haiens.

Haig, General F. T. Report on the
Navigation of the Godavery, 1854; with
the Remarks of the Board of Public
Works thereon, and a Memorandum
by G. P. Tuke. Map. Royal 8

Madras, 1857

- Report of a Journey to the Red Sea
Ports, Somali-Land, and Southern and
Eastern Arabia. 8 [1887]

Haigh, S. Sketches of Buenos Ayres,
Chili, and Peru. Map. 8 1831

Hain, Victor-Armand. A la Nation sur
Alger. 8 Paris, 1832

Haines, C. R. Gordon's Death : What
is the Truth? (From The United Service
Magazine.) 8* 1890

Haitho, Prince (Ayton or Hayton, or
Anthonie of Armenia). See Kerr, Vol.
I ; Purchas, Vol. 3, Book I ; Ramusio,
Vol. 2 : Appendix I.


Hake, A. Egmont. Events in the Taiping
Rebellion : l>eing Reprints of MS. copied
by General Gordon, in his own hand-
writing ; with Monograph, Introduction,
and Notes. Portrait and map. 8 1891

Hakewill, J. A Picturesque Tour of
Italy, from Drawings made in 1816-17.
Plates. Folio 1820

Hakluyt, Richard. The Principal Navi-
gations, Voyages, Tramques, and Dis-
coveries of the English Nation. 5 vols.
[For Title and Contents, see Appendix I.]

Hakluyt Society Publications. Volumes
I to 87, from 1847 to '893. [For Contents
of volumes, see Appendix I.]

H. A. L., the "Old Shekarry." See

Haldane, R. C. Subtropical Cultivations
and Climates : a Handy Book for
Planters, Colonists, and Settlers. Illus-
trations. 8 1886

Haldeman, S. S. Report on the Present
State of our Knowledge of Linguistic
Ethnology, 1856. 8* Washington, 1856

Investigation of the Power of the
Greek Z by means of Phonetic Laws.
8* N.P., N.D.

On the Relations between Chinese
and the Indo-European Languages. 8*

Cambridge, Mass., 1857

Analytic Orthography : an Investiga-
tion of the Sounds of the Voice and their
Alphabetical Notation, including the
Mechanism of Speech and its bearing
upon Etymology. 4 Philadelphia, 1860

Hale, Horatio. Migrations in the Pacific
Ocean. From the Volume on the Eth-
nography and Philology of the U. S.
Exploring Expedition under Charles
Wilkes. Maps. 8* 1846

See Wilkes.

Hale, Col. Lonsdale. Analytical Index
to Major Clarke's Authorised Translation
of " The Franco-German War, 1870-71."
8* 1890

Halfeld, H. G. F., and J. J. vonTschudi.
Die Brasilianische Provinz Minas Geraes.
(Erganzungsheft, 9 Petermann's Mit-
theilungen.) Map. 4 Gotha, 1862

Halford, George Britton. Not like Man,

Bimanous and Biped, nor yet Quadru-

manous, but Cheiropodous. Plates. 8*

Melbourne, 1863

Haliburton, R. G. The Dwarfs of Mount
Atlas : Statements of Natives of Morocco
and of European Residents there as to
the existence of a Dwarf Race south of
the Great Atlas ; with Notes as to Dwarfs
and Dwarf Worship. 8* 1891

Racial Dwarfs in the Atlas and the
Pyrenees. (Reprinted from the Imperial
and Asiatic Quarterly Review.) 8* 1893
- The Holy Land of Punt. (Reprinted
from the Academy, 8th July 1893.) 8*


Hall, Rev. Alfred J. A Grammar of
the Rwaguitl Language. From the
Transactions of the Royal Society of
Canada. Vol. 6, section 2, 1888. 4*

Montreal, 1889

Hall, Capt. Basil. Account of a Voyage
of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea,
and the Great Loo-Choo Island ; with a
Vocabulary of the Loo-Choo Language,
by H. J. Clifford. Maps and plates. 4


- Extracts from a Journal written on
the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico in
1820-22. 2 vols. Map. 8

Edinburgh, 1825

- Travels in North America in 1827-28.
3 vols. Maps. 8 Edinburgh, 1829

Schloss Hainfeld, or a Winter in
Lower Styria. 8 1836

- Fragments of Voyages and Travels.
Royal 8 1852

Hall, Charles Francis. Life with the
Esquimaux, &c. 2 vols. Maps and
plates 1864

Narrative of the Second Arctic
Expedition made by Charles F. Hall,
his Voyage to Repulse Bay, Sledge
Journeys to the Straits of Fury and
Hecla and to King William's Land,
and Residence among the Eskimos during
the years 1864-69. Edited by Professor
J. E. Nourse. Photograph, plates, maps,
and map in pocket. 4 Washington, 1879

See MacClintock, Sir F. L. ; also
" Polaris."

Hall, Col. Francis. Colombia, in its
Present State in respect of Climate,
Soil, &c. Map. 8 1827

Hall, C. G. Strode. Report on the
Mai Cussa. Map. Folio*

[Brisbane} 1888

Hall, Edward H. The Great West:
Travellers', Miners', and Emigrants'
Guide and I land-Book to the Western,
North-Western, and Pacific States and
Territories ; with . . . complete Tables
of Distances across the American Con-
tinent. Map. 8 1867

Hall, E. S. See Whiting.

Hall, Henry. Manual of South African
Geography. Map. 12 Cape Town, 1859

Hall, Henry. See United States, A
(Tenth Census, Vols. 8 and 22) : Ap-
pendix 2.

Hall, James. Contributions to the Pal-
aeontology of New York, being some of
the Results of Investigations made
during 1855-58. Woodcuts. 8*

New York, 1858

Maps and Plates of the Geological
Sections of the United States of America.
4* New York, N.D.

- See United States, H, a (Prof.
Papers) : Appendix 2.



Hall, James, and J. D.Whitney. Report
on the Geological Survey of the State of
Iowa, embracing the Results of Investiga-
tions made during 1855-57. Vol. I, Part
I, Geology; Part 2, Paleontology. 2vols.
Maps and plates. Royal 8 1858

Hall, James. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ.,

Vol. 5 : Appendix I.
Hall, John. See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book

4 : Appendix I.
Hall, John. Proposed Settlement of Prince

Albert Land. Map. 8 Melbourne, 1862

Hall, Maxwell. Observations made on
the Blue Mountain Peak. 4* [1887]

The Jamaica Rainfall from 1870 to

1889. Supplement to the Jamaica
Gazette of 2ist January 1892. Folio*.

Hall, S. C., and Mrs Hall. Ireland, its
Scenery, Character, &c. Vols. I and 3.
Maps and plates. Imp. 8 N.D.

Hall, Admiral Sir W. H. Narrative of
the Voyages and Services of the
" Nemesis," from 1840 to 1843 '> an d
of the Combined Naval and Military
Operations in China, comprising a Com-
plete Account of the Colony of Hong
Kong, and Remarks on the Character
and Habits of the Chinese ; with Per-
sonal Observations by W. D. Bernard.
2 vols. Maps and plates. 8 1844

A few Remarks relative to the Slave
Trade on the East Coast of Africa.
Extracted from the Voyage of the
"Nemesis." 8* N.D.

Our National Defences. Map. 8* 1876

andW. D. Bernard. The "Nemesis"
in China, comprising a History of the
late War in that Country, with an
Account of the Colony of Hong Kong.
Maps and plates. 8 U 1844

Hallberg, Baron von. See Phillips [3],
Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Hallett, Holt S. Address of Mr Holt
S. Hallett, upon New Markets and
Extension of Railways in India and
Burmah. 8* 1887

- Address of Mr Holt S. Hallett, upon
Burmah, our Gate to the Markets of
Western and Central China, treating
with the Proposed Connection of Burmah
with China by Railway. Delivered be-
fore the Birmingham Chamber of Com-
merce on the 26th May 1887. 8* 1887

A Thousand Miles on an Elephant in

the Shan States. Maps and illustrations.


See Colquhoun.

Halley, Edmund, his Life and Work. 8*


See Frezier ; also Burney, Vol. 4 :
Appendix i.

Halloran, Alfred Laurence. Wae Yang
Jin. Eight Months' Journal kept on
Board one of Her Majesty's Sloops of
War during Visits to Loochoo, Japan,
and Pootoo. Plates. 8 1856

Halloy, J. J. D'Omalius d'. Elements
de Geologic, ou Seconde Partie des
Elements d'Inorganomie particuliere.
Maps and plates. 8 Paris, 1839

Coup d'CEil sur la Geologic de la
Belgique. Map. 8 Brussels, 1842

Des Races Humaines, ou Elements
d'Ethnographie. 8 Paris, 1845

Halls, J. J. See Pearce.

Haly, Lieut. -Col. R. H. O'Grady.
The Nile above the Second Cataract :
Precis of Information. Compiled in the
Intelligence Branch of the Quarter-
Master-General's Department. Part I.
Sarras to New Dongola ; Part 2. New
Dongola to Abn-Hamed and Khartum.
Maps. 8 1884

Hamel, H. See Astley, Vol. 4 ; Burney,
Vol. 3 ; Pinkerton, Vol. 7 ; Allgemeine
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Hamel, J. Tradescant der Aeltere 1618
in Russland. Map and portrait. 4 1847

Der Dodo, die Einsiedler, und der
erdichtete Nazarvogel. 8*

St Petersburg, 1848

England and Russia : comprising the

Voyages of John Tradescant the elder,
Sir Hugh Willoughby, Richard Chan-
cellor, Nelson, and others, to the White
Sea, &c. Translated by J. S. Leigh.
8 1854

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formation on Various Points connected
with his Highness the Imaum of Muskat,
and the Nature of his Relations with
the British Government, &c. (Bombay
Records, xxiv., N.S.) 8 Bombay, 1856
Treaties, Engagements, &c. , concluded
between Her Britannic Majesty and
His Highness the Imaum of Muskat,
and between the Hon. East India Com-
pany and His Highness, 179810 1846.
Treaty (concluded Sept. 1833) between
the United States of America and the
Imaum of Muskat.

Treaty (concluded I7th Nov. 1844) be-
tween the King of the French and the
Imaum of Muskat.

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Account of the East Indies. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1827
See Astley, Vol. 3 ; Allgemeine His-
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with the Coloured Races of Africa. 8


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every Kingdom, State, and Province in
the known World. With a table. 12
Leeds, 1839



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Sport in South-Eastern Africa. Edited
by F. G. H. Price. Plates. 8 1870

Oriental Zigzag, or Wanderings in

Syria, Moab, Abyssinia, and Egypt.
Plates. Small 8 1875

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of the Origin, Progress, and final Dis-
solution of the Government of the
Rohilla Afgans in the Northern Pro-
vinces of I lindostan. 8 1787

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the Shevaroy Hills. 8* Madras, 1862

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series. 8* Madras, 1864

Report on the High Ranges of the

Annamullay Mountains. 8* Madras, 1866

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