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Hamilton, Francis [formerly Buchanan'].
Journey from Madras, through the
Countries of Mysore, Canara, and
Malabar, for the express purpose of In-
vestigating the State of Agriculture,
Arts, Commerce, Religion, Manners,
Customs, History (Natural and Civil),
and Antiquities, in the Dominions of the
Rajah of Mysore, and the Countries
acquired by the Hon. East India Com-
pany from Tippoo Sultaun. 3 vols.
Plates. 4 1807

Account of the Kingdom of Nepal,
and of the Territories annexed to this
Dominion by the House of Gorkha.
Map and plates. 4 Edinburgh, 1819

See Eyries, Vol. 14 ; Pinkerton, Vol.
8 : Appendix i.

Hamilton, G. A Voyage round the World
in Her Majesty's frigate "Pandora," per-
formed under the direction of Captain
Edwards in the years 1790-92; with
the Discoveries made in the South Sea,
and the many Distresses experienced by
the Crew from Shipwreck and Famine,
in a Voyage of I,IOO miles in open boats
between Endeavour Straits and the
Island of Timor. 8 Berwick, 1 793

Hamilton, George. Experiences of a
Colonist Forty Years Ago : a Journey
from Port Phillip to South Australia in
1839, and a Voyage from Port Phillip to
Adelaide in 1846. By an Old Hand.
Illustrations. 8 U Adelaide, 1880

Hamilton, H. C. See Stralxx

Hamilton, James. Wanderings in North
Africa. Map and plates. 8 1856

Sinai, the Hedjaz, and Soudan :
Wanderings around the Birth-place of
the Prophet, and across the /Ethiopian
Desert from Sawakin to Chartum.
Maps. 8 1857

Hamilton, Walter. Geographical, Sta-
tistical, and Historical Description of

1 lindostan and the adjacent Countries.

2 vols. Map. 4 1820
- The East India Gazetteer. 2 vols.

Maps. 8" 1828

Hamilton, Rev. Wm. Letters concerning
the Northern Coast of the County of An-
trim, with the Antiquities, Manners, and
Customs of that Country. Map and
plates. 8 Dublin, 1790

Hamilton, Wm. Remarks on Several
Parts of Turkey. Part I. /Egyptiaca,
or some Account of the Antient and
Modern State of Egypt, as obtained in
1 801-2. 4 1809

See Pinkerton, Vol. 3 : Appendix i.
Hamilton, Win. John. Researches in Asia

Minor, Pontus, and Armenia, with some
Account of their Antiquities and Geology.
2 vols. Map and plates. 8 1842

Hamilton, W. R. No Mistake, or a Vin-
dication of the Negotiators of the Treaty
of 1783 respecting the North Eastern
Boundary of the United States. 8* 1842

Hamley, Colonel Charles. See Black-
wood, Vol. 4: Appendix i.

Hamley, W. G. A New Sea and an
Old Land, being Papers suggested by a
visit to Egypt at the end of 1869.
Plates. 8 1871

Hammard, C. F. E. Reise durch Ober-
schlesien zur Russisch-Kayserlichen
Armee nach der Ukraine. Vol. I. Maps.
8 Gotha, 1787

Hammer, de. See Recueil de Voy-
ages, Vol. 2, p. 611 : Appendix i.

Hammer, E. Ueber die geographisch-
wichtigsten Kartenprojektionen insbe-
sondere die zenitalen Entwiirfe nebst
Tafeln zur Verwandlung von geogra-
phischen Koordinaten in Azimutale.
Plates. 8 Stuttgart, 1889

Hammer-Purgstall, Freiherr J. von.
Denkmal auf das Grab der beyden letzten
Grafen von Purstall. Plans. 8

Vienna, 1821

Geographic von Arabien (Jahrbiicher
der Literatur). 8 Vienna, 1840

Abhandlung iiber die Siegel der
Araber, Perser, und Tiirken. Plate. 4*

Vienna, 1848

Bericht iiber die in den letzen vier
Jahren 1845 48 zu Conslantinopel ged-
ruckten und lithographirten Werken.
[In two pamphlets.] 8* Vienna, 1849

- Uebersicht der Literaturgeschichte
der Araber. 4* Vienna, 1850

- Ueber die Namen der Araber. 4*

Vienna, 1852

- Das Kamel. 4* Vienna, 1854

- Ueber die Arabische Geographic von
Spanien. 8* Vienna, 1854

Ueber die Arabischen Worter in

Spanischen. 8* Vienna, 1855

Geschichte Wassaf's. Persisch her-
ausgegeben und Deutsch iibersetzt.
Vol. i. 4 Vienna, 1856

See Evliya Effendi.



Hammer - Purgstall, Freiherr J. von.

Ueber die Menschenclasse, welche von
den Arabern " Schoubije " genannt
wird. 8* Vienna, N.D.

Hammond, H. W., and R. Spankie.
Reports on the Frequency of Suits for
Ouster. (Records, N.W. Provinces of
India, Part 25.) Large 8 Agra, 1856

Hamor, Ralph. See Purchas, Vol. 4,
Book 9 : Appendix i.

Hampton, . See Polybius.

Hamy, Dr E. T. La Mappemonde

d'Angelino Dulcert, de Majorque, 1339.

8* Paris, 1887

Note sur la Mappemonde de Diego

Ribero (1529), conservee au Musee de la

Propagande de Rome. 8* Paris, 1887

- Notice sur line Mappemonde Portu-

gai'se anonyme de 1502, recemmenl

decouverte a Londres. Maps. 8*

Paris, 1887
Note sur une Carte Marine inedite de

Giacomo Russo de Messine (1557). Map.
8* Paris, 1888

Les Origines de la Cartographic de
P Europe Septentrionale. Maps. 8*

Paris, 1889

Hanauer, Rev. J. E. See Lees, G. R.

Hanbury, B. See Waddington, G.

Hancock, John. Observations on the
Climate, Soil, and Production of British
Guiana, and on the Advantages of Emi-
gration to, and Colonising the Interior
of, that Country. 8* 1840

Hancock, J. On the Cause of the Appear-
ance commonly termed Heat Lightning,
and on certain Correlative Phenomena.
8* N.D.

Hancock, Wm. Notes on the Physical
Geography, Flora, Fauna, &c., of Nor-
thern Formosa, with Comparisons be-
tween that District and Hainan, and
other Parts of China. Map. 4*

[Tantui, 1882]

Hann, Prof. Julius J. Ueber die War-
meabnahme mil der Hohe im Asiatischen
Monsungebiet. 8* Vienna, 1873

- Ueber gewisse betrachtliche Unregel-
massigkeiten des Meeres-Niveaus. 8*

Vienna, 1875

Zur barometrischen Hohenmessung.

8* Vienna, 1876

Zur Meteorologie der Alpengipfel. 8*

Vienna, 1878

Untersuchungen iiber die Regen-

verhaltnisse von Oesterreich - Ungarn.
[Parts I and 2.] 8* Vienna, 1879, 1880

- Ueber den taglichen Gang einiger
meteorologischen Elemente in Wien
(Stadt). 8* 1881

- Ueber den taglichen Gang des Luft-
druckes, der Temperatur, der Feuchtig-
keit, Bewolkung und Windstarke auf den
Plateaux der Rocky Mountains. 8* 1881

Hann, Prof. Julius J. Ueber die Tem-
peratur der Stidlichen Hemisphere. 8*
Vienna, 1882

Handbuch der Klimatologie. Illus-
tration. 8 Stuttgart, 1883

Ueber die klimatischen Verhaltnisse

von Bosnien und der 1 1 erzegowina. 8

[Vienna} 1883
Einige Resultate aus Major von

Mechow's meteorologischen Beobach-
tungen im Innern von Angola. 8*

[Vienna} 1884

Beitrage /Air Kenntniss der Verthei-
lung des Luftdruckes auf der Erdol>er-
flache. Large 8* [Vienna} 1886

Bericht liber die Fortschritte der

geographischen Meteorologie. 8* [1888]
Resultate der meteorologischen Beo-

bachtungen der franzosischen Polar-
Expedition, 1882-83, am Cap Horn.
Maps. Folio* [Vienna, 1889]

- Temperatur-Mittel aus der Periode
1851-1885 fiir die osterreichischen Alpen
und deren Grenz gebiete. 4* N.P.,N.D.

Ueber die Luftfeuchtigkeit als kli-

matischer Factor. 8 [ Vienna, 1 889]

Zur Meteorologie des Sonnblickgipfels.

8* Vienna, 1889

Beitrage zur Arktischen Meteorologie.

Nach den ' ' Contributions to our Know-
ledge of the Meteorology of the Arctic
Regions ; " Part 4 and Part 5. London,
1885-1888. Large 8* [Vienna} 1889

Die meteorologischen Ergebnisse der

Lady Franklin Bay Expedition, 1881-83.
Large 8* [Vienna} 1890

Resultate der meteorologischen Beo-
bachtungen an der finnlandischen inter-
nationalen Polarstation in Sodankylae.
4 1890

Die Ergebnisse der danischen inter-
nationalen Polar- Expeditionen im Jahre
1882-83. 4 '1890

Resultate der meteorologischen Beo-
bachtungen auf dem Gipfel von Pike's
Peak (Colorado), 4,308 meter (14,134
feet), nach Beoliachtungen von November
1874 bis inclusive Juni 1888. 4* [1891]

Studien iiber die Luftdruck- und

Temperaturverhaltnisse auf dem Sonn-
blickgipfel, nebst Bemerkungen iiber
deren Bedeutung fiir die Theorie der
Cyclonen und Anticyclonen. 8*

Vienna, 1891

Die neue Anemometer- und Tem-
peratur - Station auf dem Obergipfel
(2,i4oM.). 4* 1893

Ergebnisse der meteorologischen
Beobachtungen der niederlandischen in-
ternationalen Polar- Expedition, 1882-83,
in der Kara- See. Large 8 1893

What additional Stations are desired
for Meteorological and for Climatological
purposes. (Extract from the Papers of
the Chicago Meteorological Congress,
August 1893.) 8* Chicago, 1893



Hann, Prof. Julius J. Der tagliche Gang
der Temperatur auf clem Obergipfel (2140
m.) und einige Folgerungen aus clem
selben. 2 plates. 8* Vienna, 1893

See Kirchhoff; Penck's Abhand-
lungen, 2 ; Rohlfs ; also Switzerland, B :
Appendix 2.

Hannah, John. Review of " Sheep Farm-
ing in Buenos Ayres," &c., by Wilfred
Latham, Esq. 16* Buenos Ayres, 1867

Hannan, Charles. A Swallow's Wing,
a Tale of Pekin. 12 1888

Hannibal. A Dissertation on the Passage
of Hannibal over the Alps. Maps. 8
Oxford, 1820

See Beaujour, Baron F. cle.
Hannington, Rev. James. The Last

Journals of Bishop Hannington, from
ist August 1885 to the day of his death,
2Qth October 1885, containing a detailed
Account of his Journey through Masai
Land, his Capture and Imprisonment.
8 1886

Hanno. See Falconer, T. ; Fischer, C. T. ;
Mann, Abbe ; also Ramusio, Vol. i :
Appendix I.

Hannonius, Joannes Taisnier. De'usu
Sphaerae Materialis, hactenus ab omni-
bus Philosophis, et Mathematicis magno
studiosorum incommoclo ncglecto mine
vero in Jucem tradito. 4 Cologne, 1559

Hanoteau, A. Essai de Grammaire cle
la Langue Tamachek', renfermant les
principes du Langage parle par les
Imouchar'ou Touareg, des Conversations
en Tamachek', des Facsimile d'ecriture en
caracteres Tifinar'. Map. 8 Paris, 1860

and A. Letourneux. La Kabylie
et les Continues Kabyles. 3 vols. Map
and diagram. 8 Paris, 1872-73

"Hansa." See Koldewey.

Hansen, Dr G. A. See Norway, A
(North Atlantic Expedition) : Appendix 2.

Hanson, P. T. See Hansteen, C.

Hanson, William. Geographical Ency-
clopaedia of New South Wales, including
the Counties, Towns, and Villages within
the Colony, with the Sources and Courses
of the Rivers and their Tributaries . . .
Map and diagrams. Large 8

Sydney, 1892

Hansteen, C. Untersuchungen liber den
Magnetismus cler Ercle. Uebersetzt von
P. T. Hanson. Maps and plates. 4

Christiania, 1819

Souvenirs d'un Voyage en Siberie.
Traduits du Norvegien par Mine. Colban,
et revus par MM. Sedillot et De la
Roquette. Map. 8 Paris, 1857

See Sabine.

and Lieut. Due. Resultate mag-
netischer, astronomischer, und meteoro-
logischer Beobachtungen auf einer Reise
nach dem Oestlichen Sibirien in den Jah-
ren 1828-30. Maps. 4 Christiania, ^b^

Han-way, Jonas. An Historical Account
of the British Trade over the Caspian
Sea, with a Journal of Travels from
London through Russia into Persia, and
back again through Russia, Germany,
and Holland. 4 vols. in 3. Maps and
plates. 4 1753

The same. 2nd edition. 2 vols.

Maps. 4 1754

The same. 3rd edition. Maps and

plates. 4 1 762

See P ; also New Collection of

Travels, Vol. 4 ; "The World Displayed,"
Vols. 14, 15, p. 609: Appendix I.

Harant, Kristof. Gesta z Kralovstvi
Ceskeho do Benatek, odtud do zeme
Svate, zeme Judske a Dale do Egypta,
a Potom na Horn Oreb, Sinai a Sv.
Kateriny v Puste Arabii. 2 vols. Por-
trait and plan. 8 Prague, 1854-55

Harbord, Rev. J. B. Glossary of Navi-
gation : a Vade - Mecum for Practical
Navigators of the Royal Navy, Mercantile
Marine, and Yacht Squadrons, con-
taining Explanations of the Technical
Terms used in Nautical Geography,
Meteorology, and Astronomy. 2nd edi-
tion. Charts and diagrams. 1 6

Portsmouth, 1883

Harcourt, Capt. A. F. P. The Hima-
layan Districts of Kooloo, Lahoul, and
Spiti. Map and plates. Small 8 1871
See India, P (Selections, No. 10) :
Appendix 2.

Harcourt, E. Vernon. Sketch of Madeira,
containing Information for the Traveller
or Invalid Visitor. Maps. 8 1851

Harcourt, Robert. See Gottfried ; Purchas,
Vol. 4, Book 6 : Appendix i.

Harcus, W. South Australia, its History,
Resources, and Productions. Plates and
maps in cover. 8 1876

Hardcastle, E. L. F. See Smith, M. L.

Hardegger, Dr D. Kammele von. See


Hardie, David. Notes on some of the
more Common Diseases in Queensland
in Relation to Atmospheric Conditions,
1887-91. Chart. 8 Brisbane, 1893

Hardine, . See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix i.
Hardman, . See Jermann.

Hardman, Frederick. Scenes and Ad-
ventures in Central America. Small 8"

Edinburgh, 1852
Hardman, W. See Stuart, J. M''D.

Hardwicke, . See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Ap-
pendix i.

Hardwicke's Annual Biography for 1857.
See Wai ford.



Hardy, C. Forest Life in Acadie :
Sketches of Sport and Natural History
in the Lower Provinces of the Canadian
Dominion. Plates. 8 1869

Hare, Augustus J. C. Cities of Southern
Italy and Sicily. Illustrations. 12 1883

Cities of Central Italy, 2 vols. Maps
and illustrations. 12 1884

Days near Rome. 3rd edition. 2 vols.
Illustrations. Crown 8 1884

North - Eastern France. Map and

illustrations. Crown 8 1890

South - Eastern France. Map and
illustrations. Crown 8 1890

South -Western France. Map and
illustrations. Crown 8 1890

Hare, Dr. Of the Conclusion arrived at
by a Committee of the Academy of
Sciences of France, agreeably to which
Tornados are caused by Heat ; while,
agreeably to Peltier's Report to the same
body, certain Insurers had been obliged
to pay for a Tornado as an Electrical
Storm. 8* Philadelphia, 1852

Queries and Strictures respecting

Espy's Meteorological Report to the
Naval Department ; also, the Conclusion
arrived at by a Committee of the Academy
of Sciences of France agreeably to which
Tornados are caused by Heat, &c. 8*
Philadelphia, 1852

See Redfield.

Hare, S. See Hakluyt, Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Hare, Lieut. W. A. H. See United
Kingdom, G, War Office Publications :
Appendix 2.

Hareborne, M. W. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 :
Appendix i.

Hargrave, Joseph James. Red River.
8 Montreal, 1871

Hariot, P. See France, B, a ; Cape Horn :
Appendix 2.

Hariot, T. A Briefe and True Report of
the new found Land of Virginia, of the
Commodities, &c., discouered by the
English Colony there. Plates. 4 [Re-
print.] Frankfort o. M. 1595

Harkness, Henry. A Description of a
Singular Alwriginal Race inhabiting the
Summit of the Neilgherry Hills, or Blue
Mountains of Coimbatoor, in the Southern
Peninsula of India. Plates. 8 1832

Harkness, H. W., and J. P. Moore.

Catalogue of the Pacific Coast Fungi. 8*

[San Francisco, 1880]

Footprints found at the Carson State

Prison. Illustrations. 8* [1882]

Harkness, Robert. See Murchison.
Harman, Capt. H. J. See Walker, J. T.

Harmon, D. W. (de Montreal). See
Eyries, Vol. 8 ; Appendix i.

Harnisch, Dr Albert. Badghis, Land
und Leute, nach den geographischen
Ergebnissen der afghanischen Grenzkom-
mission von 1884-88. Large 8*

Berlin, 1891

Harrington, B. J. See Dawson, J. W.

Harrington, Mark W. See United
States, C : Appendix 2.

Harris, George W. The Practical Guide
to Algiers. Map, plan, and illustra-
tions. 12 [1890]

"The" Practical Guide to Algiers.

2nd edition. Maps, plans, and illustra-
tions. 12 1892 [1891]
Ditto. 3rd edition. 12 1893 [1892]
Ditto. 4th edition. 12 1894 [1893]

Harris, John. Navigantium atque Itiner-
antium Bibliotheca, or a compleat Col-
lection of Voyages and Travels. The
two editions of 1705 (2 vols.) and 1745
(2 vols. in 4). Maps, plates, and por-
traits. Folio. [For full Titles and Con-
tents, see Appendix I.]

Harris, Joseph. The Description and
use of the Globes and the Orrery. 2nd
edition. Plates. 8 1732

Harris, Major. See Bushby, G. A.

Harris, T. M. The Journal of a Tour into
the Territory Northwest of the Alle-
ghany Mountains, made in the Spring of
the year 1803 ; with a Geographical
and Historical Account of the State of
Ohio. Maps t &*c. 8

Boston, Mass., 1805

Harris, T. W. Entomological Corre-
spondence of (edited by S. H. Scudder)
Portrait. 8 Boston, 1869

Harris, Walter B. The Land of an
African Sultan : Travels in Morocco,
1887-89. Map and illustrations. Crown
8 1889

A Journey through the Yemen, and

some General Remarks upon that
Country. Map and illustrations. 8 1893

Harris, Sir William Cornwallis. Nar-
rative of an Expedition into Southern
Africa in 1836-37, from the Cape of Good
Hope, through the Territories of the
Chief Moselekatse, to the Tropic of
Capricorn. Map and plates. 8

Bombay, 1838

- Portraits of the Game and Wild
Animals of Southern Africa, delineated
from Life in their Native Haunts, during
a Hunting Expedition from the Cape
Colony as far as the Tropic of Capricorn,
in 1836 and 1837, with Sketches of the
Field Sports. Coloured plates. Large
folio 1840

The Highlands of ./Ethiopia. 3 vols.

Frontispiece. 8
Illustrations of the Highlands of
/Ethiopia. Folio.

- Introduction to the Second Edition
of the Highlands of /Ethiopia. 8* 1844



Harrison, Capt. C. W. J. Report on
Katha Nuclei ee and the Swamps in its
Valley. Allahabad, 1873

Harrison, J. Park. Inductive Proof of
the Moon's Insolation. Tables. 8* 1867

- The Hieroglyphics of Easter Island.
8* 1874

Rejang Manuscripts on Bamboo.
Plate. 4* 1875

Harrison, N. Distance Tables for Ob-
jects at Sea. 8 1893

Harrison, R. Nine Years' Residence in
Russia, from 1844 to 1853. Plates. 8

See Catalogues, A : Appendix 2.

Harrison, W. A A Manual of Physio-
graphy. \2 1878

Harrison, W. H. Rough Notes con-
nected with the Sucheen Estate in the
Surat Collectorate. Map. Royal 8

Bombay \ 1856

Rough Notes connected with the
Dhurumpoor and Banda Estates in the
Surat Collectorate. Map. Bombay, 1856

Harrisse, Henry. Bibliotheca Americana
Vetustissima : a Description of Works
relating to America published between
the years 1492 and 1551. 4

New York, 1866

- The same. Additions. 4

Paris, 1872

Notes on Columbus. Portrait and
facsimiles. Folio

Privately printed, New York, 1866

- Notes pour servir a 1'Histoire, a la
Bibliographic et a la Cartographic de la
Nouvelle- France et des Pays adjacents,
1545-1700. 8 Paris, 1872

Jean et Sebastien Cabot, leur origine
et leurs voyages. Etude d'histoire critique
. . . d'apres des documents inedits.
(Vol. I, "Recueil de Voyages," &c.)
Map. Large 8 Paris, 1882

Les Corte-Real et leurs Voyages au
Nouveau Monde, d'apres des Documents
nouveaux ou peu connus, tir^s des
Archives de Lisbonne et de Modene,
suivi du texte inedit d'un recit de la
troisieme Expedition de Gaspnr Corte-
Real, et d'une important e Carte nautique
Portugaise de 1'annee 1502. (Vol. 3 of
" Recueil de Voyages," &c.) Frontis-
piece. Large 8 Paris, 1883

Christophe Colomb, son Origine, sa

Vie, ses Voyages, sa Famille, et scs Des-
cendants, d'apres des Documents inedils
tires des Archives de Genes, de Savone,
de Seville, et de Madrid. 2 vols.
(Vol. 6 of the " Recueil de Voyages,"
&c.) Plates. Large 8 Paris, 1884
Christophe Colomb et S,avone. Ver-
zellino et ses Memoirs. Etudes d'llis-
toire Critique et Documentaire. 8

Genoa, 1887

Harrisse, Henry. Excerpta Colombini-
ana : Bibliographic de Quatre Cents
Pieces, Gothiques, Fra^aises, Italiennes,
et Latines, du Commencement du XVl e
Siecle, non decrites jusqu'ici, precedee
d'une Histoire de la Bibliotheque Colom-
bine et de son Fondateur. 8 Parts, 1887

Christophe Colomb : les Corses et le

Gouvernment Francais. Large 8*

Paris, 1890

The Discovery of North America :

a Critical, Documentary, and Historic
Investigation, with an Essay on the Early
Cartography ol the New World, including
Descriptionss of 250 Maps or Globes,
existing or lost, constructed before the
year 1536 ; to which are added a Chrono-
logy of 100 Voyages westward, Projected,
Attempted, or Accomplished between
1431 and 1504; Biographical Accounts
of the 300 Pilots who first crossed the
Atlantic ; and a copious list of the
original names of American regions,
caciqueships, &c. Maps. 4 1892

See Cabot ; Columbus ; Peragallo.
Harrower, Henry D. Captain Glazier

and his Lake : an Inquiry into the
History and Progress of Exploration at
the Head-waters of the Mississippi since
the Discovery of Lake Itasca. Maps.
8* New York, 1886

Hart, Capt. H. Notes of a Visit to
Zanzibar, 1834. [From the India Re-
cords, No. 24.] 8 Bombay, 1856

Hart, H. C. Some Account of the Fauna
and Flora of Sinai, Petra, and Wacly
'Arabah (Palestine Exploration Fund
Publication). Alaps and plates. 4 1891

Hart, Capt. P. Lewis. Report on a
Project for the Supply of Water to the
Poona Cantonment. 2 vols. Plans and
sections. Royal 8 Bombay, 1858

Hart, Capt S.V.W. Report on the Town
and Port of Kurachee, &c. Bombay, 1855

Notes of a Visit to the Port of Son-
meeanee, and the Country lying between
Kurachee and Hinglaj, in the Lus Terri-
tory, in 1840. Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

Hart, Sir Robert. Documents relating
to i The Establishment of Meteorolo-
gical Stations in China ; and 2 Proposals
for Cooperation in the Publication of
Meteorological Observations and Ex-
change of Weather News by Telegraph
along the Pacific Coast of Asia. Map.
Folio Peking, 1869

Harting, J. E. See Mosenthal.

Hartlaub, Dr G. See Emin Pasha.

Hartland, W. E. See Quintus Curtius.

Hartleben, A. Chronik der Zeit. Ereig-
nisse und Operationen in Siid-Dalmatien.
Von C. T. Fockt. I. Schilderung des
Landes und Volkes und Vorgeschichte
des Aufstandcs. Zweites Heft. Alaps
and illustrations. 8* Vienna, 1882



Hartleben, A. The same. 2. Von Moriz
B. Zimmermann. Beginn der Opera-
tionen und Vormarsch der K. K. Truppen
die ersten Actionen. Die politische Lage.
Drittes Heft. Maps and illustrations.
8* Vienna, 1882

Hartley, Sir C. A. Description of the
Delta of the Danube, and of the Works
recently executed at the Sulina Mouth.
Edited by C. Manby and J. Forrest.
Maps. 8 1862

- Notes on Public Works in the United
States and in Canada, including a De-
scription of the St Lawrence and the
Mississippi Rivers and their main Tribu-
taries. 8 1875

Inland Navigations in Europe : being
one of the Series of Lectures delivered
at the Institution of Civil Engineers,
Session 1884-85. Maps. 8 1885

Hartmann, J. M. Commentatio cle Geo-
graphia Africse Edrisiana. 4

Gottingen, 1691

Hartmann, R. Die Nigritier. Eine an-
thropologisch - ethnologische Monogra-
phic. Erster Theil. Plates. 8

Berlin, 1876

- Die Volker Afrikas. Plates. Small
8 Leipzig, 1879

Abyssinien und die iibrigen Gebiete

der Ostkiiste Afrikas. Map and illustra-
tions. Small 8 Leipzig, 1883

Hartt, C. F. Scientific Results of a
Journey in Brazil. By Louis Agassiz,
and his Travelling Companions. Geo-
logy and Physical Geography of Brazil.
Maps and plates. 8 1870

- The Ancient Indian Pottery of
Marajo, Brazil. 8* Salem, 1871

Notes on the Lingoa Geral, or
Modern Tupi of the Amazonas. (From
the Transactions of the American Philo-
logical Association, 1872.) 8* 1872

On the Tertiary Basin on the Maranon.

New Haven, Conn., 1872

Contributions to the Geology and
Physical Geography of the Lower Ama-
zonas : The Erere- Monte- Alegre District
and the Table-Topped Hills ; with
Supplement on the Devonian Brachio-
poda of Erere, by Richard Rathbun.
Plates. Small 8* Buffalo, N. Y., 1874

Preliminary Report of the Morgan
Expedition, 1870-71. Report of a Re-
connaisance of the Lower Tapajos.
[Bulletin of the Cornell University
(Science), Vol. I., No. i.] Sketch map.
8* Ithaca, N.Y., 1874

Notes on the Manufacture of Pottery
among Savage Races. 12*

Rio de Janeiro, 1875
Hartung, G. Tenerife geologisch-topo-

graphisch dargestellt. See Fritsch, K.
Hartwell, Abraham. See Pigafetta, F ;

also Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 7 : Appendix I.

Harvey, Rev. M. A Short History
of Newfoundland, England's Oldest
Colony. 2nd edition. Map. 12 1890
See Hatton, J.

Harvey, Sir Robert G. See Willoughby.

Harvey, Thomas, and William Brewin.
Jamaica in 1866 : a Narrative of a
Tour through the Island, with Remarks
on its Social, Educational, and Industrial
Condition. Map. 8 1867

Hase, H. Nachweisungen fiir Reisende
in Italien. 12 Leipzig, 1821

Hasio, J. M. Regni Davidici et Salo-
monsei, Descriptio Geographica et His-
torica, una cum Delineatione Syrue et
^Egypti pro statu Temporum sub Seleu-
cidis et Lagidis Regibus, &c. Maps and
plates. Folio Nuremburg, 1739

Haskel, Daniel, and J. Calvin Smith.
A Complete Descriptive and Statistical
Gazetteer of the United States of America,
containing a particular Description of the
States, Territories, Counties, Districts,
Parishes, Cities, Towns, and Villages,
Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Canals, and
Railroads ; with an Abstract of the
Census and Statistics for 1840. 8

New York, 1843

Haslewood, Edward. New Colonies on
the Uplands of the Amazon. 8* 1863

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