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Hassall, Dr A. H. San Remo and the
Western Riviera, Climatically and Medi-
cally considered. Map, plan, and wood-
cuts. Small 8 1879

Hassall, Charles. General View of the
Agriculture of the County of Monmouth,
with Observations on the Means of its
Improvement. Map. 8 1812

Hassan, Vita. Die Wahrheit iiber Emin
Pascha, die agyptische Aequatorial Pro-
vinz und den Ssudan von Vita Hassan
unter der Mitarbeit von Elie M. Baruck.
Aus dem franzosichen Original iibersetzt
und mit Anmerkungen versehen von Dr
B. Moritz. Portrait and map. 8

Berlin, 1893

Hasse, F. C. A. Quantum Geographia
Novissimis periegesibus et transmarinis
Peregrinationibus profecerit. Pars I.
Generalia Continens. 4* Leipzig, 1837

Hassel, G. Staats- und Address-Handburh

der Teutschen Bundes-Staaten, 1816. 8

Weimar, 1816

Hassell, . See Pinkerton, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix I.

Hasselquist, Frederick. Voyages and
Travels in the Levant in the years 1749,
1750, I7S 1 ) I75 2 > containing Observa-
tions in Natural History, Physic, Agri-
culture and Commerce, particularly on
the Holy Land and the Natural History
of the Scriptures. Map. 8 1706

Hasselt, A. L. van. See Veth, P. J.



Hassenstein, Bruno. Ost-Afrika zwis-
chenChartum unddcm Rothen Meerebis
Suakin und Massaua. Anhang Th. von
Heuglin : einarabischenSchriftstelleriiber
die Bedja - Lander. (Erganzungsheft,
6 Petermann's Mittheilungen.) Map.
4 Got ha, 1 86 1

See Petermann, Dr A.

Hassenstein, D. Some Contributions to
the Geographical and Cartographical
Literature of the Indo-Chinese Frontier
Territories ; with Note by Trelawney
Saunders. Map. Folio* [1882]

Hasskarl, J. K. Sec Junghuhn.

Hassler, F. R. Second and Third
Volumes of the Principal Documents re-
lating to the Survey of the United States,
from Oct. 1834 to Nov. 1836. 8

New York, 1835

Hassinger, John A. Catalogue of the
Hawaiian Fxhibits at the Exposition
Universelle, Paris, 1889. 8*

Honolulu, 1889

Haswell, William A. The Australian
Museum, Sydney : Catalogue of the
Australian Stalk- and Sessile-Eyed Crus-
tacea. Plates. 8 Sydney, 1882

Hatch, Arthur. See Purchas, Vol. 2, Book

10 : Appendix i.
Hatch, F. H. See Baron, R. ; Posewitz.

Hatch, John. See Purchas, Vol. i, Book
5 : Appendix i.

Hatchett, Charles. On the Spikenard of
the Ancients. Plate. 4* 1836

Hatt, P. See France, B, b (No. 570) :
Appendix 2.

Hatton, Frank. North Borneo: Explora-
tions and Adventures on the Equator ;
with Biographical Sketch and Notes by
Joseph Hatton, and Preface by Sir Walter
Medhurst. Map, portrait, and illustra-
tions. 8" 1885

Hatton, Joseph. " The New Ceylon : "
being a Sketch of British Borneo, or
Sabah, from Official and other exclusive
sources of information. Maps and frontis-
piece. Crown 8 1881
See Streeter.

and Rev. M. Harvey. Newfound-
land, the Oldest British Colony, its
History, its Present Condition, and its
Prospects in the Future. Illustrations.
8 1883

Hatton - Richards, T. H. Royal Geo-
graphical Society of Victoria : Travels
with the Hon. Sir William MacGregor,
Administrator of British New Guinea.
8* Melbourne [1890]

Hauer, Ritter F. von. Zur Erinnerung
an Wilhelm Haidinger. 8*

Vienna, 1871

See " Novara."


Haughton, Rev. Samuel. The Solar
aud Lunar Diurnal Tides on the Coasts
of Ireland. 4* Dublin, 1855

Six Lectures on Physical Geography.

8 1880

See Galbraith, J. A. ; MacClintock,
F. L..

Haun, Prof. See Forskal, P.

Hauranne, E. D. de. Cuba et Les An-
tilles. 2 and 3. 8* Paris, 1865

Haurigot, G. Le Senegal. Illustrations.
8 Paris, 1887

Hauser, Capt. Paul. Das Klydoskop ;
graphisches Tellurium. 8*

Vienna, 1882

Die Aequator-Durchgange des Mon-

des. Eine Untersuchungs - Probe des
Mond - Einflusses auf die Witterung.
Tables. 12* Buccari, 1886

Hausermann, K. See Estrey.

Haushofer, M. See Andrce, Karl.

Hauslab, Ritter von. Ueber die Boden-
gestaltung in Mexico und deren Einfluss
auf Verkehr und militarischen Angriff
und Vertheidigung. Maps. 8*

Vienna, 1864

Ueber die Naturgesetze cler ausseren

Formen der Unebenheiten cler Erdober-
fliiche. 8* Vienna, 1874

Havass, Rudolph. Bibliotheca Geogra-
phica Hungarica : Bibliographia librorum
de regno Hungarian, quovis sermone
compositorum : itemque eorum librorum,
quos scriptores Hungarici quavis lingua
conscriptos et in quocunque Geographic
argumento versantes ediderunt : cum
prcefatione historiam litterarum hue spec-
tantium illustrante. Scripsit in Acroasi.
Large 8 Budapest, 1893

Haven, Samuel F. Archaeology of the.
United States, or Sketches, Historical
and Bibliographical, of the Progress of
Information and Opinion respecting Ves-
tiges of Antiquity in the United States.
4" Washington, 1856

Havers, G. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ.,
Vols. 84, 85 : Appendix I.

Haverty, Martin. The Aran Isles : Re-
port of the Excursion of the Ethnogra-
phical Section of the British Association
from Dublin to the Western Isles of
Aran, in Sept. 1857. 8* Dublin, 1859

Haviland, Alfred. The Geographical
Distribution of Disease in Great Britain.
2nd edition. Maps. Large 8 1892

Hawes, Lieut. A. G. S. See Satow.

Hawes, Roger. See Gottfried ; Kerr,
Vol. 9 ; Purchas, Vol. I : Appendix I.

Hawkesworth, J. Account of the Voy-
ages undertaken by the Order of his
present Majesty for making Discoveries
in the Southern Hemisphere. 3 vols.
Maps and plates. Folio 1773

[For full Title and Contents, see Ap-
pendix i.]



Hawkesworth, J. See Dalrymple.

Hawkins, Bisset. Germany : the Spirit
of her History, Literature, Social Condi-
tion, and National Economy. 8 1838

Hawkins, F. V. See Gallon, Vacation

Hawkins, Sir John. See Gottfried ; Hak-
luyt, Vols. 3, 4 ; Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol.
57 ; Purchas, Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Hawkins, Mary W. S. Plymouth
Armada Heroes : the Hawkins Family.
frustrations. Small 4 Plymouth, 1888

Hawkins, Sir Richard. The Observations
of, on his Voyage to the South Sea, A.D.
1593. Folio 1622

See Burney, Vol. 2 ; Callander, Vol.

2; Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. i ; Pur-
chas, Vol. 4, Book 7 : Appendix I.

Hawkins, Mr. S^Walpole : Appendix I.

Hawkins, Capt. William. See Gottfried ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 4 ; Kerr, Vol. 8 ; Purchas,
Vol. i ; Thevenot, Vol. i : Appendix I.

Hawkridge, Capt. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Hawks, F. L. See Perry.

Hawks, H. See Hakluyt, Vol. 3 : Ap-
pendix i.

Hawkshaw, Sir John. Reminiscences
of South America, from two-and-a-half
years Residence in Venezuela. 16 1838

Report to the Egyptian Government

'on the Suez Canal, Feb. 1863. Maps.
Folio* 1863

and Sir Andrew Clarke. Copy

Report by Mr Hawkshaw and Sir
Andrew Clarke upon the possibility of
combining Naval and Military Require-
ments with the objects of Dover Harbour

- Bill. Map. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1873

Copy of Final Report by Mr John

Hawkshaw on Holyhead New Harbour.
Map. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1873

Hawkwood, John. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 :
Appendix I.

Hawtrey, Emily. See Weber.

Haxthausen, Baron von. Transcaucasia :
Sketches of the Nations and Races be-
tween the Black Sea and the Caspian.
Plates. 8 1854

Tribes of the Caucasus, with an Ac-
count of Schamyl and the Murids. 8


The Russian Empire, its People,

Institutions, and Resources. Translated
by R. Farie. 2 vols. 8 1856

Hay, Admiral Sir J. C. Dalrymple.
The Suppression of Piracy in the China
Sea, 1849. Map. 8* 1889

Hay, J. O. Arakan, Past, Present,
Future : a Resume of Two Campaigns
for its Development. Map. 8 J 1892

Hayden, Everett. See United States,
F, a : Appendix 2.

Hayden, F. V. Preliminary Field Report
of the United States Geological Survey of
Colorado and New Mexico. 8

Washington, 1869

Sun Pictures of Rocky Mountain

Scenery, with a Description of the
Geographical and Geological Features,
and some Account of the Resources
of the Great West, containing thirty
Panoramic Views along the line of the
Pacific Railroad from Omaha to Sacra-
mento. Photographs. 4

New York, 1870

The Hot .Springs and Geysers of the
Yellowstone and Firehole Rivers. ( From
the American Journal of Science, Vol. 3.)
Map and illustrations. 8* 1872

The So - called Two - Ocean Pass.
Plates. 8* Washington, 1879

The Great West, and Recent Explora-
tions in the Yellowstone Park. Plates.
8 Philadelphia, 1880

See Stanford, E. ; also United States,

G, a : Appendix 2.

Haydn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal
Information relating to all Ages and
Nations. I4th edition, containing the
History of the World to August 1873.
By Benjamin Vincent. 8 [1873]

The same, igth edition. 1889
Haydon, G. H. Five Years' Experience

in Australia Felix, comprising a Short
Account of its Early Settlement and its
Present Position, with many particulars
interesting to intending emigrants. Plates.
Large 8 1846

Hayes, A. A., jun. New Colorado and
the Santa Fe Trail. Map and illustra-
tions. Large 8 New York, 1880

Western Journeys, New and Old.
(From the United Service Magazine, July
1885.) 8* New York, 1885

Hayes, Isaac I. Arctic Boat Journey in
1854. Edited, with an Introduction and
Notes, by Dr Norton Shaw. Map. 12


The Open Polar Sea : a Narrative of
a Voyage of Discovery towards the North
Pole in the schooner " United States."
Maps and plates. 8 1867

The Land of Desolation : being a
Personal Narrative of Adventure in
Greenland. 8 1871

Hayes, Robert. See Purchas, Vol. i,

Book 5 : Appendix I.
Haygarth, W. See Walpole, Turkey :

Appendix I.

Haynes, Prof. Henry W. See Horsford.
Haynes, Stanley L. A Ramble in the

New Zealand Bush. 8 [1868]

Hayter, H. H. Notes of a Tour in New

Zealand. 12 Melbourne, 1874
Notes on the Colony of Victoria,

Historical, Meteorological, and Statistical.

2nd edition. 12 Melbourne, 1876


Hayter, H. H. Victorian Year Book,
containing a Digest of the Statistics of
the Colony from 1873 to 1893. $ ee
Victoria : Appendix 3.

Hayward, George W. Statements of
Routes between Yarkancl, Kashgar,
Khotan, and British Territory. 8* 1869

I. Vocabularies of the Dialects of

Dardistan, Wakhan, Shignan, and Rosh-
nan. II. Tables of Routes. III. In-
strumental Observations in the Gilgit
and Yasin Valleys. IV. Re-calculated
Elevations of Towns, Villages, Passes,
and Encamping - grounds in Eastern
Turkistan. Folio* Lahore, 1870

- Account of Explorations between
British India and Eastern Turkistan.
Folio* Calcutta, 1870

Hayward, John. New England Gazetteer,
containing Descriptions of all the States,
Counties, and Towns in New England,
also the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Capes,
Bays, Harbours, Islands, &c. Plates. 8
Concord, 1839

Hazard, S. Santo Domingo, Past and
Present, with a Glance at Hayti. Maps
and plates. 8 1873

Hazen, Henry A. See United States,
H, b : Appendix 2.

Hazen, Major-Gen. W. B. See United
States, II, b : Appendix 2.

Hazin, Sheikh Mohammed Ali. The
Life of, written by himself. Translated
from, two Persian Manuscripts, and illus-
trated with Notes explanatory of the
History, Poetry, Geography, &c., which
occur therein, by F. C. Belfour. [Oriental
Translation Fund.] 8 1830

Head, Sir Edmund. Papers relative to
the Exploration of the Country between
Lake Superior and the Red River Settle-
ment. Maps. Folio 1859

Head, Capt. F. B. Rough Notes taken
during some Rapid Journeys across the
Pampas and along the Andes. 8 1828

The Life of Bruce, the African

Traveller. Maps and plates. 12 1830

Head, George. Forest Scenes and Inci-
dents in the Wilds of North America :
Ijeing a Diary of a Winter's Route from
Halifax to the Canadas, and a Residence
in the Woods on the Borders of Lakes
Huron and Simcoe.' 8" 1829

Headrick, Rev. Jas. View of the Miner-
alogy, Agriculture, Manufactures, and
Fisheries of the Island of Arran, with
Notices of Antiquities, &c. Map. 8

Edinburgh, 1807

Heanley, Rev. R. M. A Memoir of
Edward Steere, D.D., third Missionary
Bishop in Central Africa. Portrait and
maps. Crown 8 1 888

Heap, D. P. See Barlow, J. W.

Heard, J. Practical Grammar of the Rus-
sian Language. 8 St Petersburg, 1827

Hearn, W. M. Statistical Report of the
Colaba Agency. Map, plates, diagrams,
and tables. Royal 8 Bombay, 1854

Hearne, Samuel. A Journey from Prince
of Wales Fort in Hudson's Bay to the
Northern Ocean, for the Discovery of
Copper Mines, a North- West Passage,
&c., 1769-72. Maps and plates. 4 1795
See Eyries, Vol. 7 : Appendix i.

Heath, Edwin R. Dialects of Bolivian
Indians : a Philological Contribution
from Material gathered during Three
Years Residence in the Department of
Beni, in Bolivia. 8* Kansas City, 1883

Heath, R. Natural and Historical Account
of the Islands of Scilly. Map and plates.
8 1750

See Pinkerton, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Heather, J. F. A Treatise on Mathe-
matical Instruments, in which their Con-
struction and the Methods of Testing,
Adjusting, and Using them are Concisely
Explained. 12 1863

Heatherington, A. A Practical Guide
for Tourists, Miners, and Investors, and
all Persons interested in the Development
of the Gold Fields of Nova Scotia.
Tables. 12 Montreal, 1868

1860-1869. The Gold Yield of Nova

Scotia. Table. 16* 1870

Heaton, J. H. Australian Dictionary ol
Dates and Men of the Time, containing
the History of Australasia from 1542 to
date. 8 ' 1879

Heaviside, W. I. See India, F, c :
Appendix 2.

Heber, Bishop. Narrative of a Journey
through the Upper Provinces of India,
from Calcutta to Bombay, 1824-1825;
with Notes upon Ceylon, and a Journey
to Madras and the Southern Provinces,
1826. 3 vols. Plates. 8 1829

Heberer, Michiel. See Gottfried : Ap-
pendix i.

Hebert, E. Nomenclature et Classification
Geologiques. 8* Paris, 1881

Hecquard, C. Elemens de Grammaire
Franco-Serbe. 12 Belgrade, 1875

Hector, Sir James. On the Geology of
the Country between Lake Superior and
the Pacific Ocean (between the 48th and
54th Parallels of Latitude) visited by the
Government Exploring Expedition under
Capt. J. Palliser( 1857-60). 8* 1861

On the Physical Features of the Central

Part of British North America, and on its
Capabilities for Settlement. 8*

Edinburgh, 1861

Report on the Petroleum found at

Taranaki. Folio* Wellington, 1866

Meteorological Report, 1868 ; includ-
ing Abstracts for all previous years. 8
Wellington, 1869

The same, for 1870 ; with Returns for

1869. 8 Wellington, 1871


Hector, Sir James. Handbook of New
Zealand : Sydney International Exhibi-
tion, 1879. Maps ami plates. 8

Wellington, 1879

Colonial Museum and Geological

Survey Department : Handbook of New
Zealand. 4th edition. Revised. Maps
and plates. 8 Wellington, 1 886

See New Zealand, A, c : Appendix 2.

and W. S. W. Vaux. Notice of

the Indians seen by the Exploring Expe-
dition under Capt. Palliser. 8* N.b.

Hedde, Isidore. Description Methodique
des Produits divers recueillis dans un
Voyage en Chine. Map and plates.
Royal 8 St Etienne, 1848

De P Industrie Serigene en Algerie.

Plates. 8* Lyon, 1851

Heddle, J. F. Memoir on the River
Indus. Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

Hedger, Capt. T. On Sea and Shore :
an Autobiography. Portrait. 12

Hull, 1891

Hedges, Sir William. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vols. 74, 75, 78 : Appendix i.

Hedstrom, Herman. See Sweden, A
(Geologiska Undersokning) : Appendix 2.

Heemskerke, Jacques van. See Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. 17 : Appendix I.

Heer, Oswald. Flora Tertiaria Helvetia :
Die Tertiare Flora der Schweiz. 3 vols.
Plates. Folio Winterthnr, 1855-59

Die Pflanzen der Pfahlbauten. Plates.
4* Zurich, 1865

Uel>er die Polarlander. Vortrag. 8*

Zurich, 1867

Die Kreide-Flora der Arctischen Zone,

gegrtindet auf die von den Schwedischen
Expeditionen von 1870 und 1872 in
Gronland und Spitzbergen gesammelten
Pflanzen. Plates. 4 Stockholm [1874]

Nachtrage zur Miocenen Flora Gron-

lands enthaltend die von der Schwed-
ischen Expedition im Summer 1870
gesammelten Miocenen Pflanzen. Plates.
4* Stock/to fm [1874]

The Primaeval World of Switzerland.
Edited by James Heywood. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 8 1876

Recherches sur le Climat et la Vege-
tation du Pays Tertiaire. Traduction de
C. T. Gaudin. Map and plate. Folio
Winterthur, N.I).

Heeren, A. H. L. Ideen tiber die Politik,
den Verkehr, und den Handel der
vornehmsten Volker der alien Welt.
2 vols. Maps. 8 Gottingen, 1793-96

De Ceylone Insula, per Viginti fere
Saecula Communi Terrarum Mariumque
Australium Emporio. 4 Gottingen, 18^1

Historical Researches into the Poli-
tics, Intercourse, and Trade of the Car-
thaginians, Ethiopians, and Egyptians.
2 vols. Maps. 8 Oxford, 1838

Heeren, A. H. L. The same. 2nd
edition. Maps. 8 1850

Historical Researches into the Politics,

Intercourse, and Trade of the Principal
Nations of Antiquity : Asiatic Nations.
2 vols. Maps. 8 1846

A Manual of the History of the

Political System of Europe and its
Colonies, from its Formation at the close
of the 1 5th Century to its Re-establish-
ment upon the Fall of Napoleon. 8


Ancient Greece (translated by G.

Bancroft). Also three historical treatises :
I. Political Consequences of the Reforma-
tion ; 2. The Rise, Progress, and Prac-
tical Influence of Political Theories ; 3.
The Rise and Growth of the Continental
Interests of Great Britain. 2nd edition.


A Manual of Ancient History, par-
ticularly with regard to the Constitutions,
the Commerce, and the Colonies of the
States of Antiquity. 8 1847

Hegenitius, Godfr., and A. Ortelius.
Itinerarium Frisio-Hollandicum et Gallo-
Brabanticum. 32 Leyden, 1630

Heger, F. Barometrische Hohenmes-
sungen in Nord-Griechenland. 4*

Vienna, 1878

Heiderich, Dr Franz. Die mittlere
Hohe Afrikas. 4* Got ha, 1888

Die mittleren Erhebungsverhaltnisse

der Erdoberflache, nebst einem Anhange
iiber den wahren Betrag des Luftdruckes
auf der Erdoberflache. (Sonderalxlruck
aus den Geographischen Abhandlungen
herausgegel:>en von Prof. Dr Albrecht
Penck. Band 5, Heft i.) Profile.
Large 8* Vienna, 1891

Heilprin, Prof. Angelo. Explorations
on the West Coast of Florida and in the
Okeechobee Wilderness. (Trans. Wagner
Instit.) Large 8 Philulelphia, 1887

The Geographical and Geological

Distribution of Animals. Map. Small
8 1887

The Bermuda Islands : a Contribution

to the Physical History and Zoology of
the Somers Archipelago ; with an Exam-
ination of the Structure of Coral Reefs.
Illustrations. 8 Philadelphia, 1889

Explorations in Mexico : Barometric

Observations among the High Volcanoes
of Mexico, with a Consideration of the
Culminating Point of the North American
Continent. 8* Phila<ielphia, 1890

The Corals and Coral Reefs of the

Western Waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Charts. 8* Philadelphia, 1890

The Geology and Palaeontology of the
Cretaceous Deposits of Mexico. Plates.
Large 8* {Philadelphia, 1890]



Heilprin, Prof. Angelo. The Arctic
Problem, and Narrative of the Peary
Relief Expedition of the Academy of
Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Map
and plates. 8 Philadelphia, 1893

The Peary Relief Expedition. (From

St ribner's Magazine. ) Illustrations. 8*


Heim, Dr Albert. Handbuch der Glets-
cherkunde. (Bibliothek geographischer
Handbiicher herausgegeben von Prof. Dr
Friedrich Ratzel.) ' Maps. 8

Stuttgart, 1885

Sec Margerie.

Heinersdorrf, Carl. Reinhold Buchholz"
Reisen in West Afrika. Nach seinen
hinterlassenen Tagebiichern und Briefen
nebst einem Lebensabriss des verstor-
benen, von Carl Heinersdorff. Portrait.
8 Leipzig, 1880

Heitland, W. E., and T. E. Raven.
See Quintus Curtius.

Hekekyan Bey. Treatise on the Chrono-
logy of Siriadic Monuments, Demonstrat-
ing that the Egyptian Dynasties of
Manetho are Records of Astrogeological
Nile Observations, which have been
continued to the Present Time. Plate.


Helene, Maxime. Les Nouvelles Routes
du Globe ; avec une lettre de M.
Ferdinand de Lesseps. Canaux isth-
miques et routes souterraines, Suez,
Panama, Corinthe, Malacca, Saint-
Gothard, Mont-Cenis, Arlberg, Simplon,
Monts-Blanc, Pyrenees, le tunnel sous-
marin du Pas-de-Calais, le canal maritime
de Gabes(Mer d'Algerie). Illustrations.
Large 8 Paris [1883]

Heley, W. See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book

4 : Appendix I.

Heifer, J. W. Schriften iiber die
Tenasserim Provinzen, den Mergui-
Archipel, und die Andaman - Inseln.
(Translated from the English by A. von
Marschall ; Preface by F. Fotterle.) 4
Vienna, 1860

Travels of Doctor and Madame Heifer
in Syria, Mesopotamia, Burmah, and
other lands. Narrated by Pauline,
Countess Nostitz (formerly Madame
Heifer), and rendered into English by
Mrs George Sturge. 2 vols. 8 1878

Helfert, Joseph Alex. F. von. Bericht
iiber die Ausstellung von Schul- und
Unterrichts-Gegenstanden in Wien. Map
and plates. Royal 8 Vienna, 1862

Hell, Xavier Hommaire de. Les Steppes
de la Mer Caspienne, le Caucase, la
Crimee, et la Russie Meridionale, Voyage
Pittoresque, Historique, et Scientifique.
3 vols. 8 Paris, 1843-45

Travels in the Steppes of the Caspian
Sea, the Crimea, the Caucasus, &c. 8


Hell, Xavier Hommaire de, Voyageur
Francais : Notice Necrologique. Par M.
de la Roquette. 8* Paris, 1850

Extrait du Voyage en Turquie et en
Perse pendant 1846-48. Partie Geo-
graphique, par [P.] Daussy. Maps.
Royal 8 Paris, 1859

Heller, C. See " Novara."

Hellwald, Friedrich von. Die Ameri-

kanische Volkerwanderung. Eine Studie.

12* . Vienna, 1866

Die Russen in Centralasien. 8

Augsburg, 1873

Ueber Colonien und iiber die Hol-
landischen Niedcrlassungen in Ostindien.
Ein Beitrag zur Niederlandischen Co-
lonialfrage. 8* Amsterdam, N. u.

See Mat ham ; Stanford.

and J. Chavanne, Die Verhand-
lungen des Internationalen Congresses
fiir geographische Wissenschaften in
Paris. 8* Vienna, 1875

Hellwald, Lieut, de. Report on the
Results of the Photographic Expedition
into the " Ilohen Tauern" (Austrian
Alps). 8* Vienna, 1863

Helmersen, G. von. Geognostische
Bemerkungen iiber die Steppengegend
zwischen den Fliissen Samara, Wolga,
Ural, und Manytsch ; gesammelt auf
einer Reise in 1843 von Noeschel. Plate.
8* St Petersburg, 1846

Nachrichten iiber die im 1847 von der
Russischen Geographischen Gesellschaft
ausgesandte Expedition zur Erforschung
des Nordlichen Ural. 8*

St Petersburg, 1847

Geognostische Bemerkungen iiber die
Halbinsel Mangyschlak, am o'stlichen
Ufer des Kaspischen Meeres. 8*

St Petersburg, 1848

Geologische Bemerkungen auf einer
Reise in Schwcden und Norwegen.
Plates. 4* St Petersburg, 1858

Die Salzseen Bessarabiens und der
Einbruch des Schwarzen Meeres in
diesellren in 1850. Map. 8*

St Petersburg, 1859
Die geologische Beschaffenheit des

untern Narovathals und die Versandung
der Narovamiindung. Map and plate.
8* St Petersburg, 1860

Die Alexandersaule zu St Petersburg.
8* St Petersburg, 1862

Der .artesische Brunncn zu St Peters-
burg. 8* St Petersburg, 1864

Die Geologic in Russland. 8*

St Petersburg, 1864

Der Peipus-See und die obere Narova.
8* St Petersburg, 1864

Explanatory Notes on the Geological
Map of Russia. [In Russian.] 8*

[St Petersburg} 1865

Des gisements de Charlxjn de Terre
en Russie. Map. 8* St Petersburg, 1866



Helmersen, G. von. Die Steinkohlen-
formation des Urals und deren praktische
Bedeutung. 8* St Petersburg, 1866
Die Bohrversuche zur Entdeckung von
Steinkohlen auf der Samarahalbinsel, und
die Naphthaquellen und Schlammvulkane
bei Kertsch und Taman. Plate. 8* 1867
Das Vorkommen und die Entstehung
der Riesenkessel in Finnland. Plates.
4* St Petersburg, 1867

ZurFrage liber das behaupteteSeichter-

werden des Asow'schen Meeres. Plate.
8* St Petersburg, 1867

Die Steinkohlen des mittleren Russ-
lands, ihre Bedeutung und ihre Zukunft.
8* St Petersburg, 1867

Studien liber die Wanclerblocke und

die Diluvialgebilde Russlands. Plates.
4* St Petersburg, 1869

Ueber die Nothwendigkeit des Wald-

schutzes fiir die schiffbaren Strome
Russlands, und iiber neue montanistische
Untersuchungen und Massnahmen in
Russland. 12* St Petersbtirg, 1876

Zur Frage liter die central-russ'ische

Steinkohle. 12* [St Petersburg] 1879
Geologische und physicogeographische
Beobachtungen im Olonezer Bergrevier.
Map. 8 ; and Atlas of plates, folio

St Petersburg, 1882

See Baer and Helmersen, 2, 5, 6, 14, 17,

20, 2 1 , 24 ; and Koppen, A. ; Maximowicz ;
Middendorf ; Murchison ; Noschel, A. ;

Helmerson, G. von, and L. von
Schrenck. Beitrage zur Kenntniss des
Russischen Reiches und der angrenzenden
Lander Asiens. Vols. I to 9. 8 (Atlas
to Vol. 5, 4) St Petersburg, 1879-86


Vol. I. Brandt, J. F. Bericht liber
die Fortschritte, welche die zoologi-

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