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8 1854

- Travels in the Sandwich and Society
Islands. 8 1856

- Travels in Peru and Mexico. 2 vols.
8 1860

Hillier, Walter Caine. See Wade.


Himly, Karl, and Dr Georg Wegener.

Nord-Tibet und Lob-Nur-Gebiet in der
Darstellung des Ta-Thsing i thung yii
thu. Map. 8* Berlin, 1893

Hinchcliff, T. Woodbine. Summer
Months among the Alps, with the Ascent
of Monte Rosa. Map and plates. 8


South American Sketches, or a Visit

to Rio Janeiro, the Organ Mountains, La
Plata, and the Parana. Map and plates.
8 1863

Over the Sea and Far Away : being

a Narrative of Wanderings round the
World. Plates. 8 1876

Hincks, Edward. Report to the Trus-
tees of the British Museum respecting
certain Cylinders and Terra-Cotta Tablets
with Cuneiform Inscriptions. 12* 1854

Hind, Prof. H. Y. Return to Legislative
Assembly of Copies of Reports, &c. , of
the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan Ex-
pedition during 1858. Maps. 4

Toronto, 1859

- British North America. Reports of
Progress, together with a Preliminary and
General Report, on the Assinniboine and
Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition ;
made under Instructions from the Pro-
vincial Secretary, Canada. Maps and
plates. Folio 1860

- Explorations in the Interior of the
Labrador Peninsula, the Country of the
Montagnais and Nasquapee Indians.
2 vols. Map and coloured plates. 8 1863

A Preliminary Report on the Geology
of New Brunswick, together with a
Special Report on the Distribution of the
" Quebec Group" in the Province. 8
Fredericton, 1865

Hind, J. R. The Illustrated London As-
tronomy, for the use of Schools and
Students. Woodcuts. 8 1853

Hinderstein, G. F. von Derfelden de.
Memoire Analytique pour servir d'Expli-
cation a la Carte Generale des Possessions
Neerlandaises dans le Grand Archipel
Indien. 4 The Hague, 1841

Kingston, James. The Australian Abroad :
Branches from the Main Routes round
the World. Maps and illustrations. 8


The same. Series 2 : Ceylon, India,

and Egypt. Illustrations. 8 1880

Hinman, Russel. The Source of the
Mississippi. (From Science, I3th Aug.)
4* 1886

- Eclectic Physical Geography. Maps
and illustrations. 12 New J'<wvt[i888]

Hinricks, Prof. See Seetzen.

Hinton, J. H. The History and Topo-
graphy of the United States. 2nd edi-
tion. 2 vols. Plates. 4 1834

- The same. 3rd edition. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 4 1842

Hinton, R. J. The Resources and Natural
Wealth of Arizona : a Handbook to its
History, Towns, Mines, Ruins, and
Scenery. Illustrations. 12

San Francisco [1877]

Hiouen-Thsang (or Hiuen Tsiang).
Histoire de la Vie de, et de ses Voyages
dans 1'Inde depuis 1'an 629 jusqu'en 645,
par Hoci-li et Yen-Thsong. Traduite
du Chinois par S. Julien. 8

Paris, 1853
See Beal ; Yule, Sir H.

Hippisley, G. Narrative of the Expedi-
tion to the Rivers Orinoco and Apure,
in South America. 8 1819

Hippocrates. See Ramusio, Vol. 2 :
Appendix i.

" Hirondelle." See Monaco.

Hippon, Capt. Anthony. See Astley,
Vol. i : Gottfried ; Kerr, Vol. 8 ; Pur-
chas, Vol. i, Book 3 ; Allgemeine His-
toric, Vol. i : Appendix i.

Hirsch, A., and J. Dumur. See Switzer-
land, A : Appendix 2.

and E. Plantamour. See Switzer-
land, A : Appendix 2.

Hirschfeld, G. Vorlaufiger Bericht iiber
eine Reise im siklwestlichen Kleinasien.
Parts i and 2. Map and plates. 8*


Gedachtnissrede auf Karl Zoppritz
gehalten am 10 April 1885, vor der
Geographischen Gesellschaft zu Kiinigs-
berg. 8* Konigsberg, 1885

Bericht iiber die Fortschritte in
der geographischen und topographischen
Kenntniss der alten griechischen Welt.
8 Got ha, 1890

Hirschfield, J., and W. Pichler. Die
Bader, Quellen, und Curorte Europa's.
Vol. i. Large 8 Stuttgart, 1875

Hirth, F. Sketch Map of the Chinese
Province of Kuang Tung, with Explana-
tory Appendices. Square 8*

Canton, 1872

Two Articles on Chinese Geography.
8* 1873-74

China and the Roman Orient :
Researches into their Ancient and
Mediaeval Relations, as represented in
old Chinese Records. Map. 8

Leipzig, 1885

- The Ta-Ts'in Question. (From the
Chinese Recorder.} 8* 1885

Chinesische Studien. Erster Band.
Illustrations. Small 4 Leipzig, 1890

Hislop, Stephen. Papers relating to the
Aboriginal Tribes of the Central Pro-
vinces [of India] . . . Edited, with
Notes and Preface, by R. Temple. 8
\_Nagpor e~\ 1866

See Smith, Dr George ; also India, C
(Geological Papers) : Appendix 2.


Hitchcock, C. H. First Annual Report
upon the Geology and Mineralogy of the
State of New Hampshire. Map. 8*

Manchester, N.H., 1869
Hitchcock, Edward. Report on the Geo-
logy, Mineralogy, Botany, and Zoology
of Massachusetts. Woodcuts. 8

Amherst, 1833

Report on a Re-Examination of the
Economical Geology of Massachusetts.
8 Boston, Mass., 1838

Ichnology of New England : a Report

on the Sandstone of the Connecticut
Valley, especially its Fossil Footmarks,
made to the Government of the Common-
wealth of Massachusetts. Maps and
plates. 4 Boston, Mass., 1858

Hitchcock. Prof. Roswell D. See Merrill.

Hitchman, Francis. Richard F. Burton :
his Early, Private, and Public Life, with
an account of his Travels and Explora-
tions. 2 vols. Illustrations. 8 1887

Hiuen-Tsiang. See Hiouen-Thsang.

Hjorth, J. Description du Golfe du
Finlande et de 1'enlree du Golfe de
Bothnie, d'apres les Instructions Nau-
tiques. Plates. 8 Paris, 1854

Description des Cotes de L'Esthonie,
de la Livonie, de la Courlande (Russie),
de la Prusse, et de la Pomeranie, jusqu'au
Cap Darserort, d'apres les Instructions
Nautiques. Plates. 8 Paris, 1855

Hoare, Charles. Mensuration made Easy,
or the Decimal for the Million, with its
Application to the Daily Employments
of the Artisan and Mechanic. 12* 1855

Hoare, Constance. Sec Turner-Turner.

Hoare, Sir R. C. Journal of a Tour in
Ireland, A.n. 1806. Plate. 8 1807

Classical Tour in Italy and Sicily.
Map. 4 1819

See Phillips [3], Vol. I, New Voyages
and Travels: Appendix I.

Hoare, William. See Gottfried : Ap-
pendix I.

Hobart, R. J. Board of Revenue : Re-
ports on the Actual Out-turn of the
Cotton Crop, North-Western Provinces,
for 1872-73. [Portion of the India Re-
cords, Vol. 6, N.-W. Provinces.] 8

Allahabad, 1873

See India, Board of Revenue : Ap-
pendix 2.

Hobbs, Giles. See Purchas, Vol. i, Book
5 : Ap|K-ndix I.

Hobhouse, Sir J. C. [afterwards Lord
Broughton de Gyfford]. Journey through
Alljania and other Provinces of Turkey
in Europe and Asia to Constantinople, in
1809-10. 2 vols. Mapandplates. 4 1813

Hoche, Jules. Le Pays des Croisades.
Map and illustrations. Small folio

Paris [1886]

Hochstetter, Ferdinand R. von. Lecture
on the Geology of the Province of Auck-
land, New Zealand. Folio*

Auckland, 1859

Neu-Seeland. Maps and plates. 4

Stuttgart, 1863

New Zealand, its Physical Geography,
Geology, and Natural History, with
Special Reference to the Results of
Government Expeditions in the Provinces
of Auckland and Nelson. Translated
from the German ... by E. Sauter.
. . . ; with Additions up to 1866 by the
Author. Maps and plates. 8

Stuttgart, 1867

Die geologischen Verhaltnisse des
Erste Abtheilung. Map. 4

Vienna, 1870

- In Memoriam : Ferdinand K. von
Ilochstetter. By Julius von Haast.
Portraits. Large 8* Christchnrch, 1884
See Kirchhoff; Mundy, D. L. ; " No-
vara. "

Hockin, J. P. See Keate.

Hodder, Edwin. The History of South
Australia, from its Foundation to the year
of its Jubilee ; with a Chronological
Summary of all the principal events of
interest up to date. 2 vols. Maps. 8


Hodges, William. See Pelham, Vol. I :
Appendix I.

Hodgkin, John. Calligraphia Graeca et
Poecilographia Graeca, exaravitj. Hodg-
kin, sculpsit II. Ash by. 4" !?94

Hodgkinson, Clement. Australia, from
Port Macquarie to Moreton Bay ; with
Descriptions of the Natives, their Manners
and Customs, the Geology, Natural
Productions, Fertility, and Resources of
that Region. Map and plates. 8 1845

Hodgkinson, W. O. Queensland : North-
West Explorations. Folio*

Brisbane, 1877

Report upon the Palmer River Gold
Field. Plan. Folio* Brisbane, 1883

Hodgson, Adam. Letters from North
America, written during a Tour in the
United States of Canada. 2 vols. Maps.
8 1824

Hodgson, Brian Houghton. On the
Physical Geography of the Himalaya.
Map. 8* Calcutta, 1850

Papers relative to the Colonisation,
Commerce, Physical Geography, &c., of
the Himalaya Mountains and Nepal.
Map. Royal 8 Calcutta, 1857

Route from Cathmandu in Nepal, to
Tazedo on the Chinese Frontier. 4*


Hodgson, Lieut. C. J. Letter on the
Proposed Canal near Tihara, below
Loodianah, May 1847. 8* 1847


Hodgson, William B. The Foulahs of
Central Africa, and the African Slave
Trade. 8* New York, 1843

Notes on Northern Africa, the Sahara,

and the Sovidan, in Relation to the
Ethnography, Languages, History, Poli-
tical and Social Condition of those
Countries. 8 New York, 1844

The Gospels, written in the Negro
Patois of English, with Arabic Characters,
by a Mandingo Slave in Georgia. 8*

New York, 1857

Remarks on the Recent Travels of Dr
Barth in Central Africa or Soudan. A
Paper read before the Ethnological
Society of New York, November 1858.
8* New York, 1858

See Asia (General) : Appendix 2.

Hoernes, Dr Moriz. Dinarische Wander-
ungen. Cultur- und Landschaftsbilder
aus Bosnicn und der Hercegovina. Map
and illustrations. 8 Vienna, 1 888

Hoevell, W. R. van. See Veth.

Hofer, C. E. Bescbreibung von Franzens-
brunn bey Eger, Teplitz in Bo'hmen und
Karlsbad. 8 Prague, 1799

Hoffman, David. The Fremont Estate:
an Address to the British Public respect-
ing Col. Fremont's Leasing Powers to
the Author, from June 1850. 8* 1851

California : Fremont Estates and
Gold Mines ; Mw-Sale to Mr T. D.
Sargent. 8" 1852

Hoffmann, C. F. A Winter in the Far

West. 2 vols. 8 1835

Hoffmann, Friedrich. Hinterlassene

Werke. 2 vols. 8 Berlin, 1837-38

Vol. I. Sein Leben und Werken. Phy-

sikalische Geographic.
Vol. 2. Geschichte der Geognosie, und
Schilderung der Vulkanischen Er-
Hoffmann, G. C. See Canada, A :

Appendix 2.

Hoffmann, Karl F. V. Die Erde und ihre

Bewohner, ein Hand- und Lesebuch fiir

alle Stiinde. Maps and plates. Royal 8

Stuttgart, 1835

- Das Vaterland der Deutschen. Part
I- 8 Nuremberg, 1839

See Germany, Stuttgart, "Hertha":
Appendix 3.

Hoffmann, . Visit to the Kinchenjunga
Glacier. [Extract from the Indian Daily
News, 5th and 6th October 1891.] 8*
Calcutta, 1891

Hoffmeister, W. Travels in Ceylon and
Continental India, including Nepal and
other Parts of the Himalayas, to the
Borders of Thibet, with some Notices of
the Overland Route; Appendices. Maps.
!2 Edinbttrgh, 1848

Hoffmeyer, N. Etude sur les Tempetes
de 1'Atlantique Septentrional et Projet
d'un Service Telegraphique International
relatif a cet Ocean. Diagrams. 4*

Copenhagen, 1880

Hogan, Edmund. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ;
Kerr, Vol. 7 : Appendix I .

Hofmann, E. Reise nach den Gold-
waschen Ost-Sibiriens. Map and plate.
8 St Petersburg, 1847

See Baer & Helmersen, Vols. 4, 12.
Hogan, J. Sheridan. Le Canada. Essai

auquel le premier prix a etc adjuge par
le Comite Canadien de 1'Exposition de
Paris. Maps. 8 Montreal, 1855

Hogarth, D. G., and J. A. R. Munro.
Modern and Ancient Roads in Asia
Minor. (Roy. Geo. Soc. Suppl. Papers,
Vol. 3.) Maps. Large 8 1893

Hogben, George. Various Papers on
Earthquakes in New Zealand. Maps.
8* 1890-91

Hogbom, A. G. See Sweden, A, Geolo-
giska Undersokning : Appendix 2.

Hogendorp, Comte C. S. W. de.
Coup-d'ceil sur 1'ile de Java, et les autres
Possessions Neerlandaises. Map. 8

Brussels, 1830

Hogendorp, Dirk van. Berigt van den
tegenwoordigen Toestand der Bataafsche
Bezittingen in Oost-Indien en den Handel
op dezelve. 8" [ J 799]

Hogg, John. Catalogue of Sicilian Plants,
with some Remarks on the Geography,
Geology, and Vegetation of Sicily. 8*


Letters from Abroad to a Friend at
Cambridge. 8 1844

On some Grecian Antiquities observed
in Sicily. Plates. 8* 1847

On the Geography and Geology of
the Peninsula of Mount Sinai and the
adjacent Countries. Maps. 8*

Edinburgh, 1850

Notice on Recent Discoveries in
Central Africa by Barth and Overweg,
and of two supposed New Languages in
that Country. 8* 1851

On Acrce, a Syracusan Colony in the
South of Sicily, and its principal Antiqui-
ties. Royal 8* 1852

- Further Notice respecting the Sinaic
Inscriptions. 8* 1854

On Two Events which occurred in the
Life of King Canute the Dane. 8* 1855

On the Sicilian and Sardinian Lan-
guages. 8* 1856

On the History of Iceland, and the
Icelandic Language and Literature. 8*


Notice of the Annals of Granius

Licinianus, as contained in a Palimpsestic
MS. brought from Egypt. 8* 1859



Hogg, John. On the Distinctions of a
Plant and an Animal, and on a Fourth
Kingdom of Nature. Plate. 8*

Edinburgh, 1860

Supplemental Notes on St George

the Martyr, and on George the Arian
Bishop. 8* 1 86 1

On some Inscriptions from Cyprus,
copied by Commander Leycester. 8*


On the supposed Scriptural Names of
Baalbec, or the Syrian Heliopolis ; and
on the Chief Heliopolitan Inscriptions,
Temples, Deities, and Sun-Worship. 8*


Notes on the Byblus-Rush and the

Byblus-Bok. [2 leaves.} 8* 1864

On some Old Maps of Africa, in
which the Central Equatorial Lakes are
laid down nearly in their True Positions.
Maps, 8* 1864

On Some Ancient Assyrian and
Egyptian Sculptures and Incriptions in
Turkey. 8* N.D.

- Further Account of Assyrian and
Egyptian Antiquities in Turkey, with a
Notice of the Roman Remains at Da-
mascus. 8* N. D.

On some Roman Antiquities recently
discovered by Dr Barth in Northern
Africa. Plate. 8* N.D.
See Graham, C. C. ; Porter ; Ross, L. ;
Thompson, G.

Hogstrom, Peter. See Allgemeine His-
toric, Vol. 20 : Appendix I .

Hohenbruck, A. von. Der Internationale
Congress der Flachs-Interressenten abge-
halten in Wien im August 1873. 8*

Vienna, 1873

Hohnel, Lieut. Ludwig von. Ostaqua-

torial Afrika. (Erganzungsheft, 99

Petermann's Mittheilungen. ) Maps. 4

Got ha, 1890

A. Rosiwal, F. Toula, and E.
Suess. Beitrage zur geologischen
Kenntniss des ostlichen Afrika. Map,
plates, <5rY. 4 Vienna, 1891

Holcroft, Thomas. See Philips, Collec-
tion of Modern and Contemporary Voy-
ages [i], Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

H olden, Edward S. Lists of Recorded
Earthquakes in California, Lower Cali-
fornia, Oregon, and Washington Terri-
tory. Compiled from Published Works,
and from Private Information. 8*

Sacramento, 1887

Holden, William C. History of the
Colony of Natal, with a Brief History of
the Orange-River Sovereignty, and of the
various Races inhabiting it, the Great
Lake N'Gami, Commandoes of the Dutch
Boers, &c. Maps and plates. 8 1855

Holeczek, Johann. See Dorn, A.

Holgate, C. W. An Account of the
Chief Libraries of Australia and Tas-
mania. Large 8* 1886
An Account of the Chief Libraries of
New Zealand ; with an Appendix con-
taining the Statutes relating to Public
Libraries in that Colony. 8* 1886

Holinski, A. La Californie et les Routes
Interoceaniques. 12 Brussels, 1853

Holland, H. Travels in the Ionian Isles,
Albania, Thessaly, Macedonia, &c.,
during the years 1812 and 1813. Map
and plates. 4 1815

- The same. 2nd edition. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 1819

Holland, Lieut. -Col. J. Routes from
Kurachee to Bhooj, Tatta, Jerruk,
Sukkur, Kotree, Kahun, Sonmeeanee,
Ferozepoor, Ramnuggu, &c. Edited by
R. Hughes Thomas. Royal 8

Bombay, 1855

- Routes between Bhooj and Ahmeda-
bad. Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

Further Correspondence relative to
the Introduction of a Rough Survey and
Revenue Settlement in the Province of
Sind. Map. Royal 8 Bombay, 1859

Holland, Philemon. See Camden.

Holland, Trevenen J., and Henry
Hozier. Record of the Expedition to
Abyssinia. Compiled by order of the
Secretary of State for War. 2 vols. and
vol. of Maps. 4 1870

Holle, K. F. Table van Oud- en Nieuw-
Indische Alphabetten. Bijdrage tot de
Palaeographie van Nederlandsch-Indie.
Large 8 Balavia, 1882

Holley, Mrs Mary Austin. Texas. Map.
Small 8 Lexington, Ky., 1836

Hollier, R. Glances at various Objects
during a Nine Weeks Ramble through
Parts of France, Switzerland, Piedmont,
Austrian Lombardy, Venice, Carinthia,
the Tyrol, Schaffhausen, the banks of
the Rhine, and Holland. Map. 4 1831

Hollingworth, H. G. A Short Sketch
of the Chinese Game of Chess called
Kh'e, also called Seang-kh'e, to dis-
tinguish it from Wei-kh'e, another Game
played by the Chinese. 8*

Shanghai [1^66]

- List of the Principal Tea Districts in
China, and Notes on the Names applied
to the various kinds of Black and Green
Tea. Small 8* Shanghai, 1876

Holm, Gerhard. Den Ostgronlandske
Expedition, udfort i Aarene 1883-85.
Vol. I. Maps, plates, and facsimiles.
1889. Vol. 2 (Text and plates}. 8

Copenhagen, I 888

See Sweden, A, Geologiska Under-
sokning (Ser. C, No. 93) : Appendix 2.



Holman, James. Travels through Russia,
Siberia, Poland, Cracow, Austria, Bo-
hemia, Saxony, Prussia, Hanover, &c. ,
undertaken during the years 1822, 1823,
and 1824, while suffering from total
blindness ; comprising an Account
of the Author being conducted a State
Prisoner from the eastern parts of
Siberia. 4th edition. Plates. 8 1834

A Voyage round the World, includ-
ing Travels in Africa, Asia, Australasia,
America, &c., from 1827 to 1832. 4 vols.
Portrait and plates. 8 1834-35

Holmbergf, H. J. Ethnographische Skiz-
zen iiber die Volker der Russischen
Amerika. Part i. Map. 4

Helsingfors, 1855

Holmboe, C. A. Norsk og Keltisk, om
del Norske og de Keltiske Sprogs Ind-
byrdes Laan. 4* Christiana, 1854

Asaland, 2. 8* [1872]
See Schreuder.

Holmes, W. H. The Use of Gold and
other Metals among the Ancient Inhabi-
tants of Chiriqui, Isthmus of Darien.
Illustrations. 8* Washington, 1887

Textile Fabrics of Ancient Peru.

Illustrations. 8* Washington, 1889

Holmes's Magneto - Electric Light, as
applicable to Lighthouses. Plate. 8*


Holroyd, Arthur T. Egypt and Mahomed
Ali Pacha in 1837 8* 1837

The Quarantine Laws, their Abuses

and Inconsistencies. A Letter addressed
to Sir John Cam Hobhouse. 8* 1839

Hoist, N. O. See Sweden, A, Geologiska
Undersokning : Appendix 2.

Holton, I. F. New Granada : Twenty
Months in the Andes. Maps ami plates.
8 U New York, 1857

Holtzapffel, Charles. A New System of
Scales of Equal Parts, applicable to the
various Purposes of Engineering, Archi-
tectural, and General Science. Plate. 8


Holub, Dr Emil. Few Words on the
Native Question. 8* Kimberley, 1877

Eine Culturskizze des Marutse-
Mambunda - Reiches in Siid - Central-
Afrika. 8 Vienna, 1879

- The Victoria Falls : a Few Pages from
the Diary of Emil Holub, M.D., written
during his Third Trip into the Interior
of Southern Africa. 12*

Grahainstown, 1879

Die Colonisation Afrikas : A. Die
Franzosen in Tunis, vom Standpunkte
der Erforschung und Civilisirung Afrikas.

Vienna, 1881

- The same. B. Die Englander in Siid-
Afrika, vom Standpunkte der Erforschung
und Civilisirung. i. Die Eingebornen-
Frage Siid-Afrikas. 8* Vienna, 1882

Holub, Dr Emil continued.

- The same. 2. Der Export und Im-
port des Caplandes. 8* Vienna, 1882

- The same. Die Stellung des Arztes
in den transoceanischen Gebieten, vom
Standpunkte der Erforschung und Civili-
sirung. 4 heft. 8* Vienna, 1882

Die nationalokonomische Bedeutung
der Afrikaforschung. 8* Vienna, 1881

Dr E. Holub's osterreichisch-unga-
rische Afrika - Expedition. General-
Ausweis der bis zum August 1881 einge-
langten Beitrage. 8* Vienna, 1881

Die Stidafrikanischen Salzseen. Map.
8* Frankfort o. M., 1881
Sieben Jahre inSud-Afrika, Erlebnisse,
Forschungen, und Jagden, auf meinen
Reisen von den Diamantenfeldern zum
Zambesi, 1872-79. 2 vols. Maps and
illustrations. 8 Vienna, 1881

Seven Years in South Africa : Travels,

Researches, and Hunting Adventures,
between the Diamond - Fields and the
Zambesi, 1872-79. Translated by Ellen
E. Frewer. 2 vols. Map and illustra-
tions. 8 1 88 1

Elephanten - Jagden in Siid -Afrika.
Ausserordentlicher Vortrag, gehalten im
Club osterreichischer Eisenbahn-Beamten
am 13 April 1882. 8* Vienna, 1882

Von der Capstadt ins Land der
Maschukulumbe. Reisen im stidlichen
Afrika in den Jahren 1883-87. 2 vols.
Maps and illustrations. 8 Vienna, 1890

Die Ma-Atabele. (Abstract from
" Zeitschrift fiir Ethnologic.") 8* 1893

See Kienitz.

and M. Neumayr. Ueber einige
P'ossilien aus der Uitenhage-Formation
in Siid-Afrika. Plates. 4*

Vienna, 1881

and A. von Pelzeln. Beitrage zur

Ornithologie Siidafrikas. Map and plates.
8 Vienna, 1882

" Holy Crosse " (Ship). See Hakluyt,
Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Home, Mr. Select Views in Mysore . . .
from Drawings taken on the Spot by Mr
Home; with Historical Descriptions;
the letter-press by T. Bentley. Map
and plan. Folio 1794

Home, Major R. See United Kingdom,
G, War Office Publ. : Appendix 2.

Hommel, Fritz. Eduard Glasers Reise
nach Marib (in Sudarabien) Marz-April
1888. (Beilage zur Allgeineinen Zeitttng. )
8* Munich, 1888

Eduard Glasers historische Ergebnisse

aus seinen siklarabischen Inschriften. 8*
Mtmich, 1889

Hommey, Louis. Table d'AnglesHoraires,
contenant plus de quarante mille angles
horaires calcules pour toutes les latitudes
depuis o jusqu'a 70 ... 2 vols.
Imperial 8 Paris, 1863



Honey, William. Narrative of the Cap-
tivity and Sufferings of William Honey,
and two other British Merchant Seamen,
on the Island of Arguin, on the West
Coast of Africa, in 1844-45. I2 * J ^45

Honiberger, J. Martin. Thirty-five Years
in the East : Adventures, Discoveries,
Experiments, and Historical Sketches
relating to the Punjab and Cashmere, in
connection with Medicine, Botany, Phar-
macy, &c. ; with an Original Materia
Medica, and a Medical Vocabulary in
four European and five Eastern Languages.
2 vols in I. Map and plates. 8 1852

Hood, T. H. Notes of a Cruise in II. M.S.
" fawn" in the Western Pacific in 1862.
Map and plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1863

Hood, Dr Thomas. See Borne.

Hoogewerff, Ensign J. A. Sec United
States, D, Naval Observatory: Appendix2.

Hooke, Robert. Posthumous Works,
containing . . . : i. The Present Defi-
ciency of Natural Philosophy ; 2. The
Nature, Motion, and Effects of Light,
particularly that of Sun and Comets ; 3.
An Hypothetical Explication of Memory ;
4. Explication of the Cause of Gravity,
or Gravitation, Magnetism, &c. ; 5. Dis-
course of Earthquakes, their Causes and
Effects ; 6. Lectures for Improving Navi-
gation and Astronomy ; with the Author's
Life published by R. Walter. Plates.
Folio 1 705

Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton. The Botany
of the Antarctic Voyage of H.M. Dis-
covery Ships "Erebus" and "Terror"
in the years 1839-43, & c - 2 v ls- Map
and plates. 4 1847

Notes of a Tour in the Plains of India,
the Himala, and Borneo, being Extracts
from the Private Letters of Dr Hooker,
written during a Government Botanical
Mission to those Countries. Part I.
England to Calcutta. 8* 1848

Observations made when following
the Grand Trunk Road across the Hills
of Upper Bengal, &c., in the Soane
Valley, and on the Kymaon Branch of
the Vindya Hills. 8* Calcutta, 1848

On the Climate and Vegetation of the
Temperate and Cold Regions of East
Nepal and the Sikkim Himalaya Moun-
tains. Royal 8* 1849

- Notes, chiefly Botanical, made during
an Excursion from Darjiling to Tonglo, a
lofty Mountain on the confines of Sikkim
and Nepal. 8* Calcutta, 1849

Elevation of the Great Table Land of
Thibet. 8* 1849

Introductory Essay to the Flora of
New Zealand. 4* 1853

Himalayan Journals, or Notes of a
Naturalist in Bengal, the Sikkim and
Nepal Himalayas, the Khasia Mountains,
&c. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8 1854


Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton. The Dis-
tribution of the North American Flora.

Himalayan Journals. (The Minerva

Library of Famous Books.) Portrait,
maps, and illustrations. 12 1891

and J. Ball, Journal of a Tour in
Marocco and the Great Atlas ; with an
Appendix, including a Sketch of the
Geology of Marocco by G. Maw. Map
and plates. 8 J&79

and Thomas Thomson. Introduc-

tory Essay to the Flora Indica ; including
Preliminary Observations on the Study
of Indian Botany, a Summary of the
Labours of Indian Botanists, a Sketch
of the Meteorology of India, Outlines of
the Physical Geography and Botany of
the Provinces of India. Maps. 8 1855

Hooker, Sir W. J. Journal of a Tour in

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