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Iceland in 1809. 2 vols. Maps and
plates. 8 1813

Directions for Collecting and Preserv-
ing Plants in Foreign Countries. 4*

Glasgow, 1828

Notes on the Botany of the Antarctic
Voyage conducted by Capt. James Clark
Ross in H.M. Discovery ships "Erebus"
and "Terror," with Observations on the
Tussac Grass of the Falkland Islands.
Plate. 8* 1843

Biographical Sketch of Sir William J.
Hooker. Small 8* 1865

La Vie et les Ecrits de. Par A. de
Candolle. 8* Paris, 1866

See Murray, Hugh ; also Eyries, Vol.

7 : Appendix 2.
Hooley, T. Journal of an Overland
Journey from Perth to Port Walcott on
the North-West Coast of Australia, per-
formed by T. Hooley, Esq., with a
view to finding a Practicable Route for
Driving Stock to the North District of
Western Australia. [Cuttings from the
Perth Gazette of I4th December 1 866.]
Folio* Perth, 1866

Hooper, C. L. Report of the Cruise of

the U.S. Revenue -steamer "Corwin"
in the Arctic Ocean, 1st November 1880.
Chart. 8 Washington, 1 88 1

The Cruise of the "Corwin" in the
Arctic. 8* San Francisco, 1881

Report of the Cruise of the U.S.
Revenue -steamer "Thomas Corwin" in
the Arctic Ocean, 1881. Plates. 4

Washington, 1884

Hooper, E. D. M. The Forests of the
West Indies and British Honduras. Folio*

Report upon the Forests of Jamaica.
Map. Folio* 1886

Report upon the Forests of St Vincent.

Folio* 1886
Report upon the Forests of Honduras.

Folio* Kwrnool, 1887



Hooper, E. D. M. Report upon the
Forests of St Lucia. Folio*

Madras, 1887

Report upon the Forests of Grenada

and Carriacou. Folio* 1887
Report upon the Forests of Tobago.

Map. Folio* Afadras, 1887
Report upon Antigua in relation to

Forestry. Map. Folio* Madras, 1888
Hooper, W. H. Private Journal of the

Voyage of the "Isabella" in Search of

a North-West Passage. MS. 4 1818
Private Journal of the Voyage of the

" Hecla" and "Griper." MS. Folio

Private Journal of the First Voyage of

the "Hecla "and "Fury." 2 vols. MS.

4 1821-23

Private Journal of the Second Voyage

of the "Hecla" and "Fury." 2 vols.
MS. 4 1824-25

Ten Months among the Tents of the

Tuski, with Incidents of an Arctic Boat
Expedition in Search of Sir John Frank-
lin, as far as the Mackenzie River and
Cape Bathurst. Map and illustrations.
8 1853

Hoorn, Lord van. Embassy to Kang-hi,
Emperor of China and Eastern Tartary.
See Astley, Vol. 3 ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Hop, H. Nouvelle Description du Cap de

Bonne-Esperance, avec un Journal His-

torique d'un Voyage de Terre, fait par

ordre du Gouverneur feu Mgr. Ryk.

Tulbagh, dans 1'Interieur de 1'Afrique.

Plates. 8 Amsterdam, 1778

Hope, C. W. The Dehra Dun. II.

(From the Calcutta Review, January

1893.) 8* 1893

Hope, Rev. H. The Canadian Settlers'

Guide. Maps. 8 1860

Hopkins, B. J. Astronomy for Every-day

Readers. 2nd edition. Illustrations.

12 1893

Hopkins, Edward Augustus. Memoria

accompanando un Proyecto de Ley, pro-

veyendo los medlos de disponer de las

tierras publicas de la Confederacion

Argentina, y otros objetos. (Traduc-

cion.) 8 Buenos Ay res, 1857

Hopkins, Evan. On the Connexion of

Geology with Terrestrial Magnetism,

showing the general Polarity of Matter

. . . and other Magnetic Phenomena.

Plates. 8 1844

The same. Plates. 8 1851

On the Structure of the Crystalline

Rocks of the Andes, and their Cleavage-
planes. Plate. 8* 1850

On the Geology of the Gold-bearing

Rocks of the World, and the Gold-Fields
of Victoria. 8* Melbourne, 1853

Hopkins, L. C. Report on the Island
of Formosa, dated I2th October 1884.
Map. 8* 1885

Hopkins, Thomas. On the Atmospheric
Changes which produce Rain and Wind,
and the Fluctuations of the Barometer ;
with additional Essays. Chart and dia-
grams. 8 1854
Hopkins, William. On Glacial Theories :
Abstract of a Lecture delivered before
the Cambridge Philosophical Society,
i6th May 1859. 8* 1859
Hoppe, J. Californiens Gegenwart und
Zukunft ; nebst Beitragen von A. Erman
iiber die Klimatologie von Californien
und liber die geographische Verbreitung
desGoldes. Maps. 8 Berlin, 1849
Horbye, J. C. Observations sur les Phe-
nomenes d'Erosion en Norvege. Maps
and plate. 4* Christiania, 1857
Horden, Rt. Rev. J. A Grammar of the
Cree Language as spoken by the Cree
Indians of North America. 12 1881
Hore, Mrs Annie B. To Lake Tang-
anyika in a Bath Chair. Maps and por-
traits. Crown 8 1886
Hore, E. C. Tanganyika : Eleven Years
in Central Africa. Maps and illustra-
tions. 8 1892
Hore, M. &Hakluyt,VoL3: Appendix i.
Hores, W. See Purchas, Vol. i, Book 5 :

Appendix I.

Horky, J. E. Des bohmischen Freiherrn
Low von Rotzmital und Blatna, Denk-
wiirdigkeiten und Reisen durch Deutsch-
land, England, Frankreich, Spanien,
Portugal, und Italien. Ein Beitrag zur
Zeit- und Sittengeschichte des fu'nfzehn-
ten Jahrhunderts. 2 vols. in I. Small
8 Briinn, 1824

Horn, Capt. van. See Sharp, Capt. B.

and others.

Hornby, Admiral. A Summary of " The

Cruize round the World of the Squadron

Detached on Particular Service under the

Orders of Rear-Admiral Hornby, between

the igthdayofjune 1869 and the I5thday

of November 1870." Map. Folio 1871

Home, John. A Year in Fiji ; or, An

Inquiry into the Botanical, Agricultural,

and Economical Resources of the Colony.

Map. 8 1 88 1

Home, John. See Tudor.

Hornemann, Fred. Travels from Cairo to

Mourzouk, the Capital of the Kingdom

of Fezzan, in 1797-98. Maps. 4 1802

Voyage de F. Hornemann, dans

1'Afrique Septentrionale, depuis Le Caire
jusqu'a Mourzouk, Capitale du Royaume
de Fezzan ; suivi d'Eclaircissemens sur
la Geographic de 1'Afrique, par M. Ren-
nell. Traduit de PAnglais, . . . et
augment^ de Notes et d'un Memoire sur
les Oasis . . . par L. Langles. 2 parts
in I vol. Map. 8 Paris, 1803



Horner, . Voyage i la Cote Orientale
d'Afrique pendant 1'annee 1866, par le
R. P. Horner, Missionaire Apostolique,
&c. ; accompagne de Documents nouveaux
sur 1'AfriqUe par Mgr. Gaume. 12

Paris, 1872

Horner, G. R. B. Medical Topography
of Brazil and Uruguay, with Incidental
Remarks. 8 Philadelphia, 1845

Horner, Leonard. Account of some
recent Researches near Cairo undertaken
with the view of throwing light upon the
Geological History of the Alluvial Land
of Egypt. 2 parts. Plates. 4* 1855

Homes, M. See " Novara."

Hornius, Georgius. De Originibus
Americanis. Libri Quatuor. 1 2"

The Hague, 1652
See Nieuhoff.

Hornlimann, J. Ueber Seetiefenmessung-
en. 8* [Berne, 1886]

Horologgi, G. See Tevet.

Horowitz, Victor J. Marokko : das
wesentlichste und interessanteste liber
Land und Leute. 8 Leipzig, 1887

Horrocks, J. N. Meteorological Obser-
vations, taken at Assumption, Paraguay,
during the year 1878. MS. 4 1878

Horsburgh, Capt. J. India Directory; or,
Directions for Sailing to and from the
East Indies, China, Australia, Cape of
Good Hope, Brazil, and the interjacent
ports ; compiled chiefly from Original
Journals of the Company's Ships, and
from Obervations and Remarks made
during Twenty-one Years' Experience
Navigating in those Seas. 4 1836

Instructions Nautiques sur les Mers

de 1'Inde. Traduit par M. Le Predour ;
revue par M. B. Darondeau et M. G.
Reille. Vol. II., et Vol. III., Part 2.
4 Paris, 1856-60

Instructions Nautiques : Traversees

d'Europe auxdifferentes Parties de 1'Inde,
de le 1'Australie, Cote Est d'Afrique.
. . . ses Vents et Courants . . . Tra-
duction de MM. Le Predour, Daron-
deau, et Reille ; revue par M. J.
Lafont et Ch. Pigeard. 2 vols. 4

Paris, 1864
See Taylor, A. D.

Hbrschelmann, F. See Stein, C. G. D.

Horsey, A. F. R. de. Routier des
Cotes Sud, Sud-est, et Est d'Afrique,
du Cap de Bonne-Esperance an Cap
Guardafui, comprenant les lies du Canal
de Mozambique. . . . Traduit de 1'Ang-
lais par M. A. Mac-Dermott. 8

Paris, 1866

See Montgomerie ; also United King-
dom, A (Africa) : Appendix 2.

Horsey, Sir Jerome. See Hakluyt,
Vol. I ; Ilakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 20. :
Appendix I.

Horsfield, T. Report on the Island of
Banka. 8* 1848

Horsfield, Thomas. See Catalogues, C,
General : Appendix 2.

Horsford, Eben Norton. John Cabot's
Landfall in 1497, and the Site of Norum-
bega : a Letter to Chief-Justice Daly,
President of the American Geographical
Society. Maps, plans, ami plates. 4
Cambridge, Mass., 1886

Discovery of America by Northmen :
Address at the Unveiling of the Statue
of Leif Eriksen, delivered in Faneuil
Hall, 29th Oct. 1887. Maps and illus-
trations. 4* New York, 1888

The Problem of the Northmen : a

Letter to Chief-Justice Daly, President
of the American Geographical Society.
Maps, plans, and plates. 4*

Cambridge, Mass., 1889

The Discovery of the Ancient City of

Norumbega : a Communication to the
President and Council of the American
Geographical Society, at their Special
Session in Watertown, 2ist November
1 889. Maps and illustrations. 4*

Cambridge, Mass., N.D.
- Ditto. [With Poem by Whittier,
&c. ] Maps and illustrations. 4

New York, 1890

The Defences of Norumbega, and a

Review of the Reconnaissances of Col.
T. W. Higginson, Professor Henry W.
Haynes, Dr Justin Winsor, Dr Francis
Parkman.and Rev. Dr Edmund F. Slafter.
A Letter to Judge Daly, President of the
American Geographical Society. Maps
and plates. 4 Boston, Mass., 1891

The Landfall of Leif Erikson, A.D.

1000, and the site of his houses in Vine-
land. Maps and plates. 4 Boston, 1892

Horsley, John. Britannia Romana ; or,
The Roman Antiquities of Britain, con-
taining . . . the Roman Geography, in
which are given the Originals of Ptolemy,
Antonini Itinerarium, the Notitia, the
anonymous Ravennas, and Peutinger's
Table, so far as they relate to this Island ;
. . . and Geographical Indexes of the
Latin and English Names of the Roman
Places in Britain, and a General Index.
Maps and plates. Folio 1732

Horsley, Bishop S. See Vincent, Vol. i :
Appendix 2.

Hort, Mrs Alfred. Via Nicaragua : a
Sketch of Travel. Crown 8 1887

Tahiti : the Garden of the Pacific.

Frontispiece. 8 1891

Horton, James Africanus B. Physical
and Medical Climate and Meteorology of
the West Coast of Africa ; with Valuable
Hints to Europeans for the Preservation
of Health in the Tropics. 8 1867

Hortop, Job. See Hakluyt, Vol. 3:
Appendix I.



Horvath, G. Monographia Lygseidarum
Hungarian Plate. 4 Budapest, 1875

Hoseason, John Cochrane. Remarks
on the Abyssinian Expenditure, and on
the general Inefficiency of the Over-Sea
Steam-Transport for Military Purposes.
Map. 8* 1870

Hosie, A. Itinerary of the Road from
Ch'-eng-tu, the Capital of the Province
of Ssu-ch'uan, to Chashilumbu, the
Capital of Ulterior Tibet. [Foreign
Office Paper.] Folio* 1884

Report of a Journey through the
Provinces of Ssu-ch'uan, Yunnan, and
Kuei Chou, nth February to I4th June
1883. Folio* 1884

Report of a Journey through Central

Ssu-ch'uan, in June and July 1884.

Folio* 1885

Three Years in Western China :

Narrative of Three Journeys in Ssii-
ch' uan, Kuei-chow, and Yiin-nan. With
an Introduction by Archibald Little.
Map and illustrations. 8 1890

Report by Mr Hosie on the Island of

Formosa, with special reference to its
Resources and Trade. Maps. [Collec-
tion of Photographs in separate cover.]
Folio* 1893
See China, A : Appendix 2.

Hoskiaer, V. Et Besog i Gnekenland,

yEgypten og Tyrkiet. Maps. Small 8

Copenhagen, 1879

- Rejse i China, Japan og Indien.
Maps. Small 8 Copenhagen, 1880

Hoskins, G. A. Travels in Ethiopia,
above the Second Cataract of the Nile,
exhibiting the State of that Country and
its various Inhabitants, and illustrating
the Antiquities, Arts, and History of the
ancient Kingdom of Meroe. Map and
plates. 4 1835

Ethiopia versus Egypt. 8 1836

Visit to the Great Oasis of the Libyan

Desert, with an Account, Ancient and
Modern, of the Oasis of Amun, and the
other Oases under the dominion of the
Pasha of Egypt. Map and plates. 8

Spam as it is. 2 vols. 8 1851

- Winter in Upper and Lower Egypt.


H6skold, H. D. Memoire General et

Special sur les Mines, la Metallurgie, les

Lois sur les Mines, les Ressources, les

Avantages, &c., de 1' exploitation des

Mines dans la Republique Argentine.

Maps, plans, and illustrations. Large

Buenos Ay res, 1889

Hoskyn, R. Sec United Kingdom, A

(Coast of Ireland) : Appendix 2.
Houdas, O. See Ezziani ; Nozhet-Elhadi.

Houels Reisen durch Sizilien, Malta und
die Liparischen Inseln ; eine Ueberset-
zung aus dem grossen und kostbaren
Franzosischen Originalwerke von J. H.
Keerl. Plates. 8 Gotha, 1797

Hough, Franklin B. History of St

Lawrence and Franklin Counties, New

York, from the earliest period to the

present time. Maps and portraits. 8

Albany, N.Y., 1853

Hough, Major W. Narrativeof the March
and Operations of the Army of the Indus
in the Expedition to Afghanistan in
1838-39. Map and plates. 8 1841

Houghton, Bernard. Essay on the
Language of the Southern Chins and its
Affinities. 8 Rangoon, 1892

Houghton, . See Eyries, Vol. 10 :
Appendix I.

Houlder, Rev. J. A. North-East Mada-
gascar : a Narrative of a Missionary Tour
from the Capital to Andranovelona via
Andovoranto and the North-east Coast,
and back to Antananarivo by way of
Mandritsara and Ambatondrazaka. Map.
8* Antananarivo, 1877

Housman, John. A Descriptive Tour and
Guide to the Lakes, Caves, Mountains,
and other Natural Curiosities in Cuml>er-
land, Westmoreland, Lancashire, and a
part of the West Riding of Yorkshire.
3rd edition. Maps and plates. 12

Carlisle, 1 808

Ditto. 7th edition. 12

Carlisle, 1816
Houtmann, C. See Allgemeine Historic,

Vol. 8: Appendix I.
Houzeau, J. C. Histoire du Sol de

1'Europe. Map. 8 Brussels, 1857

Annales de 1'Observatoire Royal de
Bruxelles : Appendice a la nouvelle serie
des Annales Astronomiques ; Vade-
Mecum de 1'Astronome. 8

Brtissels, 1882
and A. Lancaster. Bibliographic

Generate de 1'Astronomie, on Catalogue
Methodique des Ouvrages, des Memoires,
et des Observations Astronomiques
publics depuis 1'origine de rimprimerie
jusqu'en 1880. Tome 2. Large 8

Brussels, 1882

Hove, Dr. Tours for Scientific and
Economical Research made in Guzerat,
Kattiawar, and the Conkuns in 1787-88.
Published from the MS. in the British
Museum, under the care of A. Gibson.
Plates. Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

Hovell, W. Hilton. Reply to "A Brief
Statement of Facts, in connection with
an Overland Expedition from Lake
George to Port Phillip, in 1824," pub-
lished by H. Hume. 8* Sydney, 1855
and H. Hume. Journey of Dis-
covery to Port Phillip, New South Wales,
in 1824-25. Map. 8 Sydney, 1837



Hovell-Thurlow, Hon. T. J. The Com-
pany and the Crown. 2nd edition,
revised and corrected. Map. 8 1867

Hovgaard, A. Nordenskiold's Voyage
round Asia and Europe : a Popular Ac-
count of the North-East Passage of the
"Vega," 1878-80. Translated from the
Danish by H. L. Breekstad. Maps atui
illustrations. 8 1882

- The Danish-Arctic Expedition pro-
posed by A. Hovgaard. Translated from
the Danish by G. Zachariae. Circum-
polar chart. 8* Copenhagen, 1882

Howard, B. Douglas. Life with Trans-
Siberian Savages. Small 8 1893

Howard, F. See South Australia, A :
Appendix 2.

Howard, Rev. G. B. See Philipos.

Howard, J. Eliot. Creation and Pro-
vidence, with especial reference to the
Evolutionist Theory. 8* 1878

Howard, J. E. Memoirs of William Watts
McNair, the First European Explorer of
Kafiristan. Portraits. Oblong 12* N.D.

Howard, John. The Stanley Geographical
Questions. Standards I and 2. 12*

Manchester, N.D.

- The same. Standard 6. 12*

Manchester, N.D.

Howard, Luke. The Climate of London,
deduced from Meteorological Observa-
tions made in the Metropolis and at
various places round it. 2nd edition.
3 vols. Plates. 8 1833

Howard, Lord Thomas. See Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. i : Appendix I.

Howard, \V. Narrative of a Journey to
the Summit of Mont Blanc, made in July
1819. 12* Baltimore, 1821

Howel, . See Dalrymple, Alex.

Howell, A. P. Note on the State of
Education in India during 1866-67.
Royal 8 Calcutta, 1868

- Note on Jails and Jail Discipline in
India, 1867-68 ; with Extracts from the
Jail Reports of the several Governments
and Administrations under the Govern-
ment of India, for 1867. Royal 8

Calcutta, 1869

Howell, E. J. Mexico, its Progress and
Commercial Possibilities. Map. 8 1892

Howell, G. R. African Explorations,
Ancient and Modern : Sources of the Nile
and Congo. 8* New York, 1878

Howell, James. Instructions for Foreine
Travell, 1642, collated with the second
edition of 1650. (English reprint,
edited by E. Arber.) 12 1869

Howgate, H. W. Polar Colonization :
Memorial to Congress, and Action of
Scientific and Commercial Associations.
Maps and photographs. 8*

Washington, 1878

- Polar Colonization and Exploration.
Map. 8* N.P., N.D.

Howgate, H. W. See Tyson, E.

Howitt, A. W. See Victoria, B : Ap-
pendix 2.

Howland, O. A. The New Empire :
Reflections upon its Origin and Consti-
tution, and its relation to the Great
Republic. Map. 8 1891

Hewlett, S. B. Directions for using
Aneroid and Mercurial Barometers in
determining Altitudes, with Table and
Examples. Plate. 12* 1859

Howley, J. P. Geography of Newfound-
land. 2nd edition. Map. 12* 1877

Howorth, Sir H. H. Some Changes of
Surface affecting Ancient Ethnography.
8* 1868

On the Westerly Drifting of Nomades,

from the 5th to the igth Century: Part
5, Hungarians ; Part 6, Kirghises or
Bourouts, Kazaks, Kalmucks, Euzbegs,
and Nogays ; Part 9, Fins and allies.
8* N.D.

History of the Mongols, from the

9th to the i gth Century. 4 vols. Maps.
Large 8

PART i.- The Mongols proper and the
Kalmuks. 1876

PART 2. The so-called Tartars of Russia
and Central Asia. Divisions I and 2.
2 vols. 1880

PART 3. The Mongols of Persia. 1888

The Mammoth and the Flood : an

Attempt to Confront the Theory of
Uniformity with the Facts of Recent
Geology. 8 1887

Howse, Joseph. Grammar of the Cree
Language, with which is combined an
Analysis of the Chippeway Dialect. 8


- Words and Forms of Speech, pre-
pared with a view to obtain their Equi-
valents in various Indian Dialects. [2
leaves.~\ Folio* Cirencester, N. i>.

Hozier, Capt. H. M. See He-Hand, T. J. ;
also United Kingdom, G : Appendix 2.

Hubbard, Gardiner G. South America.
Map. 8* Washington, 1891

Hubbard, J. H. Sport in the Canadian
North -West. Map. 8 1886

Hiibbe-Schleiden, W. Ethiopien. Stu-
dien iiber West Afrika. Map. 8

Hamburg, 1879

Huber, Charles. Journal d'un Voyage
en Arabic (1883-84). Maps and plates.
Large 8 l^aris, 1891

Huber, W. Notice P>iographique sur
Libre-Irmond Bardin. 8* Paris, 1868

Hiibertz, J. R. De Sindssyge i Danmark.
Map. 4* Copenhagen, 1851

Hiibner, Baron von. Through the British
Empire. 2 vols. Map. Crown 8 1886

Hiibner, Johann. Kurze Fragen aus der
neuen und alien Geographic bis auf
gegenwartige Zeit continuirt. . . . Map.
12 Leipzig, 1724



Hue, E. R. Recollections of a Journey
through Tartary, Thibet, and China
during 1844-46. Translated by Mrs
Percy Sinnet. 12 1852

Souvenirs d'un Voyage dans la Tar-

tarie, le Thibet, et la Chine pendant
1844-46. 2vols. Map. 8 Paris, 1853

L'Empire Chinois, faisant suite a

1'ouvrage intitule "Souvenirs d'un Voy-
age dans la Tartarie et le Thibet." 2 vols.
Map., 8 Paris, 1854

The Chinese Empire, forming a
sequel to the work entitled " Recollec-
tions of a Journey through Tartary and
Thibet." 2 vols. Map. 8 1855

Christianity in China, Tartary, and

Thibet. Vol. I. 8 1857

Huddart, Joseph. Piloting Directory for
Bristol Channel, St George's Channel,
and all the Coasts of Ireland. Revised
l.y John Purdy. 8 1837

Hudleston, W. H. On Deep Sea Inves-
tigation : Presidential Address delivered
at the Opening of the Session 1881-82
of the Geologists' Association. Map and
diagrams. 8* 1882

- and J. F. Walker. On the Distri-
bution of the Brachiopoda in the Oolitic
Strata of Yorkshire. 8* N. p. , N. D.

Hudson, Henry. See Read, J. M. ; also
Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vols. 5, 27 ; Purchas,
Vol. 3, Book 3 ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 17 : Appendix I.

Hudson, T. S. A Scamper through
America ; or, Fifteen Thousand Miles
of Ocean and Continent in Sixty Days.
Map. Small 8 1882

Hudson, W. H. The Naturalist in La
Plata. Illustrations. 8 1892

Idle Days in Patagonia. Illustrated

by Alfred Hartley and J. Smit. 8 1893

Hues, Robert. See Ilakluyt Soc. Publ.,

Vol. 79 : Appendix I.
Hug, Arnold. Antiochia und der Auf-
stand des Jahres 387 n. Chr. Plate. 4
Winter thur, 1863

Hiigel, Baron Karl A. A. von. Kasch-

mir und das Reich der Siek. 3 vols. 8

Stuttgart, 1840-41

- Travels in Kashmir and the Panjab.
Translated, with Notes, by Major T. B.
Jervis. Maps and plates. Royal 8


Das Kabul-Becken und die Gebirge
zwischen dem Hindu Kosch und dem
Sutlej. Maps. Folio Wien, 1850

Der Stille Ocean und die Spanischen

Besitzungen im Ostindischen Archipel.

Maps. 8 Vienna, 1860

In Memoriam. 4* N.D.

Hughes, A. W. Outlines of Indian

History, comprising the Hindu, Maho-

medan, and Christian Periods. Maps.

12 1871

Hughes, A. W. A Gazetteer of the
Province of Sindh. Maps and photo-
graphs. 8 1874

The Country of Balochistan, its Geo-
graphy, Topography, Ethnology, and
History. [Vocabulary, and Road Routes.]
Map in cover and photographs. 12 1877

Hughes, Edward. Outlines of Physical
Geography, Descriptive of the Inorganic
Matter of the Globe, and the Distribution
of Organized Beings ; with Maps, com-
piled by William Hughes. 12 1850

Hughes, G. Amoy and the surrounding
Districts. Map. Square 8

Hong Kong, 1872

Hughes, J. See Dobreo.

Hughes, Robert Edgar. Two Summer
Cruises with the Baltic Fleet in 1854-55,
being the Log of the " Pet," Yacht.
Maps and plate. 8 1855

Hughes, T. S. Travels in Sicily, Greece,
and Albania. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
4 1820

Travels in Greece and Albania. 2 vols.

Maps and plates. 8 1830

Hughes, Rev. W. Dark Africa and the
Way Out, or a Scheme for Civilising and
Evangelising the Dark Continent. Maps
and illustrations. 12 1892

Hughes, William. Principles of Mathe-
matical Geography, comprehending a
Theoretical and Practical Explanation of
the Construction of Maps, with Rules for
the Formation of the various kinds of
Map Projections. Plans. 8 1843

Remarks on Geography as a Branch

of Popular Education, chiefly with refer-
ence to the Principles upon which it
should be Taught in Normal Schools.
8* 1847

Manual of British Geography, em-
bracing the Physical, Industrial, and
Descriptive Geography of England and
Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Maps.
12 Edinburgh, 1851

Manual of European Geography,

embracing the Physical, Industrial, and
Descriptive Geography of the various
Countries of Europe. Maps. 12

Edinburgh, 1851

The Australian Colonies, their Origin

and Present Condition. 12 1852

Class-Book of Modern Geography,

with Examination Questions. 12" 1859

The Study of Geography : a Lecture.

8* 1863

A Treatise on the Construction of

Maps, comprehending an Inquiry into
the Principles of Mathematical Geo-
graphy and the Relations of Geography
to Astronomy, with Rules for the Forma-
tion of Map-projections. Plates. 12




Hughes, William. The Geography of
British History, a Geographical Descrip-
tion of the British Islands at successive
Periods, from the Earliest Times to the
Present Day. Maps. 12 1866

A Class- Book of Physical Geography,
with Examination Questions. New and
enlarged edition. Map. 8 1868

Geography in its Relation to History:
a Lecture, delivered at the Birkbeck In-
stitution. 8* 1870

- Geography in its Relation to Physical
Science. 8* 1870

- A Manual of Geography, Physical,
Industrial, Political. Small 8 1873

A Class-Book of Modern Geography,
with Examination Questions. New edi-
tion, revised by J. Francon Williams.
Small 8 1 88 1

- See Dempsey ; Maunder.

and J. F. Williams. The Advanced
Class-Book of Modern Geography, Physi-
cal, Political, Commercial. 12 1892

- The Geography of the British Colonies
and Dependencies, Physical, Political,
Commercial. Map. Small 8 1892

An Introduction to the Study of Geo-
graphy, Mathematical, Physical, Political,
and Commercial. Plate. Small 8 1893

Hughes, Major W. Gwynne. The Hill

Tracts of Arakan. Map and frontispiece.

8 Rangoon, 1881

Hughes, Lieut. W. S. See United States,

E, a (No. 64) : Appendix 2.
Hugo, Comte Leopold. Extraits de deux

Lettres addressees a D. B. Boncom-

pagni. 4* Rome, 1876

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