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HugOt, A. See Blumentritt, Ferdinand.
Hugues, Luigi. Alcune considerazioni

sul Primo Viaggio cli Amerigo Vespucci.

8* Rome, 1885

II Quarto Viaggio di Amerigo Ves-
pucci. 8* [Rome, 1886]

- Sul Nome "America." 12*

Turin, 1886
Seconda Me-

Rome, 1888
- Guida por 1'Insegnamento della Geo-
grafia nelle Scuole Primarie e Secondarie.
Parte Prima La Regione Italiana, Primi
Elementi di Geografia Generale. 8*

Turin, 1888

Sopra due Lettere di Amerigo
Vespucci (Anni 1500, 1501). 8*

Rome, 1891
- Di alcuni Recenti Guidizi intorno ad

Amerigo Vespucci, Osservazioni Critiche.

12* Turin, 1891

Huhn, E. H. T. Deutsch-Lothringen,

Landes-, Volks-, und Ortskunde. 8 U

Stuttgart, 1875
Huish, Robert. The Last Voyage of

Capt. Sir John Ross to the Arctic

Regions for the Discovery of the North-

- Sul Nome " America."
morice, con un' Appendice.

Huish, Robert continued.
West Passage, in 1829 - 33 ; with an
Abridgement of the Former Voyages of
Capts. Ross, Parry, &c. Map and plates.
8 1835

Hull, Prof. Edward. The Coal-Fields of
Great Britain, their History, Structure,
and Resources; with Notices of the Coal-
Fields of other Parts of the World. 3rd
edition. Maps and plates. 8 1873

Mount Seir, Sinai, and Western

Palestine, being a Narrative of a Scien-
tific Expedition. Published for the Com-
mittee of the Palestine Exploration Fund.
Maps and illustrations. 8 1885

A Sketch of Geological History, being

the Natural History of the Earth and
of its Pre-Human Inhabitants ; with an
Illustrative Diagram. Crown 8 1887

A Text - Book of Physiography, or

Physical Geography, being an Introduc-
tion to the Study of the Physical Pheno-
mena of our Globe. Maps and plates.
12 1888

See Turkey in Asia, B : Appendix 2.

Hull, Hugh M. The Experience of Forty
Years in Tasmania. Map and plates.
12 1859

Hull, Thomas A. Practical Nautical
Surveying. 8* 1873

See Temple, G. T.

Hullett, R. W. English Sentences, with
Equivalents in Colloquial Malay. Com-
piled for the use of Pupils at the Raffles
Institution, Singapore. 12* 1887

Hulsius, Levinus. See Ternaux-Compans,
Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Hultzch, E. See India, A : Appendix 2.

Humann, Karl, and Otto Puchstein.
Reisen in Kleinasien und Nordsyrien.
Illustrations. Text 4, and Atlas large
4 Berlin, 1890

Humbert, Aime. Le Japon Illustre. 2

vols. Map, plans, and plates. Large 4

Paris, 1870

La Mer Interieure du Japon. Map.

8* [Geneva, 1866]

Humble, W. Dictionary of Geology and
Mineralogy, comprising such terms in
Botany, Chemistry, Comparative Ana-
tomy, Conchology, Entomology, Palae-
ontology, Zoology, and olher branches of
Natural History, as are connected with
the study of Geology. 2nd ed. 8 1843

Humboldt, Alexander von. Political

Essays on the Kingdom of New Spain.

4 vols. Maps. 8 1811

- Plates to do. 8 1811

Researches concerning the Institutions

and Monuments of the Ancient Inhabit-
ants of America, with Descriptions and
Views of some of the most striking Scenes
in the Cordilleras. Translated by Helen
M. Williams. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1814



Humboldt, Alexander von. Essai Poli-
tique sur le Royaume de la Nouvelle-
Espagne. 2nd edition. 4 vols. Map in
cover. 8 Paris, 1825

Tableaux de la Nature, ou Considera-
tions sur les Deserts, sur la Physionomie
des Vegetaux, sur les Cataractes de
1'Orenoque, sur la Structure et 1'Action
des Volcans dans les differentes Regions
de la Terre, &c. Traduits de 1'Allemand
par J. B. B. Eyries. 2 vols. in I. 8

Paris, 1828

Fragmens de Geologic et de Climat-

ologie Asiatiques. 2 vols. Map. 8

Paris, 1831
Report upon a Letter by, to H.R.H.

[the Duke of Sussex] the President of
the Royal Society, respecting Terrestrial
Magnetism. 8* 1836

Examen Critique de 1'Histoire de la

Geographic du Nouveau Continent et
des Progres de 1'Astronomie Nautique
aux quinzieme et seizieme Siecles. 5
vols. 8 1836-39

Ueber die Hochebene von Bogota.

8* Berlin, 1838

Notice de deux tentatives d'ascension

du Chimborazo. 8* Paris, 1838

Asie Centrale : Recherches sur les

Chaines de Montagnes et la Climatologie
comparee. 3 vols. Map. 8 Paris, 1843

Kosmos : Entwurf einer physischen

Weltbeschreibung. 5 vols. 8

Stuttgart, 1845-62

Cosmos : a Sketch of a Physical De-
scription of the Universe. Translated
from the German by E. C. Otte, B. H.
Paul, and W. S. Dallas. 5 vols. 12


Views of Nature ; or, Contemplations

on the Sublime Phenomena of Creation,
with Scientific Illustrations. Translated
by E. C. Otte and H. G. Bohn. Frontis-
piece and facsimile. 12 1850

Travels and Researches of, by W.

Macgillivray ; with a Narrative of Hum-
boldt's most recent Researches, including
his Journey to the Ural Mountains and
the Caspian Sea, &c. Portrait and
plates. 12 1853

Notice sur la Vie et les Travaux de,

par M. de la Roquette. Portraits and
facsimile. 4* Paris, 1860

Festrede bei der von den naturwissen-

schaftlichen Vereinen Berlins veranstal-
teten Humboldt-Feier, von A. Bastian.
8* Berlin, 1869

See Adalbert ; Bruhns ; Kelley ;

Macgillivray ; Mollhausen ; Paravey ;
Rose ; Schwarzenberg.

and Aime" Bonpland. Essai sur la

Geographic des Plantes ; accompagne
d un Tableau Physique des Regions
Equinoxiales, fonde sur des mesures
executees depuis le dixieme degre de

Humboldt, A. von, and A. Bonpland


latitude boreale jusqu'au dixieme degre
de latitude australe, pendant 1799-1803.
4 Paris, 1805

Voyage aux Regions Equinoxiales du

Nouveau Continent, 1799-1804, par Al.
de Humboldt et A. Bonpland. Redige
par Alexandre de Humboldt. Premiere
Partie : Relation Historique. Tome
premier. Map. 4 Paris, 1814

Voyage de Humboldt et Bonpland.

Deuxieme Partie : Recueil d'Observa-
tions de Zoologie et d'Anatomie com-
paree, faites dans 1'Ocean Atlantique,
clans 1'Interieur du Nouveau Continent,
et dans la Mer du Sud, pendant les
Annees 1799-1803. Premier volume.
Plates. 4 Paris, 1811

Ditto. Troisieme Partie : Essai Poli-

tique sur le Royaume de la Nouvelle-
Espagne. [Par Alexandre de Humboldt. ]
2 vols. 4 Paris, 1811

Ditto. Quatrieme Partie. Astronomic.

Recueil d'Observations Astronomiques,
d'Operations Trigonometriques, et de
Mesures Barometriques, faites pendant
le cours d'un Voyage aux Regions
Equinoxiales du Nouveau Continent
depuis 1799 jusqu 'en 1803. Par Alex-
andre de Humboldt ; redigees et cal-
culees, d'apres les tables les plus exactes,
par Jabbo Oltmanns. 2 vols. Plates.
4 Paris, 1810

Voyage aux Regions Equinoxiales du

Nouveau Continent, fait en 1799, 1800,
1801, 1802, 1803, et 1804. Redige par
Alexandre de Humboldt. 13 vols. (in
7). 8 Paris, 1816-26

Personal Narrative of Travels to the
Equinoctial Regions of the New Conti-
nent, during 1799-1804, by Alex, de
Humboldt and Aime Bonpland. Trans-
lated by Helen M. Williams. 7 vols.
in 6. Maps and plates. 8 1822-29

Personal Narrative of Travels to the

Equinoctial Regions of America, during
1799-1804, by Alex, von Hmnlx>ldt and
Aime Bonpland. Translated and edited
by Thomasina Ross. 3 vols. (Bohn's
Scientific Library.) 12 1852-53

Hume, Rev. A. Philosophy of Geogra-
phical Names. 8* Liverpool, 1851

Geographical Terms, considered as

tending to enrich the English Language.
8* Liverpool, 1859

Hume, A. O. Report on the Boureeah
Gang of Robbers, 1855. [Records,
N.W.P., No. 25.] Large 8

Agra, 1856

- Report upon the State and Progress of

Education in the Etawah District for

1856, and on Hulgabundee Schools, 1859.

[Records, N.W.P., No. 33.] Large 8

Allahabad, 1860

See Henderson.



Hume, Hamilton. A Brief Statement of
Facts in connection with an Overland
Expedition from Lake George to Port
Phillip, in 1824. Edited by the Rev.
William Ross. 8 Sydney, 1855

The same. 2nd edition. Portrait,

8 Yass, 1873

See HovelL

Hume, Dr. See Walpole : Appendix I.

Humme, H. C. Abiasa, een Javaansch
Tooneelstuk (Wajang), met een Hol-
landsche vertaling en toelichtende nota.
8 The Hague, 1878

Hummel, D. See Sweden, A : Appendix 2.

Hummel, Dr Karl. Physische Geo-
graphic. 8 Graz, 1855

Humphreys, Capt. A. A. Report on
the Experiment of Sinking Artesian
Wells upon the Public Lands ; Explora-
tion of the Rio Colorado of the West ;
Exploration in Nebraska, &c. 8

Washington, 1859

- and Lieut. H. L. Abbot. Report
upon the Physics and Hydraulics of the
Mississipi River, upon the Protection of
the Alluvial Region against Overflow,
and upon the Deepening of the Mouths,
based upon Surveys and Investigations.
Maps. 4 Philadelphia, 1861

Hunfalvy, J. See Magyar.
Hunfalvy, Paul. Literarische Berichte
aus Ungarn. Vols. 1-4. Plates. 8

Budapest, 1877-80

- Die Volker des Ural und ihre
Sprachen. 8* Budapest, 1888

Hunnewell, J. Journal of the Voyage of
the " Missionary Packet," Boston to
Honolulu, 1826. Maps and plates. 4
Charlestown, 1880

Hunt, C. C. Journal of an Expedition to
the Eastern Interior of Western Australia.
[Cuttings from a Newspaper.] Fo* 1 866

Hunt, Dr. See Walpole, Robert : Ap-
pendix i.

Hunt, James. Introductory Address on
the Study of Anthropology. 8* 1863

- Anniversary Address delivered be-
fore the Anthropological Society of
London, Jan. 1864. 8* 1864

- Anniversary Address delivered be-
fore the Anthropological Society of
London, 1866. 8* 1866

Farewell Address delivered at the
Fourth Anniversary of the Anthropo-
logical Society of London, 1867. 8* 1867
Hunt, J. See Vogt.

Hunt, Robert. On the Importance of
Cultivating Habits of Observation. 8*


Hunt, R. S., and J. F. Randel. Guide
to the Republic of Texas. Map. 18

New York, 1839

Hunt, Dr T. Sterry. Sur la Formation
des Gypses et des Dolomies. 4*

Pun's, 1867

Hunter, Archdeacon. A Lecture on the
Grammatical Construction of the Cree
Language, delivered on the 2nd April
1862. Large 8" 1875

Hunter, F. M. The Aden Handbook.
8* 1873

A Grammar of the Somali Language ;
together with a short Historical Notice,
and a few Exercises for Beginners ; con-
cluding with an English-Somali and
Somali-English Vocabulary. 16

Bombay, 1880

Report of a Visit made to the Amiri
District in Jan. 1880. Folio* Bombay

Report on the Province of Ilarrar.

Map and plan. Folio* Aden, 1884

A Statistical Account of the British
Settlement of Aden, in Arabia. Map
and plan. 8 1887

Hunter, Henry. See Sonnini, C. S.

Hunter, John. An Historical Journal of
the Transactions at Port Jackson and Nor-
folk Island, with the Discoveries which
have been made in New South Wales
and in the Southern Ocean, since the
publication of Phillip's Voyage, compiled
from the Official Papers ; including the
Journals of Governors Phillip and King,
and of Lieut. Ball ; and the Voyages
from the first Sailing of the " Sirius" in
1787 to the Return of that ship's Com-
pany to England in 1792. Portrait ^
ptates, maps, and charts. 4 1 793

Hunter, R. See Hislop ; also India, C
(Geological Papers) : Appendix 2.

Hunter, Sir W. W. A Comparative

Dictionary of the Non-Aryan Languages

of India and High Asia, &c. 4 1868

The Annals of Rural Bengal. 4th

edition. 8 1871

Orissa ; or, The Vicissitudes of an
Indian Province under Native and British
Rule. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8


- A Statistical Account of Bengal.
Vol. 1-20. Maps. 8 1875-76
Preliminary List of Places, Rivers, &c. ,
alphabetically arranged, for the Imperial
Gazetteer of India. Folio 1877

- A Statistical Account of Assam. 2
vols. Maps. 8 1879

The Imperial Gazetteer of India.

9 vols. Maps. 8 1881

- The same. 2nd edition. 14 vols.

Maps. 8 1885-87

The Indian Empire, its History,
People, and Products. Map 1882

Huntingdon, R. See Ray: Appendix I.

Huntington, Earl of. See Ilakluyt, Vol.
2 : Appendix i.

Huot, J. J. N. See Malte-Brun.



Hurlbert, J. B. The Climates, Produc-
tions, and Resources of Canada. Maps.
8 Montreal, 1872

Physical Atlas, with Coloured Maps,
showing the Geographical Distribution
of Plants yielding Food, Climates, Flora,
Soils, Regions of Summer Rains, Geo-
logical Formations, and Hydrography of
the Dominion of Canada. Folio

Ottawa, 1880

Hurlbut, William H. Pictures of Cuba.

12 1855

Hurgrpnje, Or C. Snouck. Mekka.
I. Die Stadt und ihre Herren ; II. Aus.
dem heutigen Leben. Plans. [With
Atlas.] 8 The Hague, 1888-89

- Bilder aus Mekka. Mit kurzem
erlauterndem Texte. Folio Leyden, 1889

Hurtado, Diego. See Callande'r, Vol. i :
Appendix I.

Hutchings, James M. Scenes of Wonder
and Curiosity in California. Plates. 8


Hutchinson, Col. A. H. Try Lapland : a

Fresh Field for Summer Tourists. 2nd

edition. Map and plates. Sm. 8 1870

Try Cracow and the Carpathians.

Map and plates. Small 8 1872

Hutchinson, C. W. Reports on the
Working of the District Daks in the
North-Western Provinces, for the year
1872-73 Allahabad, 1873

Hutchinson, E. The Best Trade Route
to the Lake Regions of Central Africa.
Map. 8* 1877

The Lost Continent, its Re-dis-
covery and Recovery. 8 N.u.

Hutchinson, Capt. Gideon. Memoir on
the Sawunt Waree State, prepared in
1818. Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

Hutchinson, Graham. A Treatise on the
Causes and Principles of Meteorological
Phenomena, &c. 8 Glasgow, 1835

Hutchinson, Margarite. See Pigafetta.

Hutchinson, T. J. Impressions of Western
Africa, with Remarks on the Diseases
of the Climate, and a Report of the
Peculiarities of Trade up the Rivers in
the Bight of Biafra. 8 1858

- Ten Years' Wanderings among the
Ethiopians, with Sketches of the Manners
and Customs of the Civilized and Un-
civilized Tribes, from Senegal to Gaboon.
8 1861

- Details of a Journey through part of
the Salado Valley and across some of
the Argentine Provinces. Map. 8 1864

Buenos Ayres and Argentine Glean-
ings ; with Extracts from a Diary of
Salado Exploration in 1862 and 1863.
Map and plates. 8 1865

- The Parana ; with Incidents of the
Paraguayan War, and South American
Recollections, from 1861 to 1868. Map
and plates. 8 1868

Hutchinson, T. J.

from Abroad. 8*

Our Meat Supply
Liverpool, 1871

- Two Years in Peru, with Exploration
of its Antiquities. 2 vols. Map and
plates. 8 1873

Hutchinson, W. Excursion to the Lakes
in Westmorland and Cumberland, with
a Tour through part of the Northern
Counties, in 1773 and 1774. Plates. 8


Hutton, Charles. Philosophical and
Mathematical Dictionary, containing an
Explanation of the Terms, and an
Account of the several Subjects, com-
prised under the heads Mathematics,
Astronomy, and Philosophy, both Natural
and Experimental ... 2 vols. Portrait
and plates. 4 1815

Hutton, Capt. F. W. The Moas of New
Zealand. (Extract from the J^ransac-
tions of the New Zealand Institute, 1891.)
Plates. 8* 1 89 1

- See New Zealand : Appendix 2.

- and G. H. F. Ulrich. Report
on the Geology and Gold Fields of
Otago ; with Appendices by J. G. Black
and J. McKerrow. Map and plates. 8

Dunedin, 1875

Hutton, William. Voyage to Africa ;
including a Narrative of an Embassy to
Ashantee in 1820 ; with Remarks on the
Course and Termination of the Niger,
and other Principal Rivers in that
Country. Maps and plates. 8 1821

See Eyries, Vol. II : Appendix i.

Huxley, Prof. T. H. Physiography : an
Introduction to the Study of Nature.
Maps and plates. 8 1877

The Aryan Question and Pre-Historic

Man. (From The Nineteenth Century.)
8* 1890

See India, C (Palaeont. Ind.) : Ap-
pendix 2.

Huyshe, G. L. The Red River Expedi-
tion. Maps. 8 1871

Huyssen van Kattendyke, W. J. C.
Uittreksel uit het Dagboek van, gedu-
rende zijn verblijf in Japan in 1857,
1858, en 1859. Map. 8

The Hague, 1 860

Hwen Thsang. See Hiouen Thsang.

Hwui-li. See Beal.

Hyades, Dr. See France, B, a : Appen-
dix 2.

Hyatt, Thaddeus. The Dragon-Fly, or
Reactive Passive Locomotion : a Vacuum
Theory of Aerial Navigation, based on
the Principle of the Fan-Blower ; to which
is appended some Remarks on Water
and its Navigation. 4* 1882

Hyde, John. Geographical Concentration :
an Historic Feature of American Agricul-
ture. An Address delivered Ijefore the
International Statistical Institute, 1 4th
September 1893. 8* Washington, 1893



Hyde, John. See Schwatka.

" Hydra." See Sholl ; Shortland.

Hyland, J. Shearson. Ueber die Ges-
teine des Kilimandscharo und dessen
Umgebung. Plate. 8* 1888

Hyndman, H. M. See Yule, Sir H.

Hyvernat, H. See Muller-Simonis.


lambulus. See Purchas, Vol. I, Book i :
Appendix i.

larric, Pierre du. Troisiesme Partie de
1'Histoire des Choses plus memorables
Advenues tant en Indes Orientales, qu'-
autres pais de la Descouverte des Portu-
gais . . . despuis 1600 jusques a 1610.
Small 4 Bordeaux, 1614

- Thesaurus Rerum Indicarum. . . .
Opus mine primum a M. Matthia Mar-
tinez e gallico in latinam sermonem trans-
latum. 4 vols. 12 Cologne, 1615

Ibanez e Ibaiiez, Carlos. Descripcion
Geodesica de las Islas Baleares. Maps
and plates. 8 Madrid, 1871

Ibbetson, D. C. J. See India, P : Ap-
pendix 2.

Iberri, Jose Ignacio. Prospectus of a
Navigable Canal between Vera Cruz and
Alvarado. Map. 12* Neiv York, 1827

Ibn Batuta, Travels of, in Asia and Africa,
1324-25. Translated from the abridged
Arabic MS. copies preserved in the
Public Library of Cambridge ; with Notes
illustrative of the History, Geography,
Botany, Antiquities, &c. , occurring
throughout the work. 4 1829

Viagens Extensas e Dilatadas do Abu-
Abdallah, mais conhecido pelo nome de
Ben - Batuta. Traduzidas por Jose de
Santo A. Moura. 2 vols. 8

Lisbon, 1840-55

- Voyages d'Ibn Batoutah ; texte Arabe,
accompagne d'une traduction par C.
Defremery et le Dr B. R. Sanguinetti ;
avec Index. 4 vols. 8 Paris, 1853-59

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 37 :
Appendix I.

Ibn Haukal. See Ebn Haukal.

Ibn Khaldun. See Ebn Khaldoun and
Omarah-al- 1 lakami.

Ibn Omar. See Ebn Omar.

Ibrahim Hilmy, Prince. Zeitschrift fiir
^igyptische Sprache und Alterthums-
kunde Jahrgang i.-xxin. 1863-85. In-
haltsverzeichniss. 4* 1886

- The Literature of Egypt and the
Soudan, from the Earliest Times to the
year 1885 inclusive : a Bibliography,
comprising Printed Books, Periodical
Writings, and Papers of Learned So-
cieties ; Maps and Charts, Ancient
Papyri, Manuscripts, Drawings, &c. 2
vols. Vol. i, A-L, 4; Vol. 2, M-Z.
With Appendix of Additional Works to
May 1887. 4 1 886-88

Ideler, J. L. See Ritter, Carl.

Ides, E. Ysbrant. Three Years' Travels
from Moscow overland to China : thro'
Great Ustiga, Siriania, Permia, Sibiria,
Daour, Great Tartary, &c., to Peking.
. . . To which is annex'd an accurate
description of China, done originally by

a Chinese Author Printed in

Dutch by the Direction of Burgomaster
Witzen, formerly Ambassador in Eng-
land ; and now faithfully done into Eng-
lish. Plates. [Map wanting.} 4 1706

See Brim ; also Astley, Vol. 3 ;

Harris, Vol. 2 ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 5 : Appendix I.

Idiaquez, E. See Ballivian.

Ihre, Johannis. Lexicon Lapponicum,
cum interpretatione Vocabulorum Sueco-
Latina et Indice Suecano-Lapponico ;
. . . auctum Grammatica Lapponica a
Erico Lindahl et Johanne Ohrling. 4
Stockholm, 1780

Ijzerman, J. W. Beschrijving der Oud-
heden nabij de Grens der Residenties
Soerakarta en Djogdjakarta ; with Atlas.
Plates. 4 Batavia, 1891

Ikin, Arthur. Texas, its History, Topo-
graphy, Agriculture, Commerce, and
General Statistics ; with a Copy of the
Treaty of Commerce entered into by the
Republic of Texas and Great Britain.
Map. 1 8 1841

Illens, d', and Funk. Plans et Journaux
des Sieges de la derniere Guerre de
Flandres. Rassembles par deux Capi-
taines etrangers an Service de France.
Maps and plans. 4 Strasburg, 1750

Imbault-Huart, Camille. Recueil de
Documents sur 1'Asie Centrale. I. His-
toire de 1'Insurrection des Tounganes
sous le regne de Tao-Kouang (1820-28)
d'apres les documents chinois ; II. De-
scription Orographique du Turkestan
chinois, traduite du Si yu t'ou tche ;
HI. Notices geographiques et historiques
sur les Peuples de 1'Asie Centrale, traduite
du Si yu t'pu tche. [Vol. 16 of the
Publ. de 1'Ecole des Langues Orient.
Viv.] Maps. 8 Paris, 1881

Imbert, Louis. Congres National des
Societes Franchises de Geographic.
XIV e session, Tours, 1893. Projet de
Creation d'un Bureau Colonial aupres
des Societes de Geographic : Rapport
Fait au Congres de Tours, le i cr Aout
1893. 8 Bordeaux, 1893

Imhaus, E. N. Les Nouvelles- Hebrides.
Maps and illustrations. 8 Paris, 1890

Impey, E. Memoir on the Physical
Character of the Nerbudda River and
Valley ; with a Descriptive Detail of the
Mineral Resources of the Nerbudda
Valley, and on the Coal Beds in its
Vicinity. [No. 14 of the India Records.]
Map. Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

2 3 6


Imray, James F. Pilotage rates and re-
gulations for the principal ports. 8 1858

- The Bay of Bengal Pilot. Maps.
8 1879

See United Kingdom, North Pacific
Pilot, Part I : Appendix 2.

- and W. H. Rosser. The Lights
and Tides of the World, together with
the Variation and Dip of the Magnetic
Needle. Charts. 4 1869

Im Thurn, Everard F. Tables of Indian
Languages of British Guiana, with an
Appendix of Arawak Family Names.
Folio* Georgetown, 1878

Notes on the Indians of Guiana. Nos.
i to 8. Small 4 Georgetown, 1878-79

A Visit to the Corentyne River.
Small 4* Georgetown, 1879

A Second Journey to the Kaieteur, in
February-March 1879. Small 4*

Georgetown, 1879

- The Boundary between British Guiana
and Venezuela. Small 4*

Georgetown, 1879
Among the Indians of Guiana : being

Sketches, chiefly Anthropologic, from
the Interior of British Guiana. Map
and illustrations. 8 1883

- Visit of the Governor to the Pomeroon
District (July 1887). (Reprinted from
the Argosy.) 4* Deinerara, 1887

Primitive Games. (Reprinted from
Timekri.) 8* Georgetown, 1890

Notes on British Guiana : a Paper
read before the Royal Colonial Institute.
8* 1892

Inagaki, Manjiro. Japan and the Pacific,
and the Japanese View of the Eastern
Question. Maps. 8 1890

Inderwick, F. A. The Story of King
Edward and New Winchelsea: the Edifi-
cation of a Mediaeval Crown. 8 1892

Indio [do Brazil], Arthur. Memoria
Descriptiva do Electro - Maregrapho
Imaginado. 2nd edition. Plate. 8*

Rio de Janeiro, 1884

Ingersoll, Ernest. The History and Pre-
sent Condition of the Fishery Industries :
The Oyster Industry. Plates. 4

Washington, 1881

See United States, A : Appendix 2.
Ingersoll, Joseph R. Address at the

Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania
Colonisation Society, October 25, 1838 ;
with the Annual Report. 8*

Philadelphia, 1838

Ingigi, Luca. Villeggiature de' Bizantini,
sul Bosforo Tracio. Opera del P. P.
Ingigi tradotta dal P. Cherubino Azna-
vor. Map and plate. 12 Venice, 1831

Inglefield, Sir Edward A. A New
Theory of the Physical Causes of Terres-
trial Magnetism, and some Remarks in
connection therewith on the Aurora
Borealis. 8* 1851

Inglefield, Sir Edward A. A Summer
Search for Sir John Franklin, with a Peep
into the Polar Basin ; with Short Notices
by Professor Dickie on the Botany, and
Dr Sutherland on the Meteorology and
Geology. Map and plates. 8 !&53

Inglis, H. D. A Personal Narrative of a
Journey through Norway, part of Sweden,
and the Islands and States of Denmark.
12 1835

- The Channel Islands. Plates. 8 1835

Ingram, Ant. See Kerr, Vol. 7 : Ap-
pendix I.

Ingulphus (Abbot). See Hakluyt, Vol. 2;
Kerr, Vol. I : Appendix I.

Inman, James. Navigation and Nautical
Astronomy. Revised by the Rev. James
Williams Inman. 8 1862

- Nautical Tables, designed for the use
of British Seamen. Revised by the Rev.
James Williams Inman. Royal 8 1864

Ditto. New edition. 8 1872
Innes, Emily. The Chersonese with

the Gilding off. 2 vols. Illustrations.
Crown 8 1885

Inskip, G. H. Queen Charlotte Islands,
on Western Coast of North America :
Remarks for Sailing Directions, made in
the year 1853. 8* 1856

Inskip, Rev. R. M. Navigation and Nau-
tical Astronomy : containing Practical
Rules, Notes, and Examples. 8

Port sea, 1865

Appendix to the Navigation and
Nautical Astronomy : containing Expla-
nations and Proofs of the Theory, Addi-
tional Practical Rules and Examples,
Local Duration, Use of Instruments,
Taking Observations, Use of Charts,
Definitions, &c. Plates. 8 Portsea, 1865

International Congresses and Con-
ferences. See General : Appendix 2.

Introcetta, Pere. See Thevenot, Vol. 4 :
Appendix i.

Inverarity, Capt. David. See Dalrymple,

" Investigator." See Osborn, S.

Inwards, Richard. The Temple of the
Andes. Plates. 4 1884

Ipolyi, Arnold. A Deakmonostori XIII.
szazadi Roman Basilika. Ilely es Miitor-

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