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teneti Monographia. 4 Budapest, 1 860

Iradier-Bulfy, Manuel. Primer Viaje de
la Exploradora Zona de Corisco. Re-
conocimiento de la Zona Ecuatorial de
Africa en las Costas de Occidente ; sus
Montaiias, sus Rios, sus Habitantes,
Posesiones Espaiiolas del Golfa de
Guinea. 8. Map. [Bound up with
" Boletin de la Exploradora, Aiio i,
Tomo i] Vitoria, 1 880

Irala, Domingo M. de. See Cartas de
Indias, p. 612 : Appendix I.



Irby, A. H. The Diary of a Hunter
from the Punjab to the Karakorum
Mountains. Map. 8 1863

Irby, A. P. See Mackenzie, G. M.

Irby, Hon. C. Leonard, and James
Mangles. Travels in Egypt and Nubia,
Syria and Asia Minor, during 1817 and
1818. Maps and plates. 8

[Privately printed}, 1823

Irminger, C. Den Arctiske Stromning.
Map. 8* Copenhagen, 1854

- Stromninger og lisdrift ved Island.
8* Copenhagen, 1861

Notice sur les Peches du Danemark,
des Isles Feroe, de 1'Islande et du Green-
land. 8* Parts, 1863

Irons, W. The Settlers' Guide to the
Cape of Good Hope and Colony of Natal.
Compiled from Original and Authentic
Materials. 12 1858

Irvine, J. The Ashantee Difficulty. 8*
Liverpool, 1873

Irving, Dr A. Chemical and Physical
Studies in the Metamorphism of Rocks,
based on a Thesis (with Appendices).
8 1889

Irving, B. A. The Commerce of India :
being a View of the Routes successively
taken by the Commerce between Europe
and the East, and of the Political Effects
produced by the several changes. 8 1858

- The Great Lake, Lagoon, or Bay of
Triton. Maps. Small 8* [Carlisle, N.D.]

Irving, Edward. See Roberts, O. W.

Irving, J. Report on a Species of Palsy,
prevalent in Pergunnah Khyragurh, in
Zillah Allahabad, from the Use of Kes-
saree Dal, an Article of Eood. 8 1860

- Report of a Species of Palsy of the
Lower Limbs, prevalent in Pergunnah
Barrah, Zillah Allahabad. [From the
India Records (N.W. Provinces).] 8

Allahabad, 1861

Irving, Roland Duer. See United States,
G, c (Monographs and Bulletins) : Ap-
pendix 2.

Irving, Washington. History of the Life
and Voyages of Christopher Columbus.
4 vols. Maps. 8 1828

- Voyages and Discoveries of the Com-
panions of Columbus. Map and plates.
12 1831

Irwin, Eyles. A Scries of Adventures in
the course of a Voyage up the Red Sea,
on the Coasts of Arabia and Eygpt ; and
of a Route through the Desarts of The-
bais, hitherto unknown to the European
Traveller, in the year 1777, &c. Maps
and plates 1780

The same, in the year 1777 '> wi tn
a Supplement of a Voyage from Venice
to Latichea, and of a Route through the
Desarts of Arabia, by Aleppo, Bagdad,
and the Tygris to Busorah, in the years
1780 and 1781. 3rd edition. 2 vols.
Illustrations. 8 ' 1787

Irwin, Capt. F. Chidley. State and
Position of Western Australia, com-
monly called the Swan River Settle-
ment. 8 1835

Isbister, Alexander K. A Proposal for
a New Penal Settlement in connection
with the Colonization of the Uninhabited
Districts of British North America. 8*


Isbrant Ides. Sec Brim ; Ides.

Isenberg, C. W. Grammar of the Am-
haric Language. 8 1842

See Krapf.

and J. L. Krapf. Journals, detail-
ing their Proceedings in the Kingdoms
of Shoa, and Journeys in other Parts of
Abyssinia in 1839-42; with a Geographi-
cal Memoir of AbyssiniaandSouth-Eastern
Africa, by J. McQueen. Maps. 8 1843

Ismail- Bey, Moustapha, and Colonel
Moktar-Bey. Notices Biographiques de
S. E. Mahmoud-Pacha el Falaki (1'Astro-
nome). Portrait. 8* Cairo, 1 886

Issaverdens, J. Armenia and the Arme-
nians : being a Sketch of its Geography,
History, Church, and Literature. Vol.
I. 12 Venice, 1874

- The same. Vol. 2. Ecclesiastical
History. 12 Venice, 1875

Issel, Arturo. Istruzioni Scientifiche pei
Viaggiatori ... in colloborazione dei
Signori Giovanni Celoria, Michele Ste-
fano de Rossi, Raffaello Gestro, Enrico
Giglioli, Guido Grassi, Angiolo Manzoni,
Antonio Piccone, Gustavo Uzielli, e
Arturo Zannetti. Plates. 8 Rome, 1881

- II Terremoto del 1887 in Liguria.
Map and plates. 8 Genoa [1887]

See Giglioli.

Istakhri. See Madini.

Ivanoff, D. L. Brief Sketch of Geo-
logical Researches on the Pamir. [In
Russian.] Map. 8* 1885

- What is the Pamir? [In Russian.]
8* [1885]

Ivanovsky, A. A. Anthropological Sketch
of the Torguts in the Tarbagatai District
of the Chinese Empire. [In Russian.]
4 Moscow, 1893

and A. D. Bozdestvensky. On
Prof. N. J. Zograf's Anthropometri-
cal Researches on the Male Popula-
tion of the Vladimir, Yaroslaff, and
Kostroma Governments. [In Russian.]
8* Moscow, 1893

Ivashintsov, Nikolai Aleksyevich.
Hydrographical Researches on the
Caspian Sea. Astronomical part. [In
Russian.] 4 St Petersburg, 1866

Ivens, R. See Capello.

Iver-Boty. See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 3 :
Appendix I.

2 3 8


Ives, Edward. Voyage from England to
India in 1754, and an Historical Narra-
tive of the Operations of the Squadron
and Army in India under Adam Watson
and Colonel Clive in 1755-57; with the
Manners, Customs, &c. , of several Na-
tions of India ; and a Journey from
Persia to England by an unusual Route.
Maps and plates. 4 1773

Ives, Lieut. J. C. Report upon the
Colorado River of the West, explored in
J857-58. Maps and plates. 4

Washington, 1861

Voyage d'Exploration du Colorado en
1857 et 1858. Map. 8* N.P., N.D.

Ixtlilxochitl, F. d'Alva. See Ternaux-
Compans, Vols. 8, 12, 13 : Appendix I.

Jack, Robert Logan. Report on the
Bowen River Coalfield. Map and illus-
trations. Folio* Brisbane, 1879

Report on the Geology and Mineral

Resources of the District between
Charters Towers .Goldfields and the
Coast. Maps,&c. Folio* Brisbane, 1879

Report on Explorations in Cape

York Peninsula, 1879-80. Folio*

[Brisbane} 1 88 1

Stanthorpe Tin Mining District Pre-
liminary Report. Folio* Brisbane, 1882

Report on the Little River Coalfield

near Cooktown. Map. Folio*

Brisbane, 1882

Report on the Tin Mines of Her-

berton, Western, and Thompson's Creek
Districts, and the Silver Mines of the
Dry River, Queensland. Maps and
plans. Folio* Brisbane, 1883

Report on the Hodgkinson Gold

Field. Maps and diagrams. Folio*

Brisbane, 1884

Mount Morgan Gold Deposits. Map

and plan. Folio* [Brisbane} 1884

Report on the Argentine [Star] Silver

Mines, Kennedy District. Maps and
section. Folio* [Brisbane} 1886

Handbook of Queensland Geology.

8* . Brisbane, 1886

Geological Observations in the North
of Queensland, 1886-87. Maps. Folio*

[Brisbane} 1887

Report on the Geological Features of

the Mackay District. Plans. Folio*

[Brisbane] 1887

Geology of the Russell River. Folio*

[Brisbane} 1888

- The Mineral Wealth of Queensland.
Map. 8* Brisbane, 1888

On Some Salient Points in the
Geology of Queensland. 8*

[Sydney, 1888]

Jack, Robert Logan. Limestone Dis-
trict, part ot the Palmer Gold field.
Preliminary Report. Map. Folio*

[Brisbane} 1888

- Report on the Limestone District,
part of the Palmer Goldfield. Map.
Folio* 1888

- Coal Discoveries on the Flinders.
Folio* [Brisbane} 1888

Report on the Sellheim Silver Mines

and Surrounding District. Maps and
plan. Folio* [Brisbane} 1889

Mount Morgan Gold Deposits.
Second Report. Folio* [Brisbane} 1889

- Tarduganba Gold Mine. Plan.
Folio* [Brisbane} 1889

- Moondilla Gold Field. Folio*

[Brisbane} 1891

- Notes on Broken Hill. Folio*

Brisbane, 1891

Second Report on the Tin Mines
near Cooktown. Maps. Folio*

Brisbane, 1891

- Report on Chillagoe and Koorboora
Mining Districts. Maps. Folio*

Brisbane, 1891

- Report on the Kangaroo Hills Silver
and Tin Mines. Maps. Folio*

Brisbane, 1892

- Mount Morgan Gold Deposits.
Third Report. Maps, plates, and views.
Folio* Brisbane, 1892

- Second Report on the Normanby
Gold Field. Map. Folio* Brisbane, 1893

- Russell River Gold Field. Map.
Folio* Brisbane, 1893

- Grass-Tree Gold Field, near Mackay.
Plans. Folio* Brisbane, 1893

- See New South Wales, B : Appen-

dix 2.
Jackman, E. Set Hakluyt's Voyages,

Vol. I : Appendix i.
Jackson, A. J. Report relating to the

Suppression of Dacoity in Bengal for

1859. [From the India Records.] Royal

8 Calcutta, 1860

Jackson, Lieut. -Col. Basil. Treatises on

Military Surveying, including Sketching

in the Field, Plan-Drawing, Levelling,

Military Reconnaissance, &c. Plates.

8 1860

Jackson, C. T. On the Geology of the

Public Lands belonging to the two

States of Massachusetts and Maine.

Second Annual Report. Map. 8

Boston, 1838
Jackson, E. Correspondence relating to

the Suppression of Dacoity in Bengal.

[From the India Records.] Royal 8

Calcutta, 1855
Jackson, J. See Pelham, Vol. 2 : Ap-

pendix i.
Jackson, James. Adolf-Erik Nordens-

kiold. 8* Paris, 1880



Jackson, James. Liste Provisoire de
Bibliographies Geographiques Speciales.
8* Paris, 1881

- Tableau de Di verses Vitesses, Ex-
primes en Metres per Seconde. 8*

[Parts, 1885]

Ditto. Other editions. 1886, 1892

Socotora : Notes Bibliographiques.

Large 8* Paris, 1892

See Cook.

Jackson, James Grey. An Account of the
Empire of Marocco, and the District of
Suse ; . . to which is added an Accurate
and Interesting Account of Timbuctoo,
the Great Emporium of Central Africa.
Map and plates. 4 1 809

- The same. 3rd edition. Maps and
plates. 4 1814

and El Hage Abd Salam Sha-
beeny. Account of Timbuctoo and
Housa, Territories in the Interior of
Africa : with Notes Critical and Ex-
planatory ; to which is added, Letters
descriptive of Travels through West and
South Barbary, and across the Mountains
of Atlas, by J. Grey Jackson. Maps.
8 1820

Jackson, Col. J. R. Memoire sur les
Seiches du Lac de Geneve, compose de
1803 a 1804. 4* Geneva, 1804

Observations on Lakes : being an

Attempt to explain the Laws of Nature
regarding them, the Cause of their For-
mation and Gradual Diminution, the
Different Phenomena they Exhibit, &c.
Plate. 4 1833

What to Observe, or the Traveller's

Remembrancer. Revised and edited by
Dr Norton Shaw. 8 1861

Jackson, L. D'A. Hydraulic Manual.
(Parts I and 2 in one.) 8 1875

Part I. Working Tables and Ex-
planatory Text ; Part 2. Hydraulic
Statistics, and Indian Meteorological
Statistics, for the Use of Engineers.

Canal and Culvert Tables, based on

the Formula of Kutter, under a Modified
Classification, with Explanatory Text and
Examples. Plates. 8 1878

Jackson, Sheldon. Report on Education
in Alaska. Maps and illustrations. 8
Washington, 1886

Jackson, T. G. Dalmatia, the Quarnero,
and Istria ; with Cettigne in Montenegro
and the Island of Grado. 3 vols. Maps,
plans, and illustrations. 8 Oxford, 1887

Jackson, W. B. Report on Darjeeling.
[From the India Records.] Plate. Royal
8 Calcutta, 1854

Jackson, W. H. See United States,
G, a (Miscell. ) : Appendix 2.

Jacob, Sir G. Le Grand. Observations on
Ancient Copper Tablets excavated in the
Sawunt Waree Districts. Facsimiles.
[Records, No. IO, N.S.] 8 Bombay ,1%$$

Jacob, Sir G. Le Grand. [Reports, &c.,
in the Bombay Records, No. 37, N.S.]
Large 8 Bombay, 1856

Report upon the General Condition, in
1842, of the Province of Kattywar,
accompanied by Various Points of
Information, principally of a Geogra-
phical and Statistical Nature, connected
with that Province. Map.

Brief Historical, Geographical, and
Statistical Memoir on Okhamundul.

Extract from a Report on the District of
Babriawar. Map.

Report on the Iron of Kattywar, its

Comparative Value with British Metal,

the Mines, and Mode of Smelting the


Jacob, Major John. Report on the States

and Tribes connected with the Frontier

of Upper Sind. Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

Jacob, Wm. Travels in the South of
Spain, in 1809-10. Plates. [Imper-
fect] 4 1811
- View of the Agriculture, Manufac-
tures, &c. , of Germany, Holland, and
France in 1819. 4 1820

"Jacob," Ship. See Purchas, Vol. 2,
Book 6 : Appendix I.

Jacobs, Dr Julius. Eenigen tija onder
de Baliens. Eene Reisbeschrijving met
aanteekeningen betreffende Hygiene
Land- en Volkenbunde van de eilanden
Bali en Lombok. Map and frontispiece.
Imp. 8 Balavia, 1883

and J. J. Meijer. De Badoej's. 4
7^he Hague, 1891
Jacobsen, Capt. J. A. See Woldt.

Jacquemart, A. L'Extreme Orient au
Palais de 1'Industrie. Notices sur les
Collections de M. H. Cernuschi. 8*

Paris, 1874

Jacquemont, Victor. Correspondance avec
sa Famille et plusieurs de ses amis pen-
dant son Voyage dans 1'Inde, 1828-32.
2 vols. Map. 8 Paris, 1833

The same. Nouvelle edition. Vol. 2.

12 Paris, 1841

Jacques le Hermite. See Hermite.

Jadrinzew N. Sibirien, Geographische,
ethnographische, und historische Stu-
dien. Mit Bewilligung des Verfassers
nach dem Russischen bcarbeitet und ver-
vollstandigt von Dr Ed. Petri. Illustra-
tions. 8 Jena, 1886

Jaeger, Gustav. Dr Jaeger's Essays on
Health-Culture. Translated and edited
by Lewis R. S. Tomalin. 12 1887

Jaeger, H. Kamerun und Sudan, Ein
Mahnwort an das deutsche Volk.
Erster Teil. 8 Berlin, 1892



Jagor, F. Singapore, Malacca, Java.
Keiseskizzen. Plates. 8 Berlin, 1866

- Reisen in den Philippine!!. Map and
plates. 8 Berlin, 1873

- Travels in the Philippines. Map and
plates. 8 1875

Jaime, Lieut. . De Koulikoro a Tom-
bouctou a bord du " Mage," 1889-90.
Maps and illustrations. Large 8 Paris

Jakel, Ernest. Der Germanische Ur-
sprung der lateinischen Sprache uncl des
romischen Volkes. [An English review
of the work.] 8* [1830]

Jal, A. Archeologie Navale. 2 vols.
Woodcuts. 8 Paris, 1840

Jalhay, Henry. See Nunez.

James the First. The Poetical Remains
of King James the First, of Scotland ;
with a Memoir, and an Introduction to
the Poetry, by the Rev. Charles Rogers.
Frontispiece. 8 Edinburgh, 1873

James, Edwin. Account of an Expe-
dition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky
Mountains, in 1819-20. Compiled from
the Notes of Major Long, T. Say, &c.
3 vols. Plates. 8 1823

James, F. L. The Wild Tribes of the
Soudan : an Account of Travel and
Sport chiefly in the Base Country, being
Personal Experiences and Adventures
during Three Winters spent in the
Soudan. Maps and plates. 8 1883

- The same. Second edition. With an
Account of the Routes from Wady
Halfah to Berber, by the author ; and a
Chapter on Khartoum and the Soudan,
by Sir Samuel Baker. Map and illus-
trations. Crown 8 1884

- The Unknown Horn of Africa : an
Exploration from Berbera to the Leopard
River ; with additions by J. Godfrey
Thrupp. Map and plates. 8 1888

- The same. Second edition. Contain-
the Narrative Portion and Notes only ;
with an Obituary Notice by J. A. and
W. D. James. Map, portrait, and illus-
trations. Crown 8 1890

James, Col. Sir Henry. Abstracts from
the Meteorological Observations taken
at the Stations of the Royal Engineers
in the year 1853-54, &c. Map and
tables. 4 1855

Meteorological Observations taken
during 1829-52, at the Ordnance Survey
Office, Phoenix Park, Dublin ; to which
is added a Series of similar Observations
made at other places in Ireland. Edited
by Captain Cameron. Plate. 4

Dublin, 1856

Account of the Observations and

Calculations of the Principal Triangu-
lation, and of the Figure, Dimensions,
and Mean Specific Gravity of the Earth

James, Col. Sir Henry continued.
as derived therefrom. Drawn up by
Capt. A. R. Clarke. 2 vols. Maps and
plates. 4 1858

Ordnance Trigonometrical Survey.
Geodetical Tables, based on the Ele-
ments of the Figure of the Earth given
in the Account of the Principal Triangula-
tion. 4 1858

Instructions for taking Meteorological
Observations, with Tables for their Cor-
rection, and Notes on Meteorological
Phenomena. Diagrams, &c. 8 1860

Ordnance Survey Abstracts of the
Principal Lines of Spirit Levelling in
England and Wales. 2 vols. Maps and
plates. 4 1 86 1

Ordnance Survey Abstracts of the
Principal Lines of Spirit Levelling in
Scotland. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
4 1861

- Note on the Block of Tin dredged up
in Falmouth Harbour. Plates. 8* 1863

An Account of the Levelling from

the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea. By
Captain C. W. Wilson. (From the
Journal, R.G.S.) Map. 8* 1866

Notes on the Parallel Roads of
Lochaber, with illustrative maps and
sketches from the Ordnance Survey of
Scotland. 4 Southampton, 1874

and Col. Alex. R. Clarke. On

Projections for Maps applying to a
very large extent of the Earth's Surface.
Plate. 8* 1862

James, H. E. M. The Long White Moun-
tain, or a Journey in Manchuria ; with
some Account of the History, People,
Administration, and Religion of that
Country. Maps and illustrations. 8


James, H. R. Report of a Journey to
Kokan. [From the India Records.]
Royal 8 Calcutta, 1863

James, Lieut. Hugh. Report on the
Purguna of Chandookah, in Upper Sind,
with Appendices. [From the India
Records.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1855

James, Capt. Thomas. The Dangerous
Voyage of, in his intended Discovery of
a North- West Passage into the South
Sea ; with a Map for Sailing in those
Seas, and Tables of the Variation of the
Compass, &c. Map. 8 1740

See Churchill, Vol. 2 ; Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vol. 5; Harris, Vol. 2; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. 17; "The World
Displayed," Vol. 10 : Appendix i.

James, Thomas C. Memoir of, by Job R.
Tyson. 8* Philadelphia, 1836

James, T. Horton. Six Months in South
Australia ; with some Account of Port
Phillip and Portland Bay, in Australia
Felix. Maps. 8 1838



Jameson, J. S. Story of the Rear
Column of the Emin Pasha Relief Ex-
pedition. Edited by Mrs J. S. Jameson.
Portrait, map, and illustrations. 8 1 890

Jameson, Robt. Mineralogical Descrip-
tion of the County of Dumfries. Map and
plates. 8 Edinburgh, 1805

See Cuvier ; Murray, Hugh.

Jamieson, Alex. A Manual of Map-
making and Mechanical Geography.
Map and -woodcuts. 12 1846

Jamieson, Mrs. Topographical, Statisti-
cal, and Domestic History of France.
12 1836

Jamieson, Robert. Is Central Africa to
remain Sealed against Intercourse with
the Civilised World ? a few Remarks
addressed to those who desire the Amel-
ioration of Africa. 8* Liverpool, 1844

The Inefficacy of Treaties for the
Suppression of the African Slave Trade,
and their Injurious Influences on British
Commercial Interests in Africa ; with
Suggestions for the Development of the
Commercial Resources of Western Cen-
tral Africa, and a short Notice of the
Kingdom of Benin. Map. 8* 1859

Jancigny, Alfred de. See Noury.

Janin, J. Voyage de Paris & la Mer.
Description Historique des bords de la
Seine. Plates. Small 8* Paris [1847]

Jank6, Dr Janos. Das Delta des Nil,
geologischer und geographischer Auf-
ban des Deltas. Maps. 4

Budapest, 1890

Magyarorszag Hegyvidekeinek Csop-

ortositasa. Large 8 Budapest, 1891

Kalotaszeg Magyar Nepe. Map and

illustrations. 8 Budapest, 1892

Jannasch, Dr R. Die Deutsche Handels-

expedition, 1886. Maps. 8 Berlin, 1887

See Roscher, W.

Jannequin, Claude. See Astley, Vol. 2 ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 2 : Appen-
dix I.

Jansen, Prof. K. See Germany, C (For-
schungen, &c., Vol. i) : Appendix 2.

Janson, J. On the Corn-trade of the

Odessa area. [In Russian.] Map. 8

St Petersburg, 1870

Janson, Charles W. Stranger in
America : containing Observations made
during a Residence in that Country, on
the Genius, Manners, and Customs of
the People of the United States, with
Biographical Particulars of Public Char-
acters, and on the Slave Trade. Plates.
4 1807

Jansson, J. Accuratissima Orbis Antiqui
Delineatio, sive Geographia vetus, Sacra
et Profana, &c. Maps. Large folio

Amsterdam, 1652

Janssen, Leon. See Eredia.

Janvier, T. R. The Mexican Guide.
Maps. 12 New York, 1886


Jaques, William H. Torpedoes for Na-
tional Defence : a Practical and Concise
Review of these Weapons, their useful-
ness, application, cost, and most efficient
types ; together with the results obtained
at official trials, and a description and
comparison of the Sims, Whitehead, and
Howell, based upon official reports.
Illustrations. Small 8 1886

Jardim, Major J. R. de Moraes. O

Rio Araguaya. Relatorio de sua Ex-
plora9ao pelo Major d'Engenheiros
Joaquim R. de Moraes Jardim, pre-
cedido de um Resume Historico sobre
sua Navega9ao pelo Tenente Colonel
d'Engenheiros, Jeronimo R. de Moraes
Jardim, e seguiclo de um estudo sobre
os Indies que habitam suas margens
pelo Dr Aristides de Souza Spinola. 8*
Rio de Janeiro, 1880

Jardine, A. W. Report on Harbours and
Rivers in Queensland. Folio*

Brisbane, 1891

Jardine, Sir W. Memoirs of Hugh
Edwin Strickland. Maps and plates. 8


Jarrad, F. W. See United Kingdom, A :
Appendix 2.

Jarric, Pierre du. See larric.

Jarves, James Jackson. History of the
Sandwich Islands, embracing their
Antiquities, Mythology, Legends, Dis-
covery by Europeans in the Sixteenth
Century, Re-discovery by Cook, with
their Civil, Religious, and Political
History, from the earliest traditional
period to the present time. Map and
plates. 8 Boston, Mass., 1843

Jarvis, E. Immigration into the United
States. 8 Boston, Mass., 1872

- Infant Mortality. 8*

Boston, Mass., 1873

Jaschke, Dr M. See Germany, C (For-
schungen, &c. , Vol. 3) : Appendix 2.

Jaubert, P. Amedee. Voyage en
Armenie et en Perse, fait dans les
annees 1805 et 1806, &c. Map. 8

Paris, 1821

See Paradis ; also Eyries, Vol. 14 ;

Recueil de Voyages, p. 611, Vols. 2, 5,
6 : Appendix I .

Jay, John. Statistical View of American
Agriculture, its Home Resources and
Foreign Markets ; with Suggestions for
the Schedules of the Federal Census in
1860. 8 New York, 1859

Javorsky, Dr I. L. Travels of the
Russian Mission in Afghanistan and the
Khanate of Bokhara in 1878-79. [In
Russian.] 2 vols [in one]. Maps and
illustrations. 8 St Petersburg, 1882-83



Javorsky, Dr I. L. Reise der Russischen
Gesandtschaft in Afghanistan uncl Buchara
in den Jahren 1878-79. Aus clem Russi-
schen iibersetzt uncl mil einem Vorwort
und Anmerkungen versehen von Dr Ed.
Petri. 2 vols. Maps and illustrations.
8 Jena, 1885

"Jeannette" Expedition. Proceedings
of a Court of Inquiry, convened at
the Navy Department, Washington,
D.C., 5th October 1882, in Pur-
suance of a Joint Resolution of Con-
gress, approved 8th August 1882, to
Investigate the circumstances of the Loss
in the Arctic Seas of the Exploring
Steamer "Jeannette," &c. Plates and
charts. 8 Washington, 1883

Jeans, H. W. Handbook for the Stars,
containing Rules for Finding the Names
and Positions of all the Stars of the First
and Second Magnitude. Royal 8 1848
Jedina, Leopold von. Voyage de la
Fregate autrichienne " Helgoland " autour
de 1'Afrique. Illustrations. Large 8
Paris, 1878

An Asiens Kiisten und Fiirstenhofen.

Tagebuchblatter von der Reise Sr. Maj.
Schiffe's " Fasana" und iiber den Aufen-
thalt in Asiattechen Hafen in den Jahren
1887, 1888, und 1889. Map and illustra-
tions. 4 Vienna, 1891
Jefferson, Thomas. Notes on the State
of Virginia. [ The map wanting. ] 8 1 787
Jeffreys, Dr J. Gwyn. Report of the Com-
mittee appointed for Exploring the Coasts
of Shetland by means of the Dredge.
8* 1863

and Dr W. B. Carpenter. Papers

on the "Valorous" Expedition. Chart
and sections. 8* 1876

Jeffries, D. A Treatise on Diamonds and
Pearls, in which their importance is con-
sidered, and plain rules are exhibited
for ascertaining the value of both ; and
on the true method of manufacturing
Diamonds. 4th edition. . 12 1871

Jencken, Johann Ferdinand. Treatise
on Light, Colour, Electricity, and
Magnetism. Translated and Prefaced
by Historical and Critical Essays by
Henry D. Jencken. 8" 1869

Jenkins, Edward. State Emigration :
an Essay. (2nd edition.) 8* 1869

Jenkins, H. L. Notes on the Burmese
Route from Assam to the Hookoong
Valley. Map. 8* 1869

See India, I : Appendix 2.
Jenkins, R. Report on the Territories of
the Rajah of Nagpore. 8 Calcutta, 1827
Jenkinson, Anthony. See Astley, Vol.
4 ; Gottfried ; Hakluyt, Vol. I ; Hakluyt
Soc. Publ., Vols. 72, 73; Pinkerton,
Vol. 9 ; Purchas, Vol. 3, ' Book 2 ;
Thevenot, Vol. i ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 7 : Appendix I.

Jenkinson, H. J. Practical Guide to the
Isle of Man. Map in cover. 12 1874
Jenner, T. A Book of the Names of all
Parishes, Market Towns, Villages, Ham-
lets, and smallest places in England and
Wales. Small 8 1668

Jenner, T. Mnemonic Geography. Part
I. The Provinces of China. Map. 8 1869
That Goodly Mountain and Lebanon :
being the Narrative of a Ride through
the Countries of Judea, Samaria, and
Galilee, into Syria. Map and plates.
Small 8 1873

Jenney, Walter P. See United States,

G, b : Appendix 2.

Jennings, Samuel. My Visit to the Gold-

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