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fields in the South East Wynaad. Map
and plates. 8 1881

Jensen, J. A. D. Om Indlandsisen i
Gronland. lanledning af Dr Nansen's
Expedition. Map ami illustrations. 8*
Copenhagen, 1888

Jentzsch, A. Berichte iiber die geolo-
gische Durchforschung der Provinz
Preussen im Jahre 1876. 4*

Konigsberg, 1877

Das Relief der Provinz Preussen.

Begleitworte zur Hohenschichten-Karte.
Map. 4* Konigsberg, 1877

Jenzsch, Gustave. Considerations rela-
tives a la Partie Mineralogique cles In-
structions pour 1'Expedition Scientifique
Bresilienne. 8* Dresden, 1857

Jephson, A. J. Mounteney. Emin Pasha
and the Rebellion at the Equator : a
Story of Nine Months' Experiences in
the last of the Soudan Provinces. With
the Revision and Co-operation of Henry
M. Stanley. Maps and illustrations.
8 1890

Jephson, John Mounteney. Narrative of
a Walking Tour in Brittany ; accom-
panied by Notes of a Photographic Ex-
pedition by Lovell Reeve. Photographs
. wanting. 8 1&59

Jeppe, Friedrich. Transvaal Book Al-
manac and Directory for 1879. 12

Pretoria, 1879
- The same, for 1881. 12

Maritzburg, 1 88 1

The same, for 1889. 8

Cape Town, 1889

Die Transvaalsche oder Siid-Afri-

kanische Republik nebst einem Anhang :
Dr Wangemann's Reise in Siid-Afrika,
1866-67 (Erganzungsheft, 24 Peter-
mann's Mittheilungen). Map. 4

Got ha, 1868

Jerdan, W. See Berneaud.
Jermann, E. Pictures from St Petersburg.
Translated by Hardman. 12 1852

Jerningham, Hubert E. H. Report of
the Expedition to the Unexplored Cox-
comb Mountains in British Honduras.
Plan. Folio* Belize, 1888



Jerrold, W. Blanchard. A Brage-Beaker
with the Swedes ; or, Notes from the
North in 1852. Plates. 12 1854

Jersey, Countess of. Three Weeks in
Samoa. (From the Nineteenth Century. )
8* 1893

Jervis, A. E. S. See Layard, Austin.

Jervis, Guglielmo [W. P.] The Mineral
Resources of Central Italy, including a
Description of the Mines and Marble
Quarries. Map and plates. 8 1862

Supplement to ditto : containing an
Account of the Mineral Springs, accom-
panied by the most Reliable Analyses.
8 1868

I Tesori Sotterranei dell' Italia.

Descrizione Topografica e Geologica di
tutte le Localita nel Regno d'ltalia in
cui rinvengonsi Minerali. . . . Repertorio
d'Informazioni utili. 4 vols. Plates and
illustrations. 8 U J\irin, 1873-89

Cenni geologici sulle Montagne Poste
in prossimita al Giacimento di Antracite
di Demonte. 8* Turin, 1874

Sul Giacimento di Carlxm fossile

Antracitico di Demonte. 8* Milan, 1875

- The Anthracitic Coal of Demonte,
near Cuneo, in the Italian Alps. 8* 1875

Guida alle Acque Minerali d'ltalia
coll' indicazione delle proprieta fisiche,
chimiche e mediche, delle singole sor-
genti e cenni Storici, Geologici e Climato-
logici, corredata di tre specchi sinottici,
contenenti le migliori analisi chimiche.
Province Meridionali. Plans and illus-
trations. Large 8 Turin, 1876

- Delle Cause dei Movementi Tellurici
e dei possibili ripari con riguardo Speciale
al Terremoto Alpino dell' Inverno dell'
anno 1887. 8* Turin, 1887

Jervis, Lieut. H. Narrative of a Journey
to the Falls of the Cavery ; with an His-
torical and Descriptive Account of the
Neilgherry Hills. Plates. 8 1834

Jervis, Major T. B. Contributions to the
Statistics of Western India, in 1823-30.
8 1830

Expediency and Facility of Establishing
the Meteorological and Monetary Systems
throughout India on a Scientific and
Permanent Basis, grounded on an Ana-
lytical Review of the Weights, Measures,
and Coins of India. Tai'les. 8

Bombay, 1834

- Records of Ancient Science, exempli-
fied and authenticated in the Primitive
Universal Standard of Weights and
Measures. 8 Calcutta, 1835

Geographical and Statistical Memoir
of the Konkun. 8 Calcutta, 1840

- Review of a Narrative of the Cam-
paign of the Army of the Indus in Sindh
and Kabul in 1838-39. 8

Bombay, 1841

Jervis, Major T. B. Address delivered
at the Geographical Section of the British
Association, Newcastle - on - Tyne, de-
scriptive of the State, Progress, and
Prospects of the various Surveys and
other Scientific Inquiries instituted by
the Honourable East India Company
throughout Asia, &c. 8* Torquay, N.I>.

See Hiigel.

Jesse, Capt. See Ferrier, J. P.

Jesse, J. See Dalrymple, Repertory, Vol. 2 :
Appendix i.

Jessup, General J. S. See United States,
H, c : Appendix 2.

Jesuits. Lettere dell' India Orientale,
scritte da' Reurendi Padri della Com-
pagnia di Giesu. 12 Venice, 1580

Travels of several Learned Missioners

of the Society of Jesus into divers parts
of the Archipelago, India, China, and
America. Containing a General De-
scription of the Most Remarkable Towns,
with a Particular Account of the Cus-
toms, Manners, and Religion of those

several Nations Translated from

the French. Plates. 8 1714

Nouvelles des Missions Orientales,

reues a Londres par les Directeurs du
Seminaire des Missions etrangeres, en
1 793> !794> I795> et 1796. Pouvant
servir de suite aux Lettres Edifiantes des
Missionnaires de ia Compagnie de Jesus.
12 1797

Nouvelles Lettres Edifiantes des Mis-
sions de la Chine et des Indes Orientales.
8 vols. 12 Parts, 1818-23
Relations des Jesuites : contenant ce

qui s'est passe de plus remarquable dans
les Missions des Peres de la Compagnie
de Jesus, dans la Nouvelle-France, 1611 a
1672. 3 vols. Maps. Royal 8

Quebec, 1858

Jimenez, F. Memoria sobre la Deter-
minacion Astronomica de la Ciudad de
Cuernavaca. Map. 8* Mexico, 1866

Jimenez de la Espada, Marcos. Las
Islas de los Galapagos y otras mas a
poniente. Map. 8* [Madrid, 1892]

Jimenez de la Romera, Waldo. Es-
paiia sus Monumentos y Artes, su
Naturaleza e Ilistoria : Cuba, Puerto-
Rico y Filipinas. Illustrations. 8

Barcelona, 1887

Jinman, G. Winds and their Courses.
3rd edition. Charts, &>c. 8 1865

Cloud-bands and Earth-currents. 4*


Jirecek, Dr Constantin. Beitrage zur
antiken Geographic und Epigraphik von
Bulgarien und Rumelien. 8

[Berlin], 1881

Joanne, A. and P. Collection des Guides-
Joanne. Alaps, plans, and illustrations.
Small 8 Paris

De Bordeaux a Toulouse, &c. [1858]



Joanne's Guides continued.

Itineraire Descriptif, Historique et

Artistique de la Hollande, par A. J. Du
Pays. 1862

Itineraire generale de la France. I.

De Paris a la Mediterranee ; Bourgogne,
Franche-Comte, Savoie, &c. 1863

The same. II. Auvergne, Dauphine,

Provence, Alpes- Maritimes, Corse, &c.


Vosges et Ardennes. Maps and plans.
8 1868

Le Nord. 1870

The same. 2 me edn. 1878

Les Environs de Paris Illustres. 2 mc

edn. 1872

Normandie. 2 ine edn. Augmentee

d'un Appendice pour les Sles Anglaises
de Jersey et de Guernsey. 1872

The same. 1887

Bretagne. 2 me edn. 1873

The same. Avec un Appendice

pour les iles Anglaises de Jersey et de
Guernsey. 1886

Les Pyrenees. 4 me edn. 1874

The same. 1885

Auvergne, Morvan, Velay, Cevennes.

2 me edn. 1874

De la Loire a la Garonne. 1875
P<iris Illustre en 1870 et 1876. 3 1Ile

edn. [1876]

Jura et Alpes Franchises. 1877

Provence, Alpes Maritimes, Corse.


Gascogne et Languedoc. 1883
De la Loire a la Gironde, Poitou et

Saintonge. 1884

The same. Maps and plans

Paris, 1891

Corse. 1884

Auvergne et Centre. 1886

The same. Maps and plans

Paris, 1892

Franche-Comte et Jura. 1888

Geographic du Departement desCotes-

du-Nord. Map and illustrations. Small
8 Paris, 1878

- The same, du Pas-de-Calais. (4th
edition) 1883

The same, Seine-et-Marne. (4th edi-
tion) 1883

The same, Seine- Inferieure. (4th edi-
tion) 1883

The same, de la Somme. (4th edition)


The same, de 1'Oise. (3rd edition)


The same, d'Eure-et-Loir. (2nd edi-
tion) 1883

- The same, de Seine-et-Oise. (4th
edition) 1883

The same, de 1'Eure. (2nd edition)


The same, de la Marne. (3rd edition)


Joanne's Guides continued.

The same, de 1'Yonne. (3rd edition)


De Paris a Constantinople. 1886

Itineraire Historique et Descriptif de
1'Algerie, de Tunis, et de Tanger, par
Louis Piesse. 2 me edn. 1874

Algerie et Tunisie, par Louis Piesse.


Elats du Danube et des Balkans,

Hongrie, Meridionale, Adriatique, Dal-
matie, Montenegro, Bosnie, et Herze-
govine. 1888

Grece. I. Athenes et ses Environs.


Ditto. II. Grece Continentale et

lies. Maps and plans Paris, 1891

Paris, par Paul Joanne. 1 889

De Paris a Geneve et a Chamonix,

par Macon et par Lyon. N.D.

Joanne, Paul. Dictionnaire geographique
et administratif de la France et des ses
Colonies. Public sous la direction de
Paul Joanne. Vols. 1-3, and part of Vol. 4.
Maps, plans, and illustrations. 4

Paris, 1890-95

Jobson, Capt. Richard. See Astley,
Vol. 2 ; Gottfried ; Purchas, Vol. 2 ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 3: Appendix I.

Jocelyn, Lord. Six Months with the
Chinese Expedition ; or, Leaves from a
Soldier's Note-book. 7th edition. Illus-
trations. 12 1841

Jochmus, Lieut. -Gen. A. Der Syrische
Krieg und der Verfall des Osmanen-
Reiches seit 1840. 8*

Frankfort-a-M., 1856

Memorandum on India, addressed
from Singapore to Prince Metternich ;
with a Preface by F. M. Lewin. 8*


Joest, Wilhelm. Aus Japan nach Deutsch-

land durch Sibirien. Map and plates. 8

Cologne [1882]

Um Afrika. Map and plates. 8

Cologne, 1885

Die Minahassa. Map. 8*

Amsterdam [1886]

Tatowiren, Narbenzeichnen, und Kor-
perbemalen. Ein Beitrag zur vergleich-
enden Ethnologic. Coloured plates. Folio

Berlin, 1887

Spanische Stiergefechte ; eine Kullur-

geschichtliche Skizze. Plates. 8

Berlin, 1889

Johansen, A. A Geographical and
Historical Account of the Island of
Bulama, with Observations on its Climate,
Productions, &c. Map. 8* 1794

Johansson, C. J. See Sweden, A (Ser.
C, No. 108) : Appendix 2.

Johnson, Commander E. J. Sailing
Directions from Sunderland Point ta
Berwick, with the P'arn Islands. 8 1836-



Johnson, Frederic. See Weldon's Guide
to Epping Forest.

Johnson, H. C. Ross. A Long Vacation
in the Argentine Alps; or, Where to
Settle in the River Plate States. Map.
8 1868

Johnson, Hilary R. W. Message of the
President of Liberia, communicated to
the Second Session of the Nineteenth
Legislature. 8* Monrovia, 1884

Ditto, communicated to the First
Session of the Twentieth Legislature.
8* Monrovia, 1885

Johnson, J. The Oriental Voyager ; or,
Descriptive Sketches and Cursory Re-
marks on a Voyage to India and China
in His Majesty's ship " Caroline. " . . .
1803-6. 8 1807

Johnson, Lieut. -Col. John. A Journey
from India to England, through Persia,
Georgia, Russia, Poland, and Prussia, in
the year 1817. Plates. 8 1818

Johnson, J. Y. Madeira, its Climate and
Scenery : a Handbook for Invalids and
other Visitors, with Chapters on the
Fauna, Flora, Geology, and Meteorology.
3rd edition. With map of the island and
plans. 12 1885

Johnson, Manuel J. Catalogue of 606
Principal Fixed Stars in the Southern
Hemisphere. 4 1835

Johnson, R. See Hakluyt, Vol. I : Ap-
pendix I.

Johnson, Dr Samuel. Thoughts on the
late Transactions respecting Falkland's
Islands. 8* 1771

Johnston, Dr Alexander Keith. Dic-
tionary of Geography, Descriptive, Phy-
sical, Statistical, and Historical, forming
a complete General Gazetteer of the
World. 8 1850

The Physical Atlas of Natural Phe-
nomena. Folio 1850

Historical Notice of the Progress of
the Ordnance Survey in Scotland. Map.
8* Edinburgh, 1851

Remarks on the Scale adopted for the
Ordnance Map of Scotland. 8*

Edinburgh, 1851

- The Geographical Distribution of
Material Wealth : Historical Notes re-
garding the Merchant Company of Edin-
burgh, and the Widows' Scheme and
Hospitals. Map. Small 4

Edinburgh, 1862
Index Geographicus : being a List,

Alphabetically Arranged, of the Principal
Places on the Globe, with the Countries
and Subdivisions of Countries in which
they are situated, and their Latitudes
and Longitudes. Royal 8 1864

School Atlas of Astronomy. . . . New

and enlarged edition, with an Elementary
Survey of the Heavens. . . . By Robert
Grant. 8 1869

Johnston, Dr Alexander Keith. The

Half-crown Atlas of General Geography.
12 N.D.

The Half-crown Atlas of British His-
tory. 12 1871

Handy Royal Atlas of Modern Geo-
graphy. Folio 1873

In Memoriam. Portrait. Small 4

Edinburgh, 1873

A General Dictionary of Geography,
Descriptive, Physical, Statistical, His-
torical, forming a complete Gazetteer of
the World. New edition. Small 4 1877

Notes on the Geographical Labours
of. Square 8* N.I).

Atlas of the British Empire in Europe,
Asia, Oceania, Africa, and America, with
Descriptive Letterpress. Maps. 12


Johnston. A. Keith, junr. A Map of
the Lake Region of Eastern Africa,
showing the Sources of the Nile recently
discovered by Dr Livingstone ; with
Notes on the Exploration of this Region,
its Physical Features, Climate, and Popu-
lation. Map. 8* 1870
- The Surface Zones of the Globe : a
Handbook to accompany a Physical
Chart. Maps. 12 1874

Africa. [Article in the "Encyclo-
paedia Britannica. " 9th edition.] Map.
4* [Edinburgh, 1875]

The Book of Physical Geography

(Stewart's Local Examination Series).
12 1877

Atlas and Handbook of Physical

Geography, from Original and Authentic
Materials, with Analytical Indexes.
Maps. 12 1877

A Physical, Historical, Political, and

Descriptive Geography. Maps and illus-
trations. 8 1880

The same. 3rd edition. Revised by
E. G. Ravenstein. Maps and illustra-
tions. 8 1885

The same. 4th edition. Revised by

E. G. Ravenstein. Maps and illustra-
tions. 8 1 890

A Short Geography of Africa for the
Use of Candidates at the Cambridge
Local and other Examinations. Edited
by E. G. Ravenstein. 2nd edition. Map.
Crown 8 1889

A Short Geography of Europe. . . .
Edited by E. G. Ravenstein. Map.
Crown 8 1890

A Short Geography of Asia. . . .
Edited by E. G. Ravenstein. Map.
Crown 8 1891

A School Physical and Descriptive
Geography. 6th edition. Revised by
A. H. Keane. Maps. 8 1892

See Bryce ; Milner ; Stanford, E,



Johnston, Charles. Travels in Southern
Abyssinia, through the Country of Adal
to the Kingdom of Shoa. 2 vols. Map.
8 1844

Johnston, Charles. Darwaz and Karate-
gin : an Ethnographical Sketch. 8*

N. P., N.D.

Johnston, H. H. The River Congo, from
the Mouth to Bolobo, with a General
Description of the Natural History and
Anthropology of its Western Basin. Maps
and illustrations. 8 1 884

The Kilima - njaro Expedition : a

Record of Scientific Exploration in
Eastern Equatorial Africa, and a General
Description of the Natural History,
Language, and Commerce of the Kilima-
njaro District. Portrait, maps, and illus-
trations. 8 1886

Report on a Journey up the Cameroons

River, from Bell Town to Wuri and
Budiman. [Foreign Office Paper.] Map.
Folio* 1886

British Missions and Missionaries in

Africa. (From The Nineteenth Century.}
8* 1887

British East Afrjca. (From The Fort-
nightly Review.) Map. 8* 1888

The H istory of a Slave. Illustrations.

8 1889

British South-Central Africa. (From

The New Review.) Map. 8* 1890

The Development of Tropical Africa

under British Auspices. (From The
Fortnightly Review.) 8* 1890

- The Value of Africa. (From The
Nineteenth Century.) 8* 1890

Livingstone and the Exploration of
Central Africa. [The World's Great
Explorers and Explorations.] Maps and
illustrations. Crown 8 1891

Johnston, Dr James. Reality versus
Romance in South Central Africa : an
Account of a Journey across the Con-
tinent from Benguella on the West,
through Bihe, Ganguella, Barotse, the
Kalihari Desert, Mashonaland, Manica,
Gorongoza, Nyasa, the Shire Highlands,
to the mouth of the Zambesi, on the
East Coast. Maps and illustrations.
Large 8 1 893

Johnston, Lieutenant James H. Precis
of Reports, Opinions, and Observations
on the Navigation of the Rivers of India
by Steam -Vessels. 8* 1831

Johnston, J. F. W. Notes on North
America, Agricultural, Economical, and
Social. 2 vols. Map. 8 1851

Johnston, R. The Competitive Geo-
graphy. 2nd edition. Large 12 1874

Johnston, T. B., and J. A. Robertson.

The Historical Geography of the Clans of
Scotland. Maps and plans. 4 1872

Johnston, Thos. Crawford. Did the

Phrenicians Discover America ? Illus-
trations. 8* San Francisco, 1892

Johnston, W. See Bartolomeo.

Johnston-Lavis, Dr H. J. Account of
the Eruptive Phenomena and Geology of
Monte Somma and Vesuvius, in explana-
tion of the great Geological Map of that
Volcano. 12* 1891

The South Italian Volcanoes, by

Messrs Johnston-Lavis, Platania, Sam-
bon, Zezi, and Mine. Antonia Lavis.
Small 4 Naples, 1891

Johnstone, J. C. Maoria : a Sketch of
the Manners and Customs of Aboriginal
Inhabitants of New Zealand. Small 8


Johnstone, John K. The Isle of Ax-
holme, its Place-Names, and River
Names. 12* Epworth, 1886

Johnstrup, F. Indberetning om den af
Professor Johnstrup foretagne Under-
sogelsesreise paa Island i Sommeren
1876. Maps and plates. 8*

Copenhagen, 1876

Om Gronsandet i Sjselland. Plate. 8*

Copenhagen, 1876

Joliet, Louis. See Gravier.

Joliet, Sieur. See Marquette ; also Gott-
fried ; Thevenot, Vol. 4: Appendix I.

Jolly, William. The Realistic Teaching
of Geography ; its Principles, especially
in regard to Initiatory Notions ; the
Correction of Prevalent Errors ; and Ex-
amples of Simple, Demonstrative, and
Dramatic Methods. 12* N.D.

Joly, C. Note sur une Exposition de
Geographic, Botanique et Horticole,
organisee par la Societe Centrale d'Hor-
ticulture de Nancy. 8* \Nancy\ 1880

Jomard, E. Francois. Remarques sur les
Decouvertes Geographiques faites dans
1'Afrique Centrale. 4* Paris, 1827

Considerations sur 1'Objet et les Avan-
tages d'une Collection Speciale consacree
aux Cartes Geographiques et aux Diverses
Branches de la Geographic. 8*

Paris, 1831

CoBp-d'oefl Impartial sur 1'Etat pre-
sent de 1'Egypte, compare a sa Situation
Anterieure. 8* Paris, 1836

Jours de Pluie Observes au Caire. 4*

Paris, 1839

Etudes Geographiques et Historiques
sur 1 'Arabic, avec des Observations sur
1'Etat des Affaires et en Egypte. 8

Paris, 1839

Notice Hislorique sur la Vie de Rene

Caille. 8* Paris, 1839

Notation Hypsometrique, ou Nouvelle
Maniere de Noter les Altitudes. 8*

Paris, ,1840

De 1'Utilite qu'on peut tirer de 1'Etude
Comparative des Cartes Geographiques.
8* Parts, 1841



Jomard, E. Francois. Second Voyage a
la Recherche des Sources du Bahr-el-
Abiad ou Nil Blanc. 8* Pan's, 1842

Rapport fait a la Societe d'Encourage-
ment pour T Industrie Nationale sur les
Cartes en Relief de MM. Bauerkeller
et Compagnie. 4* [Paris, 1842]

Notice Biographique de M. Venture

de Paradis. 8* Part's, 1844

Note sur les crues prematurees du Nil

en 1843. 8 * [Paris, 1844]

Lettre a M. Ph. Fr. de Siebold, sur

les Collections Ethnographiques. 8*

Paris, 1845

Cartes en Relief. Rapport fait a la

Societe de Geographic sur le Relief du
Mont-Blanc, par M. Sene. 8* Paris, 1845

Observations sur le Voyage au Dar-

four, suivies d'un Vocabulaire de la
Langue des Habitants, et de Remarques
sur le Nil-Blanc Superieur. Map. Royal
8* Paris, 1845

- Renseignements Geographiques sur
une partie de 1'Afrique Centrale, en Re-
ponse a la Demande d'Instructions pour
e Projet de Voyage de M. Raffenel, faite
a la Societe de Geographic par S. E.
le Ministre de la Marine et des Colonies.
8* Paris, 1846

Note sur les Botecudos, accompagnee
d'un Vocabulaire de leur Langue et de
quelques Remarques. 8* Paris, 1846

Note sur la Carte d'Arabie publiee en
1847. 8* Paris, 1847

Les Antiquites Americaines au point
de vue des Progres de la Geographic. 8*

Paris, 1847
Fragments sur 1'Uniformite a Intro-

duire dans les Notations Geographiques,
sur les Antiquites Americanes, et sur divers
points de Geographic. 8* Paris, 1847

Extrait d'un Memoire sur I'Uniformite

a Introduire dans les Notations Geo-
graphiques. 8* Paris, 1847

Sur la Publication des Monuments de

la Geographic. 8* Paris, 1847

Rapport sur la Carte de la Nouvelle-

Grenade de M. Acosta. 8* Paris, 1848

Rapport sur le Concours pour le Prix

Annuel (Voyages de 1849). Lettre sur
le Haul Fleuve Blanc, communiquee par
M. d'Arnaud. 8* Paris, 1852

Coup-d'oeil sur Tile Formose. Map.

8* Paris, 1859

Classification Methodique des Pro-

duits de 1'Industrie extra- Europeenne ;
. . . suivie du Plan de la Classification
d'une Collection Ethnographique Com-
plete. 8* Paris, 1862
Catalogue des Objets d'Antiquite, et
de la Collection Ethnographique. 8*

Paris, 1863

Notice sur la Vie et les Travaux de.

Par M. de la Roquette. Portrait. 4*
I'nris, 1863

Jomard, E. Francois. Introduction a
1' Atlas des Monuments de la Geographic.
8* Paris, 1879

Fragment sur les Cartes Geograph-
iques. Royal 8* Paris, N.D.

Notices sur la Pente du Nil Superieur

et sur divers sujets de Geographic et
d'Ethnographie ; precedees d'une Lettre
de Carl Ritter sur le Plan de sa Geo-
graphic Comparative. 8* Paris, N.D.

Des Cartes en Relief. 8* Paris, N.D.

- Le Regiment des Dromadaires a
1'Armee d'Orient (1798-1801). Emploi
du Chameau a la Guerre chez les Anciens.
8* Paris, N.D.

Remarques au sujet de la Notice de

M. Fresnel sur les Sources du Nil. 8*
Paris, N.D.

- Remarques au sujet du Voyage du
Docteur Barth dans 1'Adamawa. 8*

Paris, N.D.

Cartes Geographiques et Geographic.
Extrait de 1'Encyclopedie du dix-neu-
vieme siecle. Royal 8* Paris, N.D.

Note sur le Meat-Biscuit. 8*

Paris, N.D.

See Avezac ; Drovetti ; Mengin ;
Walckenaer ; also Recueil de Voyages,
Vol. 4, p. 611 : Appendix I.

Jonas, A. See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 3 :
Appendix I.

Jonas of Tudela. See Benjamin.

Jones, F. See Kerr, Vol. 8 : Appendix I.

Jones, Comm. James Felix. Narrative
of a Journey through parts of Persia
and Kurdistan in company with Major
Rawlinson. 8* Bombay, 1849

Report on the Harbour of Grange (or

Koweit) and the Island of Pheleechi, in
the Persian Gulf, prepared in 1830 ; with
a trigonometrical Plan by Lieuts. Guy
and Brucks. [From the India Records,
No. 24.] Royal 8 Bombay, 1856

Memoirs by. [Bombay Records, No.

43, N.S.] Large 8 Bombay, 1857

1. Journal of a Steam-Trip to the North
of Baghdad, in 1846 ; with Notes on the
various Objects of Interest met with
en route. Plates.

2. Narrative of a Journey, in 1848, for
the Purpose of Determining the Tract of
the Ancient Nahrwan Canal ; with Pre-
liminary Remarks on the Canal, and a
Glance at the Past History of the Terri-
tory of the Nahrwan. Plans.

3. Narrative of a Journey to the Frontier
of Turkey and Persia, through part of
Kurdistan, in company with Lieut. -
Colonel Sir Henry C. Rawlinson. Maps.

4. Researches in the Vicinity of the
Median Wall of Xenophon and along
the Old Course of the River Tigris, and
Discovery of the Site of the Ancient
Opis. Plates.


Jones, Comm. James Felix continued.
5. Memoir of the Province of Bagh-
dad ; with a ground-plan of the Enceinte
and plates.

Notes on the Topography of Nineveh

and the other Cities of Assyria, and on
the General Geography of the Country
between the Tigris and the Upper Zab,
founded upon a Trigonometrical Survey
made in 1852. Edited by R. H. Thomas.
[From the India Records, No. 43.]
Maps. Royal 8 Bombay, 1857

The Direct Highway to the East. 8*

Norwood, 1872

Jones, Rev. George. See Perry, M. C.
Jones, Major Helsham, and Major
Sanford. Routes in Egypt, Abyssinia,
and adjacent Countries. Part I. Egypt.
Maps. Large 8 Calcutta,' 1878

Jones, John. The Gospel according to
St John, translated into the Chippeway
Tongue. 12 1831

Jones, Thomas. Companion to the
Mountain Barometer. 8* 1842

Jones, Thomas. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. I : Appen-
dix I.

Jones, Prof. T. Rupert. On the Practical
Advantages of Geological Knowledge.
Small 8* 1880

Obituary Notice of the late Mr G. W.

Stow, Geological Surveyor of Griqualand-
West and the Orange Free State, &c. &c.
8* [1883]

The Mineral Wealth of South Africa.

8* . [1887]

See Lartet.

Jones, Capt. W. Report on his First

.Operations for Improving Irrigation

within the Turrai lands of Zillah Bareilly,

1847. [From the India Records, N.W.

Provinces, Vol. 2.] Map and plates

Agra, 1856

Jones, Rear- Admiral W. Gore. Extracts
from his Report of Visit to the Queen of
Madagascar at Antananarivo, July 1881.
Folio* 1883

Jones, W. P. See Porter, R. P.
Jonge, J. K. J. de. Nova Zembla.
Verslag over de Voorwerpen door de
Nederlandsche Zeevaarders na hunne
Overwintering, op Nowaja-Semlja bij

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