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the Imaum of Muskat, of the Ruler of
Bahrein, and of the Chiefs of the Mari-
time Arab States in the Persian Gulf.
Historical Sketch of the Boo Felasa
Tribe of Arabs (Debaye), from 1834 to



Kemball, A. B. continued.

1841 ; with continuation to 1853 by
Lieut. Disbrowe. Historical Sketch of
the Tribe of Ejman, from 1820 to 1841 ;
with continuation to 1853 by Lieut.
Disbrowe. Slave Trade : Paper relative
to the Measures adopted by the British
Government, between 1820 and 1844,
for effecting the Suppression of the Slave
Trade in the Persian Gulf; with copies
of the Engagements entered into with
the British Government, 1822-51, by
the Imaun of Muskat, the Arab Chiefs,
and the Government of Persia. Com-
piled and edited by R. Hughes Thomas.
[India Records No. 24.] Bombay, 1856

Kempfer. See Kaempfer.

Kempson, M. Memorandum on certain
Works received from Persia. Memo-
randum on Two Scientific Treatises in
Oordoo. Memorandum on Meritorious
Books by Native Authors. [From the
India Records, No. 2, 1872, N.W. Pro-
vinces.] Allahabad, 1872

Report on the Vernacular Newspapers

and Periodicals published in the North-
Western Provinces during 1872. [From
the India Records, No. 4, 1873, N.W.
Provinces.] Allahabad, 1873

Kendall, Hon. Amos. Morse's Palent.
Full Exposure of Dr Charles T. Jack-
son's Pretensions to the Invention of
the American Electro- Magnetic Tele-
graph. 8* Washington, 1852

Kendall, E. N. Reports on the State and
Condition of the Province of New Bruns-
wick, with some Observations on the
Company's Tract. 8* J 835

Kendall, George W. Narrative of an Ex-
pedition across the Great South-Western
Prairies, from Texas to Santa Fe, &c.
2 vols. Map and plate. 8 1845

Kendall, Thomas. Grammar and Voca-
bulary of the Language of New Zealand.
12 1820

Kennan, George. Tent Life in Siberia,
and Adventures among the Koraks and
other Tribes in Kamchatka and Northern
Asia. Map. Small 8 New York, 1870
Siberia and the Exile System. 2 vols.
Illustrations. Large 8 1891

Kennedy, A. Brief Narrative of a Journey
from New Zealand to England, via the
Sandwich Islands, to San Francisco. . . .
8 1871

-New Zealand. Map. Small 8 1873

Kennedy, A. J. La Plata, Brazil, and
Paraguay, during the Present War. Map.
Small 8 1869

Kennedy, A. W. M. Clark. The Birds of
Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Coloured
plates. Small 8 1 868

Kennedy, C. M. See Gallon, F., Vacation
Tourists ; Kennedy, James.

Kennedy, E. B. Blacks and Bushrangers :
Adventures in Queensland. Illustrations.
8 1889

- See Macgillivray, John.

Kennedy, James. Essays, Ethnological and
Linguistic. Edited by C. M. Kennedy.
8 ' 1861

Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon,
With an Introductory Note by

Sir Wm. Muir. Plates. Crown 8 1884

Kennedy, John. Idumcea, with a Survey

of Arabia and the Arabians. Map. 18

The Jordan and the Dead Sea. 18


The Natural History of Man ; or,
Popular Chapters on Ethnography. 2
vols. in i. 12 1851

Volcanoes, their History, Phenomena,
and Causes. 18 1852

Kennedy, Capt. J. Clark. Algeria and
Tunis in 1845 : an Account of a Journey
made through the two Regencies by
Viscount Feilding and Capt. Kennedy.
2 vols. Plates. 8 1846

Kennedy. Lieut-Col. J. P. On the
Mineral Districts, &c., of the Nerbudda
Valley, with accompanying Reports by
Jacob and Green. Edited by K. H.
Thomas. [From the India Records,
No. 14.] Bombay, 1855

Kennedy, John S. See Columbus.

Kennedy, Joseph C. G. Statistical View
of the Extent of American Railroads,
as well those in course of construction
as those completed and in operation.
[i leaf.] 4* 1852

See United States, A : Appendix 2.
Kennedy, William. Texas : the Rise,

Progress, and Prospects of the Republic
of Texas. 2 vols. Maps. 8 1841

A Short Narrative of the Second
Voyage of the " Prince Albert" in search
of Sir John Franklin. Map and plates.
8 1856

Kennedy, Capt. W. R. Sport, Travel, and
Adventure in Newfoundland and the West
Indies. Map and illustrations. 8 1885

" Kensingtonian." Fragments of a Jour-
nal Saved from Shipwreck. By an Old
Kensingtonian. Plate. 12 1868

Keppell, Major the Hon. George. Per-
sonal Narrative of a Journey from India
to England, by Bussorah, Bagdad, the
Ruins of Babylon, Curdistan, the Court
of Persia, the Western Shore of the
Caspian Sea, Astrakan, Nishney Novo-
gorod, Moscow, and St Petersburg, 1824.
Map and plates. 4 1827

- Narrative of a Journey across the
Balkan, by the two Passes of Selimno
and Pravadi ; also of a Visit to Azani,
and other newly-discovered Ruins in
Asia Minor, in 1829-30. 2 vols. Maps.
8 1831



Keppell, Major the Hon. George.

Expedition to Borneo of H. M.S.
" Dido " for the Suppression of Piracy ;
with Extracts from the Journal of James
Brooke, of Sarawak. 2 vols. Maps and
plates. 8 1846

Visit to the Indian Archipelago, in
H.M.S. "Mreander"; with Portions of
the Private Journal of Sir James Brooke.
2 vols. Map ami plates. Royal 8 1853

Ker, D. On the Road to Khiva. Map
and photographs. 8 1874

Kerguelen Tremarec, M. de. Relation
d'une Voyage dans la Mer du Nord, aux
Cotes d'Islande, du Greenland, de Ferro,
de Schettland , des Oread es et de Norwege,
1767-68. Maps and plates. 4

Paris, 1771

See Pinkerton, Vol. I ; Allgemeine
Historic, Vol. 21 : Appendix i.

Kerhallet, Capt. Charles Philippe de.
Instruction pour remonter la Cote du
Bresil, depuis San-Luiz de Marahao
jusqu'au Para, pour descendre la Riviere
de ce nom et pour en debouquer. Plates.
8 Paris, 1841

Description Nautique de la Cote
Occiclentale d'Afrique, depuis le Cap
Roxo jusqu'aux iles de Los, comprenant
1'Archipel des Bissagos. 8 Paris, 1849

Description del'Archipel des Canaries,
et de 1'Archipel des iles du Cap Vert.
8 Paris, 1851

Considerations Generales sur 1'Ocean
Indien, pour faire suite a celles sur
1'Ocean Atlantique. Maps. 8

Paris, 1851

Considerations Generales sur 1'Ocean
Pacifique, pour faire suite a celles sur
1'Ocean Atlantique et sur 1'Ocean Indien.
Revue par B. Darondeau. Maps. 8

Paris, 1851

Manuel de la Navigation a la Cote
Occidentale d'Afrique. 3 vols. Maps.
8 Paris, 1851-52

Considerations Generales sur 1'Ocean
Atlantique, suivies des Prescriptions
Nautiques pour echapper aux Ouragans
et d'un Memoire sur les Courants de
1'Ocean Atlantique. Maps. 8

Paris, 1854

The Atlantic Ocean (North and South)
considered with reference to the Wants
of Seamen : being a General View of the
Winds and Weather throughout the
Year on the Shores of that Sea, with
Remarks by the Translator. Charts.
8 1856

Considerations Generales sur 1'Ocean

Pacifique, suivies des Prescriptions Naut-
iques pour echapper aux Ouragans. Maps
and plates. 8 Paris, 1856

Description de 1'Archipel des Azores.

8 Paris, 1858

Kerhallet, Capt. Charles Philippe de.

Description Nautique de Madere et
des Canaries. 8 Paris, 1858

Description Nautique des Jles du Cap
Vert. 8 Paris, 1858

Manuel de la Navigation dans la Mer

des Antilles et dans le Golfe du Mexique.
2 vols. Maps. 8 Paris, 1853, 1862-63

See Vincendon - Dumoulin, C. A ;
also France, B, b : Appendix 2.

Kerigan, Thomas. Complete Mathe-
matical and General Navigation Tables,
including every Table necessary to be
used with the Nautical Almanack in
finding the Latitude and Longitude, . . .
and their direct application to Plane and
Spherical Trigonometry, Navigation,
Nautical Astronomy, Dialling, Practical
Gunnery, Mensuration, Gauging, &c.,
&c. 2 vols. Plates. 8 1828

A Practical Treatise on the Eclipses
of the Sun and Moon, and the Deflection
of the Moon and Planets, explaining
their calculation by simple and direct
methods ; with Remarks on the Ano-
malies of the Present Theory of the
Tides, the superior Attraction of the Sun
over that of the Moon at the surface of
the Earth. 8 1844

The Anomalies of the Present Theory
of the Tides, elucidated by additional
facts and arguments ; with Remarks on
the newly-discovered Planet. 8 1847

Kern, Prof. H. See Holland : Ap-
pendix 2.

Kerpely, Antal. Magyarorszag Vaskovei
es Vastermenyei. Diagrams. 4

Budapest, 1877

Kerr, J. G. The Canton Directory. Map
and plans. 12* Canton, 1873

Kerr, Mrs A. See Ranke.

Kerr, Robert. A General History and
Collection of Voyages and Travels,
arranged in systematic order. . .
1 8 vols. Maps and charts. 8

Edinburgh, 1811-24
[For full Title and Contents of volumes,
see Appendix i.]

Kerr, Walter Montagu. The Far Interior :
a Narrative of Travel and Adventure
from the Cape of Good Hope across the
Zambesi to the Lake Regions of Central
Africa. 2 vols. Map, portrait, and
illustrations. 8 1886

Kerrich, Thomas. Catalogue of Roman
Coins collected by Thomas Kerrich,
and presented by the Rev. R. E. Kerrich
to the Society of Antiquaries of London.
8* 1852

Kerry-Nicholls, J. H. The King Country,
or Explorations in New Zealand : a
Narrative of 600 Miles of Travel through
Maoriland. Map and illustrations. 8




Kerst, S. Gottfried. Die Plata-Staaten
und die Wichtigkeit der Provinz Otuquis
und des Rio Bermejo, seit der Annahme
des Princips der freien Schiff-fahrt auf
den Zufliissen des Rio de la Plata. Map.
8* Berlin, 1854

Kersten, O. Ueber Colonisation in Ost-
Afrika ; mil Hervorhebung ihrer Wich-
tigkeit fiir Deutschland und besonders
fiir Oesterreich. 8* Vienna, 1867

Kesselmeyer, C. A. Stellbarer Universal-
Kalender der Christlichen Zeitrechnung.
Folio* Dresden, N.D.

Kessler, J. An Introduction to the
Language and Literature of Madagascar ;
with Hints to Travellers, and a new Map.
Small 8 1870

Kestell-Cornish, Bishop. Journal of a
Tour of Exploration in the North of
Madagascar, I5th June to 22nd October
1876. Map. Small 8* 1877

Ketenensis, Robert. See Hakluyt,
Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Kettle, W. R. A Few Notes on the
Island of St Michael, Azores. Map.
12* [1887]

A Report on the Artificial Harbour

of Ponta Delgada, St Michael's, Azores
Islands, from Observations made during
a Visit to the same, November and
December 1886. Maps and plan. 8*


Key, T. Hewitt, and J. W. Donaldson.
Controversy about the " Varronianus. "
12 [Privately printed] 1845

Keymis, L. See Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 1 6 : Appendix i.

Keyser, Jacob de. See Nieuhoff; also
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 5 : Appen-
dix i.

Keyserling, A. Aus den Reisetagebiichern
des Grafen Georg Kankrin, ehemaligen
kaiserlich Russischen F'inanzministers,
aus den Jahren 1840-45. Mit einer
Lebensskizze Kankrin's, nebst zwei Beil-
agen. (3 parts in i.) 8

Brunswick, 1865

Keyserling, Count Alex. von. See Mur-

Keysler, John George. See New Col-
lection of Voyages, Vols. 4, 5, p. 608 ;
"The World Displayed," Vol. 19,
p. 609 : Appendix i.

Keyts, J. See Callander, Vol. 2 : Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. 18 : Appendix i.

Khanikoff, Jaboc, and Peter Tolstoi.
List of Positions in the South-Western
Parts of Central Asia determined Astrono-
mically. [In Russian.] Tables. 4

St Petersburg, 1850

Khanikoff, Nicholas de. Description of
the Khanate of Bokhara. [In Russian.]
Maps and portrait. 8

St Petersburg, 1843

Khanikoff, Nicholas de. Bokhara, its
Amir and its People. Translated from
the Russian by the Baron C. A. de Bode.
Map and portrait. 8 1845

Memoire sur la Partie Meridionale de

1'Asie Centrale. Maps. 4 Paris, 1861

Memoire sur 1'Ethnographie de la

Perse. Plates. 4 Paris, 1866

Notice sur le Livre de Marco Polo.
Edite et commente par M. G. Pauthier.
8* Paris, 1866

Memoir on the Southern Part of

Central Asia. (Translated from the
French.) Large 8 Calcutta, 1883

See Yule, H. ; also Recueil de Voy-
ages, Vol. 7, p. 612 : Appendix i.

Khanikoff, Y. V. Notes Explanatory of
a Map of the Lake of Aral, in the
Khanate of Khiva, and its Environs.
[In Russian.] 8 St Petersburg, 1851
- Journey from Orsk to Khiva and
back, in 1740-41, by Gladisheff and
Mouravieff. [In Russian.] 8

St Petersburg, 1851

Khosrau, Nassiri. See Schefer, C.

Kidd, S. China ; or, Illustrations to the
Symbols, Philosophy, Antiquities, Cus-
toms, Superstitions, Laws, Government,
Education, and Literature of Chinese.
Plates. 8 1841

Kidder, D. P., and J. C. Fletcher.
Brazil and the Brazilians, portrayed in
Historical and Descriptive Sketches.
Map, plates, and woodcuts. 8

Philadelphia, 1857
See Fletcher.

Kidder, F. The Discovery of North
America by John Cabot, a First Chapter
in the History of North America. Maps.
8 Boston, Mass., 1878

Kiefer, H. Biot's Tables for calculating
barometric altitudes. [In German and
Russian.] 4 Tiflis, 1874

Kieffer, J. D., and T. X. Bianchi.
Dictionnaire Turc-Fran9ais, a 1'usage
des Agents Diplomatiques et Consulaires,
des Commer5ants, des Navigateurs, et
autres Voyageurs dans le Levant. 2
vols. 8 Paris, 1835-37

Kienitz, O. Emil Holub. Separat-
abdruck aus der Augsburger Allgemei-
nen Zeitung vom 2, 3 und 4 September
1882. 8* 1882

Kiepert, Dr H. Memoir liber die Con-
struction der Karte von Klein-Asien und
Tiirkisch Armenien in 6 Blatt. von V.
Vincke, Fischer, v. Moltke, und Kiepert.
Nebst Mittheilungen iiber die physika-
lisch - geographischen Verhaltnisse der
neu-crforschten Landstriche. Maps. 8
Berlin, 1854

Ueber die geographische Anordnung

der Namen arischer Landschaften im
ersten Fargard des Vendidad. Map.
8* Berlin, 1856



Kiepert, Dr H. Ueber die Persische
Konigsstrasse clurch Vorderasien nach
Herodotus. Map. 8* Berlin, 1857

Ueber die Leleger. Map. 8* 1861

Zur Kartographie der Europaischen

Tiirkei. 8* [Berlin, 1876]

Zur ethnographischen Karte des
Europaischen Orients. Map. 8*

Berlin, 1876

Die Gruppirung der Confessionen in

Bosnien und der Hertzegowina. Map.
4* Brunswick, 1876

Lehrbuch der alten Geographic.

Erste Halite : Einleitung, Asien und
Africa. Zweite Halfte : Europa. 8

Berlin, 1877-78

Ueber Pegolotti's vorderasiatisches

Itinerar. Map. 8* [Berlin] 1881

A Manual of Ancient Geography.

Authorised translation from the German.
Small 8 1 88 1

Hans Dernschwam's Orientalische

Reise, 1553-55. Map. 12*

Brunswick, 1887

Die alten Ortslagen am Siiclfusse des

Idagebirges. Map and plate. 8*

Berlin, 1889

and R. Koldewey. Itinerare auf der
Insel Lesbos. Maps. 8* Berlin, 1890

Kindberg, Prof. N. C. See Canada, A,
Geol. and Nat. Hist. Survey : Appen-
dix 2.

King, Clarence. Mountaineering in the
Sierra Nevada. 8 1872

First Annual Report of the United

States Geological Survey to the Hon.
Carl Schurz, Secretary of the Interior.
Map. 4 Washington, 1880

Statistics of the Production of the
Precious Metals in the United States.
United States, Tenth Census Publica-
tion. Plates. 4 Washington, 1881

See United States, G, c, Geological

Survey ; A, Tenth Census ; H, a (Prof.
Papers) : Appendix 2.

King, C. W. See Japan : Appendix 2.

King, E. The Southern States of North
America : a Record of Journeys in
Louisiana, Texas, the Indian Territory,
Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Ala-
bama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina,
North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee,
Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.
3 vols in I. Maps and plates. 8 1875

King, F. D. See Tait.

King, G. Report on the Working of
the Government Botanical Gardens at
Saharunpore. Report on the Working
of the Government Tea Plantations of
Hawulbagh and Ayar Tolie, in Kumaon,
1868-69. [From the India Records,
N.W. Provinces, Vol. 2, No. 4]

Allahabad, 1869

King, Capt. James. See Cook.

King, J. W. Channel Pilot : South-
West and South Coasts of England,
Coast of France, and the Channel
Islands. Compiled from various sources,
but chiefly from the Surveys of Captain
M. White, and from the " Pilote
Francais " by M. Givry. 2 parts. 8


China Pilot: The Coasts of China,

Korea, and Tartary ; the Sea of Japan,
Gulfs of Tartary and Amur, and Sea of
Okhotsk ; and the Babuyan, Bashi,
Formosa, Meiaco Sima, Lu-Chu, Lad-
rones, Bonin, Japan, Saghalin, and
Kuril Islands. 8 1861

Pilote de la Manche, Cotes Sud et

Sud-Ouest d'Angleterre, du Cap Trevose
au North Foreland. . . . Traduit de
1'Anglais . . . par M. Sallot Des Noyers.
Plates. 8 Paris, 1869

See Reed; also United Kingdom, A,

Admiralty Publ. : Appendix 2.

King, Moses. King's Handbook of the
United States. See Sweetser.

Handbook of New York City : an

Outline History and Description of the
American Metropolis. Planned, edited,
and published by Moses King. 2nd
edition. Illustrations. 8

Boston, Mass., 1893

King, Hon. Philip G. Comments on
Cook's Log (H.M.S. " Endeavour,"
1770) ; with Extracts, Charts, and
Sketches, April 1891. 4* Sydney, 1891

King, Capt. Philip Parker. Narrative of
a Survey of the Intertropical and Western
Coasts of Australia, between 1818-22 ;
with an Appendix relating to Hydro-
graphy and Natural History. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 1827

Selections from a Meteorological

Journal kept on board H.M.S. "Adven-
ture " during the Survey of the Southern
Coasts of South America, 1827-30. 8*

Abstract from a Meteorological

Journal kept at Port Stephens, New
South Wales, 1843-47. Table. 8*

Launceston, 7'as., N.D.
Sailing Directions for the Inner
Route from Sydney to Torres Strait. 8*


and Robert Fitz-Roy. Narrative

of the Surveying Voyages of H.M.S.
"Adventure" and "Beagle," between
1826-36, describing their Examination
of the Southern Shores of South America,
and the "Beagle's" Circumnavigation
of the Globe. 4 vols. Maps and plates.
8 1839

Vol. I. King, Captain P. P. Proceed-
ings of the First Expedition, 1826-30.
Vol. 2. Fitz-Roy, Capt. Robert. Pro-
ceedings of the Second Expedition,



King, Capt. Philip Parker, and Robert
Fitz-Roy. Narrative of the Surveying
Voyages of H.M.S. "Adventure" and
" Beagle " continued.
Vol. 3. Darwin, Charles. Journal and
Remarks on the Geology and Natural
History, 1832-36.
Vol. 4. Appendix to Vol. 2.

Sailing Directions for South America.

Part 2. La Plata, Patagonia, Magellan
Strait, Tierra del Fuego, Falkland and
Staten Islands, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru.
8 1848 and 1850

South American Pilot. Part 2. From

the Rio de la Plata to the Bay of Panama,
including Magellan Strait, the Falkland
and Galapagos Islands. 8 1860

See United Kingdom, A, Admiralty,

Hydrogr. Off. Publ. : Appendix 2.

King, Richard. Facts and Arguments
in Favour of a New Expedition to the
Shores of the Arctic Ocean. Map. 12*


Narrative of a Journey to the Shores
of the Arctic Ocean in 1833-35, under
the Command of Capt. Back. 2 vols.
Plates. 8 1836

On the Unexplored Coast of North

America. 8* 1842

King, Capt. R. W. Campaigning in
Kaffirland, or Scenes and Adventures in
the Kaffir War of 1851-52. Maps and
illustrations. 8 1855

King, S. W. Italian Valleys of the Pen-
nine Alps. Maps and plates. 8* 1858

King, Hon. T. Butler. Alabama,
Florida, and Georgia Railroad. 8*

Washington, 1848

Railroad across the Isthmus of

Panama. 8* Washington, 1849

Report on California. 8*

Washington, 1850

California, the Wonder of the Age :

a Book for every one going to, or having

an interest in, that Golden Region. 8*

New York, 1850

King, Capt. W. See Hakluyt's Voyages,
Vol. 4 : Appendix i.

King, W. Nephew, jun. El. Volcan
Ometepe. (From Harper's Weekly, 28th
May.) 4* 1892

King, W. Ross. The Sportsman and
Naturalist in Canada, or Notes on the
Natural History of the Game, Game
Birds, and Fish of that Country. Plates.
8 1866

The Aboriginal Tribes of the Nilgiri

Hills. Plates. 8* 1870

King, Prof. W. The Reputed Fossil Man
of the Neanderthal. 8* 1864

Preliminary Notice of a Memoir on

Rock -jointing, in its Relation to Pheno-
mena in Physical Geography and Physical
Geology. 8* Dublin, 1880

King-Harman, Col. M. J. Military
Objections to the Hunterian Spelling of
" Indian " Words. 8* N.D.

Kinglake, A. W. Eothen. New edi-
tion. 8 1864

Kingsford, William. The History of
Canada. Vol. I. [1608-82]. 8 1888

Kingsley, Rev. Charles. See Mans-
field, C. B.

Kingsley, Henry. Eyre, the South-
Australian Explorer. 8 N.D.

Kingsmill, T. W. A Sketch of the
Geology of a portion of Quang-Tung
Province. Plate. 8* N.D.

Kingston, Sir George Strickland.
Register of the Rainfall kept in Grote
Street, Adelaide, from ist January 1839
to 1 6th December 1879, both inclusive.
Folio Adelaide, 1879

Kingston, W. H. G. Lusitanian
Sketches of the Pen and Pencil. 2 vols.
8 1845

Kinloch, Arthur. The Murray River :
being a Journal of the Voyage of the
" Lady Augusta " Steamer, from the
Goolwa, in South Australia, to Gan-
newarra, above Swan Hill, Victoria, a
distance from the Sea of 1400 miles. 8
Adelaide, 1853

Kinloch, Colonel A. A. A. Large Gajne
Shooting in Thibet, the Himalayas, and
Northern India, illustrated by Photo-
gravures. Map. 4 Calcutta, 1885

Kinnear, John. Cairo, Petra, and
Damascus, in 1839 ; with Remarks on
the Government of Mehemet AH, and
on the Present Prospects of Syria.
8 1841

Kinneir, John Macdonald. A Geogra-
phical Memoir of the Persian Empire.
4 1813

- Journey through Asia Minor,
Armenia, and Koordistan in 1813-14 ;
with Remarks on the Marches of
Alexander, and Retreat of the Ten
Thousand. Map. 8 1818

Kintore, Earl of. Report upon his Visit
to Port Darwin, and upon the Affairs of
the Northern Territory of South Australia.
Folio* 1891

Kinzelbach, Theodor. See Heuglin.
Kippax, John. See Uztariz.
Kippis, A. A Narrative of the Voyages
Round the World performed by Captain
James Cook ; with an Account of his
Life during the previous and intervening
Periods. Illustrations. 8 1883

Kips' Guide to Belgium, containing 21
Maps and Plans of Belgium, Antwerp,
Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Liege, Mons,
Namur, Ostend, &c. Compiled and
drawn by Joseph Kips. 2nd edition.
12 1888



Kips' Guide to Brussels (Bruxelles), con-
taining a Route Map, Plan of Brussels,
and Environs of Brussels. 12 N.D.

Kirby, Rev. W. Sec Richardson, Sir J.

Kircher, Athanasius. China Monu-
mentis, qua Sacris qua Profanis, nee
non Variis Naturae et Artis Spectaculis,
&c., illustrata. Maps and plates. Small
folio Amsterdam, 1667

La Chine, illustree de plusieurs
Monuments tant Sacres que Profanes, et
de Quantite de Recherchs de la Nature
et de 1'Art ; avec un Dictionnaire
Chinois et Fra^ois. Traduit par F. S.
Dalquie. Maps and plates. Folio

Amsterdam, 1670

Kirchhoff, Prof. Alfred. Die hydrogra-

phische Zubehor des aquatorialen Muta

Nsige. 4* [Got ha] 1886

- Einleitung in die Landerkunde von

Europa. Maps. 4 Leipzig, 1886

Unser Wissen von der Erde. Allge-
meine Erdkunde und Landerkunde,
herausgegeben von Alfred Kirchhoft.
Erster Band ; Allgemeine Erdkunde, von
Dr J. Hann, Dr F. von Hochstetter, und
Dr A. Pokorny. Maps and plates.
Large 8 Leipzig, 1886

The same, II. Europa im Allgemeinen,

von Prof. Dr A. Kirchhoff; Physikalische
Skizze von Mittel-Europa, von Prof. Dr
A. Penck ; Das Deutsche Reich, von
Prof. Dr A. Penck. Maps and plates.
Large 8 Vienna, 1887

The same, III. Frankreich, von Prof.

Dr Friedr. Hahn ; Die Britischen Inseln,
von Prof. Dr Friedr. Hahn ; Das Koni-
greich Diinemark, von Prof. Dr Friedr.
Hahn ; Schweden und Norwegen, von
Prof. Dr Friedr. Hahn ; Die Nordischen
Inseln, von Prof. Dr Friedr. Hahn ; Fin-
land, von Prof. Dr Joh. Rein. Maps and
illustrations. 4 Vienna, 1890

Matthias Oeders grosses Karten-
werk iiber Kursachsen aus der Zeit um
1600. 8* Dresden [1890]

Stanley und Emin nach Stanley's
eigenem Werke. Portrait. 8*

Halle, 1890

Die Territoriale Zusammen-setzung
der Provinz Sachsen. Map. 8*

Halle, 1891

Geographic in hoheren Schulen. 8*

N. P., N.I).

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pendix 2.

and A. Sonnenschein. School Geo-
graphy : Junior Course. Illustrations.
Small 8 1891

Kirchner, J. J. Bosnien in Bild und
Wort. Zwanzig Fcderzeichnungen, mil
erklarendem Tcxte von A. v. Schweiger-
Lerchenfeld. Plates. 8 Vienna, 1879

Kirk, Sir John. Explanation of Meteoro-
logical Tables illustrating the Climate
of East Tropical Africa. 8* 1864

Notes on Two Expeditions up the
River Rovuma, East Africa. 8* [1865]

Kirk, R. Medical Report on the King-
dom of Shoa. 8* [Bombay, 1843]

Kirk, T., and R. Thoresby. Tours in
Scotland, 1677 and 1681. Edited by
P. Hume Brown. 8 Edinburgh, 1892

Kirkpatrick, Colonel W. An Account
of the Kingdom of Nepaul : being the
Substance of Observations made during a
Mission to that Country in the year 1793.
Map and plates. 4 iSn

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Kittlitz, F. H. von. Denkwiirdigkeiten

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