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einer Reise nach dem Russischen
Amerika, nach Mikronesien und durch
Kamtschatka. 2 vols. Plates. 8

Got ha, 1858

Twenty-four Views of the Vegetation

of the Coasts and Islands of the Pacific,
with Explanatory Descriptions, taken
during the Exploring Voyage of the
Russian Corvette " Senjawin," under
the command of Capt. Liitke, in the
years 1827, 1828, and 1829. Translated
from the German, and edited by Berthold
Seemann. Square 8 1861

Kitto, Dr John. Pictorial History of Pales-
tine and the Holy Land, including a
complete History of the Jews. 2 vols.
Woodcuts. Royal 8 1844

Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature,

abridged. Maps and woodcuts. 8

Edinburgh, 1855

Kitts, Eustace J. Report on the Census
of Berar, 1881. Folio Bombay, 1882
A Compendium of the Castes and
Tribes found in India. Folio*

Bombay, 1885

The Tahtar Tribes. 12 N.D.

Kjerulf, Theodor. Das Christiania-
Silurbecken, chemisch - geognostisch
untersucht. Map. 4 Christiania, 1855

- Veiviser ved Geologiske Excursioner
i Christiania Omegn. Map. 4*

Christiania, 1865

- The Terraces of Norway. Translated
from the Norsk by Marshall Hall. 8*


Om Skuringsmaerker. Glacialforma-

tionen, Terrasser, og Strandlinier samt
om Grundfjeldets og Sparagmitfjeldets
Maegtighed i Norge. ii. Sparagmitf-
jeldets. 4 Christiania, 1873

Om Stratifikationens Spor. 4

Christiania, 1877



Kjerulf, Theodor. Uclsigt overdet Sycllige

Norges Geologi. 4 Christiania, 1879

- Et Stykke Geografi i Norge. Map.

8* [Christiania, N.D.]

See Murchison ; Sars.

Klaproth, Julius. Travels in the Caucasus
and Georgia in 1807-8, by command of
the Russian Government. Translated
from the German by Shoberl. 4 1814

- Asia Polyglotta. Sprachatlas. Map.
Folio Paris, 1823

Memoires relatifs a 1'Asie, contenant

des Recherches Historiques, Geograph-
iques, et Philologiques sur les Peuples de
1'Orient. Vol. I. [ The plates wand ng. ]
8 Paris, 1824

The same. Vol. 3. Maps and plates.
8 Paris, 1828

Tableaux Historiques de 1'Asie, depuis
la Monarchic de Cyrus jusqu'a nos jours;
Accompagnes de Recherches Historiques
et Ethnographiques sur cette Partie du
Monde. 4, and Atlas folio Paris, 1826

Asiatisches Magazin . . . herausge-

geben von J. Klaproth. See Appendix
3, "Transactions," Germany, Weimar.

See Fa Hian; Timkowski.

Klatt, J. Bibliography of Oriental
Philology. 8 [Berlin, 1884]

Klein, H. J. Physische Geographic. Nach
dem gegenwartigen Standpunkte der
Wissenschaft. illustrations. 8

Stuttgart [i$&6]

Klein, Sydney T. Thirty-Six Hours'
Hunting among the Lepidoptera and
Hymenoptera of Middlesex, with Notes
on the Method adopted for their Capture.
8* Bath, 1887

Kleinschmidt, S. Den Gronlandske Ord-
bog. 8 Copenhagen, 1871

Klemenz, D. Antiquities in the Minu-
sinsk Museum. [In Russian.] With
Atlas. 8 Tomsk, 1886

Kleyle, F. F. Riicketinnerungen an eine
Reise in Oesterreich und Steyermark im
Jahre 1810. 12 Vienna, 1814

Klint, Admiral Gustaf. Sailing Direc-
tions for the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of
Finland. 8 1854

- Bothnia Pilot. Plates. 8 1855

Pilote de la Mer Baltique, augmente
des Documents Hydrographiques les plus
Recents, traduit par Alex, le Gras. Plates.

Paris, 1856

- Supplement au Pilote de la Mer
Baltique. 8 Paris, 1857

See United Kingdom, A : Appendix 2.
Kloden, Gustav Adolph von. Das

Stromsystem des Oberen Nil nach den
neueren Kenntnissen mil Bezug auf die
alteren Nachrichten. Alaps and plates.
Royal 8 Berlin, 1856

- Handbuch der Erdkunde. Erster
Theil. Die physische Geographic. Illus-
trations. 8 Berlin, 1859

Kloden, Gustav Adolph von. Das Areal
der Hoch- und Tieflandschaften Europas.
Maps. 8* Berlin, 1873

Klosovsky, A. Les Orages au Sucl de la
Kussie. Plates. 8* Odessa, 1886

Klotzsch, F. Philipj) Schoenlein's lx>tan-
ischer Nachlass auf Cap Palmas. Plates.
4 Berlin, 1857

Kluge, Emil. Ueber Synchronismus und
Antagonismus von vulkanischen Erup-
tionen und Beziehungen derselben zu
den Sonnenfleckcn und erdmagnetischen
Variationen. Plate. 8* Leipzig, 1863

Klunzinger, C. B. Bilder aus Ol>er-
agypten, der Wiiste und dem Rothen
Meere. . .mil einem VorwortvonDrGeorg
Schweinfurth. Plate. 8 Stuttgart, 1877

Upper Egypt, its People and its Pro-
ducts : a Descriptive Account of the
Manners, Customs, Superstitions, and
Occupations of the People of the Nile
Valley, the Desert, and the Red Sea
Coast, with Sketches of the Natural His-
tory and Geology ; with a Prefatory
Notice by Dr Georg Schweinfurth.
Plates. 8 1878

Klutschak, F. Auf der Reichenberg-
Pardubitzer Bahn ins Gebirge. Map.
12 Prague, 1860

Klutschak, H. W. Als Eskimo unter den
Eskimos. Eine SchilderungderErlebnisse
der Schwatka' schen Franklin-Aufsuch-
ungs Expedition in den lahren 1878-80.
Maps and illustrations. 8 Vienna, 1 88 1

Kmety, George. Narrative of the Defence
of Kars, 29th September 1855. Trans-
lated from the German. 8* 1856

Knauz, Nandor. Kortan. 4

Budapest, 1876

Kner, R. See "Novara."

Knight, C. Geography, or First Division
of "The English Cyclopaedia." 4 vols.
in 2, and Supplement [N.D.] 4 1854-55

Natural History, or Second Division
of " The English Cyclopaedia." Supple-
ment. 4 1870

The Land we Live in, a Pictorial and
Descriptive Tour of the British Islands.
Edited by C. Knight. 3 vols. Plates.
Small folio N.D.

Knight, Captain. Diary of a Pedestrian
in Cashmere and Thibet. Plates. 8 1863

Knight, E. F. The Cruise of the
"Falcon," a Voyage to South America
in a 3O-ton Yacht. Maps ami illustra-
tions. 2 vols. Post 8 1884

The Cruise of the "Alerte:" the

Narrative of a Search for Treasure on the
Desert Island of Trinidad. Alaps and
illustrations. 8 1 890

Where Three Empires Meet : a Narra-
tive of Recent Travel in Kashmir, Western
Tibet, Gilgit, and the adjoining countries.
Map and illustrations. 8 1893

Knight, Francis. See Churchill, Vol. 8 :
Appendix I.



Knight, Henry Gaily. The Normans in
Sicily: being a Sequel to "An Archi-
tectural Tour in Normandy. " 12 1838

An Architectural Tour in Normandy,

with some Remarks on Norman Archi-
tecture, and edition. Plates. 12 1841

Knight, Captain, J. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vols. 5, 56; Purchas, Vol. 3,
Book 4 : Appendix I.

Knight, Sparrow. The Coals from Se-
Shan (the Hills west of Peking) 4*

Shanghai, 1867

Knight, William. Facts and Observations
towards forming a New Theory of the
Earth. 8 Edinburgh, 1819

A Diary in the Dardanelles, written
on board the Schooner "Corsair" while
beating through the Straits from Tenedos
to Marmora. 12 1849

Knight-Bruce, G. W. H. Journals of
the Mashonaland Mission, 1888 - 92.
Edited, with an Introduction, by L. K. B.
Maps and illustrations. 8 1892

Knighton, William. History of Ceylon,
from the Earliest Period to the Present
Time, with an Appendix containing an
Account of "its Present Position. 8 1845

Tropical Sketches, or Reminiscences
of an Indian Journalist. 2 vols. 8 1855

Knipping, E. Bemerkungen zur Karten-
skizze des Weges von Tokio bis Yumotto
(Nikko-Berge) und zuriick bis Matsudo
am Yedogawa. Map. 4* Tokio, N.D.

Local-Attraction beobachtet auf dem

Gipfel des Futarasan (Nantaisan). Plate.

4* Tokio, N.D.

Einige Angal>en ueber die vier letzten

starken Erdbeben in Tokio. [i sheet. ~\

4* Tokio, 1880

- Die Bahnbestimmung der Wirbel-

stiirme durch Normalorter. Plate. 8*

Berlin, 1882

Normalorter fiir die Taifune in den
Chinesischen und Japanischen Gewas-
sern des Jahrcs 1 880. Chart. Large 8*

Berlin, 1882

Normalorter fiir die Taifune in den
Chinesischen und Japanischen Meeren
desjahres 1881. Chart. Large 8*

Berlin, 1882

Knivet, Anthony. See Gottfried ; Purchas,
Vol. 4, Book 6 : Appendix I.

Knolles, Richard. The Generall Historic
of the Turkes, from the First Beginning
of that Nation to the Rising of the Otho-
man Familie, with all the Notable Expe-
ditions of the Christian Princes against
them, together with the Lives and Con-
quests of the Othoman Kings and Em-
perours, &c. Folio 1603

Knollys, Major Henry. English Life in
China. 8 1885

Knollys, R. J. British Honduras : Out-
lines of its Geography. 12* N.D.

Knonau, Gerold Meyer von. Erdkunde
der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft.
2 vols. Map. 8 Zurich, 1838-39

Knorr, E. R. Papers on the Eastern and
Northern Extensions of the Gulf Stream.
From the German of Dr A. Petermann,
Dr W. von Freeden, and Dr A. Miihry.
Translated in the U.S. Hydrographic
Office . . . by E. R. Knorr. Maps.
4 Washington, 1871

Supplements to the same. Vols I to

6. 4 Washington, 1872-75

Knotel, A. Der Niger der Alien, und
andere wichtige fragen der alien Geo-
graphic Afrika's. Map. 8* Glogau, 1866

Knowles, Commander. See West Indies,
A : Appendix 2.

Knox, A. A. The New Playground, or
Wanderings in Algeria. 8 1881

Knox, J. New Collection of Voyages,

[For full Title and Contents, see Ap-
pendix I, pp. 607-609].

Knox, Robert. A Historical Relation of
the Island Ceylon in the East Indies,
together with an Account of the Detain-
ing in Captivity the Author and divers
other Englishmen now living there, and
of the Author's Miraculous Escape. Map
and plates. Folio 1681

- See Philalethes. The History of
Ceylon, &c. ; also Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 8 : Appendix I.

Knox, T. W. Overland through Asia :
Pictures of Siberian, Chinese, and Tartar
Life. Map and plates. 8 1871

Koch, Karl. Crimea and Odessa. Trans-
lated by Horner. Map. 8 1855
Erlauterungen zu Karte des Kaukas-
ischen Isthmus und Armeniens. 4

Merlin, N.D.

Der Kaukasus : Landschafts-und Leb-
ens-Bilder. Aus dem Nachlasse von
Karl Koch, herausgegeben von Therese
Koch. Portrait. 8 Berlin, 1882

Kochler, Dr F. See Diclionary : Ap-
pendix 2 (General).

Koechlin-Schwartz, A. Un Tourisle en
Laponie: Le Soleil de Minuit, Karasjok,
les Lapons, le Fjeld. Maps. 12

Paris, 1882

Un Touriste en Laponie. Map. 12

Paris [1883]

Koelle, Rev. S. W. Polyglotta Africana,
or a Comparative Vocabulary of nearly
300 Words and Phrases in more than 100
distinct African Languages. Folio 1845

Outlines of a Grammar of the Vei

Language, together with a Vei- English
Vocabulary, and an Account of the Dis-
covery and Nature of the Vei Mode of
Syllabic Writing. 8 1854

- Grammar of the Bornu or Kanun
Language. 8 1854



Koenig, . See Recueil de Voyages, Vol.
4, p. 611 : Appendix I.

Koestlin, C. H. Lettres sur 1'Histoire
Naturelle de 1'Isle d'Elbe. [Zoological
Appendix.] Map. 12 Vienna, 1780

Kohl, J. G. Russia : St Petersburg,
Moscow, Kharkoff, Riga, Odessa, the
German Provinces on the Baltic, the
Steppes, the Crimea, and the Interior of
the Empire. Map. 8 1843

Austria : Vienna, Prague, Hungary,

Bohemia, and the Danube ; Galicia,
Styria, Moravia, Bukovina, and the
Military Frontier. 8 1844

Kitchi - Garni : Wanderings round

Lake Superior. 8 1860

Travels in Canada, and through the

States of New York and Pennsylvania.
Translated by Mrs Percy Sinnett. 2
vols. in I. 8 1 86 1

Geschichte des Golfstroms und seiner

Erforsghung von den altesten Zeiten bis
auf den grossen Amerikanischen Biirger-
krieg, &c. Maps. 8 Bremen, 1868

Geschichte der Entdeckun;;sreisen

und Schiftahrten zur Magellan 's-Strasse
und zu den ihr benachbarten Landern
und Meeren. Maps. 8 Berlin, 1877

Kol, J. C. Statistical Report on the
Portuguese Settlements in India, de-
scriptive of the Geographical Position of
the Principal Ports, Territorial Divisions,
&c. , with Notes, and an Account of the
Convents suppressed in 1835. Extracted
in 1850 from Official Documents, by
Captain J. Cicilia Kol. Table. [From
the India Records, No. 10]

Bombay, 1855

Kolberg, Joseph. Nach Ecuador : Reise-
bilder. 3rd edition. Map and illustra-
tions. 8 Freibtirg im Breisgaii, 1885

Kolb, G. F. The Condition of Nations,
Social and Political ; with Complete
Comparative Tables of Universal Sta*
tistics. Translated, edited, and collated
to 1880 by Mrs Brewer; with Original
Notes and Information by Edwin W.
Streeter. 8 1880

Kolben, Peter. The Present State of the
Cape of Good Hope, or a Particular
Account of the Several Nations of the
Hottentots . . . together with a Short
Account of the Dutch Settlement at the
Cape. Translated by Medley. 2
vols. Plates. 8 1731

See Astley, Vol. 3 ; New Collection,
Vol. 2, p. 608 ; " The World Displayed,"
Vol. 10 : Appendix I.

Koldewey, Karl. Die erste Deutsche
Nordpolar- Expedition in Jahre 1868,
beschrieben von K. Koldewey, mit einem
Vorwprt von A. Petermann. (Erganzung-
sheft, 28 Petermann's Mittheilungen.)
Plate and maps. 4 Got ha, 1871

Koldewey, Karl. Die zweite Deutsche
Nordpolarfahrt in den Jahren 1869 und
1870, unter Fuhrung des Kapitan Karl
Koldewey. 2 vols. Maps and plates.
Large 8 Leipzig, 1874

The German Arctic Expedition of

1869-70, and Narrative of the Wreck of
the "Hansa" in the Ice. By Captain
Koldewey ; translated and abridged by
the Rev. L. Mercier, and edited by H.
W. Bates. Maps and plates. 8 1874

See Kiepert, H. ; also Polar Regions,

Arctic, H : Appendix 2.

Koler, H. Einige Notizen iiber Bonny und
die Kiiste von Guinea, seine Sprache
und seine Bewohner ; mit einem Glos-
sarium. 8 Gb'ttingen, 1848

Kolff, D. H. Reize door den weinig
bekenden Zuidelijken Molukschen Ar-
chipel en Langs de geheel Onbekende
Zuidwest Kust van Nieuw-Guinea, in
1825-26. Map. 8 Amsterdam, 1828
- Voyages through the Southern and
little - known parts of the Moluccan
Archipelago, and along the previously
unknown Southern Coast of New Guinea,
in 1825-26. Translated by G. \V. Earl.
Maps. 8 1 840

Koner, B. Literature of Anthropology,
&c., for 1876. [In Russian.] 8*

St Petersburg, 1878

Koner, W. Vortrag gehalten in der Sit-
zung der Geographischen Gesellschaft zu
Berlin am 19 Januar 1866. 8*

Berlin, 1 866

Zur Erinnerung an das Fiinfzigjahrige

Bestehen der Gesellschaft fur Erdkunde
zu Berlin. Plate. 8* Berlin, 1878

Konstantinidos, G. M. Topographia tes
inson Kupron pros chresin ton demotikon
scholeion upo G. M. Konstantinidon.
Ekdosis deuterra. Genomene epi te basei
tes telentaias apographe. 8*

Larnaka, 1893

Koolemans Beynen, L. R. De Reis der
" Pandora" naar de Noordpoolgewesten
in den Zomer van 1875. Map. 4*

Amsterdam, 1876

De Reis der ' ' Pandora " in den

Zomer van 1876. Alap. 4

Amsterdam, 1877

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., 54: Ap-
pendix I.

Kopke, D. See Gama, Vasco da.

Kopp, H. F. See Leonhard, C. C.

Koppen, A. Zum fiinfzigjahrigen Julri-
laum des Akademikers Gregor von Hel-
mersen. 8* St Petersburg, 1878

Koppen, F. T. See Ilelmersen and
Schrenck, Vols. 3, 4, 6 ; Schrenck and
Maximowicz, Vols. 5, 6.

Koppen, P. von. See Baer and Helmer-
sen, Vols. 4, u, 13.

Koppen, Prof. W. Die Schreibung Geo-
graphischer Namen. 8* Hamburg, 1893



Koppin, . Der Mcmelstrom in hydro-
technischer Beziehung. Maps. 4*

Berlin, 1861

Kopsch, H. Geographical Notes on the
Province of Kiangsi. (From China
Review.) 8* N.D.

Kiukiang Trade Reports for the

years 1871-72 and 1873. Table. Small
4* Kiukiang, 1873-74

- The same, for 1874, 1875, l8 7 6 > l8 77-
Map and tables. Small 4*

[Shanghai, 1875-78]

Report on the Trade at the Treaty

Ports of China for 1875. Small 4*

Shanghai, 1876

Reports on the Trade of Pakhoi for

the years 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883. 4*

[Pakhoi, 1881-84]

The Kaaba, or Great Shrine at Mecca,

as described by Chinese ; with Notes on
the Old Arab Trade, and Remarks on
Mahommedanism in China. 8*

Shanghai, 1884

Korabinsky, Job. Matthias. Geograph-
isch-historisches uncl Produkten Lexikon
von Ungarn. 8 Pressburg, 1876

Korber, Ph. Illustrirter Fremdenflihrer
durch die Frankische Schweiz uncl das
Fichtelgebirge, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Er-
langen, und Coburg. Map and ilhistra-
tions. 12 Bamberg, 1858

Koren, Johan. See Norway, A, Nor-
wegian North Atlantic Expedition, 1876-
78 : Appendix 2.

Korner, F. Siid-Afrika : Natur- und
Kulturbilder, mil einer historischen Ein-
leitung und einer ausfiihrlichen Ueber-
sicht der neueren Reisen. Map and
plates. 8 Leipzig, 1873

Korbsi, J. Vorlaufiger Bericht iiber die
Resultateder Pester Volkszahlung, 1870.
8* Budapest, 1871

Die Bauthatigkeit Pest's in den Jahren

1 870 uncl 1871. Large 8* Budapest, 1872

Ditto ; im Jahre 1872. Large 8*

Budapest, 1873

Untersuchungen iiber die Einkom-
mensteuer der Stadt Pest fur das Jahr
1870. Large 8 Budapest, 1873

Statistisches Jahrbuch der Stadt Pest.

Ersterjahrgang. Large 8 Budapest, 1873
Projet d'un Recensement du Monde :

Etude de Statistique internationale. 8*
Paris, 1 88 1

Die Hauptstadt Budapest im Jahre

1 88 1. Resultate der Volksbeschreibung
und Volkszahlung. Maps and plates.
Large 8 Berlin, 1881-82

Publicationen des statistischen Bur-
eaus der Hauptstadt Budapest, XVI. Die
offentlichen Volksschulen der Haupt-
stadt Budapest in den Schuljahren 1873-
74, 1874-75, l8 75-7 6 > und 1876-77.
Large 8* />', ;-////, 1883

Korosi, J. The same. XVII. Die offent-
lichen Volksschulen der Hauptstadt Buda-
pest in den Schuljahren 1877-78, 1878-79,
1879-1880, und 1880-81. Large 8

Berlin, 1884

The same. XVIII. Die Sterblichkeit

der Stadt Budapest in den Jahren 1876

bis 1 88 1, und deren Ursachen. Large

Berlin, 1885

Exposition Nationale de 1885 a
Budapest. Catalogue raisonne de 1'Ex-
position du Bureau de Statistique de la
Ville de Budapest. 8* Berlin, 1885
Die Bauthatigkeit Budapest's in den
Jahren 1875-84. 4* Berlin, 1886

Die Sterblichkeit der Stadt Budapest

in den Jahren 1882 bis 1885, und
deren Ursachen. 4 Berlin, 1888

Koristka, Carl. Die Hohe Tatra in den
Central Karpaten. (Erganzungsheft, 12
Petermann's Mittheilungen). Plates and
map. 4 Got ha, 1864

Die Arbeiten der topographischen

Abtheilung der Landesdurchforschung
von Bohmen in den Jahren 1864-66.
Map and plate. 4 Prague, 1869

Korthals, P. W. Topographische Schets
van een Gedeelte van Sumatra. Plate.
8* Leyden, 1847

Koschi'tzky, Max von. Deutsche Co-
lonialgeschichte. 2 vols. in I. Maps.
8 Leipzig, 1887-88

Kostenko, Capt. Description of the
Journey of a Russian Mission to Bokhara
in 1870. Translated by R. Michell.
8* N.D.

Koster, Henry. Travels in Brazil. Maps
and plates. 2 vols. 8 1817

Kosutany, T. Magyarorszag Jellemzobb
Dohanyainak. Pt. I Budapest, 1877

Koto, Prof. B. On the Cause of the
Great Earthquake in Central Japan, 1891.
(Reprinted from the Journal of the Col-
lege of Science, Imperial University,
Japan, Vol. 5, Part 4.) Plates. Large
8* 1893

Kotschy, Theodor. Reise in den Cili-

cischen Taurus iiber Tarsus. Vorwort

von C. Ritter. Map and plate. 8

Got ha, 1858

Die Vegetation und der Canal auf
clem Isthmus von Suez. 4* Vienna, 1858

Der Nil, seine Quellen, Zufliisse,

Lander, und deren Bewohner. Map.
8* Vienna, 1866

and J. Peyritsch. Plantes Tin-

neennes, ou Description de quelques unes
des Plantes recueillies par 1'Expedition
Tinneennes sur les bords du Bahr-el-
Ghasal et de ses affluents en Afrique
Centrale. Published at the cost of Alex-
andrine and John A Tinne. 27 coloured
plates. Elpli. folio Vienna, 1867



Kbttstorfer, Dr J. See Wolf.

Kotula, B. Distributio Plantarum Vascu-
losarum in Montibus Tatricis. 4*

Cracow, 1889-90

Rozmieszczenie roslin naczyniowych

w Tatrach. (Ueber die Verbreitung
der Getasspflanzen in der Tatra). 8*

Cracow, 1891

Kotzebue, A. von. The most remarkable
year in the life of, containing an Account
of his Exile into Siberia. Translated by
B. Beresford. 3 vols. Plates. 12 1802
- Travels through Italy in the years
1804 and 1805. 4 vols. 12 1806

See Eyries, Vol. 6 ; Phillips [i], Vols.

ii 4 : Appendix I.

Kotzebue, Otto von. Narrative of a
Journey into Persia in the suite of the
Russian Embassy in 1817. Translated
from the German. Plates. 8 1819

A Voyage of Discovery into the South

Sea and Beering's Straits, for the purpose
of exploring a North-East Passage, under-
taken in the years 1815-18, &c. 3 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 1821

Koudelka, Alfred Freiherr von. See
Dorn, A.

Kouli Khan. The History of the life and
surprising Transactions of Thomas Kouli
Khan, late Sophi of Persia, including a
complete view of all his military exploits,
his conquest of India, and deposition
and restoration of the Great Moghol. By
H. W. Dilworth. Plates. 12 1758

Kouropatkine. See Kuropatkin.

Koutorga, Prof. S. Description of a
Geological Map of the Province of St
Petersburg. MS. N.D.

Kovalefsky, Maxime. Law and Custom
in the Caucasus. [In Russian.] 2 vols.
8 Moscow, 1890

Kovalevsky, E. de. Les Kourdes et les

Jesides, ou les adviateurs du demon. 8

Brussels, 1890

Kovalevsky, M. Pshaves: an Ethno-
graphical Sketch. [In Russian.] 8*

N.P., N.D.

Krafft, Hugues. Souvenirs de notre
Tour du Monde. Maps and plates.
Small folio Paris, 1885

Krafft, Captain J. C. P. de. See United
States, E, a (Navigation) : Appendix 2.

Krahmer, . Die Russisch-asiatischen
Grenzlande. [Translated from the Rus-
sian of Venukoff.] Map. 8

Leipzig, 1874

Kramer, D. G. See Ritter.

Kramer, Gustavus. Commentatio Critica
de Codicibus qui Strabonis Geographica
continent, Manuscriptis. 4* Berlin, 1840

Kranz, M. Natur- und Kulturleben der
Zulus, nach vieljahrigen Beobachtungen,
statistischen und climatischen Berichten
geschildert. 12 Wiesbaden, 1880

Krapf, J. L. Three Chapters of Genesis
translated into the Sooahelee Language.
With an Introduction by W. W. Green-
ough. 8* N.P., N.D.

Imperfect Outline of the Elements of

the Galla Language ; with Remarks con-
cerning the Nation of the Gallas, by C.
W. Isenberg. 12 1840

Vocabulary of the Galla Language. 1 2


Vocabulary of Six East African

Languages (Kisuaheli, Kinika, Kikamba,
Kipokomo, Kihiau, Kigalla). 4

Tubingen, 1850

Outline of the Elements of the

Kisuaheli Language, with special refer-
ence to the Kinika Dialect. 8

Tubingen, 1850

Vocabulary of the Engiituk Eloi-K6b,
or of the Language of the Wakuafi
Nation in the interior of Equatorial
Africa. 8 Tubingen, 1854

Travels, Researches, and Missionary

Labours, during an Eighteen Years'
Residence in Eastern Africa ; with an
Appendix respecting the Snow-capped
Mountains, the Sources of the Nile, the
Languages and Literature of Abessinia
and Eastern Africa, and a concise
Account of Geographical Researches in
Eastern Africa up to the Discovery of
the Uyenyesi by Dr Livingstone, by E.
G. Ravenstein. Portrait, maps, and
plates. 8 1 860

A Dictionary of the Suahili Language ;

with Introduction, containing an Out-
line of a Suahili Grammar. Portrait.
Large 8 1882

See Isenberg ; Mayer, J.

Krarup, F. Zeniernes Rejse til Norden,
et Tolknings Forsog. Maps. 12*

Copenhagen, 1878

Krasheninnikov, Stefan Petrovich. The
History of Kamtschatka and the Kurilsky
Islands, with the Countries adjacent. . .
Translated into English by James Grieve.
Maps and plates. 4 Gloucester, 1 764

Beschreibung des Landes Kamtschatka.

Maps and plates. 4 Lenigo, 1 766

Krause, Dr Arthur, and Dr Aurel Krause.
Katalog ethnologischer Gegenstande aus
dem Tschaktschenlande und clem Siidost-
lichen Alaska. 8 Bremen, 1882

Krause, Dr Aurel. Die Tlinket Indianer.
Ergebnisse einer Reise nach der Nord-
west Kiiste von Amerika und der
Beringstrasse ; ausgefiihrt im Auftrage
der Bremer Geographisches Gesellschaft
in den Jahren 1 880-81, durch die
Doctoren Arthur und Aurel Krause,
geschildert von Dr Aurel Krause. Map
and illustrations. 8 fetw, 1885

Krause, F. M. See Victoria, B : Ap-
pendix 2,



Krause, Gottlob Adolf. Mittheilungen
cler Riebeck'schen Niger - Expedition.
I. Ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss cler Fulis-
chen Sprache in Afrika. Map. 8

Leipzig, 1884

The same. 2. Proben cler Sprache

von Ghat in cler Sahara mit Haussan-
ischer und Deutscher Uebersetzung.
Map. 8 Leipzig, 1884

Kreeft, Chr. First Russian Railroad,
from St Petersburg to Zarscoe-selo and
Pawlowsk. Translated from the Ger-
man. 8* 1837

Kreil, Karl. Magnetische und Geogra-
phische Ortsbestimmungen an den Kiisten
des Adriatischen Golfes im Jahre 1854.
Plate. 4* 1855

- Anleitung zu den magnetischen
Beobachtungen. 8 Vienna, 1858

Kreitner, G. Report of the Third Inter-
national Geographical Congress, Venice,
September 1881. 8* 1882

Im fernen Osten, Reisen des Grafen
Bela Szechenyi in Indien, Japan, China,
Tibet, und Birma in den Jahren 1877-
1 880. Maps and illustrations. 8

Vienna, 1881

Krempelhuber, J. & "Novara."

Krenner, J. A. Die Eishohle von Dob-
schau. Plates. Folio Budapest, 1874

Kretschmann, E. See Verestchagin.

Kretschmer, Konrad. Die physische
Erdkunde im Christlichen Mittelalter.

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