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press, translated by the Rev. J. E.
Hanauer. Illustrations. 8 J 893

Lees, James. The Six Months' Seasons of
the Tropics. 12* 1860

Lees, J. A., and W. J. Clutterbuck.
"B.C. 1887." A Ramble in British
Columbia. Maps and illustrations. 8


Lees, W. Nassau. Another Word on
Tea Cultivation in Eastern Bengal. 8*
Calcutta, 1867

Leete, C. H. See Chisholm.

Le Favre, J. See Favre.

Lefebvre, A. Memoire sur les Ouragans
de la Mer des Indesau Sud de 1'Equateur.
Tables. 8 Paris, 1852

Lefebvre, Paul. Souvenirs de 1'Indo-
Chine ; Faces Jaunes, Mceurs, et Costumes
de 1'Extreme-Orient. 12 Paris, 1886

Lefebvre, Th6ophile. See Abyssinia,
Voyage en Abyssinie, &c. : Appendix 2.

Lefils, Florentin. La Topographic du
Ponthieu d'apres les anciennes cartes.
8* N.P., N.D.

Lefroy, Henry Maxwell. Memoir and
Journal of an Expedition organised by
the Colonial Government of Western
Australia for Exploring the Interior of
the Colony Eastward. Map and table.
Folio* [Perth, W.A.] 1863

Lefroy, Sir J. H. Memorials of the Dis-
covery and Early Settlement of the
Bermudas or Somers Islands, 1515-1685.
Compiled from the Colonial Records and
and other Original Sources. Vol i,
1515-1652. Map. Large 8 1877

Ditto, 1511-1687. Vol. 2, 1650-1687.
Map and plates. Large 8 1879

Diary of a Magnetic Survey of a

Portion of the Dominion of Canada,
chiefly in the North-Western Territories,
executed in the years 1842-44. Charts
and diagrams. 8 1883

Le Gentil. See Gentil.

Leger, Eugene. Trois mois de sejour en
Moldavie. 8 Paris, 1861

Leger, Louis. See Nestor.

Legge, Alfred O. Sunny Manitoba, its
Peoples and its Industries. Map and
plates. 8 1893

Legge, J. The Chinese Classics ; with a
Translation, critical and exegetical, Notes,
Prolegomena, and Copious Indexes. (In
7 volumes.) Vols. I, 2, and 3. Large
8 Hongkong, 1861-65



Legge, James. A Record of Bhuddhistic
Kingdoms : being an Account by the
Chinese Monk Fa-hien of his Travels in
India and Ceylon (A.D. 399-414) in
Search of the Bhuddist Books of Disci-
pline. Translated and Annotated, with
a Corean Recension of the Chinese Text.
Map and plates. Small 4 Oxford, 1886

Leggett, Eugene. Notes on the Mint-
Towns and Coins of the Mohamedans,
from the Earliest Period to the Present
Time. Map and table. 8 1885

Legh, Thomas. Narrative of a Journey
in Egypt and the Country beyond the
Cataracts. Map and facsimile. 4 1816

Le Grand, Abbe. See Ribeyro.

Legrand, Dr. La Nouvelle Societe Indo-
Chinoise fondee par M. le Marquis cle
Croizier et son ouvrage 1'Art Khmer.
Illustrations. 8 Paris, 1878

Legrand, Emile. Recueil de Poemes
Historiques en Grec vulgaire relatifs a la
Turquie et aux Principautes Danubiennes.
Large 8 [Publ. de 1'Ecole des Langues
Orient Viv., Vol. 5] Paris, 1877

See Dapontes.

Legrand, Marcellin. Specimen de Carac-
teres Chinois, graves sur acier et fondus
en types mobiles. Royal 8* Paris, 1859

Legrand, . See Lobo.

Le Gras, A. See Gras.

Leguat, Francois. See Hakluyt Soc.
Publ., Vols. 82, 83 : Appendix i.

Lehmann, A. See Baer and Helmersen,


Lehmann, Johann George. Die Lehre
der Situation-Zeichnung, oder Anweisung
zum richtigen Erkennen und genauen
Abbilden der Erd-Oberflache, in topo-
graphischen Charten und Situation-
Planen. Herausgegeben und ink Erlau-
terungen versehen von G. A. Fischer. 2
vols in I. Small folio Dresden, 1820

Lehmann, Dr Richard. Zur Erweiterung
der wissenschaftlichen Stationsbeobach-
tung in fremden Landern. 8*

Munich, 1884

- Vorlesungen iiljer Hiilfsmittel und
Methode des geographischen Unter-
richts. Vol. I (8 parts). Maps. Royal
8 Halle, 1885-91

Anleitung zum Gebrauche der Debes'
schen Zeichenatlanten. 8* Leipzig, 1888

See Hage and Tegner ; also Germany,
C : Appendix 2.

Lehnert, Josef Ritter von. See Dorn, A.

Lehninger, J. A. Description de la Ville
de Dresde et de ses Environs. Map.
12 Dresden, 1782

Leichhardt, Ludwig. Journal of an
Overland Expedition in Australia, from
Moreton Bay to Port Essington, a dis-
tance of upwards of 3000 miles, during
1844-45. Plates. 8 1847

Leichhardt, Ludwig. Dr Ludwig Leich-
hardt's Briefe an seine Angehorigen.
Herausgegeben im Auftrage der Geogra-
phischen Gesellschaft in Hamburg von
Dr G. Neumayer und Otto Leichhardt ;
mit einem Anhange ; Dr Ludwig Leich-
hardt als Naturforscher und Entdeckungs-
reisender, von Dr G. Neumayer. Map
and portrait. 8 Hamburg, 1881

See Mueller, F. von ; Zuchpld, E. A.

Leidy, Joseph. See United States,
G, a : Appendix 2.

Leigh, Capt. Charles. See Gottfried ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 3 ; Purchas, Vol. 4, Book
6 : Appendix i.

Leigh, J. S. See Hamel.

Leigh, W. H. Reconnoitering Voyages
and Travels ; with Adventures in the New
Colonies of South Australia, a particular
description of the Town of Adelaide and
Kangaroo Island, and an Account of the
Present State of Sydney and parts
adjacent ; including Visits to Nicobar,
and other Islands in the Indian Seas,
Calcutta, the Cape of Good Hope, and
St Helena, during 1836-38. Plates. 8


Leigh's New Pocket Road-Book of Ireland,
on the Plan of Reichard's Itineraries,
containing an Account of all the Direct
and Cross Roads, &c. Maps. 12 1827

Leipoldt, Dr Gustav. Ueber die mittlere
Hohe Europa's. 8 Plauen, 1874

Die Leiden des Europaers im Afri-

kanischen Tropenklima und die Mittel zu
deren Abwehr. Ein Beitrag zur Forde-
rung der deutschen Kolonisationsbestre-
bungen. 8 Leipzig, 1887

See Peschel.

Leitner, Dr G. W. The Languages and
Races of Dardistan. Maps in cover,
plates, and photographs. 4 Lahore, 1877

Section I. of Linguistic Fragments

discovered in 1870, 1872, and 1879, by
G. W. Leitner, relating to the Dialect
of the Magadds and other wander-
ing Tribes ; the Argots of Thieves ; the
Secret Trade-Dialects and Systems of
Native Cryptography in Kabul, Kash-
mir, and the Punjab ; followed by an
Account of Shawl Weaving, &c. , &c.
Plates. 4* Lahore, 1882

- The same. Appendix to "Changars"
and Linguistic Fragments ; Words and
Phrases illustrating the Dialects of the
Same and Me, as also of Dancers,
Mirasis, and Dorns. 4* Lahore, 1882

Rough Accounts of Itineraries through

the Hindukush and to Central Asia.
Map and plate. 8* N.D.

On the Sciences of Language and of
Ethnography, with General Reference to
the Language and Customs of Hunza.
8* N.D.

27 8


Leitner, Dr G. W. A Collection of Speci-
mens of Commercial and other Alphabets
and Handwritings, as also of Multiplica-
tion Tables, current in Various Parts of
the Panjab, Sind, and the North-West
Provinces. Folio* Lahore, N.D.

La Langue, la. Religion, et les Moeurs

des Habitants du Hounza. 8*

{Paris, 1890]

Hunza, Nagyr, and the Pamir

Regions. Map and illustrations. Large
8* [1891]

Dardistan in 1866, 1886, and 1893 :

being an Account of the History, Re-
ligions, Customs, Legends, Fables, and
Songs of Gilgit, Chilis, Kanclia (Gab-
rial), Yasin, Chitral, Hunza, Nagyr, and
other parts of the Hindu Kush. . . . Map
and illustrations. 4 Waking, 1893

The Hunza and Nagyr Handbook :

being an Introduction to a Knowledge of
the Language, Race, and Countries of
Hunza, Nagyr, and a part of Yasin. 2nd
edition. 4 Waking, 1893

Lejean, Guillaume. La Gaule de
1 Anonyme de Ravenne. (Extract from
Bulletin de la Societe de Geographic,
Vol. 12.) 8* Paris, 1856

Ethnographic de la Turquie d' Europe.

(Erganzungsheft, 4 Petermann's Mit-
theilungen.) Afaps. 4 Got ha, 1861

Theodore II., le Nouvel Empire

1'Abyssinie, et les interets Franfais dans
le Sud de la Mer Rouge. Portrait.
12 Paris [1865]

Voyage aux Deux Nils (Nubie, Kor-

dofan, Soudan Oriental), execute de 1860

a 1864, par ordre de 1'Empereur. 4,

and Atlas folio Paris, 1865

- L'Abyssinie en 1868. 8* Paris, 1868

Lelewel, Joachim. Geographic du Moyen
Age. 4 vols. Maps. 8, and Atlas

Brussels, 1852

Le Long, J. See Long.

Lelorrain, . See Phillips [3], Vol. 8 :
Appendix I.

Le Maire, Jacob. See Maire.

Le Marchand, G. See Kuropatkin.

Le Mascrier. See Mascrier.

Lemer, Julien. See Bellot.

Le Messurier, Colonel A. From London
to Bokhara, and a Ride through Persia.
Maps and illustrations. 8 1 889

A Trip to Bokhara. (From Journal

of the United Service Institution of India,
October 1889.) 8* Simla, 1889

Lemire, C. La Colonisation Francaise,
en Nouvelle-Caledonie et Dependances.
Maps, plates, and photographs. Square
8 Paris, 1878

- L'Indo-Chine : Cochinchine Fran-
9aise ; Royaume de Cambodge, Roy-
aume d'Annam et Tonkin. 3rd edition.
Maps and plates. 8 Paris, 1884

Lemoine, G. Sur les variations du mode
de repartition de la pluie entre les
differentes epoques de 1'annee pour une
meme region. 8* Paris, 1869

See Lalanne, L

Lemon, W. C. See Dalrymple, Re-
pertory, Vol. i : Appendix i.

Le Monnier, Franz, See Monnier.

Le Moyne, A. See Moyne.

Lempriere, J. Classical Dictionary, con-
taining a copious Account of all the
Proper Names mentioned in Ancient
Authors, with the Value of Coins,
Weights, and Measures used among the
Greeks and Romans, and a Chronological
Table. 8 1806

Lempriere, William. Tour from Gib-
raltar to Tangier, Sallee, Mogodore,
Santa Cruz, Tarudant, and thence over
Mount Atlas to Morocco. Map. 8


See Pinkerton, Vol. 15 : Appendix I.

Lendenfeld, R. von. The Glacial Period
in Australia. Map and plates. 8*

Sydney, N.D.

Der Tasman Gletscher. (Erganzungs-
heft, 75 Petermann's Mittheilungen.)
Maps. 4 Got ha, 1884

- Forschungsreisen in den Australis-

chen Alpen. (Erganzungsheft, 87

Petermann's Mittheilungen.) Maps. 4

Got ha, 1887

Australische Reise. Illustrations.
Large 8 Innsbruck, 1892

Lendy, Captain. Physical, Historical,
and Military Geography. From the
French of Th. Lavallee. 8 1868

Lennep, H. J. van. Travels in little-
known parts of Asia Minor ; with illus-
trations of Biblical Literature, and Re-
searches in Archaeology. 2 vols. Maps
and plates. 8 1870

Lenormant, Francois. LaGrande-Grece,
Paysages et Histoire : Littoral de la
Mer lonienne. 2 vols. 8 Paris, 1881
The same. Tome III. La Calabre.
8 Paris, 1884

Lentheric, C. Les Villes mortes du
Golfe de Lyon : Illiberris, Ruscino,
Narbon, Agde, Maguelone, Aigues-
mortes, Aries, Les Saintes - Maries.
Maps. 12 Paris, 1876

La Grece et 1'Orient en Provence ;

Aries, Le Bas Rhone, Marseille. Maps.

12 Paris, 1876
La Provence Maritime, Ancienne et

Moderne. Maps. 12 Paris, 1880
Le Rhone : Histoire d'un fleuve. 2

vols. Maps. 8 Paris, 1892

Lenz, Dr Oscar. Skizzen aus Westafrika.

Map. 8 Berlin, 1878

Reise vom Okandeland bis zur Miin-

dung des Schebeflusses. Maps. 8*

Vienna, 1878



Lenz, Dr Oscar. Timbuktu. Reise durch
Marokko, die Sahara uncl den Sudan.
Ausgeftihrt im Auftrage der Afrikanischen
Gesellschaft in Deutschland in den Jahren
i879und 1880. avols. Maps and plates.
8 Leipzig, 1884

Nyassa-Shire. 4* [Stuttgart] 1892
Leo Africanus, John (a More borne in

Granada, and brought up in Barbaric).
Geographical Historic of Africa ; before
which, out of the best Ancient and
Moderne Writers, is prefixed a generall
description of Africa, and also a particu-
lar treatise of all the Maine Lands and
Isles undescribed by John Leo. Trans-
lated and collected by John Pory. Map.
4 1600

Africoe Descriptio, ix. lib. absoluta.
24 Leyden, 1632

See Purchas, Vol. 2 ; Ramusio, Vol. I :

Appendix I.

Leon, Juan Ponce de. See Ponce.

Leonard, Bishop of Sidon. See Pur-
chas, Vol. i, Book I : Appendix i.

Leonard, James. Information on the
Discovery and Character of the Tea
Plant in Assam. 8 1839

Leonhard, C. C., J. H. Merz, and K.
F. Kopp. Systematischtabellarische
Uebersicht und Characteristik der Min-
eralkorper, in Oryktognostischer und
orologischer Hinsicht. Folio

Frankfort, 1806

Leonhard, Richard. Der Stromlaufder
mittleren Oder. Inaugural-Dissertation
zur Erlangung der philosophischen
Doctorwiirde . . . Universitat Breslau.
Maps. 8* Breslau^ 1893

Lepage, Henri. La Ville de Nancy et ses
Environs, Guide du Voyageur. Plates.
12 Nancy, 1844

Lepe, Diego de. See Gottfried : Appen-
dix i.

Lepechin, Iwan. Tagebuch der Reise
durch verschiedene Provinzen des Russ-
ischen Reiches in 1768-69, aus dem
Russischen uebersetzt von C. H. Hase.
3 vols. Plates. 4 Altenbtirg, 1774

Lephay, J. See France, B, a : Appen-
dix 2.

Le Plongeon, Alice D. Here and There
in Yucatan. Illustrations. 12

New York, [1889]

Mayapan and Maya Inscriptions. 8*

Worcester, U.S., 1881

Le Plongeon, Augustus. Vestiges of the
Mayas, or Facts tending to Prove that
Communications and Intimate Relations
must have existed, in very remote times,
between the Inhabitants of Mayab and
those of Asia and Africa. 8

New York, 1881

Sacred Mysteries among the Mayas

and the Quiches 1 1 , 500 years ago ;
their relation to the Sacred Mysteries of

Le Plongeon, Augustus continued.
Egypt, Greece, Chaldea, and India ;
Free- Masonry in Times anterior to the
Temple of Solomon. Portrait and
illustrations. 8 New York, 1886

Le Predour, M. See Horsburgh, J.

Lepsius, Dr Richard. A Tour from
Thebes to the Peninsula of Sinai in 1845.
12 1846

Denkmaler aus Egypten und Ethio-

f>ien nach den Zeichnungen der Preuss-
ischen Expedition auf Befehl Seiner
Majestat des Konigs, 1842-45. (Vorlau-
fige Bemerkungen. ) 4* Berlin, 1849

- Discoveries in Egypt, Ethiopia, and
the Peninsula of Sinai, in 1842-45.
Edited, with Notes, by Kenneth R. H.
Mackenzie. Maps and plates. 8 1852

Briefe aus Aegypten, Aethiopien, und

der Halbinsel des Sinai, geschrieben in
den Jahren 1842-45, wahrend der auf
Befehl S. Maj. d. K. Friedrich Wilhelm
IV. von Preussen ausgefiihrten wissen-
schaftlichen Expedition. Plate. 8

Berlin, 1852

- The XXII. Egyptian Royal Dynasty,
with some Remarks on XXVI. and
other Dynasties of the New Kingdom.
Translated by W. Bell. Plates. 4* 1858

See G ermany, C, Forschungen , &c. , Vol.

i ; Handbiicher zur Deutschen Landes
und Volkskunde, Vol. I : Appendix 2.
Lerch, P. Ein Blick auf die Resultate der
Hissar'schen Expedition. 8*

[St Petersburg, 1875]

Lerio (or Lerius), John. See Gottfried ;
Purchas, Vol. 4 ; Allgemeine Historic,
Vol. 1 6 : Appendix I.
Leris, G. de. Le Monde Pittoresque e
Monumental : 1'Italie du Nord. Illus-
trations. 4 Paris, 1889
Le Roux, Hugues. See Roux.
Leroy-Beaulieu, Paul. De la Colonisa-
tion chez les Peuples Modernes. yd
edition. 8 Paris, 1886

L'Algerie et la Tunisie. 8

Paris, 1887

De la Colonisation chez les Peuples

Modernes. 4th edition. 8 Paris, 1891
Le Roy, P. L. A Narrative of the Singular
Adventures of Four Russian Sailors who
were Cast Away on the Desert Island of
East-Spitzbergen. See Staehlin, J. von.
An Account of the New Northern Archi-
pelago, &c.

See Pinkerton, Vol. I : Appendix I.
Le Roy, Rev. Father. See Roy.
Le Sage, H. Notions on the Choro-
graphy of Brazil by Joaquim Manoel de
Macedo. 8 Leipzig, 1873

Lescarbot, Marke. See Purchas, Vol. 4 :

Appendix I.

Leslie, A. See Nordenskiold.
Leslie, D. The Native Custom of
" Hlonipa." 12* N.D.



Leslie, Robert C. See Rogers.

Leslie, Dr Rolph. A Few Practical Hints
for Travellers in the Tropics. Small
8* N.D.

Lespy, V. See Molyneux, R. G.

Lesquereux, L. See Gwen ; also United
States, G, a, c, Geological Survey of the
Territories, Vol. 8, Part 3 The Creta-
ceous and Tertiary Floras : Appendix 2.

Lessar, . Account of Mr Lessar's Ride
from Askhabad to Herat. Russian Ab-
stract, No. 19. (From the Golos, Nos.
236 and 239, ist (i3th) and 4th (i6th)
September.) Translated by Robert
Michell. Folio* 1882

Lesseps, Ferdinand de. The Isthmus
of Suez Question. Maps. 8 1855

Percement de 1'Isthme de Suez. Ex-
pose et Documents Officiels. Maps

Paris, 1855

New Facts and Figures relative to the

Isthmus of Suez Canal ; with a Reply to
the Edinburgh Review, by St Hilaire.
8 1856

Percement de 1'Isthme de Suez. Rap-
port et Projet de la Commission Inter-
nationale. 3 e Serie. 8 Paris, 1856

Inquiry into the Opinions of the Com-
mercial Classes of Great Britain on the
Suez Ship Canal. Maps. 8 1857
Percement de 1'Isthme de Suez. Actes

Constitutifs de la Compagnie Universelle
du Canal Maritime de Suez. 6 me Serie.
Maps and plans. 8 1866

The History of the Suez Canal : a

Personal Narrative. Translated by Sir
H. Drummond Wolff. 12 1876

Addresses at the De Lesseps Banquet,

iven at Delmonico's, ist March 1880.
New York, 1880

See Colombia ; Panama : Appendix 2.

Lesseps, J. B. B. Journal Historique
du Voyage de M. de Lesseps, Consul
de France, employe dans 1'Expedition
de M. le Comte de la Perouse. 2 vols.
Maps. Small 8 Paris, 1790

Travels in Kamtschatka during the

years 1787 and 1788. Translated from
the French. 2 vols. in i. 8 *79O

See Pelham, Vol. 2 : Appendix I.

Lesson, Dr A. Les Polynesiens, leur
Origine, leurs Migrations, leur Langage.
Ouvrage redige d'apres le Manuscrit de
1'Auteur, par Ludovic Martinet. 4 vols.
Maps. 8 Paris, 1880-84

Lester, C. Edwards. Sam Houston and
his Republic. Portrait. 8 New York, 1846

Le Strange, Guy. Palestine under the
Moslems : a Description of Syria and the
Holy Land, from A.D. 650 to 1500.
Translated from the works of the Medi-
aeval Arab Geographers. Maps, plans,
and illustrations. 8 1 890

Le Strange, Guy. See Schumacher ; also
Turkey in Asia, B : Appendix 2.

Letellier, L. Victor. Vocabulaire Ori-
ental, Francais, Italien, Arabe, Turc, et
Grec. Compose pour la Conversation
usuelles et dans lequel se Trouve
Figuree la Prononciation a 1'Aide des
Lettres Franchises. Oblong 8

Paris, 1838

Lethbridge, Sir Roper. See Thornton.

Letourneux, A. See Hanoteau ; Playfair.

Letronne, A. Recherches Geographiques
et critiques sur le livre De mensura orbis
terrae, compose en Irlande au commence-
ment du neuvieme Siecle par Dicuil,
suivies du texte restitue par A. Letronne.
8 Paris, 1814

L'Isthme de Suez. Le Canal de

Jonction des deux Mers sous les Grecs,
les Romains et les Arabes. 8

Paris, 1841
OZuvres Choisies de A. J. Letronne.

. . . Par E. Fagnan. Deuxieme Serie.
Geographie et Cosmographie. 2 vols.
Maps and plates. 8 Paris, 1883

Lettres , Edifiantes et Curieuses des Mis-
sions Etrangeres. 26 vols. 1780-83
[ForContents, see Voyages and Travels:
Appendix i.]

Leubel, A. G. El Peru en 1860, 6 sea
Anuario Nacional. 12 Lima, 1861

Leucander. See Whiteman in Hakluyt's
Voyages, Vol. 2 : Appendix i.

Leupe, P. A. De Reizen der Neder-
landers naar Nieuw-Guinea en de Papo-
esche Eilanden in de I7 (le en i8 de Eeuw.
Maps. 8 The Hagtie, 1875

See Coen, C. J. ; Vries, M. G.

Leutemann, H. Graphic Pictures of
Native Life in Distant Lands, illustrating
the Typical Races of Mankind ; with
Explanatory Text by Professor A.
Kirchoff. Translated from the Ger-
man by George Philip, jun. Plates.
4 1888

Leutholf, J. Jobi Ludolfi alias Leutholf
dicti Historia yEthiopica, sive Brevis et
Succincta Descriptio Regni Habessin-
orum, quod vulgo male Presbyteri Jo-
hannis vocatur, &c. Map and plates.
Folio Frankfort-o-M., 1681

A New History of Ethiopia, being a

Full and Accurate Description of the
Kingdom of Abissinia . . . called the
Empire of Prester John. By the Learned
Job Ludolphus. Made English by J. P.,
Gent. Plates. Folio 1682

The same. 2nd edition. To which

is added ... a Preface . . . with the
Life of Gregorius Abba. Made English
by J. P., Gent. Map and plates. Folio




Leutholf, J. Jobi Ludolfi, alias Leutholf
dicti, ad suam Historiam ^Ethiopicam
antehac editam Commentarius. Maps and
plates. Folio Frankfort-o-M., 1691

Psalterium Davidis, ^Ethiopice et

Latine. . . . Accedunt /Ethiopice tantum
Hymni et Orationes aliquot Vet. et Novi
Testament!, item Canticum Canticorum.
Small 4 Frankfort-o-M., 1701

Levaillant, F. Voyage dans 1'Interieur
de 1'Afrique, par le Cap de Bonne-
Esperance, dans les annees 1780-85. 2
vols. in I. Plates. 4 Paris, 1790

The same. 2 vols. Illustrations. 8

Paris, 1790

Second Voyage dans 1'Interieur de

1'Afrique, par le Cap deBonne-Esperance.
3 vols. in 2. Plates. 8

Paris, An. III. [1794-95]

The same, dans les annees 1783-85.

2 vols. Maps and plates. 4

Paris, An. IV. [1795-96]

Levasseur, Prof. Emile. Inauguration
du Buste du DrCrcvaux. 8* Nancy, 1885

La Statistique Graphique. Maps and

diagrams. 8 1885

La Statistique Officielle en France ;

Organisation, Travaux, et Publications
des Services de Statistique des differents
Ministeres precedee d'un apercu Histor-
ique. Large 8* Nancy, 1885

Statistique de la Superficie et de la

Population des Contrees de la Terre.
Maps. Large 8 Rome, 1887

Les Alpes et les grandes Ascensions.

Maps and illustrations. Large 8

Paris, 1889

Le Bresil. Deuxieme edition, illustree

de gravures, cartes, et graphiques, accom-
pagnee d'un Appendice . . . et d'un
Album de Vues du Bresil. 2 vols. 4
Paris, 1889

Le Bresil. (Extrait de la Grande

Encyclopedic. ) Map and illustrations.
4* Paris, 1889

Note sur la valeur de la production
Agricole. 8* Paris, 1891

Note sur la methode d'Enseignement
de la Geographic. 8* [1891 ?]

L'Europe. (Extrait de la Grande
Encyclopedic, Tome 16. ) Par E. Levas-
seur, avec la collaboration de MM. Hahn,
Trouessart, et Deniker. Map. 4*

Paris, 1892
Superficie et Population : les Etats

d'Europe ; Division de la Terre en Cinq
Parties du Monde. 4* [Paris] 1892

La Erance et ses Colonies. Geo-
graphic et Statistique. New edition. 3
vols. Illustrations. 8 Paris, 1893

Levchine, Alexis de. Description des
Hordes et des Steppes des Kirghiz-
Kazaks, ou Kirghiz-Kaissaks. Traduite
tin Russe par V. de Pigny. Map and
plates. 8" Paris, 1840

Level, Andres A. Nomenclator de Vene-
zuela, contentivo de su censo en orden
Alfabetico. 2 vols. Folio Caracas, 1883

"Leven" and " Barracouta." See
Boteler ; Owen.

Leverson, Capt. J. J. See United King-
dom, G, War Office Publ. : Appendix 2.

Leveson, H. A. The High Lands of the
Cameroons and Ambas Bay, giving some
Description of this most eligible site for a
flourishing European colony, and showing
its peculiar natural advantages as a Sanita-
rium, Trading Settlement, Naval Station,
and Coaling Depot. Folio* 1871

Levesque, Pierre-Charles. Histoire de
Russie ; nouvelle edition, corrigee et
augmentee, et conduite jusqu'a la Mort
de 1'Imperatrice Catherine II. 8 vols.
Maps. 8 Hamburg, 1800

Levey, G. C. A Handy Guide to the
River Plate, including the Argentine
Republic, Uruguay, and Paraguay, their
Physical Features, Resources, Railways,
and Finances. Map. 12 N.D.

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graphiques sur les Centres de Civilisation.
Map. 8* Brussels, 1892

Levison, H. A. [" The Old Shekarry "] :
The Projected Sub-Marine Telegraph
Cable to India and Australia considered
as being the most direct, expeditious,
and secure line of communication, . . .
and compared with existing land lines.
Map. 8* 1869

Camp Life and its Requirements for
Soldiers, Travellers, and Sportsmen.
Part I. Plates. 8 1872

Levy, W. Hanks. Blindness and the
Blind ; or, A Treatise on the Science of
Typhlology. Small 8 1872

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Paul. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 4 1875

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by Julius Qesar. Maps. 8 J 859

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Chittagong and the Dwellers therein ;
with Comparative Vocabularies of the
Hill Dialects. 8 Calcutta, 1869

Wild Races of South-Eastern India.

12 1870

A Fly on the Wheel ; or, How I

helped to govern India. Maps and
illustrations. 8 1884

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Series of Facts and Theories arranged
upon the Basis of Questions set at the
Oxford and Cambridge Local Examina-
tions. 12" 1880

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the Relation of Ceylonese Beetles to the
Vegetation there. 8* 1882

Lewis, Prof. H. See Turkey in Asia, B :
Appendix 2.



Lewis, J. W. See South Australia, A :
Appendix 2.

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Residence among the Negroes in the
West Indies. 12 1845

Lewis, Hon. Samuel. See Blyden.

Lewis, Tayler. State Rights : a Photo-
graph from the Ruins of Ancient Greece ;
with appended Dissertations on the Ideas
of Nationality, of Sovereignty, and the
Right of Revolution. 8

Albany, N.Y., 1865

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the American Continent to the Pacific
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See Coues ; also Eyries, Vol. 9 ;

Phillips [i], Collection of Modern and
Contemporary Voyages and Travels,
Vol. 6 : Appendix i.

Lewis's New Traveller's Guide, or a

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