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Pocket Edition of the English Counties,
containing all the Direct and Cross Roads
in England and Wales. Maps. 12 1819

Ley, W. Clement. Aids to the Study
and Forecast of Weather. Charts. 8*


Leybold, F. Excursion a las Pampas
Arjentinas, 1871. Map. 8

Santiago, 1873

Leycester, Lieut. Greek Inscriptions
discovered in the Islands of Santorin and
Milo. Edited by John Hogg. 8*

N.P., N.D.

Leyden, John. Historical Account of
Discoveries and Travels in Africa ;
enlarged and completed to the Present
Time, with Illustrations of its Geography,
Natural History, and the Moral and Social
Condition of its Inhabitants, by Hugh
Murray. 2 vols. Maps. 8

Edinburgh, 1817
See Murray, Hugh.

Leyds, J. J. K. "Tellus et Homo":
Eenige onderzoekingen op Geophysisch
Anthropologisch en aanverwant Gebied.
(Stellingen en Desiderata.) 8*

Amsterdam, 1885

Leyland, John. The Peak of Derbyshire,
its Scenery and Antiquities ; with illus-
trations by Alfred Dawson and Herbert
Railton. 8 1891

- The Yorkshire Coast and the Cleve-
land Hills and Dales ; with illustrations
by Alfred Dawson and Lancelot Speed.


Leyland, R. W. Round the World in
124 Days. Map and photographs. 8

Liverpool, 1880

Leys, P. Borneo. Despatch from Consul-
General Leys to Earl Granville. Map.
Folio* 1883

Leys, T. W. See Sherrin and Wallace.

Leyst, E. Katalog der Meteorologischen
Beol>achlungen in Russland und Finn-
land. Vierter Supplement - l)and zum
Repertorium fur Meteorologie heraus-
gegeben von der Kaiserlichen Academie
der Wissenschaften. 4

St Petersburg, 1887

L'Heremite, Admiral J. See Hermite.
Lhotsky, Dr J. A Journey from Sydney
to the Australian Alps: being an Account
of the Geographical and Natural Relations
of the Country traversed, its Aborigines,
&c., together with some General Informa-
tion respecting the Colony of New South
Wales. 8 Sydney, 1835

Liagre, J. Cosmographie Stellaire. Plates.
12 Brussels, 1884

Liais, E. Explora9ao dos Rios S. Fran-
cisco e das Velhas. 4*

[Rio tie Janeiro, 1863]
Climats, Geologic, Faune, et Geo-
graphic Botanique du Bresil. Map.
Large 8 Paris, 1872
Lias, Brau de Saint-Pol. Deli et les
Colons-Explorateurs Franais. 8*

Paris, 1877

Exploration et Colonisation. Maps

and plates. 8 Paris, 1878

Percement de PIsthme de Panama.
Maps and plates. 8* Paris, 1879

Perak et les Orangs-Sakeys : Voyage

dans 1'Interieur de la Presqu'ile Malaise.
Maps and illustrations . 12 Paris, 1883

He de Sumatra, chez les Atches,

Lohong. Map and illustrations. \ 2
Paris, 1884

De France a Sumatra par Java,

Singapour, et Pinang ; les Anthropo-

phages. ATaps and plates. 12 Paris, 1884

Libbey, William, junr. See Guyot.

Libert, Abbe. Voyage Pittoresque sur le

Rhin depuis Mayence jusqu'a Dusseldorf,

d'apres 1'Allemand. Map and plates. 8

Frankfort-o-M., 1807

Lichtenstein, Henry. Travels in Southern
Africa in 1803-6. Translated from the
German by Anne Plumptre. 2 vols.
Map and plates. 4 1812-15

See Eyries, Vol. II : Appendix I.
Licquet, Theod. Rouen : Precis de son
Histoire, son Commerce, son Industrie,
ses Manufactures, ses Monumens. 12

Rotten, 1831

Liddell and Gordon, Messrs. Report
on the Proposed Railway between the
Danube and the Black Sea (from Tcher-
navoda to Kustendjie), and the Free Port
at Kustendjie. Map. 8* 1857

Liddell, H. G. ^^Dictionaries, General:

Appendix 2.

Lidsky, S. A. Expedition in Turkestan

and Bokhara in 1887. [In Russian.] 8*

Lidstone, W. See Brown, C. B.

Lieber, O. M. Notes on the Geology of the

Coast of Labrador. 4* Wasktttgton[l%&O\



Liebig, J. V. Induction und Deduction.
8* Munich, 1865

Liebmann, Prof. J. A. See Chisholm.
Liebschen, Dr G. Japan's . landwirth-
schaftliche und allegemeinwirthschaft- Maps. 8 Jena, 1882
Liechtenstern, J. M. F. von. Hand-
buch der neuesten Geographic des
Oesterreichischen Kaiserstaates. 3 vols.
8 Vienna, 1817-18

Liegeard, Stephen. La Cote d'Azur.
Illustrations. 4 Paris [1888]

Lieussou, A. Recherches sur les
Variations de la Marche des Pendules et
des Chronometres, suivies d'un Projet
d'Organisation clu Service des Chrono-
metres Appartenant a la Marine. 8

Paris, 1854

Light, Capt. See Walpole, Turkey : Ap-
pendix I.

Light, Henry. Travels in Egypt, Nubia,
Holy Land, Mount Lebanon, and Cy-
prus, in the year 1814. Plates. 4 1818
Ligon, R. See Recueil de divers Voyages,

p. 595 : Appendix I.

Liliencron, R. von. Ueber den Inhalt
der allgemeinen Bildung in der Zeit der
Scholastik. 4* Munich, 1876

Lilliehook, C. B. See Gaimard, Paul.
Lima, Lopez de. See Santarem.
Linant de Bellefonds. See Bellefonds.
Lincoln, William. History of Worcester,
Massachusetts, from its earliest Settle-
ment to September 1836. Map. 8

Worcester, 1837
Lind, Dr J. See Troil.
Linda, Luca de. Descriptio Orbis et
Omnium ejus rerum Publicarum. 8

Amsterdam, 1665
Lindahl, Erico. See Ihre.
Lindau, W. A. Vergissmeinnicht. Ein
Taschenbuch fiir den Besuch der Sach -
sischen Schweiz und der angranzenden
Theile Bohmens. Plate. [Map want-
ing.'} 8 Dresden, 1823

Merkwiirdigkeiten Dresdens und der
Umgegend. Maps. 24 Leipzig, 1832

Lindeman, Moritz. Die arktische Fisch-
erei der deutschen Seestadte, 1620-1868.
In vergleichender Darstellung. (Ergan-
zungsheft, 26 Petermann's Mittheil-
ungen.) 2 charts. 4 Got ha, 1869

Polar-Nachrichten. 4* Gotha, 1879
- Die Seefischereien, ihre Gebiete,

Betrieb und Ertrage, 1869-78. (Ergan-
zungsheft, 60 Petermann's Mittheil-
ungen.) Maps. 4 Gotha, 18

Der Norddeutsche Lloyd, Geschichte

und Handbuch. Tables, maps, and illus-
trations. 8 Bremen, 1892

See Polar, Arctic, H : Appendix 2.

and O. Finsch. Die zweite Deutsche
Nordpolarfahrt in den Jahren 1869 und
1870 unter Flihrung des Kapitan Kolde-
wey. Volksausgabc. Afaps and plates.
8 Leipzig, 1875

Lindenberg, Paul. See Schiitt.
Linder, M. Etude sur les Terrains de
Transport du Departement de la Gironde,
suivie de Considerations sur la Forma-
tion du Terrain Quaternaire en general.
8 Bordeaux, 1868

Lindhagen, D. G. Geografiska Orts-
bestamningar pa Spetsbergen af Prof.
A. E. Nordenskiold. 4* Stockholm, 1863
Lindhagen, G. See Struve, W.
Lindley, John. The Vegetable Kingdom ;
or, The Structure, Classification, and
Uses of Plants illustrated upon the
Natural System. 3rd edition, with cor-
rections and additional Genera. Ilhistra-
tions. 8 1853

Lindley, Walter, and J. P; Widney.
California of the South, its Physical Geo-
graphy, Climate, Resources, Routes of
Travel, and Health-Resorts : being a
complete Guide-Book to Southern Cali-
fornia. Maps andilhistrations. 8

New York, 1888

Lindsay, A. W. C. Report on the Mysore
General Census of 1871. Map. 8

Bangalore, 1874

Supplement to the same. Appendices

A to H. 8 Bangalore, 1875

Lindsay, D. See South Australia, A: Ap-
pendix 2.

Lindsay, David B. Remarks on the

Opening of Trade and Cultivation of

Tropical Products in the Kingdom of

Usambara, East Africa. 8* 1885

Lindsay, H. H. Report of Proceedings on

a Voyage to the Northern Ports of China

in the ship " Lord Amherst." 2nd

edition. 8 1834

Lindsay, John. Voyage to the Coast of

Africa in 1758, containing an Account of

the Expedition to, and taking of the

Island of Goree, by the Hon. Aug.

Keppel. Map and plates. 4 1759

Lindsay, Lord. Letters on Egypt, Edom,

and the Holy Land. 8 1847

See Crawford and Balcarres.

Lindsay, Rev. T. M. See Moir.
Lindsay, W. Lauder. Experiments on
the Dyeing Properties of Lichens. 8""'

Edinburgh, 1854

The Flora of Iceland. 8*

Edinburgh, 1861

On the Geology of the Gold-Fields

of Auckland, New Zealand. 8* 1862
On the Geology of the Gold-Fields
of Otago, New Zealand. [2 leaves.] 8*


- The Lichen-Flora of Greenland; with
Notes of DiatomaceEC from Danish Green-
land collected by Robert Brown, by
Prof. Dickie. 8* [Edinburgh, 1870]
Lindsay, W. S. History of Merchant
Shipping and Ancient Commerce. 4
vols. Maps and illustrations. 8 1 883



Lindstrom, A. See Sweden, A : Appen-
dix 2.

Lindstrom, G. Om Trias och Juraforsten-
ingar fran Spetsbergen. Plates. 4*

Stockholm, 1865

See Richthofen.

Lindt, J. W^. Picturesque New Guinea ;
with an Historical Introduction, and
Supplementary Chapters on the Manners
and Customs of the Papuans. Accom-
panied with Fifty full-page Autotype
Illustrations from Negatives of Portraits
from Life, and Groups and Landscapes
from Nature. 4 1887

Linet, Ph. See Taylor, C. E.

Link, H. F. See Pelham, Vol. 2: Ap-
pendix I.

Linna, Nicolaus de. See Hakluyt, Vol.
I : Appendix I.

Linnaeus, C. Lachesis Lapponica, or a
Tour in Lapland. Now first published
from the Original Manuscript Journal of
the celebrated Linnaeus, by J. E. Smith.
2vols. 8 1811

See Ahrling.

Linnarsson, J. G. O. See Sweden, A :
Appendix 2.

Linschoten, J. H. van. Discourse of
Voyages into the East and West Indies.
Maps. Folio 1598

[For Contents, see Appendix I.]

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vols. 70, 71 ;
Astley, Vol. i ; Purchas, Vol. 2, Book
10 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. I : Ap-
pendix i ; also India : Appendix 2.

Linth, A. Escher von der. Geologische
Bemerkungen liber das Nordliche Vorarl-
berg und einige angrenzende Gegenden.
Plates. 4 Zurich, 1853

Liorel, Jules. Races Berberes Kabylie du
Jurjura. Preface de Emile Masqucray.
12 Paris, N.D.

Liot, Capt. W. B. Panama, Nicaragua,
and Tehuantepec ; or, Considerations
upon the Question of Communication
between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
Plates. 8 1849

Lippencott, J. B. A Complete Pro-
nouncing Gazetteer or Geographical
Dictionary of the World. Edited by J.
Thomas and T. Baldwin. 2 vols. Royal
8 Philadelphia, 1885

New edition. Royal 8

l^hiladelphia, 1893

Lisiansky, Urey. A Voyage round
the World, in the years 1803-4-5-6,
performed by order of His Imperial
Majesty Alexander the First, Emperor
of Russia, in the ship "Neva." Por-
trait and maps. 4 1814

Sec Eyries, Vol. 6 : Appendix I.
Lisle, A. de. See Ducat.

Lisle, de. See Allgemeine Historic,

Vol. 19 : Appendix I.
Lissignol, E. See Mueller, F. von.

Lista, Ramon. Viaje al Pais de los
Tehuelches. Exploraciones en la Pata-
gonia Austral. Maps and plates. 8

Buenos Ay res, 1879

Exploracion de la Costa Oriental de
la Patagonia, bajo los auspicios del
Gobierno Nacional. Plate. 8*

Buenos Ay res, 1880
Mis Exploraciones y Descurimientos

en la Patagonia, 1877-80. Maps, por-
traits, ami plates. Large 8

Buenos Ay res, 1880

- El Territorio de las Missiones. Maps
and plates. Small folio

Buenos Ay res, 1883
Viaje al Pais de los Onas, Tierra

del Fuego. Map and plates. 8

Buenos Ay res, 1887

Lister, Christopher. See Withrington,
R., in Burney, Vol. 2 ; and Hakluyt,
Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Lithgow, William. Travels and Voyages
through Europe, Asia, and Africa for
Nineteen Years ; containing an Account
of the Religion ... of the several
Countries . . . and a Description of
Jerusalem . . ; also a Narrative of the
Tortures he suffered in the Spanish Inqui-
sition, &c. 1 1 th edition. Plates. 8


Little, Archibald John. Through the
Yang-tse Gorges ; or, Trade and Travel
in Western China. Map. 8 1888

Notes on Western China and the
Opening of Ch'ung-King. 8* [1890]

See Hosie.

Little, Lieut. C. B. See West.

Little, Rev. Henry W. Madagascar, its
History and People. Map. 8 1884

Littlehales, G. W. See United States,
E, a, Hyclrographic Office Publs. : Ap-
pendix 2.

Littrow, H. von. Ueber Seekarten neuerer
Art, und iiber die Darstellung des Meeres-
grundes. Square 8* Budapest, 1874

Littrow, Karl von. Verzeichniss geogra-
phischer Ortsbestimmungen nach den
neuesten Quellen und mil Angabe der-
selben. 8 Leipzig, 1844

Die Culminationspunkte der Oest-
lichen Central- Alpen. 8* Vienna, 1853

- Ueber das allgemeine Niveau der
Meere. 8* Vienna, 1853

Liveing, Edward H. Transylvanian Gold
Mining. Map. 8*

Newcastle- upon - Tyne, 1 886

Liversidge, Prof. A. List of Scientific
Papers and Reports by Professor Archi-
bald Liversidge. 8* Sydney, N.D.

- The Minerals of New South Wales.
2nd edition. 4 \Sydney, 1882]

- The Minerals of New South Wales,
&c. Map and diagrams. Large 8 1 888

See New South Wales, B : Appendix 2.



Livingstone, David. South-Central Africa
and its Explorer : being the Report of a
Meeting held in Cape Town, Nov. 12,
1856, in honour of the Rev. Dr Living-
stone ; with Notes by the Astronomer-
Royal. 8* Cape Town, 1856

Missionary Travels and Researches in
South Africa, including a Sketch of Six-
teen Years' Residence in the Interior of
Africa, and a Journey from the Cape of
Good Hope to Loanda on the West
Coast, thence across the Continent,
down the River Zambesi, to the Eastern
Ocean. Maps and plates. 8 1857

Outlines of his Missionary Journeys

and Discoveries in Central South Africa.
Map. 8* 1857

Narrative of Discoveries. 12* 1857

Analysis of the Language of the
Bechuanas. 4* 1858

Cambridge Lectures ; with a Prefatory

Letter by Professor Sedgwick. Edited,
with Life, Notes, &c., by W. Monk.
Portrait and map. 8 1 858

The Farewell Livingstone Festival.

8* [1858]

Newspaper Cuttings. 8* 1872

Report to the Subscribers by the

Livingstone Search and Relief Com-
mittee. 8* 1872
Despatches in 1 870-7 1 -72. Folio* 1872

The Finding of Dr Livingstone by
II. M. Stanley. Plates. 8 N.D.

- The Last Journals of David Living-
stone in Central Africa ; continued by
a Narrative of his Last Moments and
Sufferings, obtained from his Faithful
servants Chuma and Susi. Edited by
Horace Waller. 2 vols. Plates and
loose map. 8 ^74

See Blaikie ; Johnston ; Montefiore ;
Riso ; Stanley, Dean ; Stanley, II. M. ;

and Charles Livingstone. Narra-
tive of an Expedition to the Zambesi
and its Tributaries, and of the Discovery
of the Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa, 1858-
64. Map and plates. 8 1865

Lizzoli, L. Osservazioni sul dipartimento
dell' Agogna. 8 Milan, 1802

Ljungstedt, Sir Andrew. An Historical
Sketch of the Portuguese Settlements in
China, and of the Roman Catholick
Church and Mission in China ; with a
Supplementary Chapter descriptive of
the City of Canton. Maps and plates.
8 Boston, Mass., 1836

Llaurado, Andre de. Quatrieme Con-
gres International de Navigation Interi-
eure, Manchester, 1890. La Navigation
Interieure en Espagne. Folio* 1890

Lloyd, G. T. Thirty-three Years in Tas-
mania and Victoria: being the actual
experience of the Author, interspersed
with Historic Jottings, Narratives, and
Counsel to Emigrants. Map. Sm. 8 1862

Lloyd, H. E. See Orlich.

Lloyd, J. A. Account of Levellings carried
across the Isthmus of Panama to ascer-
tain the relative Height of the Pacific
Ocean at Panama and of the Atlantic
at the mouth of the River Chagres ; ac-
companied by Geographical and To-
pographical Notices of the Isthmus. 4*


Lloyd, L. Scandinavian Adventures, with
some Account of the Northern Fauna.
2 vols. Maps and plates. Royal 8 1854

Lloyd, Susette Harriet. Sketches of Ber-
muda. Plates. 8 1835

Lloyd, Major Sir W. Narrative of a
Journey from Caunpoor to the Boorendo
Pass in the Himalaya Mountains, via
Gwalior, Agra, Delhi, and Sirhind ;
with Capt. A. Gerard's Account of an
attempt to penetrate to Garoo and the
Lake Manasarowara. 2 vols. Maps.
8 1840

See Gerard, A.

Loaisa, Garcia de. See Loyasa.

Lobate, Jose G. Estudio quimico-indus-
trial de los varios Productos del Maguey
Mexicano y Analisis Quimico del Aqua-
ruiel y el Pulque. 12 Mexico, 1884

Lobeck, Justo Florian. Ojeada retros-
pectiva sobre la marcha que, desde los
tiempos antiguos hasta nuestros dias, se
ha seguido al tratar de la Mitolojia
Clasica. Estudio primero. 8*

Santiago, 1862

Lobley, J. Logan. Mount Vesuvius : a
Descriptive, Historical, and Geological
Account of the Volcano ; with a Notice
of the recent Eruption, and an Appendix
containing Letters by Pliny the Younger,
&c. Map, plate, and section. 8* 1868

Mount Vesuvius and its surroundings.

Map and illustrations. 8 1889

Lobo, Jerome. Voyage Historique d'Abis-
sinie. Traduite clu Portugais, continuee
et augmentee de plusieurs dissertations,
lettres et memoircs, par M. Legrand.
Maps. 4 Paris, 1728

Voyage to Abyssinia, containing a
Narrative of the dangers he underwent
in his attempt to pass from the Indies
into Abyssinia; with a Description of the
Coasts of the Red Sea, History, Laws,
Religion, &c. , of the Abyssens ; Ad-
mission of the Jesuits into Abyssinia
in 1622 and Expulsion in 1634 ; a
Description of the Nile ; with a Con-
tinuation of the History, by Legrand.
8 1735

See Gottfried ; Pinkerton, Vol. 15 ;
Ray ; Thevenot, Vol. 4 : Appendix I.

Lobysevitsch, Theodore. La Ligne
Militaire du Syr-Daria. 8*

St Petersburg, 1865



Loch, H. B. Personal Narrative of
Occurrences during Lord Elgin's Second
Einljassy to China, 1860. Maps and
portrait. 8 1869

Lock, Alfred G. Gold, its Occurrence
and Extraction, embracing the Geo-
graphical and Geological Distribution, and
the Mineralogical Characters of Gold-
bearing Rocks ; a Bibliography of the
subject, and a Glossary of English and
Foreign Technical Terms. Frontispiece,
maps, and illustrations. Large 8 1882

Lock, C. G. W. The Home of the Eddas.
With a chapter on the Sprengisandr, by
Dr C. Le Neve Foster. 8 1879

Locke, John. Meteorology of the Sea :
Weather Maps, Storm Telegraphs, and
the submarine Atlantic Cable. 8*

Dublin, 1860

Polar Exploration, Arctic and Ant-
arctic. Diagrams. 8* Dublin, 1861

Remarkable Discoveries in Central

Australia ; with an Improved Map
showing the additional routes of Stuart and
Burke: Second Paper. 8* Dublin, 1862

The same, with Map showing the

principal routes, including Stuart's Third
and Successful Attempt to reach the
Northern Coast : Third Paper. 8*

Dublin, 1863

Lockhart, William. The Medical Mission-
ary in China, a Narrative of Twenty
Years' Experience. Plate. 8 1861

Lockhart, Capt. W. S. A. See Mou-
raviev ; also Asia, Central : Appendix 2.

Lockwood, Anthony. A brief Descrip-
tion of Nova Scotia, with Plates of the
principal Harbours, including a particular
Account of the Island of Grand Manan.
Plates. 4 1818

Lockyer, Prof. J. Norman. Outlines of
Physiography : the Movements of the
Earth. Illustrations. 12 1887

See Symons.

Locusteanu, C. Dictionar Geografic al
Judetului Romanati. 8 Bucharest, 1889

Loczy, Professor. Rapport de la Com-
mission d'Etudes du Lac Balaton pour
1891. Large 8* Budapest, 1891

Loescher, Abraham. See Pausanius.

Loewy, B. See Victoria, C : Appendix 2.

Lbffler, Prof. Dr. E Forso'g paa en

geognostisk Tydning af Landenes Over-

fladeforhold. 8* Copenhagen, 1876

- Haandbog i Geographien. Maps.

8 Copenhagen, t 1866

Quelques Reflexions sur les Etudes

Geographiques, leur but et leur situation

actuelle. Small 8* Copenhagen, 1879

The Vineland Excursions of the

Ancient Scandinavians. 8

Copenhagen, 1883

Lof strand, G. See Sweden, A -.Appendix 2.

Loftie, W. J. A History of London. 2
vols. Maps and illustrations. 8 1883

Loftus, A. J. Notes of a Journey across
the Isthmus of Kra, made with the
French Government Survey Expedition,
January to April 1883 ; with Explanatory
Map and Sections, and Appendix con-
taining Reprint of Report to the Indian
Government by Captains Fraser and
Forlong in 1863. 8* Singapore, 1883

A New Years Paper on the Develop-
ment of the Kingdom of Siam. Map.
8* 1890

The Kingdom of Siam, its Progress

and Prospects. Map and portraits. 8*


Loftus, W. Kennett. Travels and Re-
searches in Chaldea and Susiana ; with
an Account of Excavations at Warka,
the " Erech " of Nimrod, and Shush,
' ' Shushan the Palace " of Esther, in
1849-52. Maps and plates. 8 1857

Logan, J. Richardson. The Rocks of

Pulo Ubin, with some Remarks on the

Formation and Structure of the Hypogene

- Rocks, and on the Metamorphic Theory.

4* Singapore, 1846

Ethnology of the Indo-Pacific Islands.

Part 2. Appendix. The Semitic and
African Numerals. 8* fencing, 1855-56

Logan, Josias. See Purchas, Vol. 3,
Book 3 : Appendix I.

Logan, Capt. P. Journal of a Journey
from Brisbane Town to St George's
Pass ; with an Account of his Murder by
the Natives of New South Wales, by
Lieutenant Edwards. Folio

Sydney, 1826-30

Logan, William. Malabar. 2 vols. Maps,
chart, and plates. 8 Madras, 1887

A Collection of Treaties, Engage-
ments, and other Papers of importance
relating to British Affairs in Malabar.
Edited with Notes by W. Logan.
2nd edition. Large 8 Madras, 1891

Logan, Sir William E. Plans of Various
Lakes and Rivers between Lake Huron
and the River Ottawa, to accompany the
Geological Reports for 1853-56. 4

Toronto, 1857

Loher F. von. Cypern. Reiseberichte
tiber Natur und Landschaft, Volk und
Geschichte. Small 8 Stuttgart, 1878

Cyprus, Historical and Descriptive.

Adapted from the German of Franz von
Loher, with much additional matter by
Mrs A. Batson Joyner. Maps. Square
8 1878

Lok, Capt. John. See Astley, Vol. i ;
Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ; Kerr, Vol. 7 ; Allge-
meine Historic, Vol. i : Appendix I.

Lok, Michael. See Burney, Vol. 2 : Ap-
pendix i.

Lollis, Cesare De. Cristoforo Colombo
nella Leggenda e nella Storia. 8

Milan, 1892



Lomba. Ramon Lopez. La Repiiblica
Oriental del Uruguay. Obra de Esta-
distica escrita con el fin de hacer conocer
bajo todos sus aspectos principales el
pais y las incomparables ventajas que
ofrece a la Emigracion Europea. Map.
Large 8 Montevideo, 1884

Lombard, H. C. Climatologie Medicale.
Atlas de la distribution geographique des
maladies dans leurs rapports avec les
climats. 4 Paris, 1880

Lombardini, Elia. Saggio Idrologico sul
Nilo. Maps. 4* Milan, 1864

Essai sur 1'Hydrologie du Nil. 2
maps, I diagram. 4* Paris, 1865

Lommel, Eugen. Georg Simon Ohm's
wissenschaftliche Leistungen. Festrede
gehalten in der bffentlichen Sitzung der
K. B. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu
Miinchen am 28 Marz 1889. 4*

Munich, 1889

See Fraunhofer.

Long, Baron de. Pilote Norvegien d'apres
lestravaux de ladirection Hydrographique
de Norvege, reunis et traduits. Plates.
8 Paris, 1858

Long, C. Chaille. See Chaille-Long.

Long, Major E. H. See Eyries, Vol. 9 :
Appendix i.

Long, Prof. George. See Xenophon's
' ' Anabasis. "

See Herodotus ; Trendelenburg.

and G. R. Porter. The Geography
of Great Britain. Part I. England and
Wales; with Statistics to 1850 by Hyde
Clarke. 8 N.D.

G. R. Porter, and G. Tucker.

America and the West Indies Geo-
graphically Described. Maps. 8 1845

Long, Henry Lawes. Campaign of Alex-
ander in AfTghanistan. Map. 8* 1848
- Survey of the Early Geography of
Western Europe, as Connected with the
First Inhabitants of Britain, their Origin,
language, Religious Rites, and Edifices.
Map and plates. 8 1859

Long, J. le. La Republique Argentine.

Etude sur sa situation economique et son

e"tat financier en 1876. 2nd edition. 8*

Bordeatix, 1876

Les Pampas de la Republique Argen-
tine. 2nd edition. Map. 8* Paris, 1878

Long, J. Voyages and Travels of an Indian
Interpreter and Trader, describing the
Manners and Customs of the North-
American Indians ; with an Account of
the Posts situated on the River Saint
Lawrence, Lake Ontario, &c. ; to which
is added a Vocabulary of the Chippeway
Language ... a list of words in the
Iroquois, Mohegan, Shawanee, and
Esquimeaux Tongues, &c. Map. 4 1791

Long, Rev. J. Peeps into Social Life in
Calcutta a Century Ago. 8*

Calcutta, 1868

Long, Rev. J. The Social Condition of
the Muhammadans of Bengal, and the
Remedies. 8* Cakiitta, 1869

Oriental Proverbs and their Uses. 8*


On Russian Proverbs, as illustrating

Russian Manners and Customs. 8* 1876

The Position of Turkey in Relation to
British Interests in India. 8* 1876

The Eastern Question in its Anglo-
Indian Aspect. Small 8* 1877

The Slavonic Provinces of Turkey : a
Tour in the Autumn of 1875. 8* 1876

A Visit to Russia in 1876. 8* N.D.

Proverbs, English and Keltic, with
their Eastern Relations. 8* N.D.

- Village Communities in India and
Russia. 8* Calcutta, N.D.

- The Russian Bugbear : Turkey,
Russia, and India. 8* N. p., N.D.

Notes on a Visit to Moscow and Kief
in 1873 in Reference to the Russian
Church, Bible Circulation, and Social
Reform. 8* N.D.

Longman, William. Suggestions for the

Exploration of Iceland. Map. 8*

[Printed by the Alpine Club} 1861

Longman's School Geographies. See

Longnon, A. Geographic de la Gaule au

VI e Siecle. Maps. 8 1878

Longobard, . See Purchas, Vol. 3:

Appendix I.
Longridge, James Atkinson. The

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